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13 Zulhijja 1437 A.H.- September 27, 2015 Issue # 91, Newsletter #1621

Breaking News: September 27:

Syria: Mujahideen shelled the center of Damascus. They are fighting the regime troops at Qaboun, on the outskirts of Damascus. Cease fire is starting at 2 Shiite villages at the west of Idlib to let population leave: similar cease fire at Zabadani in the Qalamoun mountains to let mujahideen supporters leave, under the auspices of Iran and Turkey. Islamic State advanced against YPG on the outskirts of al-Hasakeh. Shelling and counter shelling in northern Lattakia.

September 27: Imams in Al-Raqqa called on Muslims to resist Russian intervention and do an "Afghanistan" on them." US then bombed Raqqa. Two huge explosions heard.

Assad's air force is busy: attacking IS in Palmyrs, 20 air strikes, and 16 barrel bombs on mujahideen trying to enter Damascus from Darayya in the south. IS trying to surround Assad's Kwayes air base outside Aleppo, bombed by Assad's fighter bombers [said to be Russian]

Hadith of the Week

Prayers of one who enslaves People are not accepted

"The messenger of Allah, pbuh, said, Surely there are three people whose prayers [salat] Allah does not accept: One who pushes forward to lead prayers when people do not like him, Second, one who arrives for prayer when the time for prayer is just about ending and thirdly one who enslaves a free person."

[Hadith Sunan of Abu Dawood, kitabus salat.]

Hadith learning

Even a Learned Scholar of Hadith missed Key points about the Age of Ayesha, r.a., at her Marriage.

Jonathan Brown, PhD is a convert to Islam and an expert on Hadith. In this presentation, he fielded questions about the age of Ayesha, r.a., the blessed wife of Muhammad, pbuh. Brief comments by Dr. Kaukab Siddique follow his you tube link.

Good points by Dr. Brown..
However he does not know that the prophet, pbuh, never mentioned the age of ayesha, r.a., and the one narrative in Bukhari is from what Hisham had heard. It is not from the Prophet, pbuh.

Sahih hadith gives the woman married ceremonially for social reasons the RIGHT to repudiate the marriage when she comes of age, even if the marriage was organized by the father.

In sura Ahzab, Ayesha, r.a., and the other wives are given the option to leave the marriage honorably. My impression is that this sura is about the time when Ayesha, r.a, had to make the real decision about her marriage.

In YouTube, Dr. Brown, is right about metaphorical interpretation but he is wrong about thinking this is something new. The Qur'an itself says that some of its verses are allegorical. For instance see the verse about the Quran being revealed to the mountain and the mountain not able to bear its power.

Prisoner of the Week
from Br. Ali Randall

As Salaamu Alaikum. ..a sister incarcerated with Aafia Siddiqui said she is in maximum security at the ft.worth TX jail...they say she is ok but I just want to hear from her...

Aafia Siddiqui #90279-054
Federal Medical Center Carswell
P.o Box 27137...
Ft. Worth, TX 76127

Please offer dua for both sisters Maria and Aafia
[See Pakistani report on Aafia below.]

Pope in America

Can he save Christianity from Total Collapse? Steady indirect attacks on [guess whom?]
New Trend Media watch

No one has received so much media coverage as Pope Francis.

Also, the state power led by President Obama gave him total support.

Thirdly, the entire hierarchy of the Catholic church came out in full force to organize and mobilize for the Pope's visit.

Huge crowds came out, treating the Pope like a rock star.

He didn't have much to say: just the generalities of a reasonably good church. He is certainly not a great speaker.

In fact he read from the script in all presentations except two. His English is poor, so he usually required a translator.

The church speakers related to his visits were also poor speakers and inadequate in their ability to use English.
At least he should have been able to say his prayers without reading.

Its quite a surprise that the vast Catholic church machine lacks good English speakers.

America is in turmoil and a Pope who does not stand up to state power can do nothing to change the situation. Look at the Obama crusade in support of homosexuality. Everyone knows the Pope can't accept that but did not dare come out openly against the crusader.

What about random sex and abortion? The Pope can't do anything there and didn't even try.

As for banal statements about family, compassion and caring, who can't say that? It's like Nancy Reagan's solution for easy sex: Just say NO! We know the results.

Is there a political agenda behind the Pope's visit? Of course, he is rallying the Hispanic vote. His visit could bring Trump down.
There is little the Pope can do in religion. Christianity has neither Sunnah nor Sharia'. What can he teach?

The Pope had little to say about the tragedy in Makka. Just two very brief sentences.

The Pope was in fact hostile to Muslims. He kept referring to the suffering of Christians in the Middle East. It would seem that the Pope does not know that Christians in the Middle East have been allied to brutal dictators for decades. They are as much responsible for atrocities against Muslim majorities as the dictators and other minority allies.

For instance, look at the 30-year alliance between Christian and the Hosni Mubarak tyranny for 30 years. Now they are allied, very closely, to the tyrant General al-Sissi. In Syria, the Christians are best friends of the mass murderer Bashar Assad, second only to the Alawites themselves.

In Iraq, the Christians, along with the Yazeedis, have been staunch supporters of the invading American armies and the regime installed in Baghdad by the US

In Jordan, the Christians are part of the power base of the playboy King Abdullah.

All these Christians never thought of standing up for the rights of the Muslim masses groaning under the boots of the tyrants.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Press Release.
Execute those Responsible for Makka Tragedy.

We urge a neutral investigation of Makka tragedy. If the Saudis cannot handle massive crowds, the whole situation should be reviewed. Makka should be handed over to a global Islamic authority.

717 dead, 984 injured is too horrific to be ignored. Then the treatment of the dead was shameless. It is said that a Saudi prince arrived with his large, armed, entourage, leading to the stampede. An example should be made of him. Put him on trial and execute him if found guilty.

Hajj belongs to the Ummah, not to a family which does not come up to Islamic standards.


Jamaatal-Muslimeen Activity on Eid al-Adha, September 24.

Mega Distribution at Dar al-Hijra, Falls Church, Virginia. 8-pager to 400.

There were FIVE prayers at Dar al-Hijra, a fancy well attended mosque in Northern Virginia. An EIGHT-page document was given to 400 people. It included the following:

  1. &
  2. &
  3. Hajj is supposed to spearhead the Islamic revolution. It negates all false gods and powers, provides unity and equality to all nations, to men and women. It celebrates the struggle of an African woman, the love of father and son, preparation for jihad and the Hereafter. [Dr. Kaukab's khutba.]

  4. More air strikes on Islamic Caliphate [ISIS] in one year than on Afghanistan in 5 years. [Washington Post.]

  5. Maulana Maudoodi. Our teacher extraordinary. [Br. Kaukab]

  6. Pakistan was not aware of Shaykh Osama's presence in Abbottabad. [London Post]

  7. Khalid, r.a., [ibn al Waleed] Islam's greatest warrior and general. [Br. Kaukab] [In response to Shi'a attacks.]

  8. Assad's latest massacres in Syria and the Steady Advance of mujahideen. [Syrian Human Rights observatory.]

The people were hungry for New Trend and only 4 out of 400 didn't want it.

Outreach #2

On Eid : Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity In Newark, Delaware.
7-page document to 102 Muslims

Masjid Ibraheem in Newark, Delaware was packed with an overflow crowd of several hundred people excited about Eid al-Adha and very disciplined in spite of the limited space.

The most amazing were the men and women from African countries wearing brilliantly colored dresses. Numerous other nationalities were also there, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Indians, Egyptians, and several far eastern countries.

The boss of the masjid committee member, a Pakistani doctor, who wanted to hand us over to the DHS was unable to police us owing to the big crowd.

A seven-page document was given to 102 Muslims. We ran out of money to print more. Here is an outline of the 7-pager:
  1. My teacher: Syed Abul Ala' Maudoodi [by Br. Kaukab Siddique].

  2. Why prayers are not answered+ forthcoming shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen.

  3. Don't forget the Prisoners: Shannon Colney [19 year old Muslimah]+ Assassination of Shaykh Awlaki's son [compiled by Ali Randall]

  4. Air strikes on ISIS in one year more than 5-year bombing of Afghanistan. [Washington Post.]

  5. Reaching out to Muslims in Washington DC's elite community.

  6. Syria: Assad bombing ISIS civilian areas. Many casualties+Noose on Assad regime tightening.

  7. Hadith + Intro to Br. Kaukab's research article on Khalid, r.a., [ibn al-Waleed].

Outreach #3
Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in White Marsh, eastern Maryland. 100 Muslims got a 7-page document.

This was the same document as in Outreach #2.

The crowd was Pakistani and Arab with a few African Americans.

Jews broke their Covenant with God. Zionism has no rights over Palestine.
The Europeans kept them in ghettoes and then dumped them on Muslims.

by Shamim Siddiqi [Long Island, New York]
[Written in response to a Jewish writer and his readers.]

Peace to all of you."

  1. The Jewish version is not the basic truth about the factual history of the people of Israel. God, in His infinite mercy allotted the land of Quds {Palestine[ to Bani Israel but they refused to go there due to their inherent cowardice and told Moses: You and your God go and fight and we are sitting over here. We will enter in the land when the Amalqas are driven out from that land. Moses expressed his and his brother Haroon's inability what we two brothers can do. In response, God made the land of Palestine Haram for Jews. They were just wandering in the desert of Siena for forty years till all who refused to go to their allotted land perished. In this duration, Prophets Moses and Haroon (AS) also died. [Ref: Verse # 20 to 26 of SURAH # 5, AL-MAIEDAH] .

  2. God appointed the people of Bani Israel as the leaders of mankind and gave Torah to Moses for guidance as the Book of Allah and establish the Kingdom of GOD in the land in their possession but the Jews neither followed the Divine Laws themselves nor advocated/introduced/propagated to other nations of the time, rather kept it hidden with them. They refused to God, Moses and Haroon in a continuous process. God pardoned them many a times but they repeatedly offended the God of Abraham (AS). This entire episode of Jews obstinacy and their crime list has been described in the Qur'an from Verses # 40 to 120 In SURAH # 2, AL-BAQARAH. Anyone can go through it and count them, They are 26 in number and God has clearly said in the Qur'an that ignominy and disgrace has been destined for them while on earth and will return to God for much more greater punishment on the Day of Judgement. {Ref: Verse #85 of Surah Al-Baqarah

  3. If ever they will have peace on earth it would have it only if God so wills on His own accord or some people come to their support. as today USA is at their disposal.

  4. They established Torah and the Kingdom of God through noble efforts of Prophet David and his son Prophet Solomon which is their golden period. The sons of Solomon were very incompetent and reckless and lost the Kingdom established by their fore fathers. It was first attached and destroyed by King Bakht-e- Nasar of Iran in 586 BC and then again by Romans in 70 AD. After that their Diaspora started which terminated in 1948 by a joint conspiracy against Ottoman empire under Balfour Award of 1917 which categorically confirms to give equal rights to Palestinians.


  5. The rest of the story is nothing but the false, baseless and concocted claims that are the rhetoric of International Zionism and must be refuted outright as there is no truth in them.

  6. In fact, the Jews must have their home land. As human beings, they need it but the West manipulated their weakness instead of providing a home to these ETERNAL nomadic people on their land, they exploited their history and throw their burden on Muslims cunningly. Thus, they the Jews became the bones of contention for good.

    In fact, West is not their friend but foe. No Christian likes them at heart and forced them to live in Ghettoes for about 1900 years. As individuals many of them are very fine people but as a clan they are only full of mischief and are not worthy of trust.

    Jerusalem was and cannot be their home land. The mockery of the West is extremely clear in their game plan. They are befooling Muslims and playing the game of tyranny both with Muslims and the poor Jews. The Anglo-European powers have no human sympathy with the either side. Muslim are enslaved by the vested interest and the Jews are playing with their fate in the hands of Zionist lobbies both of American and European origin,.

  7. Those brothers/Sisters who want to know more about this Jewish conspiracy, please go through my Paper" "Geopolitical Situation of Middle East - Past, Present and Future Projections" at Item # 16 of Section "C" of My Website: and know the game plan of Zionism in detail.

Our America

Efforts to Legitimize Homosexuality in Black American Community
by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen.]

New York City - This past week, September 23 & 24th, saw the season premiers of Empire and How To Get Away With Murder, respectively. There was also more homosexuality on these shows than there has ever been, in the past!

It is no secret that Hollywood Jewry have worked tirelessly to desensitize Americans to the idea of homosexuality but, the African American community has lagged behind inits acceptance of it. Our feelings are pretty much, "to you be your way and to me be mine." (Holy Qur'an, Kaafiruun Chapter 109). However, the mission with these promosexuals is to force acceptance of their sin on all of us.

Empire is a hit show that focuses on a Black dysfunctional family, who owns their own hip hop/R&B record label. The main characters Lucius and Cookie Lyons, played by Terence Howard and Taraji P. Henson (a descendant of Black explorer Matthew Henson), have a gay son. Last season focused on the son getting his father to accept him in spite of his homosexuality. There wasn't any focus on gay sex scenes. But, this season, the show's creator Lee Daniels, who is also Black and gay, has decided to add more lesbianism and gay sex scenes.

There seems to be a trend with Black cast shows or shows with a Black lead character.

I was horrified when Academy Award winner, and now Emmy winner, Viola Davis started French kissing another woman on her show - How To Get Away With Murder! She certainly does not have anything to prove to anyone but, that is just when I remembered the trials and tribulations Hollywood will put you through to have you earn your keep.

Many actresses, such as a Halle Berry, can command $20 million per film only if they are willing to bare all. We all remember the outrage over her sex scene with Billy Bob Thornton and the Academy Award win, afterwards! There are a few actresses, such as Julia Roberts, who have never done nude scenes but, she has done sex scenes. Now, it seems that all actors must engage in some form of homosexuality on screen to ensure they stay an A-list or top rated actor or actress. That is the new hoop people must jump through in Hollywood.

I am sure that many African Americans' jaws dropped when they saw this Viola Davis scene after defending her right to speak so boldly after her Emmy win. There was such a backlash from racist White actors in the industry. Now, this betrayal.

This is the Hollywood Jewry's new effort to desensitize the Black community to homosexuality by involving hip hop music and Black actors. Some people are not fooled by this ruse at all. But, the question is what are religious leaders doing to combat this effort? We need leaders who are not afraid of what the kuffar think. So many people are willing to prove they are fair and love everyone to society's detriment.


Taliban prison break supported by locals. Lack of Due Process of Law.
The Case of Dr. Aafia Siddiqui
by Sis. Karin Friedemann [Boston]

On September 14, 2015 at 2:30am Taliban fighters liberated hundreds of prisoners from a prison outside the city of Ghazni, killing four policemen and wounding seven. 148 of the 355 freed prisoners are said to be milit.ants charged with "national security crimes," including a few local Taliban leaders. 80 prisoners were left behind, and three escaped prisoners were recaptured.

"Around 2:30am six Taliban insurgents wearing military uniforms attacked Ghazni prison. First they detonated a car bomb in front of the gate, fired an RPG and then raided the prison," deputy provincial governor Mohammad Ali Ahmadi told the Associated Free Press.He also said one militant blew himself up at the prison gates, allowing others to force open cells.

Three of the attackers were killed, one of whom was a former inmate who had been released. The prison raid was one of ten other Taliban attacks on the city that same night.

"We are the Taliban. We have come to free you from this jail," shouted the six men who entered the compound after breaking the locks. The attack lasted several hours.

Nasir Ahmad Faqiri, a member of the provincial council, said that there had been indications that day that the Taliban were preparing to attack. The Afghan intelligence service was trying to move 20 senior Taliban prisoners to Kabul, but they protested and wanted more time in Ghazni.

"The prison does not meet even 10 percent of standard — it is soft, old and built of mud," Mr. Faqiri said.

Three years ago, 500 Taliban fighters were freed from Sarposa Prison in Kandahar through a tunnel dug from the outside, which took five months to dig and was equipped with electricity and piped in air. In 2008, militants released 1,200 inmates from the Kandahar prison in a double suicide attack where two explosive trucks were driven into the entranceway, killing 15 guards.

These prison break stories are the stuff of legends. These brave men risked and even donated their lives for the sake of their fellow man, to help their brothers escape from the torturous conditions of Afghan prisons, which make the holocaust look like a birthday party! Freeing prisoners of war is one of the most important aspects of true faith.

The fact that only three of the 355 released prisoners were recaptured demonstrates that the general population must be hiding them in their homes. The general public is actually aiding and abetting the fugitives. They are not calling the police to turn them in. The Taliban prison break clearly has widespread popular support. Even though most of the released prisoners were not even political prisoners, instead of fearing the criminals on the loose, the locals seem to be more offended by the use of the prison by an occupying government to oppress the population, keeping everyone living in fear. Though in truth, if the tables were turned the prison could possibly be turned into a torture den for anti-Taliban military men in a tit-for-tat situation.

In the absence of true governance, the powers that be can resort to kidnapping and murdering their political opponents or anyone they feel like kidnapping and murdering, or locking them in a dungeon. Once there, there is no due process. No way to get out. No lawyer who is going to get you off. No laws about treatment of prisoners. Even when the prisoner is an American-educated woman such as Dr. Aafia Siddiqui, there is no legal way to take her out of an Afghan prison except to isolate her in an American prison. Why? Is it because she has seen too much and could tell all to the American public if given a chance? In any case, the people who live around the prisons know all about what goes on in there and they are surely celebrating the release of their countrymen, in order that they can fight another day for the liberation of their country.

Palestine's Agony

Abu Mazen's UN "bombshell" speech won't rein in Israeli insolence

By Khalid Amayreh in Occupied Palestine

I don't know for sure what Palestinian Authority (PA) Chairman Mahmoud Abbas will say in his much-heralded speech at the UN General Assembly later this week.

This is not because Abbas is unpredictable or enigmatic. He is neither.

But while one can't be quite certain about the contents of Abbas's speech, a careful observer of Abbas's behavior since he succeeded Yasser Arafat more than ten years ago, can be sure of what the speech won't contain.

Abbas will not declare the end of the scandalous Oslo peace process, not because the disastrous scheme is beneficial or expedient for the Palestinian people and their enduring just cause, but rather because the chains of the Oslo Process have long crippled the PA, making Abbas utterly unable, even if willing, to dislodge himself and his powerless, un-sovereign authority from the Oslo trap.

In fact, a unilateral termination of the Oslo Process, de jure or de facto, by the PLO would be a sort of suicide for the Ramallah leadership. In the final analysis, the PLO-PA entity has so integrated itself into the system that bolting out of it is unthinkable.

Similarly, Abbas won't announce the end of the treacherous pact with Israel, known as "security coordination." The term is in fact inaccurate because the security coordination is unilateral, first and foremost, as Israel doesn't carry out the same responsibilities and tasks carried out to the letter the PA carries.

Indeed, the security coordination between the Israeli occupation army and the PA security agencies very much resembles the working relations between a master and his slave.

Besides, we all know that serving Israeli security whims by the estimated 70,000 PA security personnel , which also includes repressing, tormenting and savaging Palestinian citizens on Israel's behalf, constitutes the ultimate raison d'Ítre for the PA as far as Israel is concerned.

This is why Abbas won't even allude to this subject, knowing too well it would mean a definitive suicide for the PA.

Furthermore, Abbas is unlikely to announce the dismantlement of the PA as such a step would cost Abbas too much in terms of political support, especially the tens of thousands of operatives and civil servants and their families who will abruptly lose their income which might cause a real implosion within the Palestinian society, one with unpredictable direct and indirect ramifications.

As part of these ramifications, the Palestinian banking system would also collapse as a result of the inability of PA employees and civil servants to pay off their loans and debt, worth several billions of dollars.

A state under occupation

The most audacious scenario expected from Abbas at the UN will be a declaration that Palestine is a state under foreign occupation.

Abbas probably hopes that such a feat would be backed by a sufficient number of member-states of the UN, which would create a certain international momentum, pressuring Israel to come to terms with Palestinian rights.

But Abbas's hopes are actually a futile exercise in wishful thinking, very much like the Declaration of Independence of 1988 and other similar PR schemes that did virtually nothing to advance the Palestinian cause.

Abbas and his PA apparatuses are focusing their efforts on making symbolic accomplishments, such as joining some UN agencies, precisely because they have been utterly unable to make real, concrete achievements on the ground.

Hence, declaring Palestine a state under foreign occupation would be another symbolic achievement even if we gave Abbas the benefit of the doubt.

But in this case, another symbolic but useless achievement would deepen the Palestinian people's frustration and embolden Israel to continue its Nazi-like efforts toward the liquidation of the Palestinian people.

A few days ago, a right-wing Israeli commentator wondered why Israel doesn't imitate President Bashar el-Assad in ethnically cleansing millions of Sunni Muslims of his people by forcing them to seek a new life in Europe.

"The world is watching rather passively as Bashar Assad is expelling millions of Syrians across the globe. Why can't Israel do the same by expelling a few million Palestinians?"
Finally, it is really mind-boggling why Abbas is continuing with his manifestly futile approach?

Does he count on Russia which is giving Assad the means to exterminate the Syrian people?

Does he count on Britain which created Israel in Palestine in the first place?

Does he count on the US, Israel's guardian-ally, which the late Palestinian historian Walid Khalidi called "the ultimate tormentor of the Palestinian people."

Or perhaps he might be counting on the blood-drenched ruling Junta in Cairo, which has murdered more Egyptians in cold blood than Israel did in four wars with Egypt.

In conclusion, I have an advice for Mr. Abbas:
You have already passed the age of eighty. At such age, a man needs to do a lot of reflection and soul-searching.

Hence, instead of flying all the way to New York, I suggest you go to the TV building in Ramallah to address the Palestinian people and tell them that the time has arrived for your retirement.

Khalid Amayreh is a Palestinian journalist and current affairs commentator living in occupied Palestine.

Jamaate Islami leader urges PM to raise Aafia's issue at UNSC
by Qaiser Sharif

LAHORE, Sep. 27; Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that if Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was able to bring back Dr Aafia Siddiqui on his return from the US, the nation would consider his current tour a success.

He said that the Prime Minister must raise Dr Aafia Siddiqui's issue at the UN General Assembly and also apprise the world of the oppression on the Muslims going on in Kashmir Palestine and Burma. He was talking to the media at the Darul Shafqat, Orphanage at Yatim Khana chowk on the second day of Eid. The JI chief spent some time with the inmates of the orphanage and also presented some gifts o them.

The JI chief said there were more than four million orphans in the country and it was the state responsibility to look after the widows and orphans and arrange their education and upbringing. However, he said, that primarily, this job was being done by NGOs, welfare bodies with the cooperation of the philanthropists and the general public.

However, he said, this was a huge job and could not be performed without the support of the government.

Earlier, while addressing the Eid congregation at Mansoora mosque, Sirajul Haq said that the Muslim Ummah would have to unite for the solution of its problems. He said that the west, the US or Europe would not solve the problems of the Muslim world.

Sirajul ul Haq said that in spite of being a nuclear power, Pakistan had been unable to mitigate the sufferings of the Kashmiris and 700,000 Indian troops in Held Kashmir were perpetrating untold atrocities on the Kashmiri Muslims. Kashmir was the most oppressed region in the world and the UN had not bothered to arrange plebiscite there in accordance with its resolutions.

The JI chief said that the double standards of the west and their discriminatory attitude towards the Muslims were the biggest threats to the world peace. He said that the blood of the Muslims was being shed in Kashmir, Palestine, Burma, while war was going on in Syria, Yemen and Iraq because of the conspiracies of the US and Israel. As long as the Muslims failed to make the infidel powers accept them as one Ummah, they would continue to be the victim of the enemy conspiracies, he added.

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