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27 Rabi' al-Awwal,1436 - January 18, 2015 Issue # 55, Newsletter # 1585

Massive article on France, cartoons, arrogance of the West and Islamic resistance.
From: Dr. Firoz Kamal, leading Bangladeshi scholar. Lengthy but worth reading. Please scroll to end.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Urges Boycott of Coca Cola [From Ali Randall.]
Courtesy Friends of al-Aqsa

Latest Khutba

 Dr Kaukab Siddique

Honor of the Prophet, pbuh, Comes first.
Cartoons cannot be tolerated by any Muslim.

Use non-Violent Means to Defeat the Enemies of Islam:
Understand Atrocity stories & war time Propaganda.

On January 16, 2015 Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave the juma' khutba at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore, Maryland, on the sensitive issue of the cartoons of the Prophet, pbuh, being distributed in France and US media like Fox TV. Here is a summary of the main points of the khutba. Almost all imams in America are scared of standing up to the power structure. Hopefully some will have the "guts" to speak up:

Text: "Surely in the Messenger of Allah you have the pattern of excellence for any one whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day and who engages much in the remembrance of Allah." [The Qur'an 33:21]

"Certainly those who hurt Allah and His messenger, Allah has cursed them in this world and in the Herafter, and has prepared for them a humiliating torment." [33:57]

" O Hissain [ibn Thabit], answer the disbelievers and ridicule them." [Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, in times of war. Sirat Rasool Allah by Ibn Ishaq, the earliest hadith book of the biography of the Prophet, pbuh.]

  1. Our existence as Muslims is unthinkable without the example [Sunnah] of the Prophet, pbuh. The wudu [ablution] we carry out to prepare for prayer is from his hadith, as are the raka'as for our five prayers and the way we line up.

  2. Similarly, all the way from marriage to child up bringing, to the way we speak, the food we can eat and the way we eat, to diplomacy, war, town planning, birth and death ceremonies, celebrations and mourning, all are from the way of the Prophet, pbuh.

  3. Our way of life is sacred. The people among whom we live are secularized. They ridicule even Moses, pbuh, and Jesus, pbuh, whom they claim are their leaders.

  4. We must stand firm and not compromise on the honor and respect of the Prophet, pbuh. We are willing to engage those in civil discourse who question Islam, but those who ridicule and trivialize the Prophet, pbuh, his family, wives, his companions are our enemies.

  5. Remember that most Americans, and most non-Muslims, do not know anything about Islam and certainly nothing about Muhammad, pbuh, the best of men, and Ayesha, r.a., the best of women.

  6. So don't get upset with ordinary people. Tell them about the Prophet, pbuh, and why we love him. Give them passages from the Qur'an and hadith. Show them that there is no compulsion in Islam and Muslims are not fighting anyone owing to religious differences. We respect all religions and all humans and all creatures.

  7. Muslims have not invaded anyone's land. They have invaded our lands. Non-Muslims burn the Qur'an. We don't burn their books. They have stolen Palestine by force of arms. They have been looting Africa. They invaded Afghanistan and Iraq. They use drones to kill thousands of innocent people. We obey the laws of America. They enter our countries and try to destroy our laws.

  8. Be aware of the brainwashing being done 24/7 by the corporate/Zionist media. Read The Autobiography of Malcolm X to understand brainwashing when he tried to straighten out his hair.

  9. All these atrocity stories are war time propaganda. Ask for verifiable evidence. All this nonsense about "sex slaves" and mass killings are a bunch of garbage. What the Zionists and Imperialists do, they want to tell Americans that Muslims do it. Beware, beware.

  10. Atrocity stories are spread by the media to convince Americans that Muslim fighters are SUBHUMAN. Once the public is convinced that Muslims are subhuman, any crime can be committed against Muslims. USA's B-1 bombers are slaughtering Muslims, their drones are wiping out villages, and they call the mujahideen "terrorists."

    1. In slavery times, the slavers convinced their children that Black people were subhuman. Later during lynching, they would take their children to see hanging Black men, with their bowels coming out, and they called it "pic nic."

  11. The cartoons of the Prophet, pbuh, have shown how much many of the French and Europeans hate Islam. They see their youths embracing Islam and it drives them crazy.

  12. America's Muslims can be a power to stop the wars against our Ummah and to drive the Jews out of Palestine. We are about 6 to 9 million [estimated] but the oppressors have planted agent cliques among us. We call them the FOUR LETTER organizations. They strictly follow what the White House signals.

  13. These munafiqoon are controlling many funded mosques. These "Muslims" are quite willing to espouse homosexuality after the ruling clique said it was okay. They blindly accept what the media say.

Beware! Beware! Be non-violent. Do not break the law of the land, but speak the truth. Denounce the cartoonists and all those who support those devils who insult the Prophet, pbuh.

Our America

 Our America

The Newest Charlie Hebdo issue:
Deliberate Insult and Challenge to Islam.

by Sis. Aisha [New York Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

Now, there is a report that says that the newest Charlie Hebdo issue has a supposed image of Prophet Muhammad (saw) on the front cover. I have never known a group so intent on disrespecting another group as the European Jews. The U.S. government behaves the same way when they are retaliated against and so now, the American people have to suffer by being criminalized when we try to ride public transportation, go to movies, or museums - we are subjected to public searches.

NBA players Nicolas Batum and Kevin Seraphin both wore "Je suis Charlie (I am Charlie)" shirts during warm ups. They are both of African-descent and have played for the French National Team. Obviously, they were taking a page from Derrick Rose's book, who wore a black t-shirt with the message "I can't breath" on it. Rose's message was a protest against injustice but, those ridiculous "Je suis Charlie" shirts are really defending someone's right to insult religious figures! Charlie Hebdo was not making a political statement against injustice! They were insulting 1.8 billion Muslims and taunting us about it! It sounds like they got what they asked for, last week.

Also, Mohamed Ahmed has yet to respond to the questions I asked him via his site.

The New Trend is absolutely the most potent form of Islamic media out there. I am afraid I don't see anything comparable, right now. Jazakallah!

Our America: Two major, latest, crimes of our government.
Two Important Activists 'Died' in US Custody This Month: Abu Anas al-Libi & Phil Africa
Sis.Karin Friedemann [Boston]

Nazih Abdul-Hamed Nabih al-Ruqai'i, popularly known as Abu Anas al-Libi, died in US custody on January 2, 2015 - just 3 months after he was kidnapped in Libya in front of his Tripoli home by a team of US military, CIA and FBI agents [video: ].

First, al-Libi was taken to a Navy ship for torture. Intelligence officials interrogated him for a week after his capture aboard the USS San Antonio in the Mediterranean, according to the Guardian. He was then indicted and transferred to a prison in New York City. Reports have surfaced that the US obtained evidence against him via a plea bargain from Ali Mohamed, a former Egyptian army major who worked for the CIA and Egyptian Islamic Jihad.In 2000, Mohamed received a life sentence without parole after he pled guilty to five terrorist charges in connection with the embassy bombings.

Al-Libi pled not guilty in October 2014 to involvement in the 1998 US embassy bombings in Kenya and Tanzania. He was supposed to go to court on January 12, 2015 to defend himself against the accusations. Instead, he was buried January 10 in Libya at a well-attended funeral.

'Adel Al-Masry, who was incarcerated alongside him in America said that our beloved father was maltreated from the moment he set foot in prison and was denied medical care, causing his health to rapidly deteriorate," stated his son, Ahmed Nazeeh al Ruqai'y .

A document filed in court by the Department of Justice said al-Libi "was taken from the Metropolitan Correctional Center to a New York hospital due to sudden complications arising out of his long-standing medical problems." Despite the care provided at the hospital, the government claimed, his condition deteriorated rapidly and he passed away Friday evening. They mention an imam was present with him at the hospital. Could this imam lend more insight into what happened at the hospital? There is no question that foul play could have been involved.

A similar though unrelated mysterious death occurred in another US prison hospital the same week. On Sunday, January 4th, 2015, Phil Africa was secretly transported from his Dallas, Pennsylvania prison to Wilkes Barre General Hospital at the same time as MOVE members were attempting to visit him. At the hospital, he was held in isolation for 5 days and not even allowed to call his wife of 44 years, Janine Africa. Due to the hospital and prison receiving hundreds of phone calls in support from around the world, Phil was finally allowed to call Janine on Thursday, January 8th. She reported that he was heavily drugged, incoherent and couldn't even hold the phone to talk to her. On Friday, January 9th Phil was sent back to the prison infirmary. On Saturday, January 10th Ramona and Carlos Africa were granted permission to visit Phil in the prison infirmary. When they reached him he was incoherent and couldn't talk or move his head to look at them. An hour after they left, they got a call that Phil passed away.

"Inmates in the infirmary and others in the prison were shocked when they heard the news. They had witnessed his vigorous health for decades in the prisons, had just seen him stretching and doing jumping jacks six days earlier," reads a statement written by the family. "When Merle Africa died in prison on March 13th, 1998 the conditions were very similar. She had been one way in the prison, but within hours of being forced to go to an outside hospital she was dead."

Phil Africa was a member of the Black revolutionary group, MOVE, whose home was bombed in Philadelphia by the US government on May 13, 1985. Two of Phil's children died in the fire.

Al-Libi also lost one of his sons in the Libyan independence struggle. (Details unknown).

Al-Libi's wife, Umm Abdul Rahman, didn't deny that her husband had been an al-Qaeda member, who fought against the Soviets in Afghanistan in the 1980s. "My husband was affiliated with al-Qaeda a long time ago. But he was never a senior leader in al-Qaeda," she said. Later on he got involved with the Libyan Islamic Fighting Group, she said. "They had a common vision, a common cause, a common enemy, which was the Gaddafi regime and they wanted to overthrow this regime."

His commitment to the ousting of Libya's longtime dictator resulted in several years of imprisonment in poor conditions in Iran after the family fled Afghanistan.

Al-Libi was given asylum by the UK but was nevertheless frequently harassed by British police. His family home was raided many times, but he was never charged with any crime. A close friend, quoted by the Associated Press, said al-Libi's family had returned to Libya around 2011 under a policy introduced by Gaddafi's son, Saif al-Islam, to promote reconciliation with regime opponents who gave up violence.

Disgracing the concept of due process, U.S. President Barack Obama asserted at a press conference in Washington DC that al-Libi was behind the 1998 U.S. embassy bombings. He "helped plan and execute plots that killed hundreds of people, a whole lot of Americans. We have strong evidence of that."US Secretary of State John Kerry boasted that "members of al-Qaeda ... literally can run but they can't hide." American lawmakers praised the military operation of the man's kidnapping.

His son Ahmed Nazeeh al Ruqai'y stated: "We will not forget. Neither will we get over what happened at the hands of the Americans, who prevented us from visiting our father and deprived us from seeing him."

War News

 War News

War News: Syria
With thanks to Jamaat al-Muslimeen Virginia

Daily Bombing Failed to Defeat Mujahideen.
Researcher says ISIS Control of Syrian land and Population has Doubled Since US Bombing began.

War News: China

Turkey offers shelter to 500 Uighur refugees who fled Chinese crackdown

AYSE SAHIN [Daily Sabah\
PublishedJanuary 15, 2015

Five-hundred Uighurs who have been seeking refuge in Turkey since fleeing Chinese persecution are finally breathing easy after reaching the country that has been eager to receive them.

Five-hundred Uighurs who have been seeking refuge in Turkey since fleeing Chinese persecution are finally breathing easy after reaching the country that has been eager to receive them.

The Uighurs who completed the thorny journey to Turkey have been placed in lodgings allocated for them in the central Anatolian province of Kayseri.

Some Uighurs have been forced to seek shelter in other countries by the pressures they face in China. Turkey had previously expressed its stance on hosting Uighur asylum seekers when they officially requested Thailand to send 367 Uighur refugees to Turkey and not back to China, where they could possibly face death upon return.

Dozens of people were spotted at a human smuggling camp in southern Thailand in March who were deemed to be illegal immigrants by Thai officials. The group of people identified as Uighurs from China's restive northwestern province of Xinjiang, had fake Turkish passports and sought to escape the shadow of fear in China.

Turkey acted sensitively over the issue owing to the fear that the Uighurs could face death if sent back to China, and made a strong case that they should be transferred to Turkey.

Shaking off the oppression they had been coping with back home, some of the refugees were able to reach Turkey without getting caught in Thailand, many of whom were aided by Turkey's helping hand. Among the 500 who arrived in Turkey are reportedly also those who broke free from a human smuggling camp in Thailand.

"[Some of] those who fled atrocity were caught in Thailand and 367 Uighurs are being kept there. Some of those who could make it to Turkey without being caught have been brought to Kayseri [in Turkey]. The number may increase," said Seyit Tümtürk, the deputy head of the World Uyghur Congress.

Tümtürk added that the refugees who were placed in the lodgings prepared for them are being taken care of and that all their needs are being met by officials.

Noting that sensitivity has emerged on the subject in public, Tümtürk continued: "The harsh crackdown by Chinese authorities and their policies of [assimilation] are currently at a peak. East Turkistan is the only region where fasting is banned. On the first day of Eid al-Fitr two villages were razed in Kashgar and 3,000 people were killed there, and the whole world refused to utter a word of objection. Twenty-seven of our brothers from East Turkistan who were held responsible for the killings were condemned to death" East Turkestan is the Uighur language term for Xinjiang.

Tümtürk underscored that the world's silence encourages China. He also said that the practices of religion in East Turkistan are labeled a crime by the Chinese constitution.

"The symbolic elements of Islam such as headscarves and prayer rugs are counted among elements of terrorism. So are praying, fasting and receiving a religious education."

Noting that there is an influx of Uighur refugees fleeing their homes and risking their lives, Tümtürk said that the number of Uighurs seeking refuge in Turkey may increase.

"Turkey, which has opened its doors to 1.5 million Syrians and Iraqis, will surely host our brothers from East Turkistan."

Cartoon Attacks on the Prophet, pbuh, Countered.
Sample of protests not reported in USA or Misreported.

  1. January 15, Aleppo, Syria.
    Charlie Poster Burned.
    ....................people marched in the battered district of Salaheddin, in the southwest of Syria's second city, against Charlie Hebdo's new cartoon, which depicts the Prophet Mohammed..

    Some protesters in Aleppo carried banners inscribed with the Islamic profession of faith and a "Je suis Charlie" poster was burned.

    "Mohammed is our leader for ever," chanted some protesters, while others cried: "We will sacrifice ourselves for you, God's prophet."

    Demonstrator Abu Mudar told AFP: "We are on the street today to support our prophet and to protest against the offensive drawings that Western governments are spreading, while hurting Muslims' feelings all over the world."

    He added: "These drawings increase enmity, hatred and feelings of hostility among Muslims towards these governments and these countries."

  2. Occupied Jerusalem. French flag burned.

    January 16. Several hundred Palestinians demonstrated against French support for the blasphemous. They burned a flag of France.

  3. North Caucuses [Russia]. 20, 000 rally against cartoons and France.

    January 17: Muslims condemned the blasphemous cartoons and shamed France for its support of Charlie blasphemy. They carried large "I love Muhammad, pbuh" banners. They were supported by a Christian priest and remained peaceful.

  4. Pakistan: Jamaate Islami & Jamat Dawa lead.
    Christians Joined the Protests.

    January 16. Protests against French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo were held across Pakistan as thousands of people in almost all major cities chanted slogans against its printing of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

    Workers from both religious and secular political parties gathered in Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad, Quetta, Peshawar, Multan and many other cities and burnt effigies of French president Francois Hollande and of cartoonists at the magazine along with French flags.

    More than 2,000 people marched in the largest city Karachi, where the Jamaat-e-Islami party organised a rally at the mausoleum of Mohammad Ali Jinnah, founding father of the nation.

    A group of Christian pastors also took part to show solidarity with their Muslim countrymen.

    Elsewhere in Karachi, dozens of members of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party founded by Imran Khan rallied against the magazine and the French government. A delegation visited the residence of the French consul-general to submit a resolution demanding Paris ban the magazine "for spreading religious hatred in the world", a party spokesman said.

    In Lahore around 6,000 people attended a rally by Islamic groups including the hardline Jamaat-ud-Dawa. Speakers urged Pakistan to sever relations with France.

    In the southwestern city of Quetta, protesters trampled the French flag before burning it, along with pictures and effigies of the French president. In the northwestern city of Peshawar, more than hundred Christians took part in a rally from a local church and chanted slogans against the magazine. "Death to Charlie Hebdo, death to the blasphemer of Prophet Mohammed," they shouted. They also burnt the French flag.

    Around 200 people in Islamabad gathered outside the national press club and burnt effigies of the cartoonists.

    In the southern city of Multan, protesters shouted "We are not Charlie, we are Kouachi" - a reference to the "Je Suis Charlie" rallying cry supporting the victims, and to brothers Cherif and Said Kouachi who killed 12 people at the magazine. On Friday at least three people were injured - including an AFP photographer who was shot - in clashes between anti-Charlie Hebdo protesters and police outside the French consulate in Karachi.

    The protest by the student wing of the Jamaat-e-Islami religious party was one of several staged across Pakistan by Islamist groups after Friday prayers.

  5. Africa

    Niger [Violent against Christian settlers & French culture.]
    10 killed over January 16 and 17.

    Somalia [Peaceful]. Small but vociferous.

    Sudan [Peaceful]. Huge

    Algeria [Peaceful] Very large

    At least three people have been killed and six churches attacked in Niger amid fresh protests against French magazine Charlie Hebdo's cartoon depicting the Prophet Muhammad.

    Protests began outside Niamey's grand mosque and reportedly spread to other parts of the country, a day after five were killed in Niger's second city.

    Niger's president condemned the violence and appealed for calm.

    Last week, Islamist gunmen killed 12 people at Charlie Hebdo's offices.

    The cover of the magazine's latest edition, published after the attack, featured a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad weeping while holding a sign saying "I am Charlie".

    Seven million copies of the edition are being printed in view of extraordinary demand, distributors announced on Saturday. The magazine's print run before the attack was 60,000.
     Church in Niamey

    A church, which was damaged after it was set on fire by protesters during a demonstration against French weekly Charlie Hebdo's publication of a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad in Niamey.

    Churches and French interests have been targeted in Niger - a former French colony

     Protests against Charlie Hebdo cartoon in Niamey 17 January 2015

    Protests against Charlie Hebdo cartoon in Niamey, 17 January 2015

    Police earlier fired tear gas to disperse some 1,000 youths in front of Niamey's grand mosque

     Protests against Charlie Hebdo cartoon in Niamey 17 January 2015

    Protests against Charlie Hebdo cartoon in Niamey, 17 January 2015

    The French embassy has called on its nationals living in Niamey to remain at home

    Many Muslims see any depiction of Islam's prophet as offensive.

    In Niger, a former French colony, hundreds of demonstrators gathered at Niamey's grand mosque, shouting "God is Great" in Arabic.

    At least six churches were set on fire or looted in Niamey and regional towns. Bars, hotels and businesses under non-Muslim ownership were also targeted.

    Two charred bodies were recovered from a church on the outskirts of Niamey, and the body of a woman was found in a bar, Reuters reported.

    'Everything has gone'

    Pastor Zakaria Jadi, whose church was burnt down in the capital Niamey, said he was in a meeting with church elders when he heard of the attacks.

    "I just rushed and told my colleagues in the church to take away their families from the place," he told the BBC World Service. "I took my family to take them out from the place. When I came back I just discovered that everything has gone. There's nothing in my house and also in the church."

    Niger's President, Mahamadou Issoufou, was one of six African heads of state to attend a unity march in Paris after the attacks against Charlie Hebdo.

    "Those who loot these places of worship, who desecrate them and kill their Christian compatriots... have understood nothing of Islam," he said after Saturday's violence.

     Smoke billows in a street as people demonstrate against French weekly Charlie Hebdo's publication of a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad

    Smoke billows in a street as people demonstrate against French weekly Charlie Hebdo's publication of a cartoon of the Prophet Muhammad.

    The protests in Niger's capital following similar demonstrations in Zinder on Friday
     Somali protesters chant slogans holding placard

    Somali protesters chant slogans holding placards reading

    In Somalia, protesters held placards reading, "I am Muslim and I love my Prophet"

    During Friday's demonstration in Niger's second city, Zinder, protesters raided shops run by Christians and attacked the French cultural centre.

    The centre's director, Kaoumi Bawa, said an angry crowd of around 50 people had smashed the building's door and set fire to the cafeteria, library and offices.

    The death toll in Zinder rose from four to five when emergency services found a burned body inside a Catholic Church.

    Protests against the Charlie Hebdo cartoon were also seen on Friday in Pakistan, where protests turned violent in Karachi, the Sudanese capital of Khartoum and the Algerian capital, Algiers.

    People in Somalia took to the streets on Saturday.

  6. Qaeda looks to regain ground with Charlie Hebdo attack
    By ReneSlama
    January 15
     Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahir October 26 2012

    An image from a video on October 26, 2012, courtesy of Site Intelligence Group, shows Al-Qaeda leader Ayman al-Zawahiri speaking from an undisclosed location

    Dubai (AFP) - The attack on Charlie Hebdo has thrust Al-Qaeda back in the spotlight as the jihadist network proves it can still attack the West and seeks to regain ground lost to the Islamic State group

    The militant Islamist organisation founded by Osama bin Laden has seen its preeminence challenged by IS, an offshoot of Al-Qaeda that has seized control of large parts of Syria and Iraq.

    IS has increasingly become a global reference point for jihadists, with many claiming allegiance to its self-declared "caliph" Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

    Analysts had warned that the two groups' rivalry could spark a dangerous competition to win jihadist hearts, boosting the threat of extremist attacks in the West.

    Their fears were realised last week in Paris, when extremist gunmen killed 17 people in attacks including the assault on satirical French weekly Charlie Hebdo -- since claimed by Al-Qaeda -- and a hostage-taking at a kosher supermarket.

    "The attack on Charlie Hebdo definitely puts Al-Qaeda back in the saddle in its rivalry with the Islamic State," said Yemen expert Laurent Bonnefoy.

     Police carry the coffins of the three officers killed

    Police carry the coffins of the three officers killed ...

    Police carry the coffins of the three officers killed in the French Islamist attacks in a ceremony i ...

    "Al-Qaeda continues to be a threat, especially as the rivalry between the two groups can trigger a form of competition."

    Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) -- the network's powerful Yemeni branch -- claimed responsibility on Wednesday for the assault on Charlie Hebdo.

    - AQAP's first 'success' in West -

    It said the attack followed orders by Al-Qaeda chief Ayman al-Zawahiri and was "vengeance" for Charlie Hebdo's publication of cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed.

    "The claim marks AQAP's first official Western attack carried out to success, following past failed attempts," wrote Rita Katz of US monitoring group SITE Intelligence, saying it "illustrates (the) group's reach

Viewpoint: Major Article

 ViewPoint and Analysis

The Western Arrogance and the War at Doorsteps
Dr Firoz Mahboob Kamal

The hate campaign

The killings at Charlie Hebdo had sent powerful shock waves all over the West. Now the security threats and fear run very high everywhere. It seems that not only the hateful Islamophobic cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo, but also the politicians and the security officers of the West have turned pathologically paranoid. Even an unattended bag in a railway or underground station is enough to paralyse the traffic system in London, Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Rome and other cities of the West for hours. Now the governments are planning to check every internet mail of every individual. Hence nothing is private for any man or woman. The western imperialists used to take their wars of occupation and plunder to foreign lands; hence their homes were safe. But now the war has arrived to their doorsteps. They have withdrawn troops from Algeria, Afghanistan, Iraq, Mali and other third world countries, but the war is not leaving them. Now they are taking full war preparation to save their own streets. The French President Francois Hollande has announced that he will deploy 10,500 soldiers all over France to fight the Islamists. Former French President Sarkozi declared "war of civilisation" in response to attack on freedom. Thus, the whole western world is quickly turning into a huge and hot war zone.

War never starts all on a sudden. Like a disease, it has its own ongoing moral, ideological and social pathology. War needs ideological ignition in people's psyche. Such a job is done by the ideological warriors. In the past, the war mongering crusaders did that job massively against the Muslims. Hence so-called the holy war (the crusade) could sustain for more than hundred years. Nurturing such hatred has been a classic political art and part of the genocidal warfare in Europe. So in comparison to other people in other continents, the Europeans made distinctive history of cruelty in ethnic cleansing worldwide. Hence Jews in Europe and Muslims in Spain are not the only victims of European. The Red Indians and Incas in America, the Aborigines in Australia and the Maoris in New Zealand met the same fate. In modern times, Hitler and his cronies, the colonialists and the imperialists did the same crime but the scientific skill. The killings of more than 75 million in two World Wars indeed draw the pathological roots from the past. Now the same old disease shows signs of violent remission. The job has now been taken over by the Islamophobic columnists, cartoonist, writers, warlords, the defence industry and the politicians. The West has now great number of such venomous people in their midst. And now the target is Islam and its prophet. Hence the crusade that was started by George W Bush in 2001 now gets enough fuel for its robust sustenance.

Malicious hatred against the target people is indeed the requisite precursor for a brutal war. The German politician, writer and the press nurtured such hatred against the Jews before the World War II. Hitler was not a lone performer; he had a huge army of collaborators in that crime. Hence killing of 6 million Jews on an industrial scale became morally acceptable to the German. Now the tide is running against the Muslims. And the now shows the same readiness to endorse the most heinous crime against Muslims. Wit moral death does, people can't see crime as crime. The symptoms of such moral death of the West are now quite manifest. For example, Gaza and Kobani are bombed to rubbles by Israel and the US. More than 2000 innocent children, women and men are slaughtered in Gaza. Bombs were dropped even on the UN run schools. But the US and her European partners are not ready to consider such Israeli brutalities as war crimes. The US didn't allow the UN Security Council to pass a resolution condemning such crime. With the same moral death, the US could drop 2 atom bombs in cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki; and now financing and patronising Israeli barbarity with its all brutal dimension. They do not like that such crimes should go to the International Criminal Courts for the prosecution.

The double standard

In the west, all are not equal to enjoy the same liberty. They have given full liberty to magazines like Charlie Hebdo to cross all limits to spread pornographic slander against Islam's great prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). The Western leaders also announce their full solidarity with those slanderers by chanting "je suis Charlie" (I am Charlie). But they don't allow others to chant "je suis Palestinian" (I am Palestinian). Hence the British MP Mr David Ward from East Bradford got wide condemnation for expressing his strong anger at the arrival of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at Paris march on 11/01/15 and sending a twitter message "je suis Palestinian" (I am Palestinian). He was condemned not only by the Israeli Ambassador at London and but also by the Islamophobic British media and the British politicians. He is the only exceptional member of the British Parliament who could announce, "If I was in Gaza, I would have fired rocket to Israel." For such moral stance at the time of Israel's Gaza bombing, he was rebuked by the British Prime Minister and other political leaders of both Tory and Labour parties. He was forced by his party's parliamentary whip to withdraw the original statement. Such hypocrisy in the British politics is not hidden, rather broadly practised to support its own illegal creation of Israel!

The Western leaders have given the full impunity to the Israeli warlords to commit whatever crimes they wish against the Palestinians. The US, the UK, France and other Western countries exercised the same unfettered liberty in killing Muslims in million in Algeria, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan and other occupied countries. Millions of Palestinians are driven out of their homes and forced to live in refugee camps for more than 60 years. Does it need to be saint to condemn such crimes? But the West's moral conscience stands fully insensitive to such horrific crimes; hence they never condemned these as war crimes. Rather they punish those who condemn and protest against such brutalities. They label them as Islamic extremists. The French black comedian Diendonne or Imam of London's Finsbury Park Mosque Abu Hamza didn't take any weapon in hand to kill anyone. They only exercised freedom of speech to protest against the US and the UK wars of occupation and the brutalities in the occupied Iraq and Afghanistan. For that, they are now put in prisons. The disabled Abu Hamza -who lost his both hands in jihad in Afghanistan, has been given life term by the US court. Whereas the newspapers and magazines like Charlie Hebdo of Paris, London's Daily Mail and Daily Sun and many others of Europe enjoy full liberty to inject more venom to the western psyche.

The state-sponsored slander

Charlie Hebdo recently published its post-attack first edition with another slanderous cartoon against the prophet Muhammad (peace upon him) on the cover page. It is indeed a state-sponsored million-copy edition to rub more salt on the wounded psyche of the Muslims. Printing satirical cartoon is not the only staple of Charlie Hebdo. It is not neutral either -as it claims. It is conducting an ugly and continuous propaganda war against Islam's core teachings like sharia, jihad and khilafa. Its toxic slander against Islam's greatest prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) knows no moral or ethical limit. Publishing most pornographic vulgar cartoon against this great man of the human history is in fact the main passion of the cartoonists.

Those who chanted "je suis Charlie" (I am Charlie), they too, made their massage louder. They announced unequivocally that like the dead cartoonists, they too rejoice such pornographic ridicule against Islam's prophet. Toxic cartoons are being used as weapon of ideological war against Islam and its iconic characters. Can a man with little respect for this great prophet spread such venomous filth? By publishing such pornographic slanders, these cartoonists didn't exercise freedom of expression. In fact, they exercised freedom of abuse. How a Muslim can support Charlie Hebdo? A Muslim must be an obedient follower of Muhammad (peace be upon him) in all aspects of his life. He must love him more than his own life. It is a Divine requirement. Hence ridiculing the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is indeed ridiculing every Muslim. Hence, such vulgar bigotry and poisonous slander can only draw a country to an unending blood-letting war. France with its 6.5 million strong Muslims is indeed moving fast to such a war. How a country can deserve any peace or tranquillity with such slanderous posture against 6.5 Muslims? It shows signs that the war will not remain confined within the French boundary. In neighbouring Belgium, two Muslims are killed on 16/1/15, and many more are arrested. France government too has proven to be very prompt to add more fuel to the fire. The French parliament voted by 488 votes to one to launch military campaign against Islamic State. The French aircraft carrier has already moved nearer to the Syrian shore of the Mediterranean to facilitate the US air strikes against Islamic State. It is reported that about 3 thousand European Muslims have already joined the Islamic State to fight the ongoing war in Syria and Iraq. Many more thousands of these jihadists are prevented from joining the Islamic State by imposing strict travel restriction in the border outposts and the airports. Now France has opened new frontiers for these enthusiastic Islamist warriors on its own soil.

Solidarity with the hate campaign

Charlie Hebdo is not alone in its ugly hate campaign against Islam and its prophet (peace be upon him). The western leaders displayed their full solidarity with it. More than 40 heads of states marched in the streets of Paris on 11/01/15 to show such solidarity. The western leaders talk about fighting war for protecting western values and culture. But what is western value and culture? Do the Muslims need any lecture to learn the western values and culture? Didn't they display those values and culture during the last several centuries all over the world? Is it not the values and culture of military aggression, occupation, colonisation, imperialism, ethnic cleansing, slave-trading, genocide, World Wars, gas chambers, dropping of atom bombs, waterboarding, Guantanamo Bay, Abu Gharib, Sabra, Satilla and Gaza? They killed 75 million people only in two World Wars! Who else can match their brutality? Their war machines are still not withdrawn from their army bases in the Muslim lands.

The western leaders talk about fighting terrorism. Do the Muslims need any lecture to understand terrorism too? The Muslims are the worst victims of terrorism since the advent of Western colonialism in their countries. Most of the Muslim lands were occupied and millions lost lives by the hand of these terrorists. Only in Palestine, more than 4 million people are made homeless by these terrorists -fully sponsored by the West's money, weapons and diplomacy. Terrorising people with lethal weapons for political and military gains is no more a crime of a few thugs. It is the sophisticated war tactics of the super powers. These state terrorists of the West are the real threat against the world peace. They are charged with deep hatred against Islam, Islam's prophet and the common Muslims. Hence they could easily show their solidarity with the hate mongering cartoonists of Charlie Hebdo.

The military occupation of Muslim lands, the plunder of its resources and de-Islamisation of its people are the main objectives of the anti-Muslim state terrorists. Such imperialist objectives are so much integrated in the imperialists' culture and values that even most barbaric manifestation of the state terrorism like war for occupation, destruction of cities, cleansing of native population received not only the popular support, but also get voluntary participation of the people for its prolonged continuation. This is why the quick occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan gave a huge boost to President George W Bush's popularity in the USA. Only his utter failure to enforce the US grip in those occupied lands and numerous body bags of the US soldiers brought his disgrace -and not the occupation itself. The US people didn't expect such disgrace of their citizens in any foreign land. Due to the same western mind-set, Israel -one of the most barbaric countries in human history and the West's ugly colonial legacy, enjoy so much support in the West. For the same reason, 4 million people marched in the street of Paris to support Charlie Hebdo's hate campaign against the prophet of Islam (peace be umpon him) and the Islamists. Indeed, here lies the main problem of the west. The anti-Islamic hatred is indeed embedded in their mind-set. Hence for any peace, they do not need more wars, rather needs a 180 degree paradigm shift in their mind-set. They need more home works to change their understanding about Islam and Muslims. The current state of poisonous hatred against Islam and Muslims could only generate more Charlie Hebdo cartoonists, more Abu Gharib, more Guantanamo Bay, more water boarding and more torture cells. In such milieu of abuse, the jihadists will enjoy fertile breeding grounds. The US and its ally have spent several trillion of dollars in wars and war industries. They fought war for 13 years in Afghanistan and for 8 years in Iraq. At the end, they couldn't win any war, rather returned back with humiliation. The month-long bombing by the US, the UK, the French, the Australian and the Jordanian bombers couldn't bring any victory for the coalition forces even in a small town of Kobani. If they think that few thousands Kurd secularist mercenaries or Shia militias will do their war against the Islamists, they are indeed living in fools' paradise!

Fake humanity

The leaders of the Western countries talk a lot about humanity and higher moral values. But there exist monumental evidences to prove such claim fake. Creation of Israel on an illegally occupied land by the colonial West and their continual support for its land grabbing genocidal war are enough to prove that. What a disgrace, the original resident of the Palestine are driven out of their ancestral homes to make space for houses for the European and American Jews! The Palestinian refugees are denied access to their own land. There exists no international institution where they can seek justice. The UN Security Council itself is under the occupation of the usurper imperialists. It has given recognition to creation of such illegal state on illegally occupied land. What an irony, any effort to reclaim the occupied land is labelled as terrorism! The leaders of these countries showed silence in remembrance of the dead cartoonist of Charlie Hebdo. The Western imperialists have killed more than a million people in Iraq and Afghanistan in their recent wars of occupation. But, did they observe a single moment of silence in memory of those dead souls? France herself killed 1.5 million Algerians in its war of occupation in the sixties. Did they pay any homage to those innocent people who were brutally killed there? The crime of these innocent Algerians was nothing else but the genuine demand for freedom from the colonial rule. Recently the Christians killed thousands of Muslims in Central African Republic. Where is the solidarity of the Western leaders with those innocent victims of the genocide? Since the victims are Muslims, didn't they deserve any respect and sympathy? They chanted chorus "Je suis Charlie" (I am Charlie). What does that mean? Do they say that like the abusive Charlie Hebdo, I am also an equal abuser and hater of the prophet of Islam (peace be upon him). They are not ready to retreat an inch from that abusive path. They showed full solidarity not only with Charlie Hebdo, but also continue to show full solidarity with the brutal Israeli killers. Hence the butcher of Gaza -the Israeli PM was cordially welcomed in their midst. Only due to such crippling moral disease, they could sponsor the illegal creation of Israel in occupied land of the Palestinian

Mr Gerald Biard, the chief editor of Charlie Hebda who was on holiday when the attacks occurred wrote, "Charlie is an atheist paper, is accomplishing more miracles than all saints and prophets." (The Guardian 14/01/15). What is that miracle that the editor claims for? Of course, they made a history. About 4 million Europeans chanted the chorus "je suis Charlie" (I am Charlie) only in Paris; many more millions did the same in other parts of Europe. But it is not a miracle. It is the disease of Europe. It is the ugliest solidarity with the virulent hate campaigners. It is indeed the recipe of further holocaust. The West could commit so many ugly crimes in the past only because of such moral ill health. They could kill more than 75 million only in two World Wars. They could also kill many more million in post-World Wars regional wars as occurred in Korea, Vietnam Afghanistan and Iraq. About 2 hundred thousand were slaughtered in their own backyard in Bosnia. But how many Europeans came out to the street to condemn those crimes? How many Europeans marched in the street chanting "je suis Bosnian" (I am Bosnian)? How many said "je suis Palestine (I am Palestine). The Whole Muslim population were ethnically cleansed from Spain. The European people never came to street to show solidarity with those ill-fated victims of the wars of ethnic cleansing. Such ethnic or religious cleansing never happened against the non-Muslims even in Islam's heart lands like Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Palestine; more than 10-15% of the population in these heart lands remain non-Muslim even during last 1400 years' Muslim rule. In Lebanon it is more than 30-35%. But the ethnic annihilation in Europe during so-called Holy Roman Empire was complete that the percentage of non-Christian in Europe was not even 00.001%. The same happened after the Christian victory against the Muslims in Spain. In the name of religion, such crime never happened in a Muslim country. The Muslims never had any phobia against non-Muslims, and neither had the non-Muslims against Muslims in those Muslim lands. But now, along with the Muslims, the Christians too, are leaving these Muslim countries. The US invasion and its massive bombing campaign have made the Muslim countries most unsafe for everybody. The bombs do not see the faith, only see the targets.

The abuse of freedom

Some of the cartoonists claimed that they are not against Islam; they are only against the extremist ideologies of Islam. They argue that they make satire only of prophet (peace be upon him)'s character, not of Islam. It is a sheer lie and ridicule. The prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) is the embodiment of Islam's core belief and ideologies. He showed his followers how to practise full package of Islam. Can anyone separate the prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)'s character from the ideology of Islam? Establishing Islamic state, continuing dawa (propagation), practising full sharia, launching jihad, encouraging people to embrace martyrdom, implementing shura (counselling), hadud (sharia judgments) and levying jijiya on non-Muslims were the parts of his life. These are his ideologies. Hence ridiculing the prophet's character is nothing else than ridiculing the ideologies of Islam. Did any newspaper in any Muslim country ever showed such abusive attitude against the great prophet like Jesus Christ (Allah's blessing be on him) or Moses (Allah's blessing be on him too)?

The Western leaders claim that they are fighting terrorism. But the truth is otherwise. The Muslims are the worst victims of state terrorism. About 3 thousand people were killed in 9/11. But the US has killed more than million as a result of the war. Very recently on 16/01/15, the US bombers killed more than 50 civilians in Iraq. (RT TV). What can be more terrorism than this? Both in the past and in the present, the Muslims became the worst victims of state terrorism in Algeria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, India, Egypt, Syria, Myanmar, Central Africa and Sri Lanka? Terrorism is no more a crime of a few thugs. It is now the full-scale warfare of the arrogant military powers to control the world politics in their own hand. The US war in Iraq and Afghanistan and Israeli war in Gaza, Egyptian Army's manslaughter in Cairo, Alexandra and other cities are indeed the worst terrorist acts that one can perceive. Non-state terrorist can't think of terrorism of such magnitude.

The only option

Wolves can't enjoy safe haven even in caves. They too need protection to escape the imminent extinction. The same is true with the imperialists. They have done enough crimes all over the world. They have taken genocidal wars to the distant corners of the world. They have dropped atom bombs, napalm bombs, cluster bombs, chemical bombs, missiles and drones on the head of the weak. Now the war stands at their front doors. After spending a trillions of dollar, the US and its ally didn't expect such a fate. Hence they are filled with extreme anger and frustration. Anger of the innocent victims has all reached to the explosion level. Further killing or torturing those who are already ready to embrace martyrdom is not going to solve the problem. Even an average European understands this new reality. The march of about 4 million Europeans in Paris is indeed the demonstration of such fear. It has little to do with the little known vulgar Charlie Hebdo. It is not to show the solidarity with the 12 people who are killed in the attacks. While 6 million Jews were incinerated in gas chambers, no one marched in the street of a European city to show solidarity with the victims. In fact, the Europeans didn't face any war at their doorsteps from the Jews at that time. But now the situation is different. They sense war looming in their midst.

Now in the West, there exists only one option to have a peaceful co-existence of Muslims and the non-Muslims. It is not possible to do the same ethnic cleansing again on the European soil -as was done in Spain in 15th century. Now more than 20 million Muslims live in Europe; 6.5 million only in France. May be, some xenophobic far-rightists may still prefer that genocidal route. But the only feasible option stands otherwise. Instead of abusing 1.5 billion Muslims for their fundamental beliefs, they must reconcile with them. Sharia, khilafa, jijiya and hadud are not issues in the West. But those basics must be allowed to be practised in Muslim majority countries - as were practised in all Muslim countries till the West's colonial occupation. The West must not create blockade against the resurrection of Islam's most crucial political institution like khilafa. Such blockade will make the war inevitable.

Like the deformed Christian or the Jews, the Muslims do not enjoy such option to be deformed or reformed. Such deformation or reformation is nothing else than deviation from the siratul mustaqeem -hence direct route to hellfire. Since the prophet of the Islam (peace be upon him) was the fundamentalist believer and practitioner of the Qur'anic Islam, every Muslim must try to be the Islamic fundamentalist of the same degree. It is not a choice, but an obligation. The West must reconcile with the Muslims' such core belief. Otherwise the clash of civilisation is unavoidable. But it appears that the West has deliberately taken the route of hostility with the prophet's Islam. They have already declared their solidarity with the hate campaigner against Islam's great prophet (peace be upon him). "Je suis Charlie" is indeed the war cry of such hostility.

In Islam, practising sharia is a binding obligation. Whoever ignores this obligation is severely condemned with three derogatory labels from Allah Suhhana Wa Ta'ala: he is a kafir, zalem and fasik. The Holy Qur'an reveals: "Whoever does not make judicial judgement according to the revealed laws (sharia) is a kafir (disbeliever) ... a zalem (oppressor) ..and a fasik (sinner). (Sura Maida: verse 44, 45 and 47). Hence, there is no room for the secular laws and judiciary in a Muslim country. The presence of Christians, Jews, Buddhist, Hindus, atheist, polytheists and the followers of other beliefs is not new under the Muslim rule. It has a history of more than 14 hundred years. In those days, the believers of other faiths could understand the Muslims' religious obligation; hence these non-Muslim compatriots never put any hindrance against the implementation of sharia, khilafa, shura, hadud and other Islamic fundamentals. Even in countries where the Muslims were in minority like India and Spain, they didn't protest against the practice of sharia either. Instead of any interference in the Muslims' religious affairs, they opted for peaceful co-existence.

The arrogance

But such wisdom of the past does not exist in contemporary Western leaders. Their economic, military and technological might made them arrogant as well as incompatible with the Muslims' beliefs and practice. The Western powers are putting obstacles against implementation of sharia even in countries where more than 90% people are Muslims. As if the sharia is their own domestic issue! After the occupation of Afghanistan, the German Foreign Minister declared in Public that sharia will not be allowed to return back to Afghanistan. Is it not a blatant interference in Muslims' internal affairs? Where is freedom of the Afghan people to decide their own law? The US president Obama labelled sharia as medieval barbarity. What a sheer arrogance? Can a Muslim surrender to such anti-Islamic arrogance?

The West's stubborn hostility against Islam's fundamental belief is indeed the cause of current impasse. They have already launched a civilizational war against the Muslims to stop them practising prophet's Islam. They want Muslims to be fully de-Islamised and deformed from the Qur'anic Islam. They find it the only option to peacefully co-exist with the Muslims. Hence demand for Islam's reformation cum deformation is very high in the Western camp. The tyrant rulers and the secularist intellectuals of the Muslim countries have already taken that enemy route. Hence they are equally inimical against sharia and khilafa like the non-Muslims. Many of them like Iraqi and Syrian Kurds, Iraqi and Irani Shia, the Egyptian military, Bangladeshi secularists, the Pakistani Army have already joined their rank to kill the Islamists. The Western leaders must understand that the original Islam has nothing to reconcile with the corrupt beliefs of the Egyptian, Saudi, Qatari, Bahraini, Pakistani, Bangladeshi or other secularist tyrants of the Muslim world. By making coalition with these de-Islamised despots, the West is not going to gain anything in their war against Islam. Rather, such alliance would only re-inforce their image as the enemies of Islam. Such an approach will only add more fuel to the ongoing war. 18/01/15

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