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17 Safar 1437 A.H.- November 29, 2015 Issue # 100, Newsletter #1630

Hadith of the Week

Do not beg.
Be patient and seek help with prayer.


008.076.477 - To make the Heart Tender (Ar-Riqaq) [Sahih Bukhari]

Narrated Abu Said:
Some people from the Ansar asked Allah's messenger (to give them something) and he gave to everyone of them, who asked him, until all that he had was finished. When everything was finished and he had spent all that was in his hand, he said to them, '"(Know) that if I have any wealth, I will not withhold it from you (to keep for somebody else); And (know) that he who refrains from begging others (or doing prohibited deeds), Allah will make him contented and not in need of others; and he who remains patient, Allah will bestow patience upon him, and he who is satisfied with what he has, Allah will make him self-sufficient. And there is no gift better and vast (you may be given) than patience."

[Comment by Kaukab Siddique: The teachings of the Prophet, pbuh, apply both at individual and international levels. Muslims should stop begging the World Bank and western powers and seek to be patient with prayers]

New Leader of Jamaate Islami Lahore City Pakistan

 Zikrullah Mujahid

Zikrullah Mujahid, a Dynamic new leader of Islamic movement in a key Pakistani city.


Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in north eastern Maryland. Distribution of info on Paris Attacks and Uncovering Turkey's Gulen Conspiracy.

On November 27, 2015 after juma' salat a four page document was given to 85 Muslims at Masjid Nur. Most of them were from Arab countries and Pakistan. The imam is an old gentleman from Syria. Over time he seems to have been influenced by New Trend. He made a very unusual statement when quoting a hadith from Asma bint Yazeed. He said that the Prophet, pbuh, did not have a microphone, so Asma, r.a., must have been sitting very close to the men to have heard the hadith.

The four pages distributed were:

  1. Who is Fethullah Gulen and how did he try to undermine the government of Erdogan, and what is his role in international conspiracies against Islam?

  2. &
  3. What are the causes of the attacks in Paris? Was it in retaliation for the bombing of Muslim populations by the West.?

  4. Hindu doctor's false research in cancer and the damage it did.


Health Notes

 Health Notes

Benefits of Cucumbers, at a glance:


Shi'ite Propaganda Tries its Biggest Lie and is Caught.
Attempt to Replace Makka with Karbala Uncovered.

[Arbaeen is the Shi'ite anniversary of 40 days after the death of Husain,ra, in Karbala]

Real Number of Visitors of the Arbaeen in Karbala.

The following article about the Arbaeen was originally written in Arabic by Ahmad Al-Hasani, but was translated for Even though our website does not often deal with such topics, however, we have made an exception this time around in order to expose scholars like Mahdi Modarrassi who is either dishonest to his followers, or is too gullible for his turban.

The official governmental resources, the Shia Institutions, and two-faced media and of the Shia Persian Government proclaim and assure that the number of visitors (to Karbala'a) in this year's Arbaeen anniversary reached seventeen million people! Of course, many ignorant people happily accepted this figure!

Let's take a deep look on these claims logically.

All statistics agree that the Iraqi population is around 29 million (taking into consideration that one million were killed in military fight from 2003 till now). And when we take into consideration that three million Iraqi are refugees outside Iraq, the real number decreases to 26 million. And when we extract the number of non-Muslims, like Christians, Yazeedis, and Sabians, we reach the number of 25 million Muslim.

Now, let's say, for the sake of argument, that Shias represent 60% of the Iraqi population and the Sunni's represent 40%. Actually, let's say the Shias represent 65% and Sunnis represent 35%; then, this means that the number of Shias in Iraq is 16.25 million.

Based on this number, there are three categories of Shias who cannot visit karbala'a on the Arbaeen: Young kids, the elderly, and sick people. The international figures state that 38% of Iraqis are under 14 years old; while 3% are above 64 years old. Thus, we can presume that 15% of the Shia Iraqis are under 14 meaning that they will not be able to attend this ceremony. Their number is 2.4 million. The mothers of these children will not visit the city as they have to look after them. Hypothetically speaking, there are two kids under five years old per family, then 1.2 million women were not able to make it. Let's also assume that 2% (of Iraqis) are from the elderly, which constitute 325,000 people at least. Furthermore, there is the number of sick people in hospitals and houses, and the total number is around 4.5 million Shias who are prevented from attending. In addition, we have to add a number of 750,000 Shias that represents the Shias in different security sectors (i.e the army, police, and other institutions, etc...); this increases the number to 5.25 million. Also,if we add pregnant, menstruating, and confined women, then the number ups to 6 million.

This means that if every adult Shia, capable of walking, goes to Karbala to celebrate the Arbaeen; the number will be 10.5 million. If we then add a number of 300,000 foreign Arab visitors, according to the official Iraqi departments; the total number will be 11 million. Now, where did that extra six million visitors come from?

As for the hotels, the official resources assure that the number of hotels that were able to receive clients is 400 hotels.

Hypothetically speaking, the average capacity of each hotel is 100 people; the overall number is 40,000 people. Where did the rest go? 50 schools were opened to receive visitors. Around 500 people in each school, the number is 25,000 people. Let's also assume that 1000 family received visitors in their own houses; 10 people in each. The number is 10,000 people. The overall number is 75,000 people. Let's say 100,000 visitors had a residence. Where did the other millions reside?

Regarding the sewage and sanitary drainage, we all know that Karbala was sunk in water the last time it rained, which means that the sewage infrastructure has not been rehabilitated since the toppling of the previous regime. Let's assume that 17 million people have to urinate three times per day, and that every individual urinates around one liter of fluids. That would mean that there is fifty million liters of fluids that pass by Karbala's sewage every day. This number is five times more than the amount of water that passed by the sewage during rainy days. Shall we continue and discuss the eight million kilograms of other bodily excrements as well?

Speaking of the ceremonies of the Arbaeen, visitors have to reside in Karbala in a specific day next to al-Husayn grave may Allah be pleased with him. The engineer Ibrahim al-Zoubaydi provided us with an illustrated map in which he explains, in an intellectual manner, the capacity of the area that surrounds al-Husayn's grave. We can see, based on this map, that the total area filled by visitors does not exceed 500 thousand m2; let's presume that each person needs a space of 0.5m to stand, let alone lay down, this mean that this area cannot be filled with more than one million people if we placed people in rows one after the other. Anyway, we already know that Karbala is not a plain land, but that it is settled. This means that this city cannot, in its best conditions, have capacity for more than 500,000 people from the visitors who came from outside Karbala to perform the ceremonies of the Arbaeen visit. Since we haven't seen any long queues or a large number of crowds in the city's entry sides because there is no place to stand on near to the grave, nor have we seen a state of confusion and disturbance due to the over-crowdedness, then we can say that the real number of visitors did not reach more than half a million people.

Let's be more rational please. The entire area of settled Mecca is 88 km2, while the central area that surrounds the Mosque is of 6km2. This area is ten times more the area of Karbala. We all know the crowdedness in Mecca when it welcomes around two million pilgrims in this area though it is equipped with a huge number of hotels and apartment buildings. Now the question is: How can we put 17 million people in an area that constitutes 1/6th the area of Mecca? And here, we are not trying to compare Mecca, this holy city, with any other place on the earth. According to retired and sick minds only, you can put 100 million people per 1 m2.

700m x 700m Area of Karbala

The research team of has looked into the website in order to verify some of the criticisms mentioned by the author of the article and we suggest that readers do the same. We have found that Karbala only has twelve listed properties, while Makkah has 127 listed properties. Furthermore, hotels in Makkah like the Pullman Zamzam have a total of 1315 rooms for guests, while the Hotel Karbala Rayhaan, while seems to be the most popular hotel in Karbala on the website only includes 185 rooms.



Vast Crowds Pray and Mourn for Elderly Islamic Leaders being Executed: Helpless Masses Unable to stop the Regime. Assault on Islam is now meeting Violent Response from al-Qaida and IS.

Vast prayer gathering for Ahsan Mujahid, latest victim of Dhaka regime

Ali Ahsan Mohammad Mujahid of Jamate Islami Bangladesh and Salahuddin Quader Chowdhury of Bangladesh Nationalist Party [BNP] were hanged by the Bangladesh regime on November 22.

These executions are part of a long line of hangings of elderly Islamic leaders, almost all from Jamaate Islami Bangladesh. All the Islamic leaders went to their deaths calm and in complete control of their spiritual values right to the very end.


They are considered martyrs by Bangladeshi Muslims who turned out in huge numbers for the funerals. Such massive crowds have not been seen before.

However the masses are unarmed, have been taught to be peaceful by their leaders and lack training in jihad.

The scholarly and peaceful leader of Jamaate Islami Bangladesh , Prof, Golam Azam, in his 80s, was kept in prison by the Dhaka regime till he died in prison.

Young supporters of Jamaate Islami have tried all peaceful ways to oppose the trail of blood coming from the pro-India regime in Dhaka. They have rallied, protested, carried out shut down strikes [hartals], all to no avail. The regime hit back, leaving 500 young Muslims dead over two years. Earlier at the start of this year, Jamaate Islami and BNP united to close down several northern cities. The regime used brute force to break the peaceful movement and killed about 100 young people. [AFP]

As the Islamic masses are helpless and were led by elderly middle class people who taught peaceful means, the regime became emboldened and allowed Hindu/atheist bloggers to attack Islam in the most abusive ways and finally they started insulting the Prophet, pbuh, himself.

Muslim bloggers complained to the government about the blasphemous bloggers. The government arrested some of them to calm things down but then let them go. The result was that anti-Islam bloggers abused the Prophet, pbuh, in ways worse than those adopted by Pamela Geller and Spencer in America,

In Islam, abuse of the Prophet is considered an act of war by all Schools of Thought. The Bangladeshi Muslims watched the Prophet, pbuh, being abused, unable to do anything. This lack of Islamic resistance created a vacuum which was filled by al-Qaida after Dr. Al-Zawahiri decided to extend its message to South Asia.

The top anti-Islam blasphemer, a Hindu American named Ajivit Roy, was hacked to death by "unknown persons." He had gone beyond blasphemy by marrying a nominally Muslim woman. A Hindu marrying a Muslim woman took the situation beyond all levels of decency. She too was attacked and seriously wounded.

After that three more bloggers were hacked to death, two of them Hindus and one nominally a "Muslim."

Hindus have played a central role in the destruction of East Pakistan and the creation of Bangladesh. During the civil war, India helped arm and train an armed force known as Mukti Bahini In which Hindus played a central role. This Bahini slaughtered thousands of Muslims who supported Pakistan including refugees from the province of Bihar in India.

Islamic State {IS] also seems to be gaining adherents in Bangladesh. They are extending the retaliation to all foreign supporters of the regime. Two months back, a Japanese aid worker and an Italian were murdered by secret killers. Another Japanese was seriously injured.

Typical IS violence is also being extended, seemingly, to what are considered "deviant" Muslims supporting the regime. A "pir" [sufistic sacred personality], has been murdered. There have been two attacks on Shias, a miniscule minority in this cou try. Two Shias were killed and several injured.

Bangladeshis often see these murders as insignificant compared to the regime's slaughter of more than 500 young people and the execution of elderly scholars topped with insults aimed at the Prophet, pbuh.
The Dhaka regime, feeling secure with India's support, may not have realized where it is going.

An Invitation to Think, from Br. Badi Ali

 Imam Badi Ali

A Problem is Not a Problem Till You Make it One.

- Br.Badi Ali leads a large Muslim community in Greensboro, NC.


 Pakistan Flag

Karachi Issues and Bangladesh Tragedy (Two great rallies).
Huge Welcome for Sirajul Haq and Imran Khan bringing Historic Change to Karachi.
KARACHI: November 28: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Pakistan leader Senator Siraj-ul-Haq and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Imran Khan were overwhelmingly welcomed by Karachiites in a historical turn of the political history of the city.

 Huge Welcome for Sirajul Haq and Imran Khan Karachi’s Jinnah airport at Stargate

Tens of Thousands of people gathered outside the Karachi's Jinnah airport at Stargate to welcome the leadership of JI and PTI. After arrival of the political giants, the caravan started heading towards the centre of the city, while a large number of people further joined the convoy from various areas.

Due to the massive turnout, pace of the caravan remained pretty slow that took more than seven hours to reach the motorcade at the mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah from Stargate. The leaders addressed the caravan at a couple of spots en-route to their destination.

Addressing the participants of the convoy, JI Amir Siraj-ul-Haq said that today's reception has already declared the decision of Karachiites. He said that the city wants to get rid of the clutches of those forces occupying the city for several decades with the help of terror, bullet and atrocities.

He said that the city of lights is wounded and both the JI and PTI would become the cure for the miseries of the city residents. He said that the Dec 5 possesses a special and historical status as people would bury the status quo on the day through their ballot.

The JI leader said that their history cites that they are not among those who bow before evil or sell out their conscience. He added that the establishment should realize that the power of common men would wipe them out, if they tried to take sides with the help of the governmental machinery.

He thanked the youth of Karachi for their overwhelmingly acceptance for the JI, PTI alliance and their trust.

Haq ensured Karachiites that the JI would provide justice and rights of the citizens at their doorsteps. He also promised them for provision of visionary leadership like that of Abdul Sattar Afghani and Naimatullah Khan.

PTI chief Imran Khan on the occasion warned those in the corridors of power that choking democratic ways of change in the society and politics, open the doors of bloody revolutions.

He said that he is quite sure and confident after their welcome reception that people of Karachi are extremely willing to bring a fundamental change in the city.

The PTI leader strongly criticized the government and their its forces for using unfair, non-democratic and nefarious tactics to grab powers and plunder the tax payers money. He alleged that Federal Finance Minister Ishaq Dar has purchased property in Dubai worth 1400 billion rupees, while Rs 6 billion of Asif Ali Zardari is also dumped in Swiss banks but instead of bringing this illegal money back to their homeland, the corrupt leaders are raising the burden of taxes on poor masses.

The caravan culminated at the mausoleum of Quaid-e-Azam, where activists of both the parties displayed fireworks.

Mass rallies Protest Execution of Jamaate Islami Leaders in Bangladesh. India has admitted Modi, now PM of India, himself Participated in Mukti Bahini's Crimes in East Pakistan.

LAHORE, Nov. 29; Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that there was no difference between Bangladesh Prime Minister Hasina Wajid and the rulers in Islamabad in regard to executions of pro- Pakistan leaders in Bangladesh.

 Mass rallies Protest Execution of Jamaate Islami Leaders in

Hijabi women with their faces covered, sitting in front, are women leaders of Jamaate Islami Pakistan.Addressing a big demonstration on the Shahrah e Quid e Azam, to protest against the oppression of the Dhaka regime, he said the government of Hasina Wajid was executing the loyalists of Pakistan while the rulers in this country were silent spectators on that. A large number of women and children also attended the rally.

He said that the youth and the aged people of Bangladesh had sacrificed their lives for this country but the rulers in Islamabad did not bother to raise this issue with the international forums that showed their indifference and their deviation from country's ideology. He said the ruler's talk of a liberal Pakistan was tantamount to rubbing salt on the wounds of the martyrs of Kashmir and Bangladesh.

Sirajul Haq said that those who had been executed in Bangladesh had not been fighting for power. Love of Pakistan and its ideology was part of their faith and they had offered their lives for the love of this country.
He said that Pakistan was the second state coming into being after the state of Madina and its security and service was the highest form of Jehad, Those who had offered their lives for the sublime cause were Mujahideen.
Sirajul Haq said that Indian Prime Minister Modi had stated in Dhaka that he had reached Dhaka from Delhi with the Mukti Bahini to disintegrate Pakistan. He wondered why the Pakistani rulers could not approach the international court of justice against Modi and Hasina Wajid for their violation of the tripartite agreement in 1971.

He said that the indifference of the Pakistani rulers over the execution of JI leaders in Bangladesh and the trials of Prof. Ghulam Azam and others who had bravely faced trials and hardships in Bangladesh, the present rulers had proved themselves guilty in the eyes of the nation. Had the government taken up the matter with the international court of justice in time, the lives of some of these people could have been saved. Such a move by the rulers could have proved the rulers' loyalty to those offering their lives for this country. He said that because of the rulers' indifference, as many as 45 people had been announced death sentence while more than four thousand other people were in jails.

The JI chief strongly condemned President Mamoon Husain's suggestion to the Ulema to search out a room for interest and said such a frivolous proposal could not be expected from an aged man like the President. He said that next time, some other ruler could seek similar concession for drinking, and debauchery.

Addressing the gathering, JI Punjab chief Mian Maqsood Ahmed, expressed the hope that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Army Chief Gen. Raheel Sharif would end their silence over the oppression going on in Bangladesh. He said that Hasina Wajid was fighting India's war and said that Islamabad should fight the war of Pakistan and foil the conspiracies against this country.

He said that in 1971, the Pakistan armed forces and the people of Pakistan were struggling to save the country and if that was a crime, the President and the Prime Minister of Pakistan at that time, were also committing crime, and a case against them could also be moved in some court any time.

Deputy Secretary General, JIP, Dr Farid Ahmed Piracha, also addressed the rally.

Our America

 Our America

Washington, DC
Just Punishment: Pollard Was One of Worst Traitors [Jewish Spy who Damaged US Security being released: Obama-Netanyahoo sectret deal. ---NT editor]
by Fred Kaplan - Slate

Contrary to claims by [Jonathan] Pollard's supporters, his punishment has been completely justified; he ranks as one of the 20th century's most appalling American spies ... Four retired admirals -- all of whom had served as directors of U.S. Naval Intelligence - wrote an op-ed for the Washington Post warning that Pollard's idealistic image was a "clever public-relations campaign." In fact, they revealed, Pollard had offered highly classified documents to three other countries before hitting up Israel ... For more than twelve years after his arrest, senior Israeli officials told their American allies that Pollard had been a "rogue" who had no contact with the Israeli government. Finally, in 1998, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu admitted to President Clinton that Pollard had been an Israeli agent all along ... See

Forsyth, Georgia
Please Show Support for Muslims Denied Juma' in Prison.

Juma was denied to Muslims in the Burress Correctional Training Center by Lieutenant King.
Please call and show support: (478) 994-7511
See Contact Information for Georgia Dept.of Corrections

War News

 War News

Where the Arab Spring Began, there is still Deep conflict....

Tunisia: November 24: A bus in an upscale area of the capital, Tunis packed with elite presidential guards , was hit by a martyrdom operator . At least 12 troops were killed and others injured. The Islamic State, IS, has claimed responsibility. The attacker has been identified as a 27 year old Tunisian named Hassaoum Abdelli.

[In Tunisia, a westernized elite has been oppressing Muslims for decades. President Bourghiba, more French than the French, came on TV to drink during Ramadan. For 40 years Ben Ali exploited Tunisians, When the people rose up, he was quickly shifted to Saudi Arabia. So-called elections were held between the secular elite and secularized "Muslim Brotherhood" types. Thousands of Islamic people were arrested to accommodate elections]

[More Tunisians have voluntarily travelled to Syria to join IS and al-Nusra than from any other country.]

Muslim World Thrilled with Turkey's Shoot Down of Russian Su-24.
Can Pakistan Do Same to US Drones?
by New Trend's Media Monitor.

 Turkish Pilot

On November 24, this Turkish pilot [see photo] shot down a Russian war plane which was on its daily routine of bombing Muslim villages which have risen against the Alawite tyrant Bashar Assad.

President Erdogan who has won the hearts of millions by refusing to back down in front of Russian threats. It's a heavy price to pay because Russia is imposing sanctions on Turkey and cutting off Russian tourism to Turkey.

Many Muslim countries have modern weapons and air forces but they have never dared to shoot down planes infringing on their territory. The worst case is that of Pakistan where US drones almost casually attack Islamic villages which include mosques and medressas.

In fact Pakistanis do the same kind of bombing against Muslims who do not have the weaponry to bring down the assailants. These "strikes" are not very different from what Israel has been doing against the Palestinians and Bashar Assad against the Syrian people.

Not only was the Russian bomber shot down, its pilot was killed by Turkmen Mjuslims as he floated down. Murderers should be punished.

Even better, the Turkmen mujahideen fired at a low flying Russian helicopter which was searching for the second pilot. The helicopter caught fire and exploded killing its pilot.

Serious Setbacks for Assad-Iran-Shi'ite Militias Despite Russian Bombing. Air Attacks on Raqqa, Capital of Caliphate, by Russia, America and Alawite Air Force. Oil transports wiped out.

Breaking News: November 29: The Russian air force bombed a market in Ariha [Idlib province] while people were buying groceries. By last reports 44 civilians were killed and 50 wounded. [Al Jazeera] Idlib province abuts Latakia province.]

November 23-29: It's been a bad week for the anti-mujahideen forces. Here is a summary of 4 frontlines compiled from SOHR and various wire services:

  1. Al-Nusra and allied fighters have retaken the town and villages south of Aleppo which Iran-Hizbullah and Shiite militias had taken. Heavy Iranian losses are reported. Several Hizbullah tanks were hit by TOW missiles probably received by the fighters via Turkey.

  2. Islamic State, IS, has beaten back the Shi'ite offensive which had reached al-Kweris air base east of Aleppo. Hizbullah's losses are not known but Assad's forces lost 24 killed including a colonel and 2 captains whose funerals were held in Tartous on November 28.

  3. In northern Latakia, the Alawite heartland, Assad's forces as well as the mujahideen have suffered losses as al-Nusra and Turkestan Islamic movement are advancing again. Round the clock bombing by Russia but with little effect as these are mountain areas with thick forests.

  4. Assad's forces see FSA as an imminent threat advancing on Damascus from Darayya in the south. Assad's helicopters have dropped 50 barrel bombs to stop this advance. Heavy fighting is going on around Damascus. Also, east of Homs and Hama, FSA and Assad's forces are locked in combat.

Fighting has slowed down in the north east as the Communist Kurds could not advance although a force of secularist Syrians [known as SDF] has joined them, owing to stiff IS resistance.

American air force is very active and has destroyed more than 240 vehicles which IS uses to transport the oil it sells.



Two Teenage Girls Murdered by Israelis. False allegations by Israeli Media.

Two Palestinian teenage girls have been shot dead during alleged attack by Israeli Police in the occupied West Bank and West Jerusalem.

The incident happened near Mahane Yehuda, a popular outdoor market in downtown Jerusalem and caused a panicked scene in the busy area. Purported CCTV footage of the incident showed that the two teenagers were carrying scissors at the time they were shot dead.

Hadeel Awwad, 16, was shot dead by an Israeli security guard, while her 14-year-old cousin Norhan Awwad was seriously wounded during an alleged stabbing incident. Israeli media alleged that the two girl stabbed a Israeli man with scissors.

Hadeel Awad's elder brother was killed two years ago by Israelis, according to the Middle East Eye."Rather than seeking revenge, Hadeel responded to the tragedy by deciding to become a doctor, said Hadeel sister".

"The school principal called the house and said Hadeel and Norhan didn't show up at school. And I said, No, they left the house, they went to school,'" Maleeha recalled. "After a while, we heard there was an attack in Jerusalem."

The youngest sibling among 16, Hadeel was a strong student and recently came first in her school term, scoring an average of 94 percent in her classes. Quiet and headstrong, Hadeel was ambitious, focused and driven, her relatives said. Menal, who often spent Fridays with Hadeel, said that last week she seemed like a happy, funny teenager.

Hadeel teacher says, "She was not poor. She was not very political. She did not want to end her life. She was happy; she was a good student. There's no explanation for the claim of Israeli Media that she tried to stabbed a man".
All student at her School paid tribute to Hadeel. "May she rest in peace," the girls whispered. Some wiped away tears.
On the walls in Qalandia refugee camp, local children have plastered posters of Hadeel Awad. The footage has troubled the Awad family, who believe that the armed men used excessive force against the teenagers.

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