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14 Rajab 1436 A.H. - May 3, 2015 Issue # 70, Newsletter #1600

Hadith of the Week

From Sahih Muslim
It is narrated on the authority of Abu Huraira, r.a. that the Messenger of Allah said to his uncle at the time of his death: Make a profession of it that there is no god but Allah and I will bear testimony (of your being a Muslim) on the Day of judgment. But he (Abu Talib) refused to do so. Then Allah revealed this verse: " Verily thou canst not guide to the right path whom thou Lovest. And it is Allah Who guideth whom He will and He knoweth best who are the guided" (28 56).

(Book #001, Hadith #0037)



India Illegally Populating Kashmir with Hindu Migrants
by Habib Yousafzai [Toronto, Canada]

It is a grave mistake and a violation of the UN resolutions on the part of India to place Pakistan refugees in occupied Jammu Kashmir. The Hindu migrants who left Azad Kashmir or other parts of Pakistan are the liability of India.

These people cannot be placed in occupied Kashmir which is a Pakistani territory fraudulently and forcibly held by India.

Occupied Kashmir is an integral part of Pakistan as the inhabitants already gave their verdict on July 19, 1947, and due to the formula of partition plan which clearly states that Muslim majority areas of sub-continent will constitute Pakistan.

The facts remains, the Hindus leaving Azad Kashmir in 1947 never claim themselves as Kashmiris; rather they assert that they are Indians.

There is no need to construct "composite townships" for Kashmiri Pandit returnees as they can always go back to their respective homes which they left on their own. This is creating animosity between Hindus and Muslims.

It is as an Israeli-style policy to change the demography of the state from the Muslim majority to a Hindu majority state. Everyone is welcoming the Kashmiri Pandits come back into the Kashmir Valley as if this is actually their home.

Therefore, United Nations must intervene and stop India from setting up these illegal settlements in order to protect escalation of war between India and Pakistan.



The Condition of Ordinary People: Lack of Basic Facilities
The village has nearly 275 homes, but most do not have toilets. Hence, almost all the residents of the village go outdoors and many squat along the main road.

"The road is 10ft wide, but because of excreta along the sides of the road, we find it impossible to walk on it," complained villager Sudama Prasad.

More than half a billion people in India have no access to latrines and they are forced to defecate in gutters, behind bushes or in open water bodies, according to the World Health Organisation.

 Indian Women

Indian women chase away defecators with sticks

A group of village women in the northern Indian state of Bihar have been using sticks to chase away people trying to defecate near the main road in their village.

The group of 16 women say they are encouraging people to go into the fields for defecating, away from the homes and the main road in their village in Nalanda district.

 Upcoming Events


Jamaat al-Muslimeen will hold its National Islamic Shoora on May 16, InshaAllah.

Sis. Ashira who has returned from a three month trip to Ethiopia will address the Shoora.
The Shoora is a planning and study group which looks at key issues like:
  1. Palestine.

  2. Political Prisoners in USA

  3. Africa

  4. Police Brutality in USA.

  5. Women's Rights & Opposition to Exploitation.

  6. Effective ways of giving the message of Islam.



Israeli Homos & their Surrogate Babies in the Rubble of Nepal's Earthquake


 Dr Kaukab Siddique

Communication with the Oppressed, Opposition to Oppression is required of Muslims: Baltimore
Class System Extolling the Rich is anti-Islam: Behind Drowning of 1200 Migrants from Africa to Europe.

On May 1, 2015 Br. Kaukab Siddique gave the juma' khutba in central Baltimore. The small masjid was packed with people including brothers and sisters who had participated day after day in the anti-police brutality rallies. After the juma a number of people asked Br. Kaukab about issues related to marriage and divorce.

These are the main points of the khutba. As its probably the only khutba of its kind in America, inshaAllah it will be distributed in numerous communities who are concerned about Baltimore.

Text #1:
[" bearer of burdens can bear the burden of another....] The Qur'an 6:164

Text #1:
Narrated Abu Huraira:
The Prophet said, "Faith consists of more than sixty branches. And Haya is a part of faith." [Sahih Bukhari. Vol. 1, Bk. 2. #8]

Comment: (This term "Haya" covers a large number of concepts which are to be taken together; amongst them are self respect, modesty, bashfulness, and scruples.)

  1. For the first time during the recent cycle of police brutalities across America, the government has admitted that the police committed murder, though how it will work out is not clear.

  2. There is no justice here when it takes an entire city to struggle and suffer day after day to get a little justice.

  3. During the Israeli attack on Gaza, in a khutba here, I pointed to the fearless children of Palestine. I also said that our children in Baltimore too are fearless but they need leadership and guidance. We are proud of our children but have we tried to show them how to win?

  4. Allah Almighty has obligated us to speak out the truth and to oppose evil. Why don't we do it?

  5. We must communicate with our people, the oppressed and the downtrodden, and help them to win. We must also use all the means of communication to oppose and defeat the oppressors and wrong doers. This process is as important as prayers and fasting, as the verses of the Qur'an indicate.

  6. The evil in this country is immense, traceable from slavery times and the destruction of the native American people. Racism and Zionism are the foundations of evil in America.

  7. The Black community often does not realize that oppression in Baltimore and the denial of people's rights is connected to the Zionist-Jewish power structure. They control the media and can easily show good as evil and evil as good.

  8. They try to make excuses for the murders of unarmed Black men by the police. They hide the billions of dollars and the links with the Jewish entity known as Israel. Most Black people don't even know what is Zionism though that is the evil power which is throttling human rights here and in the Muslim world.

  9. The corporate Zionist media present the burning of a drug store and scores of cars and some businesses as the major news item while ignoring the poverty, disenfranchisement, mistreatment, torture and humiliation of an entire race which is the majority of the people of Baltimore.

Part !!.

  1. Muslims are often coopted by the culture of wealth and celebrities. Singers, dancers, entertainers and sportsmen who don't have the foggiest idea about the dialectics of oppression but are presented as role models to our children.

  2. As Muslims, our behavior should be based on issues of right and wrong, not on rich and poor. America has projected its images of wealth, comfort and hierarchy around the world, cleverly telling us that the world's Muslims are not as good as Americans because they don't have the wealth we have.

  3. Allah punishes us for thinking in these class oriented, hierarchical terms. Look at what has happened to migrants fleeing from Africa for Europe. More than 800 of them were drowned in ONE incident in the Mediterranean and more than 400 in another tragedy. of these 400 were Syrians, 400 Eritreans and 200 Senegalese 200 Nigerians, Ghanians etc.

  4. I was very saddened by these horrors happening so suddenly and in such numbers, but then some facts came out.

  5. These people paid between $1000, $5000 and $10,000 each to be smuggled to Europe. In these countries very few people, hardly any, can afford to pay such amounts. These were well to do people. By investing this money in their own communities, they would have helped themselves and their own people.

  6. Instead, they wanted the comforts of Europe. What they had was not enough for them. Islam teaches SADAQA and ZAKAT so that the wealth may be equitably distributed.

  7. Look at Somalia: About 600,000 Somalis are crammed into refugee camps on the Kenyan border, living off the charity of the United Nations. They are dying slowly and steadily with no future for their children.

  8. By contrast, the areas of Somalia controlled by the mujahideen are reasonably well to do and starvation there is unknown. Those in the UN refugee camps could have changed the history of their nation by joining the mujahideen. Instead they opted for slow death and charity in the hope that they would finally go to Europe.

  9. These are harsh facts and many people will not like them but I am not here to please anyone other than Allah.

Du'a: May Allah give us jobs, health, honest business, regular study of Qur'an and Hadith and Islamic spouses and children. Pray for compassion, forgiveness, peace and justice. Pray for the victory of Islamic battle groups. Pray for the defeat of the Jews in Israel. Pray for the unity of the Muslims of Baltimore and America on Quran and hadith. Ameen. Summa amen.


 Pakistan Flag

Medical Management and Research in Free Kashmir.
by Dr. Anwarul Haque [Islamabad, Pakistan]

Bismillah hir Rahman nir Raheem

Assalamo alaikum
Al-hamdolillah we are holding 3rd Annual Symposium at Azad Jammu Kashmir Medical College (AJKMC) Muzaffarabad, Azad Kashmir, Pakistan this year on 6th-8th May 2015. This symposium has many unique features such as 11 very useful hands on training workshops on various aspects of medical management and research!

Muslims were the founders of all modern sciences without whom the world still would have been in dark ages and without industrial development. That great scientific development had very strong moral and ethical basis which was generated by Quran e majeed and teachings of the Prophet Muhammad p.b.u.h.

Effects of these teachings were not limited to the scientists but to the rulers and the entire society! There was great serene, stimulating and encouraging environment with most nourishing ingredients required for the science. There was an atmosphere of justice, honesty, peace and intellectual stimulation. The rulers and conquerors became the most sincere generous guardians of the scientists! The thieves because of ethical magnetism became founders of modern engineering, automation and clocks! The rulers established universities, hospitals and industries!

Unfortunately many "Muslims" have drifted away from hard work, research and even ethics! This has not only harmed them but to the world as well because their due share of most healthy scientific growth is missing!

Symposia at AJKMC is our humble effort to spark the flame of genuine and healthy research in Pakistan! The symposium will have many original research papers both by faculty and the students! Oral and posters presentations are the hub of symposium. There will be inshallah Allah two very useful panel expert discussions focusing on "Genesis of Research in Pakistan" and "Effective Teaching & Research Strategies"!

The outstanding students' papers will be awarded medals! Success of the symposium will be judged by how much we are able to achieve our objectives of sparking the sprit of research and imparting useful knowledge and skills!

I am grateful to the principal, all faculty members, consultants at both hospitals, staff and students who together made our efforts worthwhile!

Anniversary of Shaykh Osama bin Laden.

May 2 was the 4th anniversary of the martyrdom of Shaykh Osama who was killed in a top level US special forces raid on his home in Abbottabad, Pakistan.

Osama led the Islamic resistance against America and influenced the entire Muslim world. Fighting groups today in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Yemen, Nigeria, Mali and Pakistan consider him their ideological leader. He was a top level scholar of Qur'an and Hadith and was able to challenge the rulers of Arabia.

On May 1, Saudi Arabia arrested 93 people allegedly working along the lines he taught to topple the regime in Riyadh.

War News

 War News

The Pak Taliban are back, attacking Regime forces.

On April 30, Five Pakistani troops, including a senior officer, were killed in a clash with Pakistani Taliban, in the Tirah valley, adjacent to the strategic Khyber area near Afghanistan

On May 1, in Bajaur frontier area, a militia member working for an armed "peace committee" formulated by the Pakistani army was killed in an IED attack.

Also on May 1, in the Gulshan-e-Hadeed area of Karachi, hit and run attackers fired 22 shots at a police vehicle hitting its three occupants including a senior officer. All three died in hospital.

According to the daily Dawn, all three attacks have been claimed by the Pak Taliban [led by Maulvi Fazlullah].

Beiji Oil Refinery on Verge of Capture by Islamic State Forces

May 2: According to western sources, Islamic State fighters have broken through the outer defenses of the Beiji oil refinery in spite of bombing raids by the US. About 150 Iraqi troops inside the refinery are desperately calling for reinforcements and more bombing raids. [Latest is that 60% of the refinery area is now in Islamic hands. This could be a disaster for the US installed Shia regime in Baghdad.

May 3. On the outskirts of Ramadi, IS has flattened 4 Iraqi military barracks with heavy losses to the troops inside.

In Baghdad there have been Shia Sunni attacks with numerous losses.

US Air Attacks on Islamic State Area caused Massacre of civilians.

May 1. "The number of civilians who were killed by the U.S led coalition air strikes on Ber Mahli near Seren town northeast of Aleppo has raised to 52 including 7 children and 9 women, civilians from the area confirmed to SOHR that the dead were from 6 different families. the number is likely to rise because of 13 missing civilians.

We in SOHR condemn in the strongest terms this massacre committed by the U.S led coalition under the pretext of targeting the IS in the village, and we call the coalition countries to refer who committed this massacre to the courts, as we renew our calls to neutralize all civilians areas from military operations by all parties." {SOHR is a human rights group.]

Syria #2:
Mujahideen groups in Idlib Province Unite & Advance on Shiite - Alawite Stronghold.

May 1-3. Numerous air attacks by Bashar al-Assad's air force failed to stop the mobilization of mujahideen groups of great variety including from Saudi oriented to Turkish to al-Qaida affiliated al-Nusra.

Hizbullah, Iranians and Afghan shias supporting Assad have failed to stop the mujahideen advance to Latakia province which is the Alawaite-Shi'ite heartland. The fighting is fierce because from here Assad got the Shabiha death squads which have tortured, raped and killed thousands of Sunni civilians including children

Just outside Damascus, Assad's troops are trying to cut off the Islamic supply line to east Ghouta which Assad must capture to stop the threat to his capital.

Our America

 Our America

Atlanta, Georgia
Support for Prisoners During Ramadan: Easy Process we can all Follow
by Sis. Sharmin

As Salamu Alaikum,
I hope this message finds you all well and blessed. May Allah (SWT) keep you stronger and rewards you for all your work that you do for our communities. We are very grateful for your support of our work at NCPCF and appreciate your help with our Ramadan Letters to Prisoners Campaign, which we hope to continue this year as well.

As you all know we have a lot of Muslims in US prisons. Many don't hear or see their families for years and suffer from inhumane conditions and obstacles inside prisons. Many don't have money to buy any amenities from the prison or receive a letter or post card of hope or encouragement from the outside world.

****We are hoping you and others you know can help us with this. We'd greatly appreciate your support and let me know your availability to do this activity over the month of Ramadan as soon as possible***

The process is very easy and this is how it will work:

I will send volunteers 20-50 pre-addressed envelopes to you, instructions and directions, and a sample letter for folks to follow or copy when they write letter. The letter need to be hand written.

The volunteer (that is, you) has to do the following:
  1. Find a time and place (in mosque, community centers, home, or anytime or place during Ramadan (June-July), talk to local supporters about this to set up time and date and location) Ramadan is perfect time for this communal activity.

  2. Provide paper and pen to writers (with instructions and sample letter which I can send to you)

  3. Place their letter in envelopes, stamp and mail

  4. Take a photo of your activity and email it to me so we can share with the rest of the community as a way to encourage others to write letters

Would you all let me know your availability for this in Ramadan? If so, please email me your address so I can send you the pre-addressed envelopes.

I look forward to your community writing letters to prisoners this Ramadan, insha-Allah!

Newport News, California
[Mr. Irving withstood the united Might of Israeli & Zionist power: Went down with flags flying- NT Editor]
David Irving's Final Address in the Lipstadt Libel Trial

The Journal of Historical Review (IHR)
On March 15, 2000, British historian David Irving rose before the High Court of Justice in London to deliver his Closing Statement in a dramatic legal battle that had generated enormous media attention. At the center of the case is a 278-page book by Jewish- American scholar Deborah Lipstadt, Denying the Holocaust: The Growing Assault on Truth and Memory, a detailed polemic against Irving and other revisionists who dispute familiar Holocaust claims ... Irving's final address provides astonishing details of the concerted global campaign by Jewish organizations to destroy his career and silence him. He traces the secretive activities of this widely feared but little-understood international cabal.

Government Agents Targeting Court Activists
by Sis. Karin Friedemann

On Thursday, April 23, 2015 yet another Jahar supporter was approached by the FBI. This time it took place inside the Boston courthouse. The woman from New York, who has appeared on multiple occasions to attend court hearings told the female agent that she would not talk to her without a lawyer. She was then told she could not sit in the courtroom. However, she was still permitted to watch the proceedings in the overflow room.

According to the FBI agent, what raised eyebrows is when Goddessina approached Carlos Arrendando in the hallway last month, the famous "man in the cowboy hat," who was a witness during the guilt/innocence part of the trial.

"How much did they pay you to lie?" she said to him directly.

Taken aback, he answered, "Nothing, nothing!"

The FBI warned her not to make anymore statements about "victims." She had never made any statement about victims. Carlos was not a victim, he was the hero of the government story. The government repeatedly brings up straw man arguments against people who question the official narrative, by accusing them of not believing that there were actual victims. When I was verbally assaulted by a victim outside the courthouse in October of 2014, my sign questioned the FBI. Not whether or not that guy lost his foot. I can plainly see that he has suffered. Unfortunately, the news footage of him shaking his empty pant leg at me screaming "How's this for proof?" made it onto the national news. But this is not the only occasion where the straw man "victim" argument has been used. In other words, the government paints anyone who disbelieves the government story as someone who disbelieves that anyone was hurt or maimed. Unfortunately it works.

Another Jahar supporter from Vermont who was in town at the end of March reported that the FBI was following her car and subsequently interviewed her family members who live in suburban Massachusetts without appointment. She was intimidated enough to quit all the facebook discussion and support groups.

A Harvard medical student whose boyfriend was arrested in relation to this drama was also surprised by the FBI and (working overtime!) federal prosecutor Aloke Chakravarty on a Saturday in the university library late 2014! They put her in a private room to interrogate her without a lawyer.

She asked them, "How did you know I was here?" and they answered, "We are the government. We know everything." Please be aware that your smartphone can track you anywhere.

The FBI also approached her boyfriend in prison and told her a bunch of lies about how she had gone overseas and become "radicalized" and he should stay away from her because she was now an Islamic jihadist. They also told him not to tell her what they said. She was the only person visiting him and sending money. Luckily he did not trust them and he talked to her. The reason the government had become alarmed was because she was encouraging him to pray, and to straighten up his life.

The woman in Texas who designed the posters for the October 2014 hearing protest was similarly approached by the FBI last year at her home and asked what she knows about the innocence of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev. She did not have a lawyer at hand, but she made them talk to her in a public place and recorded the entire conversation then transcribed the conversation.

If the FBI decides to approach you, do not panic. Never ever lie about something. If you don't feel comfortable discussing something, say "I prefer not to answer that question." If they accuse you of lying you could be looking at decades in jail.

If you ever find yourself in a locked in intimidated position, always ask: "Am I under arrest?" and "Am I free to go?" This is very important because in the court hearings that I have been following, even when a SWAT team came to the house and was aiming at a woman's head, and they made all the men strip their clothes and took away their phones and wallets. This was in order to intimidate them of course. But when these FBI agents testified in court they claimed under oath that all they had to do was ask and they would have been free to go. I challenge anyone to make use of this right under the law! Whether or not you are under arrest, you have no obligation to answer any questions.

Anything you do say will be held against you and twisted in the most sadistic manner. Whatever you say to them will be torn apart and interpreted in the most amazing way. So please do not even go there. The best defense is to be super active in social media so that nothing could ever happen to you without people noticing. Even someone as famous as author Susan Abulhawa was visited by Homeland Security the day after her column criticizing Hirshan Ali. Luckily she was in the shower and didn't hear the doorbell, just found a business card.

In general the best thing to do is just don't answer the door, or else take their card and tell them "don't call me I will call you,' and then quickly contact local attorneys with civil rights creds. In the majority of cases that I am aware of, the FBI conducted their little interview or attempt of it, and there was no further action. However, if the person is a foreigner, or has some weakness to be exploited, they are likely to come under pressure to become a government witness or informant.

Citizens for Legitimate Government [CLG]

Man who filmed arrest of Freddie Gray 'taken into custody at gunpoint' after claiming he has been harassed by cops ever since footage was released

--It is not clear why Moore was arrested or whether he faces any charges. | 01 May 2015 | The man who filmed Freddie Gray's arrest has been arrested at gunpoint, according to reports. Kevin Moore claims to have been the subject of police harassment and intimidation since filming the moment Gray, 25, was hauled into a police wagon on April 12, Counter Current News reported. And on Thursday, Moore, 30, was reportedly taken into custody with two members of Cop Watch, a group that documents police work in communities across America.

Tension rises in Philadelphia as protesters clash with police during fourth night of demonstrations over death of Freddie Gray

--Four people were arrested while one protester claimed he had been hit over the head by a police club | 01 May 2015 | Tensions between police and protesters caused clashes in Philadelphia during the fourth night of demonstrations over the death of Freddie Gray. Officers pushed back members of a march who surged on a police line outside City Hall on Thursday, with police saying four arrests had been made. One protester told the Philadelphia Inquirer, while a senior police officer was said to have suffered a blow to the lip

New York City

Examples of how the Media Want to influence Protestors About their Children.
by Sis. Aisha

New York City - The following parents were chosen by me and the White media because their behavior counteracts unity against oppression in the Black community. These mothers worked for the oppressor's cause.

Corporal punishment or spanking a child is legal in all 50 states but, many White Middle Americans have very strong opinions against it and have caused problems for those parents who use it as a basic form of discipline. There have been efforts made by Hollywood and the White media to cast a negative view on corporal punishment. Children have been removed from homes and decent parents arrested because an anti-corporal snitch decided to call child protective services. This has affected people from many cultures and races in America.

So, when I saw and read White Middle Americans vociferously supporting a Black woman knocking her son senseless on television, for demonstrating against savage police officers, I was miffed. Typical White hypocrisy. The only reason why this Black woman was being celebrated is because she stopped her son from voicing his anger toward criminal police officers! The struggle against oppression in America has been a long and bloody one for Black people but, those Black children throwing rocks at police reminded me of our young Palestinian brothers and sisters who do the same thing.

But, not everyone can have a Palestinian mother who beams with pride over her son's decision to fight for his own freedom! Satan's spawn Golda Meir even stated that, "Peace will come when the Arabs will love their children more than they hate us." Spoken like a true barbarian! Of course, the oppressor wants to paint the oppressed as the war mongers when it is really the other way around!

It is this Baltimore mother's prerogative to protect her son and want to keep him alive. Any parent or guardian would make every effort to do so.

That is your son or daughter and you don't want him or her hurt. But, there has always been division among those who fought against this government's oppression and those who stood by as spectators. This division has nothing to do with generation gaps.

Black self-preservation is something that our enemies have counted on for keeping them in control. But, just like Allah (swt) says in the Holy Qur'an : "Oppression is worst than slaughter." (2:191). This woman beat up on her son so badly I thought he was one of the looters, who are the real criminals alongside the police!

Sweet Black Child Handing Out Water to Police Officers

Next, there is the supposedly heart melting image of a Black child handing out water to police officers standing around waiting to crack open Black skulls. The White media depicted it as a heart warming gesture. White people love ramming the act of forgiveness down our throats. It is done to depict those of us, who are rightfully angry with police corruption and oppression, as malcontents! This is a very common practice in the media hence, the undeserved terms Angry Black Male and Angry Black Female. These terms indicate that we are angry for no reason at all just because we choose to be angry.

Where were this boy's parents anyway? Standing on the sidelines gushing?

Black Mother Calls The Police On Her Own Son

A Georgia mother, fed up with her 10 year old son's disrespect, calls the police on her son! The White officers arrive, cuff him and place him in the back of the squad car for five minutes, after which the boy starts sobbing. This reminds me of numerous episodes of Judge Hatchet dealing with some tough talking, disrespectful teenager, who is later reduced to tears inside a correctional facility!

Chiquita Hill felt very comfortable calling the police on her son with no fear that they'd exacerbate the situation. When Blacks deal with police, no one knows what to expect. Something as harmless as calling the police to help with a bipolar relative or someone locked in the bathroom with a knife can end up being a fatality for the mentally ill loved one. Police officers have shot and killed children with toy guns without ever trying to determine if the gun was real or not.

Chiquita Hill claims that since that day her son's behavior has improved but, how must he feel realizing that if he angers his mother she can call the police on him, anytime? I take issue with parents allowing the government to discipline their children. This is worse than child abuse. It can damage a relationship between a parent and child by causing distrust.

(Source: Yahoo! News)

Most Outstanding Activist: Sis. Ayesha from Richmond

 Sis. Ayesha Jamaat al-Muslimeen Richmond VA

Sis. Ayesha is a Jamaat al-Muslimeen from Richmond, Virginia. Her heart is with the people of Baltimore. On April 25 and again on April 30, May 1 and 2 she spent entire days, along with her husband, protesting against the murder of Freddie Gray.

 Sis. Ayesha Jamaat al-Muslimeen Richmond VA

She wears full hijab and stood out in the crowds. As a result she was interviewed by several news media outlets and was photographed by scores of protestors and observers.

She wrote about her experiences and sent numerous photos to New Trend, two of which we publish here.

Silver Spring, Maryland
African American scholar explains the Root of the Problem in Baltimore: What the Media did not Understand.
The Baltimore Rebellion and Newton's Third Law of Motion
By Dr. Wilmer J. Leon, III

"When one body exerts a force on a second body, the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body." Or, as it is more commonly stated, for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. - Isaac Newton's Third Law of Motion 1687

Sparked by the not so mysterious April 19th death of Freddie Gray at the hands of the Baltimore police, citizens of West Baltimore and other outside agitators took to the streets in yet another seemingly endless display of urban unrest. Reporters from mainstream media outlets such as CNN are unable to place the unrest in any substantive historical context. "I don't remember seeing anything like this in the United States of America in a long time" — @wolfblitzer and CNN's Don Lemon refuses to engage in any substantive analysis of the basis of the outrage in Baltimore. He prefers to simply state, "...the city is burning because someone in essence set it on fire."

Let's try to use what we do know to figure out what it is that we "don't" know. A 25 year old Baltimore man named Freddie Gray made eye contact with a police officer and took off running. Gray was pursued by the police. There is no known video of the pursuit. There is video of a handcuffed Gray being lifted to his feet, seemingly unable to walk and screaming in pain. He is dragged by police to a van and placed into it by the police because it appears that he is unable to get into it under his own power. Within one hour of being in custody, Gray arrives at the police station in medical distress, unable to walk or talk. He later lapses into a coma and dies of his injuries a week later. The preliminary report is that Freddie Gray's spinal cord was 80% severed and his voice box was crushed.

Many are asking "why did he run?" Maybe the question should be, "why did they pursue him?" When did it become illegal to look at a police officer and then take off running?

According to CNN, "Police Commissioner Anthony Batts told reporters there are no excuses for the fact that Gray was not buckled in as he was transported to a police station." That's a factbut it does not appear that failing to buckle Freddie Gray into his seat was the problem. The video indicates that Gray's inability to use his legs and his inability to get into the van under his own power are evidence that his neck was broken during the take down and subsequent cuffing. As an eye witness says on the tape, "hey, that boy's legs look broke..." His injuries are consistent with a knee being placed against the back of his neck with tremendous force as he laid on the ground and was being restrained. That is also consistent with police tactics and training.

Initially, people in Baltimore took to the streets with peaceful protest but those protest turned violent; resulting in looting, burning, and total mayhem. When asked why she did not use a show of force much earlier in the protest, Mayor Rawlings-Blake said, "We also gave those who wish to destroy space to do that as well." It is now apparent that Mayor Rawlings-Blake got what she allowed and much more. She finally called for and Maryland Governor Larry Hogan activated the National Guard.

So, the people who she allowed to "destroy space" are now the same people Mayor Rawlings-Blake is condemning as "thugs". But this reaction in the streets should have been anticipated. Actually, it follows the natural laws of physics. Newton's Third Law of Motion states, ""When one body (the police) exerts a force on a second body (the community), the second body simultaneously exerts a force equal in magnitude and opposite in direction on the first body." More simply put, when police officers treat a community that they are sworn to protect and serve as enemy combatants, the community will rebel. When a people see a police force that is supposed to protect and serve them turn into an occupying force, they will revolt.

This is not to in any way shape or form condone the rebellion, but before you can solve a problem you must understand and address its root cause. In his speech, "The Other America" Dr. King said, "...I am still committed to militant...non-violence as the most potent weapon in grappling with the problem from a direct action point of view...But it is not enough for me to stand before you tonight and condemn riots. It would be morally irresponsible for me to do that without, at the same time, condemning the contingent, intolerable conditions that exist in our society...These conditions are the things that cause individuals to feel that they have no other alternative than to engage in violent rebellions to get attention. And I must say tonight that a riot is the language of the unheard..."

When Baltimorean's return home from their stint in the pre-school to prison pipeline with no skills and no vote; no one is listening. According to Business Insider, "Baltimore has lost nearly a third of its population since its peak of about 950,000 residents in the 1950s; an estimated 16,000 buildings are vacant or abandoned while more than 4,000 people are homeless" and no one is listening. When Freddie Gray, Eric Garner, Victor White, III, et al are shot down, choked out or have their necks snapped in the street by the police; no one is listening. But a new Attorney General Loretta Lynch's first priority is to "restore the morale of police forces" not use all of the power of her office to protect the citizens who have become their victims. She's obviously not listening.

The rebellions in Ferguson and Baltimore are no more un-American than Bacon's Rebellion in 1676 or Shay's Rebellion in 1787. The issues are basically the same. As Howard Zinn writes in "A People's History of the United States, "Were the Founding Fathers wise and just men trying to achieve a good balance...They certainly did not want an equal balance between slaves and masers, propertyless and property holders, Indians and white." That's what we have today.

The Baltimore Rebellion follows the natural laws of physics, Newton's Third Law of Motion and it is the language of the unheard. Hey America, can you hear me now?

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