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3 Safar 1437 A.H.- November 15, 2015 Issue # 98, Newsletter #1628

Breaking News: Iran's President Rouhani was getting ready to go to France to meet Hollande when the attacks in Paris took place. Visit cancelled. [Tehran Times.] He is urging France and Italy to join him in fighting "terrorism."


November 13-15: With Russian air strikes and led by Hizbullah and Iranians, regime tanks have captured three villages south of Aleppo in moves to enter the city. Also, Hizbullah reached Kweris air base which was under siege by IS. Counterattack by IS has led to heavy fighting near the air base. [Ongoing]

Al-Nusra has advanced into Lattakia and for the first time directly shelled the city of Latakia. 22 Alawites killed.

Heavy fighting around Damascus, Darayya received 22 more of Assad's barrel bombs. Assad's military units slightly pushed back IS east of Homs. FSA fighting Assad forces east of Hama.


7000 Kurdish peshmarga attacked Sinjar with US air support. Tiny IS defense force [about 100] left the town and is regrouping to counter.

Iraqi forces are probing the defenses of Ramadi.

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Hadith of the Week

Sent by Br. Adam Sait in India

Only in Islam, a former slave can become the top leader of the Ummah: The standard is Sunnah.

'Irbad bin Sariyah (May Allah be pleased with him) reported: One day Messenger of Allah (PBUH) delivered us a very eloquent Khutbah on account of which eyes shed tears and hearts were full of tears. A man said: "O Prophet of Allah, this is as if it were a parting advice. So advise us". He (PBUH) said,

"I admonish you to fear Allah, to listen and obey even if an Abyssinian slave is appointed as your leader. Because whosoever among you shall live after me, will see much discord. So hold fast to my Sunnah and the examples of the Rightly-Guided Caliphs who will come after me. Adhere to them and hold to it fast. Beware of new things (in Deen) because every Bid'ah is a misguidance".[Abu Dawud and At-Tirmidhi].


 Web Statistics

New Trend's web site outdid itself in October 2015.

Total hits in one month           151940

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Average daily hits in October   4907

Average daily visits                   556

Thank you Br. Rich. May Allah reward you.

Our America

 Our America

Shaker Smiles: He Was in Gtmo for 14 Years Without Charge.
by Sis. Karin Friedemann [Boston]

The Obama administration finally yielded to a lengthy campaign to secure the British resident Shaker Aamed's release, after Guantanamo journalist Andy Worthington wrote an open letter to President Obama for Independence Day, which was signed by nearly a hundred celebrities, including Roger Waters, Sting, Patrick Stewart and London's Mayor Boris Johnson.

As a result, President Obama discussed the decision to move Aamer, whose case has become a cause celebre among rights groups in Britain, with Prime Minister David Cameron in a phone call. On November 11, 2015, a beautiful photo and statement from the brother was released by friends.

"I can't tell you how much I want to speak to all of you and stand with all of you, carrying on the struggle for justice for everybody who has been oppressed and needs our help. If there is one thing we can do to save the whole world it is to fight for justice. We will work hard together to close Guantánamo and every unlawful facility run by any government worldwide. Justice has no colour or religion or race.

"I promise all of you good people — those whose names I know, and those whose names I do not know — that my heart and my spirit feel your thoughts of justice. I care for you all.

Yours sincerely,

Shaker Aamer ISN 239"


Clive Stafford Smith predicted in the Guardian last September that when Shaker Aamer is free from Guantanamo, the slurs will start.

"My maternal grandmother once gave me some advice that has never left me: when someone does you wrong, bizarrely, they will invariably hate you for it. This stems from a very human desire not to admit mistakes. Therefore if you want to salvage a relationship with the person who wronged you, you must go out of your way to be kind to them."

Shaker Aamer, the last British resident in Guantánamo Bay has been done a terrible wrong - held for almost 14 years without charges, tortured over and over. He has never met his youngest son Faris, who was born on the very day he arrived in the notorious US military base.

"And why has he been held so long? Because not only was Aamer a victim of abuse but he also witnessed the torture of others, most catastrophically Ibn Sheikh al Libi, who "confessed" falsely that al-Qaida was in league with Saddam Hussein on weapons of mass destruction. This was repeated by President George W Bush himself as a reason to go to war in Iraq - so here we are, tens of thousands of dead people later, and we know it was false. Al Libi merely told his torturers what they wanted to hear, to try to end the pain," writes Smith.

There is one matter that is beyond all doubt: The US military and the UK intelligence services will start briefing against Aamer. They will do this because they know they have done him wrong, and they hate him for it. They feel a very human urge to prove that they were justified and, in their distorted morality, that can only be true if he is a very, very bad man indeed. They always do this.

"In Aamer's case, the defamation has already begun. The moment the 30-day notice was given, Texas Congressman Mac Thornberry sent a statement to the Washington Post that Aamer was far too dangerous to be released - apparently forever," reports Worthington.

You do not publish devastating rumours about a person who has no way to defend himself, without checking and double-checking your source - even when it concerns a powerless person held incommunicado for more than a decade, like Aamer.

"Those who wish to prove that they were right to indulge in a spot of torture are very sad and misguided people."


Islamic State's Three Strikes: Russia, Hizbullah and France.
Is there a Way to Peace when bombing by Both Superpowers is not Working?

Let the western allies affirm that they will not strike civilians.

Research by New Trend observers

[Disclaimer: New Trend and Jamaat al-Muslimeen are not connected directly or indirectly with any group outside the United States. We are against war, occupation and Zionism. In our reporting, we will be honest and not get involved in incitement or propaganda. We are open to correction - editor]

Analysts now say they are convinced that the Russian airliner was brought down by a bomb, a claim the Egyptian branch of the Islamic State had stated right from the beginning. It appears that there were a hundred thousand or more European tourists at Sharm al-Shaikh when the plane went down. The British were the first to catch communication by the attackers and immediately suspended their flights to the Egyptian luxury resort.

Then came the attack on the Hizbullah stronghold in Beirut, again with heavy casualties. It was a tremendous blow and showed the ability of the Islamic State [IS] to infiltrate areas which have the highest Shi'ite security levels. Two of the attackers were Palestinians, the third Syrian.

Then on Friday, November 13, , we had the attack on Paris with 132 fatalities, more than 352 injured, 99 serious. [CNN]


  1. The western powers, including USA, Russia, France, Australia and their local allies, Bashar Assad, Iran, Hizbullah, General Sissi of Egypt, the rulers of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Jordan have expressed their determination to destroy the Caliphate led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi al-Hussaini al-Quraishi. They have repeatedly tried to kill him and those with him.

  2. The western powers, including France, have been bombing Raqqa and other cities under the aegis of the Caliphate. The "coalition," as they call themselves. stated that they have killed more than 5,000 supporters of the Caliphate over a year; SOHR says these included women and children. Bashar Assad, with ongoing Iranian and Russian re-supply, has been bombing the Islamic State and all towns held by Islamic groups. America has not tried to stop them. The suburbs of Damascus, held by Islamic groups, have been reduced to rubble as have, largely, Aleppo and Homs and Hama.

  3. USA and the coalition are squeezing IS in the northeast of Syria and in parts of Iraq with the help of Communist groups of Kurds, including YPG and Peshmarga. They openly state that they will use military force to capture Mosul in Iraq and the capital Raqqa itself in Syria. They destroyed the city of Kobani on the Turkish border to help YPG capture it, killing more than one thousand supporters of IS, including teachers and reciters of the Qur'an.

  4. France and the western powers see the Islamic State as a strategic threat because IS demolished the Sykes-Picot boundary. It was a historic step by a Frenchman, Picot, and an Englishman, Sykes, to divide the Arab Muslims. This was also done in Palestine and in Kashmir by the West.

  5. France is opposing and trying to crush Islamic movements in Africa. The French military actions are supported by the US and Israel. The US has sent special forces to organize anti-Islamic governments in Nigeria and Cameroon to fight Boko Haram. France owns the uranium wealth of Niger. Its security forces are funded by the westernized regime in Cote d'voire. France militarily invaded Mali to crush the Islamic takeover.

  6. France bombed Libya methodically and on a massive scale to make sure the advanced infrastructure of Libya would not fall into the hands of Islamic groups who were rapidly putting an end to the Gaddafi regime.

  7. For Muslims across the globe, Charlie Hebdo insulted the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be on him. When enraged Muslims attacked Charlie Hebdo, all of France declared solid support for those who insulted the Prophet, pbuh, in the name of freedom of expression. The French did not care that insulting the Prophet, pbuh, is a declaration of war on Islam.

ADVICE to US Muslims.

We urge US Muslims to speak out openly and strongly against Pamela Geller, Spencer and others who have insulted the Prophet, pbuh.

There is no need to mourn those who have been killed in that huge retaliatory attack by 7 [or 8] mujahideen in Paris. Have non-Muslims mourned men, women and children in GAZA killed by Israel in three invasions ? Or Muslims killed in Iraq and Afghanistan?

We are not involved in what happened in Paris. If we start behaving like the traitors in CAIR, we will be constantly mourning non-Muslims while Muslims killed by occupiers are never mourned here.

Tell Christians, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. We are not harming anyone; why should we be apologizing for what others have done.

Remain peaceful and always work within the limits of the law to educate Americans, many of whom are themselves victims of the power structure manipulated by the Zionists.

Our America: Milwaukee, Wisonsin

Who is Fethullah Gulen: Movement Based in America, Using "religion" to Overthrow Erdogan Government in Turkey.

Opposed anti-israel Steps: Supported Execution of Islamic Leaders in Bangladesh.

Most Important Document on anti-Islam Intrigues.

Compiled by Prof. Suleyman Kurter

Who is Fetullah Gulen?
  1. Born in Erzurum in 1941

  2. Began religious career as Imam delivering Waz /Beyan in 1966

  3. Used the Nursi movement in 1970's to gain fame, power and monetary wealth

  4. He deviated from Said Nursi's teachings

  5. Started to develop his own movement and network, and supported by the Kemalist Military and Government.

  6. Supported the 1980 Coup of General Kenan Evren, in return the military government financed his networks' newspaper, ZAMAN, which is the largest circulated periodical in Turkey

  7. Met with the late Pope John Paul II in 1998 and developed Dialogue for Tolerance and Alliance with Catholics.

  8. Started Hizmet (service) movement, cooperating with Catholic churches and Zionist Forces

  9. He misrepresented his group to Turkish businessmen to solicit donations for his schools around the world where he claimed Turkish language and culture would be taught to the world.

  10. Established an estimated over than three thousand schools in the world with the help of the Pope and Zionist businessmen from Turkey especially in Muslim Countries to help secular leaders and make money.

  11. Hizmet connected with Israel and Zionist lobby inside the United States and established 129 schools in the USA with an estimated yearly income over than 400 million

  12. Developed a network of insiders who are loyal to his network inside the entire Turkish systems (Education, Judicial, Police and Legislative) but was unsuccessful in entry to Turkish Military.

  13. Supported Tayyip Erdogan government (AKP) hoping that he could capture the party and hoping to attain more control in different levels in the Turkish government.

  14. Conflict began between Tayyip Erdogan and Fetullah Gulen over the Anti Israeli Stance of the Erdogan Government; some think that Gulen was told by the Zionist to control Erdogan's messages against Israel. He established schools in Pakistan and Bangladesh to help the governments against Islamic Movements. Especially Bangladesh donated huge territory for their activities. In Turkey his media supported capital punishment of the Jamaati Islami leaders contrary to President Gul and Erdogan. Both Gul and Erdogan were pressuring Bangladesh Government not to go through with capital punishment. Once again Gulen's Media were accusing the Erdogan Government of interfering with the internal matters of Bangladesh.

  15. Erdogan supports Gaza and gave symbolic criticism to Israel. However, his criticism mobilized huge support from Islamic oriented youth and Israel became very unhappy with Erdogan's stance. Israel pressured Gulen to stop Erdogan if he did not stop Gulen will be exposed by using pressure tactics with the Sixty Minutes TV program and The New York Times.

  16. Gulen tried to change the interpretations of Ayats and Hadith issuing statements to Zionists gathering in New York that he misunderstood the Ayats in regard to Jews and Christians. They can go to heaven, and used Thomas Michel (one time pope's secretary) taking him to Turkey and other countries. Michel started writing and lecturing that the Qur'an may have misunderstood the trinity and this misunderstanding was entered into the Qur'an from illiterate Bedouin Arabs. Erdogan's education was from Imam Hatip (religious schools). He was very unhappy with
    Gulen's distortion of Islam. It made the AKP base and Erdogan unhappy and Erdogan decided to put pressure on Gulen. Meantime Gulen was using his loyalist police force to listen to and record Erdogan's activities, even personal activities, as well as they listened to President Gul and the Chief of Military staff. Erdogan claims that Gulen was reporting Turkish intelligence information to Israeli Intelligence and Western Media.

  17. Erdogan realized that Fetullah Gulen's involvement would eventually lead to an overthrow of his government

  18. Fetullah Gulen mobilized his deep state networks against Erdogan like the 2013 Gezi Park demonstrations, as well as subsequent civil unrest in Turkey, but both were unsuccessful.

  19. The overturn movement did not work because Gulen exposed himself as a religious fraud by stating that Christians and Jews can go to heaven and then he developed anti-Arab feelings amongst his followers. He was worried more about Israeli children yet he did not make a single statement about the Palestinian children who have suffered immensely.

  20. He declared that the Mavi Marmara victims should have gotten permission from Israel. These statements made him very unpopular outside his group. Mavi Marmara was attacked by Israel in international waters.

  21. He bugged the telephones of his opponents using his network inside the police forces.

  22. Erdogan decided to challenge the network and eradicate their presence in all facets.

  23. While combating this group, the Erdogan government discovered that any opposition to Gulen's twisted religious thinking would be brought up on trumped charges and false evidence by his police followers and convicted by his followers' judges. Any religious figure who disapproved of his ideas on the Qur'an and Hadith, his forces would develop trumped charges that either they are Taliban or made montage videos showing that they are in elicit relations. Edgogan decided to deal with him.

  24. Erdogan was successful in removing most of the Gulen Network insiders from most of the government and civil service.

  25. Turkish Government has taken the extraordinary step to cancel Gulen's passport and refer him to Interpol for extradition

  26. Zionist groups are supporting Gulen as his network has been invaluable in getting confidential information to Zionist groups and foreign governments.

  27. Note: Income from the Network of schools and business and donations, income estimates state that the overall organization has a net worth of over 30 billion dollars.

  28. Most of all his business ventures (Banks, Newspapers, TV stations) are now under intense scrutiny by Turkish authorities and have seen a collapse of their worth.

  29. Turkey beside cancelling his Green passport (With this passport one can go without visa to many countries) and the court decided to extradition him from the USA. Let us see how Zionists are going to play their part to save him.

Our America: New York

Continuing Police Misbehavior is leading to Defiance by Black Youth.
by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

New York City - Mayor Bill de Blasio, affectionately called "One-Term" Mayor de Blasio, was "fuming" this week over criticism of the police department made by Judge Nunez. This is the same judge who sentenced Tyrone Howard to a drug treatment program who allegedly killed Officer Randolph Holder. The NYPD believes that he should have been sent to jail.

Mayor De Blasio demanded an apology on behalf of Police Commissioner William Bratton, the same William Bratton who did very little to prevent NYPD officers from turning their backs on the Mayor as he walked passed them to visit injured officers in the hospital or at officer funerals. Mayor de Blasio has since learned his "place" as Mayor with relation to the NYPD and that is to be their lap dog.

Quicker Arrests and Convictions of Black Criminal Officers Than White Ones

In Louisiana, two officers of African-descent were arrested in the killing of a six year old Jeremy David Mardis. His father, Chris Few, was severely injured and is in intensive care. Officers Derrick Stafford and Norris Greenhouse Jr were two of four deputy marshals chasing Chris Few in his vehicle. Since none of the four officers are speaking to anyone no one is sure why they were in pursuit of Mr. Few. However, earlier articles indicated that it may have been to serve a warrant for a minor infraction.

Question: Why does any serving of warrants by U.S. Marshals have to be fatal?

This is what happened in Imam Jamil Al-Amin's case! He was standing with a another younger brother in discussion when they were both approached by US. Marshals in a very threatening manner. Now, Imam Jamil was not the shooter but, having read a few instances involving marshals killing the very people whom they are serving a warrant to, I am very suspicious of marshals.

Question: Why are so few, if at all any, White criminal cops arrested AND convicted?

Twelve year old Tamir Rice's family is still looking for justice. What is taking this prosecutor so long? All over America, prosecutors have been openly defiant in refusing to arrest and charge White officers with any crimes. It is happening in cases even where there is video showing a police crime occurring! As usual, with this recent wave of arrests of Black and White officers, we will have to wait and see if any of these cases will result in any convictions.

Of course, the H.N.I.C (Head Negro in Charge) of the White House does nothing but, sit on his perch basking in the glory that being President of the United States has brought him. He has done nothing to rid law enforcement of corruption nor the fact that Israeli Mayor Rahm Emanuel has turned his "beloved" Chicago into Occupied Palestine equipped with secret prisons!

There is a revolution brewing in this country and it is precipitated by police corruption, for one. The youth, in particular, are mobilizing and we need to support them more than ever. Al-humdulillah, they are undeterred.

Our America: Duke University, Durham, NC

Hindu Indian Doctor's Fake Data Messed up Cancer Research. [Editor NT]

Medscape Medical News> Oncology
Feds (Finally) Say that Researcher Faked Data
Nick Mulcahy

| November 09, 2015

Dr. Potti and Duke University Sued Over Faulty Research'Data Gone Wrong': Unreproducible Cancer Genomics Studies Gene-Guided Chemotherapy Research Questioned as 3 NCI Trials Are Halted

After a lengthy investigation, the US Office of Research Integrity (ORI) has found that Anil Potti, MD, a former Duke University cancer researcher, "engaged in research misconduct" in work supported by various federal grants.

The judgment is the "final action" in the case, according to an ORI report published online today in the Federal Register.

The ORI says that Dr Potti falsified research data in published papers, in a submitted manuscript, in a grant application, and in "the research record."

The disgraced researcher generated a lot of news coverage along the way because his fraud was executed in a grand manner, with fake data in high-profile studies in medicine's biggest and best journals. His phony research was highly influential and led to the initiation of several large clinical trials sponsored by the National Cancer Institute, which were halted when questions about the reproducibility of the results were raised, as reported by Medscape Medical News.

Dr Potti also had a flair for the dramatic, claiming to be a Rhodes Scholar and the winner of various research awards; these later turned out to be unsubstantiated.

Notably, Dr Potti has not admitted to the federal investigators that he committed fraud.

Instead, he entered into a "voluntary settlement agreement and "neither admits nor denies ORI's findings of research misconduct," according to the ORI.

The ORI report suggests that the settlement was done for the sake of expedience: "The settlement is not an admission of liability on the part of the Respondent [Dr Potti]. The parties entered into the Agreement to conclude this matter without further expenditure of time, finances, or other resources."

Among the misconduct findings, the ORI concluded that false data were reported on the following subjects:

All these studies have now been retracted.

The agreement between the ORI and Dr Potti stipulates, among other things, that if Dr Potti "obtains employment in a research position in which he receives or applies" for US Public Health Service grant support in the next 5 years, he will have his research supervised for a period of 5 subsequent years.

Dr Potti has recently been working at a cancer center in Grand Forks, North Dakota, according to a report in Retraction Watch.

The prolonged scandal involving Dr Potti could have been stopped earlier in its course, according to a report in the Cancer Letter earlier this year. A Duke medical student acted as a whistle-blower and warned university officials about Dr Potti's misconduct in 2008, but the student, Bradford Perez, was effectively silenced by school officials and researchers.


 Pakistan Flag

Pakistani Jet fighters struck Unarmed "suspected" Pak Taliban in North Waziristan, killing 22. [November 14]
 Pakistan Fighter Jets
Pakistani jets in action. [AFP photo]

Six militant hideouts and other targets were destroyed during the airstikes -AFP/File

Also on November 14, on Karachi's Super highway, Pak Taliban hit a police check point, shot two policemen and escaped with the police weapons. Earlier, Pak Taliba killed two policemen in North Nazimabad

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