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17 Jumaada al-awal 1436 A.H. - March 8, 2015 Issue # 62, Newsletter #1592

Hadith of the Week

On the authority of Jabir, may Allah be pleased with him, who narrated that the Messenger of Allah,
peace be upon him, said:

"Indeed, Satan has despaired of getting those who perform prayer to worship him, but rather he instigates (hatred) among them."

Jami At-Tirmidhi, Chapters on Righteousness, #1937


 Dr abdulalim Abdullah Shabazz

Tribute to Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz Top Islamic Thinker USA
by Dr. Kaukab Siddique
Posted on March 6 by jamaatalmuslimeendc

Contains facts about Dr. Shabazz' inner struggle not only against racists and Zionists but also against his own community before he came to Jamaat al-Muslimeen.

In Honor of Dr Shabazz :

Book Review

 David Irving

Hitler's Deputy: The Man Who Wanted Peace!
Review by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

Hess:the Missing Years 1941-1945 with new documents by David Irving: Focal Point Publications, Dorney, Windsor SL4 6Qs, UK., 403 pages, 2010
[Available in hard cover from New Trend, P.O. Box 84, Oxford, Pa. 19363 for a donation of $40.]

Rudolf Hess was second only to Hitler in Germany when Hitler was challenging the western powers. Hess saw the necessity of peace. Germany was powerful but could not sustain open ended war.

Hess decided to sacrifice his high position in Germany and put his life on the line to achieve peace. He was an expert pilot. He flew to Britain and parachuted into an area where he though British elites who were desirous of peace were not too far away. He allowed his plane to crash thus making sure that there was only one way forward, to achieve peace.

Hess had been in contact with British elites who did not want war. He thought he could convince them that Hitler would be amenable to peace if negotiations for peace were carried out. Unfortunately for him, Winston Churchill was in charge of Britain at that time and was determined to carry on the war and to drag USA and USSR into it.

Churchill realized the danger to his agenda from the sudden arrival of Hess, a man second only to Hitler in Germany. Churchill made sure that Hess would not be able to meet anyone, not even the media. The peacemaker became a prisoner right from the beginning..

In the years that followed, Churchill took severe measures that sealed Hess off from the world. How this man following the highest ideals of peace survived solitary confinement is a heart wrenching story well told by Britain's greatest historian David Irving.

After the war ended, all of Germany's top leaders who had survived the war were brought to trial at Nuremburg as criminals and the enemies of Jews.

They were tried for crimes which the western allies and the Soviet Union too had committed. It was a war in which there were no angels,

In the show trials enacted to punish the leaders of Germany, Hess showed that in spite of years of isolation, he had not lost his will power and his sanity. He fooled the victorious western powers into thinking that he had amnesia and could not remember anything. His captors tried everything to break his silence but he was unshakeable. Thus he saw the drama of the fake trials as a critical observer. Finally, when even his attorney was fooled into thinking that he could not speak for himself, he broke his silence to reject all the charges and to regain his dignity and his loyalty to Germany and Hitler, the greatest hero Germany has ever had. This stern moral stance of Hess was tantamount to putting an end to his own existence because after the war ended, no one dared to say a word favorable to Hitler. Irving has translated Hess' final statement in court which could make any human being proud. He sounds like a Muslim.. The book is worth reading only for that.

At the points of serious provocation by Jews against Germany, Hess as Hitler's Deputy had clearly ordered that no violence or inhumane steps be taken against Jews, So, he cannot be accused of anti-Semitism. Irving has documented Hess' orders forbidding such violence. People often forget, owing to Zionist control of the media, that the war was not about Jews but about Germany's honor and selfhood.

Those who claim the holocaust of the Jews often forget that German cities, ALL of THEM, were literally incinerated, burned to the ground at the express orders of Winston Churchill. That was the holocaust. The British leader was undoubtedly the mass murderer of the German civilian populations.



Jewish Power Waning:

French Jewish Leader Calls For US Help to Remove 'Jew Hatred' From Internet

CRIF, the umbrella representative group of the French Jewish community has called on its "American friends" to fight against the dissemination of Jew-hatred on the internet, in an appeal published in the New York Times. "For French Jews this battle is vital. We can neither fight nor win it without you,'' CRIF's president Roger Cukierman wrote. ''On the Internet anti-Semitic ravings, rooted in centuries-old myths (the Rich Jew, the Powerful Jew, etc.) go unchecked ..." Cukierman noted that all these Internet service providers, search engines, video-hosting services are American. "They are subject to American laws. We need the United States; we need you to convince them to set a limit to this swarm of hate."

Women: Oppresion and Rape


India: Rape Center of the World: BBC Movie Banned. Hinduism suppresses Women.

March 4: India has banned a BBC movie which documents the prevalence of rape in India. The Delhi government is insisting that the movie should not shown anywhere in the world but hundreds of thousands have already seen it,
The center piece of the movie is an interview with Mukesh, the gang leader, who raped and multilated a woman on a bus and then threw her off the bus leading to her death.
After the horrific gang rape and death of the young woman, there were countrywide rallies by women calling for an end to rape. The ring leader of of the rapists was caught and sentenced to death. However, he remains unrepentant. He told BBC that she would have survived if she had not fought back. He put his hand "inside" her and took out her intestines.
Gang rapes continue in India almost on a daily basis. Some recent victims have been foreign tourists.
[Muslim women are leading the protests and calling for Sharia law.]

The Emmet Till Effect: Using "Rape" Charge to Lynch a Muslim in Assam.

March 5: In the northeastern Indian state of Assam, a Muslim falsely accused of rape was lynched. Thousands of Hindus gathered at the prison where he was held, broke the prison and lynched him.

Nothing like this has happened to actual Hindu rapists all over India. Reports indicate that he was an immigrant from Bangladesh.

This is like the Mississippi lynching in 1955 of the African American boy Emmet Till by Whites who accused him of rape when he allegedly flirted with a White woman, He was mutilated and defaced before being killed. A White jury acquitted the murderers.

Cambodia: Pnohm Penh
Gang Rape in A Buddhist Country is Well Organized on a Massive scale.

March 7: Al-Jazeerah [English] broadcast a detailed report on rape in Cambodia. It's a common practice there that a man takes his girlfriend to a date and invites all his buddies to rape her. It's illegal but so widely practiced that the government cannot stop it.

In an interview with al-Jazeerah, the ring leader of organized gang rapes stated that he spends money on his girl friends and if they resist gang rape, they are severely beaten.

Al-Jazeerah thoroughly investigated the gang rape culture and found out that the situation in Cambodia is worse than in India. The difference is that in India, the rapes are publicized and protested owing to Muslim influence while in Cambodia, the ongoing process of gang rape remains "off the record."

[UN report on Cambodia: Asked whether there are times when a woman deserves to be beaten, 32.8 percent of 620 Cam­bodian women interviewed believed there was, compared with 27.8 percent of men; 67 percent of women—the highest of any country surveyed—be­lieved a woman should tolerate violence to keep a family together, compared to 59.8 percent of men.

What's more, female attitudes to the act of rape itself reveal a worrying ignorance of the principle of consent—81.7 percent of Cambodian women answered that if a woman does not physically fight back it is not rape, compared with 65.1 percent of men who think the same.]

[Approximately 95% of Cambodia's population follows Theravada Buddhism, heavily influenced by Brahmanical religions (Shaivism and Vaishnavism).. Source: Wikipedia.]


 Dr Kaukab Siddique

What does Islam say about Rape?
Merit in the Qur'an & hadith is Based on Behavior, not on Gender

by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

  1. Basis of merit and Superiority in Islam.

  2. Hadith Indicate Process of Gradual Transformation of Women's Situation. Death for Rape.

  3. Facts about Taliban go Against U.S. Propaganda. We reject Imperialist/Zionist Agenda.

  4. Afghanistan, Iraq, Palestine are Examples of Global Rape and Resistance.

  1. Muslims who don't study Hadith are being told that Hadith goes against the rights of women or that perhaps that it was even fabricated. [The RAND Corporation was involved in this campaign against Hadith.] Some people genuinely do misunderstand Hadith because they are unaware of the purpose of Hadith. The Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, did not right away change the conditions of oppressed people, including women. It took 23 years through a process of teaching, organizing, hijra, jihad and consolidation of the Islamic community.

    Hadith record the words and achievements of the Prophet, pbuh, but they also record the terrible conditions of oppression which continued to exist for years and were gradually removed. For instance, the Hadith tells us that some men used to beat women. It also tells us the methodology the Prophet, pbuh, used to put an end to beatings as well as psychological mistreatment of women. The Prophet, pbuh, knew more women than any man ever has but the Hadith tells us that he NEVER RAISED HIS HAND AGAINST A WOMAN. In Islam, the Prophet's, pbuh, interpretation of Islam is final in all matters.

    Hadith tells us that Muta [temporary marriage] was rife and polygamy was rampant and unrestricted. It also tells us that the Prophet, pbuh, prohibited Mutah and put severe restrictions on polygamy. The Hadith tells us that SLAVERY was commonplace in Arabia and Persia and Rome. It also tells us that the Prophet, pbuh, condemned slavery outright and carried out various reforms to put an end to it.

    In finality, Hadith in Bukhari's Sahih tell us that Allah does not accept the prayers of a slaver. It also tells us that the Prophet, pbuh, did not have a slave. Again, the Prophet's, pbuh, example is final in all matters.
    In war, Christians, Jews and pagans enslaved women captives. The Muslims too did this for quite a while. The Prophet, pbuh, gave a superb example in this matter, when he MARRIED a captive women, Safiiyah, may Allah be pleased with her, and honored her, and she became a Mother of the Believers. Guess which of these Hadith, the enemies of Islam list? They will always select Hadith about the transitional stage. One will NEVER find a FINAL Hadith on these matters in the collections of the rejectors of Hadith. These people are dishonest.

    Finally, the Prophet, pbuh, instituted the death penalty for the RAPIST. Muslims of our times are so far from Islam that they have not implemented this Hadith.

    If superiority is given to anyone in Islam, it is given to women who are mothers. The prophet, pbuh, put the mother 3 times above the father. The Qur'an puts the mother second only to Allah. The Prophet, pbuh, in Hadith guarantees Paradise to those who bring up their daughters well. He told men that the best among them are those who are best to their wives.

  2. The enemies of Islam know that many women in the Muslim world have not received their Islamic rights. This situation gives these enemies an opportunity to project their power into Muslim lands in the name of "justice for Muslim women." The most important example of this projection is the propaganda blitz which was used to demonize the Taliban.

    Afghan women outside Kabul wore the chadri before the Taliban rose to power, and Afghan women wear it today. However the Taliban were blamed for the chadri as if they invented it. A communist splinter group working with the Zionists distributed pictures of a woman being executed in Kabul stadium by the Taliban. [A man was also executed, but this agent group focused on the woman.] The claim was made that the Taliban are woman haters. Here are a few facts:

    1. Taliban leader Mullah Omar first came forth to punish and execute the rapists of a woman. No woman was ever raped under Taliban rule.

    2. Yvonne Ridley, a British journalist captured by the Taliban, has provided a detailed account of the way she was treated by the Taliban. Her account contradicts all the stories against the Taliban distributed by the Zionist media.

    3. The Taliban did execute a woman and did beat up a few women in Kabul, a city which they took by armed force. By comparison, look at the treatment of German women by the allied victors in 1945. The Russian armies raped EVERY GERMAN WOMAN from the age of 8 to 80. The American forces "bought" German women for one chocolate each. The French and the British too instituted a reign of terror in conquered Germany.

      During the Vietnam war, the Americans turned a friendly city, Saigon, into a vast brothel even without conquest. So when we want to condemn the Taliban, let's ask: Whom are we comparing them with?

    4. Why do American activists who are skeptical of news and features broadcast by the Zionist-controlled media become very naive when the same media report on the Taliban? Is there any reason why the media reporting on the Taliban will be honest?

Spotlights & Guidance

 Imam Badi Ali

Corruption and Injustice and Luxury Loving Imams

by Imam Badi Ali

  1. Whosoever fights corruption should see to it that he does not become corrupt himself.

  2. Obamacare is becoming nightmare. A corrupt system corrupts.

  3. Hypocrisy means that we claim human rights in America but we don't observe them overseas.

  4. Those who fight corruption should be clean themselves.

  5. Fighting corruption is a responsibility and a duty.

  6. There is no compromise with corruption. Confront it!

  7. Americans nee to be sincere when talking of human rights. Give every human being the rights we claim for ourselves.

  8. Corruption is the enemy of humanity.

  9. Mass media is like a were wolf. If you are not careful, you will be another of its prey.

  10. Some of those who claim leadership in the Muslim community, confuse personal rights with Muslim rights. They thinl by defending their personal interests, they are defending Muslim rights.

  11. Plenty of imams will help themselves only. They don't even answer the phone. They don't care to even answer the questions their community members have. They are like movie stars living a life of luxury.

- Imam Badi Ali is a Palestinian American who leads a large congregation in Greensboro, North Carolina



Dessie, Ethiopia - Feed The Hungry : Shocking Scenes of Deprivation and Suffering
by Sis. Ashira Naim [Jamaat al-Muslimeen Baltimore]

Narrated 'Abdullah bin 'Amr: A man asked the Prophet, "What Islamic traits are the best?" The Prophet said, "feed the people, and greet those whom you know and those whom you do not know." [Sahih Bukhari]

Dessie, Ethiopia is a hub town for Ethiopians and others, like myself, travelling to and from Addis Ababa, Kambolcha, Hike, and several other towns. Near the large outdoor station, buses can be seen moving between these towns all hours of the day and night for short distances of one or two hours. For longer distances, offices are located in the same area for arrangements to catch buses like Selam Bus or Sky Bus. So, here in this town you see the hustle-bustle of regular taxis and larger taxis that hold as many as 22 people and bajans that hold up to 3 people. In addition, there are the individual cars and trucks being driven by their owners and/or company employees.

Alongside these automobiles is the amazing mix of sheep, donkeys, mules (accompanied by their attendants), an occasional dog or two and literally thousands of human beings on the streets--all going somewhere. Here on these streets is a vivid picture of respect being shown for all--from the college professors, engineers, and the insane and homeless, it is all the same, no matter, just keeping going. It appears to me that the animals in the mix provide assurance that the speed of traffic will be restrained so as to decrease injuries. The animals actually "control" the traffic. This is the way of life, and I hope I have conveyed the idea as I intended--Amazing! Oh, but what must be included is the dress styles. Can you imagine seeing the present day styles all mixed in with styles since the days 2 thousand years ago--all at the same time in droves??

Now with this as our backdrop, the stage was set for us to give envelopes with 60 birrs (enough to feed 4 or to feed one person 4 times) as we walked amongst the people in villages and downtown where the poorest of the poor are easy to find. And we were successful over a week's time of walking amongst these people and discerning those we just could not pass by without giving an envelope and saying "from Allah" or "Alhumdullilah" --mothers with little children, one on each side of her and one hanging inside a sheet tied carefully onto her back; mothers who along with a small child, living in a mud hole covered by a piece of tin that served as a roof, the hole covered by a piece of wool sack or other cloth as a door; little children--boys--travelling in groups, homeless and orphaned, torn, torn shoes, torn shirts, torn pants--torn and hungry; the blind man or woman who would suddenly stand still with arms raised making supplication to Allah; the hungry man or woman who simply held out a hand pleading for help. We feel pleased with our work to feed the hungry on the streets and pray Allah's acceptance of our efforts.

We thank the Believers in America and especially in the City of Baltimore who gave to feed the hungry in Ethiopia. We pray Allah's Blessings and Mercy upon you.

Inshallah, we are moving to Addis and Nazareth where, with your contributions, we will feed (by envelopes with birrs) those we can, by the Grace of Allah.


 Pakistan Flag

Founder of Pakistan. Qaide Azam Mohomed Ali Jinnah: One of a Kind Leader.
[With thanks to a reader in Iowa.]

From being wholly westernized Indian nationalist, he became a Muslim nationalist and then a totally selfless Islamic leader.

Born and brought up in a sect, he transformed himself into a Sunni Muslim.

He learned Urdu and changed his dress and his life style.

He told Pakistanis to seek guidance from the Qur'an.

The masses knew he could not be bought or sidetracked, that he would never betray them.

In this speech, the huge crowd chanted Nara e takbeer Allahu Akbar and Qaide Azam Zindabad. [The greatest slogan, Allah is the greatest. Long live Qaide Azam.]

He began in Urdu though it was very difficult for him, Then he apologized and switched to English. The masses loved him even when he spoke English.

They knew he could be trusted.

Thousands of Women Rally Despite Heavy Rain on International Women's Day. Sirajul Haq Speaks.
100% Female Literacy is Jamaate Islami's Objective

by Qaiser Sharif [JI information]

LAHORE, Mar. 8: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Sirajul Haq, has said that Islam has given respect and honour to the womenfolk and those who were making them a market commodity were their enemy and not well-wishers. He was addressing Khadijatul Kubra Women's Conference at Mansoora in connection with the international women day.

 Jamaat e Islami

Sirajul Haq said that the women rights were simply on paper as these could not be seen in the practical world. He said the JI would protect the high status of the women given by Islam as sisters, daughters and mothers.

He said that for the protection of women's rights, all the candidates for the assemblies should be directed to submit certificates of having given the rights of their sisters, daughters and wives.

The JI chief said that a tyrannical, exploitative and class based system prevailed in the country and poor people were committing suicides. He said that France and Britain were providing old age allowance to its senior citizens, and why can't this allowance be given in Pakistan. He said that the reason was that the rulers in the country had taken over all the resources of the country.

Secretary general, JI women wing, Dr Durdana Siddiqui, Dr Humaira Tariq, and other women leaders also addressed the moot. Thousands of women and children attended the conference despite heavy rain.

The JI chief said that the JI on coming to power, would establish separate colleges and universities and health institutions for women, girls education would be made compulsory and the JI would ensure hundred percent female literacy. He stressed that Sirajul Haq said that in occupied Kashmir, Hindu brutes were disgracing Muslim girls and women and had martyred thousands of Kashmiri youth whereas the Pakistani rulers were keen for trade and cultural relations with India instead of lodging protest against the excesses of Indian troops.

He said the JI had declared war against status quo and it won't allow the tyrannical system run by the US agents to continue. He said that the common man did not get an aspirin tablet from the government hospitals whereas the assembly members traveled abroad frequently on state expense. The rulers had plundered billions from the public money and deposited in foreign banks. He said the JI would recover all this ill gotten wealth on coming to power

War News

 War News

Islamic State Advancing on Tel Tamer: Assad's Intel HQ blown up in Aleppo.
Alawite & US Air Raids Kill Scores. All Christian Civilians Released. Women in IS.

March 8. Mujahideen from the Islamic State are slowly but steadily advancing against Kurdish forces in Tel Tamer, a key stronghold in northeast Hasakeh province. More than 50 Kurdish troops and Assyrian Christian militia have been killed in trying to stop the IS advance

Assad's air force bombed the suburbs of Damascus killing 11 civilians and injuring many others. US air force bombed IS positions in north eastern Syria. Casualties unknown.

Assad's jet fighters hit an Islamic State convoy in Hama province killing 25 Muslims including a local commander.

March 7: Assad's Shi'ite allies advanced into the Jazal area of Homs province but met stiff resistance which killed 7 of the Shi'ite troops.

March 6: In Hasakeh province, all Assyrian Christian civilians detained by the Islamic State [IS[ were released after Friday prayers following a fatwa given by an Islamic preacher.

Assad's forces beheaded 4 Islamic State prisoners in revenge for their heavy losses in fighting IS.

March 5: Syrian Human Rights Group reported that 12 prisoners have died of torture in Assad's prisons this year. Assad's intelligence service is still operational leading to an air attack in Idlib province which killed three al-Nusra field commanders.

March 4. In Aleppo's government held area, the headquarters of the notorious Air Force Intelligence branch of the Assad regime was blown up by al-Nusra mujahideen. The explosion was so powerful, it was heard all over Aleppo which is Syria's biggest city. It felt like an earthquake. It turned out that mujahideen had dug a tunnel near Assad's headquarters, filled it with dynamite and blew it up.

Non-Muslim fighters from European countries are arriving in Kobane area now in YPG Kurdish Communist hands. In fighting as YPG advances into Kobane countryside, an ex-British Royal Marine was killed as was an Australian soldier by IS sniper fire.

Three Muslim young women from Britain, two BANGLADESHI and one ETHIOPIAN are reported to have arrived safely in IS held area of Syria in spite of efforts by their parents to stop them. British propaganda labelled them as gullible kids but they are STRAIGHT A students and knew exactly what they were doing.

Last month, Hayat Boumedienne, a hijabi woman of Algerian origin, suspected of organizing the Paris attack on French blasphemers of the Prophet, pbuh, also reportedly joined IS in Syria. The Western media released photos of her on a beach BEFORE SHE BECAME Muslim to harm her credibility.

Awoman who left IS because she was aggravated by having to wear niqab, inadvertently released the information that IS has a whole BRIGADE of hijabi women known as the Khansa brigade [named after a heroic Islamic woman from the era of Caliph Umar, r.a]


Islamic State [IS] receives Pledge of Allegiance from Boko Haram
[Now known as Da'wa wal Jihad]. Reaching the Heart of Africa
[Courtesy Jamaat al-Muslimeen Virginia]
[All information about organizations outside USA are for information and discussion, not for endorsement.- New Trend editor]

March 7. From Abu Bakr Sheikau to khalifa Abu Bakr al-Qureshi al-Hussaini, pledge to hear and to obey.

Arabic with English and French subtitles. [This is the pledge which was instituted in the golden era of Islamic caliphate.]


Boko Haram attacking Maiduguri, captures town South of the city. Also advancing in Cameroon, Niger and Chad.

March 7. The regime has announced heavy casualties in bomb attacks in Maiduguei. At least 50 killed. Are they civilians or vigilantes armed by the regime? There is no way of knowing because regime refuses to allow journalists to come in.

The regime claims to have re-taken Baga but again refuses to allow anyone to check the situation.

In Cameroon, the regime rallied its supporters to mobilize support against growing Islamic threat.

Shi'ite Troops Slaughtered in Massive Attacks on Tikrit.

A few hundred Mujahideen facing 30,000 Iraqi troops, Shi'ite Militias & Iranian Military with Iraqi & US Air Support.

On March 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7 a huge armada of 30,000 troops with heavy artillery and air support attacked Islamic [IS] forces in Tikrit.

On March 7 General Dempsey admitted that US air strikes around Baiji had helped the Iraqis to advance. All sources state that an Iranian general Suliemani is leading the attack.

Also General Dempsey claimed that ultimately Tikrit will be captured because there were only a few hundred IS defenders.

However, the slaughter of the Shi'ite troops has been terrible. AFP reported on March 7:

Entire convoys of Shiite dead bodies are being carried away from the battle field:
"The government has provided no casualty toll for the much larger operation aimed at retaking Tikrit, which was launched on March 2."

Residents living on the road between Samarra, where the operation's command centre is located, and Baghdad further south say convoys bringing back bodies have been passing regularly."

Then a there are other Shi'ite troops whose families want them to be buried in Najaf:

"An official with the religious authority in the holy city, where many Shiites want to be buried and which has the world's largest cemetery, said the bodies of 64 fighters killed in the Tikrit battle and elsewhere had been brought in since March 4"

New Trend is sorry that we posted on facebook that there are 2000 Islamic defenders. Dempsey may have better intelligence that there are only a few hundred.

Casino/bar Attacked in Bamako, the capital of Mali. Three Europeans, two Security Killed. Revenge for Cartoons.

On March 6, four gunmen opened machine gun fire and threw a grenade at a Casino and liquor bar in Bomako.

Those killed included a French man and a Belgian and a third unidentified European.

Two Malians, a security guard and a police officer, were killed and 18 people injured.

According to Reuters, an Islamic group knowb as al-Mourabitoun has taken responsibility and has announced that the attack was in revenge for the French cartoons of the Prophet, pbuh.

Setting up a casino and a liquor outlet in a Muslim community is considered an abomination and an act of war on Islam.

Islamic Map of Libya:
Islamic State is Gaining Rapidly. Analyst Explains Why.

"Many of the younger generation of militants in Derna, and in eastern Libya more generally, are the sons and nephews of those who were rounded up, tortured or killed by Gaddafi during his crackdown on Islamists in the 1990s," said Mary Fitzgerald, an analyst and author based in Libya. "[Now] what has happened in Derna is similar to what is happening in Sirte and Benghazi. [ISIL] is peeling away younger militants from other groups because it is seen as increasingly assertive and more powerful than the others."

Many men from Derna were part of the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group (LIFG), who went to Afghanistan to fight the Soviets in the 1980s, and comprised the majority of Libyan fighters in Iraq after the 2003 US invasion.

Air Strikes Kill 25: Explosion near Cairo: Spontaneous Rallies on Friday against Al-Sissi

March 7: Egyptian air force struck suspected mujahideen groups near Sheikh Zuwaid in northern Sinai and claimed to have killed 25 people.

A bomb exploded in a Cairo suburb near a police post killing one officer, wounding 7.

Spontaneous demonstrations took place against General Sissi in Cairo and other towns after Juma prayers.. The regime has outlawed all rallies and was surprised by the sudden outburst of protests.

Our America

 Our America

Mysterious Boston Trial Begins. Defense Attorney not Defending the Accused!
by Sis. Karin Friedemannn

The trial of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev began Wednesday, March 4. If anyone still held out any hope that we were going to get some answers, that the government would now be asked to prove their convoluted story related to the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, or that Jahar's lawyers were going to put up a fight, they were brutally disappointed like a slap in the face. I attended opening statements as well as court proceedings the following day and I am as baffled as anyone, for this is the most bizarre criminal trial anyone in history has ever seen.

The prosecution's opening statement was as expected. It echoed what has already been leaked to the mainstream media, with a few embellishments that sound preposterous. Suddenly now they are saying Jahar's UMass ID was found on the floor of his Honda Civic, covered in the blood of Officer Collier, the MIT cop who was killed while sitting in his car, as well as his blood covered gloves. Why would any murderer take off the victim's gloves and then put them in his car? There was so much about the government testimony that begged to be ripped to shreds. Attorney William Weinreb drew upon public prejudice against Islam, calling the defendant a "holy warrior" whose actions were motivated by a desire to die as a martyr and reach "paradise."

Defense attorney Judy Clarke then shocked everybody by beginning her opening statement by conceding responsibility for "a series of senseless, horribly misguided acts carried out by two brothers: 26-year-old Tamerlan Tsarnaev and his younger brother, 19-year-old Jahar."

Isn't a defense attorney's job to cast doubt on the government's accusations? We all expected her top priority to be defending her client's life but saying, "He did it" in the opening statements went above and beyond most people's expectations. Seems to be a strategy to make the trial go by as fast as possible so they can focus on the sentencing phase, with the presumption that he is assured of a conviction no matter what arguments are presented. The defense did not cross-examine a single government witness.

I searched Jahar's face for some sign of guilt or innocence but could find no information except that he is resigned to his situation and trying to stay positive. I watched his long, bony white fingers play with a pencil, standing it up on end, holding it upright awhile with one finger at its tip. His eyes remained downcast most of the time, though he occasionally glanced at a speaker. There was one particular cop that he glared at. Chatting with his legal team, he seemed almost too content with their decision, given that neither death nor life in prison seem like particularly good options. The second day, he looked pale and subdued. There is nothing about his demeanor that seems tense, angry, or fearful. One observer described him "like a lost puppy." Similarly, a schoolteacher and potential juror that didn't end up getting selected, blogged:

"There was no cloud of evil that floated around him, nothing that marked him as being different from one of my doofy sophomores." [ 2015/03/06/dzhokhar-tsarnaev- trial-erin-dionne]

I turn to his family for some kind of insight. Jahar's Aunt Maret posted on weebly:

"That team of defense was forced on Dzhokhar. Dzhokhar, I know that from my brother Anzor, apparently was REFUSING those lawyers back in May-June of 2013, he told them to go away, that he did not want them (obviously, he did that since he detected that they were not there for his benefit). When the parents raised the issue before Judy Clarke and William Fick for the first time in June 2013, in Makhachkala, during their first visit, that they (the parents) would want to get a private lawyer to defend Dzhokhar, because they knew that public lawyers are government paid lawyers. Fick's (mostly, it was him pressuring this issue through) and Judy's response to that intention of the parents was "there is no way" you can do that and you will be allowed to do that. Fick said if one of the attorneys go, then the whole team goes. So, Judy Clarke and William Fick also were pushed down Dzhokhar's throat by the government. And, this team got Zubeidat somehow under their influence and that is how they worked out their defense strategy, according to which, they are painting Tamerlan as "self-radicalised" mastermind of the crimes and Dzhokhar is a follower. And there, you should see why Dzhokhar would be seeming indifferent during the court proceeding to those, who report from the courthouse. It was mentioned the other day that Dzhokhar felt nauseous on Thursday, would that be side effect, he was having as a result of drugs he was pumped in before that day's court hearing? Because I cannot image Dzhokhar feeling ok and sitting quietly, while Judy Clarke was given that murderous speech, knowing that that kid is totally innocent."

It appears to me that both defense and prosecution agreed to steer clear of any mention of FBI involvement in the brother's lives, in exchange for sparing Jahar's life. Nevertheless, the judge is acting outrageously, constantly interrupting the defense and even at one point inserting his opinion that "there isn't much evidence" that the accusations against Jahar are not true! How can that be legal? Whose job is it to censure a Federal judge?

Someone in touch with Jahar's family shared with me several audiotapes of Jahar's loving mother, which make clear that he comes from an intensely affectionate and deeply religious family. Whatever he did or did not do, he is not the victim of poor upbringing. "I wish you would have known how full of love we all were... how happy we all were..." Tamerlan used to kiss all of his mother's toes, saying, "This is my paradise!" Jahar would become possessive and demand to massage her other foot insisting that he should be allowed to share in paradise!

According to his mother's descriptions of her weekly phone calls with her son, Jahar seems to be in a highly elevated state of iman:

"Allah is with us, Allah watches us always... Everything is by Allah's will. This is another test for us and we are thanking Allah, we never complain and we know that everything Allah does is for our benefit if not in this dunya then in the Hereafter... inshallah we all will rejoin in Paradise... Tell her (his sister Ailina who cannot visit him due to false accusations) to be patient and not to cry... whatever Allah's decision is, that is what we are happy with."

Interpret it how you will, this the mental state of the surviving brother. His sister Ailina gets up late at night to pray for all the Believers.

"We need to love each other like one body," Jahar's mother Zubeida implores us.
"Alllah azza wa jal. He knows how his brother loved him and his brother will be waiting for us inshallah by Allah's will in Hereafter and we will be all together inshallah."

 Sis Karin Friedemannn

Article by:
Sis Karin Friedemannn

Madison, Wisconsin
Unarmed Black Teen Killed by Police Officer: Selma failed to save African Americans?

Protesters carrying signs reading "Black Lives Matter" gathered Saturday, hours after an officer fatally shot a 19-year-old black man who authorities said assaulted the officer in the man's apartment.

Police Chief Mike Koval said the man was shot Friday night after an altercation in which the officer was knocked down by a blow to the head. Koval did not know whether the man was armed, but said "initial findings at the scene did not reflect a gun or anything of that nature that would have been used by the subject." The officer's name and race has not been released.

Authorities also did not release the name of the victim, who died at a hospital. But Sun Prairie High School Superintendent Tim Culver said in a statement that it was Tony Robinson, who graduated in 2014.

Dozens gathered outside the Dane County Police Department on Saturday chanting and holding signs that said, "Black Lives Matter" - a slogan adopted by activists and protesters around the nation after recent officer-involved deaths of unarmed black men.

Selma, Alabama

History was Made in 1965: Voting Rights: Ramsey Clark Was Among the Marchers

On 2 January 1965 King and SCLC joined the SNCC, the Dallas County Voters League, and other local African American activists in a voting rights campaign in Selma where, in spite of repeated registration attempts by local blacks, only two percent were on the voting rolls. SCLC had chosen to focus its efforts in Selma because they anticipated that the notorious brutality of local law enforcement under Sheriff Jim Clark would attract national attention and pressure President Lyndon B. Johnson and Congress to enact new national voting rights legislation.

The campaign in Selma and nearby Marion, Alabama, progressed with mass arrests but little violence for the ï¬rst month. That changed in February, however, when police attacks against nonviolent demonstrators increased. On the night of 18 February, Alabama state troopers joined local police breaking up an evening march in Marion. In the ensuing melee, a state trooper shot Jimmie Lee Jackson, a 26-year-old church deacon from Marion, as he attempted to protect his mother from the trooper's nightstick. Jackson died eight days later in a Selma hospital.

In response to Jackson's death, activists in Selma and Marion set out on 7 March, to march from Selma to the state capitol in Montgomery. While King was in Atlanta, his SCLC colleague Hosea Williams, and SNCC leader John Lewis led the march. The marchers made their way through Selma across the Edmund Pettus Bridge, where they faced a blockade of state troopers and local lawmen commanded by Clark and Major John Cloud who ordered the marchers to disperse. When they did not, Cloud ordered his men to advance. Cheered on by white onlookers, the troopers attacked the crowd with clubs and tear gas. Mounted police chased retreating marchers and continued to beat them.

Television coverage of ''Bloody Sunday,'' as the event became known, triggered national outrage. Lewis, who was severely beaten on the head, said: ''I don't see how President Johnson can send troops to Vietnam—I don't see how he can send troops to the Congo—I don't see how he can send troops to Africa and can't send troops to Selma,'' (Reed, ''Alabama Police Use Gas'').

That evening King began a blitz of telegrams and public statements, ''calling on religious leaders from all over the nation to join us on Tuesday in our peaceful, nonviolent march for freedom'' (King, 7 March 1965). While King and Selma activists made plans to retry the march again two days later, Federal District Court Judge Frank M. Johnson, Jr. notified the movement attorney Fred Gray that he intended to issue a restraining order prohibiting the march until at least 11 March, and President Johnson pressured King to call off the march until the federal court order could provide protection to the marchers.

Forced to consider whether to disobey the pending court order, after consulting late into the night and early morning with other civil rights leaders and John Doar, the deputy chief of the Justice Department's Civil Rights Division, King proceeded to the Edmund Pettus Bridge on the afternoon of 9 March. He led more than 2,000 marchers, including hundreds of clergy who had answered King's call on short notice, to the site of Sunday's attack, then stopped and asked them to kneel and pray. After prayers they rose and turned the march back to Selma, avoiding another confrontation with state troopers and skirting the issue of whether to obey Judge Johnson's court order. Many marchers were critical of King's unexpected decision not to push on to Montgomery, but the restraint gained support from President Johnson, who issued a public statement: ''Americans everywhere join in deploring the brutality with which a number of Negro citizens of Alabama were treated when they sought to dramatize their deep and sincere interest in attaining the precious right to vote'' (Johnson, ''Statement by the President,'' 272). Johnson promised to introduce a voting rights bill to Congress within a few days.

That evening, several local whites attacked James Reeb, a white Unitarian minister who had come from Massachusetts to join the protest. His death two days later contributed to the rising national concern over the situation in Alabama. Johnson personally telephoned his condolences to Reeb's widow and met with Alabama Governor George Wallace, pressuring him to protect marchers and support universal suffrage.

On 15 March Johnson addressed the Congress, identifying himself with the demonstrators in Selma in a televised address: ''Their cause must be our cause too. Because it is not just Negroes, but really it is all of us, who must overcome the crippling legacy of bigotry and injustice. And we shall overcome'' (Johnson, ''Special Message''). The following day Selma demonstrators submitted a detailed march plan to federal Judge Frank M. Johnson, Jr., who approved the demonstration and enjoined Governor Wallace and local law enforcement from harassing or threatening marchers. On 17 March President Johnson submitted voting rights legislation to Congress.

The federally sanctioned march left Selma on 21 March. Protected by hundreds of federalized Alabama National Guardsmen and Federal Bureau of Investigation agents, the demonstrators covered between 7 to 17 miles per day. Camping at night in supporters' yards, they were entertained by celebrities such as Harry Belafonte and Lena Horne. Limited by Judge Johnson's order to 300 marchers over a stretch of two-lane highway, the number of demonstrators swelled on the last day to 25,000, accompanied by Assistant Attorneys General John Doar and Ramsey Clark, and former Assistant Attorney General Burke Marshall, among others.

During the ï¬nal rally, held on the steps of the capitol in Montgomery, King proclaimed: ''The end we seek is a society at peace with itself, a society that can live with its conscience. And that will be a day not of the white man, not of the black man. That will be the day of man as man'' (King, ''Address,'' 130). Afterward a delegation of march leaders attempted to deliver a petition to Governor Wallace, but were rebuffed. That night, while ferrying Selma demonstrators back home from Montgomery, Viola Liuzzo, a housewife from Michigan who had come to Alabama to volunteer, was shot and killed by four members of the Ku Klux Klan. Doar later prosecuted three Klansmen conspiring to violate her civil rights.

Unusual Admission

[With thanks to Jamaat al-Muslimeen Virginia.]
US senator admits "we are fighting the Caliphate ...:so that Islam may collapse.

Durham, North Carolina
An Invitation to Dr. Kaukab Siddique: Islamic Message on TV.

Please publish "Islam in America" Dawah TV show
viewed in Research Triangle area in North Carolina Raleigh Channel 97-6 Saturdays 4:30pm to 5:30pm

Chapel Hill, Channel 97-5 Saturdays 4pm -5pm
Durham, Channel 97-3 Saturdays 4pm-5pm
Please also send me more of your lectures on DVD's (one hour)

What about getting your speech on " Maintaining an Islamic Family in Challenging Times" (1 hour DVD) for my show?

Wa salaam,
Amatullah V.

Miami, Florida
Mother seeks answers 3 weeks after son's alleged beating at Florida prison
by Julie K. Brown

It has been three weeks since Shurick Lewis was beaten at Columbia Correctional Institution, allegedly by three officers who kicked him and left him bloodied and bruised on the floor of his cell for the next shift to clean up.

One day after the Feb. 12 incident, the Florida Department of Corrections issued a single paragraph news release announcing that the inmate's injuries were serious but not life threatening, and that the Florida Department of Law Enforcement was investigating.

FDOC suspended three corrections officers. And in short order, Columbia's warden, Monroe Barnes, was forced to retire.

But there was one person the agency never called, even to provide the most basic of information: Lewis' ailing 63-year-old mother, who as of Wednesday still did not know whether her son was OK.

Washington, DC
Anti-Semitism or Fact?

Another Shade of Grey !? Top [Jewish?] Official Involved.

Dallas, Texas
Iraqi Muslim Shot dead While Watching First Snowfall in Dallas
Is this Continuation of the KKK Lynching Heritage?
by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen New York]

Ahmed Al-Jumaili, 36, was observing his first snowfall in Dallas, Texas with his wife and brother-in-law, when he was shot dead by a group of four men lurking in the shadows. Many of the neighbors saw these men enter into the area but, of course, no one could identify them. Al-Jumaili and his wife Zahara were married in Iraq 16 months ago. Zahara moved to America for safety reasons. Her husband stayed behind to work and save money to move, which he did only 3 weeks ago. It is said that he sold everything to come up with the money to make his move to America.

Witnesses state that the four men just started shooting off a gun and that some cars were also damaged. [Source:]

These men are not described at all. But, this could be a pattern started by Clint Eastwood's American Sniper movie. New Trend readers all ready should know the power of the media to influence thought and actions. This is what happened during the White reign of terror against Black Americans beginning in the 1870's.

The Ku Klux Klan was founded in 1875 and began terrorizing freed Blacks all over America by raping, assaulting, and murdering innocents with impunity! (Note: The white sheets that the Klansmen wear were copied from an African brotherhood from Brazil that exists even today). During this period, there were the White minstrel shows with the intention of ridiculing and parodying Black culture. These minstrel shows traveled nationwide spreading its lies. It was these White minstrels who played a major role in shaping America's belief about Black people and race relations.

Then, in 1910, D.W. Griffith directs a movie called Birth of a Nation, which lauds the Ku Klux Klan as the defender of America against the savage Black Race (Note: the Blacks in the movie were played by White "actors" in black-face). This film further legitimized the Klan but, dehumanized Black people to the point where the average White family, yes, this was a family affair, did not think twice about lynching Black folks for sport. Many of these events were planned after church or during picnics!

I hate it when people make the "Never Again" claim or say how we're doomed to repeat history if we don't study it. All White America has done, along with its government, is repeat history! A nation that is truly on the mend will atone for its sins and try to repair any damage inflicted. That is not America!

If this is a new reign of terror, Muslims, particularly those who dress the part, need to take heed. America will never have a more formidable foe!

The Emmett Till murder sparked the Civil Rights Movement BUT, the White liberals played just as big of a role with the emphasis on assimilating Blacks into society, just like during the Reconstruction Era. Remember that part of history? Well, remember how they reversed those Reconstruction laws, which became known as the Black Codes, and then, Jim Crow.

A revolution based on the Qur'an will be more potent because aligning with the oppressor is expressly forbidden by Allah. The mindset would be purely based on commanding respect and fueling self-empowerment, not loving one's enemies and assimilation, which is unrealistic.

We need to be aware, especially in the South. Protect yourself by any means necessary, as Malcolm X is famously quoted as saying. It is an Allah-given right!

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Gulen Movement more dangerous than CAIR: Working to Overthrow President Erdogan. Re: Rumi Forum

by Professor Suleyman Kurter [Wisconsin]

Trudy Conway is a professor of philosophy at Mount St. Mary's University. She and many others academia's are flown to Turkey (wined and dined) in Turkey for Fetullah Gulen's cause. They return and become part of the Rumi Forum. The Rumi Forum was established for advancing Zionist causes as well as redefining Islam. With the help of the Zionist controlled media, like the New York Times (yesterday, they published an opinion page supposedly by Fetullah Gulen) and other newspapers, The Rumi Forum gives a Sufi name but it functions as a Zionist Forum. In fact, President Erdogan just recently pointed out on Turkish TV that the Gulen movement is working with the Mossad.

It appears that the Rumi Forum has two functions; first to legitimize Israeli politics in regards to the Palestinians. Second, to redefine Islam and make it equal to Christianity, so that the fast rate of conversion would be curbed. Third, to confuse the minds of young Muslims to be subservient to western interests. Alhamdullilah, with the help of Allah (SWT) and the strong courage of President Erdogan, the Gulen movement has been exposed on all fronts in Turkey and Arab countries.

That is why our brothers from Bangladesh, Pakistan and other countries (like you) should study this deception by Fetullah Gulen and should be exposed to all Muslim countries and communities. Remember I gave you the Rand Report and mentioned to you how we have to watch out for people like Fetullah Gulen. I recommend that you read the report one more time because they are following that road map. One final thought, the role of the Gulen group resembles the Fatimids in Egypt during the Selahuddiin Ayubi Era.

Viewpoint & Analysis

 ViewPoint and Analysis

Netanyahu Doubles Down on Bush's Big Lie: Analysis of Zionist Leader's Attempt to Mislead America
ByDr. Wilmer J. Leon, III

"So when it comes to Iran and ISIS, the enemy of your enemy is your enemy. The difference is that ISIS is armed with butcher knives, captured weapons and YouTube, whereas Iran could soon be armed with intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear bombs." Benjamin Netanyahu March 3, 2015

Republican Congressional leaders invited Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to address a joint session of Congress. Netanyahu proclaimed that his visit was not intended to be political, stating "I deeply regret that some perceive my being here as political. That was never my intention." Netanyahu lied. His visit was entirely political.

Often times during an election or in anticipation of an election, sitting politicians will attempt to create "boogie men". They will exaggerate external threats in a desperate attempt to stir nationalist sentiments. This "rally 'round the flag syndrome" is a tool often used by politicians to create fear in the electorate in the hopes they will turn to them for protection. Better the devil you know than the one you don't. A recent example of this in American politics (even though it was not tied to an election) was the 2001 approval rating of former President G.W. Bush. On September 10, Bush had a Gallup Poll rating of 51%. By September 15, after the 9-11 attacks his approval rating had increased by 34% to 85%.

According to a Times of Israel poll published in February, only 41% of likely Israeli voters said they viewed Netanyahu favorably as his re-election effort enters its final weeks. According to, "Netanyahu's address was widely thought to have doubled as a late campaign pitch." Also, post speech analysis indicates that of those that did listen to the speech, 43% said Netanyahu was unable to change their vote. This was according to polls released Wednesday evening by Israel's Channel 2.

In terms of US politics, it was House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) who took it upon himself to invite Netanyahu to address the joint session of Congress, thus ignoring how powers are clearly delineated in the Constitution. In inviting Netanyahu to speak to Congress, Boehner had three objectives: first, continue to humiliate the first African American President of the United States, second, impact the ongoing negotiations between the Obama administration and Iran in the favor of Israel, third, throw Netanyahu a lifeline two weeks before the Israeli elections as his political position in Israel flounders.

Were Boehner's efforts successful? It depends upon whom you ask. Many conservatives such as Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) compared President Obama to Neville Chamberlain while praising Netanyahu's speech. Rush Limbaugh said that "Benjamin Netanyahu today was everything Barack Obama is not."

Democratic leader Nancy stated, "I was near tears throughout the Prime Minister's speech - saddened by the insult to the intelligence of the United States as part of the P5 +1 nations, and saddened by the condescension toward our knowledge of the threat posed by Iran and our broader commitment to preventing nuclear proliferation." Christiane Amanpour called the speech "dark, Strangelovian" in its hysteria about Iran as Nazi Germany.

Whether you are conservative or liberal facts still matter. It is the responsibility of the American mainstream media to accurately and consistently report the facts. One cannot debate that Netanyahu's claim that Iran could "...soon be armed with intercontinental ballistic missiles and nuclear bombs" has been debunked by his own intelligence service, the Mossad. As reported by The Guardian, "Israel's intelligence agency concluded that Iran was "not performing the activity necessary to produce weapons". Yet, American mainstream media seems to be conveniently ignoring The Guardian's revelation. We have heard Netanyahu's "Chicken Little" lie that the nuclear sky is falling before. Netanyahu doubled-down on the Bush administration's lies that convinced Americans of the need to illegally invade Iraq. The Bush administration's deceptions and lies have been painstakingly documented by former Congressman Henry Waxman's report, Iraq on the Record.

On March 1, 2015 Secretary of State John Kerry went on the record and reiterated the Obama administration's position that Iran has lived up to an interim agreement reached in late 2013, known as the Joint Plan of Action (JPOA). Kerry stated that as a result of that agreement, "Israel is safer today." What part of progress does Netanyahu have a problem with?

In his speech, Netanyahu omitted some very inconvenient truths. He stated, "The people of Iran are very talented people... But in 1979, they were hijacked by religious zealots... who imposed on them immediately a dark and brutal dictatorship." He conveniently omitted the fact that the Iranian Revolution of 1979 was in response to the 1953 US backed overthrow of the democratically elected Iranian Prime Minister Mohammad Mosaddegh and the installation and support by the US of the dictator Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi aka the "Shah of Iran". This was all done at the behest of Royal Dutch Shell and British Petroleum (BP) and led by US operatives Kermit Roosevelt and H. Norman Schwarzkopf, Sr. It can be argued that had the US not intervened in the politics of Iran in 1953 the world would not be dealing with "radical Islam" to the degree to which it is in 2015. As they say on the corner, "don't start nothin', won't be nothin'".

Netanyahu said, "Before lifting those restrictions, the world should demand that Iran do three things. First, stop its aggression against its neighbors in the Middle East. Second, stop supporting terrorism around the world. And third, stop threatening to annihilate my country, Israel, the one and only Jewish state."

How about this, first, Israel should stop the occupation in Occupied Territories and stop attacking Syria and Lebanon. The US should be a true unbiased arbiter and force Israel to abide by the more than 140 UN Resolutions supporting the Palestinians. Second, Israel should stop selling weapons to conflicted regions such as in Africa and Sri Lanka. Israel was a big supporter of the South African apartheid regime. Third, Israel should allow for the right of self-determination for the Palestinian people, a free Palestinian state and the right of return for Palestinian exiles and refugees.

Israel has to give security to get security. In algebra what you do on one side of the equation you must do on the other side in order for the equation to remain balanced. Up to this point, the Israeli equation has been unbalanced.

I realize that many people who read this Op Ed may interpret my analysis and its presentation as undiplomatic. Since diplomacy has failed, let's try honesty. In his March 3, 2015 before the joint session of Congress, Netanyahu doubled-down on Bush's Big Lie. We have seen this movie before; it was called Iraq.

Dr. Wilmer Leon is the Producer/ Host of the Sirius/XM Satellite radio channel 126 call-in talk radio program "Inside the Issues with Wilmer Leon" Go to or and Dr. Leon's Prescription at © 2015 InfoWave Communications, LLC

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