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30 Raby' al-awal 1437 A.H.- January 10, 2016 Issue # 2, Newsletter #1636

Hadith of the Week

A Comprehensive Supplication taught by the Prophet, pbuh.

Narrated Ibn Abbas, r.a.

Whenever the Prophet offered the late night (Tahajjud) prayer, he used to say, "O Allah! All the Praises are for You; You are the Light of the Heavens and the Earth. And all the Praises are for You; You are the Keeper of the Heavens and the Earth. All the Praises are for You; You are the Lord of the Heavens and the Earth and whatever is therein. Youare the Truth, and Your Promise is the Truth, and Your Speech is the Truth, and meeting You is the Truth, and Paradise is the Truth and Hell (Fire) is the Truth and all the prophets are the Truth and the Hour is the Truth. O Allah! I surrender to You, and believe in You, and depend upon You, and repent to You, and in Your cause I fight and with Your orders I rule. So please forgive my past and future sins and those sins which I did in secret or in public. It is You Whom I worship, None has the right to be worshipped except You ."
(Sahih Bukhari, Hadith No. 329,Vol. 8)

Comment by Kaukab Siddique: Maulana Maudoodi taught that Islam is a COMPLETE way of life. This du'a is an example of completeness. By focusing on Allah in all matters, we are transformed.


Islamic Scholar and Elder of the Muslim Community answers attacks on Kaukab Siddique coming from secularist and Shia writers on the Internet.

Here is one he wrote to a Pakistani American woman:

Dear Sister ....., Salaam, Allah Ap ku Khush Rakhey [May Allah keep you happy.]

I Just want to help you a little.

Mohtram [respected] Kaukab Bhai is a nice gentleman, well polished, highly educated and well versed in English, Islamic literature, Islamic history and Qur'anic knowledge. He is a journalist of repute and understands the intricacies of secular life.

Equally, he has clear understanding of how to deal properly with those who know Islam little and pose that they are the masters of all and pose their false superiority as if they are the master of every thing, especially of Islam . For such ignorant peope he is the naked sword. as our ignorant brothers and sisters misrepresent Islam and strengthen the hands of our adversaries. He hammers them on account of their shortcomings and little knowledge of Islam.

He is not proud of any knowledge but has great sympathy for all of them. We equally offer to such brothers and sisters to sit with us and learn about Islam in depth but you people have the vanity of thinking that you know everything whereas the truth is otherwise.

With best wishes

Shamim Siddiqi



ends 2015 with GIANT INCREASE in hits!

December Website
Hits: 168620

1,312,546 hits for 2015 !!!

Thank you Br. Rich.

Political Prisoners :


The Hidden Reality: Network of Islamic Schools for Women Across Afghanistan.

Thousands of Islamic women are active in Education.

On January 7, 2016 al Jazeera [English] finally entered the world of Islamic women supported by the Taliban. In an extensive program, al Jazeera allowed the burqa clad women to speak for themselves. The program started in Kunduz and then moved to Herat and other cities. [Al Jazeera initiated this effort in its December 24 show but it is now very advanced.

There is a whole network of pro-Taliban women in many areas of Afghanistan. They are outspoken and well versed in Islam. They are not controlled or manipulated by men. They are the driving force for Islam in their homes and communities. The schools are set up in mosques. Expertise is provided by Taliban men but the day to day education is carried out by the women themselves in Qur'an, hadith, current affairs and various forms of literacy.

Jazeera did bring in westernized women to criticize the Islamic women probably to please western audiences but these intrusions did not harm the bulk of the program.



The Ultimate in holocaust Disinformation. Attempt to exalt the Jews who worked for the Nazis. "Son of Saul" was released in the US
by David Merlin

Published on Jan 6, 2016 by Sonico

The week before Christmas seems an odd time to release a Holocaust movie, particularly one as macabre as Son of Saul. It is a Tale from "Inside the Gas Chamber of Auschwitz," presumably Morgue 1 of Krema II and focuses on a Jewish Sonderkommando named, Saul Ausländer. One reviewer describes the movie thusly, "For most of the 107-minute fiction film, the camera remains fixed on the face of one inmate at Auschwitz-Birkenau as he races around the death camp trying to bury a boy he believes is his son."

Other reviewers described the movie as, "A season in hell...devastating and terrifying...unimaginable and unthinkable horrors."

Saul is played by Hungarian Geza Rohrig. Mr. Rohrig's main talent is his amazing ability to have a fixed blank stare. Rohrig has utilized his talent to open a new dimension in Holocaust films, that of a "zombie robot." Mr. Rohrig described his role, "I had to be this zombie robotic living-dead person, and on the other hand, I couldn't become boring, so I had to compensate with the persistence, the intensity."

Unpleasant miracles and implausible actions.
Saul's racing around Auschwitz was the result of a double miracle. Miracle One was the amazing survival in the gas chamber of a boy. Miracle Two is that Saul thinks it is his own son. The fact that Saul shuffles the boy's body around Auschwitz and finds a place to bury him without attracting notice of the Camp administration is on the level of moving a corpse through Grand Central Station without drawing attention, highly implausible but not quite a miracle.

Largely Blurred
As a Revisionist, I wondered if director Laszlo Nemes would show the "gas chambers." We have heard of Steam Chambers, diesel Chambers, and Electric Chambers: What was Nemes going to claim? Unfortunately, the film is "Shot entirely in closeups of Saul's face or his immediate surroundings as he and his fellow Sonderkommandos go about their daily business of leading prisoners to their death." and "The film is shot mostly in a tight close-up on Röhrig, and blurs out much of the chaos and carnage that surrounds him." and "graphic content is largely kept blurred in the margins of the screen."

 Son of Saul

Son of Saul Protected from Cyanide.

This obscurity is by design. Nemes and his co-writer, Clara Royer, drew inspiration from the early Soviet propaganda stories, but said they wanted to avoid "the stuff of books". The result becomes odd when Nemes trys to address some obvious technical problems with the Gas Chamber Story. For example Nemes has his Sonderkommandos wearing scarves, presumably to protect themselves from the cyanide gas, a danger pointed out by Professor Faurisson and other Revisionists. Nemes also creates rooms many times the size of the actual rooms in the Krema II building wherein furtive Sonderkommando can hold meetings to plan revolts.

 Son of Saul

Forced to watch yet another Holocaust Drama?

A Flop.
Released in Hungary on 11 June by Mozinet in 46 theatres (two on 35mm and 44 as DCP), Son of Saul had taken 19,913 admissions in seven days. Despite amazing ballyhoo on the part of the media, the movie was a flop. It's gross for the first 10 day of US showings was a mere $34,060 with a total gross of less than $100,000.

Son of Saul follows on an earlier movie about Sonderkommandos, The Grey Zone based on an "eye-witness account by Miklós Nyiszli. It was also a box office flop.
So Why Make Such Film?
The role of Sonderkommandos has always been a problem for Holocaust Believers. The Sonderkommandos were vital helpers of the Germans. Allegedly, they tricked half a million people, including their own wives and children, into the underground undressing room at Krema II, convinced them to take off all their clothes, then led them along a narrow passage, past a small area next to the elevator and dissecting room and into a gas chamber, in groups of 2,000 people. After a gassing that lasted 10-30 minutes, they waded into the corpse filled room, untangled the bodies, dragged them back to a small elevator, moved them up a floor, and cremated them. In most stories, they are well-fed, well-clothed, and warmly housed. The problem with this version of the Story is that it makes the Sonderkommandos into collaborators of the worst kind. As one journalist suggested, "the members of the Sonderkommando were, "half-victim, half-hangman."

A Clarification
Géza Röhrig, reacted with anger to this suggestion. "There has to be a clarification," he said. "They are 100% victims." ..."the Sonderkommandos had a terrible's either ignorance or very insensitive to blame and point fingers in 2015″ Son of Saul simply changes the Story to explain the inexplicable behavior of the Sonderkommandos, behavior that did not and could not have happened. It is also an attempt to remove any perception of wrongdoing from the Jewish Sonderkommandos. To do this, Nemes produces a film which is an essay into degradation and violence, all in an attempt to explain the creation of his 100% Victim Zombie Robots. Take a look around.

Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust
PO box 439016 San Ysidro, CA 92143


 Dr Kaukab Siddique

Rampant evil in our Society Can affect Muslim Communities. We can Help America to Regain Decency and Sanity.

On January 8, 2016 Br. Kaukab Siddique gave the juma' khutba and led prayers at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in central Baltimore. The audience were African Americans, Africans and Pakistanis. The microphone had broken but a Pakistani brother immediately donated a $100 dollars for it and accessories. The khutba was well received but it's a small masjid, so the outline is given here for distribution across America.

 Arabic Text

O you who believe, enter into Islam completely and entirely and do not follow the footsteps of Satan; Indeed, he is to you a clear enemy. [Al Qur'an 2:208]
Starting: We love Muhammad, Jesus, Moses, Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, Noah and Adam and all the prophets and messengers of Allah. May Allah bless them all.
We honor and salute the Companions, Family and Wives of the Prophet, pbuh, and those who are with them in the Islamic striving.

  1. Islam is a complete way of life. Picking up bits and pieces from here and there is not the right da'wah. Obey Allah and follow the Messenger in ALL matters. Only that can save us from evil.

  2. America is a scientifically advanced country. It's scholars are aware of the evil which has overtaken it but in spite of their best efforts, they cannot stop it though they keep trying.

  3. Muslims living in America should not claim that they will not be affected by this country's sickness. It is a natural process.

  4. Let's look at some of the sicknesses sweeping this country:

    1. Drugs particularly heroin

    2. Alcohol.

    3. Cigarettes specially among the young.

    4. Casual sex outside marriage.

    5. Homosexuality.

  5. Deadly drugs have entered every city, town, village and home in America.

  6. Just about every non-Muslim American is on alcohol. Some of them get drunk and do serious damage on the roadways. Some of them have ruined their family lives. Domestic violence is often connected to alcohol and drugs.

  7. We know this is a secular country and people can be homosexuals if they want to be or if they claim they were born such. But the evil of homosexuality is that it is being imposed by the President of the United States with the legality provided by the Supreme Court and with the daily propaganda barrage of Zionist media.


    Firstly protect ourselves individually against this evil. No Muslim should be involved in these evils.

  1. Pray five times a day

  2. Pray Sunnah rakats too.

  3. Do the nafal prayers.

  4. For final cleansing, make tahajjud prayers.

  5. Become part of the masjid. Create unity in the masjid through compassion and caring.

  6. Bring our sisters and daughters to the masjid. They should not be sitting at home watching TV or going shopping.

  7. Fast on Mondays and Thursdays. Watch what you eat. No fast food.
    Nothing from pro-Israel or Jewish businesses like Nestle's McDonalds and Starbucks.

  8. Be kind and caring to your neighbors. Keep the neighborhood unpolluted.

  9. Be clear that just about ALL that the media say about Islam is a bunch of lies, even if they are partial lies or nuanced lies.

  10. Remember there is a war going on. Muslims are being bombed EVERY day by the superpowers. They and their puppet rulers attack Muslims every day . And then they try to demonize the Muslims so they can justify their occupation and aggression.

Du'a: O Allah give us health, jobs, worldly and spiritual success.
Allah give us spouses and children for whom Islam is NUMBER ONE. Allah help us to study the Qur'an and the Hadith every day. Allah help the Muslims to unite and liberate Palestine.


Spotlights & Guidance
by Imam Badi Ali

Arab Countries: Using Oil Money and Twisted Religion to Buy Everything
 Imam Badi Ali

- Imam Badi Ali leads a large Muslim community in Greensboro, NC

War News
 War News

US Air Strikes: Numerous Targets hit in Each Attack. U.S.-led coalition conducts 11 strikes in Syria, 15 in Iraq - U.S. military

WASHINGTON The U.S.-led coalition conducted 11 air strikes against Islamic State forces in Syria and 15 in Iraq on Saturday, the task force leading the operation said.

The strikes in Syria hit near Raqqa, Kamal, Manbij, Ayn Isa, Dayr Az Zawr, where one strike destroyed 16 skid-mounted gas and oil separation plants, the Combined Joint Task Force said in a statement Sunday.

Six of the strikes in Iraq were near the contested city of Ramadi, where Iraqi government troops were fighting to keep militants out of the city they had occupied since May, it said. They destroyed weapons, fighting positions, an improvised explosive device and wounded three Islamic State fighters and denied militants access to terrain.

Other strikes hit near Mosul, Kisik, Haditha, Albu Hayat, Habbaniyah.

Russian, Assadi and US jet bombers hit civilians. Attempts to Force people to leave. ISIS advances in Homs province.. Fighting near Damascus too.

Breaking News: In the suburb of Jobar near Damascus, Hizbullah defending Assad tried to advance but retreated back to Damascus after clashing with an-Nusra mujahideen and an FSA faction. Also, in the south, Deraa province , mujahideen attacked an Assad military column and inflicted losses and also lost some of their own. Alawites had captured Shaikh Meskin town but very briefly. It is back in Islamic hands but being bombed heavily by Russian jets. Fighting erupted again in Latakia between Turkestan fighters vs Shiite Hizbullah forces. Back and forth. No result.

January 10: UN is urging Assad regime to let food supplies go into Medaya on the Lebanese border where about 40,000 people are being starved to death. Horrible images of near dead children are appearing on social media. The town joined the opposition to the regime. It was then besieged by Hizbullah, the Shia military force swhich is fighting on behalf of Assad. For FIVE MONTHS Hizbullah has not allowed any food or any other supplies to enter the town. UN thinks some supplies will be allowed on January 11.

January 9: Jet bombers suspected of being Russian/Assadi fired missiles into the town of Ma'ra al-Nu'man in Idlib province killing 36, mostly civilians, and wounding 40. Mos of those killed were women and children but 1o al-Nusra fighters were also killed. Most of the wounded were fighters guarding a court as well as civilians in the market area.


 Pakistan Flag

Pakistan Leader Calls for Trial of Mukti Bahini who Committed Crimes in East Pakistan. Response to Latest Injustice in Bangladesh.

by Qaiser Sharif

LAHORE, Jan. 10; Deputy Secretary General, Jamaat e Islami, Dr Farid Ahmed Piracha, has said that if Bangladesh did not stop so called war crimes trials against pro- Pakistan people, Pakistan should also start trials of the Indian and Bangladesh leaders on similar charges.

In a statement here on Sunday, he said that immediate steps were required to stop the atrocities being committed by the Dhaka regime at the behest of New Delhi against JI leaders including Maulana Mutiur Rahman Nizami in violation of the tri-partite agreement between Pakistan, India and Bangladesh on April 9, 1974. He said the trials after 42 years of the agreement were false, baseless and clear political victimization.

Farid Ahmed Piracha said these trials were not Bangladesh's internal affair because Pakistan was a party to the agreement.

The JI central leader also slated the double standards of the UNO and the Human Rights bodies campaigning against capital punishment and said that these bodies should take notice of the violations of human rights in Bangladesh.

Our America

 Our America

Albany, New York
Last Chance Hearing for Albanians Framed by FBI
by Karin Friedemann

On Wednesday, January 6, 2016, relatives and supporters of the Fort Dix Five held a vigil outside the US Courthouse in Camden, NJ during the appeal hearing of Albanian Americans Eljvir, Dritan, and Shain Duka. A higher court ordered this hearing to determine whether the Duka brothers received a fair trial and effective representation from their lawyers. The Duka brothers, who were convicted of plotting to 'kill U.S. soldiers' at Fort Dix, NJ insisted they were barred from testifying at their 2008 terrorism trial and asked a judge to throw out their life sentences.

The issue of law enforcement entrapment of suspects on terrorism charges is now back in the spotlight. The vigil called attention to the outrageous government entrapment of the Duka brothers, which destroyed their families, including six children, as well as the family roofing business on which the Duka brothers and their parents depended for support. The U.S. Attorney who prosecuted the case was Chris Christie, now governor of New Jersey and candidate for U.S. president.

The case has been cited by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican presidential candidate, as one of the two "biggest terrorism cases in the world" during his time as US Attorney. But critics believe FBI informants entrapped the men and say the sentence reflects overzealous efforts to protect the country after the 2001 terrorist attacks.

US District Judge Robert Kugler, who presided at trial, will rule after reviewing written briefs due next month. This is the boys' last chance of being spared the life sentences as they exhausted their appeals when the U.S. Supreme Court declined to hear their case. They have been in prison since May 2007.

According to Project Salam, the group was "convicted in 2008 of conspiracy to attack Fort Dix, even though no plans had been made to attack anything... Thus the Duka brothers were convicted for essentially vacationing while Muslim and given life sentences plus 33 years for a plot they literally had never heard of."

What happened was that in January 2006, the young men videotaped themselves target shooting at a public shooting range and shouting, "Allahu Akbar!" They brought their Pocono vacation videotape to a Circuit City store clerk for duplication for their families. The clerk, feeling "troubled" by the images of the young men horsing around, sent it to the FBI.

"The FBI responded by sending two agents provocateur to entrap the Duka brothers in criminal activity. The agents showered attention on them and used money and manipulation to try to create interest in jihad. They asked the men to download jihadist videos, taunted them for their lack of resolve to take action, and followed them around with hidden tape recorders to record every word spoken. One agent talked alone in general terms with a relative of the brothers, Mohammed Shnewer, about how one might theoretically attack the Fort Dix army base. In response to the agent's repeated demands, another defendant, Serdar Tatar, gave the agent a map of the Fort Dix base, which his father had used to deliver pizza there. (Tatar thought that the agent was suspicious and reported him to law enforcement, who said not to worry about it.) The other agent then persuaded the Duka brothers to buy some guns, supposedly for more target shooting in the Poconos, so they would not have to wait in line at public shooting ranges."

The three immigrant brothers "hoped to tell the jury they bought assault weapons from an FBI informant for target practice, not to harm anyone," writes Maryclaire Dale for Associated Press.

Defense attorneys at trial claimed the men may have made anti-American statements but had no plans to attack anything. Paid informant Mahmoud Omar infiltrated the group and spent months goading them.

"The Duka brothers assert in court papers that they never agreed to kill soldiers at the Burlington County military base, that incriminating statements made in secretly taped conversations were not meant to be taken seriously and that the primary advocate for a terrorist action was an FBI informant. Two of the brothers also contend an attempt to buy illegal weapons, including machine guns, was meant for recreational purposes," reports Jim Walsh in the Courier-Post.

It is a case that has been called one of the biggest terrorism prosecutions of Islamic radicals but now also perhaps among the most criticized post-9/11 entrapment examples, reports Al Jazeera.
"The fact that the court granted a hearing in this case is unusual and suggests maybe the court is troubled by the outcome. The outcome is clearly unjust. So we're hoping that this is a signal that the court would like to take another look at the case," said Steve Downs, a civil liberties attorney in Albany, New York.

Rock Hill, South Carolina
Muslim Woman Should not be Saying Salam to Donald Trump. Hijab is not all. Learn to be Aware and anti-Imperialist. She was ejected but not insulted or abused. [CAIR as usual tried to gain publicity..] [Jews also gained from this event --- See her at the back of the crowd in photo below---- New Trend] Text below from MSN News . January 8

As Donald Trump questioned the motives of Syrian refugees at a Friday night rally, saying they "probably are ISIS," a woman sitting in the stands of the sports arena behind him silently stood. She was wearing a white hijab and a blue T-shirt that read: "Salam, I come in peace."

Trump kept speaking, but soon the crowd erupted, holding up their campaign signs and chanting: "Trump! Trump! Trump!" That was the formal signal for security to remove her from the rally — even though she stood quietly, not saying anything. She was joined by several other protesters, all wearing yellow eight-pointed stars, reminiscent of the six-pointed stars Jews were forced by the Nazis to wear on their clothing during the Holocaust. On the eight-pointed stars, a common symbol in the Islamic world, was this message: "Stop Islamophobia."

 Donald Trump

The woman in turquoise with hijab (in picture above) is Rosa Hamid. Said she's here because "most Trump supporters probably never met a Muslim. Rose is a 56-year-old flight attendant who is Muslim, according to CNN. After being escorted out by security officers and campaign representatives, Hamid told CNN in an interview that some of the Trump supporters sitting near her were kind and apologized as she was led out. But she said others accused her of having a bomb or shouted "Get out!"

"This demonstrates how when you start dehumanizing the other, it can turn people into very hateful, ugly people," Hamid told CNN. "It needs to be known."

Hamid was one of a handful of protesters removed from the rally at the Winthrop Coliseum in this college town in northern South Carolina. Trump's spokeswoman and campaign manager have yet to respond to a request for comment.

Before the rally began, the crowd was told that no protesting of any sort would be allowed, and that protesters needed to stay in a free-speech space outside the venue. Some of Trump's supporters argue that though the woman did not shout or cause a disturbance, wearing the star on her shirt and standing while others were sitting was fair grounds to be asked to leave.

Last year, Trump announced that if he becomes president, he will impose a temporary ban on allowing most Muslims from entering the country. He has also called for heavy surveillance of mosques, and said that he's open to the idea of closing mosques or creating a database of some Muslims in the United States.

At the rally on Friday night, Trump told a crowd of about 7,000 that the United States should not allow Syrian refugees into the country, and he criticized President Obama for not using the term "radical Islamic terrorism."

"He refuses to say the name," Trump said. "If you don't say the name, you're never going to solve the problem." Trump paused for a commotion in the crowd involving protesters, then he resumed. "Hey, look, it's a problem, we have a problem," Trump said. "We have a problem, and it's going to be solved, but we have to understand the problem. We have to know the problem, and before we do anything and before we do anything stupid, we have to know what we're doing. So we do have a real problem. We do have a real problem. There is such a level of hatred that you can't even believe it. There's a hatred, a deep-seated hatred. We have to find out where it's coming from and what can we do about.

New York
Prosecutorial Misconduct+Muslim woman in Trump Rally+Chicago "Mujahid"s unIslamic Advice.
by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

New York City - Yet, another Brooklyn man has been freed after serving a 17 year sentence for a wrongful murder conviction. Roger Logan was freed in 2014 and was recently awarded $3.75 million for his pain and suffering. He was the fifth man, so far, to be released. He was also another notch in disgraced NYPD Detective Louis Scarcella's belt.

On NYC public cable show, Community Cop, a Black former Long Island district attorney called in to the show to express her concerns about the incestuous relationship between the police and district attorneys. She stated how difficult it would be to put police officers on trial because prosecutors depend on police officers for their testimony in criminal cases. She suggested that some police officers' memory became fuzzy and they have conveniently forgotten information out of spite or retaliation for a prosecutor filing charges against fellow officers.

These are questions that district attorneys with a conscience will ask. However, the Community Cop panel was very quick to point out that police officers, district attorneys, and judges all look out for one another and protect one another. It was also pointed out that police officers are the gatekeepers for White supremacy, which is why racial profiling is so prevalent amongst them. In a free society, there is no such thing as routine traffic or pedestrian stops, not even routine random bag searches. These are measures used to harass people.

Of course, the excuse that police officers are off limits for prosecuting simply because their testimony is valuable is nonsense! The only concern a prosecutor should have is acting as an attorney for the people in his/her district. If the job calls for the district attorney to defend an unarmed murder victim against a police officer then, so be it.

There is no reason why Retired Detective Louis Scarcella is enjoying his benefits and time with his family when he has disrupted so many other families by taking their innocent loved ones from them. Why is Scarcella still free? Is it that Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson is waiting for all of the convictions from the guestimated 200+ cases where Scarcella testified? This is the same prosecutor who "represented" Dominque Strauss Kahn's rape victim and did absolutely nothing when Manhattan D.A. Cyrus R. Vance decided to break the law by ignoring the grand jury indictment against Kahn!

The prosecutors, not the police have the power. There is a lot of prosecutorial misconduct the people have to contend with until we do something about it.

As Julian, one of the Community Cop panelists, has reiterated over and over again and that is how the people have to hold these elected officials accountable for their actions. Only the people can bring change. (Source NY

Hijabi Thrown Out of South Carolina Trump Rally

A Muslim woman was thrown out of a Trump rally by Trump supporters. All she did was stand there in silence in an effort to show that Muslims are not such bad people. Rose Hamid, a flight attendant, stood up during Trump's speech with a shirt on that read, "Salam, I come in peace." The protest, which consisted of a few other people, was led by Jibril Hough, a spokesman for the Islamic Center of Charlotte. Firstly, Trump rallies are nothing more than thinly veiled White supremacist rallies. These ridiculous protests by Muslims, lately, are conducted by sycophants who buy into White supremacist lies! A true practicing Muslim who understands, 8:73 and 9:71 in the Holy Qur'an would never reach out to a man who has made it a campaign pledge to destroy Muslims!

This is a prime example of Muslims who dress the part but, know nothing. They have become so secularized and mainstreamed that they have been rendered useless. is owned by a sycophant group of Muslims associated with ISNA and CAIR. They also run Radio Islam, an Internet radio station, which is a proactive move. But, the nonsense they espouse renders Muslims impotent. Regarding the recent Philadelphia shooting of a Imam Abdul Malik Mujahid makes the following points:

Tell them that your mosque leadership regularly meets and cooperates with police and FBI to protect ourselves and our neighbors, considering that more than 70 mosques have been attacked in 2015 alone

No sane person can attack police whose job is to protect us all

How empowered do you feel as a Muslim after reading this junk? This is not about the kuffar but, how we respond to them. It is about how we feel about our Muslim selves. It is about fearing Allah, not the oppressor.

(Source: CBS

2016-01-10 Sun 23:42:39 ct