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24 Safar 1437 A.H.- December 6, 2015 Issue # 101, Newsletter #1631

Hadith of the Week

The Rights of Prisoners of War

It was narrated from Abu Bakr Siddiq, r.a., that the Messenger of Allah(ﷺ) said:

"No person who mistreats his captive will enter Paradise." They said: " O Messenger of Allah, did you not tell us that this nation will have more captives and orphans than any other nation?" He said: " Yes, so be as kind to them as you are to your own children, and feed them with the same food that you eat." They said: "What will benefit us in this world?" He said: "A horse that is kept ready for fighting in the cause of Allah, and your captive to take care of you, and if he performs prayer, then he is your brother (in Islam)."

- Sunan Ibn Majah, Vol. 5, Book 33, Hadith 3691

 A Quick Message

Jamaat al-Muslimeen

Instead of conspiracy theories, try this:
  1. Assist sis. Hedaya and Baitul Salam to help homeless families in Atlanta.

  2. Help sis. Ashira to feed families in Ethiopia.

  3. Read and distribute Br. Shamim ' s book Global Islamic Movement. ...

  4. Protest against police brutalities.

  5. Tell non-Muslims about what Israel did to Gaza.

  6. Pray five times a day. Fast on Monday and Thursday if you can, or give charity

Political Prisoners :

 Word Around The Net

A Selection of Articles by our new Contributor from Texas:
Br. Kris.

  1. Russia adds second airbase in Syria in order to EXPAND operations, even though Putin said he was ready to follow a US-led coalition in Syria earlier this week...

  2. Pope says fundamentalism is a disease to all religions.

  3. Taliban refutes claim that leader was wounded in Pakistan.

  4. Montenegro invited to NATO.

  5. Putin gives Crimea electricity following shortages in a politically strategical move that Hitler would've been proud of!

  6. One of Africa's largest conservation areas has rights to fracking sold under the radar by Botswana.

Western Powers Unite Against ISIS: Islamic volunteers pouring in to Support ISIS.
by Kaukab Siddique

In view of the colossal propaganda campaign against the Caliphate [ISIS]. It's important to remember the timeline:
  1. USA invaded Iraq and after years of fighting installed a puppet shia regime in Baghdad headed by Maliki "elected" under the shadow of American tanks.

  2. Attempts by Maliki to suppress the Sunni population led to massive peaceful demonstrations in Mosul and Anbar province. These were brutally crushed by the Shia regime.

  3. The Sunni masses rose up in armed struggle led by ISIS [under Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi's leadership]. The Shi;ite army armed and funded by the US fled after ferocious attacks by the mujahideen of ISIS on Mosul. Four divisions of Shii military abandoned their heavy weapons, all provided by America. US special forces arrived in Baghdad.

  4. ISIS declared the Caliphate. Its shoora chose Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as Caliph. The Caliphate abolished the imperialist borders between Syria and Iraq.

  5. More US special forces were rushed to Iraq, to Baghdad and Irbil. US supported bombing raids on ISIS resulted in scores of deaths and injuries.

  6. ISIS warned that it would behead two Americans in its hands if the bombing raids continued. The attacks did not stop and both Americans were beheaded, one of them an Israeli with American citizenship.

  7. America decided to go to war over the two brutal beheadings. The media moved big time to support the "atrocity" propaganda. The murders of 500 Palestinian children in Gaza by the Israeli air force were forgotten. The Israelis are armed, funded and supported by the US.

  8. As Islamic caliphate forces moved against Iraqi Kurdish forces, UK started arming them. ISIS casualties mounted. UK was warned that a British prisoner would be beheaded in retaliation for UNPROVOKED war activity by the British. He was beheaded when the British continued their acts of war. [Many of the Kurds of Iraq, under secularist groups, supported the US occupation of Iraq. They are connected to Israel and have been providing oil to the Jewish state.

  9. On September 24, US air force with fighter bombers from Saudi Arabia and UAE, attacked Islamic capital of Raqqa in Syria as well as al-Nusra positions in Aleppo along with salafist Ahrar al-Sham.. French jet bombers joined the raids on Islamic positions.

  10. On September 26, UK, Belgium and Denmark decided to join the bombing campaign against ISIS. Denmark previously insulted the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, by publishing cartoons of the most beloved leader of Islam


New Distribution Points for New Trend., Alhamdulillah.

On December 4, the November 15 issue was made available by pdf for distribution in:

  1. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

  2. Brooklyn, New York

to Muslims after juma' salat.

Sent by: Jamaat sl-Muslimeen Washingron, DC

 Health Notes

10 foods that unclogs arteries in a totally natural way
[With thanks to Junaid Tahir- India.]

We present you the 10 most effective ingredients that can help unplug arteries and prevent the occurrence of serious diseases.
The main ingredient is soluble oat fiber, and it does not allow the creation of cholesterol. These fibers are linked to cholesterol and assist in its ejection from the body.
Research has shown that if you want to reduce your cholesterol level by almost 20%, you only need to eat 1.5 to 2.5 cups of cooked oats per day.
Cranberry Juice
Drink 3 cups of juice each new week, and you will successfully unclog arteries. This juice increases the ability of cells to absorb fats and produce energy, and does not allow the fat to accumulate in the blood vessels.
Pomegranate is a powerful antioxidant that helps fight hardening of the arteries, because it reduces damage to the blood vessels and prevents the progression of the disease.
Spinach is rich in folic acid and potassium and helps in the prevention of hypertension. It frees the arteries by preventing the formation of cholesterol and heart attacks at the same time. Lutein, another component of spinach, acts as a good protector against macular degeneration associated with aging.
Flavonoids, resveratrol and quercetin, the most useful are the ingredients of grapes. They are good in preventing the oxidation of cholesterol that leads to the formation of plaque on artery walls. Grapes helps reduce the risk of developing blood clots that lead to heart disease.
University of Southampton conducted a study related to fish and its role in preventing clogged arteries. Their results showed that fish, especially tuna and salmon, rich in omega-3 oils that prevent fatty deposits accumulate in the arteries. The fatty acids found in fish prevent oxidation of cholesterol and formation of a clot.
Kiwi and melon
One cup of cantaloupe and kiwi one day unclogs artetije. This is due to the high content of antioxidants, and their power reduction of bad cholesterol.
Garlic has been used since the day for the treatment of various diseases. Initially, the maximum has been used in the treatment of high blood pressure, and heart disease, but it has been found, and that has an incredibly effect in preventing coronary artery calcification.
Olive oil
Research has shown that olive oil is fantastic in preventing cholesterol. He oxidized and stick to artery. The most important part of the olive oil are monounsaturated fats that eliminate bad cholesterol.
Korean researchers found a compound in tomatoes that helps prevent hardening of the arteries. It's called lycopene gives tomatoes and red. Moreover, they found that women with high levels of lycopene in the blood have fewer problems with the arteries.


 Dr Kaukab Siddique

One Ummah, United , Men, Women, Children.
Oppose Occupation, War, Bombing. Beware of Media Hatemongers

On December 4, 2015 Br. Kaukab Siddique gave the juma' khutba at masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore, Maryland. It's a small masjid, so the main points of the khutba are summarized here for distribution across America's Muslim communities.

And the believers, men and women, are protecting friends one of another; they enjoin the right and forbid the wrong, and they establish worship and they pay the poor-due, and they obey Allah and His messenger.As for these, Allah will have mercy on them. Lo! Allah is Mighty, Wise. [The Qur'an 9:71]

Text #2:
The similitude of the five prayers is like an overflowing river passing by the door of one of you in which one washes five times daily. : No filthiness can remain on such a one. (Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. in Sahih Muslim. Book #004, Hadith #1411)

  1. Allah is the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. Everything is in place according to the laws of Allah, from the stars millions of light years away to the blood circulating in our bodies.

  2. Only Allah can Create and only Allah can take away. Allah sent Messengers, Adam and Noah and Moses and Jesus to the last of the Prophets and Messengers, Muhammad, peace be on them all.

  3. Allah's revelation was finalized and completed in the shape of the Qur'an and the example of the Prophet, pbuh.

  4. Human beings are messing up a perfected world through arrogance, war, exploitation and wastefulness.

  5. America is the most powerful of nations but without the Guidance of Allah, it has become the most dangerous of nations, involved in the enslavement, humiliation and misdirection of mankind.

  6. The way to success and salvation for humanity is to reject the process of racism, Zionism and war being generated by the American system.

  7. We must help the American people, starting with American Muslims, to understand that we cannot win by dropping bombs on Muslim nations. Islam is resurgent and will not accept bullying.

  8. The warmongering going on in the media is threatening to undermine the values of decency and humanity. In this situation, we must not do anything to hurt anyone.

  9. We must use peaceful means to change America, but that does not mean that we should accept the arrogance of Zionist power. We must become security conscious and be prepared to ensure that no one tries to desecrate our mosques.

  10. Unity of the Muslim ummah against Imperialism, Zionism and racism is essential to create a secure future for our children.

  11. This unity must start at home and emerge from the home into the mosque.

  12. At the top of our agenda should be respect, honor and participation in decision making for our sisters. There can be no UNITED UMMAH if our sisters do not stand with us against the oppressors.

  13. Beware of the tricks of the media to divide the ummah. Beware that the media are lying every day about the Islamic forces overseas who are opposing American power.

  14. We must define who we are as Muslims. We must define who are the mujahideen and who are the munafiqueen. All attempts by the Zionist media to define us must be defeated by our abilities to give the true message of Islam.

  15. Boycott all businesses which support Israel. Eat healthy and follow healthy life styles.
    16. Beware of the organizations and individuals with Muslim names who are supporting the power structure.

O Allah, give health to those of us who are not well, jobs to those who are jobless, halal success to those who have jobs.
O Allah help us to study the Qur'an every day, help us to study the hadith every day. Give us spouses and children, O Allah, who will stand with us against the oppressors.
O Allah, give victory to the Islamic battle formations. O Allah, help the ummah to liberate Palestine. Ameen, summa amen.


After Paris, San Barnardino: What is ISIS Trying to Do? The Dangerous FEMALE Component.
[New Trend research]

The Islamic State [ISIS] is bombed every day. So many countries have joined the bombing campaign that it is often difficult for observers, even veteran observers like those of the Syrian Observatory, to decide who did the bombing. Americans are most persistent in bombing ISIS. The Russians are most intense, followed closely by the French. Saudi. Jordan, UAE have done their bit. The British are now going in big time.

It's a documented fact that children in ISIS territories wonder if a 500 pound bomb will come through the roof late at night or that hospitals, mosques and schools will go up in flames while people are in them.

USA boasts that it has killed more than 5,000 "militants" in its bombing campaign. The Russians killed 403 civilians and 318 "militants" in the first 45 days of its campaign. The British are claiming they have killed 313. French claims have not come in yet.

The Alawite-Shi'ite tyrant Bashar Assad has killed tens of thousands and kills scores every day although he has lost most of Syria.

None of the western powers are hitting Assad and he is supported actively by Russia, Iran and Hizbullah, each one of which is better armed and numerically superior to the Islamic State and all the other Islamic groups combined.

IS seems to be getting frantic not only because of the bombing but also because Communist Kurds backed by the US air force are nibbling away at its territory, moving slowly towards Raqqa. In Iraq too, the Islamic State is heavily outnumbered and massive Shiite and Kurdish forces are preparing to assault both Mosul and Ramadi.

ISIS is strongly media savvy and sends out motivational messages urging Muslims to rise against the Western powers. It has been vigorously calling on Muslims to attack western populations to compete with the western assault on Muslim populations. Osama bin Laden made a major point of retaliation. If you kill our people, we will kill yours, he is reported to have said. ISIS holds Osama in high regard and after coming under attack from powers outside Syria and Iraq, has started following Osama's line quite carefully.

The Paris attack was carried out entirely by Muslims who grew up in France. The male assailant in San Bernardino was a US citizen. With him was a woman from Pakistan who grew up in Saudi Arabia.

It is this female component of ISIS which has become most dangerous in the efforts to motivate men to attack western populations in retaliatory attacks.

In France, too the motivator was a woman named Boumedianne and she successfully evaded security forces. The second attack in Paris had also a female motivator who was killed by the police.

And now the Pakistani Tafsheen Malik was reportedly shooting at security forces before she was killed.

Hundreds of women have migrated from the West to the Caliphate, many of them A level scholars like the two Bangladeshi women and the Eritrean woman with them who successfully reached Syria.

Women in the West have many reasons to leave. They are treated like sex objects in America and Europe. Rape is hardly punished. Under the Caliphate, rape is punishable by death. The West will gradually understand why the Caliphate is attracting women.



Dhaka Regime Preparing to Execute Leading Islamic Scholar & Non-Violent Teacher Matiur Rahman Nizami.
Call for Peaceful Protest Rallies on December 7.

by Jamaate Islami Bangladesh

Acting Secretary General of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami Dr. Shafiqur Rahman has issued the following statement on 5th December, 2015 declaring nationwide peaceful demonstration on 7th December, Monday demanding the release of all the detained political leaders and activists including Jamaat Ameer Maulana Matiur Rahman Nizami and protesting the government sponsored propaganda against Maulana Nizami.

"The government is hatching heinous conspiracy against Maulana Matiur Rahman Nizami. Maulana Nizami is a renowned religious scholar and Islamic personality. He has gained reputation and honor as he had successfully conducted two ministries during the previous tenure with honesty and sincerity. He has also won the national election and became a parliament member for two times.

The government is plotting conspiracy to kill him in connection with some false and vindictive cases as they failed to tackle him politically. Not only that, the Attorney General of the state also started propaganda saying that Maulana Nizami accepted his crimes and asked for commuting the death sentence.

Despite the instant protest of the defence counsels of Maulana Nizami, the government is continuing its propaganda. This propaganda is nothing but a part of the government's strategy to humiliate Jamaat leaders and their characters.

The government is arresting the grassroots level leaders and activists of Jamaat-e-Islami to make it a leaderless party. The government is intentionally detaining and imprisoning the innocent leaders and activists of Jamaat-e-Islami as part of their strategy to depoliticize the nation. The government is conducting torture and causing trouble to these people by filing false and politically motivated cases against the opposition activists.

Even the women with religious attires are not spared from the repression of the government.

I am calling upon the countrymen to raise their voices against the fascist activities and suppression by the government.

In this backdrop, I am declaring nationwide peaceful demonstration on 7th December, Monday demanding the release of all the detained political leaders and activists including Jamaat Ameer Maulana Matiur Rahman Nizami and protesting the government sponsored propaganda against him.

Finally, I am urging all the wings and front organizations of the party and seeking the assistance of the countrymen to make the declared demonstration program successful .


MQM, PML-N lead LG polls in Karachi, Punjab respectively
When will Jamaate Islami learn not to take part in Elections in a corrupt, unIslamic system? Even with Imran khan's help, JI could not win in Karachi. Please stop this waste of effort. - Editor, New Trend

 Elections in Karachi

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (JI) and the Jamat-e-Islami (JI) have suffered heavy blow at the hands of the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) in the final phase of local government election as the party succeeded in bagging 130 seats.

According to unofficial and unconfirmed results pouring in from different parts of Karachi, the MQM is leading in Karachi with its candidates defeating JI Karachi Amir Hafiz Naeemur Rehman and PTI Karachi President Ali Zaidi. Pakistan People's Party (PPP) Karachi Division President Najmi Alam was defeated by a PTI candidate in Clifton.

According to unofficial and unconfirmed results of 12 districts of Punjab, Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) is leading the polls with 882 seats followed by independent candidates with 831 seats.

With success on 236 seats only, PTI could perform better than PPP that managed to get a meager number of 106 seats in the third LG phase in Punjab. A major upset was suffered by PTI that lost from Rawalpindi's constituency of Imran Khan.

The PML-N's lion once again roared loud and clear in several Punjab cities including Sialkot and Multan. A large number of Independents also won from Multan. Jhang was taken up by the candidates fielded by Ahmed Ludhianvi. Meantime, the poor candidates of Jamshed Dasti also succeeded from Muzaffargarh. Talking to Samaa, the Jamaat-e-Islami leader said he accepts the defeat. Vote count is still underway after polling for the 3rd and final phase of local government elections ended in 12 districts of Punjab and six in Karachi.

Our America

 Our America

Boston Marathon Bombing Court Appeals Begin: Public Donating For Tsarnaev Funds.

by Sis. Karin Friedemann

On Tuesday, December 1, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev's attorneys brought up a number of arguments at Moakley Federal Courthouse in Boston. I watched the hearing on the screen in the overflow room. The first order of business was an attempt to reduce the number of charges against the young man. He was convicted of 30 counts, several of which are more than sufficient to result in the death penalty. His attorneys argued that the sheer number of counts against him overwhelmed the jury and caused them to be influenced in favor of the death penalty.

They would like to have a retrial in a different city because the locals of Boston are likely to be driven by revenge since they were personally affected by the tragedy. In their motion, they mentioned that the people on the jury were actively exposed to coverage and opinions about the bombing on Facebook during the trial, and that many of their Facebook friends were Bostonians. Some of the jurists actually made or were exposed to prejudiced comments even before evidence of the crime was presented.

Defense attorneys spent a lot of time bringing up technicalities that in my opinion were not very forceful arguments. Attorney William Fick said many of the charges were unconstitutional because they mentioned "violent physical force." They said the government "conflates the ability to cause injury with violent force." They claimed that setting the bomb down was not technically the use of violent force any more than arson, which is not considered a violent crime even if people are hurt in the process. Regarding the charge of "malicious bombing of property," they argued that the word "malicious" refers to a mental state resulting in "intentional and reckless" behavior but does not imply violent force was used. The carjacking took place because of intimidation - no violence was involved.

Naturally, the government disagreed that the counts needed to be vacated and stated that the decision should be left to the Supreme Court.

In the second part of the hearing, the fiery Attorney Miriam Conrad argued forcefully against the Special Administrative Measures (SAMs) against Tsarnaev. She said there was "no valid argument to justify" having a federal agent monitor attorney visits with Tsarnaev's sisters in prison. In an earlier court hearing "in the shadow of litigation," the court had ruled that the agent would be from a different state and not part of the government prosecution team. He was not to relay information to the prosecutors about their conversations due to "attorney client privilege."

However, in a recent email to the defense lawyers, the government lawyers said that they no longer plan to abide by that agreement and that they want access to the defense's information file. They want to know who visits Tsarnaev and what they talked about. Defense lawyers said the government cannot just unilaterally decide to revoke an agreement, that litigation is far from over and that attorney client privilege still holds. It is not at all normal for prosecutors to get access to defense attorney's private files whether before, during, or after litigation. The government should not decide whether meetings should take place, nor see documents, Conrad argued. The agreement does not say that the information is only private until after the verdict. She said that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev is not being treated like any other defendant. There are far more restrictions on his lawyers' ability to defend him, even though he is not just serving a sentence, he is awaiting the death penalty.

The government argued that the presence of Tsarnaev's sisters invalidates attorney-client privilege and that the agreement is not enforceable because the government needs to know if there were visitors who were not expert witnesses, so they can investigate these persons because the government "needs to know if they've ever had problems before." They mentioned Sister Helena, the nun that testified that Tsarnaev was sorry for his actions. They didn't think she should be visiting Tsarnaev because she is not an expert witness.

Conrad replied that listening to the government talk is like Alice looking through the looking glass. The government should have modified the agreement not just send an email saying we aren't following it anymore. Sister Helena was cleared under the heavy restrictions of the SAMs and there is no reason that the government needs to know what she said to him.

As usual, Judge O'Toole mumbled that he would not rule at this time.

The next issue that was discussed was how much money would be taken out of Tsarnaev's commissary to go towards "Mass Fund" which gifted 57 victims with restitution money. The court ruled that Tsarnaev would have to pay $25 per quarter ($100/year), an amount that would be adjusted based on availability. This seems to be aimed at discouraging supporters to donate money in fear that the government will take it. In the past, Tsarnaev received so many donations that the government threatened not to provide him with a free lawyer as he had too much money. Now, nobody is even allowed to send him books. His attorneys were not even allowed to give him a family photo.

Finally, the court discussed the unsealing of documents. As of now, Tsarnaev's trial is unprecedented in terms of how much of the proceedings has gone on under the veil of secrecy. "We are anxious on behalf of a lot of people to unseal the documents," said O'Toole. He ruled that for starters, both defense and prosecution would decide which of their own documents they wished to unseal. After that would come a future discussion on which of the other party's documents the parties would agree to unseal, before arguing about the remaining documents. Clearly the judge is in no hurry for the proceedings to become transparent to the public.

The Tsarnaev case, as with most cases where the defendant is a Muslim, continues to elements and types of issues that normally do not arise in other cases, even when the defendant, who is not Muslim, has committed a mass murder. For example, the fellow who shot up the church got a speedy trial and was not sentenced to death, whereas the Boston Bombing trial went on for years and there is no end in sight.

Las Vegas
Jewish money at work.
-with thanks to New Trend's friend in California, Mark Weber

With Millions at Stake, the 'Adelson Primary' is Neck and Neck
It is the biggest financial prize in Republican presidential politics: the endorsement of Sheldon Adelson, the multibillionaire casino magnate legendary for his willingness to spend huge sums to promote the candidates of his choosing. But this year the bidding to become the winner of what is informally called the "Adelson primary" has gotten complicated. After being wooed by virtually all the major GOP contenders, the 82-year-old Adelson was believed to be close to announcing his backing of Florida Sen. Marco Rubio shortly after the Dec. 15 Republican debate - an event that, conveniently enough, is being held at the Venetian Las Vegas, a hotel Adelson owns.

New York
Why is Only one Officer out of 8 being Investigated in the Eric Garner Case?
by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

New York City - It is being reported that NYPD Commissioner William Bratton is holding off on bringing his own charges against the ONLY officer to be charged in Eric Garner's death, Daniel Pantaleo, until the Justice Department has concluded its own investigation. Loretta Lynch, who replaced Eric Holder as head of the Justice Department, is awaiting word of ANY findings. Officer Pantaleo has been on modified duty and getting a salary ever since this killing.

I smell a rat! The first problem with the "investigation" into this case is that the justice Department is only looking into Pantoleo's actions. If they were really considering investigating the entire case, they would be considering all eight officers involved, not just Pantoleo. The video clearly shows eight officers attacking and pulling down Garner and they were unprovoked. Even if they were provoke, officers are trained not to respond in a violent manner.

The Obama Administration should serve as an even greater lesson to Black Americans for why we should stay away from politics. It is a corrupt system. The Black politicians have proven themselves ineffective being nothing more than "black faces in high places," as radio show host Bob Law used to say. Their sole mission is to work within the confines of of a White supremacist agenda. These "black faces in high places" continue the oppression of others by working in an oppressive system. Muslims should know better because the Qur'an forbids forging relationships with an oppressor, especially our own.

The call to assimilate has been the death knell for the Black Community. Black people can be great organizers but, there has to be a potent form of action that yields the best results. We must stop following the same old okey doke, such as voting

War News

 War News


Bombing by Russia, USA, French, British and Assad regime across the Country.
Heavy Iranian-Assad-Shiite losses. Both Mujahideen and Assad regime. Fail to advance. Stalemate.

December 4-6. Idlib, Latakia mountains. Aleppo, Homs. Hama. Damascus suburba, Deir ez Zour, Hasakeh, Daraa were bombed and shelled by Russia and the regime plus America and its allies. Hardly any Islamic controlled area was spirit. However, the civilian casualties were few because people have learned where and how to hide. . The American jet bombers and repeatedly bombed Raqqa, the capital of the Caliphate killing 32 "militants."

However when the regime and its Shiite allies tried to advance , they met stiff Islamic resistance and were beaten back on every front with increasing casualties. The regime suffered most losses from al-Nusra In the Latakia mountains and from IS in the battle front near Kweris air base east of Aleppo.

However, the mujahideen too could not advance owing to second and third rounds of bombing by the Russians.


Dec 4: Al-Qaida has captured the southern province of Abyad almost without a fight. It already holds eastern Yemen.

IS has also emerged and blew up the pro-Western governor of Aden.

Saudi bombing of the Houthis has inflicted more than 2000 civilian casualties since it started bombing the Houthis.

Saudia Arabia is reportedly bringing in Columbian and Sudanese mercenaries to fight the Houthis who control Sanaa and most of north western Yemen.

Fighting between the two sides continue in Taiz.

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