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11 Ramadan 1436 A.H.- June 28, 2015 Issue # 78, Newsletter #1608

Breaking news:

Pakistani air force is once again attacking Islamic groups in North Waziristan.

After one year of fighting, the mujahideen in Waziristan continue to defy the military.

BBC has broken the report that Karachi's MQM gangs were trained and armed by India.

The heat wave in Karachi has killed more than 2000 people, the poor, the downtrodden. The government has failed miserably to help ordinary people. Jamaate Islami, Eedh, adDawa and other charities are helping but not enough.

Islamic State's Ramadan offensive has taken the world by surprise. Scroll way down for analysis.

Hadith of the Week

About Sharing+Muslim rulers+deceptive trading

009.089.319 - Judgments (Ahkaam) [Sahih Bukharii]

Narrated Abu Huraira
Allah's Apostle said, "There will be three types of people whom Allah will neither speak to them on the Day of Resurrection nor will purify them from sins, and they will have a painful punishment:
They are,
  1. a man possessed superfluous water (more than he needs) on a way and he withholds it from the travelers.
  2. a man who gives a pledge of allegiance to an Imam (ruler) and gives it only for worldly benefits, if the Imam gives him what he wants, he abides by his pledge, otherwise he does not fulfill his pledge;
  3. and a man who sells something to another man after the 'Asr prayer and swears by Allah (a false oath) that he has been offered so much for it whereupon the buyer believes him and buys it although in fact, the seller has not been offered such a price."


Imam Khalil Spoke On Islamic Role Against Oppression in America, Homosexual "Marriage" & Occupation of Muslim Lands

On June 26, Imam Khalil Abdur Rahman from North Carolina gave the Juma' khutba at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore.

He is the international representative of Imam Jamil al-Amin and was introduced by Br. Kaukab Siddique.

Some of the main points he made were:
  1. The best narrative is the Qur'an. It is the absolute and complete truth. The best example is Muhammad, peace be on him. We must keep Islam pure and not bring innovations into it.

  2. Islam is spreading in America because of the oppressed people of this country who are searching for a solution to their problems. These are the masses affected by the prison system, the poor, the downtrodden, the ignored and left out by the established system. We must pay attention to the thirst for Islam among these segments of society.
    Every day in our cities we can see how the Black communities, particularly the poor, are being mistreated.

  3. Ramadan is the greatest blessing for people who want to make s big change in their lives for the better.

  4. The Supreme Court decision today in favor of homosexual marriage is not acceptable to anyone who believes in Allah and the Last Day. We cannot stop these rulings but we can curtail their impact.

  5. Aggression against Muslim countries, be it in the Middle East or Africa, is the implementation of Euro centric ideologies and the reality of White supremacist power.

Imam Khalil provided the masjid library copies of Imam Jamil al-Amin's famous book REVOLUTION BY THE BOOK.

In turn Br. Kaukab gave him Shamim Siddiqui's book GLOBAL ISLAMIC MOVEMENT. A copy of the book was also given to Sis. Ashira, administrator of the masjid, and to 4 others.

Young man embraced Islam:
After the prayers, a young African American man embraced Islam. Before giving him the shahada, Br. Kaukab explained to him that Allah is not the name of a human being. Allah is the Creator of the Universe and there is no one like Him, and that we must study the life of the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, to understand Islam. As the brother recited the kalima, the masjid echoed with chants of Takbeer, Allahu Akbar. It was an emotional scene. A Pakistani brother was weeping with joy.

  Imam Khalil , Br Kaukab , Dr Shabazz

A memorable photo of Imam Khalil [left] with Br. Kaukab and Dr. Shabazz [our beloved scholar who ;passed away.]

Our America

Definitive Study of the People's Uprising in Baltimore, Maryland

Baltimore: The New Gaza: What Role for Muslims (and other people of conscience)

by Nadrat Siddique.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen International Pamphlet Series. 39 pages.

Available from:

jamaatalmuslimeendc yahoo com.

Donations are welcome to help families in the inner city.

Why did the people of Baltimore rise up? What is life like in the inner city? What are the issues? Which businesses were hit by the crowds and why?

What does Islam teach about the people's struggle at this stage?

The information is thoroughly documented.

Also includes an extraordinary interview with Rev. Annie Chambers, a Black Panther who lives in the most oppressed area of the city. She was interviewed on May 1.

The publication identifies the grassroots workers in the struggle for the rights of Baltimore.

Most of this publication was presented by Nadrat Siddique to the Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen on May 16.


Marathon Bombing Case: They Forgave the killer of 9 in Charleston, but not Dzhokhar.
by Karin Friedemann

On Wednesday, June 24, 2015, Dzhokhar "Jahar" Tsarnaev finally spoke.

"I would like to begin in the name of Allah, the exalted and glorious, the most gracious, the most merciful, "Allah" among the most beautiful names. Any act that does not begin in the name of God is separate from goodness."

The victims, the jury, nobody was expecting this religious sermon.

"He did crack up and pause a few times, it sounded like he was trying to compose himself," stated a courtroom observer.

Before thanking his attorneys, he invoked the name of Muhammed. He thanked those who testified on his behalf, he thanked the jury for their service, and even the Court.

"The Prophet Muhammed, peace and blessings be upon him, said that if you do not show mercy to Allah's creation, then Allah will not have mercy on you, so I'd like to apologize now to the victims, to the survivors. Now, I am sorry for the lives that I've taken, for the suffering that I've caused you, for the damage that I've done. Irreparable damage."

What he said satisfied neither the victims nor those who continue to believe that he was framed.

"Immediately after the bombing, which I am guilty of - if there's any lingering doubt about that, let there be no more. I did do it, along with my brother."

Those who were hoping he would 'do a Tarek Mehanna' political speech got instead a speech on forgiveness that sounded at once sincere yet highly scripted, but answered nobody's questions like why? or how?

"Now, I am a Muslim. My religion is Islam. The God I worship, besides whom there is no other God, is Allah. And I prayed to Allah to bestow his mercy upon the deceased, those affected in the bombing, and their families. Allah says in the Quran that with every hardship is relief. I pray for your relief, for your healing, for your well-being, for your strength. I ask Allah to have mercy upon me and my brother and my family. I ask Allah to bestow his mercy upon those present here today. And Allah knows best those deserving of His mercy."

This convoluted sort of apology left everyone scratching their heads.

Why would he wait until AFTER he was found guilty and sentenced to death to apologize? And why, how, what the heck - and how is it that he is suddenly speaking with a thick Arabian accent? Not a Russian accent. He sounded Middle Eastern, two different observers told New Trend. It really was him, they said, but strangely out of character. He used to talk like "Yo what's up."

The most bizarre part of it is that not only Carmen Ortiz the lead prosecutor, but Judge O'Toole made public statements condemning Jahar's interpretation of his own religion.

"You did it on purpose... It is tragic, for your victims and now for you, surely someone who believes God smiles on and rewards the killing of innocents believes in a cruel god. This is not and cannot be the god of Islam," said the judge right before condemning Jahar to death. So is he being executed for murder or for a politically incorrect interpretation of Islam?

U.S. Attorney Carmen Ortiz, whose office prosecuted Tsarnaev, said she was "struck more by what he didn't say.

"He didn't renounce terrorism, he didn't renounce violent extremism, and he couched his comments in line with Allah and Allah's view, which gave it a religious tone, and there was nothing...about this crime that was Islam-associated."

Tsarnaev adhered to a radicalized version of Islam was not in line with the faith's "peaceful and loving" roots, Ortiz explained.

"The youth will not stay quiet while America is killing the innocent Muslims. As my sons there will be many many many inshallah! And I will die with my love towards them," texted Jahar's mother to a supporter.

"Your country kills the brothers and sisters and those good hearted and beautiful souls like my sons who love their ummah cannot see the conspiracies of your government towards our ummah and things like that happen! For example if someone kills my brother or my sister I will not blink and destroy whoever killed them - why?? Because I love them...Everything is by Allah's will... Allah knows the intention and the purity of it and what was the intention for!" concluded Jahar's mother.

I am worried that they are going to execute Jahar before we learn the true story. His statement created as many questions as it answered. This is quite a decade, quite a century, already. However, Jahar has been moved to a prison in Florence, Colorado. It is nearby but not the same place where Imam Jamil al-Amin is being held in Supermax.

Not this Confederate flag controversy, again!

Flag without Power: Flag with Power and Numerous Crimes ignored
by Sis. Aisha [New Yofrk City.

This new call to ban the Confederate flag stems from the murder of nine Black church parishioners by Dylann Roof, who is seen a picture holding a Confederate flag in one hand and a gun in the other. Imagine that....a White murderer infiltrates and kills in a place of worship and the only call for action is to ban the Confederate Flag.

In an unprecedented move, some Southern states, such as Alabama, pulled their Confederate flags from the poles, in certain areas! Normally, these calls to ban this flag have been met with insolence or a laconic silence by Southern politicians. Why listen, now? They don't respect Black people. Look at how they treat an H.N.I.C. like Pres. Obama, even as he licks their boots! We don't even have the power to make them respect him! So, why are all the Whites pretending to be united against racism?

White society does not mind locking up the average ordinary White supremacist citizen but, they cry foul if a White supremacist cop is arrested!The root of racism has always been White supremacy but, now it has been re-defined as the ideology of those who don't like non-Whites. It has been reduced to a mere emotion.This is all a political ploy by White politicians to make everyone believe that we Americans are united. That is a word used to criminalize Muslims. Old Glory (American Flag), is in full effect, and it is the universal symbol of White Power!

Many White politicians cannot bring themselves to refer to this White demon as a terrorist. There is no mention of him being under any surveillance, in spite of the fact that many of these Whites have been killing Arabs these past few months, as well. But, yet, we are suppose to see them as changed, new and improved humanitarians.

No! Homeland Security wants to waste taxpayer money by surveilling innocent Muslims who do nothing more than identify with the IS. Then, they convince kuffar Americans that this is the way to stop terrorism. We Muslims know that these surveillance programs are apart of the global war on Islam.

Let me give you a brief history of the Confederate flag.....

The Confederate flag became the flag of the South during the American Civil War from 1860 to 1864. It is said to be the bloodiest battle in American history.

The reason for the Civil War was over money! There was a North versus South beef. The North coveted Southern products and wanted to get them cheaply but, in an act of antagonism, the Federal government imposed tariffs on products imported from the South. These were extra fees charged to Southern businesses to export their products North, usually businesses pass these fees on to their customers, who are not happy about it.

The Southern products like, tobacco, were once again going to be taxed at a high rate and Southern Plantation owners did not like it. They felt that America depended on the South for its survival and Southerners were tired of being taken for granted. The secession was precipitated on tariffs and other issues but, the war was started when the Union Army came South to prevent the secession by Southern states.

The slavery question was considered hypocritical on the part of Southerners since it was Massachusetts, a Northern state, that first instituted slavery in 1641! Slavery existed all over America. In fact, during the Civil War there were many more African slaves fighting for the Confederacy than anywhere else in America! The South was winning big time!

Pres. Abraham Lincoln had to free all of the African slaves to bolster the depleted Union Army. He had no choice! Today, we see the Union Army as the blessed army fighting to free the African slave. The reason is that Pres. Lincoln was successful in making slavery a primary issue, by then. Now, England switched sides to become a Union Army supporter, since they ended slavery some years earlier.

The Confederate flag, at that time, was seen as the flag of rebellion. However, it has become known as the flag for those overt White supremacists wanting to wind back the clock to the Jim Crow Era and even before that time.

As usual, there are Black American elitists who fall for this Confederate flag debate because they want to be liked by their White liberal friends. They don't understand that this is a ruse to make overt racists the fall guy while the polite White liberal racists are free to continue to thwart Black empowerment efforts in stealth fashion. plus, these White liberal city mice are not going to take any seriously debilitating action against their more conservative country cousins!

You'll never see these Blacks on the front line speaking for Black empowerment or against police criminality. Too controversial. They want to assimilate with their White liberal friends and bosses.

It is just like going to a khutba about the importance of Fasting when, just two days before, Israel attacked Masjid Al-Aqsa, again! These scared Muslims don't want to upset their liberal Zionist Jewish bosses. So, they discuss what we already know or can learn on our own about Fasting.

As I have stated before, the goal is less about ending racist beliefs among the oppressor and more about our empowerment so that we can rely on ourselves. Oppression cannot thrive when the oppressed empower themselves and become fearless!

Do people understand that there has been more injustice and oppression inflicted upon Americans and sovereign nations under Old Glory (The American flag) than any Confederate flag?! Wake up! Old Glory is the flag representing White power and dominance!

The Confederate flag has no power! It is just a symbol. Now, these White supremacists may commit their crimes with the Confederate flag in their possession but, it has always been Old Glory to their rescue when they've been acquitted, especially the criminal police, today. Don't get suckered!

America at War with the God!

A Pakistani Intellectual's Response To US Supreme Court Ruling on Homosexual "Marriage."
Immoral Attitude Targeted Dr. Aafia and hailed Malala

by Dr. Anwar-ul-Haque [Islamabad]

[New Trend is publishing this critique because Muslim world will probably be the next target of Obama's homosexual "army." Editor.]

The recent narrow 4-5 decision of American Supreme Court has shocked the World. While those advocating homosexuality and gay rights were obviously jubilant, many in USA and outside were in shock. To them it was unbelievable that America with a slogan of "In God we trust" will go so radically opposite God's rules and nature itself.

The judgment raises serious questions about the competency, credibility and even integrity of some of the judges. Without first defining the most basic features of "marriage" the judges went on to create their own definition giving it an altogether new color! Marriage is redefined as "Union"; a union which makes two greater than the sum of two! What a joke and what a rubbish definition of marriage! If I were the examiner and someone gives this definition of marriage I will certainly give him no more than Zero!

American Judiciary has shown numerous flaws and lacunae and its seems as enslaved as American administration, bureaucracy, business and media! There is blatant terrorism against "unwanted" or "hostile" individuals.

For example Dr. Aafia against whom no case could be brought except that she was snatching and pointing a rifle towards an American soldier. With no evidence of her finger prints etc. she was sentenced to 86 years in rigorous solitary jail while the American Government in collaboration with Musharraf Government was responsible for killing of her 6 month old son, abducting 2 1/2 year old Maryam and keeping her 7 year old Ahmed in jail with severe torture. She herself was also subjected to severe torture, violence and physical abuse. The case of snatching and pointing a rifle by this extremely frail and weak lady in jail is also bogus. But as long as the victim is a Muslim or Black etc every thing is kosher and halal except those who agree to dance at the tunes of propagandists; then you may be even granted "Nobel Prize" like that of Malala who repeatedly lied about not having girls' schools in Swat or Pakistan. Swat is full of numerous girls schools!

Male and female gender are seen in the entire earthly kingdom. Man, animal, bird, worm, plant have all this differentiation. Without this most basic biological distinction and differentiation the species will not grow and propagate. There are very powerful behavioral and emotional characteristics based on genetics, hormones, physical and mental developments. And these differences can be seen at very early stages of development. The physical development and characteristics are in harmony with the role and the works required by each gender.

Man being the crown of the creation has many distinguishing features based on gender differentiation. This of course includes the distinct powerful institution of marriage and human relations i.e. husband, wife, father, mother, brother, sister, uncle, cousin etc. And all this is very natural. The American Supreme Court's decision is a devastating blow to the very basic human institutions and to the very fabric of human society! Marriage is not seen in animal and plant kingdom. Marriage and associated phenomena are responsible for "family life", society and all associated colorful activities.

Same Sex, Equal Sex etc are attractive slogans. But if that was the case then why the American parliament has very few women? Likewise why American armed forces have very few women, Why there are far too few female doctors as compared to male doctors in America? Respecting the gender differences does not mean discriminating against one sex over other! In some respect females are superior while in other males are! Recognizing emotional, behavioral and physical differences is wise and just and not the other way. Ignoring these differences is like eating through the nose and seeing through ears! People can have equal rights but not the "same rights". A lay person can not be given the responsibility of treating the patients and flying the airplanes; here distinction is made on the basis of education and training etc. Father can not be mother and mother can not be father! Quran clearly respects feminine characteristics; for example in case of a witness it requires 2 females not because female has less intellect but because they can freely mutually consult each other; the reason clearly mentioned in Quran. Similarly females are exempted from congregational prayers keeping in view of their duties as mothers etc.

Homosexuality is not an entirely new phenomenon. Its as old as from the time of Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham). His nephew Lot was also a prophet. Lot's nation had developed the habit of homosexuality. They had lost interest in marriages and had no shame in declaring their preferences. Quran e majeed provides vivid description of destruction of people of Lot with rain of stones; each stone marked for each individual.

Is there no punishment for homosexuality today? Homosexuality has brought along with it numerous medical and social problems! It has also cost billions and billions of dollars to the Governments and the people! Homosexuality has brought along with it a debilitating disease Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS). Because of this immune deficiency our body is not able to resist many different infections. Some of these infections may lead to cancer. The AIDS virus infects not only our defense cells such CD4 lymphocytes but also macrophages and some brain cells. The autopsy or postmortem examination has revealed over 90% AIDS patients having some form of brain involvement. Various psychological and mental health problems are therefore not surprising. Many innocents such as newborn babies and recipients of blood products had acquired these serious diseases as "friendly fire" or bystanders! The hospitals and clinics in USA are cramped with AIDS patients. Huge amount of medical bills are paid to them through insurance system thus laying enormous burden on every individual. Socially homosexuality has ruined numerous families. Wives are shocked and dismayed to find their husbands' gay attitude and relations! Of course with destruction of family children are the worst sufferers!

Homosexuality is thus not an individual problem or benign phenomenon of selection of one of the behaviors. Its has profound negative effects on individual, family, society and economy. The question is; Is this less severe punishment than the stones of the people of Lot? One Urdu poet Jigar Muradabadi had nicely put " The folly of intellect has shown these days where man has been reduced while the shadows have enlarged.

War News Analysis

One Year after the Caliphate, ISIS Ramadan Offensive Takes the World by Surprise
New Trend research based on western sources studied critically.

By June 24, 2015 looked like the ISIS story was over. The Communist Kurdish group YPG captured Tel Abyed as it advanced under cover of intense bombing by the US air force: America and rhe Communists working together against a hard core Islamic movement. YPG found 52 bodies of Islamic fighters killed in US air strikes. Another 40 Islamic fghters were killed by the air force when they tried to leave Tel Abyed. ISIS supply route from Turkey had been blocked. There was talk of YPG advancing on Raqqa, the Islamic capital.

Then on June 25 everything changed. A small force of ISIS mujahideen entered Kobane dressed as Kurds. Kobane was firmly in YPG hands. They had even brought civilian support systems back into the city shattered by US bombing. From June 25 to 28, the Islamic fighters killed 223 of Kurdish fighters and their civilian support groups. Instead of getting trapped in Kobane as before, the mujahideen withdrew in good order but came under YPG counterattack which killed an estimated 50 of he fighters.

Also on June 25, ISIS attacked the Syrian regime forces which control half of the northeastern city of Hasakeh. They could not take over the entire city owing to quick bombing strikes by the US air force. Fighting inside the city is going on in Hasakeh. Here the US and Assad's forces are in mutual support roles.

On June 27, Islamic State fighters [ISIS] advanced towards Hama, a key city controlled by Assad and defended by Hizbullah. The Syrian Observatory [which is hostile to ISIS] admitted that 70 regime troops [now Hizbullah] were killed in the fighting.

These are unacceptable losses for Assad who is also losing in the northern province of Idlib from where al-Nusra is slowly advancing into Latakia province [the Shiite-Alawite stronghold.]

[June 28: Heavy fighting is reported in the Ghouta and Jobir suburbs of Damascus as al-Nusra and a coalition of Islamic groups tries to advance into the capital city.

Three shocking attacks have taken place in Tunisia, Kuwait and France. [We do not support any violence but we can use the tools of analysis to help readers understand what is happening.]

TUNISIA: An ISIS fighter calling himself Abu Yahya al-Kairawani attacked western tourists sunning themselves on the famous beaches of Sousse. He killed 39 tourists and injured 36. Of those killed, 15 are British. The rest are French, German, Belgian and Irish.

Tunisia's secular government has ordered the closing of 80 mosques in retaliation for the attack, according to the BBC.

Tunisia's Muslims are key supporters of ISIS. More than 2500 of them are fighting for ISIS in Syria according to western sources. Strangely the government is secular. It is an elected government but the election was brought about after 1500 Islamic "suspected" militants were arrested.

A weak Muslim Brotherhood group led by Ghannouchi contested the elections, was easily defeated with rigging but did not protest.

Westernized Tunisians are very active in the capital Tunis and enclaves like Sousse and come out to support the secular government.

Tunisia has a long history of suppression of Islamic people. Habib Bourghuiba, the "father" of modern Tunisia openly flouted Islam by drinking publically in Ramadan. Ben Ali, who escaped to Saudi Arabia, was worse. Muslim protests were crushed by military might and women were molested. The rulers are mentally an extension of France.

The tourism industry funds the ruling class and its supporters. No one has asked the Tunisian people if the half naked tourists should be cavorting on the beaches of a Muslim country. Such behavior in forbidden in Islam. Looks like the assailant was following Osama bin Laden's teaching that economic basis of regimes hostile to Islam should be attacked.

To avoid violence, the government, if it is a legitimate regime, should ask the people if they want western tourists and if so how should their behavior be regulated.

Kuwait: For the first time ISIS struck Kuwait by attacking a Shia mosque. It is an unforgivable act and has rightly aroused disgust among Muslims.

The question arises, why would a young Muslim become a human bomber to attack Shia Muslim under the impression that they are renegades.

It doesn't make sense.

However, if we see the Middle East as one region, a very clear picture emerges. In Syria, Shia-Alawite regime forces have destroyed scores of mosques killing thousands of Muslim worshippers. In fact the very first attempt by Bashar Assad to crush the Muslims was an attack on the central mosque in Deraa where Syrian regime forces were air dropped and slaughtered unarmed protestors. Even the beautiful Ummayad mosque, a UNESCO protected monument, was hit by Assad's artillery and one of its outstanding segments demolished.

Shiite air attacks on mosques are so common in Syria that congregational prayers in areas controlled by the Islamic fighters have become very difficult if not impossible.

In Iraq too, Shia forces have attacked numerous mosques and carried out atrocities INSIDE them. Thus with Syria and Iraq ongoing war, hard core Islamic groups like ISIS consider the Shias non-Muslims and hostile forces.

On top of that Kuwaiti shias have set up a media outlet in London from which they broadcast the most abusive possible attacks on the Companions of the Prophet, pbuh, and specially on Ayesha, r.a., who is revered by Muslims. These broadcasts have been going across the Middle East from London.

Instead of waiting for ISIS to attack, Shias and Sunnis should talk to each other and set up a code of honor within which differences can be expressed.

The trick the western media are playing is that they only publicize ISIS attacks and NEVER report attacks by the Shia-Alawite regime in Syria and the Shia regime in Baghdad. Muslims know that Iran is involved heavily in defending both the Damascus regime and the one in Baghdad. Iran's treatment of Sunnis in Baluchistan is unfair and sometimes it spills out into the media.

In France, near Lyon, a Muslim attacked an American gas and chemical company. He beheaded his boss and fixed the head on the railing and then tried to blow up the gas containers, causing a large explosion but which did not blow up the whole thing.

It is not yet clear if this was an ISIS attack. It is bizarre in the extreme. The only answer, only speculation, would be that it is part of the hatred inspired by France with its support for blasphemous caricatures of the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. France committed a strategic blunder by supporting insults aimed at the personality dearest to the Muslims.

The way to peace is apparently by way of respecting Islam and ending the bombing of Muslims who do not have anti aircraft defenses.

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