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7 Raby' al-THaany 1437 A.H.- January 17, 2016 Issue # 3, Newsletter #1637

Hadith of the Week

Mu'ath ibn Jabal, r.a., related: "I was riding behind the Prophet-- peace be upon him --when he said to me:

'O Mu'ath! Do you know what is due to Allah from His creatures, and what is due them?'

I responded: 'Allah and His Prophet know best.' He continued:

'What is due to Allah from His creatures is to serve Him alone and never to associate any other being with Him. What is due them is not to punish any person who does not associate aught with Him."

[Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim]

Comment by Kaukab Siddique:
The Oneness of Allah is linked to the oneness of mankind. There is no place in Islam for racial, national and gender superiority. If we accept Allah Alone as our Lord, we cannot accept bondage to anyone else..

Political Prisoners :


Dr. Imam Alauddin Shabazz: Distinguished Scholar.
Outstanding Islamic Activist.

by Kaukab Siddique

Our old friend Dr. Alauddin Shabazz, comparable in scholarly brilliance to my friend Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz, passed away peacefully in Chicago after an extensive ailment owing to the bodily harm he sustained in a tragic car accident.

He was very close to the African American Muslim Black leadership at many levels, including Imam Warith Deen Muhammad and Minister Farrakhan. He embraced Sunni Islam years before most other top level people did. He kept me informed of the innermost developments and controversies of Muslim movements in the Black community.

In the early years of New Trend and Jamaat al-Muslimeen he used to stand with me and my daughter Nadrat Siddique against the oppression and exploitation of our ummah. He was a prolific writer and wrote the earliest critique coming out of the Black community of the ideology of homosexuality. He also uncovered the pagan origins of the main American festivals. .

After the accident, he was physically paralyzed but his strong faith in Allah and his clear thinking sustained him. His learned wife, Dr. Constance, and his highly educated children stood by him throughout his ordeal. This is indeed a family which I feel honored to have known. I felt about Dr. Alauddin that he was spiritually part of my family.

May Allah grant him al-Jannah and forgive his sins.

It is with a heavy heart that we share the news that Imam Alauddin Shabazz returned to Allah Subhanna Wa Ta'Ala, on Tues. Jan. 12, 2016. The following are the Janazah arrangements.

Mon. Jan. 18, 2016
Services: Viewing 10 a.m. - 11 a.m.
Service 11 a.m. - 12 Noon
Location: Seals Funeral Home
8354 S. Marquette Avenue
Chicago, IL 60617

Gravesite Ceremony: to follow prayer service.

Clubhouse at Dolphin Lake
2700 W. 183rd Street
Homewood, IL
Time: 3 p.m. - 5 p.m.

Please keep the Shabazz Family in your dua's. As-Salaam-Alaikum

- Dr. Constance D. Shabazz, and Family

 Advice & Guidance

Why is the Muslim World in such a mess and What's the solution?
by Shamim Siddiqi, Long Island, NY

Each of us is constantly lamenting about the poor and fast deteriorating condition of Muslim Ummah but to no effect as the requisite leadership is not forthcoming. I have, by the grace of our Lord, prepared her features in brief with the CURE at the end as to how to get it out of her own created MESS.

I Request you all kindly to go through it minutely and suggest as to how to share it with the Ummah and in what pattern and how to get together to this effect. The CURE is in your hands but perhaps we couldn't care to study it in this context?

Now I have put the entire scenario in a written form to get the talented brothers and Sisters of theUmmah together and draw a working strategy in the context of the modern world where the Super Powers of the time are openly acting against Muslims and the VERY concept of the Islamic State is target number one on their Agenda and Uncle Sam is its supreme leader.

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the merciful:
  1. It has no say in the world affairs.

  2. It has no free will of its own.

  3. The West is constantly interfering in the internal affairs of all MUSLIM countries.

  4. Islam is no-where traceable in the body-politic of any country.

  5. Western secularism is Prevalent and Rampant in all the Muslim Lands.

  6. West is determined not to allow Islam to emerge as a political entity anywhere.

  7. All Islamic Movements of Indo-Pak Subcontinent & ME stand bogged down. And there is no Islamic Movement worth its name anywhere in entire Europe and the two Americas - North and South;

  8. No common platform, no united leadership, no vision - divided in different sects and various cults, inalienable camps, division on issues of Fiqh are rampant, etc.

  9. Trustworthy Muslim Leadership is not forthcoming anywhere and the process to build such leadership is nominal. That is the dominant reason as to why IM couldn't succeed any where so far;

  10. Institutions of Zakah/USHR, Salah, eradicating Munkar, establishing Ma'roof are totally absent from Ummah as a whole [As required by Verse # 41 of Surah Al-Hajj].

As such, Allah's Deen has become a religion as Judaism and Christianity are:

  1. Muslims recite the Qur'an but don't understand it; they offer Salah but don't follow in depth; they observe Sawm but don't inculcate Taqwah; they RUSH for Hajj/Umrah every now and but don't become the "Servants of God" on return. So is the case of their all ritualistic Ebadah'

  2. Islam, therefore, looks today like a dilapidated house with weak foundation, shattered walls, leaking roofs, broken doors and windows devastated and defaced condition - a plundered house by people who are Muslim in name only boasting " PIDRAM SULTAN BOOD"

  3. We have become the so-called Muslim: We have the best man power and material resources but are known as beggars to the Western technology; Scientific developments; arms and armament; capital investment and what not?

NOW WHAT TO DO? - How to get out of this mess? THE SOLUTION IS: The Book : GLOBAL ISLAMIC MOVEMENT - WHY & HOW? i.e.

  1. Organizing/Resurrecting Muslim Ummah at Global level as "Ummatun Wasatan"

  2. FULFILLING THE OBLIGATIONS OF The Universal Prophethood of Rasulullah (S) - The Mission to fulfill by the Resurrected Muslim Ummah.


War News

Iraq: US Air Force Leads the Way
January 16:
US jets dropped 2 two thousand bombs on the ISIL banking hub in Mosul . Casualties are not known. One report says 7 people were killed but a US video shows stacks of money flying into the air.

January 11.
ISIL fighters attacked Shia targets in Baghdad, Muqtadia [15 km from Baghdad] and Baquba. The heaviest casualties, 23 killed and wounded were among the shia militia. Baghdad's Mall was attacked by 4 ISIL fighters and several people were killed before the 4 were killed. A casino was attacked in Baquba.

ISIL retaliation for the shia destruction of large parts of Ramadi continued.

January 8:
US air strikes continue across Iraq. In one strike, Shaykh Adnani, a top leader of ISIL was said to be seriously injured.

Fighting in parts of Ramadi continued two weeks after Baghdad declared victory. A very small ISIL force held of the large shia army in spite of intense air strikes around the clock.

Somalia: Shabab Strikes Big Time

January 15: Al-Shabab fighters captured a Kenyan military base inside Somalia. The Kenyan force was almost wiped out, with 65 reported killed and scores wounded. Al-Shabab's quarrel with Kenya stems from the Kenyan invasion of Somalia at the behest of western powers.

The Al-Shabab control most of Somalia but lost two major cities to the superior fire power of west-oriented occupation forces from Ethiopia. Kenya and Burundi.

Burkina Faso: Serious Blow at Western Support.

January 15-16. Al-Murabitoun, an affiliate of al-Qaida in the Islamic Maghreb, attacked the Splendid Hotel in the capital Ougadougu where westerners congregate. The 4 fighters were killed by French Special Forces backed by American advisers. They killed 28 people and wounded thirty three. The dead included 6 Canadians, 4 Swiss, 2 French, an American missionary and various others.

Two Australian visitors have been kidnaped by another African militant group.

The mysterious Algerian leader Mokhtar Bel Mokhtar is said to be directing the Murabitoun.

Burkina Faso reportedly funds American forces in West Africa which in turn protect westernized leaders of African countries.



German Demand for New 'Annotated' Edition of Mein Kampf
- With thanks to Mark Weber in IHR.

[Comment from the Editor: We can see here the Zionist idea of "freedom of expression." Hitler's book is being allowed in print after SEVENTY years. More than 3500 notes have been added to it to try and rebut each point made by the greatest leader Germany has ever known. By contrast, the Zionists do not permit any response to the steady stream of lies they publish globally on World War 2 as well as the Islamic Caliphate, Palestine, Hamas, Taliban and all other mujahideen groups.]

Heavy demand for the first edition of Hitler's "Mein Kampf" to be printed in Germany since his death is taking its publisher by surprise, with orders received for almost four times the print run ... It has been re-issued as a 2,000-page annotated version after its 70-year copyright expired. The head of the Munich Institute for Contemporary History, which published the work, said it had received orders for some 15,000 copies against a print run of just 4,000 ... The book became a bestseller in Germany in the 1930s, after Hitler had become chancellor, and sold 12 million copies by the time World War Two ended in 1945. It was translated into 18 languages, but after the war it was banned in Germany by the Allied occupying powers.

Br.Kaukab's Second Khutba for 2016

 Dr Kaukab Siddique

America's Election Activity is Anti-People, anti-Islam and Exploitative. What does Islam say about Political Activity and Political Power?

On January 15 Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave the Juma' khutba and led prayers at masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in central Baltimore, Maryland. The masjid was packed with worshippers, African Americans, Africans, Arabs and Pakistanis but it's a small mosque, so the outline of the khutba is given here for countrywide distribution on line. [After the prayer, an Arab brother came forward to thank Br. Kaukab for speaking on Palestine.]

وَالَّذِ نَ اسْتَجَاœُوا لِرَبِّه¦مْ وَأَقَام¥وا الصَّلَاَ وَأَمْرُ§ُمْ شُورَى بَيْنَهُ¥ْ وَمِمَّا رَزَقْنَ›هُمْ يُنفِقُو¦َ

Those who hearken to their Lord, and establish regular Prayer; who (conduct) their affairs by mutual Consultation; who spend out of what We bestow on them for Sustenance;


He may say (boastfully); Wealth have I squandered in abundance! [Sura 90:6]

To begin: We honor and believe in all the prophets and messengers including Adam, Noah, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Moses, Jesus and Muhammad, peace be on them all.
Send salutations to Muhammad, his family, companions and wives and all those who are with them.

  1. Today the Muslim world is smeared with kingships, dictatorships and military regimes, camouflaged and open. They often call themselves Islamic republics in their constitutions if they have any constitutions. These are not Muslim regimes but violators of Islam.

  2. Many Muslims are being lured into the facade of democracy in America and other western powers.

  3. The voting blocs in America are created by those who have massive funding. Media play a prominent role in this process. Without media power, even the best person cannot win.

  4. The power brokers here formulate and shape the thinking of the masses. Millions of dollars are spent on the creation of "consent."

  5. Even then significant segments of the citizenry do not vote. They know that the political activity is nothing but manipulation. Huge crowds are "managed" and gathered to cheer on the self styled leaders.

  6. Such is the power of the media that they can switch the entire nation almost overnight from peace to war, from Christianity to homosexuality, from the murder of Dr. King and Malcolm X to their adulation as heroes.

Islamic Polity

  1. Islamic power is based on mutual consultation and consent. The entire ummah has to be involved in decision making. As Maulana Maudoodi wrote, husband, wife and children should be involved in decisions which concern them.

  2. The leadership has to be based on SERVICE, not on publicity and self-advertisement.

  3. Even at the time of the trauma of the passing away of the Prophet, pbuh, when Muslims were perplexed for a moment, they had no hesitation in selecting Abu Bakr, r.a., as the Caliph because he had given everything he had in the service of Islam. He had always been with the Prophet, pbuh, putting his own life on the line.

  4. Even after the leaders are chosen, Islam obliges EVERY Muslim to indicate acceptance or rejection through personal BAYAH or oath of allegiance, both men and women. [Sura mumtahina.\

  5. No police control or publicity or propaganda is required or permitted except to obtain the FACTS.

Slavery and Captives:

  1. The Islamic State must aim at freeing the slaves and the captives. Right at the beginning of the Prophet's mission, the Qur'an declared that the Islamic mission is aimed at freeing the slave. Chapter 90:13

  2. When Islam became a community and a State, Allah commanded that a part of its funds be spent on freeing the slaves and captives, along with other good deeds. The Qur'an makes it part of our faith: 2:177.

  3. Today in America, almost two MILLION people are imprisoned; many of them are poor and Black. It is our religious duty to help them. Thousands have embraced Islam in prison even without our help. Can't we send a Qur'an to a prisoner or a money order for basic requirements?

  4. Then we have Muslim political prisoners who have done nothing other than wanting to join Islamic groups overseas. Their families need to be comforted and cared for.


The only valid Islamic political system is the Caliphate. For decades we have not had a caliphate, however weak. Today we have a Caliphate and it is being bombed EVERY DAY by America and Russia and the tyrants of Syria and Baghdad.

Not only are they bombed, but they are systematically demonized in the media. Muslims have become so accepting of the western narrative, they accept every abuse spread by the media.

Remember that any Islamic entity which is independent of the West will be attacked by the western powers.

What to do in America:

Establish Muslim communities with their own shoora independent of big money and regimes.

Do not become part of any political entity which is not Islamic.

We must honor and respect our sisters and they should be part of our decision making process.

Remain peaceful, do not break the laws of the land, but speak clearly:

  1. Against occupation.

  2. Again the bombing of Muslims.

  3. For the rights of women.

  4. Focus on the Qur'an and the authentic hadith.

  5. For the rights of 4 million Syrians, homeless and starving.

  6. For the liberation of Palestune.

  7. For Africa.

Dua: O Allah: Give us health, jobs, success in this world and the Hereafter; give us understanding of the Qu'ran and hadith.
O Allah! Give us the unity required to free Palestine.

by Imam Badi Ali

 Imam Badi Ali

Arabs & Oil: Wasted Wealth and Neglected Opportunity.

- Imam Badi Ali leads a large Muslim community in Greensboro, NC

War News

 War News


IS Victory in Dar ez Zour: Assad's Troops Slaughtered. Russia bombs Damascus suburbs & Latakia hills. Aleppo Under Attack by Hizbullah. Raqqa hit by American bombers.

How the Relief Supplies for Medaya Came About after 40,000 faced Death by Starvation.

January 15-16: Mujahideen from the Islamic State [IS] broke through Assad regime's defenses in the northwestern region of Der ez Zour city [south eastern Syria]. Readers might remember that half of Der ez Zour was in the control of Assad regime's forces and the southern half in the hands of IS with ongoing clashes between the two sides for months.

On January 15, mujahideen sliced through the Alawite-Shia defenses and captured the area known as Balighia. Now 65 % of the city is in IS control. Latest reports indicate that 135 regime troops have been killed, 50 of them regular forces and 85 Shia militia. The ENTIRE Ba'ath party organization of the Assad regime power structure has been captured by IS [about 300 people]. Assad regime is presenting this as "atrocities" against "civilians." The danger is that the Ba'athists who are seen as violators of human rights for 20 years might be executed by IS.
The Islamic State advance could not continue owing to a wave of bombing raids by Russian jets which killed 42 Islamic fighters [stats from SOHR].

From January 11 onwards convoys of relief goods have been reaching Medaya where the entire population was starving. It's on the Lebanese frontier. Hizbullah encircled the city and would not allow any food supplies to enter for 5 months. The UN was able to convince the Shias to allow supplies to enter after al-Nusra and other groups besieged the shia villages of Foia and Kefraya in the western edge of Idlib province and did what Hizbullah was doing to Medaya. Finally an exchange was made: supplies for Medaya in exchange for supplies for the two shia villages.

Bombing campaign Continues:
January 16. The IS capital of Raqqa was bombed by jets suspected of being American, killing 16 civilians and injuring 30. The toll is expected to rise as some people are buried under smashed buildings.

Also on January 16, Russian jets bombed a village in Idlib province killing 6 babies and 3 women.

Assad's jets bombed parts of Aleppo killing 4 children. They also bombed Ghouta and Deraya [in the outskirts of Damascus] killing a number of people.

Hizbullah supported by Russian jet bombers are again advancing towards Aleppo against al-Nusra.

Another Hizbullah-Iranian-Assad advance has been against FSA eastwards from Hama..

However America's Communist supporters, YPG, and the newly formed SDF attacking ISIS from the northeast were unable to advance.

Islamic State Rapidly Taking over Parts of Libya. Frantic Efforts by Western Powers to create a United Front against IS.

According to Al-Jazeera, the Islamic State has established itself in the city of Sirte and from there it has taken over Harawa, 60 km east of Sirte, Nufaliya 130 km east of Sirte, and now Bin Jawad 20 km east on the coast.

On January 7, IS blew up a police training center at Zliten, 160 km east of Tripoli, killing 65 police and injuring more than 100. A serious blow.

Some reports indicate that former supporters of Gaddafi are joining IS.

IS is attacking oil terminals to stop flow of oil to Italy and West in general.

The western powers are cobbling together a united front of various factions to counter IS.


 Pakistan Flag

Jamaate Islami Pinpoints Source of Corruption. JI Hails efforts to make Saudi Iranian Peace. JI slates Sindh law amendment.

LAHORE, Jan. 16; Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has condemned the Bill passed by the Sindh Assembly empowering the provincial government to withdraw any case before the courts, and said this was a blatant attempt to protect the criminals.

Commenting on the passage of the controversial Bill, he said that the amended law would be used to achieve political ends and all political parties would come up to protect their criminals.

Sirajul Haq said that crime had been considerably reduced in Karachi because of the operation and the citizens had heaved a sigh of relief. However, he said the amended law would encourage criminals and law breakers and the ruling parties would not be prepared to hand over their workers to the law enforcement institutions.

He said if the other assemblies also adopted similar laws, none of the criminal would remain in jails. He said that such moves would serious harm the judicial process for the eradication of crime and for the supremacy of the law.
Meanwhile, the JI Ameer has welcomed the Prime Minister's decision to visit Saudi Arabia and Iran and expressed the hope that this would yield positive results and help in ending the tension between two Islamic states as was the need of the time.

Pak Taliban are Back: Damaging Attack in Quetta
On January 14, Pak Taliban blew up a police contingent guarding a polio clinic in Quetta, killing 13 police officers and a paramilitary officer.

Ever since the polio program was used to trace Osama bin Laden, the Pak Taliban target such clinics.

Earlier there was a horrific attack on a government NADRA
information office in Mardan wirh serious casualties.

Our America

 Our America

Flint, Michigan
Water in an American City Dangerously Contaminated
by Karin Friedemann [Boston]
Last week, Michigan Governor Rick Snyder declared a state of emergency because of elevated levels of lead in the city of Flint's drinking water - 900 times the EPA limit. According to the Centers for Disease Control, lead exposure can affect the entire bodily system especially the brain. There is no safe blood level.

Now, a new deadly threat has appeared. 87 cases of Legionella or "Legionnaires' Disease" have recently occurred in the county, 10 of which were fatal. Legionella is a bacteria found naturally in untreated water. It can cause fever, headaches, shortness of breath and aching of the muscles. It is contracted by inhaling airborne water droplets, which cause a pneumonia-like infection in the lungs.

This is not Flint's first state of emergency because of water contamination. In the 1980s, water was flown in by helicopter because of a leaking gas station. This week, the National Guard was called in to distribute bottled water and water filters to people's homes. However, their efforts are too little and too late. Michigan State Police have been trudging through the snow with volunteers to distribute lead testing kits.

The radical deterioration of environmental safety standards is directly related to Flint's bankruptcy. Public Act 436, passed in 2012, allowed the governor to appoint an emergency manager over the financially distressed city. The emergency manager has broad dictatorial powers. Elected city officials have no standing against him. This unelected, governor appointed overseer can unilaterally overturn union contracts, sell off city assets, whatever it takes to make sure Bondholders are paid. Debt service to the banks has already been a strain on the city budget for decades.

"In 2014, the city of Flint, under the control of an 'emergency manager' appointed by the governor, was looking for ways to save money. To that end, the Snyder administration approved a plan in which the city would switch its water source: instead of getting water from Detroit, Flint would cut costs by drawing water directly from the Flint River... But in order to make Flint River water safe for people, it has to receive a special anti-corrosion treatment. Failing to treat the water sends corrosive river water through local pipes, it starts to eat through plumbing, and the result is lead poisoning," explains Steve Benen on MSNBC.

"The Snyder administration did not take the necessary precautions. What's more, as the community grew concerned about its water, administration officials initially told local residents not to worry and to keep drinking the water. The result, of course, is a public health crisis in which countless city residents, including many children, have been poisoned, which leads to severe and long lasting consequences. Snyder last week declared an official emergency - he also issued an apology of sorts on New Year's Eve - but the people of Flint still don't have safe, clean water."

"The decision to unhook from Detroit and get Flint's water from the highly polluted Flint River was made by Ed Kurtz, the unelected Emergency Manager of this majority African-American city. Kurtz's unelected successor, Darnell Earley, carried out the switch. After Flint emerged from emergency management, Snyder had the nerve to appoint Earley EM over Detroit Public Schools," writes Martha Grevatt in Workers World. "The pollutants in the Flint River — a result of decades of unchecked chemical dumping by General Motors and other companies — have made the river water highly corrosive. This allowed lead to leach from the aging pipes in Flint's system... Now, the corrosion of the lead pipes has destroyed the entire infrastructure. Even though the city has reconnected to the Detroit system, the water is still not safe because of the corroded pipes."

The emergency manager paid the notorious Veolia Corporation $40,000 to conduct a study which recommended reducing other unsafe pollutants with chemicals and using filters. Veolia did not address the lead pipe corrosion issue. Now that it will cost well over $1 billion to replace the corroded pipes, will Veolia emerge with an offer to rebuild the infrastructure in exchange for being allowed to privatize the water department? Unlikely.

Ignoring people reporting stomach problems, skin rashes and hair loss after the switch to the Flint River, Governor Snyder and officials in the state Department of Environmental Quality repeatedly assured Flint residents the water was safe to drink and bathe with. It took two years for the government to acknowledge the lead in the water, so that people would start drinking bottled water. Now with the outbreak of Legionnaire's Disease, it is not even safe to take a shower.

It was only because of community activists like pediatrician Dr. Mona Hanna-Attisha, and Michigan ACLU investigative journalist Curt Guyette that a federal investigation ensued. Community members got their tap water tested and exposed the lead poisoning in the local children. University of Virginia professor and water safety specialist Marc Edwards played a leading role by filing a Freedom of Information Act request, obtaining emails between the governor and his of staff, Dennis Muchmore that clearly demonstrate their knowledge of the people's health problems and their deliberate decision to sweep them under the rug.

People are calling for Governor Snyder to go to jail. But meanwhile, many community members who refused to pay their water bills in protest, are getting shut-off notices. The United Nations has already gotten involved investigating water shut-offs in Detroit, where 10,000 people are living without running water in the city's attempt to get rid of blighted neighborhoods by making them uninhabitable. On January 15, 2016, US Congress passed a bill that blocks the EPA's clean water protection plan.

Why are the Bundy militia being treated with kid gloves? Why were Black Panthers Treated differently?
by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

New York City - My opinion on the Ammon and Ryan Bundy stand-off is a typical one by anyone who is aware of this racist American government's history. Why is it that Black criminal gangs like the bloods and the crips are celebrating their 40th or 50th anniversaries, while an activist group such as the Black Panther Party was eliminated within 5 years of its existence? The Panthers were not an armed group of rebels but, a group of citizens aware of the 2nd Amendment right to bear arms to defend themselves.

However, a law-abiding group of legally armed Black people made and continues to make White Americans uncomfortable.

The Bundy Brothers' recent protest (January 4th) is for their father, avowed White supremacist Cliven Bundy, and other local East Oregon land owners. Now, Cliven Bundy's claim to fame was his stand off against the federal government when they tried to take his land as a result of his owing over a million dollars in grazing fees, in June 2014. In a scene out of Birth of a Nation, armed White men crossed state lines to show support. The government backed off.

In this new stand off, the Bundy Brothers claim that the federal government has used the 100 year old Malheur National Wildlife Reserve to encroach on the local land owners in that East Oregon area. This takeover began after a rally, in support of 74 year old Dwight Hammond, Jr, and his 46 year old son, Steven Hammond, in Burns, Oregon. They were convicted 3 years ago for setting fire to federal land in a dispute over grazing rights. The federal government ordered the Hammonds to go to jail after a federal judge ruled that their original sentences were too short.

Eminent domain has been used to take many people's lands, especially that of Native American and people of African-descent! Now, eminent domain has been made stronger with the Supreme Court ruling that corporations can even use it. However this Bundy fight has nothing to do with eminent domain. it is a complex dispute over whether or not federally owned land should be federally owned and cries of unfairness over the payment of grazing fees. In other words, it is, as usual, a battle for power.

This militia, whom the White media carefully refers to as activists, have taken over three out of five wildlife refuge buildings. The FBI claims to be in negotiations with the Bundys and their supporters. By the way, the Bundys deny being a militia. They claim to be a group of concerned citizens. The same claim that the Black panther's made all those years ago. The Obama Administration seems to be biding its time and in no rush to end things.

I just believe that things would have ended already in the deaths of either Black, Native American, or Muslim activists, as it has in the past. (Source: and Andrew Romana of


 Wise Man's Banquet

The Wise Man's Banquet
by Cassey Coul [Virginia]

A wise man once had a very large banquet. He invited all of his friends as well as random people. He invited people who were seen in society as righteous as evil, as good, as bad, as young, as old as tolerant, as intolerant. He invited everybody that he could. The guests did not know each other, they had no idea what to expect.

Prior to the banquet, he asked each guest to treat others the same, to leave any preconceived notions and past experiences at the door. He asked everyone to have a judgment-less experience during the banquet and to not pretend but to try to get along and show an interest in each other.

During the banquet, some guests were well behaved, some were annoying, some were indifferent, some were agitated due to excitement, some were fighting, some were very quiet, some were laughing and some were just crying. Throughout the banquet, the wise man took time to sit and converse with each guest, to have their opinion on the festivity. Despite all of the differences they had, each guest was happy to be at the banquet, each guest was genuinely happy to be around others. The guests were tolerant toward one another, they were forgiving of one another's behavior and differences throughout the banquet. Each guest took time to get to know each other, to help each other, more importantly, the guests were willing to help each other. No one was appalled with another. The guests displayed sincere happiness and genuine concern and desire to spend time together. Nobody wanted the festivities to stop. The guests were looking forward to having an endless night of joy and judgement- free time.

At the end of the banquet, the wise man thanked his guests and asked them about their opinions and thoughts about the banquet. They all gave their approval and their desire for another banquet.

With his infinite wisdom, the wise man told them that there will be a banquet everyday that will never end, a banquet that will be bigger and better, a banquet in which each person will be a host and a guest at the same time, a banquet that will open the door for endless possibilities. The guests were befuddled, they did not understand but they were happy about the endless banquet.

One of the guests asked him where and how to get to such banquet as they all wants to be part of it. The wise man told him, the endless banquet is life itself.

He reminded them of the behavior they had during the banquet, of how they saw each other, their willingness to help each other, to care for each other, to overlook the differences among them, to not judge but to help correct each other's mistakes, and to be genuine toward each other.

HE told them that his little banquet was a display of how we should live in order to properly enjoy each other. He reminded them that as human beings, we are pleasure seeking creature and have a desire to help and be around each other but sometimes we forget it and become engulfed into our own thoughts, preconceived thoughts, we become stuck on our inability to see beyond each other's mistakes, we forget that a mistake or a behavior is not permanent but temporarily, we even forget that we are not permanent up until death comes for us and when it comes, we regret not living life as a happy banquet. Prior to leaving, he told them that everyone is a guest of God, some guests misbehave, some guests behave properly, some guests wreak havoc, some guests are forgiving. Each guest comes with his/her qualities as well as his/her faults, but more importantly, they should remember that the one host does not hold any judgement toward them and is eager to see them display kindness toward one another. Therefore they should always look at themselves prior to judging and acting on impulse or in evil way toward another as we all have the potential of rectifying our behavior at any given time. How many times have we seen people rectifying their behaviors and life? We are taught in religion that when we see an individual no matter what notions or thoughts we might have of him or her, we should always look at the best qualities even if the individual has 99% bad qualities but we should build on the 1% good.

Now the question is: do we see the potential in others to be good?

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