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29 Thw al-Qi'dah 1436 A.H.- September 13, 2015 Issue # 89, Newsletter #1619

Ayah of the Week

Narrated By
Abu Mas'ud Al-Ansari:

The Prophet said,
"When a Muslim spends something on his
family intending to
receive Allah's reward
it is regarded as
Sadaqa for him".

Sahih Bukhari Volume 007,
Book 064, Hadith Number 263.


A Gash in the Heart of the Haram.....

I was performing ghusl, when it happened. I was preparing for Jumma in a land far far away from the Haram. Ghusl is also performed at death...
finish reading post here :


Muslim Responses to the 9.11 Attacks
by New Trend research team

Muslim responses can be divided into two main segments:

  1. Muslim intellectuals, Iranians and non-Fighting Muslim Groups.

    1. It was done by the "Jews." Jews did not turn up for work on 9/11 at the towers. Some Jews were seen laughing and filming when the attacks were underway.

    2. It was done by Bush. It was like the Reichstag fire. He wanted to be Hitler.

    3. Muslims can't fly big planes. How could they have done it? Big planes cannot fly that low and make such steep turns.

    4. Osama was on Dialysis and he died in 2001.

    5. Dynamite had been placed in the buildings. Planes couldn't have done it. Steel can't melt.

    6. The planes were dummies to cover up the "insider" attack.

    7. US air force could have shot down the planes. Owing to "conspiracy: they were not shot down.

    8. Hijackers were not good Muslims. One of them was in a night club the night before.

    9. If a plane hit the Pentagon, why can't we see it.

    10. Building number seven was not hit. It was blown up. Perhaps the others were too.

    1. None of the mujahideen groups have denied that it was done by 19 Islamic fighters.

    2. None of Osama's closest fighters have denied it.

    3. Osama's closest friend, Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, now leads al-Qaida and has not denied the role of the 19.

    4. Osama's son, Omar, has stated that the story of Osama's dialysis and dying in 2001 or 2002 is totally false.

    5. Osama's wives were with him when he was killed by US Special Forces in Abbottabad. In all these years, Osama never denied his role in the attacks other than one earlier attempt to underplay his role.

    6. Khalid Shaykh Muhammad and Ramzi al-Shibh are in US custody and from whatever has come out till now have not denied that the armed Islamic group known as al-Qaida did it.

    7. ISIS, which is very critical of al-Qaida, and is trying to compete with it and even to replace it, has not denied the role of al-Qaida and Osama.

[New Trend's understanding is that after delivering such a devastating blow, Osama thought that the Muslim world would rise up against America. He did not realize that most Muslims are not willing or able to fight, though the numbers of fighters are steadily increasing now. In fact American attacks on and occupation of Muslim countries have brought more people towards Osama's agenda than the 9.11 attacks. The attacks did remove the fear of American power from the minds of Muslim masses. The ongoing resistance in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan and now in Somalia and Nigeria has permanently established Osama as the hero in Muslim minds and as the villain in western minds....Editor

Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia hosting 2.5 million Syrians.
by Dr. Shahid Qureshi, London.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia does not intend to speak about its efforts to support Syrian brothers and sisters, during their distress, as it has, since the beginning of the problem, dealt with the situation from a religious and humane perspective, and did not wish to boast about its efforts or attempt to gain media coverage, an official source of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said, adding that media reports have contained erroneous and misleading information, and the Kingdom now considers it important to discuss its efforts with appropriate facts and figures.

The official source explained that the following actions have been taken by the Kingdom:

  1. The Kingdom has received around 2.5 million Syrians since the beginning of the conflict. In order to ensure their dignity and safety, the Kingdom adopted a policy that does not treat them as refugees or place them in refugee camps. They have been given the freedom to move about the country and those who wish to remain in Saudi Arabia (some hundreds of thousands) have been given legal residency status "like the remaining residents." Their residency comes with the rights to receive free medical care, to join the labor market and to attend schools and universities. This was contained in a royal decree in 2012 that instructed public schools to accept Syrian students. According to government statistics, the public school system has accepted more than 100,000 Syrian students.

  2. The Kingdom's efforts were not limited to accepting our Syrian brothers and sisters after their crisis; it also extended its efforts to support and care for millions of Syrian refugees in neighboring countries such as Jordan, Lebanon and others. Efforts included providing them with humanitarian assistance, in coordination with the host governments and with international human aid organizations. Aid was provided, in cash and kind.

  3. The aid provided by Saudi Arabia to the Syrian people totals around $700 million, according to the statistics of the Third International Humanitarian Pledging Conference for Syria, which took place in Kuwait on March 31, 2015. Government aid and aid provided by the National Campaign, are included in that number.

  4. Humanitarian aid provided to Syrians by the Kingdom consisted of food, medical, academic, residential supplies and included the establishment of Saudi specialized clinics in refugee camps, especially at Zaatari Camp in Jordan. The Kingdom was able to provide medical care in the form of immunization, preventive treatment and medical procedures. In addition, Saudi Arabia sponsored a large number of Syrian families living in Lebanon and Syria (specifically, through paying for their rent and living costs).

The ministry official concluded by stating that: It is apparent from the previous facts, that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia will remain a leader among other countries supporting Syrian people and it is impossible to outbid its efforts in this matter, or to question its position in any way or form, the statement concluded.

It is to be noted that some elements were criticizing KSA for not doing enough for the Syrian refugee but they never questioned why Syrians have become refugees and what Iran and others have done?



SHOCKER: United Electrical Workers Union Embraces Anti-Israel BDS!
From Br. Rich [Nebraska]

Growing solidarity between trade unionists and Israel boycotters alarms pro-Israel forces.

Israelis desecrating the third holiest mosque of Islam

Who are the People who did a Smear Job on Dr. Kaukab Siddique in the July 22 issue of the Daily Beast?

by Nadrat Siddique

Evidently the Zionists continue to be irked by Dr. Siddique's strong stance on Palestine, the Zionist stranglehold on the U.S., and its connections with American racism. It seems they were monitoring his (very public) face book page, and noticed postings they thought they could pull out of context, and use to discredit and remove the professor from his teaching position at a Pennsylvania university. After the period of monitoring, the Daily Beast, on July 22, published an inflammatory article on Dr. Siddique's alleged misogyny and anti-semitism. The article drew from Siddique's facebook page, as well as from an interview he granted the Daily Beast.

The Daily Beast is an on-line Zionist newsmagazine known for its sensationalized reporting. It was founded by one Tina Brown, who was previously editor of Vanity Fair and also of the New Yorker. The current editor-in-chief, John Avlon, was previously speechwriter for then New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Avlon is also currently a political commentator for CNN. All of these are New York-based Zionists, heavily enmeshed in the power structure, who support Israel, while also maintaining the racist status quo within U.S. borders.)


Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in Masjid Rahma, West Baltimore: Multi-colored 4-Page Document

On September 11, after juma', 100 Muslims received a beautifully arranged 4-pager [organized by Sis. Kristi] . This is Masjid Rahma in West Baltimore. Most of the people were Indo-Pakistani, with some African Americans and a few Arabs.

The four pages were:

  1. Sis. Karin's article on Germany's generous reception of Syrian refugees.

  2. Boycott of Israel-related goods and scanning numbers to look for.

  3. Br. Kaukab's khutba against all kinds of slavery and in support of modesty.

  4. Br. Kaukab's research item on wife's right to khula divorce without husband's interference.


Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in Baltimore's Inner City

On September 11, 2015 two Jamaat al-Muslimeen documents were given to 40 African American Muslims at an Islamic center located at Hilton and North avenue [Baltimore inner city] known as Islamic Culotural Community Center.

One document , 34 pages by Nadrat Siddique, was about the Baltimore uprising against police violence. It indicates the lack of basic human rights in the inner city and the continuing struggle for justice. It includes a unique interview Sis. Nadrat conducted with a female Black Panther activists who lives in the area of the conflict.

The second document includes a khutba by Imam Khalil Abdur Rahman given at the JAM masjid against the supreme court's ruling on homosex plus the surprising new offensive by ISIS plus discussion of the Confederate flag by Sis. Aisha and Sis. Karin's comparison of the Charleston tragedy with the marathon bombing.

The imam of the masjid was very gracious and in his khutba came out against "gay marriage." He taught that we should at not be looking critically at each other's dress. Keep your eyes down. The booklet on Baltimore was well received. Its an enlightened community.


Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Iran: The Elephant in the Room. Republicans & Netanyahoo no Match for Obama.
Why is US-Iran deal so Important for both Sides?
by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

President Obama has worked hard to make the Iran deal a success. His most serious challenge came from Netanyahoo who had the gall to come to America and mobilize Congress against Obama. After a couple of weeks of counter work by Obama, almost the entire Jewish leadership is supporting Obama. The chances that the Iran deal will not be passed are becoming remoter by the day. How did he carry out this brilliant coup against intense Israeli opposition? Here is his modus operandi step by step:

  1. Obama has re-assured Israel that USA will not only, as usual, guarantee Israel's security, it will transfer huge new amounts of the latest weaponry to Israel.

  2. If Iran tries tricks, the military option is very much there, both from USA and Israel.

  3. It's quite clear that Iran has no nuclear weapons ability right now and won't have any even if there were no deal.

  4. Iran can provide the boots -on- the -ground in fighting ISIS and al-Nusra which the US can no longer risk.

  5. Iran is the bitter, relentless, enemy of all mujahideen movements, in particular ISIS and al-Nusra. Already Iran is deeply involved in the fighting in both Iraq and Syria. Iranian generals have been killed fighting the Islamic forces in both countries. Suleimani, Iran's top expert in fighting mujahideen, has been active, though for the time being the mujahideen have thwarted his projects.

  6. Iranian elites are thoroughly westernized though the core Imam Khomeini groups are still active. As Iran opens up to the West, the Islamic core will be so eroded that there will be no need for the western powers to oppose Iran.

  7. Owing to muta [temporary marriage] Iranian women, in large numbers, are turning against Shiism

  8. Iran is quite isolated from the Muslim ummah. It's supporters are non-Muslims, Russia and India, as well as Shia extremists in Pakistan. Naturally, Iran will turn for support to the West, not to the Muslim world.

  9. Even Saudi Arabia has been persuaded by Obama [see King Salman's meeting with Obama] that the real issue is ISIS and al-Qaida and the Iran deal should be supported. Anti-Shia rhetoric coming out of Saudi Arabia is meant to pre-empt the much stronger anti-Shia rhetoric coming out of ISIS.

  10. The ISIS caliphate must be de-legitimized. Already Muslims from all over the world are going to its support. If ISIS is not demonized, ISIS will emerge as a world power for Islam. It not only has to be opposed but destroyed by the use of overwhelming military action. [Saudi has mobilized its clergy to condemn ISIS as "khawarij."]

American Muslims should understand that America controls Israel. Most of us have been fooled into thinking that Israel controls America. Notice how easily Obama is defeating Netanyahoo. International Jewry knows that any REAL weakening in US support for Israel will lead to an exodus FROM Israel.

As the Islamic fighting forces get stronger, America will become more pro-Palestine and will insist on a two state solution, which is a polite recognition of Israel as legitimate by the Palestinians. Don't be fooled: There is nothing to be gained by attaining a demilitarized rump Palestinian "state" controlled by Israel.

The two state solution is a trick to calm down Muslim opposition to Israel and America.

The Jewish power structure knows that ISIS and al-Qaida actually believe in the hadith that in the final battle even the rocks will cry out: "there is a Jew hiding behind me." Iran has never been a danger for Israel. Look at the prosperous Jewish community in Iran.

Spotlights & Guidance

 Imam Badi Ali

Are we going to let the West take care of our people? What's our duty?

Imam Badi Ali leads a large Muslim community in Greensboro, NC.


 Pakistan Flag

Pakistan's secret dirty war: Horrific Crimes by the Military are destroying National Unity.
[With thanks to Shaikh Mohomed in London.]

In Balochistan, mutilated corpses bearing the signs of torture keep turning up, among them lawyers, students and farm workers. Why is no one investigating and what have they got to do with the bloody battle for Pakistan's largest province? Declan Walsh, Tuesday 29 March 2011 23.00 BST

The bodies surface quietly, like corks bobbing up in the dark. They come in twos and threes, a few times a week, dumped on desolate mountains or empty city roads, bearing the scars of great cruelty. Arms and legs are snapped; faces are bruised and swollen. Flesh is sliced with knives or punctured with drills; genitals are singed with electric prods. In some cases the bodies are unrecognisable, sprinkled with lime or chewed by wild animals. All have a gunshot wound in the head.

This gruesome parade of corpses has been surfacing in Balochistan, Pakistan's largest province, since last July. Several human rights groups, including Amnesty International, have accounted for more than 100 bodies - lawyers, students, taxi drivers, farm workers. Most have been tortured. The last three were discovered on Sunday. If you have not heard of this epic killing spree, though, don't worry: neither have most Pakistanis. Newspaper reports from Balochistan are buried quietly on the inside pages, cloaked in euphemisms or, quite often, not published at all.

The forces of law and order also seem to be curiously indifferent to the plight of the dead men. Not a single person has been arrested or prosecuted; in fact, police investigators openly admit they are not even looking for anyone. The stunning lack of interest in Pakistan's greatest murder mystery in decades becomes more understandable, however, when it emerges that the prime suspect is not some shady gang of sadistic serial killers, but the country's powerful military and its unaccountable intelligence men.

This is Pakistan's dirty little war. While foreign attention is focused on the Taliban, a deadly secondary conflict is bubbling in Balochistan, a sprawling, mineral-rich province along the western borders with Afghanistan and Iran. On one side is a scrappy coalition of guerrillas fighting for independence from Pakistan; on the other is a powerful army that seeks to quash their insurgency with maximum prejudice. The revolt, which has been rumbling for more than six years, is spiced by foreign interests and intrigues - US spy bases, Chinese business, vast underground reserves of copper, oil and gold.

And in recent months it has grown dramatically worse. At the airport in Quetta, the provincial capital, a brusque man in a cheap suit marches up to my taxi with a rattle of questions. "Who is this? What's he doing here? Where is he staying?" he asks the driver, jerking a thumb towards me. Scribbling the answers, he waves us on. "Intelligence," says the driver.

The city itself is tense, ringed by jagged, snow-dusted hills and crowded with military checkposts manned by the Frontier Corps (FC), a paramilitary force in charge of security. Schools have recently raised their walls; sand-filled Hesco barricades, like the ones used in Kabul and Baghdad, surround the FC headquarters. In a restaurant the waiter apologises: tandoori meat is off the menu because the nationalists blew up the city's gas pipeline a day earlier. The gas company had plugged the hole that morning, he explains, but then the rebels blew it up again.

The home secretary, Akbar Hussain Durrani, a neatly suited, well-spoken man, sits in a dark and chilly office. Pens, staplers and telephones are neatly laid on the wide desk before him, but his computer is blank. The rebels have blown up a main pylon, he explains, so the power is off. Still, he insists, things are fine. "The government agencies are operating in concert, everyone is acting in the best public interest," he says. "This is just a . . . political problem." As we speak, a smiling young man walks in and starts to take my photo; I later learn he works for the military's Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) spy agency.

We cut across the city, twisting through the backstreets, my guide glancing nervously out the rear window. The car halts before a tall gate that snaps shut behind us. Inside, a 55-year-old woman named Lal Bibi is waiting, wrapped in a shawl that betrays only her eyes, trembling as she holds forth a picture of her dead son Najibullah. The 20-year-old, who ran a shop selling motorbike parts, went missing last April after being arrested at an FC checkpost, she says. His body turned up three months later, dumped in a public park on the edge of Quetta, badly tortured. "He had just two teeth in his mouth," she says in a voice crackling with pain. She turns to her father, a turbaned old man sitting beside her, and leans into his shoulder. He grimaces.

Bibi says her family was probably targeted for its nationalist ties - Najibullah's older brother, now dead, had joined the "men in the mountains" years earlier, she says. Now a nephew, 28-year-old Maqbool, is missing. She prays for him, regularly calling the hospitals for any sign of him and, occasionally, the city morgues. Over a week of interviews in Karachi and Quetta, I meet the relatives of seven dead men and nine "disappeared" - men presumed to have been abducted by the security forces. One man produces a mobile phone picture of the body of his 22-year-old cousin, Mumtaz Ali Kurd, his eyes black with swelling and his shirt drenched in blood. A relative of Zaman Khan, one of three lawyers killed in the past nine months, produces court papers. A third trembles as he describes finding his brother's body in an orchard near Quetta.

Patterns emerge. The victims were generally men between 20 and 40 years old - nationalist politicians, students, shopkeepers, labourers. In many cases they were abducted in broad daylight - dragged off buses, marched out of shops, detained at FC checkposts - by a combination of uniformed soldiers and plain-clothes intelligence men. Others just vanished. They re-emerge, dead, with an eerie tempo - approximately 15 bodies every month, although the average was disturbed last Saturday when eight bodies were found in three locations across Balochistan.

Activists have little doubt who is behind the atrocities. Human Rights Watch says "indisputable" evidence points to the hand of the FC, the ISI and its sister agency, Military Intelligence. A local group, Voice for Missing Persons, says the body count has surpassed 110. "This is becoming a state of terror," says its chairman, Naseerullah Baloch.

The army denies the charges, saying its good name is being blemished by impersonators. "Militants are using FC uniforms to kidnap people and malign our good name," says Major General Obaid Ullah Khan Niazi, commander of the 46,000 FC troops stationed in Balochistan. "Our job is to enforce the law, not to break it."

Despairing relatives feel cornered. Abdul Rahim, a farmer wearing a jewelled skullcap, is from Khuzdar, a hotbed of insurgent violence. He produces court papers detailing the abduction of his son Saadullah in 2009. First he went to the courts but then his lawyer was shot dead. Then he went to the media but the local press club president was killed. Now, Rahim says, "nobody will help in case they are targeted too. We are hopeless."

Balochistan has long been an edgy place. Its vast, empty deserts and long borders are a magnet for provocateurs of every stripe. Taliban fighters slip back and forth along the 800-mile Afghan border; Iranian dissidents hide inside the 570-mile frontier with Iran. Drug criminals cross the border from Helmand, the world's largest source of heroin, on their way to Iran or lonely beaches on the Arabian Sea. Wealthy Arab sheikhs fly into remote airstrips on hunting expeditions for the houbara bustard, a bird they believe improves their lovemaking. At Shamsi, a secretive airbase in a remote valley in the centre of the province, CIA operatives launch drones that attack Islamists in the tribal belt.

The US spies appreciate the lack of neighbours - Balochistan covers 44% of Pakistan yet has half the population of Karachi. The province's other big draw is its natural wealth. At Reko Diq, 70 miles from the Afghan border, a Canadian-Chilean mining consortium has struck gold, big-time. The Tethyan company has discovered 4bn tonnes of mineable ore that will produce an estimated 200,000 tonnes of copper and 250,000 ounces of gold per year, making it one of the largest such mines in the world. Distributed in UK: Society for the propagation of truth

Our America

 Nasim Hassan

Emerging Challenges Facing Muslims in the USA
by Nasim Hassan, Delaware, USA

The straws in the wind indicate the upcoming storm. There is a rising tide of hate crimes and discrimination in North America. This started after sad September 11 episode and continues unabated till today. Sometimes it manifests itself as anti Sharia laws in various states and at other times it shows as Hate Rallies.

The recent "Draw Muhammad" Contest in Garland Texas indicates the well planned anti Islam campaign spreading across the USA. Pamela Geller who organized this contest is the same person who initiated the protest against Park51 Islamic center in New York

Muslim immigrants living in the USA are proud of their Eastern values, strong family ties and long-term relationships. They believe that living in America will not impact them or their next generation.

However, the reality has started to dawn and now I see no difference between the life challenges, hopes and dreams of Muslims and common

American people.

In this write up I like to highlight the upcoming challenges for Muslims with strong belief in common sense of American people and judicial system. Although the system works the Muslims in North America must make efforts to create a positive image by their practical example. In fact the USA provides more basic human freedoms as compared to many Muslim countries. Recognizing the upcoming challenges listed below is the first step in a long journey.


Muslims should recognize the rising tide of Islamophobia in the radio talk shows, negative portrayal of Muslims in the Hollywood films and some award winning television shows such as Homeland. The image of American Muslims continues to decline in the news media. Let us accept the fact that the general public does not receive the counter narrative from Muslims. There is hardly a radio, television or newspaper articles showing the positive side of Muslims as law abiding citizens.

It is a very difficult task indeed to create quality radio or television programs without proper training or experience. Even then I believe that Islamic centers all across the USA can create a positive image by opening their doors to American people. This communication must continue in the work place without any hesitation.

Contrary to common perceptions there is no specific dress for Muslim women or men. In fact it would be difficult for anyone to recognize working Muslims from ordinary Americans walking in the shopping malls or amusement parks. Some conservative Muslims certainly wear Arab dress and become focus of attention.

Discrimination and Hate Crimes

There has been a gradual increase in hate crimes against Muslims after 9/11. The murder of three Muslims in Chapel Hill, NC is a recent example of hate crime. I foresee a major problem of discrimination against Muslims in a shrinking economy and growing budget deficits. People with Muslim sounding names are routinely separated at the airport and checked. This trend will extend gradually to education, business, jobs and social interaction.

Who is to blame for this growing problem? The Muslim community leaders, common people and indeed all of us need to think deeply about the long-term impact of this discrimination. The religious leaders here have a special responsibility. They have to project an image of Islam to focus on peace, tolerance, charity and equality.

At present, this issue is not being properly addressed in Islamic centers. There is a lot of emphasis on prayer rituals and very little is being said about universal message of Islam that recognizes all biblical prophets and their teachings.

Muslim communities all across North America have to take a proactive approach and condemn all acts that do not conform to the spirit of Islam. If nothing is done at this stage then gradually Muslims will suffer the consequences. At low income there is no safety net in the USA. Below poverty level people of all religions and ethnic background suffer crime, drug abuse, malnutrition and diseases.

Divorce and separation

This issue is related to marriage. Our young people do not interact in any forum. In fact the Islamic centers actively discourage all kinds of social interaction. Even supervision of adult mentors is not acceptable. In the schools, universities and work place there is no segregation. This creates a lot of confusion. In the older generation, the father rules the house and the mom follows. Young people start behaving like their parents and fail due to current era of women's right, equality and freedom. The divorce rate for Muslims is equal or more than that of common Americans.

I have seen a number of mature South Asians getting divorce after years of married life. Ordinarily, such separation or divorce would not happen if they were living back home. Here they are living away from their parents, relatives and friends. There is no social intervention mechanism. Back home the parents and friends listen to both sides. Then the parents advise and reconcile the differences.

In the USA, the ladies talk to their friends and tell them their side of the story. Their friends listen to only one side of the story and give advice accordingly. The husband tells his grievances to his friends and the same thing happens. Ultimately the courts decide and lawyers make money. I have seen people in their fifties getting divorce with grown-up children.

Children simply cannot advise their parents and let them go their own ways.

There is a pressing need for counseling services in the Muslim community. Muslims do not like to spend money on counseling or getting help from psychologists or psychiatrists. They believe this activity is sheer waste of money. So once the process starts there is only one direction it can lead to.

Level of Education

The first generation of immigrants that landed in the USA in the seventies has done very well. They saved money, educated their kids and built Islamic centers. These people were highly educated and understood the dynamics of success in a foreign country.

In the next wave, a large number of people who came were not professionals. These people worked very hard and made a better life. However, their long working hours and pursuit of monetary benefits resulted in the neglect of education for their children.

The off-springs of the second wave immigrants are not getting the quality education.
If the Muslim community has its eyes on progress then it should work hard on the education of their children. In the global village, the less educated people living in the USA have to compete with highly educated people from developing countries.

Growing Old in America

This is a very complex issue indeed. Muslims aging in America have only Islamic centers and nothing else. In the majority of Islamic centers, people come for prayers and then quickly leave to take care of daily business. So there are hardly any people during the day time. In Friday prayers the people come from work and then quickly leave. Since the majority of Muslims are young this issue does not receive the attention it deserves.

There is no social or cultural forum or place where the seniors can meet and spend time together. Frankly, the first generation immigrants have not thought seriously about this issue. They are capable of facilitating interaction, communication and other activities to keep themselves busy at this time. This problem will emerge when a large segment of less educated immigrants starts to retire in this country. It is my hope that immigrants form and develop organizations to tackle this issue.


The first step in addressing any challenge is to recognize the problem. The problem has already emerged in various forms of prejudice and discrimination. Negative image of Islam and Muslims has been steadily growing after the attack on the World Trade Center on 9/11.

There are so many ways for Muslims in America to improve this image. The best option and initiative in my opinion is increased communication with fellow Americans on individual and organizational level. People in the USA do not carry any historical prejudice against Muslims. Let us all take a step forward to create peace and harmony among people of all religions, races, creed and color.

Los Angeles
As Families break up, the Poor are neglected.
(Courtesy sis. Hamdiya)

3 brothers fatally stabbed were subject of abuse investigations by L.A. County

Eastern Kentucky
The Dilemma of Kim Davis: "Gays" want to display Private life!
"I Wish I Could Decide Whether Or Not To Do My Job And Still Get Paid!"
by Sis. Aisha [New York]

This was the sentiment callers expressed regarding elected Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis' anti-gay marriage stance, on the WLIB 1190 AM Al Sharpton Show. Though many of these same callers agreed with her beliefs, this is a Black Christian radio station, they were quick to point out that she is an elected official and MUST work for everyone.

Kim Davis' issue is that as an elected official, her name is stamped on those marriage licenses. Though she does not have to give out the marriage licenses to gay couples, her deputy clerks have been doing that; her name stamped on these certificates gives the impression she approves of gay marriage. She was released from jail on September 8th and is due to return to work Monday, September 14th. However, her lawyers are trying to get an injunction to remove Kim Davis' name from the marriage licenses issued to gay couples. The removal of her name is unlikely, however.

Kim Davis is in a dither because she is a Christian but, she works for a secular government. Kentucky is apart of the Bible Belt but, its government officials were the ones who pushed for Gay marriage. Were they Christian, too? I have no idea but, their behavior does not follow Scripture. This is the difficulty we all must face: How to practice our faith in a land that threatens our way of life?

There is no such thing as "to you be your way and to me be mine" with gays and their straight-allies!

I am glad people showed support for Davis. This rally let the promosexuals know that there is opposition to their efforts to ram their sin down our throats! The fact that the Sodomites tried to stone Prophet Lut (pbuh), for merely voicing opposition to their sexual preferences, should be our clue to their inflexible and uncompromising views. They are not the ones who are preaching that your sex life should be kept private. LGBTQ are exhibitionists by "nature." They are are not trying to live in this society as private citizens. The gays are trying to control it. They are making moves to create public unisex bathrooms because of the transgendered!

However, from this country's insurrection, it was always anti-God! The attempted annihilation of the Native Americans for this land, the importation of Stolen Africans to till this land, the killing off of wildlife to make even more room for European settlers, etc. If you know America's history, it should be of no surprise that homosexuals and the Zionists are ruling the roost!

This is why practicing Christians, Jews, and Muslims must stay away from American politics. It values individual rights over society's and it's capitalist economy thrives off of greed - these ideas go against everything we're taught in Scripture and Holy Qur'an!

Kim Davis may have to resign because she is apart of an infrastructure that separates Church from State! You can't even have a Ten Commandments billboard in a federal building because of atheistic protests. Davis' "movement" would mean more if the government were harassing her, on behalf of gays, as a private citizen. I think it would gain more traction, since these stories are becoming more common. Americans are getting tired of these promosexual bully pulpits!

The government, sports leagues, public school, mainstream media...these are all entities that the oppressor controls. These entities have rules that are written and unwritten that ensure they always have power over their dominion. We become a squirrel in their world. But, this is not a new problem. What is ridiculous is a practicing Christian working for a government that separates Church from State and expecting officials to accommodate her beliefs. Muslim employees have a hard enough time getting prayer breaks on the job, in the private sector!

However, there are times when fighting to practice your faith is important. Muhammad Ali's refusal to go to Vietnam is an example of the government trying to impose its will on a private citizen. Former NBA player Imam Mahmoud 'Abdul-Ra'uf abstained from coming out during the National Anthem and was suspended. But, should any sports league make saluting the American flag a requirement? Most sports leagues also host events dedicated to military personnel. I certainly don't agree with their hero status! The above mentioned instances involved individuals being persecuted for following their beliefs, which did not affect anyone but, that individual.

Just as Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) has said: There is no compromise with Islam. The Nation of Islam and Jehovah's Witnesses have always had the "No Vote" philosophy. Assimilation was never their goals. We should struggle to follow suit.

War News

 War News


First UK drone attack on British citizens
by Sis. Karin Friedemann [Boston]

The UK just created history on 21 and 24 of August 2015 by committing targeted assassinations of British citizens residing in Syria using drone strike.

"Cardiff-born Reyaad Khan, 21, and Ruhul Amin, from Aberdeen, died last month in Raqqa, alongside another fighter, in the first targeted UK drone attack on a British citizen, Cameron told MPs," reported the BBC.

The British government claims the lads had been plotting "barbaric" attacks on UK soil and they had no other choice but to kill them just in case. The media called Junaid Hussain a "cyber jihadist" and pictured him with a rifle in a photo.

Both Khan and Hussain had been involved in actively recruiting IS "sympathisers" and plotting to attack "high-profile public commemorations" taking place in the UK this summer, the prime minister said.

"There was a terrorist directing murder on our streets and no other means to stop him."

This makes no sense. He was overseas. They could have just prevented them from returning to Britain, arrested him and given him a trial. And what do they mean by attacking? Like he might have gone there to pass out flyers about the Syrian situation? What exactly. I guess we will never know since he's dead. God rest his soul.

"Khan was killed in a precision strike on 21 August by a remotely piloted aircraft, "after meticulous planning" by the UK government, while he was travelling in a vehicle," reported BBC. Another British national, Junaid Hussain, 21 and from Birmingham, was killed in a separate air strike by US forces in Raqqa on 24 August.

Two years ago, Britain refused to enter the war to help Syrian refugees but last September approved British participation in air strikes against IS targets in Iraq only. This recent action is the first time Britain has droned anyone at all in Syria, so it is interesting that their first choice as a target was their own citizens. To spare themselves the hassles of being prosecuted or retaliated by a foreign government, the UK has simply taken to using their own citizens for target practice overseas. I guess that would limit the legal repercussions!

We do not know enough information right now to determine whether the UK was just practicing their weaponry on some soft targets or if any of the victims were potential political activists in some way. Officials told the media the UK would "act immediately [in Syria] and explain to Parliament afterwards."

The strike on Khan was "the first time in modern times that a British asset has been used to conduct a strike in a country where we're not involved in a war", said Cameron. "Britain has used remotely piloted aircraft in Iraq and Afghanistan but this is a new departure and that's why I thought it important to come to the House and explain why I think it is necessary and justified."


US Drone strikes kill 22 Islamics: Bilawal Bhutto says Not Enough. Peshawar Gun Fight.

On September 12, in south Waziristan a US drone strike killed 7 and injured two fighters from the Khattab group.
Probably Pakistani military was guiding the strike because it immediately announced that those involved were from those who attacked the Pakistani military school in December.

Earlier on September 11, a US drone strike killed 15 Islamic fighters, in South Waziristan, including two local commanders. [Daily Dawn]

Also on September 12, in a gunfight in a suburb of Peshawar, one Pakistani police officer was killed and 4 wounded. Two of the "militants" were killed and one wounded.

In Lahore, Bilawal Bhutto, son of Benazir Bhutto, sharply criticized the government for failure to crush the "extremists" though military operations against them have been going on for SEVEN years. He was addressing a farmer's convention in Lahore. He lashed out at the Nawaz Sharif government for not keeping promises to the people.


65 Villages in Badakhshan Collapse To The Taliban
by Faridullah Hussainkhail


At least 65 villages in Raghistan district of Badakhshan province have reportedly collapsed to the Taliban, local officials said Thursday.

District Governor Rustam Khan Raghi confirmed this and said that the villages collapsed to the insurgents over the past two days.

According to Raghi, 25 additional troops have been sent in to the district but no air support has been provided. Raghi said that the Taliban has advanced close to the Raghistan Bazar but clashes between security forces and the Taliban have seemingly stopped


Al-Nusra Victory captures Assad Air Base: Heavy fighting around Damascus. al-Zabadani 7th week.

ISIS Advancing towards major cities: Homs, Hama, and Marea [Turkish-US safe area.]

Syria is ablaze with mujahideen sensing victory, trying to enter Damascus. Shells are falling now in the center of the city.

Hizbullah failed once again to capture al-Zabadani, Assad's escape route through the Qalamoun mountains. Assad's military hit it with 12 ground to ground missiles and 22 barrel bombs but could not expel mujahideen.

In Lattakia, the Alawite heartland, mujahideen are now entrenched in several areas and Assad's air strikes are not working.

Russian troops are pouring into Tartus. Russia is building a vast runway to bring quick relief for Assad. Observers think this is Assad's final hope. Will the Russian fire power sweep away the Islamic fighters?

America too is trying to create a wedge in the north, Marea, but ISIS is advancing on it.

Kurdish advances in the north east have come to a stand still.

IRAQ - [Kurdish PKK in Iraq has killed scores of Turkish police and soldiers but Turkey is countering the Communists with full force.]

[US air strikes wiped out an ISIS ammunition hub near Ramadi in Iraq.]



The Victim Narrative
From The Holocaust To The Cosby Scandal

by Alexander Baron

Note from New Trend Editor - After the attack on Dr. Kaukab Siddique by the Daily Beast, New Trend asked Mr. Baron to write on these sensitive issues. As no one at New Trend is an expert on these issues, we welcome any critical responses or corrections. We are not asking for opinion but for researched corrections if any.

One of the most controversial issues of the past forty years has been the subject of so-called Holocaust denial. The publication in 1974 of the pamphlet Did Six Million Really Die? and then two years later of the meticulously researched and irrefutable The Hoax Of The Twentieth Century caused a furore in especially Europe. Both were banned even under the Apartheid régime in South Africa.

At times, the mere mention of Holocaust denial, so-called, generates hysteria in the media. Why should this be so? While Holocaust Revisionists are denounced as Nazis, anti-Semites, even lunatics, their supporters fight back with claims that the hate campaign is directed by media Jews or powerful Zionist forces behind the scenes. The usual response to this is that these people are promoting an anti-Semitic conspiracy theory, yet a dispassionate examination of the facts lends support to the Revisionists and their supporters. To take just one example, in December 2008, Joel Stein wrote (1) in the Los Angeles Times: Only 22% of Americans now believe "the movie and television industries are pretty much run by Jews," down from nearly 50% in 1964. The Anti-Defamation League, which released the poll results last month, sees in these numbers a victory against stereotyping. Actually, it just shows how dumb America has gotten. Jews totally run Hollywood. Then, putting his money where his mouth is, he goes on to list all the powerful Jews who run the American film industry. While the arrogance is all too common, the candour is not. Jews exercise enormous power and influence in the US media and government, great power in the UK, and indeed many other predominently white nations, including South Africa. At times the influence is more perfidious than the power, anyone who so much as mentions the hidden hand of Organised Jewry risks social ostracism and even financial ruin. Is this indeed a worldwide conspiracy, or are other forces at work? Tempting though it is to believe the former, I believe there is another explanation, one that at its heart has little or nothing to do with Jews, Zionism, anti-Semitism, or even Jewish power. Please bear with me while I expound this hitherto unexplored thesis.

It is well to remember that power comes in many forms, including the illusory. In his 1987 book Jews in the German Economy: The German-Jewish Economic Elite 1820-1935, W.E.Mosse, writes: in 1908 in Prussia, there were 747 millionaires (with more than 5 million Marks), 162 of them were of Jewish extraction - page 6. "[A Nazi] document of June 1933 - to be treated with due reserve but seemingly in the main reliable in many of its facts - claims that of 147 members of the stock, produce, and metal exchanges, 116, almost 80 per cent, were of Jewish origin." There were 25 Jews and 11 Gentiles on the management committee of the stock exchange, 12 Jews and 4 Gentiles on the produce and 10 Jews, 2 Gentiles in the metal exchange. - page 337.

This is economic power, but is it political power? (2) Let us take a more general view. One of the de rigueur complaints of social justice warriors is that big business exploits us all, basically that businessmen - almost invariably men - are predators who prey on us ruthlessly. The mere existence of big companies is considered a social evil, even supermarkets are attacked as predatory. The reality is that big companies and especially supermarkets are one of the great benefactors of the modern age. Were it not for the economies of scale that come with size, the cost of food would be much higher, and consumer goods a lot rarer. While some companies do bad things - weapons manufacturers, it might be argued - their size does not make them evil, likewise, their power is often illusory. Where retail is concerned, it is the consumer who is powerful, because if shoppers vote with their feet, the company will go out of business, and indeed many huge companies have. To take just one example, HMV was founded in 1921. At the time of writing it owns 125 stores, but in 2007 it owned more than 400 worldwide, and in January 2013 it went into administration. Jewish economic power is no different, it is subservient to the market, and even political power is not all it is made out to be; Jews wielded enormous political power in Weimar Germany, but with the rise of Hitler they were stripped of this power, and their goose was cooked. (3) So how can we explain the taboo and hysteria about the Holocaust, and more generally about Organised Jewry today? The answer is that Organised Jewry are exploiting a victim narrative. This is the real source of power for many pernicious ideologies, organisations and people in the modern world, including feminism and those responsible for the current historical child abuse witch-hunt in the UK.

Feminism is a victim narrative, one of its sub-narratives is that women can do no evil. This was not always the case, but since the 1970s feminists have been pushing the idea that anytime a woman does something bad, even a series of bad acts, it is not her fault, rather it is the fault of the mythical patriarchy, of men, or even of one man. In the UK and Canada especially, there are individuals and organisations who will take up the cudgels for almost any woman accused of murdering a husband or a lover, however overwhelming the evidence against her. A stellar example of this is the American woman Jodi Arias who murdered her lover Travis Alexander.

Arias was obsessive about Alexander, and when her obsessive behaviour went over the top, he parted company with her. Months later, apparently over a period of weeks, she hatched a diabolical plan to kill him. Faking a burglary at her grandmother's home, she stole a gun, hired a car, and drove a thousand miles across the Arizona Desert avoiding gas stations where she might be captured on CCTV. On arriving at his home she bluffed her way in with a promise of sex, lured him into the shower (to destroy DNA evidence), stabbed him to death, put a bullet in his skull, and nearly hacked off his head for good measure. After her arrest, Arias claimed at first not to have seen her victim for months, then claimed she was present when he was murdered by two mysterious individuals, and finally when that lie could not be sustained either, she claimed to have killed him in self-defence. Who would testify on behalf of such a woman? Alyce LaViolette would, and did. Expert witness so-called LaViolette listened to the lies of Jodi Arias, and stated on oath that the murderess was the real victim. Can anyone credit such nonsense?

This ludicrous victim narrative extends even to serial killers, thus for loony feminist Phyllis Chesler, the person responsible for the crimes of Aileen Wuornos was not the damsel of death herself but her first victim, Richard Mallory, who is said to have raped her. We have only the word of common prostitute Wuornos for this, but according to Chesler, it was this unspeakable act that pushed her over the edge, and led her to murder another six totally innocent men. Incredibly, Chesler was given space in a peer reviewed journal to espouse this nonsense. (4)

Sometimes, indeed often, this special pleading succeeds, thus in the UK, Stacey Hyde was originally convicted of murder and given a 9 year tariff. She attacked her victim, Vincent Francis, with a knife, stabbing him seventeen times. Hyde had been drinking at the time with Francis and his lover Holly Banwell. She did not live with the couple, but had been invited back to their home for a drinking session. She murdered Francis while Banwell was on the phone to the police, yet she was cleared of murder at a retrial, and walked free. She had been supported by a self-styled women's rights organisation. Would any men's rights organisation do the same for a man?

This particular feminist narrative has been around for forty, perhaps fifty years, yet it is already ingrained in the media, even in the law. The Jewish victim narrative has been around for at least two thousand years - from the time of the Crucifixion - and in a sense goes back three and a half thousand years, to the Exodus. Throughout history, Jews have indeed suffered persecution - as have all peoples - but only they have made a religion of it. For Torah-true Jews, persecution and anti-Semitism are divinely inspired, they are a message from the Almighty telling them to stay on the narrow path as God's Chosen People, to lead by example. For Organised Jewry and political Zionism though, the Chosen People concept has an entirely different meaning, namely that they are better than everyone else, and are thereby entitled to ride roughshod over the rest of Mankind. The Jewish victim narrative is mpart and parcel of that, and includes the Holocaust survivor narrative.

Feminism tells us to believe women uncritically, including and especially victims of domestic violence and rape. After all, who but a sexist, a misogynist or a rape apologist would do otherwise, right? For Organised Jewry, uncritical belief in the Holocaust, and the testimony of survivors is part and parcel of that narrative. Anyone who does not concur 100% each and every time can only be tainted with anti-Semitism. Now that we have identified this narrative, let us take a long hard look at the reality of the Holocaust.

The first thing one must never challenge is the 6 million figure, and already we run into a problem, because this figure is not simply emblematic, it is pure fiction. Back in the 1990s, someone unearthed a reference from the American Hebrew newspaper to a Holocaust of 6 million Jews. This paper was dated October 31, 1919! Since then, Dr Töben and his team have unearthed many more references dating to as early as 1915. It is clear this figure has no basic in fact.

Next we have what was used for decades as the propaganda proof of the Holocaust, all those terrible photographs from especially Belsen and Dachau camps, but these are not proof at all, because similar photographs can be found of other concentration camps, including from the American Civil War, and even from humanitarian tragedies that have nothing to do with war, famines, for example.

As Professor Butz wrote in his aforementioned classic, quoted here from page 55 of the 2003 edition: It is, I believe, Belsen, which has always constituted the effective, mass propaganda "proof" of exterminations, and even today you will find such scenes occasionally waved around as "proof." In fact these scenes, repeated in varying degrees at other German camps, e.g. Dachau and Buchenwald, were much less related to "extermination" than the scenes at Dresden after the British-American raids of February 1945, when many, many times as many bodies were found lying around."

This claim is as true today as it was when these words were written, but the reality is there are two Holocausts: the one peddled by the media, and the other which is confined to academic books. In the media, the 6 million figure is sacrosanct, while the atrocity photographs are used as the mass propaganda proof, after all, who can deny these very emotive and powerful photographs? Yet in their specialist texts, Holocaust academics - Jew and Gentile - concede readily that these photographs are proof of no such thing. Which brings us to the eyewitnesses, the survivors.

If one can cast suspicion on the 6 million and even on the photographs, surely one cannot challenge the veracity of the survivors, the living victims? Yes, we can and should, much of the time. The reality is that many of these survivors - those who have taken to print - are shameless liars. Some are fantasists. A few are not even genuine. (5) And those who were there, either their memories are polluted with horrific but fanciful tales and rumours, or when their recollections are both honest and accurate, they paint an entirely different picture of the camps from Hollywood.

Take for example the case of Gena Turgel, the self-styled Bride of Belsen. Her ghost-written autobiography (6) contains a ludicrous reference to Anne Frank, and the claim that she herself was actually inside a gas chamber at Auschwitz. This was really a shower, but she has repeated this nonsense many times, including at the age of 90.

In December last year, the London Daily Mail published an interview with another former concentration camp inmate; Klara Markus is said to have survived Dachau, Ravensbrück and Auschwitz, which begs the question, if the Nazis were so keen to exterminate all Jews, why did she survive even one? But it gets worse, she survived Auschwitz because the Nazis ran out of gas that day. And bullets too, presumably. In 2010, she is said to have told a Romanian newspaper that when she asked about her mother and sisters, the SS replied: "Maybe, you should search for them in the smoke or ashes!"

These claims are not simply ludicrous, they insult our intelligence, but at the time the paper interviewed her, Mrs Markus was a hundred years old, and about to celebrate another birthday. Is anyone going to challenge the testimony of a 101 year old woman, seriously? Contemporaneous reports by concentration camp inmates are no more reliable; there were two women who claimed to have been sent to the gas chamber and actually gassed: Sophia Litwinska and Regina Bialek. These claims are not well publicised, but documents from the relevant trials are available on-line. (7)

The Litwinska and Bialek testimonies are typical of something I have long maintained, namely that eyewitness and survivor testimonies that support the official version of the Holocaust are not credible, while testimonies that are credible support the Revisionist interpretation. And, incredible though it may seem, we can thank Holocaust true believer Steven Spielberg for reinforcing this indisputable fact. Alarmed that Revisionists were being taken seriously, this powerful Jewish movie mogul decided to set up a foundation to document the testimonies of survivors on film. The young American Revisionist Eric Hunt has carried out a superb deconstruction of Spielberg's foolishness, and has included a number of such testimonies in his documentary The Last Days Of The Big Lie.

In spite of this, and in spite of the skepticism shown by regular historians to survivor testimonies (off the record), it is considered anti-Semitic, even obscene, to call them out. Again, this is not because it is indeed anti-Semitic to do so, but because the victim narrative must never be challenged. The parallels with the feminist rape narrative are uncanny. Everyone knows rapes happen, but the reality is that many, perhaps half or more of all allegations are false, and contrary to the claims of the abuse industry, rape is not always a uniquely evil act from which no woman ever fully recovers. Yet anyone who disputes the spurious rape statistics or the professed effects on victims can only be sexist, a misogynist, and very likely a rape apologist.

At the time of writing we are seeing a witch-hunt in the UK; celebrities have had their names dragged through the mud, and at least three, probably four, have been convicted of imaginary crimes and given long prison sentences. Some of these imaginary crimes date back forty or more years; the victims were said to have been too traumatised at the time and for decades later to report them, but once one comes forward, the floodgates open, the proof of these crimes is the fact that so many allegations have been made. Major or even impossible discrepancies in the accounts of the victims are considered to be the result of that trauma, thus Rolf Harris was convicted of indecently assaulting one woman even though there was absolutely no evidence that he had ever visited the community centre where this very public assault was supposed to have taken place. Query this though, and you are mocking the victim.

We see victim narratives of this sort everywhere, they are used to excuse bad, criminal or even murderous behaviour, as in the case of Stacey Hyde. The victim narrative empowers the faux victim, and the alleged perpetrator is himself victimised by society, including to the full extent of the law. It is this, I believe, that is the true secret - if secret it be - of Jewish power, especially with regard to the Holocaust.

The latest manifestation of this nonsense is something that is called intersectionality, in which various minority groups including women (who are far from a minority) compete for victim status. At the top of the chain of oppression are white, Anglo-Saxon, heterosexual males, who cannot be oppressed, although some allowance may be made for the white working class male. White women are of course not quite as oppressive as men, then comes black men, then black women. What happens though when oppressions collide? An amusing example of this is the Bill Cosby rape scandal.

In 2005, Cosby was accused of drugging and raping a white woman, thirteen other victims came forward, but the scandal went to sleep for a decade after he settled with his first accuser. Last October it returned with a vengence, and initially the media was somewhat skeptical. Talking heads were also in an uncomfortable position: did they side with the women and risk being branded racist, or did they side with Cosby and become rape apologists? Eventually, this bandwagon became too seductive for a number of black women, and after they jumped on it too, the issue was no longer racism v rapism but a wealthy and powerful man using his power to violate vulnerable women. The most fascinating thing about the Cosby scandal is that the majority of his accusers have little if any credibility, yet the media never mentions this. The numbers are certainly impressive, but so are those for sightings of the Loch Ness Monster.

Returning to the Jewish Question, I will add that the reason we are supposedly seeing a resurgence of anti-Semitism in Europe is because the Jewish victim narrative in the Middle East has lost out to the Palestinian victim narrative. After decades of censorship, double standards and at times naked tyranny, the sheeple have woken up to the reality of Zionism and its atrocities. Indeed, there are now so many Jews opposed to the barbarism of the Israeli Government that it is hopeless even for the Zionists to try to defend it anymore, so instead they have created a new victim narrative, now anti-Semites are out to get the Jews everywhere else.

Another victim narrative deserving of mention is that of the homosexual lobby. It is difficult to credit that when I was a boy, homosexual acts between consenting adults were criminal here in the UK until the so-called Wolfenden reforms, and even in the US. In practice,,homosexuals were tolerated as long as they did not attempt to corrupt the young, and otherwise kept themselves to themselves. In October 1953, the famous Shakespearean actor Sir John Gielgud was fined after being arrested for cruising in a public toilet. It did not do his career the slightest harm.

Today, the organised homosexual movement is not satisfied with mere legality, they and their supporters demanded - and got - the right for men to marry other men, and now they demand not only that society recognise their perversion, but the social ostracism and even criminal prosecution of those who are unwilling to accept their gay lifestyle. There have been several cases recently on both sides of the Atlantic which have seen the full force of the law used against dissenters, yet still homosexuals portray themselves as victims.

One final lesson should be learned from all this, the usual explanation for the rise of Nazism and the purge of Jews by the Government of Adolf Hitler is anti-Semitism or more generally racism. The reality is that black Americans were second class citizens in the Deep South at the same time and for a long time before, but apart from the occasional lynching, since the abolition of slavery blacks were never in danger of being purged from the American economy, and were certainly never rounded up and thrown into concentration camps. The Nazis were able to treat the Jews like this because they created their own victim narrative the anti-feminist blogger Alison Tieman calls this a threat narrative, but it amounts to the same thing. A substantial tranche of the German establishment was able to convince the bulk of the population - or at least a significant number of those who mattered - that the German people were victims of Jews (by their apparent domination of the economy, etc). In contining to plug their own victim narrative, Organised Jewry are playing a dangerous game, as is evinced by the about face of Western establishments over the past forty years on homosexuality: yesterday's oppressor is tomorrow's victim, and vice versa.

I could write a lot more about victim narratives, but I will end by saying that they are so pernicious I truly believe that along with usury they account for most of the evils that currently plague Mankind. Victim narratives are largely unknown, and when they are detected are just as widely misunderstood. The far right blame them on "the Jews", Zionism, cultural Marxism; the conspiratorial left like some elements of the far right on the Illuminati.

The big mistake they all make is that they are looking for a conspiratorial hub that doesn't exist; it is not the people behind them that are evil necessarily, but the victim narratives themselves, although many of those pushing them are indeed evil, some beyond belief. We must expose and destroy victim narratives wherever they rear their ugly heads. This does not mean that we should not have compassion for genuine victims; in one sense we are all victims, because we are all born to die. If we die young, then we are victims on that account; if we live to any reasonable age, we will all have our share of physical and spiritual pain, some more than others. Some of us will face disfigurement, lose limbs, we will all lose friends and a man who has no friends to lose is doubly a victim - we may suffer financial loss, humiliation, loss of honour (rightly or wrongly), and so on. But the fact that we are all victims and that some suffer more than others should not be used to exploit others or demand special privileges by manipulating the hierarchy of oppression.

Notes And References
  1. Who runs Hollywood? C'mon, from the on-line edition, December 19, 2008. This article has of course been widely cited by the usual suspects.

  2. In 1933, the London Jewish Chronicle published a supplement with its February 24 issue which included an extensive analysis of German Jewry. The make up of the professions was given as follows: actors - 31, authors - 374, dentists - 713, doctors - 3,670, editors - 41, lawyer 2,208, singers - 113. If these figures are correct, they are surprising; Jewish influence in the media was minimal, yet out of a population of around 600,000, 1% were either doctors or lawyers.

  3. To give just one example from this period, in 1936 it was reported that 7,000 Jewish egg dealers had been eliminated from German commerce and that the egg industry was not 96% "Jew-free", Jewish Chronicle, April 17, 1936, page 12.

  4. Both these cases are sufficiently notorious as to require no citation. For a discussion of both and other cases, see my article In Denial Of Female Evil. Chesler's sickening apologia for Aileen Wuornos, A Woman's Right to Self-Defense: The Case of Aileen Carol Wuornos, was published in the Fall-Winter 1993 issue of St John's Law Review.

  5. Only very occassionally will this be admitted in a regular public forum. See for example The men who whitewash Hitler by Gita Sereny, published in the New Statesman, November 2, 1979.

  6. I Light A Candle by Gena Turgel with Veronica Groocock, published by Grafton, London, (1987).

  7. Litwinska's deposition can be found at Kew in file WO235/21. Bialek's testimony even found its way into print in TRIAL OF JOSEF KRAMER AND FORTY-FOUR OTHERS (The Belsen Trial), Edited by Raymond Phillips, Foreword by the Right. Hon. Lord Jowitt, published by William Hodge, London, (1949), page 657.

The Author
Alexander Baron is an independent researcher and archivist. The author of several books including two on the Holocaust from the Revisionist perspective, the advantage he has over most others in this field is that he did not attend university and was therefore not taught how not to think. Having though spent half his life researching in some of the most prestigious archives in the world, he does not feel his education has been in any way compromised

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