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30 Jumaada al-Thaany 1436 A.H. - April 19, 2015 Issue # 68, Newsletter #1598

Hadith of the Week

It is narrated on the authority of 'A'isha who said:
When the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) passed away, his wives made up their minds to send 'Uthman b. 'Affan (as their spokesman) to Abu Bakr to demand from him their share from the legacy of the Prophet (ﷺ). (At this), A'isha said to them: Hasn't the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said:" We (Prophets) do not have any heirs; what we leave behind is (to be given in) charity"?
حَدَّثَن¤ا يَحْيَى بْنُ يَحْيَى، قَالَ قَرَأْتُ عَلَى مَالِكٍ عَن...ِ ابْنِ شِهَابٍ، عَنْ عُرْوَةَž عَنْ عَائِشَة¤، أَنَّهَا قَالَتْ إِنَّ أَزْوَاج¤ النَّبِي§ِ صلى الله عليه وسلم حِينَ تُوُفِّي¤ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صلى الله عليه وسلم أَرَدْنَ أَنْ يَبْعَثْ¦َ عُثْمَان¤ بْنَ عَفَّانَ إِلَى أَبِي بَكْرٍ فَيَسْأَ¤ْنَهُ مِيرَاثَ§ُنَّ مِنَ النَّبِي§ِ صلى الله عليه وسلم قَالَتْ عَائِشَة¥ لَهُنَّ أَلَيْسَ قَدْ قَالَ رَسُولُ اللَّهِ صلى الله عليه وسلم " لاَ نُورَثُ مَا تَرَكْنَ› فَهُوَ صَدَقَةٌ " .
Reference : Sahih Muslim 1758
In-book reference : Book 32, Hadith 60 [With thanks to Br. Salim Abdullah in Baltimore.]

Letter to the Editor


Correction on Yemen. Saleh is Houthi.

Assalamu Alaikum,

The New Trend article says on Pakistan Yemen scenario, "Let Hadi and Saleh fight it out, Both are Sunni fraud"

This is not correct. Saleh is Zaidi Shia and switched sides and aligned with fellow Houthis.

He was a regular visitor to Riyadh and darling of West in so the called war on terror and handed over US arms he bought to fight terrorism to his Houthi Shias that they used to make inroads into Southern Yemen.

Also he amassed 45 billion dollars in a poor country like Yemen.
Ather [Canada]

Note from Editor: The reader is correct. We were fooled because of Saleh's very close relationship with Hadi for years. In fact Hadi was his vice president. Both were supported by America. Names can be misleading, like the names of Jews in America which sound so American, like Wallace.


Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in Salt Lake City, Utah
100 Muslims received an 8 page Document

On April 17, 2015 after Juma prayers in downtown Salt Lake City, an 8-page document was given to 100 Muslims, most of them from Arab countries, a good number of them university students.

This is a beautiful city in a valley surrounded by mountains. The air is brisk and it is a favorite gathering place for marathoners and sports people of great variety. A beautiful mosque graces the outskirts of the city but the one on downtown attracts young people and in particular university people from Arab countries.

The items distributed, and well received, were as follows:
  1. Nestle's misuse of water resources and damage to the environment. [Nestle is strongly linked to Israel.]

  2. "Jewish soap fable" debunked by Mark Weber.

  3. Protest rally at AIPAC convention plus Pope ignores Israeli destruction of mosques but focuses on isolated incident in Pakistan.

  4. Imam Badi Ali teaches how to work within a community. [North Carolina.]

  5. Imam Ali Siddiqui teaches Love of the Prophet, pbuh, & how to confront abuse peacefully.[Houston, Texas.]

  6. Dr. Kaukab Siddique teaches writing of Hadith in Prophet's time and how to trace it in later times.

  7. Historic defense of Tikrit by ISIS .


Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Large Juma' Crowd near University of Pennsylvania

On April 17, Jamaat al-Muslimeen gave an 8-page document to 100 Muslims after juma at a mosque near the University of Penssylvania which is known for its links to Israel.

The crowd was largely and we ran out of literature. The khutba was above average. The central point khateeb made was:

"If we don't change our environment, the environment will change us."

Most of the Muslims were African Americans, Sudanese, Somalis, Senegalese,

Ethiopians with a sprinkling of Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and Malaysians.

Across the street from the masjid is an Arab Halal store with delicious hot meals including lamb, okra, rice and beans. At the back is a book store. Al-Jazeerah TV is on in Arabic providing live coverage of the wars in Yemen, Syria, Iraq and Egypt.

The 8 pages given to 100 Muslims included the teachings of:

  1. Br. Kaukab Siddique on Hadith.

  2. Imam Badi Ali on Community.

  3. Imam Ali Siddiqui on love of the Prophet, pbuh.

  4. War news from Iraq and Syria.

  5. Fox TV's one hour long attack on ISIS and Zionist support for General Sissi of Egypt.

Advice from Br.Shamim Siddiqi


Advice on anti-Islam Strategy. America's Great Game.
by Shamim Siddiqi, Long Island,NY

Please try to understand the Great Game of America. It is nothing but to maneuver that nowhere in the Muslim world Islam should be allowed to emerge as a "political entity".

To understand its complexities and how to encounter it, please visit my website: and go through my latest book: GLOBAL ISLAMIC MOVEMENT - WHY & HOW?

In fact, It is a Judeo-Christian- Zionist hegemony against Islam and Muslim and Uncle Sam is its Champion. It is a perpetual game of America since the time Kamal Pasha foolishly abolished the Caliphate in Turkey in March 1923. He was an active Member of Free Mason.

The American clique know it clearly well that Iran has no Interest either in the Islamic State nor in Muslim Caliphate and so they are mobilizing the Sunni States against the ISIS and pressurizing Iran to give up its nuclear ambition in its wake for the greater hierarchy of American monopoly where Pakistan is behaving like her stooge only and Turkey stands at a cross-road..

Please envision the ME scenario in this foreground. You will then get better grip on these development of events..

Shukrun wa Jazakallah
Shamim A Siddiqi



An Alternative View

Dawah in Br. Shamim Siddiqui's book not the Best Way for Islam
from Sis. Karin Friedemann [Boston]

Based on my experience as a convert to Islam I would NOT recommend the dawah approach because to a large extent, winning conversions is more about Muslims feeling validated that you want to be with them. However they really do not know what to do with you once you are dependent on them. They don't have the resources emotionally or culturally.

Also, conversions are not playing a major role in the spread of Islam in this century. I think the growth of Islam is a simple fact of nature, that truth stands out clear from error and people who follow it do better than those who don't.

I am sort of an anarchist or free radical so it was easy for me to jump away from my culture and embrace a new faith, but as with any group think I tend to always have my own way of looking at things. You should not think of my writing as representing anything other than my own meditations. I don't represent any one particular group in Islam. Infuriating I know

Spotlights & Guidance

 Imam Badi Ali

How to Deal with Issues of War and Peace.

  1. Teach your politicians the proper use of words and language and how to negotiate because if they fail, the result will be war.

  2. Appear weak when you are strong, and strong when you are weak.

  3. If you can change the opinion of your enemy and subdue him without war, this is what I call a smart war.

  4. War is the outcome of a failure to think creatively of peaceful solutions.

  5. So women cannot drive a car because it is forbidden but she is allowed to fly a jet, to bomb and kill.

  6. Instead of buying allies and friends to fight your war, you can buy your enemy with less money and call it, "Aid & Assistance."

  7. They all skillful in wars; but not in making peace

- Imam Badi Ali is a Palestinian American who leads a large congregation in Greensboro, North Carolina



Eastern Turkistan, Uigher, Xinjiang
by Imam Ali Siddiqui

Eastern Turkistan is part of vast Central Asia and sits on the Silk Route. Islam reached here in 651CE right after the passing of Prophet Muhammad (saw) and Muslim traders started to arrive during Tang dynasty. It was part of Turkistan. It has beautiful masjids and madrasahs. A Turkic dialect is spoken in the area.

Turkistan was invaded during Tzar's time and later during Bolshevik Revolution, Communist Parties were established in disguise. Eventually masjids and madrasahs were converted into museums and ballet dance studios. The Eastern Turkistan, also called Uigher, which is located in the North of Pakistan on the new Silk Road, fell in the hands of China and came under communist rule during Maoist time. During the Cultural Revolution, Muslim institutions, scholars, imams, and even common people were attacked. The Muslim World remained silent. China annexed the area and declared it an ancient part of her and renamed it as Xinjiang.

China started a systematic absorption of this region by migrating Han population to Uigher. They started cultural change by taking over homes, businesses, and destroying ancient Islamic institutions. In the name of modernization, China started destroying historic towns and started enforcing Maoist policies and banned Islam, Hijab, beards, Quranic classes, Salatul Jummah, just about everything Islamic. "Suppressing Relgious Freedom" is only tip of the Iceberg.

During this period Uigher Muslims established a goverment in absentia and the struggle in Eastern Turkistan continues. The indigenous people of Uigher Region, Eastern Turkistan are struggling by themselves. Muslim world has good relations with China for obvious reasons, US Foreign Policy is favorable to China, American Christian missionaries are also very active in all of Turkistan. - - More to come insha-Allah.

[Muslims once admired America. Now they admire China. Will we never learn? Read this with care. Editor NT]


 Pakistan Flag

Huge Rallies in Karachi by Women Supporting Jamaate Islami

The crowds of women could not be pictured in one photo, so we give you three
  Karachi Women Supporting Jamaate Islami

  Karachi Women Supporting Jamaate Islami

  Karachi Women Supporting Jamaate Islami

Our America

 Our America

New York
Did Slavery Ever Exist in America?
by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen NYC]

With all of the denials and efforts to cover up slave ownership in White families, you would think that African Slavery NEVER existed! Thank Allah there are pictures and much more to prove that African Slavery did exist in the Americas, the Caribbean, and Europe. I mean, we have records and first-person accounts given by proud slave owners, slave ship navigators, and those who marched Africans on those slave ships.

However, today's Whites can do something that most Black Americans cannot do: Deny, deny, deny! They have the luxury of simply claiming that no one in their family ever owned an African. This is what happened on the well-known PBS show, "Finding Your Roots." At first, this effort to research people's DNA only focused on Black celebrities, many of whom discovered that they had a slave history. But, when the show got picked up by PBS, it featured Black and White celebrities.

Well, if slavery existed in the United States someone had to do the enslaving! But,in this particular episode, Ben Affleck wanted to hide the fact that one of his ancestors owned slaves. Dr. Henry Louis "Skip" Gates obliged. He reportedly asked friend and SONY executive, Michael Lynton about this issue. Lynton allegedly stated that Gates make no mention of Affleck's slave owning ancestor, provided no one else knew about it. However, thanks to WikiLeaks, those leaked SONY emails between Gates and Lynton were published.

In one email, Gates acknowledged that fudging info about his guest's ancestry would be in violation of PBS' rules. Affleck's request also seemed unfair since other White guests, such as CNN Anchor Anderson Cooper, a Vanderbilt Family member, publicly discovered his slave owning family history. It has been stated that the Vanderbilts, Roosevelts, Bush Families all made their money from slavery in some capacity, anyway.

I don't understand the big deal about having a slave owning ancestor because as a Muslim you cannot bear the burden of your ancestors' evil deeds, especially if you atone and try to right any wrongs. But, many White kuffar liberals, such as Affleck, understand that Whites have benefited from America's racist institutions. It did not help that he accused Bill Maher of being a racist and anti-Muslim on Maher's show. However, it looks really bad that Affleck would try to hide slave ownership in his family.

Ben Affleck is involved with and has founded many charities. Now, you would think that a White man involved with so many causes would not work so hard to cover up a truth or lie about it. But, may be the key to Affleck's logic is in Dr. Barnor Hesse's The 8 White Identities, which has been reprinted all over the Internet numerous times. Google him and that list will come up.

A truly God-conscious being would only be concerned with the truth, not his image. There is a Bukhari Hadith where Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) ordered a repeat offender's left hand severed for stealing. Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) stated that he would have made the same decision had his daughter, Fatimah (may Allah be pleased with her), committed this crime. That would not work in America. Not any more!

It used to be that Black families would disown a criminal or feel ashamed of having a rapist in the family. Black mothers would call the cops on their own sons guilty of such crimes. However, White families, usually wealthy, would hide and protect their children from any punishment. The common beliefs being that even though you don't agree with what he did, he's still your son! Very backwards way for a society to conduct itself.

In spite of the wrongs committed by their ancestors, there is still an effort by so-called White liberals to protect their ancestral image. After all, part of the ruse of White liberals is to point fingers at the White conservatives and accuse them of being the White Devil! White liberals have always felt the need to prove to so-called people of color that, although they are White, they are nicer.

During the course of African slave history there were Blacks who owned Black slaves! It is a fact. Some of these Blacks purchased slaves just to free them and yes, there were those who purchased slaves and kept them! I remember one of my professors stating that her husband's family owned slaves and land surrounding The Lincoln University. Most of the land was given to the University.

If my Black ancestors kept African slaves, as a Muslim I would have no choice but, to acknowledge and condemn it. However, it is not so simple to acknowledge a wrong such as the intentional genocide of Native Americans and the enslavement of Africans. The reason is White guilt. But, I am not talking about genuine feelings of guilt, which is accompanied by a need to rectify a matter.

I am talking about guilt based on the ideology of eating your cake and still trying to have it at the same time. If this guilt is examined, it will be discovered that what these Whites are experiencing is not guilt but, shame. The shame is in the exposure of their conflict with having slave owning ancestors, who got there hands dirty to ensure the comforts of future White generations, and their wanting to keep those comforts, including White privilege, intact. In order for these kinds of creature comforts to exist, oppression of others must continue. Many Whites believe that slavery and the slaughter of Native Americans were necessary evils.

I agree with El-Hajj Malik Shabazz (Malcolm X) when he stated that only through True Islam can the White oppressor become free of his devilish behavior and thoughts brought on by greed and reinforced through White supremacist beliefs. Racism has always been the smokescreen for greed and power. Oppression is never necessary!

These wicked ideologies have been perpetuated from one generation to the next for centuries. It is very ingrained in the White psyche just as inferiority complexes are ingrained in the minds of many non-Whites. The Holy Qur'an has been an excellent source for many souls seeking rebirth. Its message is very simple yet, powerful: Only Allah is Supreme and all sins atoned for will be forgiven. No need to dwell, just move on and continue to do right by Allah. However, a society that believes that evil is necessary will remain stagnant and unrepentant.



Yemen crisis forces Muslims to rethink traditional views

Brushing aside concerns about his old age and failing health, the 76-years old prominent Muslim activist, Sheikh Dr. Kamal el-Helbawy booked his own airticket from Cairo to fly all the way to New Delhi and then traveled through the dusty roads to a university town, Aligarh. Dr. Helbawy, who once said in an interview to the BBC that he admires Lady Thatcher, is a living legend in the Islamic world. He embarked on this long journey to the otherwise nondescript location on global political map, not for pleasure but to reflect upon the intellectual crisis among the Muslims of the world. All he wanted was to meet and interact with prominent Muslim intellectuals, academicians, thinkers, religious activists and interfaith leaders from around the world who had gathered there for a two day conclave.

Helbawy, who currently holds a dual citizenship of UK and Egypt, was the former international on the need to bring together Muslims from all the sects under one umbrella and present a unified Islam to the world.

The ongoing turmoil in the middle-east with the war between the Houthis, a Shiite offshoot and Yemen's majority Sunnis, seems to have become the last straw for Muslim intellectuals in shedding their sectarian folds. For quite a few years, the house of Islam appears to be engaged in a proxy war not only with others but within itself. The Shiite -Sunni gap has been widening in the recent years and other smaller sects also seem to have raged a war with others. Across the world today, the Muslims seem to be in turbulence almost everywhere. Several Muslim dominated countries are either in a state of unrest or engaged in some kind of proxy war.

Ironically, many of the violent conflicts are between the different sects or groups within Islam. From 1991 onwards and even before, soon after the Iranian Revolution, when the war started in Middle East, Muslims having been finding themselves on a slippery slope. First, the Iran-Iraq war, then Gulf-war I, and Gulf war II, then the devastations that followed as a result of Arab spring in North Africa and Middle East, it has been an unending chain of death and destruction. To make matters worse, the global terror outfits like ISIS, Boko Haram, etc. have caused further damage to the already besieged Ummah. However, thankfully very few Muslims support the violent steps being taken by some of these misguided youths who claim to be representing Islam.

Interestingly, it is probably the first time when the Muslim intellectuals from various sects sat down together within religious leaders of other communities for such an academic discourse. The Muslim intellectuals not only deliberated on issues but also realized that it is time to pose disturbing questions to themselves as to who they were, are they really one ummah, one nation, united in faith, God and His Prophet or smaller cults worshipping their own cult leaders.

If the God is one, Prophet is one, Quran is one and collective interest is one then how do the Muslims dare to identify themselves as Shia or Sunni, Hanafi or Wahabi, Deobandi or Barellawi etc. The unanimous answer to these questions was that it is a clear deviation from the straight faith and amounts to blasphemy, amounts to shirk. They also realized that it is time to think whether Muslims want to resurrect to one ummah or perish as a result of internal fighting. The question whether Muslim can take upon a leadership role in the new world order was posed to Swami Lakshmi Shankaracharya, who also participated in this event and enthralled the audience with his enlightening speech. In his eloquent address which is also uploaded on Youtube, the Shankaracharya emphasized that Muslims can definitely lead the world, provided they first become good Muslims themselves. They have to understand the real meaning of Quran and implement the teachings of their Prophet into their lives before taking up the mantle of global leadership. This advice from a Hindu religious head bears particular significance for the Muslims and has been applauded by the community as a whole.

Some intellectuals have blamed the Muslim leadership for the present day crisis of the community. Expressing his views on this issue, Dr. Muhammad al-Ghazali from the Shariah Appellate Bench, Supreme Court of Pakistan said that the Muslim leadership is suffering from inferiority complex. Another panelist and a renowned Shia cleric, Maulana Kalbe Sadiq said that Sunnis and Shiite not only need to act as brothers but one soul. He mentioned that this was the message given by the Supreme Leader of Shiite community, Ayatollah Sistani from Iran.

The idea of such a conclave is a brainchild of Dr. Rashid Shaz, who is a thinker and intellectual engaged in writing on various Muslim issues for a long time. He divides his time working as a Professor at the Aligarh Muslim University as well as on conceptualizing intra-faith and interfaith initiatives. Though he comes from an orthodox Muslim family, Dr. Shaz has been a vocal critic of the present day clergy. According to him, many of the problems of Muslims ummah can be easily resolved if the Muslim clerics play a positive role by resolving internal conflicts amicably in the light of Quran. Because of his outspoken criticism, he has often been on the radar of the clergy, who pounce upon every opportunity to denounce him.

The signing of the Islamic Unity Charter by all the participants at the conference, obliterating the sectarian boundaries, also marks a significant shift from their earlier positions. The sectarian divisions have got no meaning in the light of Quran, which clearly asks all Muslims to submit to one God and follow the Prophet Muhammad's teachings. Apart from India, various Islamic scholars from US, Malaysia and other Islamic countries attended the event. Some of the countries sent their representatives from their High Commissions in New Delhi to keep a tab on the developments.

Considering the prevailing crisis in the Muslim Ummah as an opportunity, several Muslim intellectuals from around the world sat down together to rethinking on the traditional solutions. The idea was not just to focus on the present Muslim issues and the prevailing unrest but also to chart out a future course of action for Islamic unity. The outcome of the two-day event brings an interesting summary of how Muslims see themselves today and how they would like to be seen in the future.

Reports suggest that the intellectuals have proposed holding similar conclaves in other Muslim dominated cities within India as well as abroad in the near future. Some organisations have welcomed this idea but it remains to be seen whether something concrete comes out of it.

(Raheel Ahmad - The writer is a Muslim peace activist with a keen interest in interfaith and religious dialogues. He holds a Bachelor's in Engineering and a post graduate in Management from IIM-Calcutta.)

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