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22 Thw al-Qi'dah 1436 A.H.- September 6, 2015 Issue # 88, Newsletter #1618

Ayah of the Week

"O you who have believed, let not a people ridicule [another] people; perhaps they may be better than them; nor let women ridicule [other] women; perhaps they may be better than them. And do not insult one another and do not call each other by [offensive] nicknames. Wretched is the name of disobedience after [one's] faith. And whoever does not repent - then it is those who are the wrongdoers".

Holy Quran 49:11

Khula is the Right of the Wife and is not controlled by the husband.

by Kaukab Siddique

Most imams in America do not know that khula is given by an imam or Islamic authority on the appeal of the wife. It is not given or controlled by the husbands.

Why are these imams mistaken? One reason is that they don't know the correct audience of the verse of the Qur'an about khula. Here it is:

"Then if you fear that they would not be able to keep the limits ordained by Allah, then there is no sin on either of them if she gives back (the Mahr or a part of it) for her Al-Khul' (divorce)"
[al-Baqarah 2:229]

Notice the word "you" [singular] referring to the religious authority and "they" [plural] referring to the husband and wife.

Many imams make the blunder of thinking that "you" is the husband, which, if true would make no sense of "they."

Is there any evidence in the Qur'an or the hadith that the husband can give khula? Absolutely not, He can give talaq [for which there are numerous rules], but not khula.

Is there evidence that only the imam or religious authority can give khula? Absolutely.

One example is the hadith of the Prophet, pbuh, according to which he gave khula even when the woman did not have any evidence of brutality or abuse by the husband. [1]
It was only on the basis of incompatibility.

Another example is that of Umar, r.a., who gave khula to a woman about whom he could not understand why she wanted khula.' He shut her in a dark room and when she was released, she said that was the first time she had slept in peace. [2]

It was only on the basis of incompatibility. These were good husbands and good Muslims who would never mistreat their wives.

The third Righteous Caliph, did not want anything but a symbolic gesture of the return of gifts by the wife in khula. Just a hair pin.[3]

There is also evidence that the wife can initiate khula without going to an imam. If the husband does not accept it, then she can go to an authority. [4]

The husband under Saudi rulings can control khula by asking for writing down of khula and signatures by two witnesses.

Again, there is NO evidence that writing or witnesses are required in khula. Neither the Prophet, pbuh, nor Umar, r.a., nor Usman, r.a., carried out writing or witnessing.

  1. Volume 7, Book 63, Number 199: Narrated Ibn 'Abbas:
    The wife of Thabit bin Qais bin Shammas came to the Prophet and said, "O Allah's Apostle! I do not blame Thabit for any defects in his character or his religion, but I am afraid that I (being a Muslim) may become unthankful for Allah's Blessings." On that, Allah's Apostle said (to her), 'Will you return his garden to him?" She said, "Yes." So she returned his garden to him and the Prophet ordered him to divorce her.

  2. Ibn Jarir, narrating from Kathir, maula of Samra,

  3. Abdur Razzaq narrating about Usman, r.a. about Rabia.

  4. Also from Usman, the story of Rabia daughter of Mauz bin 'Afra.

Independent scholars are quite clear about Khula. For example:

"What is khula? When a woman does not like her husband for whatever reason and gets rid of him by returning his marriage gift to him." [Minhaj al-Muslim by Abu Bakr Jabir al-Jazairi, fadeelat al-Shaykh, instructor at the Mosque of the Prophet, pbuh, in Madinah

Boycott of Israel is Working.
Join the Movement

[Excerpted from Newsweek. Sept 1]

The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement, a campaign that advocates applying economic and political pressure on Israel to achieve equal rights for Palestinians in Israel and an end to the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories, hailed a decision by French infrastructure corporation Veolia to sell-off its final investment in the country as a "major" victory on Tuesday.
Transdev, a subsidiary of Veolia, last week sold its 5% stake in CityPass, which runs the controversial Jerusalem Light Rail that connects West Jerusalem with the Arab neighborhoods and Jewish settlements of East Jerusalem.

 871 = Made In Israel

East Jerusalem is a majority-Arab area which has been under Israeli control since the 1967 Six-Day War but is mooted to be the capital of any future Palestinian state under draft proposals issued by the Palestinian Authority.

In 2009, the United Nations Human Rights Council described the light rail project as "built to service the settlements." BDS campaigners have sought to protest against Veolia's investments both inside and outside of Israel, perceiving the company to be complicit in "Israeli violations of international law."


The BDS movement has waged a seven-year boycott campaign against Veolia—a company that employs 179,508 people and boasts a market capitalization of $10.9 billion—and claims that lost contracts across Europe and the U.S. have cost the company approximately $20 billion.

Riya Hassan, the Palestinian BDS National Committee's (BNC) Europe campaigns officer, hailed the company's withdrawal from Israel as a sign of the movement's growing effectiveness and attributed the company's exit to years of activism.

"Veolia has become one of the first companies to completely pull out of Israel as a result of BDS campaigning. Its decision shows that our movement is leading major companies to rethink their relationship with the Israel," she said in an email to Newsweek. "This major success for the BDS movement follows years of dedicated grassroots activism."
[With thanks to Br. Rich in Nebraska.]

Syrian Migration to Europe Could Have Positive Impact.

by Karin Friedman, Boston

 Syrian Migrants

Europeans have recently been forced to acknowledge the genocide going on in Syria because of dead bodies washing up on their beaches. Europe is experiencing the Syrian war on a level that is far removed from the American left's blind theorizing about what foreign powers are responsible. When one mentions the bombs come from Russia and the pilots are Iranian they short-circuit because the Americans really only get their alternative news from leftist, pro-Assad sources.

A certain photo of a little boy who had drowned got past the censors and went viral, as well as the story of an entire container load of corpses, many children, that washed up on a beach in Vienna. Germany made the first move to accept ten thousand refugees. However, there are more than ten thousand refugees so other European countries are being pressured to help out. So far all of the refugee burden is on Italy and Greece due to their proximity to Syria via the Mediterranean Sea. Fascist Hungary is building an Israel-like wall on its border with Serbia, to keep the refugees out. There are reports of Serbians welcoming the Syrian refugees, but there is historical anti-Turk bias.

As a result of not wanting to repeat the Holocaust, and genuine humanitarian concern, hundreds of demonstrating Austrians held signs reading "Refugees Welcome" this week. They must have been moved to the depths of their being because my experience of Austria was that they were quite xenophobic and openly hostile towards Turks. I was denied service there while wearing hijab. However, not in Vienna. Vienna is a very open-minded city with a long intellectual history.

While there are complaints about Arab and Muslim countries not doing enough for the Syrians, and those countries who do try to help are accused of harboring terrorists, it makes sense for Europeans to shelter this sudden influx of new talent. Countries such as Germany and Austria are so desperate for young people to fill their employment vacuum that they already offer free university tuition and serve as a destination for foreign students from Gaza, Africa, and Eastern Europe. Syrian immigrants may perhaps be valued above others because of their colored eyes.

Iceland, the most racist country in Europe, well shall we say the least diverse, offered 11,000 homes up voluntarily to house Syrian refugees. This is a profoundly anti-immigrant state.

According to census polls, the white race, in other words colored eyed people with blonde or red hair, are becoming an endangered species, after World War II caused them to kill each other off. In Europe and America, the inability to replace the population lost in WWII was caused largely by the personal choice to become gay, use birth control, or delay marriage until after menopause. Prior to the Syrian war, the Syrian population was considered the top producing country of whites. Even despite the war and refugee status, they continue to multiply. If it were not for the Syrians, the white race was due for extinction within the next century. The war happened after these population statistics were released in 2010.

Desperate for a global population to represent, white rights leaders such as David Duke expanded the definition of "white" to include Italians, Greeks and Syrians, calling them "Mediterranean whites." Dr. Duke visited Syria on multiple occasions as a guest of Assad, who is ironically now mass murdering the last of the blue eyeds.

With the Syrian war not likely to end soon, Syrians will probably become a permanent part of Europe, which already has twice the Arab/Islamic presence as the United States enjoys. This may have long lasting consequences on support for Israel, but at the same time, European housing of the Syrian refugees helps Zionism attain its goal of clearing that entire area for "Greater Israel."

According to Zionist plans that began to be discussed in the late 1800s in Switzerland, Iraq was supposed to become like an American Indian reservation for refugees, while Syrian land would become suburban luxury homes for foreign wealthy Jews and collaborative "investors."

Time will tell how that plot pans out, but Allah may have other plans. Syrians are a family oriented society and other than hygiene needs, they are not likely to cause instability in Europe. Rather, they might actually cause stability. They are bringing in a much needed homogenous population of literate, well-mannered and hard-working people that will be able to assimilate very quickly. By expanding the definition of "whiteness" to include Arabs and Muslims, Europe will be in a stronger negotiating position worldwide, than in the outdated past when Christianity represented Europe.

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War News


Somalia Slaughter

According to the BBC, September 1, Somali mujahideen known as al-Shabab, captured a military base of the Ugandan army in central Somalia. The Ugandan troops could not face an attack by a martyrdom operator who blew up the obstacles into the base. BBC says 70 Ugandan troops were killed. Al-Shabab took all the weapons in the base and left after setting fire to it.

[Western powers send non-Muslim troops, such as those from Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and Burundi to occupy a Muslim country, thus inflaming the situation... editor]

Cameroon Combat

Sept 3. According to the BBC, Boko Haram Islamic fighters attacked two points in Cameroon, one a military base and the other a market supporting the troops. The fighting spread into Cameroon after the Cameroon militart, with western support, decided to join the Nigerian army in fighting Boko Haram.

Iraqi Outrage & bombing

Sept 6. An Iraqi military column advancing on Ramadi fell into an ISIS ambush. Twenty two Shi'ite troops were killed and the rest retreated.

Near Fallujah, ISIS came out and attacked Baghdad troops trying to lay siege to the city. In the fighting 8 Baghdad troops were killed and the rest retreated. [Al-Jazeera]
September 5. ISIS fighters have encircled Haditha. They are moving towards the Haditha dam. The fighting could spread because troops are based nearby. [Al-Jazeera]

September 4. US Air Force carried out 25 air strikes against ISIS across Iraq to stop its advance against Shi'ite and Kurdish Communist strongholds. [OAP TV] In each strike numerous targets were hit.


Sept 6. Heavy fighting is continuing in southern Helmand province as the Kabul military forces with US air force support battle the Taliban. US military seem quite upset at Kabul regime claim that Musa Qala has been retaken from the Taliban. The US openly contradicted the Kabul claim. [New Trend notes that the Kabul regime is usually wrong in its claims against the Taliban.

Fighting is reported in Nangarhar province between Taliban and ex-Taliban now supporting ISIS

Latest Khutba

 Dr Kaukab Siddique

Do Da'wa and What is right. Only Allah knows the Future, the Unseen, the Ending. Modesty [Haya] is Essential for Muslims. Look at Umar, r.a., & Khalid, r.a.
A Christian woman is standing up to Homosex and She is Imprisoned without Bail.

On September 4, Br. Kaukab Siddique gave the juma' khutba at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore, Maryland. It was a hot, very humid, day with temperatures in the 90s, but the air conditioner and the fans were working.

The following are the main points for distribution countrywide.


"The Romans are vanquished in the nearer land, and they, after their defeat will be victorious within 10 years ---Allah's is the command in the former case and in the latter - and in that day believers will rejoice." [Qur'an 30::2-4]

Narrated Abu Huraira:

The Prophet said, "Faith consists of more than sixty branches . And Modesty [haya] is a part of faith." [Sahih Bukhari]
  1. The unseen and the final conclusion of things is known only to Allah.

  2. In sura Kahf, the Qur'an reveals the story of the seven [or more sleepers] and their dog who hid in a cave and slept beyond any reckoning of time. Even time becomes a relative, unknown, term.

  3. Sura Kahf also narrates the story of Khidr through whom Allah teaches us that we cannot know future events. Even one of the greatest messengers of Allah, Musa [Moses] , pbuh, could not know far into the future.

  4. In sura Room, [chapter 30] we have the forecasting of the victory of the Christians over the Persians within 10 years and even further into the future, the victory of the forces of Islam.

  5. We should fulfil our obligations. Pray the five prayers, fast and give zakat, love and care for spouses, be kind to neighbors and stand against oppression and wrong doing.

  6. Give the message of Islam. Da'wah is essential in all that we do. It should not be based on immediate success. We should do our best, use all the technologies and methodologies available, and leave the final results to Allah.

  7. If immediate results were the standard for da'wah and fear of powerful opposition by the oppressors were to guide us, the mission of Muhammad, pbuh, in Makkah would not have proceeded, as very few accepted him. In fact they ridiculed and taunted him. He not only persisted but struck at the roots of oppression and disbelief.

  8. Look at Umar, r.a. From being a pillar of oppression, he became the greatest caliph of Islam, so soft and loving towards the poor and the needy.

  9. Look at Khalid, r.a., [ibn al=Waleed] who even killed Muslims at Uhud [when he noticed them disobeying the Prophet, pbuh.] He became the greatest general Islam has produced and got the title of SAIFULLAH [the sword of Allah] from the Prophet, pbuh. Who could have known?

Part Two
  1. Modesty [a sense of decency, purity, privacy and shame] is part of Islam. Going into people's private lives and hidden weaknesses and searching for scandals is forbidden in Islam. [sura hujurat].

  2. American society has become a vast display of the search for scandal, peering into people's lives and uncovering the weaknesses which can be found in private lives.

  3. This search for indecency and the display of sexual affairs seems to be the driving force behind the vast marketing and media industry. It's a form of kufr [rejection of Allah's guidance.]

  4. The exploitation of women has become the staple of business and salesmanship. It's almost like the pre-Islamic era when poets would publically recite their sexual exploits and "secret" affairs.

  5. Immodesty and the search for the secrets of women started with movie making which glorified fornication. Gradually, the movie industry drifted into the exaltation of adultery, so much so that most movies present adultery as exciting and wonderful.

  6. Now we are in the era of bold and brazen indecency. The government decided to strike at the foundations of religion by legitimizing homosexuality. From the President of the United States to the Supreme Court, the cause of homosexuality was taken up by the Zionist power structure and media, and now homosexual "marriage" is legal..

  7. Moving forward, those who believe in God and reject homosexual "marriage" are becoming a persecuted minority in America. The latest is that a Christian woman who refused to carry out a homosexual "marriage" has been arrested and is being held without bail. [Even violent criminals are usually allowed bail.]

  8. Muslims should realize that they too will face the assault by the homosexual movement. Don't be confused by party divisions of Republican and Democrat. We should look for what is right from the Islamic viewpoint, not which party is supporting whom.

  9. Always seek guidance in the Qur'an and the example of the Prophet, pbuh.


 Zionist Soldier Palestinian Child

Is this disturbing video Israel's Eric Garner moment? Soldier almost choked an 11-Year Old Palestinian Child.

[Excerpted.] Updated by Max Fisher on August 31, 2015, 2:10 p.m. ET [Courtesy VOX]

An Israeli soldier holds down 11-year-old Palestinian boy Mohammed Tamimi in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh.

For a few years now, Palestinians in the West Bank village of Nabi Saleh have held a weekly demonstration to protest the Israeli occupation that has confiscated village land for a nearby Israeli settlement. These protests don't usually make international news.

But last week's was different. Friday's demonstration in Nabi Saleh escalated into a violent confrontation between an Israeli soldier and a young child — all caught on camera by the press who had attended the protest.
The result was a video of an IDF soldier placing an11-year-old-child in a chokehold, holding a gun near his head, and then sitting on him as he screamed in fear and pain.

This isn't the first time something like that has happened in the West Bank. But with this video of a panicking soldier crushing a screaming child beneath him, Israel may have the opportunity to learn the lesson that the United States learned last year when a New York City police officer choked a black man named Eric Garner to death: video forces a conversation. When a bystander with a camera captured Garner choking, "I can't breathe," on a Staten Island sidewalk, it forced a conversation about police brutality and systemic racism in the United States. Now that a camera in Nabi Saleh has captured the panicked screams and gasps of 11-year-old Mohammed Tamimi, maybe this will force a conversation about the moral costs of Israel's occupation of the Palestinians.

On Friday, during the latest Nabi Saleh protest, small clashes broke out between the protesting villagers and Israeli soldiers, as they often do. An 11-year-old Nabi Saleh boy named Mohammed Tamimi, whose left arm was in a cast, did something to anger one of the Israeli soldiers. The Israeli military says the boy was throwing stones; Tamimi's family denies this. But whatever sparked it, the soldier began to chase the boy, which is when the boy's father switched on a camera and captured the moment.

In the video, the soldier throws himself on Tamimi, putting the boy in a headlock and holding him over a rock as he screams for help. There is a moment, at 1:06 in the video, when the soldier holds his rifle next to the boy's head and, disregarding the most basic weapons safety training, places his finger over the gun's trigger. Thankfully, after a moment he slings the rifle behind his shoulder, but then tries to wrestle and carry the boy off. After a short struggle, the soldier places his hand around the back of the child's neck and pushes his face into one of the rocks.

Several nearby women from the protest then attempt to intervene. One woman tries to pull the soldier's arms behind his back; he panics and grabs the boy again. Tamimi's young sister curls around her brother, shielding his body with her own as she attempts to drag him away, but the soldier pushes his hand into her neck and shoves her away. The nearby women again throw themselves on top of the soldier and, at this point, another soldier, reportedly the first's commander, intervenes, eventually pulling him away. The soldier punches and slaps at several of the Palestinians as he's led away, throwing what appears to be a tear gas grenade or other non-explosive grenade on the ground.


 Pakistan Flag

Jamaate Islami Leader warns India: Aggression will not be Tolerated: Pakistan is much stronger Today. Numerous Women & Children were also in the Rally.
by Qaiser Sharif

LAHORE, Sep. 6: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that Pakistan equipped with nuclear bomb was much stronger today than in 1965 and if India dared to cast an evil eye on this country, it would suffer a much bigger defeat. He was addressing an Azme Nau Conference in the Punjab capital held to commemorate the Defense of Pakistan Day.

Sirajul Haq said that the country needed a Mujahid leadership like that of Muhammad Bin Qasim and Mehmud Ghaznavi that could see eye to eye with India. It was a pity, he said, that the rulers in Islamabad were keen to treat India as Most Favourite state although the hands of Indian army were smeared with the Kashmiris blood. Thousands of women and children also attended the moot.

The JI paid tributes to the martyrs and Ghazis of the 1965 war who defeated a much bigger enemy. He also saluted the people of Lahore, men, women and youth for their resolve and courage during the war. He said that a nation imbued with spirit of faith and love of the country could not be defeated. He urged the youth of the country to adopt Major Tufail Shaheed and Aziz Bhatti Shaheed as their models.

He said that Indian Premier Modi, the worshipper of hundreds of idols had thrown a challenge to the Pakistani nation that worshipped Almighty Allah alone. He was confident that the armed forces and the people of this country would inflict a memorable defeat on the enemy.

' Referring to the national political scene, Sirajul Haq said that there was no difference between the present rulers and those of the past. He said if the nation wanted to wipe out the cancer of corruption, it should vote for the honest and competent leadership of the JI in the local bodies elections. He said that the JI was capable of freeing the country from the clutches of feudal lords, capitalists and vaderas.

He said that the JI was determined to build as an Islamic welfare Islamic state free from injustice, exploitation, poverty and unemployment and disease.

JI Secretary General Liaqat Baloch and other party leaders also addressed the conference.



Military intervention in Syria with Approval of United States. Unity Against Mujahideen. The Russian army is beginning to engage in Syria
by Thierry Meyssan
31 August 2015

A profound and significant change has just occurred in the Levant - the Russian army has begun to engage against terrorism in Syria. Although Russia has been absent from the international scene since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and although it is moving with care, it has just created a Russo-Syrian Commission, has begun supplying weapons, sharing intelligence, and sending advisors. All of this is more or less coordinated with the White House.

After having negotiated a regional alliance against the Islamic Emirate which implied Saudi Arabia, Syria and Turkey, Russia suddenly had to abandon its strategy after the Turkish turn-around. Ankara has in fact decided to break off its ties with Moscow, and has cancelled, without genuine motive, the contract for the gas pipe-line Turkish Stream, created, in partnership with Ukraine, an international Islamic Brigade intended to destabilise Crimea [1]. It has also come to the help of the Islamic Emirate in their fight against the Kurds of the PKK and the YPG.

Our America

 Our America

Lincoln University, Pa.
University Withdraws Derogatory Remarks on Dr. Siddique: This is one of the Letters which Probably persuaded the Officials to realize that they could face a law suit.

I am concerned about the negative attention Dr. Kaukab Siddique is receiving, as a result of a news report attacking him in the The report was nothing but, lies and misinformation.

Dr. Siddique has been a great defender of women. How an author who is responsible for writing such women's rights books, such as The Liberation Of Women Thru Islam and Man's Twin, can be accused of being a male chauvinist is beyond my comprehension!

What I find disturbing is that the Lincoln University statement regarding Dr. Kaukab Siddique was purely based on the erroneous reports about him. Not once did the statement include having spoken to Dr. Siddique plus, he was never given the opportunity to defend himself or respond to these lies. This was very unfair to him and it's uncharacteristic behavior of such a prestigious university that has graduated many great thinkers.

Dr. Kaukab Siddique has 100% of my support, not just because I was his student and have maintained contact with him throughout this time but, also because the reports about him are untrue! My emphasis is not just on his right to free speech but, that these reports were based on lies!

I just wanted to let you know how I feel about this matter because I realize that you are the leader of the faculty union. I encourage you to do as much as you can to ensure that Dr. Siddique's rights as a tenured university professor are protected.

Thank you for your time.
[Name withheld but the school officials have the name.]
Class of 1995

War News

 War News


Bombing by Assad & USA across Syria: Islamic forces advance towards Homs and in Lattakia.

Somali Students Slipped out of USA & Joined ISIS. Protest in Minneapolis. Zabadani, Stalingrad? Damascus almost surrounded.

Sept 6. Assad's air force bombed all the Muslim strongholds across Syria. USA joined in the bombing of ISIS in Raqqa, Hasakeh, Deir az-Zorr and other points in the north east.

Hizbullah, Assad's elite troops and Shi'ites from Afghanistan and Iran are still attacking Zabadani in the Qalamoun mountains. This was the 6th week of Shi'ite attacks. The mujahideen of al-Nusra, Ahrar al-Sham and others beat them back. The city has been clobbered with air strikes and barrel bombs. [Heavy Shiite losses.]. Hizbullah has to capture it to keep the escape route open for Assad.

In the north east, mujahideen are advancing further into the Alawite heartland of Lattakia, facing Assad's air attacks.

Islamic State [IS] is advancing towards Homs, facing artillery shelling by the Assadites.

In a huge explosion in al-Suwaida, Assad's agents blew up a Druze Shaikh along with 31 others in his entourage. Druze have been neutral in the conflict. Now they correctly understood that this was an Assad attack meant to turn them against the Islamic forces. The Druze attacked Assad's troops in the vicinity, killing 6 of them.

Around Damascus, near Jobir, Douma [al-Ghouta] and other suburbs, heavy fighting is going on as the mujahideen try to advance into Damascus to topple Assad.

North of Aleppo, near the Turkish border, Islamic State is advancing towards Marea, to capture an area which USA and Turkey want to turn into a special zone for their entry into Syria. Their mercenaries are putting up a big fight and 25 fighters have been killed on each side.

Numerous reports from SOHR and wire services,


On August 27 there was a demonstration by Somalis protesting the activities of the Islamic State [IS]

It appears that a whole bunch of Somali men and women slipped out of USA and have joined the Islamic State in Syria.. Their parents and relatives are very upset. [NPR report]180 Dutch Muslims have Joined ISIS. Latest is a Jet Fighter Pilot. Dutch non-Muslims are Joining the Communist Kurds.


Saudi Coalition has invaded Yemen. Sudden Heavy Losses revealed
Secret.Salman in DC.

On September 3, a direct hit on an ammunition depot in central Yemen killed 45 soldiers from UAE, 6 from Bahrain and 10 from Saudi Arabia.

Thus the Saudi secret is out. It has invaded Yemen with military forces from its ancillary regimes.

Till now Saudi Arabia was bombing Yemen but troops were not visible.

Meanwhile, King Salman visited President Obama. The joint expression after the meeting is that Obama has satisfied the King about the US-Iran deal.

Their main concern was the need for a united front against the Islamic State. [ISIS]



The Barren American Political Landscape
Dr. Wilmer J. Leon, III

"We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.--That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, --" Declaration of Independence -1776

Historically, America has been a country of broad ideas and vision as evidenced by the Declaration of Independence. This document challenged the concept of the divinity of the king and rule by Divine right. It introduced to Europeans the concepts of the Laws of Nature and a Divine right of equality instilled into every man by the shear fact of birth. Roosevelt's "New Deal", Kennedy's "New Frontier" and Johnson's "War on Poverty" were also broad ideas and visions of what America had the potential to attain.
America has also been a conflicted country. High ideals and lofty aims have often been in conflict with capitalism, greed and concepts such as American exceptionalism and Manifest Destiny.

As a settler colonial state and global hegemon, America has imposed some of the most heinous crimes upon the world. Chattel slavery, Black Codes, Jim Crow, the genocide against Native Americans, the support of Israel's genocide against the Palestinians and the invasion of Iraq are just a few examples of how America's corrupt sense of self has wreaked havoc upon the world.

The 2016 presidential campaign should be a time when the best that America has to offer comes to the forefront. The America with a progressive domestic agenda, broad ideas and vision; and an inclusive Weltanschauung - "comprehensive conception or image of the universe and of humanity's relation to it...a broad world view" should carry the day.
As we move into the 2016 presidential season and listen to the rhetoric of the presidential frontrunners from both parties, all we can conclude is that the American political landscape has become a barren political wasteland. In assessing the current slate of candidates, the American voter is truly left with the unenviable task of selecting between the best of the worst and the lesser of evils.

As of this writing, according to Real Clear Politics in the national polls Donald Trump leads the Republican Party with 26.5%. Trump offers worn xenophobic rhetoric "I want to make America great again", which is a rehash of Tom Tancredo's Tea Party chant, "We want our country back". According to Trump, "When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best...They're not sending you. They're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us. They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people." He offers constitutionally unrealistic solutions to immigration reform such as stripping citizenship from U.S.-born children of undocumented immigrants, who become citizens at birth under the 14th Amendment to the Constitution.

Here is what we do know - according to the Washington Post, "Data on immigrants and crime are incomplete, but a range of studies show there is no evidence immigrants commit more crimes than native-born Americans. In fact, first-generation immigrants are predisposed to lower crime rates than native-born Americans."

Dr. Ben Carson trails Trump with 12.0% of Republican support. Carson believes America is being destroyed by political correctness, "We need to be in a place where people feel free to express themselves and not to be intimidated by political correctness It's destroying our nation." Carson believes that being gay is a choice and he linked homosexuals to "people who believe in bestiality." As a surgeon Carson believes the Affordable Care Act (ACA) is worse than slavery, "You know Obamacare is really I think the worst thing that has happened in this nation since slavery..." At the Republican Leadership Conference in 2014 Carson made comments to the Daily Beast in an interview saying the ACA "has been even more damaging to the United States than the terrorist attacks of 9/11." As a presidential hopeful he should be less concerned with political correctness and more concerned with truth, factual accuracy and correctness. He offers no data to support his outrageous, inaccurate and wrong pronouncements. On the international front, Carson did not know that the Balkans are a part of NATO.

Jeb Bush is in third place with 9.5% of Republican support. He cannot bring himself to admit that his brothers failed invasion of Iraq is the cause of the current conflicts in the Middle-East, Nigeria and other countries. According to Jeb, Obama and Clinton, "stood by as that hard-won victory by American and allied forces [in Iraq] was thrown away." First, there was not "hard-won" victory. Second, Jeb conveniently ignores the fact that his brother President Bush agreed (reluctantly but did agree) to a withdrawal deadline of December 31, 2011 without leaving behind a residual force.

Hilary Clinton leads the Democratic hopefuls with 49% of support. According to a Huffington Post poll, Clinton has a 51% unfavorable rating to a 39% favorable rating. She is so bogged down in mismanaging a contrived email scandal that no one can hear her discussing issues such as income equality, college affordability, women's health, and equal pay.

Sen. Bernie Sanders says he's an independent in his heart but is running as Democrat. He has also admitted that he will support the Democratic candidate should he loose the nomination. He has shown his hand and relinquished any negotiating leverage before the game has even started. In a nutshell, he's running hard-left and even though he's gaining in the polls he will probably fold in 2016, leaving progressive Democrats with Clinton.

Many voters are fed up with the gridlock in Washington. During President Obama's term, the source of that gridlock can be traced back to the Republican leadership at a dinner on January 20, 2009 at the Caucus Room restaurant in Washington, DC. During that dinner several Republican leaders and strategists devised a plan to oppose any economic legislation proposed by the President. Other candidates are playing into the politics of phenotype and ethnicity in the wake of an African American president and the myth of drug crazed raping Mexicans streaming across the US border. Some Conservatives (Republicans) are speaking in racist, homophobic invectives and rants that have no basis in fact, but ring true in the ears of those narrow but well-funded and organized Tea Party and Christian conservative sects. Democrats with no clear message are constantly taken off message and consumed by fiction and lies that they cannot put to rest.

The country of vision and great ideas is falling victim to a narrow sense of identity and single issue politics that is turning the American political landscape into a barren wasteland.

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