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15 Thw al-Qi'dah 1436 A.H.- August 30, 2015 Issue # 87, Newsletter #1617

Hadith of the Week

"Abu Huraira (r.a.) narrates that the messenger of Allah, pbuh, said:
The ENTIRE earth has been made for me pure and a masjid."
[Literally: place of prostration in worship.] Hadith, Sahih Muslim, kitabus salat, Tirmizey Sunan, kitabus siir, Ibn Maja's Sunan, kitabut taharah.]

 Personal Note

My hero

by Kaukab Siddique

Syed Qutb was one of the giants of Islamic scholarship, with the added virtues of personal character and self sacrifice. August 29 was the anniversary of the day when, though defenseless, he accepted martyrdom rather than submit to the tyrant of Egypt. He taught Islam as the religion of revolution, and sunnah as a dynamic movement, not a conservative ritual.

Read his Tafseer of the Qur'an and his teachings on social and economic justice. The tyrant of Egypt knew that if Muslims understood the teachings of Syed Qutb, tyranny would have to end.

The biggest mistake Ikhwan al Muslimoon made was to remove the teachings of Syed Qutb from their agenda. They wanted to be part of the establishment. Instead they got General Sisi.

Study of Syed Qutb's writings should be required reading to understand why our mosques are so backward and are generating secularism rather than the way of Muhammad, pbuh.

Petition for Masaud Khan

Masaud Khan's mother, Sis. Bilquis, is petitioning President Obama to release Masoud Khan who was sentenced to life in prison on fake evidence for a victimless crime.

Please go to their website and sign the petition.

Your help is badly needed.

Others that need help :


Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in Laurel, Maryland: 6 Pages JAM Document plus booklet on Baltimore Uprising

On August 28, at the sedate Islamic Community Center of Laurel [Maryland], two documents stapled together were given to 114 people.

The Muslims were extremely receptive. The khutba too was above average and focused on the simple life style of the Prophet, pbuh, and the khulafa Rashidoon [the Rightly Guided Caliphs, Abu Bakr, Umar, Usman and Ali, Allah be pleased with them.]

The two documents were:
  1. A definitive study of the Baltimore uprising against police brutality by Nadrat Siddique. Well documented 37 page study of the suffering of the people, poor, Black, and its causes. Pinpoints the businesses which were attacked and why. Includes an interview with a Black Panther sister who lives in the inner city.

  2. The second document, six pages, included these items.

    Comparing Chattanooga shooting with Marathon bombing. [Sis. Karin

    The history of the confederate flag vis a vis the American flag. [Sis. Aisha]

    Speaking against homo movement & oppression of the poor. [Khutba by Imam Khalil.]

    One year after the Caliphate, ISIS launches new offensive. [Wire services.]

    Pakistani air force attacking Islamic people in Waziristan once again. [Daily Dawn.]


The Deception of Waseela in Ismāʿīlīsm

by Akbar Khoja

The mention of the word waseela in the Quran has been a major excuse for Nizārī-Ismāʿīlīs calling upon, and seeking help of their Hazar Imam instead of the Almight Allah (swt). This is a concept drilled into their minds by the Ismāʿīlī missionaries.

Ismāʿīlīs themselves have never laid their hands upon a copy of the the Qur'an. A vast majority of Nizārī-Ismāʿīlī homes are devoid of even a single copy of the Qur'an.

Occurences of Waseela in the Quran

For addressing the issue of waseela, we will start by looking the the verse of waseela in the Qur'ān in Surah Al-Mā'idah (The Table Spread), Chapter 5, Verse 35:

يَا أَيُّهَا الَّذِين¤ آمَنُوا اتَّقُوا اللَّهَ وَابْتَغ¥وا إِلَيْهِ الْوَسِي¤َةَ وَجَاهِد¥وا فِي سَبِيلِه¦ لَعَلَّك¥مْ تُفْلِحُ¨نَ


O you who believe! Do your duty to Allah (swt) and fear Him. Seek the means (الْوَسِيhَةَ) of approach to Him, and strive hard in His Cause as much as you can. So that you may be successful.

There is another verse in the Qur'ān which also uses the word waseela in Surah Al-'Isrā' (The Night Journey), Chapter 17, Verse 57. However, to establish the context, let us examine the prior Verse 56 which mentions the following:

قُلِ ادْعُوا الَّذِين¤ زَعَمْتُ¥ مِّن دُونِهِ فَلَا يَمْلِكُ¨نَ كَشْفَ الضُّرِّ عَنكُمْ وَلَا تَحْوِيل¡ا


Say (O Muhammad SAW) : Call on those whom you assert besides Him : they have neither the power to remove your troubles from you nor to change them."

The above means that asking anyone other than Allah (swt) is not allowed, as Allah (swt) says here. Look at the word ادْعُوا which means to make duʿāʾ. Allah (swt) says that He has powers to accept duʿāʾ.

Relationship Between Dua and Waseela

With the context now established having read Verse 56, you will be amazed to see the next verse where word waseela is used by Allah (swt) in Verse 57.

أُولَٰئِ£َ الَّذِين¤ يَدْعُون¤ يَبْتَغُ¨نَ إِلَىٰ رَبِّهِم¥ الْوَسِي¤َةَ أَيُّهُم¨ أَقْرَبُ وَيَرْجُ¨نَ رَحْمَتَ§ُ وَيَخَاف¥ونَ عَذَابَه¥ ۚ إِنَّ عَذَابَ رَبِّكَ كَانَ مَحْذُور¡ا


Those whom they call upon, themselves seek the means of access (الْوَسِيhَةَ) to their Lord, as to which of them should be the nearest: they hope for His Mercy and fear His Wrath: for the Wrath of thy Lord is something to take heed of.

Allah (swt) explains the meaning of waseela in this verse after waseela is used, as to which of them is nearest.

It is clear that here Allah (swt) is not talking about idols, or trees, sun, stars. These are humans Allah (swt) talks about,

Allah (swt) is talking about Righteous people like Jesus (pbuh), Maryam (ra), Uzair (ra), etc., and in current senerio Ali (ra). Allah (swt) says: "They hope for His Mercy and fear His Wrath" What is waseela of these righteous people? Think about it. Who did these people make duʿāʾ to? Of course to Allah (swt). Allah (swt) also says that they seek waseela as to which of them is near to Allah (swt). Therefore waseela is something that brings one near to Allah (swt).

"Seek to Allah (swt) Al-Wassilah" is asking the nearness to Allah (swt) with good deeds (your salah, understanding the Qur'ān, piety, patience, charity, etc. and that which pleases him. Understanding Quran will improve your relationship with Allah (swt).

These were the waseela for these Righteous people, their awareness of afterlife, their knowledge of Allah (swt) and their good deeds.

All these righteous people always asked directly from Allah (swt) Quran is full of references that duʿāʾ should be made only towards Allah (swt). See the below verse excerpt from Surah Ghāfir (The Forgiver), Chapter 40, Verse 60:

وَقَالَ رَبُّكُم¥ ادْعُونِ  أَسْتَجِœْ لَكُمْ


And your Lord says: Call upon Me, I will answer you."

This is clear command of Allah (swt) to make duʿāʾ only to Him Duʿāʾ is specifically mentioned by Allah (swt) to be made to Him alone. There are hundreds of ayats in Quran which commands us to make Duʿāʾ to Allah (swt). Intersecssion (Shafat) is other thing that someone else makes Duʿāʾ for us. Angels make Duʿāʾ for us prophet make Duʿāʾ for us or ask forgiveness for us are acceptable. We ask Allah (swt) to bless us in the name of these beloved is acceptable, but to make Duʿāʾ directly to them will make 40:60 violate. So to interpret waseela cannot violate 40:6o of Quran. Ismalis directly make Duʿāʾ to Aga Khan that's wrong. Allah (swt) says in Qur'ān in Surah Al-'Aĥqāf (The Wind-Curved Sandhills), Chapter 46, Verses 5 and 6:

وَمَنْ أَضَلُّ مِمَّن يَدْعُو مِن دُونِ اللَّهِ مَن لَّا يَسْتَجِ بُ لَهُ إِلَىٰ يَوْمِ الْقِيَا¥َةِ وَهُمْ عَن دُعَائِه¦مْ غَافِلُو¦َ
وَإِذَا حُشِرَ النَّاسُ كَانُوا لَهُمْ أَعْدَاء¡ وَكَانُو› بِعِبَاد¤تِهِمْ كَافِرِي¦َ


And who is more astray than he who invokes besides Allah (swt) those who will not respond to him until the Day of Resurrection, and they, of their invocation, are unaware. And when the people are gathered [that Day], they [who were invoked] will be enemies to them, and they will be deniers of their worship.

Allah (swt) says they are unaware of your duʿāʾ. Ali (ra) is unaware of you making duʿāʾ to him, and he can never hear you. And then Allah (swt) says they will be your enemies on on Judgement day and will deny their worship. So this should be clear from Quran that Duʿāʾ is only for Allah (swt). Ali (ra) will be our enemy on the Day of Judgement if we make duʿāʾ to him.


Help in worldly matters is something different. Prophet (pbuh) was helped in his mission by all the companions including Ali (ra), Bilal (ra), and all the companions helped him. Bilal's (ra) voice was heard by Prophet (pbuh) during the night journey. So can we say "Ya Bilal Madad"? No we cannot. In worship, we only seek help from Allah (swt). In worldly matters my co-worker helps me and I help him, this is not duʿāʾ of worship. If Prophet (pbuh) asked help from companions then this does not means that Prophet was making duʿāʾ to them. Duʿāʾ is your relationship with Allah (swt). This Duʿāʾ of worship should be exclusively for Allah (swt).

 Kodungallur Mosque

Kodungallur Mosque, India's first, was built by Prophet's companion Malik Bin Dinar in 629AD

[via Br. Jimmy, Texas]

Kodungallur, Kerala: One will find nothing unusual about this place of worship for Muslims as one drives past this town in central Kerala, just 30km north of Kochi. But it's when you go in and chat up with the volunteers and office-bearers that the enormity of its legacy actually hits you.

For Cheraman Jumah Masjid in this town, also known by its anglicised name Cranganore, is not just the oldest in India and the subcontinent but one built during the lifetime of Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) in AD629 by an Arab propagator of Islam, Malik Bin Dinar.

It is also testimony to two facts. One, Islam came to India long before the Mughals came in from the northwest. Two, the entry of Islam was smooth and Muslims enjoyed the full patronage of the locals irrespective of their religions - a facet that is still visible and cherished here.

This mosque stands proud with two other landmarks of Kodungallur, also known as Muziris. The first is the Saint Thomas Church, also said to be among the first in India built by the Apostle himself around 52AD. He had arrived here in India and the church has some holy relics from the olden days. The second is the Bhagavathy Temple of Cheran ruler Chenguttavan, also known as Vel Kelu Kuttuvan, around 150AD.

In fact, in a manifestation of India's cultural syncretism, many non-Muslims are its devotees and hold "Vidhyarambham", or the commencement of education ceremony for their children at this mosque. During Ramadan, iftar offerings are often made by the non-Muslim communities in the area.

There are several legends surrounding the Cheraman Jumah mosque. As one goes: It was built under the patronage of the last Chera king, Cheraman Perumal, who is also believed to have abdicated his throne and embraced Islam upon meeting the Prophet at Makkah.

But before he died at Dhofar in Oman due to some illness on the way back to India, he wrote some letters asking the local rulers, to whom he had handed over his empire, to extend all help they could to some Arab merchants who were planning to visit India.

One such merchant, Malik Bin Dinar, was given permission by local chieftains to build Islamic places of worship around the area. The mosque accordingly is called the Cheraman Mosque in recognition of the help extended by the last Chera ruler.

This apart, Malik Bin Dinar, who was also a "sahaba" or a companion of the Prophet, was the mosque's first Gazi, succeeded by his nephew Habib Bin Malek. Both Habib Bin Malek and his wife are entombed at the Cheraman Juma Masjid.

The original mosque itself has undergone several renovations. The oral traditions have it that the first such refurbishment took place in the 11th century and again some 300 years later. In the modern era a revamp was done in 1974, after which a reconstruction happened in 2001.

But all along, the sanctum sanctorum has been preserved. Minarets and a dome are also modern-day additions. Yet, despite the renovations, a striking amalgam of different cultures and religions is in full play at the grand old mosque.

From some angles, it can even pass off as a temple.

At the centre of this striking blend of several architectural styles and practices is a traditional Kerala-style lamp hanging from the ceiling. This lamp also has inscriptions in old Malayalam script Vattezhuthu.

In true style of temples in the south, the mosque also has a pond. Then the minber, or the pulpit from where the Imam delivers sermons, has some intricate carvings and lacquer work, which is again unique to southern India.

The mosque also has a small museum. At the centre, inside a glass casing, is a miniature replica of the mosque as it stood around 350 years ago. There are also some other artifacts from the times gone by, such as the redstones that were used to as building material in sizes uncommon today, and an ancient sewage channel


Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in Newark, Delaware. Six Pages given to 50 People.
Heavy Police Presence [owing to murder?]

On August 28, there was a big crowd for juma' at the Islamic center of Newark, Delaware. There was a big police presence. Speculation was that it was owing to the murder of a Muslim law graduate earlier in the week.

The 6 page Jamaat al-Muslimeen document consisted of the following:
  1. Imam Badi Ali's criticism of Muslim "leaders" and support for Br. Kaukab's confrontation with Zionism + anti-Zionist posters.

  2. Sis. Karin's visit with political prisoner Dr. Dhafir.

  3. US Air Force and Assad's Air force [latest massacres of civilians who support Islamic State, IS]

  4. &
  5. Br. Kaukab Siddique's khutba against slavery and against male domination. The miracle of the Qur'an. The leadership of Muhammad, pbuh.

  6. Sis. Aisha on Gay Blacks plus snippets on war in Iraq, Somalia, Afghanistan, Nigeria and Pakistan.

War News



Latest move by government troops to encircle Ramadi was thwarted after an IS martyrdom operator hit the advancing military killing two GENERALS and 3 troops and wounding 10.

US air force bombing is stopping IS advances.


August 27: New attack by Pak Taliban in North Waziristan killed a Pakistani officer and a trooper and 4 Pak Taliban.

Heavy firing by Indian artillery across the Kashmir line of control killed 10 civilians, injured others. Pakistani artillery returned fire.

August 26
Taliban captured the strategic town of Musa Qala in Helmand province. The US air force hit them hard as they advanced.

After they captured Musa Qala, they were hit hard again by the US air force and this time the US killed civilians too. At least 40 Taliban were killed in the US bombing.

August 27:
Two US troops were killed by Taliban supporters who infiltrated Kabul troops. Return fire killed the 2 infiltrators.

August 27.
Attacks by Taliban in eastern Afghanistan on police check points killed 15 police and wounded 22.

Important Group on Facebook

Br. Ali Randall has set up an important group DONT FORGET THE PRISONERS .

Please visit face book and choose a prisoner to help and support .

Letters to prisoners are important sadaqa.

80,000 sign UK petition for Netanyahu arrest

We Stand With You, Dr. Kaukab Siddique

 Imam Badi Ali

Dr. Kaukab Siddique, We stand with you for Palestine, against Zionism, against Occupation and Slavery.
Also, Advice to al-Jazeera
by Badi Ali

Dr. Kaukab Siddique, thank you for standing for Justice and Peace.

to Aljazeera with respect!

Imam Badi Ali leads a large Muslim community in Greensboro, NC



The Anniversary of Rabaa and Sisi's Genocide: US supports this mass murderer.

General Sisi's military coup claimed that it was put in effect to answer the calls of the masses who gathered in Tahrir square on the 30th of June 2013. The 30th of June protests indeed won the sympathy of the Egyptian army, pre-inclined in their support of the previously deposed regime of Husni Mubarak. Mobs of armed protestors had torched the Brotherhood's headquarters, killing and injuring scores while tens of thousands surrounded the Presidential Palace, many of whom were armed with shields, clubs, home-made handguns[1] and Molotov grenades. Huge pro-legitimacy rallies came after the 3rd of July coup, stationed in the Rabaa al-Adawiya and al-Nahda squares of Cairo. These rallies were, however, characterised by strict civilian order, providing demonstrators with meals in Ramadan, full access to television, internet, an array of businesses and vendors, areas for prayer, segregation facilities, fully-fledged speaker and event programmes, organised security and play areas for children with bouncy castles and swimming pools.[2]

Unaffected by the demands but exasperated at the resilience of these sit-in protests, coup-government security officials began their bloody campaign. During the dawn prayer of the 8th July, the republican guards of the coup government opened head-directed fire with explosive ammunition at protestors as they were praying, killing 42 individuals and injuring around 500 others.[3] Al-Sisi then requested that his supporters demonstrate on the 26th of July to provide "authorisation and an order" for security forces to practice 'legitimate' brutality against the protestors and force their dispersion.[4] The general did not step back to anticipate this authorisation nor was he interested in getting approval for what was to come.

The general's conviction of "violence and terrorism" unfolded into his will to confront what was "anticipated". His arrogance and insistence on quelling a spring that would doom his feat a failure pushed him to a second major massacre after his 48-hour decree that was issued before his supporters had even gathered![5] The timing was again dawn, this time on the 27th of July. After the 48 hour ultimatum, security forces stormed Rabaa al-Adawiya, enforcing a 'shoot to kill' policy, murdering more than 100 protestors and injuring scores. Al-Sisi had escalated the situation from an illegal coup to a fully-waged military war on the Egyptian populace. International response was, however, categorised by weakness and utter disdain. The British Foreign Ministry at the time curbed its condemnation to the words "now is the time for dialogue."[6]


When it became clear that his Pharaoh-like demeanour will only arouse enthusiasm and further defiance, he, with his coup government took their crimes to a level Egypt has not seen the likes of nor indeed has the entire world. Egyptian forces brutally stormed the two sites Rabaa and al-Nahda, assisted by bulldozers, snipers and helicopter fire, dispersing the two sit-ins with all what al-Sisi had in his depository. Hours on end of indiscriminate fire resulted in the murder of well over 3000 protestors (some speak of 13,000 martyrs) and the injuring of a total innumerable.[7] Security forces went on to blaze the Rabaa makeshift hospital that still contained causalities, some of whom were still alive in order to destroy any remaining evidence.7 The successive "Day of Rage" in response to the Rabaa massacre turned into an evening of bloodshed when security forces continued their onslaught onto Cairo's Ramsis-Square, killing more than 100 civilians and forcing them to set up makeshift hospitals in Al-Fateh mosque.[8] Amidst a swarm of outlaws, security forces barraged the mosque with bursts of gun-fire and then stormed the mosque in defiance to all religious and international customs, severely beating those who had taken refuge inside.[9]

The 14th August marks a year to the day of the massacres of Rabaa al-Adawiya and al-Nahda squares where many thousands of people were massacred and their corpses burnt.


Kenith Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch says that "Egyptian Forces carried out one of the world's largest killings of demonstrators in a single day in recent history." He further condemns the current regime in the most direct terms: "this wasn't merely a case of excessive force or poor training. It was a violent crackdown planned at the highest levels of the Egyptian government. Many of the same officials are still in power in Egypt, and have a lot to answer for."

In reality it is not just them who have a lot to answer for, but also all the financers and supporters. On 11th August 2014, just three days before the first anniversary of this tragedy, chief traitor and current president Abdel-Fatah al-Sisi was in Saudi Arabia on official state visit during which he was awarded the King Abdulaziz Necklace, the highest and most prestigious medal in Saudi Arabia.[10] The Saudi Kingdom has been one of Al-Sisi's biggest supporters, reportedly giving in the region of at least $12 billion in aid in support of his crippling economy and to help his military campaign against "Islamic extremists."[11] He further went on to perform 'Umrah, under some quite spectacular circumstances.

When you see the level of security that is in place for this one man and you consider what he has done to harm the religion of Allah; And you consider this ayah:

"And who is more unjust than those who prevent the name of Allah from being mentioned in his Mosques and strive towards their destruction! It is not for them to enter these places except in fear. For them in this world is a disgrace, and in the hereafter then will have a great punishment."[12]

Rest assured dear reader that Allah has willed for him disgrace in both this life and the next. Allah further says:
"Whoever kills a believer intentionally - his recompense is Hell, wherein he will abide eternally, and Allah has become angry at him and cursed him and prepared for him a great punishment."[13]


This is the damning indictment for the one who commits this heinous crime and it is made infinitely worse by the fact that the succeeding verse does not outline any type of repentance that can atone for this deed. How is it therefore that still, until today, people are supporting this proven killer with excuses as lowly as "we want stability" or "what made them go there?" or "they were blocking the roads"? The believers in Egypt should rest assured that even if they are sentenced to death in their droves, imprisoned indefinitely or suppressed of their right to oppose, Muslims around the globe will converge their efforts in their support, on all fronts. The people of Egypt, for their sacrifices should be leant nothing less, after all, and as recent events have confirmed, other than a sound leadership in Egypt, the whole Muslim world will remain in tatters.

Two years on, and Sisi is being slowly strangulated from conscientious Egyptians and non-Egyptians all over the world. Petitions have gathered signatures in the order of thousands to urge the UK government to cancel his visit to the UK.











  12. Qur'an 2:14

  13. Qur'an 4:93


     Pakistan Flag

    India and Israel threatening World Peace. [Jamaate Islami leader Sirajul Haq in England.

    September 2: Urdu Day.
    September 4: Hijab Day.
    September 6: Defense of Pakistan Day.
    JI's National Moves. [Hafiz Idrees]

    Lahore, Aug. 28; Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Paksitan, Senator Sirajul Haq, has said that if the world powers continued their patronage of India and Israel, the world peace would be threatened.

    Addressing the Pakistani community at Waldheim Town, London, he said that India's every day firing across the border could trigger a war between two nuclear powers any moment. He said it was the duty of the world community, especially the United Nations to stop India's provocations.

    Sirajul Haq said that the Muslims were the most wronged people in the world today. Islam, he said, was the religion of peace and brotherhood and the Islamic teachings stood for the wellbeing of humanity. However, the Muslims were being killed like fodder in different parts of the world yet they were being blamed for extremism and terrorism and termed as threat to peace. He said the world community should end this discrimination against the Muslims by meeting the demands of justice and they should be allowed to live in an atmosphere of peace.

    The JIP chief said that India had been continuing unprovoked firing at the working boundary in which innocent citizens had been killed. However, the world powers and the UN were silent spectators.

    He said that the coming to power of an extremist Hindu like Modi in India was the prime cause of unrest in the region. India wanted to plunge the region into war while US and Israel were at her back, he added.

    The US wanted to build India as regional policeman; however Pakistan could not accept that. India, on her part, could not digest the China Pak Economic Corridor and was making every effort to sabotage the project.

    India's unprovoked firing must be given befitting response

    Lahore, Aug. 28; Deputy chief of the Jamaat e Islami, Hafiz Muhammad Idrees, has said that India would not stop aggressive activities unless she was given a befitting reply from this side.

    Firing by Indian forces at the working boundary has become a routine and innocent people have been martyred and injured while the UN Mission have not been able to stop the Indian unprovoked attacks, he said while addressing a big Friday congregation at Mansoora mosque.

    The JI deputy chief said that had Pakistan not lost at Tashkent, the 1965 war which she had won at the battle field, India would not have dared to cast an evil eye on this country now.

    He said that as long as the armed forces waged Jehad and were busy in the defense of the country and the nation, they ruled over the hearts of the masses. However, if they abandoned the duty of the defense of the borders and reached the corridors of power, they would place their respect and dignity at stake.

    The JI central leader said the nation was ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with their armed forces in any conflict with the enemy and if India did not abandon her aggressive designs, the nation was ready to repeat the history of 1965. He said that the Defense Day would be celebrated with full enthusiasm and zeal on September 6.

    Hafiz Muhammad Idrees said that the JI had also decided to observe Urdu Day on September 2. Seminars and rallies would be staged demanding the urgent enforcement of the national language. He said that the nations were identified by their language, culture and way of life.

    Besides, he said, the JI would be observing Hijab Day on September 4 to renew the pledge that the western and Hindu culture would not be tolerated in the country any more. On this day, the women wing of the JI would hold rallies and seminars to emphasize the importance of Hijab in Islam.

    Qurbani can help the needy in Thatta, Sindh

    Dear Honourable Sir

    HELP to Needy Families if you can do Something,

    Eid Al Adha will be celebrated this year on Expected Date 24 September 2015,The sacrifice symbolizes obedience to Allah and its distribution to others is an expression of generosity, we give meat of the sacrificed animal to the poor families on your behalf ,One Qurbani Goat is Approximately 15000 PKR(150$)(in this Time).

    Request-2-Shelter for Poor Family
    Applicant Name-Muhammad Urs

    Source of Income- Private watchman Salary 5000 PKR
    Family Member- 4 Daughters,4 Son,Brother,Sister,(wife,husband) 12 Members
    Living in Tambo/clothe shutter home ,He is Homeless
    NEED 60000 PKR (Sixty Thousands PKR) For low cost Woody

    Request-3-Support to Needy Orphan Girls,Widows for Self Employment
    Need Sewing Machines to many Needy girls,Widows,Orphans for Self Employment sothat They may Support to their Families One Sewing Machine Set is 10000 PKR (100$)

    Request-4-Support to Disabled Peoples
    Wheelchairs are used by people for whom walking is difficult or impossible due to illness, injury, or disability-Need Wheel Chairs for Disabled, One Wheel Chair Approximately 10000 PKR(100$).

    Forwarded by
    Social worker-Businessman
    CELL 0092 3142090252
    Address-Islampur Muhalla Ward No 3 UC 2 Thatta Sindh
    Pakistan, Email

    Our America

     Our America

    Zionists Crying out that Siddique is trying to Impose Sharia and hudud on them.

    Spencer [of Jihad Watch] and Pamela Geller [blasphemer] are clamoring on their sites that Kaukab Siddique is trying to impose sharia [Islamic Law] on them.

    Rumor mongering is also going on that we want to impose hudud [physical punishements] on rapists according to Islamic law or we want to retaliate on criminals who violate women.

    Sharia [Islamic Law] in particular hudud are imposed only in an Islamic State or in a country controlled by mujahideen.
    We are using only peaceful means within the limits of American law to shame the Zionists, to boycott their good, and to urge those who insult women to reform themselves.

    We do not mean physical harm to anyone. Our power is moral and spiritual, inshaAllah.

    Lincoln University, Pennsylvania

    Africanist Muslim Woman writes to Lincoln University Officials: Zionist Pressure on Siddique is part of Countrywide Pattern.

    I am writing this letter in support of Dr. Kaukab Siddique.

    Please consider the following:

    In 1983 AIPAC (American Israeli Public Affairs Committee) distributed to university students belonging to Hillel (a Jewish campus organization) and university faculty around the country, a ten-page questionnaire on political activism on campus—specifically of faculty. Number eight on its list of ten suggested responses to anyone anti Zionism or seemingly pro Palestinian was: "Attempt to prevent."

    In 1982 The Berkeley Graduate (a monthly news magazine at the University of California at Berkeley) published several articles critical of Israeli Prime Minister Manchem Begin and his government's policies. The magazine's office soon began to receive threatening phone calls. A demand was made that an oversight committee be formed for the purpose of reviewing articles before publication. (Censorship). Ultimately the news magazine's funding was cut by 55% and a change in accounting rules made it so the magazine could no longer survive.

    When John D'Anna, editor of the Arizona Daily Wildcat at the university of Arizona wrote an editorial criticizing Israeli Defense Minister Ariel Sharon's involvement in the massacre of Palestinian civilians at the Sabra and Shatila camps in Lebanon, he began to receive hate mail. The director of the local B'nai B'rith Hillel Foundation accused D'Anna of inflaming passions and drawing conclusions on half- truths. He was forced to write a letter of apology. Nevertheless, twenty local Jewish groups wrote to the university president demanding his resignation or that he be fired for his "anti-Semitic editorial." If he was not fired by noon the following Monday, the group would tell Wildcat advertisers that the newspaper was spreading hatred.

    Are we still living in those times? Do we still need to worry about organized efforts to staunch freedom of speech when it comes to anything critical of Zionists and their strong-arm tactics? Perhaps.

    We have a recent example in the case of the Palestinian Dr. Steven Salaita and his experience with the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. In response to Israel's brutal war against the Palestinian people during the summer of 2014, he tweeted his honest, anguish-filled feelings. This occurred at the time he was just about to be hired for a tenured position at the university. In response to his comments, major donors to the university threatened to pull their funding if Dr. Salaita was hired. In fear of losing money the university reversed its decision and did not hire him.

    Dr. Salaita filed suit. The university said he had no case, but recently a federal judge in Chicago ruled that his lawsuit against the University of Illinois for firing him over tweets critical of Israel, can go forward. His case has become widely known and the university's reputation has suffered.

    It is quite understandable that Dr. Siddique responded to Pam Geller the way that he did. She is a woman who has launched a personal war against Islam and Muslims. She's even gone so far as to organize a Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) cartoon drawing contest specifically to cause hurt to millions of Muslim citizens of this country. How would she respond to anyone holding a Holocaust cartoon drawing contest? How would she feel about a Muslim citizen forging an ongoing campaign against the Jewish people? Geller's group, the American Freedom Defense Initiative, has been labeled a hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center. In my view she is a thug and all those who think and act like her.

    I could list many more examples of the attempt to staunch freedom of speech when it comes to speaking out against Zionists and Zionism.

    Dr. Siddique is now confronting a Zionist machine set in motion in the same vein as John D'Anna, of the Arizona Daily Wildcat, the political magazine, The Berkeley Graduate, and Dr. Steven Steven Salaita .

    I'd hate to see Lincoln University follow in the footsteps of the University of Illinois. Surely you can see that this is quickly becoming an antiquated response. I'm hoping Lincoln University, in light of it laudable history, would not want to submit to suppressing free speech at the behest of organized demands.

    One last note: Dr. Siddique's "slut remark" concerning the Bill Cosby accusers, was one of several possible reasons he gave explaining why the accusers took so long to speak out. It was not a reflection of how he views women. I have known Dr. Kaukab Siddique for more than twenty years. In that time I have always known him to be a man who calls for justice through peaceful means and for the equality of all people no matter their race or gender. I don't recognize this characterization of him as one who has a low opinion of women. One of the first books I read by him, The Struggle of Muslim Women, promotes the liberation of Muslim women from the tyranny of cultural oppression. His organization, Jamaat al Muslimeen, is the only Islamic organization that I know of that encourages Muslim women to assume leadership positions. He has the utmost regard for women and their abilities.

    I pray that you take the above in consideration when you make any decisions concerning Dr. Kaukab Siddique.

    Karen English (retired teacher, writer)

    A Native American Activist Died in Police Custody and Nobody Is Talking About It

    Hockessin, Delaware

    Murder Most Foul: Hate Crime? Police says no clue yet.
    Shazim Uppal was shot and killed in Hockessin, Delaware on Monday. His funeral was at the Islamic center of Delaware on Wednesday.

    He was 27, law graduate from Temple university, a very promising young man. The Uppal family is the largest Muslim family in Delaware.

    New Trend called his uncle today and he has no clue if this was a hate crime or a regular crime. Police say there was quantity of marijuana in his car but that does not prove anything.

    New York
    Mistresses and Cosby.
    by sis. Aisha (Jamaat al-Muslimeen )

    Mistresses Used to Know There Place

    New York City - Former NFL player Buster Barnett will forever carry the burden of knowing that his affair led to his wife's murder. On July 20th, Lisa Brown, mistress, kidnapped McNair middle school teacher Sandra Barnett, wife. The two women were in a Durango SUV registered to Buster Barnett. Lisa Brown then, led Georgia police on a high speed chase onto an Alabama highway, which is when Lisa Brown shot and killed Sandra Barnett and then, herself. Lisa Brown was 49 years old and Sandra Barnett was 54 years old. Lisa Brown has a history of emotional instability. She was already on probation for having kidnapped her daughter in a custody case she lost, in 2013.

    There are so many dysfunctional attitudes the opposite sexes have about each other. I am not sure if Sandra Barnett knew about her husband's affair but, I do know that many women in this society are raised by their mothers to accept this behavior. It does not matter if they like it or not. We are told to deal with it as best we can, especially if children are involved.

    It used to be that the mistress took a back seat to the wife, who was central in the husband's life. I remember an interview where Oscar-winning actress Katherine Hepburn discussed her 30 year affair with actor Spencer Tracy. He was an Irish Catholic and would never seek a divorce from an unhappy marriage but, his relationship with Hepburn was a very open secret in Hollywood. However, when he died in 1967, Hepburn stated how she stayed to the back and out of the public eye during the funeral because she knew that it was his wife's time to be with her husband.

    Because reality shows and Hollywood amorality, mistresses and other sprites can stir up trouble and make money from their fifteen minutes of fame. Of course, in Islam the blame for adultery is on the adulterer male or female, too.

    A few years ago, former NFL player Steve McNair's life was taken by a mistress in a murder suicide. He was killed in his sleep while napping at his mistresses apartment, which he provided for her. No one knew of this affair.

    Murder is not usually the worst thing to occur in these relationships. Usually, the worst thing that could happen is for these extra-marital affairs be made public and lead to divorce proceedings. Marriage has never been the fabric of any society that tells young boys that it women must save themselves for marriage but, they themselves can fool around with prostitutes until they want to settle down.

    It is strange how people accuse the Gays of ruining marriage in America. Up until slavery in America ended, White men who could afford such a labor force, did not have to pay for sex at all.
    (Courtesy of

    Bill Cosby Conspiracy Theory

    As many people say, "Where there is smoke, there is fire." These rape allegations against famed comedian Dr. Bill Cosby are mounting as I write. All I can say is that hell hath no fury like a woman scorned! Many of these women approached a very married Cosby looking for career advancement. When they received nothing in return for their "services" they claimed he raped them.

    This is a plausible scenario, especially since these accusations are coming out 40+ years later. The latest rape accusation took place in 2005. It is not easy to say or describe the details of a sexual assault. There are people who take such experiences to the grave!

    He may or may not be guilty. But, I am very mindful that the same Zionist media that wants to vilify Cosby continues to protect the likes of Woody Allen, Roman Polanski, Charlie Sheen, Elvis Presley, convicted pedophile Gary Glitter (The "Hey" song), etc.

    I was against singer R. Kelly from the time when he ran off with 15 year old protege, the late Aaliyah, and married her against her family's wishes. Then, of course, the sex tape of him urinating on an obviously 14 year old girl that surfaced a few years later! But, many of us in the Black community supported him because the Polankis and Allens get away with their crimes. Two wrongs don't make a right!

    We should be very vocal against the support thrown at Hollywood Jews who commit sex crimes, as well as people from other groups. It has been merely Cosby's word against his accusers' - a whopping 35 of them and counting! I remember the 2005 accusations and interviews then.....silence.

    These could all be cases of remorse after illicit sex. Many men have been victimized by women who have cried rape out of guilt for not being so-called good girls and caving in to carnal desires.

    Women are compartmentalized by entitled, male chauvinists. Men have the wife on the pedestal and then, there are their mistresses, who are relegated to lower statuses. These women aren't even given respectful labels by the very men with whom they are having an extra-marital affair.

    I am suspicious as to why Bill Cosby's TV shows have been pulled after the TV show 7th Heaven, ironically a show about a Christian minister and his family, was pulled. The actor who played the minister, Stephen Collins, was recorded by his ex-wife admitting to having had engaged in sexual misconduct with underage girls, one being their babysitter. They pulled 7th Heaven off TV, in 2014, and soon after this was done the Bill Cosby rape story hit....again. If a White actor has to lose his show then, a Black man will have to suffer the same consequences. This seems to be the rationale of the White racist mind.

    This is the same tit for tat that the racist White media ran back in 1994 when there was genocide in Eastern Europe by the Serb-Croats against the Bosnian Muslims. Then, they dug up Rwanda's "genocide."

    Cosby may just be the victim of sour grapes or he may actually be a rapist. I am standing back and want to see all of the evidence. What I do know is that after having watched television programs on BET or the 700 Club, years ago, with an African person sitting alongside a White person, who she claimed bought her freedom from an Arab slave trader in the Sudan, I am reminded that people do LIE! Elaborate lies have been created and spread like a virus.

    That slavery in Sudan lie was destroyed, over ten years ago, by the person who helped create it, John Garang, before his 2005 death in a helicopter crash.

    It has been said that Cosby angered Jewish Hollywood bosses by announcing that he was going around them to create a channel of his just as Oprah had done. But, it didn't anger Hollywood when he tried to buy NBC all of those times? I guess, with NBC they had the power to tell him, "No." They tried to stop Oprah but, either couldn't or they are trying dig up dirt on her now. White America's support for Oprah started waning when she threw her support behind Barack Obama for President.

    War News

     War News


    Assad on the retreat but saved by Iran and Hizbullah, has lost most of Syria.

    Islamic State [IS} forces captured 5 villages north of Aleppo as they advance on Marea, a town held by groups against Assad but fighting IS.

    Al Nusra and some of IS are now entrenched in parts of northern Latakia, the Alawite heartland.

    Hizbullah, Assad troops and Afghan Shia troops led by Iran are pounding a resort town in the Qalamoun mountains but after 5 weeks of intense fighting have failed to drive out the mujahideen defenders.

    In the north east at Hasakeh, IS and the Communist YPG supported by the US air force are clashing but are a stalemate.

    Fighting continues around Damascus with mujahideen inching forward. Shells are now reaching the heart of Assad's capital, latest killing an Assad officer and two troops.

    Latest Khutba from Imam Ali Siddiqi

     Imam Ali Siddiqui

    Ibrahim (as), The Imam of Nations. Sacrificed everything. Importance of Marriage with Hajira, r.a.
    Highlights of Khutbah by Imam Ali Siddiqui August 28, 2015 at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Baltimore
    [as, stands for alaihis salam, on him be peace]
    Ibrahim (as): The Imam of Nations

    وَإِذِ ابْتَلَى¨ إِبْرَاه¦يمَ رَبُّهُ بِكَلِمَ›تٍ فَأَتَمّ¤هُنَّ ۖ قَالَ إِنِّي جَاعِلُك¤ لِلنَّاس¦ إِمَامًا ۖ قَالَ وَمِن ذُرِّيَّžِي ۖ قَالَ لَا يَنَالُ عَهْدِي الظَّالِ¥ِينَ ﴿١٢٤﴾

    Crucial Role of Patriarch Ibrahim (as)

    Believers Honor Ibrahim (as)

    In Search of Rabb, Lord: Rejects Worship of Heavenly Bodies: Moon فَلَمَّا رَأَى الْقَمَر¤ بَازِغًا قَالَ هَـٰذَا رَبِّي ۖ فَلَمَّا أَفَلَ قَالَ لَئِن لَّمْ يَهْدِنِ  رَبِّي لَأَكُون¤نَّ مِنَ الْقَوْم¦ الضَّالِ§ينَ ﴿٧٧﴾

    God frustrated their plans

    Ultimate Sacrifice: His Son

    (To be Continued)

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