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10 Jumaada al-awal 1436 A.H. - March 1, 2015 Issue # 61, Newsletter #1591

Hadith of the Week

Narrated Abu Huraira
Allah's messenger, pbuh, said:

"Every night when it is the last third of the night, our Lord, the Superior, the Blessed, descends to the nearest heaven and says: Is there anyone to invoke Me that I may respond to his invocation? Is there anyone to ask Me so that I may grant him his request? Is there anyone asking My forgiveness so that I may forgive him?. "

Sahih Bukhari Vol. 2 , Book 21 , No. 246

Spotlights & Guidance

 Imam Badi Ali

What Mass Media is Doing to the Muslim Community

by Imam Badi Ali

  1. Mass media tell us that Muslims are terrorists, not humans. We are told that Muslim lives are full of violence, not love. Be careful, your children may be watching this deception.

  2. USA is the only country with such a rigid media system that it can control public opinion.

  3. People are controlled by mass media in what they eat, drink, wear, like, dislike and to act like those glorified by the mass media. Its a new form of slavery.

  4. Mass media is so worldly, if your children are not protected, they will be swept away.

  5. Freedom of speech? No! Media has the freedom to hate. Freedom of expression is extremely limited in serious matters.

  6. Look at what happened to videos of torture and humiliation at US prison at Abu Ghraib in Iraq. The media not show the actual video. Instead they used it to market their own principles.

  7. Mass media will represent you with people who look like you but who do not think or feel like you. You are deceived.

  8. When I watch TV, I think what happened to the wise men of America. How is it that they do not appear and speak about what is happening to this country.

  9. Western media incite people to kill Muslims and to justify war. Arab media work to divide Muslims and incite them to fight each other.

  10. Sports, entertainment, elections are all part of the mass media process trying to control people's minds.

- Imam Badi Ali is a Palestinian American who leads a large congregation in Greensboro, North Carolina


Jamaat al-Muslimeen activity at Mosque in Western Baltimore Reached 120 Muslims

On February 27, after juma' salat at Masjid Rahma in western Baltimore, Jamaat al-Muslimeen documents were given to 120 Muslims mostly from Pakistan and Arab countries plus some African Americans. These documents included:

  1. Imam Badi Ali's thoughts on the tragedy of Chapel Hill where three Muslim youths were murdered.

  2. President Obama's strategy to use Iran against mujahideen which Republicans don't understand.

  3. Br. Kaukab's Khutba: Insulting cartoons against the Prophet, pbuh, will not be tolerated.

  4. Boycott Coca Cola and all businesses supporting Israel.

  5. Sis. Karin's report on death in US custody of Phil Africa [African American leader] and Abu Anas [Libyan mujahid leader].

  6. Jamaat e Islami Pakistan supports Kashmir & urges action against India's subversive activity in Pakistan.


New Khateeb Emphasizes Remembrance of Allah and Du'a

On February 27, Br. Abdul Mateen, from Baltimore, gave the juma khutba at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen. These were his main points.

  1. Zikr [remembrance of Allah] is most important.

  2. Allah has told us in the Qur'an to call on Him and He will Call on us.

  3. In hardship Allah has given us the Zikr the Prophet, pbuh, taught his daughter: subhanaAllah, Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar.

  4. Always strive to connect with Allah's Mercy, Power and Guidance.

Feature Article

 Chapel Hill

by Asqfish

It was a bright sunny though chilly morning like many other ordinary mornings. I noticed a link had been texted to me by a friend. I opened it and a gale of memories, shock, and grief soaked me with their deluge.

Three young beautiful talented, educated, polite and happy individuals, a new bride and groom and a budding designer had been shot to death in their apartment by an overweight, pudgy, angry looking, white man with a glazed look in his face and a proclamation of being a new atheist on his Facebook who lived right next door to them.

By piecing the story, it seems that this atheist white man had approached this couple in their apartment several times while toting his gun. The young wife had expressed to her father who is a psychiatrist that this man was (not her words, but mine assessing what she said to her father) creepy and had an intimidating demeanor and had "hate" in his eyes for the way she looked and what she wore (covering, hijab etc).

It also is apparent that this was a gorgeous couple to look at as well as in their manner and morals and was extremely well respected by the general student and faculty for their selfless humanitarian work.

While the man next door was heavy, with overindulgence of unhealthy food, angry at life, himself and others, had an entire cache of firearms in his apartment. He obviously did not work very hard for a living given his demeanor and body habitus. He was an unknown, lived with his wife, there is no exploration of data whether he intimidated or beat his wife, or what he did for a living other than the doctrine of hate mixed up with the new Atheism, was plastered all over his Facebook.

Chapel Hill is a sleepy little town, which wakes up in basketball season and then the streets, and cafes are sparsely populated after that. Chapel Hill is made up of small hills and apartments with no gated security and people walk around unarmed this is not a big city with crime paranoia. Most of the African Americans walking around are star basketball players and extremely revered by all who walk the streets as they bring nobility to the halls of the University.

Chapel Hill is a 15-minute or less drive from Durham where the snooty Duke University resides funded by tobacco money. The town of Durham despite Duke University lacks the beautiful ambience of a student and intellectual town of Chapel Hill.

In this milieu two complete opposites were placed next to each other in a living arrangement of an apartment complex. Stars in their eyes Deah and Yusor 6 weeks into their wedding could only think of beauty, love and how to serve people to bring them the love and beauty they were awash with.

While in the apartment next door Shaitaan was doing his work.........Hate, anger and testosterone envy, was being fueled by the daily watching of FOX NEWS which was spouting out how moslems were taking over the world and were on their way to invade American with "Shariah law".

Ignorance is the breeding ground for Shaitaan. He loves to sow in the unschooled mind. Thus while Doctors watch FOX NEWS in the Doctors Cafeteria and analyze some of the absurdities and laugh at it, the ignorant mind eats and swallows everything FOX NEWS says...lock stock and barrel.

Soon the walls of his apartment seemed hostile to him perhaps because Moslems were living next door and Moslems were taking over America, and these Moslems were getting married and having children.............etc.

Observing Deah from his window he would see a tall, lean, cleanly dressed young man, handsome he would admit and emanating a light that he could not understand, he would perhaps feel the pangs of envy in his heart whose vessels were lined with all the pork fat his wife was feeding him from the Deli at Wal-Mart?

He would perhaps observe Yusor from his window hidden behind the blinds, as she would be laughing face lifted to her husband totally in love and exuding happiness and joy. He could not see her hair, she wore that head covering that Moslems wore; it irked him that she did that.
The scene of joyful living by the couple would perhaps bother him and he would wait for them to park their car and if the wheel went over the white line dividing one space from another he would wear his pistol belt and show up at their apartment. His hyperteleoric beady eyes with the flat affect staring at them, while envy and hatred would be seeping out of every pore of his being as he would recall the words of the FOX NEWS anchor "kill them all...all those Moslems"

And one day he did................ He did just what the anchor of FOX NEWS had told him to do. He had freed America of the Moslems, at least in his neighbor hood.

Who is to blame? What did I learn from this terrible and sad happening in Chapel Hill..........?

I learned:

  1. What Allah has decreed comes to fruition no matter what we do to try and prevent it.

  2. I learned that there was no way that those lives could have been saved.

  3. I learned that the Qadaa wal Qadar of those three young hearts were written with exact dates of departure

  4. I learned that Shaitaan has an open playing field with ignorant unschooled minds

  5. I learned that envy of any type is pure poison and can destroy you forever.

  6. I learned that intuition is always right: Yusors intuition of this man hating her for her faith and the way she covered herself was dead right.

  7. I learned that none of us know how long we are going to live and that age is no barrier to the angel of death.

  8. I learned that what Deah and Yusor and Razan accomplished in their very brief life is far more in the accounts of Allah and the hasanaats they earned than some of us have not even done in five decades.

  9. I learned that one should live like Deah: study in the am, play in the afternoon and serve the poor in the evening keeping your niyyah for the service of Allah.

  10. I learned that one should live like Yusor, who on Hijab day reassured her hijabi sisters that some days might be tougher than others but to stick to the obedience of Allah.

  11. I learned from Razan that sometimes you have to accompany your sister all the way across the line that separates life and death, and do it with designers Grace.

  12. I learned from Suzanne the sister of Deah that Allah is our savior in all grief and we have to look to Him to help us endure the parting from our loved ones.

  13. I learned from Deahs father that it is okay to cry in grief, and it is okay to cry with your wife who was an equal partner in grief.

  14. I learned from Yusors father that he had a beautiful father daughter relationship that she felt comfortable confiding in him that her neighbor looked at her with "Hate" and was "creepy' (my words).

  15. I learned form the young Muslims that no matter how laid back they are in the practice of their faith a light of integrity and emaan filled with compassion shines in their hearts

  16. I learned that the students of the University of NC at Chapel Hill truly respected and honored these three Muslims for who they were and what they did.

  17. I learned that the grief of a parent is the same the world over as I looked into the eyes of their parents I was looking at myself.

  18. I learned that the final act in this tragedy and mine is the act of Submission to Allah because He knows best and He will soon tell us if he hasn't already how to lead our lives or what is left of it...

  19. I learned that a lot of beauty could be packed into the first two decades of life....

  20. I learned that the emaan of those parents is very high and I pray that Allah Subhanawataala keep it such because they are going to need the rope of Allah to hang on to in the dark moments of parting......

Lynne Stewart's Release

 Release from Political Imprisonment

New York Activists Commemorate Lynne Stewart's Release from Political Imprisonment
By Nadrat Siddique

On February 19, New Trend representatives sat in on an unusual event in New York City.

Peoples' lawyer Lynne Stewart, who has advanced breast cancer and was finally released in December 2013 from prison under a compassionate release program, following a hard fought battle for her release by supporters, celebrated her freedom and demanded the freedom of other political prisoners who continue to be held.

Lynne Stewart appeared with her husband and partner in struggle Ralph Poynter at St. Peters Church in Manhattan just a few blocks from the Waldorf Astoria Hotel and New York's famed Times Square. The event, jointly called by the couple, was billed as "A Valentine from Lynne Stewart to all Political Prisoners." It was an evening filled with love and magic—but not of the Hallmark sort.

Former political prisoners of unflinching dedication to the upliftment of their communities, and to the Mother Earth, graced the meeting. Among the most noteworthy: Sekou Odinga, BPP and BLA member, released in November 2014 after being held 33 years; Cisco Torres, Puerto Rican

independentista; and Kathy Boudin, Weather Underground member.

Turning to Lynne Stewart and Ralph Poynter who sat together on a sofa at the head of the room, Laura Whitehorn, former political prisoner, spoke powerfully. She started her presentation by recognizing Palestinian political prisoners, then read a poem she had written for Native American inmate Standing Deer while he was still alive. (Standing Deer is the Native American inmate pressured by the U.S. government to murder Leonard Peltier, a request the former refused). A highly poignant message from Jalil Muntaquin, Black Panther/ BLA member held political prisoner by the U.S. government for 43 years, was read. Then another from David Gilbert, Caucasian anti-imperialist activist held for 32 years by the U.S., was shared. "We're talking about a Revolution" was sung by Lynne Stewart's lovely granddaughter, engaging the entire audience. Numerous members of Lynne and Ralph's family sat silently supporting the couple.

Significantly, in this post-Ferguson era, numerous speakers linked police brutality and political imprisonment. The Black Agenda Report's Glenn Ford, who delivered the keynote address, opined that political imprisonment occurs wherever there is resistance to oppression. Hence a movement to support political prisoners is vital. Police exist as an occupying force in Black communities across the U.S., Ford continued. It is the right and responsibility of an occupied people to fight and expel their occupiers. Ford extolled both the sacrifices of Lynne Stewart, and the courage of youth in the U.S. town of Ferguson, MO, countering the brutal police tactics against peaceful protestors there.

Pam Africa, of the MOVE organization and IFFMAJ (International Concerned Friends and Family of Mumia Abu Jamal), spoke on the murder of her brother Phil Africa. Phil was a MOVE political prisoner in U.S. government custody. He was very healthy, doing jumping jacks and other exercise, when taken to the offsite hospital by prison officials she said. Soon afterwards, authorities pronounced him dead. The pattern of killing political prisoners, either directly or indirectly, during incarceration was evident.

Among the guiding principles of the MOVE organization are: Community control over food supply, eschewing of drugs and alcohol, attention to diet and exercise, and respect for the Earth—in a word all the things the U.S. government and associated corporate interests don't want in the Black community. Many believe this is part of the reason MOVE was targeted for destruction by the U.S. government (The MOVE house, located in Philadelphia, was bombed by a U.S. government helicopter in 1985; the home, along with 65 neighboring ones, was destroyed.) At the event for Lynne Stewart, Pam Africa spoke passionately against the despoiling the earth. She excoriated the hijacking of the Peoples' food by multinational corporations, who replaced real food with GMOs, effectively synthetics passing as food. As she spoke, Pam radiated health and youth, a shining example of the healthy eating she promulgates.

Larry Hamm, of the Peoples Organization for Progress, shared news of a victory in Newark, NJ. Oversight of the police had been enacted full throttle by Ras Baraka, the new mayor, who is also the son of Amiri Baraka, Hamm said to cheers. He pointed out the irony of the situation: the son of the famed Black poet, who at one point was almost killed in a police brutality incident, upon getting into office determined to put a leash on the very power which had almost murdered his father. This was an example of what could be done when the people organized to contain or oppose the power of the police.

One very important point alluded to by several speakers, which ought to forge links between the movements to free Muslim and Arab political prisoners and parallel movements to free New Afrikan prisoners (usually BPP and BLA prisoners imprisoned under COINTELPRO held for decades): The most horrific torture techniques used on Muslim and Arab prisoners today—such as those mentioned in the recent CIA torture report, were first developed in the United States and were practiced on Black detainees here.
The overarching theme of the evening was summed up by jazz vocalist and activista extraordinaire Luci Murphy, who travelled all the way from Washington, DC, to perform her rendition of Solomon Berk's famed "None of Us Are Free (If One of Us Is Chained)" in her powerful, melodic voice.

Thirty-seven copies of the January 18 New Trend edition, containing Dr. Siddique's capstone article in defense of the Prophet (SAW) honor, as well as Karin Friedmann's excellent piece paralleling the deaths of Arab political political Abu Anas al-Libi and MOVE political prisoner Phil Africa, were disseminated to hardcore activists attending the meeting, including to Pam Africa and Lynne Stewart.

Personal notes:

As I was leaving for the long drive back to Baltimore, I thought: This woman, Lynne Stewart, whom I admire greatly, and who, in my opinion, ought to be a great inspiration for any matriculating law student who holds the maxim "equal justice for all" dear, has demonstrated the true meaning of love. She loves so deeply from the heart, whether it was her blind, ailing client Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, whom the government tortured in cruel and unusual fashion, her beloved partner, Ralph Poynter, or her community. She is a true friend of Muslims, and a shining example of humanity and sisterhood. May Allah restore her to full shifa.

Ahmed Abdel Sattar

The only thing missing the incredibly uplifting evening calling for the release of all political prisoners, was an overt call to release Ahmed Abdus Sattar. Sattar, Lynne's co-defendent, remains imprisoned on bogus charges. An outspoken activist against the Mubarak regime in his Native Egypt, Sattar had no prior criminal record before the bogus prosecution which shattered his and his family's life. He was a postal carrier in New York, married to a Caucasian American with whom he had four children, very active in his local mosque, and a law-abiding U.S. citizen.

Then one day he was accused of talking via telephone to members of the Egyptian opposition to the Mubarak regime. Some say he was targeted due to his affiliation with Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman ("the Blind Sheikh"), for whom he was paralegal. Dr. Abdel Rahman was also a leading critic of the Mubarak government. Leading up to the Arab Spring, U.S. government officials themselves were in discussions with members of the Egyptian opposition. America—or at least some American officials—censured Mubarak. He was removed and tried for crimes against his people. Yet Sattar, whose primary offense seems to be his criticism of (and support for others like the Sheikh who likewise opposed) that U.S. client regime, continues to be held under the atrocious conditions reserved for Muslim and New Afrikan political prisoners, thousands of miles away from his family at the infamous Florence Supermax in Colorado.

Background on Lynne Stewart

Lynne Stewart, along with former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark and Abdeen Jabara of the Arab American Anti-Discrimination Committee, courageously represented Egyptian political dissident and renowned Islamic scholar Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman (the Blind Sheikh) as he was being railroaded on conspiracy charges by the U.S. government in 1994-1995. After Dr. Abdel Rahman was convicted (based largely on the word of an informant who was paid one million dollars, and the government's creation of a climate of fear of "Islamic terrorists"), Lynne continued to advocate for the human rights of the blind, diabetic Islamic scholar, whom the U.S. government held in solitary confinement and sought to isolate, as his health deteriorated and diabetes-related symptom set in.

In a fashion customarily associated with Third World countries, where lawyers are routinely thrown in prison along with the dissidents they have the gaul to defend, Lynne Stewart was later brought up on terror charges (the government claimed she passed information from Dr. Abdel Rahman to his supporters in Egypt), convicted, and sentenced to a prison term of 10 years.

Only after a long-standing and concerted campaign by family, friends, and supporters to release the 75-year old grandmother did the government relent. Lynne Stewart was finally released on December 21, 2013. Firmly grounded in the New York community in which she was based, Lynne previously represented the Chicago 7, David Gilbert (a member of the Weather Underground), and many indigents including those on the verge of eviction, or facing lengthy jail terms for minor non-violent crimes. She earned a high place in the hearts of New York's Black, working class, and poor communities as their champion against an unjust system.

Today she continues to battle cancer, which was already present when she was yanked away from her family and imprisoned at FMC Carswell. This is the same prison where Pakistani physician and political prisoner Dr. Aafia Siddiqui is being held. (As New Trend reported much earlier, Lynne's indomitable spirit led her to advocate for Dr. Aafia's human rights, even while her own were being violated through political imprisonment.) There, the cancer metastasized on a grand scale due to inordinate delays in medical treatment.

New Trend readers are urged to pray for the health of Lynne Stewart as she battles breast cancer. For more information and updates on Lynne, go to:



What's Behind the Turmoil?

7000 arrested, 500 killed by Security forces. US-Hindu Hacked to Death. Blasphemy in a Muslim Country.
by New Trend's Bangla monitor

Up and down Bangladesh, security forces have been active to crush the Islamic masses. Within three months, police has arrested more than 7,000 Muslims. More than 500 have been killed by security forces firing on vrowds of protestors and sometimes in counterattacks by angry young men.

The government has permitted scores of bloggers to attack Islam and to blaspheme all that is sacred to Miuslims. The media are already controlled by ant-Islam elements. The killings of Muslims are presented as their own fault because they are "extremists."

The bloggers have been mobilizing Hindus and secularists. Their leader was an American Hindu, Dr. Ajivit Roy, and his "Muslim" girlfriend who had committed the ultimate outrage by marrying a Hindu.

He did this from afar, from America.

Then on February 26, in Dhaka, he was visiting his secularist friends, when he was attacked by unknown assailants and hacked to death. His "Muslim" wife was seriously injured.

The international media are in a furor, None of them complained about the death of any Islamic person.

Elderly Jamaate Islami leaders have been sentenced to death. These are peaceful men, scholars and teachers who were subjected to show trials 40 years after the break up of East Pakistan.

Ajivit Roy claimed that he was an atheist.

The 90 year old leader Prof. Golam Azam, died in prison.

Meanwhile these Hindu bloggers who openly flout Islam have been let loose on a Muslim population which is deprived of access to the media by the pro-India regime.

Military Raiding Muslims and Calling them "militants"

On February 28, Bangladeshi military raided a Muslim home in Chittagong and arrested 4 people.

The military claims to have seized various weapons but could produce no evidence.

Earlier on February 22, the military raided another home in Bansikhal, near Chittagong, and arrested 5 people who were related to the 4 now arrested.

Bangladeshi forces, mostly secularists and Hindus, are carrying out such raids all over the country to break Muslim opposition.

Last month they arrested a Muslim whom they claimed was the representative of the Islamic State and had been trained in Pakistan!

[The situation in Bangladesh is so bad that the regime forces can tell any story to the media and the Muslims cannot reply. This baseless story about IS was actually told to Reuters which duly reported it as "news."]


 Pakistan Flag

Islamic Women Mobilizing Against Westernization.
Jamaate Islami leader Dr. Durdana Siddiqui Challenges Violence & Exploitation.

[From Qaisar Sharif, JI Information office.]

LAHORE, Feb. 28; The Jamaat e Islami Women's wing has decided to link the International Women day on March 8 with the names of the Ummahatul Momineen, the wives (RA) of the Holy Prophet ( pbuh) and in this connection, an Ashra ( ten days period) from March one to ten would be observed in the name of Syeda Khadijah. This was announced by the JI women's wing chief Dr Durdana Siddiqui, at a press conference at Mansoroa. Dr. Samiha Raheel Qazi, Member of the Islamic Ideological Council, and President, Women and Family Commission, Pakistan, Begum Ra'na Fazal, Mrs Aamina Usman, Begum Aisha Syed, and Dr Humaira Tariq, were also present.

 Ummahatul Momineen

Dr Durdana Siddiqi said that during the Ashra Syeda Khaadijah, a campaign would be launched at national level to impress upon the womenfolk to lead their lives in accordance with the golden teachings of Islam, to highlight the importance of the rights bestowed upon the women in Islam, to create an awakening against un-Islamic customs and practices, and for protection of the women from violence and exploitation. During this period, the women would be urged to take Syeda Khadijah as their model.

She said it was a matter of deep concern that western and Hindu culture besides materialistic thinking was spreading in the Muslim society and there was a conspiracy to wipe out the Islamic civilization. The materialistic thinking had ended the sanctity of human relationship while nudity and vulgarity were being promoted in the name of women rights.

Dr Durdana Siddiqui said it was the responsibility of the JI women wing to introduce Islamic teachings, especially the importance and virtues of modesty, to the women.

She said that a film actor or dancer could not a model for a Muslim woman. The Muslim women could not tolerate that any woman was exploited in an un-Islamic way.

She said that literature on the life of Syeda Khadijah would be distributed during the Ashra. Women conventions would be a held at Lahore, Karachi, and Peshawar. The first Women convention would be held on March 8, at Football ground, Wahdat Road, Lahore, and would be addressed by the JI chief Sirajul Haq and other party leaders.

Top Pakistani Shia scholar reveals where his heart is.
lionizes Indian flag and national Anthem equating it to Ali (RA), Hussain (RA) and Hassan (RA)

Mass hysteria among Shi'ites. It is in Urdu but non-Urdu readers can sense the craziness going on here.

Check out this video on YouTube.
Report says he arrived in Karachi, Pakistan from Lucknow, India in 1972

Madrissah bodies to resist all unconstitutional steps . US backing moves against Islamic Schools.
by Qaisar Sharif [Jamaate Islami information]

LAHORE, Mar. 1: The Ittehadul Tanzeemat e Madaris, an umbrella organization of the five Wifaqs of religious madrissahs at a meeting at Mansoora decided to strongly resist the government measures against the madrissahs and reject all unconstitutional steps of the rulers pursuing the agenda of the imperial powers.

The body sought an urgent meeting with Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif to enable them to remove the misgivings regarding the madrissahs and the Ulema on this score. They also called for stopping the arrests of the Ulema and immediate release of those already arrested.

The decision was announced by the heads of the five Wifaqs at a joint press conference after the heads' meeting. They said that Pakistan is an Islamic state and the constitution did not allow any anti Islam activity but the government was bent upon advancing the designs of the US and the west against Islam.

They included Maulana Abdul Ma'lik, Mufti Munibur Rahman, Qari Muhammad Hanif Jaulandhry, Yasin Zafar and Syed Kazim Naqvi. They said that the madrissahs were fortresses of Islam and not factories of terrorists, and the nation stood united in their defense.

They said that nobody objected to the madrissahs registration, but the government was neither registering these institutions nor had it named the institution allegedly involved in terrorism. On the other hand, they said, an anti- Islam agenda was being pursued through the harassment and arrests of the Ulema and the ban on the use of loudspeakers of mosques.

Mufti Munibur Rahman said that the government was deliberately pushing the country towards turmoil and chaos. He said that after the Peshawar tragedy, the Ulema and religious circles had fully supported the National Action Plan against terrorism including the military courts although they had reservations due to the inclusion of the words "religion and sects" in the plan. He said the negative effects of the amendment had become evident by now. He said that terrorism was of different forms and shapes however only the madrissahs were being targeted. He said that on one hand, the government was bemoaning the huge losses caused by the dharnas in Islamabad but on the other hand, it was opening a new front against the religious forces in the country.

Mufti Munibur Rahman said that their talks with the government were also going on and they had already held talks with the Federal Secretaries of Religious Affairs, Education and Interior, but the crackdown against the madrissahs had not been suspended even for a single day. He said they had called upon the Interior Minister to release the names of the madrissahs and the individuals involved in un-constitutional activities so that the nation could know those involved in terrorism and assured that they would not defend such elements.

"The survival and the defense of the state is the collective responsibility of all of us and we stand shoulder to shoulder with the government in this regard, and will not defend any act of tyranny, lawlessness and terrorism", he added.

Mufti Munibur Rahman said that they had written to the Prime Minister, the Punjab Chief Minister, besides the heads of sensitive agencies but they had not received any reply from any quarter. He said the monitoring of the madrissahs had been going on since Pervez Musharraf time. Allegations had been leveled against madrissahs for the last eighteen years but no evidence had been produced ever. He said that if they were not given reply on time, they would be compelled to stage protest.

Good Work in Thar Desert of Pakistan. Helping the Deprived.

Pravalli welfare Trust (15th year of service to humanity)
Photos of recent works

Water Supply Schemes.

During the month of February out of total 11 schemes completed 7 more Hand pumps were made in Thar desert-sind and 4 schemes were completed in North. In total out of 356 schemes completed so far during last 15 years, 188 Pumps were completed in Sind (out of which 25 are in Thar Desert) and the rest in North. Details of the schemes completed in February are:-
  1. Hand Pump in village Kiriti - Kharian, district Hari Pur donated by LFCT

  2. Hand Pump in village Gharhi - Kohala, district Hari Pur donated by LFCT

  3. Hand Pump in villageKohala- School, district Hari Pur donated by LFCT

  4. Water well in village Sataura, district Abbottabad donated by LFCT

  5. Hand Pump in village Dalori Ghot, district Mithi-Thar Parkar donated by Mr Javed Ahsani.

  6. Hand Pump village Akaroi Ghot , Mithi- Thar Parkar donated by Mr Kafeel Ahmad Qureshi.

  7. Hand Pump in village Sahrngwari Goth, district Mithi Thar Parkar donated by LFCT

  8. Hand Pump in village Wahid Bux, district Thar Parkar donated by Mr Saeed and Family

  9. Hand Pump in village Bachi, district Thar Parkar donated by LFCT

  10. Hand Pump in village Dilwary Goth, district Thar Parkar donated by Mr Talib Ruhi

  11. Hand Pump in village Sahrngwari Goth, district Thar Parkar donated by Mr Talib Ruhi.

All donors were sent photos of the schemes they sponsored. For other friends these schemes photos are available on link given above. Total water supply schemes completed in the last 15 years are 356. May Allah reward all those brothers and sisters who have participated in this program. 11 more water supply schemes are expected to be completed next month.

Goats for the widows.

20 more goats were given in month of February In Thar desert through courtesy of Lady Fatima (a.s.) Charitable trust London. In addition 20 more widows were given goats in month of November 2014 through the kind courtesy of Lady Fatima (a.s.) charitable Trust.

In month of May 2014, we gave 34 goats in Sind and 18 more Goats were given in Kohala, district Hari Pur.

Till now the total no of widows who have been helped by giving them goats has reached 361. We pray for Allah's blessings on all the donors for this act of kindness.

Jazak Allah.

War News

 War News


Hizbullah, Iranians, with Assad's Troops but their Offensive halted. Christians released by IS. Heavy Fighting Around Damascus.

March 1. In the Tel Tamer area [north east Syria], Islamic State forces released 19 out of the 25 Assyrian Christians they had detained. The figure 200 in the US media has no original source.

Also, on the Turkish-Syrian border by the Euphrates river, YPG communist Kurds are advancing into the countryside with little IS opposition.

Also in the Hasakah province [north east] IS advanced against the local Assad garrison.

In Daraa province Iranian forces with Hizbullah troops were advancing but were stopped by Islamic fighters and lost 26 killed.

Mujahideen from al-Nusra and others are again threatening Damascus and to stop their advance, Assad's air force is bombing the suburbs of Ghouta, Jobir, Douma etc.

Pro-US militia we known as the Hazm movement, west of Aleppo, armed by Saudis, UAE to attack al-Nusra were wiped out in a big al-Nusra attack. About 80 of them were killed and the rest fled except some who defected to al-Nusra.

Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan Working together

On February 26, Pakistani intelligence police arrested Salam Rigi, leader of Jaish al-Adl, a Suni Iranian group fighting against Iranian oppression of Sunnis. He was in a bus in Pakistan, about 20 miles from Quetta where he come to take refuge.

On February 28, two soldiers of the Kabul regime who had come to Pakistan for medical treatment were killed by allegedly by Islamic militants near Chaman. The regimes in Kabul and Afghanistan are allied under US persuasion and Kabul troops injured in fighting mujahideen come to Pakistan for treatment.

Islamic State Raids Samarra to forestall Shiite Offensive against Tikrit

On February 28, Islamic State [Caliphate] fighters led by a human bomber attacked Shi'ite military forces in Samarra.

They withdrew without losses after fighting for 6 hours. Bodies of Shi'ite militia men are arriving in Samarra hospital. [At least 14 bodies are already there.]

The IS attack came as a large Iran-Baghdad force gathered in Samarra to launch an attack on the IS city of Tikrit. [Reuters.]

Attacks by IS in Diyala province on the Iranian border are also reported.

US jet bombers are carrying out daily attacks to support Baghdad-Iranian forces.

[Earlier Moqtada al-Sadr withdrew his forces from the fighting owing to reports of Shi'ite militia atrocities against Sunni civilians.]

Our America

 Our America

Friendly Jews: With such Friends, who Needs Enemies? Comparing Muslims to Jews, Apples and Oranges
by Sis. Karin Friedemannn]

On February 24, 2015, the self-proclaimed "anti-Zionist Jew" blogger David Cole made his debut as columnist for Taki's Magazine by pontificating against me.

The author had already warned me that it was coming and invited me to respond. Quite frankly, I was disappointed. It was supposed to be a discussion on "blowback" vs "false flag" theories about Muslim terrorism, which could have been an interesting argument. Except that he didn't really delve into either side of the argument but instead engaged in back-stabbing, name-calling, straw man arguments, lazy generalizations and general intellectual dishonesty. I realize this was his first day on the job but he broke every rule of responsible journalism.

First of all, he starts by quoting a private conversation with me at length, as if I were being interviewed. He didn't even provide an introduction regarding who I am or why he chose me to represent the "false flag" theory. This was unethical because he never even asked me for permission to publish my comments. This is despite the fact that I asked him several times why he contacted me out of the blue to pressure me to talk to him about my personal business. Furthermore, he and I had never even discussed any false flag theory.

Only after many paragraphs, does he finally introduce me - as "a young, attractive, and articulate spokesperson for the intellectual cancer that has infected the conspiracy movement, which was never a healthy body to begin with. I'm referring to "false flag" mania: the belief that Muslim terrorism doesn't exist, that every supposed example of Muslim violence is a frame-up by the Jews, the CIA, the FBI, Baron Rothschild, or perhaps even Wilford Brimley."

So in his very first paragraph he is engaging in typical tactic of the Zionist media: the straw man argument. Nothing I said ever referred to any terror attack, any conspiracy theory. He starts out with my premise: "Homeland Security/FBI is to Muslims what the Nazi Gestapo was to Jews."

The reasoning behind this statement is that Muslims are frequently the target of FBI frame-ups (an established fact, not a conspiracy theory), which has resulted in many Muslims being imprisoned under terrorism laws for non-violent activities such as speech. The book, "Rounded Up" by Shamshad Ahmad provides an in depth study of an FBI sting operation on a mosque.

Cole goes on to say: "But you see, Jews DID use violence to resist the Gestapo... You're saying that Muslims in the US are facing their equivalent of the Gestapo, but none of them, zero, zilch, are responding with violent resistance."

My response was, "I am not aware of any organized Islamic group that is planning or committing any kind of violence and I am also not aware of many or any Muslims committing acts of violence (on US soil)." Which is the truth. Other than a handful of cases which seemed to involve mental illness, the vast majority of the hundreds of US terror arrests have been based on bogus charges. And I know this because of looking into them on a case by case basis. It is also a provable fact that there are Zionist groups actively involved in providing fake "intelligence" and "expert testimony" to the FBI in order to target select Muslims for prosecution.

So instead of providing me a single example of terrorism in America committed by a US-based Islamic movement, Cole leaps to the bizarre conclusion without providing any evidence, that there is indeed a widespread Islamic conspiracy to commit terrorism on US soil, and that people who think otherwise are a "cancer." Well you can't get any more Zionist than that mindset!

He then suddenly switches the topic to 9/11, and dishonestly summarizes my view as "Cute little funny bunny Muslims don't kill." This is a cheap trick because we were talking about the Muslim community in the US, not 9/11. Also, when he defines "blowback" as "Muslims are pissed, and they're fighting back," it's not clear if he's referring to "Muslims" as an ethnic group, a religious group, or political movement. The Muslims in the US don't have one monolithic top-down organization like the Jewish community. They also have extremely divergent politics.

Cole's assumptions about Muslims are unsubstantiated, while the person he is mocking has spent over two decades connected on a personal level to many different Muslim communities and individuals. So when I say "I just don't see it" in regards to whether or not there is any kind of revolutionary Islamic movement intending to overthrow the US government, it's because I know for a fact that there is none. I have been brutally disappointed, in fact, by the lack of serious political or community organizing whatsoever. This is in part because many of the most vocal Muslim American political leaders have been imprisoned, assassinated, or intimidated into self-censorship. Yet by and large, Muslim immigrants to the US really came here for two main reasons: for work, and to escape political violence in other countries. If there was any inclination towards violence, the Muslims would probably start by attacking each other! Yet for decades, members of rival Islamic groups who might have shot at each other back home, have lived peacefully and uneventfully here in the US.

The only political aspiration that I have noticed among Muslim immigrants and their children is the desire for full and equal citizenship rights. This alone is enough to make the Jews feel terrorized. This is the reason they promote this bogeyman of "Islamic terror." Sensational headlines about "the Islamic threat" are intended to keep the American population living in fear of the Muslims, so that US Muslims do not succeed in obtaining an equal status to Jews as a religious minority. The bottom line being funding Israel's existence and the Zionist mafia's fear that they could actually be prosecuted someday, the moment US law gets applied equally to all.

If Muslims are pissed, and they're fighting back, then why can't he provide even one example of an American Muslim organization planning, promoting, fundraising and staging an incident? Cole concludes by saying, "'False flag' has made you lazy. 'Blowback' at least keeps you in the conversation," but I can't conclude anything beyond how sloppily this article was written.

Washington, DC

Who Is the Ruler of Israel? [You'll be surprised, though Conclusion may not be correct.]
By Uri Avnery [From our Christian friend Ms. Caroline.]

Who Is the Ruler of Israel?
Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, of course.

The real ruler of Israel is one Sheldon Adelson, 81, American Jew, Casino king, who was rated as the world's tenth richest person, worth 37.2 billion dollars at the latest count. But who is counting?

Besides his casinos in Las Vegas, Pennsylvania, Macao and Singapore, he owns the U.S. Republican party and, lately, both Houses of the U.S. Congress. He also owns Binyamin Netanyahu.

Adelson's connection with Israel is personal. On a blind date, he fell in love with an Israeli woman. Miriam Farbstein was born in Haifa, attended a prestigious high school, did her army service in the Israeli institute which deals with bacteriological warfare and is a multifaceted scientist. After an adopted son died of an overdose, she is devoted to the fight against drugs, especially cannabis.

Both Adelsons are fanatical supporters of Israel. Not just any Israel, but a rightist, supremacist, arrogant, violent, expansionist, annexationist, non-compromising, colonialist Israel. In "Bibi" Netanyahu they found their man. Through Netanyahu they hope to rule Israel as their private fief.

To assure this, they did an extraordinary thing: they founded an Israeli newspaper, solely devoted to the furthering of the interests of Binyamin Netanyahu. Not of the Likud, not of a specific policy, but of Netanyahu personally.

Years ago I invented a Hebrew word for papers which are distributed for nothing. "Hinamon" translates, roughly, into "ragratis" or "gratissue" and was intended to denigrate. But I did not dream of a monster like "Israel Hayom" ("Israel Today") - a paper with unlimited funds, distributed every day for nothing in the streets and malls all over the country by hundreds, perhaps thousands of paid young persons.

Israelis love getting something for nothing. Israel Hayom is now the daily paper with the widest distribution in Israel. It drains readers and advertising revenue from its only competitor - Yedioth Ahronoth ("Latest News"), which held this title until then.

Yedioth reacted furiously. It became a ferocious enemy of Netanyahu. Yossi Werter, a commentator of the center-left Haaretz (which has a far lower circulation) even believes that the present election boils down to a contest between the two papers.

That is vastly exaggerated. Judged by political and social content, there is little to differentiate the two. Both are super-patriotic, warmongering and rightist. That is the journalistic recipe for attracting the masses anywhere in the world.

Yedioth is owned by the Moses family, a business-minded clan. The present, third-generation publisher is Arnon ("Noni") Moses, the publicity-shy boss of a large economic empire based on the paper. The paper serves his business interests, but he has no special political interests.

Adelson is unique.

In Israel, betting is forbidden by law. We have no casinos, and secret gambling dens are raided by the police. In our early youth we were taught that casino moguls are bad people, almost like arms merchants. They take the money off poor addicted people, throwing them into despair, even suicide. See Dostoyevsky.

Israelis read Israel Hayom (it's something for nothing, after all), but they don't necessarily like the man and his methods. So some members of the Knesset were encouraged to enter a bill forbidding gratis newspapers altogether.

Netanyahu and the Likud party did everything to obstruct this bill. But in the preliminary vote (necessary for private members' bills) they were beaten in an amazing way. Even members of Netanyahu's governing coalition voted for it. The cameras caught Netanyahu literally running in the Knesset plenum hall to gain his seat before the voting started.

The vote was 43 to 23. Almost half the Likud members absented themselves. Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman and his party voted for the bill. So did ministers Ya'ir Lapid and Tzipi Livni.

From the preliminary vote to the final adoption, such a bill has to pass several stages. There was plenty of time to bury it in one of the committees. But Netanyahu was furious. A few days after the vote, he dismissed Lapid and Livni from the cabinet, causing the government coalition to break up and the Knesset to disperse.

Why did Netanyahu do such a foolish thing less then half way through his (third) term of office? There can be only one logical explanation: he was ordered to do so by Adelson, in order to prevent the adoption of the law.

If so, Adelson is now our chief lawmaker. Perhaps he is also our chief government-maker. Money plays an ever-increasing role in politics. Election propaganda is made on television, which is very expensive. Both in Israel and the U.S., legal and illegal funds pour into the campaign, directly and indirectly. Corruption is abetted or tolerated by the courts. The very rich (known euphemistically in America as the "wealthy") exercise undue influence.

In the last U.S. presidential elections, Adelson poured rivers of dollars into the contest. He supported Newt Gingrich, and then Mitt Romney, with huge sums of money. In vain. Perhaps Americans don't like to be ruled by captains of casinos.

For the next U.S. presidential elections, Adelson has started early. He has summoned to his Las Vegas casino HQ all leading Republican candidates, to grill them on their allegiance to him - and to Netanyahu. Nobody dared to refuse the summons. Would a Roman senator refuse the summons of Caesar?

In Israel, such rituals are superfluous. The Adelsons - both Miri and Sheldon - know who their man is.

The Israel Hayom newspaper is, of course, a big propaganda machine, totally devoted to the re-election of Netanyahu. All quite legal. In a democracy, who can tell a newspaper whom to support? We are still a democracy, for God's sake!

It seems to be strange for a country to allow a foreigner, who never lived in the country, to have such enormous power over its future, indeed, over its very existence.

That's where Zionism comes in. According to the Zionist creed, Israel is the state of the Jews, all the Jews. Every Jew in the world belongs to Israel, even if temporarily residing somewhere else. A few days ago, Netanyahu publicly claimed to represent not just the State of Israel but also the entire "Jewish People". No need to ask them.

Accordingly, Adelson is not really a foreigner. He is one of us. True, he cannot vote in Israel, though his wife probably can. But many people, including himself, believe that he, being a Jew, has a perfect right to interfere in our affairs and dominate our lives.

For example, the appointment of our ambassador in the U.S. Ron Dermer is an American, born in Miami, who was active in Republican politics. To appoint an American functionary of the Republican Party as ambassador of Israel to a Democratic administration may seem strange. Not so strange if Netanyahu acted under the orders of Sheldon Adelson.

It was Adelson who prepared the witches' brew that is now endangering Israel's lifeline to Washington. His stooge, Dermer, induced the Republicans in Congress - all of them dependent on Adelson's largesse or hoping to be so - to invite Netanyahu to give an anti-Obama speech before both Houses.

While this intrigue was in preparation, Dermer met with John Kerry but did not tell him of Netanyahu's coming. Neither did Netanyahu inform President Obama, who, in a fury, announced that he would not meet with the Prime Minister.

From the point of view of Israel's vital interests, it is sheer madness to provoke the President of the United States of America, who controls American's flow of arms to Israel and the American veto power in the UN. But from the point of view of Adelson, who wants to elect a Republican president in 2016, it makes sense. He has already threatened to invest unlimited sums of money to prevent the reelection of any Senator or Representative who is absent from Netanyahu's speech.

We are nearing open warfare between the Government of Israel and the President of the United States. Is someone playing roulette with our future?

Washington, DC

Protest Natanyahoo's Speech on March 3 at 8 AM, Capitol Building, Washington, DC

Benjamin Netanyahu's speech before both Houses of Congress on March 3 is a complete outrage - and opposition is growing all across the country.

Will you join us in D.C. for the demonstration that starts at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, March 3 at the Capitol Building (Upper Senate Park)? Bring a sign or banner, and take a stand.

If you can't come to join the protest, can you make an urgently needed tax-deductible donation to support this effort?

 Netanyahu the butcher of Gaza

Netanyahu, the butcher of Gaza and a man who is under criminal investigation in Israel for personal corruption connected to his lavish lifestyle, is coming to Congress in an explicit effort to sabotage a peace agreement between the United States and Iran..

Even the Obama White House labeled Netanyahu's speech "destructive." Netanyahu's Tea Party buddies are gloating about his and their maneuver to make Netanyahu appear in Congress as a great visionary leader, but recent polls show that 63 percent of the American people think that Netanyahu should cancel this speech.

Netanyahu has presided over many massacres of Palestinians, the latest in Gaza last summer that killed more than 2,100 women, men and children, wounded more than 10,000, and left hundreds of thousands homeless. The massive theft of and settlement on Palestinian land in the West Bank continues every day. Much of this death, destruction and dispossession is paid for by U.S. Aid, billions of which flow to Israel every year.

U.S. public opinion is undergoing a sea change about Israel. People are increasingly fed up with the idea that the United States should ratify and fund every aggression carried out by Israel. People are standing up and rejecting the Israeli propaganda mantra that criticizing Netanyahu or the Israeli war machine is an expression of anti-Semitism.

Help us keep up the momentum!

You can support the March 3 action by:

  1. Join us on Tuesday, March 3 at 8:00 p.m. at Upper Senate Park on the north side of the Capitol Building

    make a generous, tax-deductible donation to support the organizing

  3. Endorsing the protest - email in your endorsement to

  4. Helping to spread the word online and through social media - share this letter on FacebookShare on Facebook and TwitterShare on Twitter, and join and share the Facebook event

Free Palestine,

Brian Becker
National Coordinator
ANSWER Coalition

P.S. The March 3 demonstration protesting Netanyahu's speech before Congress will follow three days of important actions in support of Palestinian rights coinciding with the annual meeting of AIPAC (American Israeli Political Action Committee), including a rally outside the Washington Convention Center on Sunday, March 1 from 12-3pm to which people are traveling from many cities. The actions are being sponsored by a broad coalition spearheaded by CODEPINK and are being supported by the ANSWER Coalition. A detailed schedule can be found here.

The disappeared: Chicago police detain Americans at abuse-laden 'black site'. --Secret interrogation facility reveals aspects of war on terror in US
by Citizens for a Legitimate Government [CLG], Connecticut

The Chicago police department operates an off-the-books interrogation compound, rendering Americans unable to be found by family or attorneys while locked inside what lawyers say is the domestic equivalent of a CIA black site. The facility, a nondescript warehouse on Chicago's west side known as Homan Square, has long been the scene of secretive work by special police units.

Interviews with local attorneys and one protester who spent the better part of a day shackled in Homan Square describe operations that deny access to basic constitutional rights. Alleged police practices at Homan Square, according to those familiar with the facility who spoke out to the Guardian after its investigation into Chicago police abuse, include:

Keeping arrestees out of official booking databases.

Beating by police, resulting in head wounds.
Shackling for prolonged periods.
Denying attorneys access to the "secure" facility.
Holding people without legal counsel for between 12 and 24 hours, including people as young as 15.


Support for Palestinian dissident

All to Detroit to support Rasmea at her sentencing!!
Thurs, Mar 12th

Stand with Rasmea and fill the federal courthouse in Detroit!

We are committed to filling the courtroom, and an overflow room, on Rasmea's sentencing day on March 12th. We will also organize a picket in front of the courthouse one hour before the hearing.

To continue to show the support for Rasmea that we did throughout her trial and pre-trial hearings, we need you in Detroit!

Thursday, March 12
at 10 AM EST
(hearing starts at 11 AM EST)
231 W. Lafayette Blvd., downtown Detroit

Please join us on Thursday, March 12th, in Detroit for Rasmea's sentencing hearing. Rasmea was unjustly convicted in November of last year, and the prosecution is now asking for an enhanced sentence of 5-7 years in prison. (The vast majority of those convicted of Unlawful Procurement of Naturalization are sentenced to no more than 21 months.)

Rasmea's defense attorneys are arguing that she shouldn't be imprisoned for even one more day, and over 70 important leaders of unions and community-based, faith-based, civil rights, and student organizations, as well as prominent academics and activists, who all wrote letters of leniency to Judge Gershwin Drain, agree.

In addition, it must be made clear that Rasmea will be appealing the conviction regardless of the outcome of the sentencing, so visit the national Rasmea Defense Committee's new website at to help us fundraise for the appeal and learn of other action steps you can take.

Rasmea spoke with her supporters across the country by live stream a number of times in the past few weeks, and fundraisers and educational events were organized in New York City, Minneapolis, Chicago, San Francisco, Tucson, Tampa, St. Lake City, Gainesville, Miami, Phoenix, Grand Rapids, Milwaukee, Albuquerque, Seattle, Albany, NY, and other cities. More fundraisers are scheduled for Fishers, IN, and Chicago this coming week. (See a full list of events here.)

There is still much more organizing to be done!
Register here to join us in Detroit on March 12,
visit for more information,
or email with any questions.

Viewpoint & Analysis

 ViewPoint and Analysis

Racial Conflict in America. How would you adjudicate? Is this Oppression or simply hate?
by Sis. Aisha [New York City]

Sis. Nadrat has constantly reflected on the repercussions of White gentrification in on its longtime Black Baltimore Maryland residents. One of those detractions has been the increase in confrontations with members of the Black Community by the police.

On Wednesday, 2/25/2015, as a White woman was exiting a Harlem subway station she bumped into a Black woman, who was standing at the top of the staircase texting. According the White woman, the Black woman blocked her path, grabbed her by the hair, and pulled her toward a pole that her head was banged into it twice. She suffered a concussion. The White woman was bale to go to the police station and file a complaint. Now, police want to charge the Black woman with a hate-crime because she said, "show some respect" and yelled, "You little white girl, you need to go back to where you came from."

This black woman should not be charged or convicted of a with a hate-crime! The root of racism is White supremacy. The intention of hate-crime laws was to curtail racially-charged attacks by Whites against non-Whites, which has been going on for decades with impunity! Now these laws are being used against non-Whites in violent instances where race is not an issue but, racial epithets may still be used. So, basically, this Black woman is being charged with a hate-crime for name-calling! A good attorney would be able to get such charges dismissed. What precipitated this incident is that the White woman bumped into this Black woman, according to the White woman. The Black woman overreacted assaulted the White woman, which is wrong, if that is what happened.

But, this is a primary example of how White liberals have worked against attempts of progress in this society. There can be no real progress until America repents but, I am just making an observation. Malcolm X tried to warn Black folks about them but, they were so easily fooled by the warm smiles and pleasantries. White liberals are more willing to sacrifice a few of their own with these anti-discrimination laws but, they don't like punishing Whites anymore than their conservative brethren do!

The tragedy in all of this is this is that the wrong Black woman was arrested and charged with the assault! Let me take you through the steps leading up to her arrest and release. See if this is not reminiscent of how other innocent people, The Central Park 5, were arrested in cases involving the assault of Whites.

Here are the steps:
White woman assaulted.
Police crawling all over the area.
Walk up to Michelle Berrio, a Black woman and state employee, and ask her if she was just in a fight. She denies being in a fight.
Berrio sees White assault victim in police cruiser wildly nodding her head to indicate that Berrio is her attacker.
Police arrest Berrio on the spot and detain her for 19 hours during which time she is fingerprinted and a mugshot is taken.
Berrio's name is released to the public as the attacker in a Harlem hate-crime case, for all to see!
White victim appears at police station and upon getting a closer look at Berrio recants and states that Berrio is not her attacker.
Berrio is freed!

This is how police search for and find suspects in cases involving Whites victimized by Blacks. Even if an attacker cannot be identified, the suspect is assumed to be a Black person! The police arrested a Black woman on the spot based on a White woman's say. The police should have taken Berrio down for questioning and had the White woman try to identify her in a lineup. They arrested her first in a rush to judge. This is a lawsuit waiting to happen! But, to the White woman's credit, she did correct her mistake. We can't all look that much alike, can we?

In Harlem, they have built a new police precinct in response, not to any increase in crime, but to gentrification. It is done to make the Whites feel safe. The police presence is only here to serve and protect the Whites, whether they are in their community or "ours." And, the White gentrifiers know this and behave accordingly. But, who is going to save our communities from their homosexual agenda and bars. I have never seen so many bars in Harlem!(Courtesy of

Black Basketball Player Berated By White Coach on TV!

This is what happens when we, as Black people, leave our community and enter the White domain. It can be a very uncomfortable and scary environment. Many times, these highly accomplished Black athletes are coming from all-Black high school in a still racially segregated America and going to an all-White Division I college. Or, they may be attending an all-White high school where, just like in the college they are about to attend, the only Black students are the ones on the football and basketball teams!

On Wednesday, 2/25/2015, sports cable channel ESPN broadcast a men's college basketball game between Vanderbilt University and the University of Tennessee. Vanderbilt won but, at the end of the game Wade Baldwin IV could be seen clapping his hands, in a taunting way, as Tennessee players walked passed him. As the Tennessee coaches went to shake hands with Vanderbilt coach Kevin Stallings, they told him they did not appreciate Baldwin's conduct. Now, what happened next was completely reprehensible!

Vanderbilt Coach Kevin Stallings can be seen walking up to Baldwin and heard cursing at him! Stallings continues his barrage of profanity and then says, "I'm going to f_cking kill you!" He continues on to state to Baldwin that he's told him about this a hundred times. At the press conference after the game, Coach Stallings defended his behavior by stating that sportsmanship is an integral part of the Vanderbilt University Program and taunting would not be tolerated. A day later, he told the media that he had apologized to Baldwin after the game.

The so-called White media is already circling its wagons to protect and dismiss Coach Stallings actions as a mere tirade after losing his temper. I see it as something worse!

Granted Wade Baldwin IV is a freshman and has to learn more about what his coach and team is asking of him. However, being a freshman would only make him 18 or 19 years old, a baby! When these coaches come to recruit these athletes, they are all smiles! They promise your son the world just to get him to commit to going to that university's program!

The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) began snatching or luring top Black athletes away from historically Black colleges (HBCUs) in the 1960s. Coaching legend Dean Smith was the first to offer Charlie Scott, a Black student, a scholarship to join the mostly White University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, in 1967. The lure of full-ride athletic scholarships became a trend with NCAA schools. But, how are they treated once they make that switch to the other side?

Many HBCU athletic conferences (SWAC, MEAC, CIAA, & SIAC) don't offer such a thing, even now. So, the Michael Jordan's, Kevin Durant's, Shaquille O'Neal types attend White colleges on full schoalrships. As a matter of fact, the four HBCU athletic conferences are in the red, while the NCAA is raking in billions of dollars off of the backs of its Black athletes, who are prevented from reaping any financial benefits from their skills! This is why many of these players jump the NCAA slave ship and go professional, as soon as they can.

Of course, the so-called White media is critical of this jump to the NBA or overseas citing that the purpose of going to college should be to get an education. They never cite the reason for the recruitment of these Black athletes by these sports programs is to win, win, win at their expense! When I look at these March Madness tournaments, I see nothing but White fans cheering for their, now, mostly Black basketball teams. There are no longer the token Black player like in the 1960s and 1970s.

The reasons for the failings in the Black community and with HBCUs is the belief in assimilation. Self-empowerment and assimilation cannot coexist! It is this assimilation mindset that is responsible for the belief that now that we have that Obamanation in the White House that there is no longer any need for HBCUs. These assimilators see Black the same way the White oppressor sees it, as a race and not a culture, which is what it is! Assimilators also believe that anything associated with Black is substandard, while anything associated with Whites is superior. Sometimes, this is true but, this is apart of the White oppressor's plan! There is nothing insidious about wanting to be around your cultural brethren. That seems to be a problem if you are not White, especially if you are an African or Arab.

Our HBCUs are in the red because they are constantly with their hands out depending on federal and alumni aid. One of the ways so-called White institutions, such as Columbia University, make their money is from real estate investments. Let's not forget that these ivy league institutions made their wealth from slavery, too! But, I digress. HBCUs need to stop viewing its students as a money-makers and look to other ventures for making money! HBCUs are a safe haven and should see itself as a support for the Black community, nothing like this exists for us anywhere in the New World! HBCUs have lost their way by trying to emulate their White counterparts.
But, if we are to survive and thrive as African people, we have to understand that we are oppressed and only seen as tools in our oppression! Then, we can plan accordingly with true self-empowerment in mind, not with the goal of showing our oppressor that we are worthy of their attention and a working relationship. Just like Malcolm X said, "Who are they to be reckoned with?" (Courtesy of

2015-03-01 Sun 22:14:06 ct