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1 Raby' al-awal 1437 A.H.- December 13, 2015 Issue # 102, Newsletter #1632

Hadith of the Week

Follow but do not Worship. Allah alone is to be worshipped.

Narrated by Aisha (Radhiallaho anho):

Abu Bakr came riding his horse from his dwelling place in As-Sunh. He got down from it, entered the Mosque and did not speak with anybody till he came to me and went direct to the Prophet (sallallaahu 'alaihi wasallam), who was covered with a marked blanket. Abu Bakr uncovered his face. He knelt down and kissed him and then started weeping and said, "My father and my mother be sacrificed for you, O Allah's Prophet! Allah will not combine two deaths on you. You have died the death which was written for you." Narrated Abu Salama from Ibn Abbas: Abu Bakr came out and 'Umar was addressing the people, and Abu Bakr told him to sit down but 'Umar refused. Abu Bakr again told him to sit down but 'Umar again refused. Then Abu Bakr recited the Tashah-hud (i.e. none has the right to be worshipped but Allah and Muhammad is Allah's Messenger) and the people attended to Abu Bakr and left 'Umar. Abu Bakr said, "Amma ba'du (to proceed), whoever amongst you worshipped Muhammad, then Muhammad is dead, but whoever worshipped Allah, Allah is alive and will never die. Allah said: 'Muhammad is no more than an Prophet and indeed (many) Prophets have passed away before him ..(up to the) grateful.' " (Sura Al-e-Imran : Ver. 144) (The narrator added, "By Allah, it was as if the people never knew that Allah had revealed this verse before till Abu Bakr recited it and then whoever heard it, started reciting it.")
Bukhari Vol. 2 : No. 333

[Comment by Kaukab Siddique: As the month of Rabi al-Awwal begins, we Muslims must remember that we do not worship Muhammad, pbuh, though he was the best of men and the last of Prophets and Messengers. He was a human being. Follow his example but do not come near trying to turn him into God. Sunnah is doable because he, pbuh, was human. Christians cannot follow Jesus, pbuh, because for them his life is a list of miracles.]

from Aiken, SC

A First For a Muslim: Protest at Big Trump Rally.

December 12: Br. Jibril Hough got up in a big Trump rally and protested against Trump's anti-Muslim remarks. Trump supporters tried to grab him but he evaded them. Finally police escorted him out but did not mistreat him.

NBC showed Trump speaking at a big rally in Aiken, near the Georgia border. Then Br. Jibril got up and protested. The crowd tried to shout him down. As a result of
all the shouting, the rally was disrupted.

 Br. Jibril Hough

Photo shows Br. Jibril after he
was escorted out by police.

 Word Around The Net

A Selection of Articles by our new Contributor from Texas: Br. Kris.

  1. UK parliament votes in favor of airstrikes in syria.

  2. ISIS apparently begging to be nuked by Russia. Seriously, who thinks it's wise to provoke Russia, China, and the US simultaneously? These guys are in a hurry for what they consider to be martyrdom...

  3. Trump says to take out ISIS family members...
    In my opinion, Daesh is trying to convince all Muslims that this is a war between the superpowers of the world, including but not limited to 'the West', and Trump is a figure that reinforces propaganda that is helpful to Daesh and detrimental to peace efforts, domestically and internationally speaking. Personally, I denounce Trump and everything that he stands for. Kaukab, you told me nothing unites two entities like a common enemy, and the 31 Governors trying to stifle the flow of Syrian refugees fall into the same category as Trump in this instance, because what they are doing is alienating the Muslim population of America (6 Million) and the world (another 1.5 billion)...

  4. Shameful murder of an innocent Muslim Taxi Driver....

  5. NATO unveils plans to grow, which is probably against the agreements we made with Russia therefore it makes Russia angry, and understandably so; America wouldn't stand for such a thing.

  6. Man held for 13 years at GITMO ON ACCIDENT!!!!!!!

  7. Britain launches airstrikes in Syria merely hours after parliament agreed to, wasting no time in the offensive

  8. Global Warming has turned into global flooding for major Indian City that has been underwater for a month now, yet has gotten zero coverage by western television media...

  9. Pakistan hangs 4 suspected of Taliban shooting at school

  10. Merkel addressing refugees as human beings, unlike other leaders, and pleas for them to curb all their anti-semitism

  11. German Leader rejects labelling of Israeli Goods

  12. Germany to have 20 million Muslims by 2020

  13. This is sad.... Refugees detained in Australia say they want to die...Australia was founded by immigrants just like America, and is therefore that more paranoid that someone will come to the same continent and commit genocide the way that the English did in Australia and the Pilgrims/Conquistadors did in the Americas. The American Gov't is keenly aware of outside influence by immigrants and Ellis Island is no longer the safe haven of old, as our government has no immediate use of the immigrants, which in the past they have used mainly as cannon fodder in global warfare.

  14. France shuts down 3 mosques due to "radicalization"


Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in West Baltimore

On Dec 11th, after Juma a 4-page document was given to 101 Muslims. The pages included articles related to:

  1. Bangladesh victimizing Muslim Scholars

  2. Rallies for Bangladesh Scholars in Karachi

  3. Imam Badi Ali on Problem Solving

  4. New leader of Jamaat e-Islami in Lahore

  5. Tunisia, Hidden Turmoil

  6. Turkish Pilot is a Hero

Political Prisoners :

 Pakistan Flag


Major Political Parties have Failed to Discipline and Raise Value Levels of their Workers.

Munir Khalili writes in chaste Urdu. He criticizes Pakistan's political parties. He is polite but severe in his criticism of MQM which recently won the local elections in Karachi, and Tehreeke Insaf led by Imran Khan [who seems to have fallen into the pit of indirection] [Recently he had a friendly meeting with India's racist leader Modi.]

Khalili also criticizes Jamaate Islami and notes that it too is going the way of Tehreeke Insaf and MQM in its electoral opportunism if it does not realize its errors.

Shiites Hit in Bombing Attack by Lashkare Jhangvi, accusing them of Supporting Assad of Syria

December 13. A crowd of shoppers in Parachinar, a border town home to Shiites near the Afghan border was hot by a bomb blast which killed 22 people and injured more than 50.

A sectarian organization, Lashkare Jhangvi, has claimed responsibility and claimed that the Shi'ites were sending fighters to Syria to fight for Assad.

There is a big Pakistani military operation going on in adjacent districts which is supported by Shi'ites


Trump & Hitler
Prof. Akbar Ahmed, Pakistani American, makes a False Comparison, Propagating the Zionist Narrative. A review of Ahmed's "Countdown to Kristallnacht."

[Intro. by Dr. Kaukab Siddique: Akbar Ahmed, a professor at the American University in Washington DC, is a close friend of Zionists and their Rabbis. In response to Trump's ranting against Muslims, Akbar Ahmed propagated the Zionist narrative. He could have shown how America was insulated by a series of American presidents against three massive Israeli attacks on Gaza. Israel has undermined America's conscience and sense of right and wrong. Instead he trotted out the Zionist narrative comparing Trump with Hitler. The fact is that Hitler was not involved in the attacks on Jews during Kristallnacht. Here I present Ahmed's thesis followed by David Irving's in depth research on Kristallnacht [published by IHR.]

Akbar Ahmed writes:
"It was a cold night in November 1938. Hard men with hatred in their hearts and bats in their hands set about smashing shops belonging to Jews. At the end of the night, some 267 synagogues were destroyed, the windows of 7,500 Jewish-owned businesses were shattered and several Jewish cemeteries were desecrated. At least 91 Jews were killed in the mayhem. Up to 30,000 Jewish men were rounded up and sent to concentration camps. Glass from smashed storefront windows lay strewn across the streets. That night of infamy is notorious in history as Kristallnacht -- the "Night of Broken Glass."

Kristallnacht was a turning point on the path to the concentration camps and the Holocaust, at the end of which 6 million Jews would be killed, creating what has been acknowledged as one of the most murderous episodes in history.

Today, we appear to be heading that way again -- this time with Muslims instead of Jews.

Kristallnacht was justified by the Nazis as a response to the assassination of a German diplomat in Paris by a young Jewish man."

Here is the research by David Irving published by IHR [Institute of Historical Review]
'Crystal Night'

The key event in this whole story was, of course, the "Crystal Night" ("Kristallnacht"), or "Night of Broken Glass" in 1938. Here the Goebbels diary must be treated with the utmost caution. It began on November 7, 1938, with the assassination of a German diplomat in Paris by a Polish Jew, Herschel Grynszpan. News of the shooting triggered a number of small scale anti-Jewish outbreaks all over Germany, which Goebbels noted in his diary without at first paying any special attention to them. However, when news reached him of the young diplomat's death, two days later, it truly outraged him. It came while he was with Hitler at a meeting in Munich, commemorating the annual Nazi party anniversary of the failed "Beer Hall Putsch" of November 9, 1923.

After Hitler had left the meeting, Goebbels came to the podium to announce the death of the German diplomat. He also reported to the assembled Gauleiters on the anti-Jewish incidents that had already broken out, describing them as manifestations of a "spontaneous" public outrage. Goebbels said, in effect: "A Jew has fired a shot. A German has died. Obviously our people will be outraged about this. This is not the time to rein in that outrage." We have two or three independent sources for what he said that evening, including the report by the British consul in Munich, who very quickly learned of the speech and reported it to London. This report is now in the British archives.

Describing the evening's events, Goebbels writes in his diary that, after his brief speech: "Everyone makes a beeline for the telephones." He adds: "Now the public will take action." An interesting turn of phrase, he creates an image of men in brown uniforms and swastika arm bands reaching out to telephones to relay orders all over Germany.

The orders were that the Aktion (operation) was to be carried out by SA men in plain clothes, and the police were not to intervene. There was to be no bloodshed and no harm done to anyone unless, of course, Jews offered armed resistance, in which case they should expect short shrift. "There is to be no looting," stormtroopers in Kiel were told. "Nobody is to be roughed up. Foreign Jews are not to be touched. Meet any resistance with firearms. The Aktion is to be carried out in plain clothes and must be finished by five a.m."

The result was the Night of Broken Glass, one of Germany's darkest nights. Hundreds if not thousands of Jewish shops were destroyed. About 150 synagogues were burned to the ground, including six or seven in Berlin. The following morning the news was that 38 Jews had been murdered. On Hitler's orders, 20,000 Jews were rounded up and temporarily held in concentration camps.

After the overnight reports had come in, Goebbels sums up the object of the exercise in a heartless, unrepentant diary entry: "As was to be expected, the entire nation is in uproar. This is one dead man who is costing the Jews dear. Our darling Jews will think twice in future before simply gunning down German diplomats."

In the archives I found a document dated the next day, November 10, which shows quite clearly that some kind of order had actually been issued. That morning Goebbels sent the following message to all 42 Nazi party propaganda officials (Gaupropagandaleiter) at the provincial level: "The anti-Jewish Aktionen [operations] must now be called off with the same rapidity with which they were launched. They have served their desired and anticipated purpose." These are the key lines in this document, I think, because they do imply that an order had been issued the day before. We don't have that earlier document, but references to it were made during the postwar interrogation of one or two of the Gauleiters, and there's also a hint in his diary that he had given certain orders the previous day.

Goebbels had to issue this second order calling off the Aktionen because, as we now know (a member of Hitler's private staff confirmed it to me), Hitler was furious when he heard, during the night, about the anti-Jewish outbreaks. Throughout the night, telephone calls came in reporting synagogues blazing across Germany. Hitler sent for Himmler and asked: "What the hell is going on here, Reichsführer?" Himmler replied: "Send for Goebbels, he knows." Hitler summoned Goebbels and raked him over the coals. The following morning Goebbels wrote in his diary: "I went to see the Führer at 11 o'clock, and we discussed what to do next." You can just imagine what kind of conversation took place between Hitler and Goebbels. Of course, Goebbels isn't going to write in his diary "the Führer called me a bloody idiot for having started what I did last night" - that's not the kind of diary he kept. Instead, he wrote a one-line entry to remind himself that he did have to go to see the Führer. What he did next was to issue the November 10 order calling for an immediate stop to all the anti-Jewish Aktionen.

Here, I'm afraid, I have to disagree with our colleague Ingrid Weckert; but if a revisionist can't revise another revisionist, I don't know what a revisionist is. Weckert rather exonerates Dr. Goebbels from any blame for the "Crystal Night." [See Weckert's book, Flashpoint, published by the IHR, and her article, Crystal Night 1938 in the Summer 1985 Journal.]

However, there is no doubt in my mind that on that night, having gotten the news that the German diplomat died, Goebbels - incautiously, imprudently, and out of a sheer sense of mischief - ordered the Gauleiters to go out and start raising hell against the Jews. And, of course, it got out of hand.

Even then, Goebbels didn't realize the extent to which the world's press would seize on this incident. Few of the top Nazis had ever traveled outside of Germany. They didn't realize what the foreign press was like. They didn't realize that outside Germany, then as now, there are societies that look on German actions with a certain degree of wonderment and bafflement. The foreign press seized on this extraordinary incident, which in the over-heated political climate of 1938 Germany might have seemed little more than an extension of a street fight. But in peaceful democracies this kind of thing just didn't go on. From Berlin, reporters sent back horrific accounts to England, to the United States and to the other free countries.

Ribbentrop, the German Foreign Minister, was one of those most scandalized by what Goebbels had done. Himmler was furious. Göring went to Hitler and demanded that Goebbels be dismissed for this outrage. Goebbels had an appalling time trying to repair the damage that he had done. It is baffling why Hitler tolerated what Goebbels had done. Hitler told Ribbentrop, "I need this man because I have other things in mind, and I am going to need a propaganda minister of the caliber of Dr. Goebbels." This can be the only explanation why he turned a blind eye to Goebbels' blooper, and it doesn't speak very highly of Hitler.

Years later, in July 1944, when he was pleading to be put in charge of Germany's "total war" mobilization effort, Goebbels wrote this mea culpa to Hitler: "I know that I've caused you many a private worry in the 20 years I've been with you, particularly in 1938 and 1939." Although Hitler does appoint him commissioner of total war, this is a very important admission. Obviously between Hitler and Goebbels at that time there was colossal personal strain. It wasn't just because of his affair in 1936-1938 with Lida Baarova, the Czech actress. (She is now 80 years old, still a lady of great beauty, and living in Salzburg. I went to interview her a few months ago.) Rather, it was undoubtedly the grief that Goebbels had caused Hitler by Kristallnacht.


 Dr Kaukab Siddique

Obama's Policies are Most Dangerous for the Muslim World. Republicans are no match for him.
What is Israel's role? Can ISIS win?
by Kaukab Siddique

President Obama does not want to send troops to Iraq or Syria on any impressive scale. Iraq was collapsing rapidly when the Islamic State surged, so he sent about 3500 troops mostly specialists and trainers. And that's about it, except for 50 here and there.

The Islamic State tried to lure Obama by the provocative beheading of a couple of Americans. He refused to be drawn.

The Paris attacks showed him how aggressive ISIS was becoming but other than issuing a statement against terrorism he did nothing.

The Republicans have been insulting him almost daily on Fox TV, accusing him of being a coward and a feckless leader.

Then came the attack in San Barnadino. The media and the public went into national shock, urging immediate action against ISIS. Obama was not impressed. He tossed it off almost as an issue about gun control.

So what is the President up to? Remember he has the best Israeli advisers. Anyone who studies his moves knows that he is moving with great deliberation.

He has sent in the sir force to bomb ISIS, both in Iraq and in Syria. This is hardly noticed in America. The bombing has killed more than 5,000 Islamic fighters as well as several hundred civilians. He is going after the oil resources of ISIS and is carefully killing its financiers and trying to kill Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and his immediate entourage.
The bombs dropped by the US air force EVERY DAY on the Islamic State make no noise in the US media. Its a quiet war for America and deadly for ISIS.

But air strikes, though deadly, are not Obama's main strategy. The air war is tactical. The strategy could be fatal for the Muslim world.

Obama wants to get Muslims to fight Muslims. He is very systematic and has an entire program for this strategy.
My readers might remember the time when Obama supported the building of a mosque near the Twin Towers. He wanted to create the impression that the 9.11 attacks were aimed not only at America but at Islam. American right wingers did not understand the depth of Obama's move and made a big stink about it.

America's relations with Iran have been secretive for many years. Israel resented the competition. With the emergence of ISIS, Obama decided to carry out the nuclear deal with Iran and to use Iran big time against ISIS. For the first an American president came head to head with Israel's arrogant Netanyahoo and won. Obama quietly assured Israel that American support for it would remain hundred percent intact but would in fact increase.

America would no longer make its pouting comments about the settlements and the increasing takeover of Jerusalem.

Muslims should realize that Israel is America's forward military base in the Middle East. The idea that Israel controls America is true only in bits and pieces. Overall Israel would not exist without American funds, military support and media.

In exchange, sanctions on Iran will be relaxed and then removed, releasing billions of dollars for Iran to use in its sectarian, divisive, policies in the Muslim world.

Iran and its subsidiary Hizbullah are now busy fighting ISIS in Iraq and both ISIS and other mujahideen in Syria. They have sacrificed hundreds of their fighters, including several generals. Who gains? Assad and Israel. Instead of fighting Israel, Hizbullah has lost all sense of direction and is fighting the mujahideen with all its might.

Obama's second Muslim force are the Kurds. ISIS was forced to leave Kobani to the Kurds after months of bombing by the US air force which killed more than a thousand Islamic activists, including Quran reciters, preachers and teachers.

American-Kurdish joint venture has been successful and has hurt ISIS.

In the wider Muslim world, Obama is supporting General Sissi in Egypt, the Saudi King and the Jordanian King. This is the triplicate safety ring around Israel. Unless ISIS overthrows at least one of them, its success story will not continue.

Obama is bombing Somalia, aiding Nigerian military moves against Boko Haram and carrying out carefully planned air raids on Libya.

In South Asia, Obama has Pakistan's General Raheel Sharif on a string and Hasna Wajed at his beck and call in Bangladesh.
Pakistani media are so strongly pro-American, though very indirectly, that even Islamic groups like Jamaate Islami are strongly against the mujahideen and consider them terrorists [not very differently from America.]

Will Muslims ever understand this situation?


 Saudi Arabia

Sharia can Only be Implemented by an Islamic Caliphate which is Based on Equality and Justice.

Note from Editor: Many Years back Dr. Kaukab Siddique wrote that Kingship is HARAM in Islam and Saudi Arabia is not an Islamic State. He came into conflict with Jamaate Islami on this issue and was mistreated by ISNA and other groups linked to the Saudis.. He was jobless for a while and with poverty level jobs for more years. Much later, Shaykh Osama bin Laden rose against the Saudis when they invited American troops to enter Arabia and mobilize against Iraq. Later still Osama tried to topple the Saudi monarchy. The Iranians provided oil to Israel for 30 years but after the revolution they too turned against the Saudis on sectarian basis, not owing to Saudi oppression. Today criticism of Saudi Arabia is commonplace. Saudi monarchy has no right to implement Sharia when it has not done anything to implement equality and justice. Some of the points in this article may be incorrect but most of it is correct.

No Life For Sri Lankan Woman To Be Stoned To Death
by Latheef Farook
As the birthplace of Islam and the site of Islam's two holiest cities, Makka and Madina, Saudi Arabia have been dear to the hearts of a billion and half Muslims worldwide. However the autocratic tribal racist family regime there was installed by Britain, France and Zionist Jews, in the aftermath of World War 1. The concept of tribalism, monarch, royal family and family rule are contrary to Islamic teachings which uphold equality of men and women and the entire humanity without any barrier such as caste, race or colour.
Thus the question whether a regime which is not based on the teachings of Holy Quran and has become a proven threat to Islam and Muslims can selectively enforce Islamic laws. Commenting on this Sri Lankan Islamic scholar M Mifly had this to state; "This punishment is not in accordance with Shariah law even though it is mentioned in the sayings of the Prophet which is the integral part of Shariah. On the contrary it is the domestic law of Saudi Arabia (KSA) which is binding on every person entering that country to follow it as per the international law. Any country has freedom to call its law in any name be it Shariah, Western or anything else. However Shariah is not a brand name or monopoly of any person. It is a principle and code of life.

Any punishment purportedly given under the Shariah law needs to be in complete compliance with not only letters of Shariah but with spirit of it also.

Shariah is a divine law of which primary objectives are protection of one's life, wealth, dignity and gene. The distinctive feature of Shariah is that it takes the side of the victim not of the perpetrator.

The Shariah does not impose its law blindly on anyone for the sake of law. The basic prerequisite principle of imposition of any Shariah law especially criminal law is the creation of conducive environment so that all the avenues to possible commission of such crime would have been blocked. (This is called in Shariah as "Sadduz Zareeah").

When we analyze the Sri Lankan maid's case, the conducive environment of blocking the avenues to such crimes (Sadduz Zareeah) were not created by several stakeholders including Governments of KSA, Sri Lanka, her family and her community.

Allowing a young lady without being accompanied by her husband or close relative to enter KSA and creation of an atmosphere that prevented her from fulfilling her sexual needs are few crimes committed by KSA in terms of Shariah.

The Government of Sri Lanka, her family including her husband and her community are too accountable to this remorseful plight that this innocent lady fallen in. We compelled her to go there away from her loved ones by not discharging our social responsibilities towards these poor and destitute ones.

Under these similar circumstances, Shariah does not impose its law on the offenders of the law, simply because the offender is not one and only guilty the others too directly or indirectly become accomplice in the commission of the crime. Under these circumstances, Shariah imposes the lesser punishment (which is called in Shariah as "Tha'zeer").

The classic example is that during the rule of Great Caliph Umar, there was unexpected widespread poverty. Therefore, the Ruler Caliph Umar suspended the sentences for theft as the people would be compelled to steal the goods under these compelling circumstances.

Therefore, I am of the firm belief that this poor housemaid can be saved from capital punishment in terms of Shariah provided Saudi Arabia strictly follows the Shariah law.Thus concluded Mifly.

Saudi regime was created by European colonial powers to serve their interests.

For example the founder of Saudi regime Abdul Aziz Ibn Al Saud, a tribal leader who established his control over Nejd with the capture of Riyadh early in the last century, supported Britain, France and Zionist Jews to defeat Turkey's Ottoman Empire. In return British and the Zionist Jews plotting to destroy the Muslim Ottoman Empire, its caliphate and to weaken Muslim world, concluded a Treaty of Friendship with Al Saud in 1916.

During World War I, the Ottomans lost Makka, Jeddah and Madina in 1919. Ottoman governor Shareef Hussein declared himself the Caliph of Makka on 7 March 1924, four days after the abolition of the caliphate on 3 March 1924.

Britain and the Zionists provided weapons, bribed with money and got Al Saud to attack Shareef Hussein. Shareef was defeated and Al Saud established his rule over Makka and Madina and introduced the Wahhabi rule, which was hostile to the system of caliphate.

Thus the caliphate system, which has been the rallying point for Muslims all over the world, was wiped out and the British and Jewish control over the region was strengthened with Abdel Aziz in the helm. This situation continues to date.

The Al Saudi family's relations with the United States began as early as 1930 when the US began manoeuvring to exploit the Arabs to promote Jewish interests. President Roosevelt offered a bribe of US$50 million to Ibn Saud in 1943 to use his influence to get other Arab leaders to support the plan to create a Jewish state of Israel.

In the subsequent years the Saudi regime's role in the military conflicts triggered by the Zionists which destabilised the Middle East was shameful treachery.

For example, alarmed at the Islamic revolution in Iran in 1979 ,Saudi regime, with Israel and its western masters, got Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein to declare war on Iran causing the eight year Iran-Iraq war which killed more than a million Muslims besides destroying oil rich Iraq and Iran.

The war ended and Israel felt threatened by battle hardened Iraqi armed forces. US tricked Saddam Hussein to invade Kuwait and precipitated the Kuwaiti crisis .Under the pretext of liberating Kuwait, US led coalition destroyed Iraq besides killings hundreds of thousands innocent Iraqis. Saudi regime spent an unbudgeted US$62 billion in 1990 and 1991 to finance this US led war to destabilise the Middle East to the benefit of the West and Israel.

Many Saudis openly defied and criticised their regime. As expected, a number of imams, preachers and Muslim scholars were arrested for expressing their views during the Gulf crisis. Perhaps they are still in underground prisons.

Then came the 2003 US led invasion of Iraq, an almost developed country, turned into a killing field. Saudis provided all assistance for US and British aircrafts which bombed destroyed and killed Iraqis.

Saudi regime sided with Israel every time Israel invaded Gaza causing death and destruction to suffering Palestinians.

Saudi regime also crushed all democracy movements in the Middle East.

Saudi regime played a decisive role in toppling democratic governments in Algeria and in the occupied West Bank and Gaza following the free and fair elections there in 2006 .Saudi, together with UAE and Kuwait, spent eleven billion dollars to topple the first ever elected Egypt's democratic government of Mohamed Morsi and kill more than 2500 innocent Muslims.

The list of Saudi war crimes continues and now Saudi is busy slaughtering poverty stricken Yemenis since March this year.

Meanwhile the lifestyle of the Saudi's ruling family members has been in total contradiction to Islamic teachings and shameful to Muslims worldwide. For example in Islam rulers were entitled to a salary as it happened during the rule of great Caliph Omar and others unlike in Saudi Arabia where the nation's entire wealth is in the hands of the ruler and the ruling family.

Few have penetrated the closed world of Saudi Arabia's ruling family, with its enormous wealth, the lavish lifestyles of its princes and their private passions. Those who do know the truth are usually well rewarded to hold their tongues. And it certainly is a big family. So today a legion of 8,000 Saudi princes occupies the most important and high-paying jobs and keep the economy in a chokehold of nepotism.

Ill-treatment of people of Middle Eastern, Asian and African origins has been a common topic of discussions.

They allow no freedom of speech or press. Every non-Saudi knows that if he gets caught saying something unflattering about a member of the royal family, he could even vanish. Political parties are not permitted. Activists are arrested and tortured, including electric shock and flogging. Judges are influenced by the royal family and they can be overruled by the king.

Human Rights Records

Saudi Arabia has also been under severe criticism from several rights organisations over its human rights records.

Condemning the Saudi criminal justice system and the strict punishments, many accused the regime of following one law for the Westerners and another for poor Asian and African workers, who were outraged when two British nurses convicted of murder in 1997, were allowed to go home following a visit to the country by British war criminal Tony Blair

Unfortunately for the poor and the oppressed, Saudi Arabia, the most oppressive regime in the planet, is big business for so called champions of human rights in the West as it is the largest oil producer in the world and a huge buyer of arms and other equipment besides providing jobs for tens of thousands of Western expatriates. As long as that equation continues, calls for any probe into the Saudi justice system, supposed to be reflecting Islamic Sharia, are likely to remain muted from Western governments.

For all its wealth and desperate double-dealing to stay in power Saudi Arabia is an extremely vulnerable nation. The Saudi monarchs live in constant fear of their own disgruntled people. They fear an implosion from within their family, army and National Guard. They live in apprehension that the US or even Israel might seize their oil fields. And they dread that time may be running out for their kingdom built on sand, that may be expunged by the tide of a people's uprising.

Over the years today Saudi Arabia and Israel have become two sides of the same anti Muslim coin. Under the circumstance it is highly unlikely that the Sri Lankan Muslim woman who is due to be stoned to death will be spared of her life.



Break Down of Law and Order Leading People to Resort to Vigilante Justice. Appeals from Mosque Loudspeakers put an End to an Organized Gang of Robbers of Rice Supplies.
[Courtesy Notun Bangla from theDaily Star]

A mob, brought together by a call over loudspeakers from mosques, beat eight robbers to death when they were taking away rice sacks at Araihazar of Narayanganj early yesterday, police and locals said. The locals also wounded four robbers when they broke into a shop in Purindabazar market on Dhaka-Sylhet Highway and were loading the rice sacks on their truck.

Police recovered seven bodies from the spot while another died at the Araihazar Upazila Health Complex hours later. Ghotok Rony alias Gothon, 30, Rubel Hossain, 52, Jewell Titu, 30, and Shawkat, 30, were identified by police as four of the eight deceased. Their bodies were sent to Narayanganj General Hospital for autopsies.

Mob killings continue unabated in the country with more than 100 people getting killed every year. The offenders seldom face trial in a society that seems to be plagued by a culture of impunity, said rights activists.

According to rights body Ain O Salish Kendra, 104 people were killed in mob beating between January and September this year alone. At least 127 were killed in 2014, at least 128 in 2013, and 126 in 2012. People's lack of respect for the law and their growing distrust in law enforcement agencies were also major reasons behind extra-judicial killings, the rights activists said.

Zaman, a security guard of the market, was tied up along with his co-worker Motalib by the robbers. He said at least 25 robbers stopped their truck near the market around 4:15am and four to five of them got down and told him that there were rice in the truck for Gafur Bhuiyan's shop. "At one stage of our conversation, they tied me and Motalib up, gagged us and pushed us to the ground," he said, adding that the robbers then broke into Gafur Bhuiyan's shop named "Bhai Bhai Store". Several robbers were on guard while others loaded the rice onto their truck, he said.

Around 20 minutes later, Zaman was able to get loose and he went straight to Purindabazar Jame Mosque, which was about 20 metres away from the market. Zaman said he told the people at the mosque about the incident and an announcement was made from the mosque's horn speakers. He later heard similar announcements from nearby mosques as well. This prompted villagers, many of whom were up for or on Fazr prayers, to attack the alleged robbers with iron rods and sticks. The mob chased the robbers and beat them up mercilessly, police and locals said.

Additional Superintendent of Narayanganj Police Mohibul Islam Khan's account of what had happened was very close to Zaman's. He said the victims were members of a gang. A case for murder and another for robbery were filed with Araihazar Police Station. Police seized the truck loaded with 118 sacks of rice, some local weapons, and four mobile phones. Of the injured, Sabbir, Manik, and Sajib Mia received treatment at Dhaka Medical College Hospital and were later taken to Araihazar Police Station. Lokman was taken into police custody after first aid.

Most of the victims hail from Mymensingh. According to Lokman, one Mizan employed him "for a rice loading" job. He also told police that they set off from Tejgaon with 10-15 men on the truck in the wee hours and more people joined them in Jatrabari, reports our Narayanganj correspondent. Identifying the body of Ghotok Rony at Araihazar Police Station yesterday afternoon, his wife Nazma Begum and seven-year-old daughter Sadia Moni broke down in tears.
Nazma told The Daily Star that Rony was a trucker and that she did not know anything about his involvement in any robbery. "My husband went out for work from our Shanir Akhra home around 10:00am on Wednesday and I could not reach him since Wednesday evening," she said.

Talking to this paper, a good number of locals said they were fuming as at least 10 major robberies were carried out at businesses and homes in Purindabazar in this year alone. They claimed that police had done nothing after those robberies. They also said police was late in coming to the scene yesterday even though they had a check post just a kilometre away.

Only a month ago, robbers made away with 196 sacks of rice from a shop at Bagbari market around two kilometres away. Meanwhile, Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan Kamal at a programme in the capital said there was no conspiracy behind the deaths of the eight people. It had happened following a robbery.

War News

 War News

Islamic State Advancing Across Syria. Non-Militant Groups Willing to talk Peace. Mujahideen Enter eastern Damascus.
Russian-US Air strikes Intense. Homs Evacuated, hit by IS.
[From Syrian Observatory and Wire Services.]

  1. December 12: Three massive IS bomb attacks in Tal Tamer [north east Syria] near the Turkish border have wiped out the center of the town. More than 50 supporters of YPG Kurdish Communist group were killed and more than 80 injured. YPG advance towards IS territory supported by US air strikes has come to an end.

  2. December 12-13. Mujahideen of Islamic factions have entered Damascus from the east. Considering it an emergency situation, Russian bombers hit Damascus' eastern sector. Russia also fired big LONG RANGE MISSILES into Islamic strongholds. Assad's air force bombed the Douma suburb of Damascus, hitting a clinic, killing 22 civilians including children. In response, the mujahideen of salafi groups hit the center of Damascus with 16 mortar shells.

  3. December 11-13. Standoff at Homs ended with withdrawal of Muslim population. Assad was not able to capture the al-Waer section of the city, nor could the defenders, including al-Nusra and IS force Assad's forces to leave. Finally the fighters and the population withdrew from the city under an arrangement with the Red Crescent and UN. After the withdrawal, IS bombed the Shiite sector of the city, killing 16 supporters of the regime and injuring more than 50.
    IS forces are approaching Homs.

  4. December 11-13. Russian bombers are hitting the IS held city of Palmyra round the clock, trying to stop the IS advance on Homs. Assad's forces also hit Palmyra with long range missiles.

  5. December 10 - 13. US air force has been hitting oil wells in the Deir ez Zour area owned by IS. reports of civilians killed in the bombing. One source says 32 civilians killed.

  6. December 10-13: Al-Nusra and IS are advancing into various areas of the Alawite heartland of Latakkia. Assad's forces are putting up stiff resistance but suffering steady losses. Russian bombing activity has slowed down the Islamic advance. Turkistan Islamic Movement has captured more areas near Turkey where the Russian jet was shot down.

  7. December 10-13. The only hopeful news for Assad has been the advance by Hizbullah south of Aleppo which has captured two villages in an effort to link up with Alawite garrison in a part of Aleppo. However Hizbullah attempts to break through to Kweris air base have been repulsed by IS.

Genocidal Action by Nigerian Military Against Defenseless Muslim Group which Opposes Regime Policies.

[In part this horrible tragedy is taking place because Iran is doing nothing to support this group which was depending on Iran. They opposed Boko Haram, the main fighting group in Nigeria, and the army saw them as a soft corner, strong verbal opponents with no means to fight back. Iran is hooked up with US imperialism. Why would it oppose Nigerian army which is supported by USA?. ... Editor New Trend.]

Mu'allim Ibraheem Al-Zakzaky (el-Zakzaky) is the leader of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria. His movement has been highly critical of political corruption, the Nigerian-Israeli governmental relationships and intelligence sharing, Boko Haram and the relationship it has with facets of the Nigerian army, as well as other issues. The movement itself is heavily involved in educational and social programmes across Nigeria.

Last year at the annual pro-Palestine demonstrations some 40 people were shot and killed by an army unit, including 3 sons of Zakzaky. This is not the first time the movement has experienced violent suppression and abuses.

This week activists from the movement were killed in separate attacks. Today at the funeral of some of these in the Hussainiyah Baqiyatullah (Islamic Centre) in Zaria, an army unit approached and opened fire on unarmed mourners. Eyewitnesses report some 30 were killed.

At the time of writing there are reports that soldiers are advancing on the house of Al-Zakzaky, and that supporters have been forming a human shield to proetct the household. Reports state that 20 people from the human shield have been shot and killed by the military.

Latest information
Updated at 12.31 GMT, 13 December 2015. Communication has been lost with the house of el-Zakzaky, all those who were sending information appear to be killed. ÂÂ Footage received in the last hour can be found here.

Mallam Turi, one of the most senior members of the Islamic Movement, has been killed by the Nigerian military during the invasion of el-Zakzaky's house. The invasion is ongoing and eyewitness state that the military have been firing and throwing explosive devices.

Updated at 06.39 GMT, 13 December 2015 - Army attacking Dar ul-Rahma (just outside Zaria), at least one person reported killed. Dar ul-Rahma is a centre in construction, as well as the burial place of the martyrs of last year's al-Quds Day.

Updated 05.00 GMT, 13 December 2015 - A full scale attack on the house of el-Zakzaky has been resumed. The front of the ISlamic Centre has been destroyed and troops have gone in.

Updated at 01.31 GMT, 13 December 2015 - Military storm

Hussainiyyah Baqiyatullah
Updated at 01.18 MT, 13 December 2015 - Military threaeaning to raid Islamic Centre; still advancing on Zakzaky home; scores killed ; demonstrations continuing across Nigeria, as well as London, UK, more scheduled for South East Asia today

Suggested action
  1. Call a flash protest outside the Nigerian High Commission / Embassy in your country.

    protest has already taken place outside the Nigerian High Commission in London, UK.

  2. Email / call the Foreign Office / Ministry of Foreign Affairs in your country demanding their immediate intervention to prevent these massacres and the attack on the house of al-Zakzaky.UK campaigners can email and call 020 7008 1500.

  3. Call your major news stations (in the UK call the BBC) and ask them to send a reporter now. You can WhatsApp the BBC on this number +447525900971

  4. Please spread the word via email, social media etc.

  5. Please call the Nigerian Embassy / High Commission in your country and email them, demanding they halt this operation: call them now.
    Flash protest called at Nigerian High Commission in London from 5pm GMT.

Our America

 Our America

She Wanted to Avenge the Honor of the Prophet, pbuh, but was tricked by an Agent.
Interview with Fatima LaRose [Jihad Jane]
by Sis. Karin Friedemann [Boston]

Fatima LaRose, the woman who was arrested for conspiring to kill the Swedish cartoonist who drew a picture of Mohammed with a dog's body, has allowed New Trend to interview her. She pled guilty in 2010 to "Conspiracy to provide material support to terrorists, conspiracy to kill in a foreign country, false statement to a government official, and attempted identity theft."

She had posted online as Jihad Jane: "When our brothers defend our faith their homes, they are terrorist. Fine, then I am a terrorist and proud to be this."

The plot began in January 2009, when someone online called Eagle Eye claiming to be a Pakistani from al Qaida asked the recent White American Muslim convert to become a martyr. He claimed to have participated in the 2008 Mumbai attacks, according to NBC News. She pledged to use her blonde hair, green eyes and white skin to "to achieve what is in my heart." After she agreed to meet him in Amsterdam for marriage, the online man then instructed her to go to Sweden and shoot the cartoonist six times in the chest. She vowed to do it or die trying. U.S. authorities won't admit the whereabouts of Eagle Eye, or Abdullah, another man who had promised to train her in the use of firearms in Amsterdam. I am suspicious because I never heard of any Pakistanis calling themselves "al Qaeda." Al-Qaeda are Arabs. She had no idea.

On December 4, 2015, Fatima wrote: "When my Brother (in Islam) told me to get out of America, my boyfriend had no idea all that or really any of what I was involved in. It was like I was living a double life. In my home I was one person but online I was someone else. I finally gave into my online life and went for broke. No one in my life knew what I was into. I just always was online talking to my Ummah and all I thought about was jihad. If you wonder if I regret my actions - I only regret hurting my loved ones but I don't regret agreeing to do what ultimately got me put in prison.

"I feel the Brother that gave me the assignment gave me an honour because Sisters never get assignments like that. I tell you my dear Sister I Love my Brother and I will always love him. People tell me he used me to do what he wanted done and people blame him for my predicament. But I say NO he did not use me and he is not to blame for me being in prison. I am responsible for my actions and I knew what I was doing when I agreed to do what he asked me to do. My Brother never wanted me to come to any harm. I don't know if he is even still alive. My lawyer thinks he is either dead or he was an agent for the FBI. I know for certain my brother was not any kind of agent for the FBI or any other American agency. I will always love my Brother no matter what anyone says about him." All we know is that he was never arrested, despite being the "mastermind" behind the conspiracy to assassinate the vile cartoonist.

LaRose never made it to Amsterdam, though she did spend some time in Ireland staying with Ali Damache, an Algerian calling himself Black Flag, who also lured another white American woman Jamie Ramirez and her son to come live with him. Both women thought they were going there to be trained for jihad, but once they got there, they realized the Muslim man had just been boasting. He used Ramirez, whom he married the day she arrived, to cook and clean and would not even give her a key to the house, although LaRose was allowed to go in and out as she pleased. It was weird, but not terrorism. Damache successfully contested the illegal police search of his Waterford apartment. Irish authorities have refused to extradite him to the U.S.

"Jihad Jane is a perfect figure in some ways because it's like a soap opera," says her intended victim, cartoonist Vilks. "This is today's most interesting part of terrorism -- the amateurs."

Vilks says he believes LaRose has served enough time already. "They should let her go."

The cartoonist's calm attitude towards a woman that intended to kill him creates an awareness of the moral complexities of any given situation. He considers her as a victim of her past.

"I survived a lot of things that should have rightfully killed me," LaRose said of the terrible things she lived through, including being repeatedly raped by her father, running away and becoming a teenage prostitute, growing up White in Detroit.

"I also thought there was a purpose for me to be alive and then when I found Islam, I thought... 'This is why I have lived so long.'"

LaRose always has a patient attitude in all of her letters. In June, 2010, she wrote to me from the SHU in Philadelphia as she awaited sentencing.

"Mashallah ukhti (my co-defendent) is in G.P. (General Population) so we have a separation and I rather be the one to be in the SHU." She signed her letter "Fatima LaRose AKA Jihad Jane."

By July 2015 she had become more introspective, talking about her new life in General Population, after she got moved out of SHU, where she spent four years in solitary.

"I guess my kindness is my weakness. I am always trying to be a people pleaser. I just like to see people happy so when people ask me for something I usually try to get them what they ask for. But when I want something I am ignored. Also I am quiet and I observe people and I see so much that I can't believe others don't see what I do."

She turned 52 this year. No longer living in isolation she shares a cell with a "goth girl" who she describes as a fantastic artist. "My friends give me a birthday party. That's the first birthday party I've had since I was a child. I was happy and felt like I am loved. The girls decorated my bed in flowers and butterflies they made."

Working on her GED, she struggles with math. "I was taken out of school when I was a kid by the 7th grade. But I had quit going to school by grade 5. I believe that's the last grade I completed. I sure never did any geometry or algebra so the math is all new to me. I did a lot of drugs while I was growing up and I believe that all those drugs did a lot to mess up my mind. My memory is shot. I get confused real easily when I'm trying to concentrate on math. Anyways by the time I get out of prison I will be 55 years old and I intend to be a housewife. I'm not going to get a job. Who would want to hire a 55-year-old ex-con over a younger kid with no record."

New York
CAIR Does not Oppose Government Oppression: Anti-Islamic Behavior of Regime's Favorite Group+.
Feminists Turning Modesty into a Matter of Shame+
Police Officer Guilty of Raping 16 African American Women.
by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

New York City - This evening (12/7/2015), I saw a CBS Evening News report about a growing hatred for Muslims in America since 9/11, according to CAIR. There was a Hijabi recounting an incident when a female driver spit on her car while she was driving somewhere. There were other Muslim detailing their stories of unfair treatment in America, since 9/11.

CAIR has always been there to document and announce these increasing attacks against Muslims in America by other civilians. CAIR does not mention that most of the oppression of Muslims in America is from the American government itself and it certainly does not mention its role in helping make this government oppression possible!

What CAIR wants to do is mimic the Zionists and create a pity party for Muslims. They want us Muslims to fear the oppressor and to pity ourselves. CAIR wants to make Americans feel ashamed of their misdeeds toward the helpless Muslim but, there are Americans who revel in the pain they cause us! This is why Allah (swt) tells us in Holy Qur'an not to let the unbelievers distress us.

We Muslims are supposed to be self-empowered. This empowerment comes from the Qur'an and Authentic Hadith, not news reports rooted in conspiracy theories. In such a tense climate, fueled by the racist and Zionist media, we Muslims must take the necessary steps to protect ourselves and our communities. We do not need to rely on the police, whose purpose is to monitor us, not protect us anyway.

We are supposed to turn to Allah: "Say "It is Allah that delivereth you from these and all (other) distresses..."(6:64).

I am not minimizing the terrible, idiotic hate crimes committed against some of us. I just want Muslims to understand that seeking pity from those very people is not the Islamic way to handle these savages. Fighting back is! We are within our rights, Allah-given and Constitutional, to defend ourselves against any physical and verbal attack.

Wife Who Says Her Body is For Her Husband's Eyes Only Is Accused of Slut-Shaming!

Ayesha Curry, a professional chef, and wife of NBA superstar Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors) has been accused of slut-shaming. This is when women berate another woman for wearing very revealing clothes. Supposedly feminists are on her case because she stated that her body was for her husband's eyes only and she chooses to dress more modestly.

Feminism has changed to the point where someone like Beyonce, who started revealing her body after untrue rumors of an extramarital affair between her husband, Jay-Z, and r&b singer Rihanna hit the papers, over ten years ago. Originally, feminism, which does not hold a candle to Islam, was about not allowing your body to be objectified. Feminism was against women posing for Playboy, now they are all for it?! Feminism has been hijacked by male chauvinist thinking women!

Of course, Ayesha Curry has her supporters, which most importantly includes her husband. This is the new low that women have sunk to in this society. A woman like Madonna can be seen as a feminist simply because she makes and controls a lot of her money but, her fortune was built on her objectifying her body. She is even in a fight with Father Time to keep her money-maker going!

Ayesha Curry's quote: @AyeshaCurry: "Everyone's into barely wearing clothes these days huh? Not my style. I like to keep the good stuff covered up for the one who matters."

People have even started speculating about Ayesha Curry's beliefs. The Curry Family are a well-put-together Christian family.


Quick Note: Ex-Cop from Oklahoma Convicted on 18 Out of 36 Counts for Rape

A very sickening case and unfortunately it happens more often than we want to believe. But, ex-cop Daniel Hotzclaw, who is part White and Japanese, was convicted by an all-White jury for raping 13 African-American females. I am awaiting the sentencing phase because this is when justice is supposed to be served. The jury deliberated for over 40 hours and recommended a 263 year sentence for Holtzclaw. He is scheduled to be sentenced, in January 2016. Black leaders led protests and chants, which could be heard in the courtroom during the trial.

Many serial rapists and murderers get off lightly by the justice system simply by choosing victims society does not value as human beings. Traditionally, they have victimized prostitutes. In this instance, many of Holtzclaw's victims were drug addicts. Some of his victims testified in handcuffs and prison uniforms, as they were doing prison time for drug possession. America is one of a few countries that puts drug users in jail, whereas elsewhere in the world they are put in the hospital or treatment program. This is also one of a few countries that puts children as young as 6 years old behind bars.

The one wrinkle to this case is that "shifty-eyed" Benjamin Crump is now representing some of the rape victims in a civil suit against ex-Officer Holtzclaw and Oklahoma City. He has stated that these women actually reported Holtzclaw's actions to the police department but, were ignored. Crump "represented" the families of shooting victims, Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown. It is sad but, there are Black attorneys who see nothing but, dollar signs and justice be damned! He is one of Rev. Sharpton's (The Charlatan) cronies, too. Birds of the same feather do flock together. The unbelievers do seek each other out and work together to hinder progress.

Los Angeles
Fatal Shooting by Deputies in Lynwood Caught on Video
[From Sis. Hamdiyyah] [Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

Authorities are investigating a fatal shooting by Los Angeles County sheriff's deputies of a man in Lynwood on Saturday. The incident was caught on video and appears to show the man hit with a barrage of gunfire as he was walking away from deputies.

New York
Terrified USA Muslims rally for Peace, scared they might be Blamed for IS attacks.Muslim peace rally in New York includes Long Islanders

More than 200 American Muslims - many from Long Island - rallied in Times Square on Saturday to condemn terrorism in the name of religion, chanting "Islam means peace."

 Times Square

Those at the rally, including a couple of doctors and a firefighter, spoke out against the San Bernardino, California, shooting massacre and recent inflammatory statements about Muslims by some Republican presidential candidates....



The Complex Way in Which Secularism is Subverted by Agents of Hindu Extremists who Manipulate India.
Via Sukla Sen in Issues on Ajaz Ashraf [Author of an important book about Babri masjid.]

[A long read which, with patience, will help readers to understand How it Works... Editor]

First person: A police officer's account of being harassed for stopping a riot in Rajasthan

Superintendent of Police Pankaj Choudhary stopped a riot, but got a call from the Inspector General in the Chief Minister's Office to release Sangh activists arrested for triggering it.
Ajaz Ashraf · Yesterday · 06:30 pm

From all accounts, Superintendent of Police Pankaj Choudhary played a stellar role in ensuring that three deliberately crafted incidents of violence in Nainwa and Khanpur in Bundi district, Rajasthan, didn't turn into a bloody communal riot. Among the measures he took was to arrest 11 activists of the Vishwa Hindu Parishad and the Bajrang Dal.

Then a call from the Inspector General of Police in Chief Minister's office of Rajasthan came to Choudhary. "Release the 11 or prepare to get posted out". The Indian Police Service officer says he refused to relent, and has been chargesheeted since then, besides being transferred three times in 15 months. In this interview to Scroll, the indomitable IPS officer narrates a fascinating story of how he has taken on the system, which is rotten to its very core.

You were the Superintendent of Police of Bundi district, Rajasthan, in September last year, when on the 12th of that month a communal riot too place. What sparked the rioting?

There was an election for the nagar panchayat due in Nainwa. Those who had interest in the election wanted to polarise voters. A rumour was spread that an idol of Hanuman had been damaged in a temple at Khanpur, which is a qasba five kilometre from Nainwa. On Sept 12, a few people came to Nainwa thana [police station] with a complaint that the idol of Hanuman had been damaged at Khanpur.

Who were these people?
They were from the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, Vishwa Hindu Parishad, the Bajrang Dal and others who had a vested interest in the nagar panchayat election. They submitted a list of people to the Station House Officer and demanded their immediate arrest. The SHO told them that he would go to Khanpur, close as it is to Nainwa, to verify whether the idol had indeed been damaged.

Meanwhile, the number of those who had come to complain started to increase. There were 10 people initially. In no time it grew to 20, then 100, and soon there was a mob of 300 people.

Where were you?
I was in Bundi, holding a crime meeting. The distance between Bundi and Nainwa is about 80 km, and it takes four hours to reach from one place to the other. They (the complainants) knew I would be in a meeting, for the schedule of it is prepared and announced in advance. The time they chose to lodge the complaint shows their attempt at triggering communal rioting was pre-planned. Their idea was that since I would be involved in the meeting, it would give them four to five hours to execute their plan.

When the SHO contacted me, I told him he should verify whether the idol at the Khanpur temple had been damaged.

Who were the people whom the complainants wanted to be arrested?
Most of the people were Muslim. There is a background to it. In 2012, a few Hindus were arrested for desecrating and damaging a mazaar (mausoleum) in Nainwa. They were "challaned" and court procedure was initiated. This led them to harbour sentiments of revenge against the Muslim community.

Their planning was based on three overlapping factors. One, they wanted to take revenge for the 2012 incident. Two, there was the upcoming nagar panchayat election. Three, they chose September 12 because they knew I would be involved in a crime meeting and couldn't, therefore, immediately leave Bundi for Nainwa with security force.

How many people did the complainants want the police to arrest?
Initially, they gave the SHO five names and then added 16 more to it. Most were Muslims.

When did the RSS-VHP-Bajrang Dal guys come to the Nainwa police station with their complaint?
They met the SHO around 6.30 pm.

Oh, so it was in the evening?
Yes, the crime meeting was scheduled between 6pm to 8pm. As I told you, I had already asked the SHO to verify the complaint. On verification, the SHO found that no mala fide incident, as was alleged, had taken place at the temple in Khanpur. It is not even a proper temple. It is a ruin in which there is the idol of Hanuman - it doesn't even have a door. Since the ruin is located on a hilly terrain, people don't go there to do puja. You have goats grazing there.

Who was the SHO then?
Badan Singh. Once they realised that the events weren't unfolding as they had planned, the mob took to pelting stones at the police station. At the same time, a mazaar in Khanpur was damaged and a bus at Nainwa was torched.

They couldn't have fanned out to Khanpur so quickly, could they?
They had their people everywhere. Different groups owing allegiance to them had been assigned separate tasks. One group stoned the police station, another damaged the mazaar at Khanpur, a third group burnt a bus.

How many constables are there at a police station?
Nainwa police station has a strength of 25. When there is a spontaneous outburst, it is easy to control it. But when it is
planned, and different incidents happen simultaneously, then it becomes difficult for an SHO to handle it. This is because you can't know in advance what the plan of rioters is.

When did you get the news about these three violent incidents?
I got the news at 7 pm. I dispatched the Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP), then sent the Additional SP at 7.30 pm, and I left for Nainwa with security force at 8 pm. I also augmented the strength at three-four police stations near Nainwa. When we reached Nainwa, our top priority was to ensure that Hindus and Muslims didn't clash. Since a religious place had been desecrated, it was inevitable for emotions to run high. Mind you, it was the religious place of Muslims which had been damaged. It was also bound to revive the memories of 2012, about which I have already told you. Also, Nainwa is communally sensitive. In 1990 and 2004, Nainwa had witnessed riots. My first priority, therefore, was to assure Muslims that those responsible for desecrating the mausoleum would be rounded up. I asked them to give me four or five hours.

You mean all this was happening so late at night - you left Bundi at 8 pm and would have therefore reached Nainwa at around 12?
I was there in Nainwa at 11 pm. People were watching and waiting to see what the police would do. Nainwa knew the SP had arrived. Whether or not the Muslims would retaliate, or express their anger in some way, depended on what action we took. The first thing I did was to convene a meeting of eminent people from both communities, you know, people who are respected and have a good image. In the coordination meeting both groups agreed that there had been a deliberate attempt to create a communal discord.

Nainwa must have been on tenterhooks through the night?
Yes, we picked up six people around 2-3 am.

Who were they?
They were members of the VHP and the Bajrang Dal. Nainwa understood that we meant business. Around that time we also took the decision to impose curfew from the morning of September 13. This was because we feared people might come out in daylight and clash.

Nainwa couldn't have slept through the night?
Absolutely. The curfew was imposed at 5 am. It was then that we picked up another five - they were the main culprits.

Did these five also belong to the VHP and Bajrang Dal?
Yes, or to other related organisations (in other words, belonged to the Sangh Parivar). Through the night we had identified the people who had provoked the incident at the police station, to which organisations they belonged, what was their modus operandi - we had their entire profile. Subsequently, the curfew was relaxed gradually.

This means the curfew continued for at least three-four days. Were you stationed in Nainwa during this period?
I was camped at the police station for eight days. We interrogated the 11 we had picked up, filed challans against them, and initiated court proceedings against them. The lower court rejected their bail application. Our investigation was solid.

You keep saying the communal incidents were planned. How did your team come to this conclusion?
The main accused, Sita Ram Mali, who was an accused in the 2012 mazaar incident, was one who came to the Nainwa police station to file the complaint about the Hanuman idol being damaged. Revelations came during the interrogation. The Additional SP interrogated Radhe Shyam Mali, who has a criminal background and is also a member of VHP-Bajrang Dal. It is he who told us that the events of September 12 were all planned. We have the recording of the interrogation. He confessed and identified which team indulged in stone-throwing, which burnt the bus, and which damaged the mazaar at Khanpur. The tasks had been assigned beforehand. He also said the plan was hatched to polarise the voters before the election. By the way, our interrogation also revealed that the Hanuman idol was damaged a little after 8 pm on Sept 12, that is, a good 90 minutes after they had come to the police station to complain about it.

Did you pick up any Muslim on that night?
Yes, we did, and it was to convey that we were acting impartially. Since they didn't have a role in the incidents, we released them.

The experience must have been very satisfying to you?
(Smiles) On September 21, I was put on APO - Awaiting Posting Order. People were dismayed. Let us face it, the communal incidents could have turned into a full-blown riot had I and my team not taken strict and immediate action. People also thought we had been transparent in our conduct, and that our aim was to see that justice was meted out.
As soon as I was put on APO, people visited me and said I had been mistreated even though I had worked round-the-clock to stop the riot.

Where were you posted?
I was posted to Jaipur, where I was attached to the office of Director-General of Police. There was no work. I was told I had to come and sign (the attendance register) every morning and evening. So that was what I did. (Laughs)

Your laughter suggests your transfer was no simple matter?
On the night of September 20, I received a call from Sanjay Agrawal, Inspector General of Police in the Chief Minister's Office. He said, "SP [Superintendent of Police] saheb, you have to anyhow release the 11 whom you have arrested."
I was taken aback. I said, "Please sir, I can't release them. They are criminals. Our filings are complete, and even the lower court has refused them bail. Now the matter can only be taken to the High Court. How can I release them anyhow? I don't think we would be doing justice by releasing criminals. My conscience doesn't allow that."
Agrawal got very angry. He said, "Either you will do it or the next SP will." His remark was a clear-cut indication that I would be posted out in case I wasn't willing to please them. I was put on APO the very next day. It was extremely shocking for me.

Was it only Agrawal who called you or were there others who did too?
There were others too who called. But I think I was able to convince a lot of them about the case I had against those 11 criminals. But there were some among them, those who had vested interests, who were not convinced. I don't know to which lobby they belonged. But I told them, "No, I won't release them."

Didn't you take any counter-measure once you received the call from Inspector General in the chief minister's office?
I did. On the night I received the call from Agrawal, I sent a fax to the Director General of Police telling him how I had been threatened that I would be transferred out unless I release the 11 criminals.

What's the Director General's name?
Omendra Bhardwaj. He has since retired. I also sent a fax to the then Inspector General of my range, Ravi Prakash Mehra, saying it was unjustified to release the 11 who were criminals and whom the police had apprehended after much difficulty. In my fax to the DG, I also said that since Agrawal had threatened me with a transfer, suitable
proceedings should be initiated against him. What proceedings against him? They transferred me to Jaipur. A month later, they posted me to Delhi as commanding officer of the 11th battalion of the Rajasthan Armed Constabulary.

The media reported that the Rajasthan government has chargesheeted you. Has it?
Yes, on September 21 this year, the government provided me the chargesheet, which is issued against officials for misconduct, say, for being careless while discharging duty. I have been chargesheeted under Rule 10 of the All-India Service Rules, 1969. The charge against me is that there was a delay on my part to reach Nainwa and Khanpur because of which the incidents of rioting took place. So if the charge is proved against me, minor penalty under Rule 10 would be imposed on me. This means I would be either censured or an increment due to me would be stopped. I was given 15 days to explain my conduct. I did the "receiving" of the chargesheet on Sept 28 and asked for documents pertaining to the charge. The interesting aspect of the case is that I am the only officer among all those who were posted in Bundi who has been charged.

What documents did you ask for?
I asked for all call details, such as when did I receive the call telling me about the incidents in Nainwa, for the call details of Additional SP, IG etc, which would show who called whom. I demanded the logbook of the vehicle I took to reach Nainwa, the distance between Nainwa and Bundi, and the time generally taken to cover the distance. Isn't it obvious that it would take me time to reach Nainwa? I couldn't possibly have flown on my own wings there. I also asked for the reports filed by the IG and District Magistrate, as also those I wrote and filed. I have sent four reminders to them, but I haven't yet heard from them. I haven't got a single document from them yet.

Why did they take a year to chargesheet you?
It is an attempt to harass me, victimise me. First, they posted me out of Bundi to Jaipur, then I was sent to Delhi. A year later, not only have I been charged, but I have been transferred now to State Crime Records Bureau in Jaipur. I go there tomorrow (Dec 10). In the one year I have been in Delhi, I did a lot of constructive work, undertook several welfare measures for the jawans. But suddenly, without intimation, they have, again, transferred me out. After all, I had been sent to Delhi only a year ago. What else is this but harassment?
I have applied under the RTI [Right to Information] for the documents which I told you about. Once I receive the documents, I will send my reply to the chargesheet. In that reply, I will say that what is being done against me is unjustified, and that I should have been awarded for ensuring that communal rioting did not take place. Instead of awarding me, they are harassing me. The people in Bundi still say that had I not acted with resolve, rioting would have happened.

Yes, but why did they take a year to chargesheet you? They could have done this a year earlier, at the time they transferred you to Jaipur?
It is because I have named officers - Agrawal, Bhardwaj and Bundi's district magistrate. The district magistrate was then a lady officer. She was on leave. On the night of Sept 12, I spoke to her for good 30 minutes. She didn't care to come to Bundi for the next three days. She availed of her leave. In fact, I wrote to the seniors saying that while I have been chargesheeted for delay in reaching Nainwa, no action has been taken against the DM who was absent from the district for three days. Today, in India, you can reach anywhere in a few hours. After all, DM and SP are the mai-baap [lord and master; literally, mother and father] of districts. In not taking action against the DM, they have shown their mala fide intent. Is this what you call justice?
All this constitutes my letter to the chief secretary and the DG. I also wrote to them asking whether they were contemplating any action against Agrawal who threatened me and mounted pressure on me to release 11 criminals. I haven't heard from them.

But isn't it a case of your word against Agrawal's? You don't have proof against him, do you?
Oh, I recorded him when he called me on the night of Sept 20. But this is not all - within three or four days of another SP taking over from me, all the 11 criminals were released.

Don't tell me. Did the court release them?
I don't know what procedure was adopted to release them. But they were released. So in the letters to my seniors I have asked why, and under which procedure, the 11 criminals were released. No reply from them yet. In fact, I wrote to the DG asking whether it was our way of acting justly, of demonstrating to people that this was our idea of dispensing justice. How could they release the 11 criminals? Either I was right in arresting them or my successor was in releasing them. Both of us couldn't be right simultaneously.

You have written all this to the DG?
Yes. If I don't get hear to from them, or their answers are not satisfactory, then I plan to go to court. If they don't care to reply to an IPS officer after four reminders, you can very well imagine the treatment meted out to a common man.

Are other officers supporting you? Do you feel isolated?
Those who are honest and dedicated to their service, they are supporting me. Not others. Frankly speaking, the latter are in majority. They have a very negative attitude towards me.

Have they told you anything?
No, they haven't said anything to my face. But I can sense their negative attitude towards me. It is like they are communicating to me that I have stepped out of the system.

You didn't try to petition the chief minister?
I have written to the Chief Secretary, the DG, and the IG, but I haven't yet got a reply. On top of it, I had a threatening call from the Inspector General in the Chief Minister's Office. The mindset (of those in power) is clear. Well, my mind too is made up as to what I have to do. I have two demands: one, criminals who have been released should be sent back to jail and, two, those involved in releasing them should be suspended - and action should be taken against them. Otherwise I plan to take this issue to court.

Do you think officers are committed to the party in power?
Unfortunately, it is true. This is what has hurt and harmed our society the most. As police officers, we take the oath to uphold the Constitution of India, not of any party. But to nurture their career, to remain, say, an SP of a particular district, they become amenable to being managed (by their political masters). You have to treat criminals as criminal, but officers forget this rule in order to protect their own interests. It is clear to me that 90% of officers can be managed.

- Ajaz Ashraf is a journalist in Delhi. His novel, The Hour Before Dawn, has as its backdrop the demolition of the Babri Masjid. It is available in bookstores.

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