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13 Rabi' al-Awwal,1436 - January 4, 2015 Issue # 53, Newsletter # 1583

Hadith of the Week

"The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said: "Anyone who has been a ruler over ten people will be brought shackled on the Day of Resurrection, until the justice (by which he ruled) loosens his chains or tyranny brings him to destruction."

Al-Tirmidhi, Hadith 1037

Message from Br. Shamim Siddiqi: Terrorism Comes from the West: Islam is for Justice and Fair play.
Christians and Jews Betrayed Abraham, Moses, Jesus, pbut

Please note carefully that today's so-called terrorism is the Chain reaction of decades old State Terrorism of USA, Israel, India, Russia China and other colonial powers and dictators at global level, including the Muslim world and Gulf Sheikdoms. It would be a great tyranny if you all attribute it to Islam just out of ignorance and totally forgetting Western hegemony against the concept of Political Islam - a death knell to these secular cults.

This is modern Jahiliya [ignorance] - where the higher a person is educated, the greater he or she is ignorant of the truth that how Islam as a System of life helps the humanity and solves the human problems that Western democracies couldn't solve in spite of their tall talks.

Socialism and Communism have failed to do any harm to Islam. In the same pursuit, Capitalism is fast digging its grave and will not last long. The future of humanity is wide open for Islam and that is why all the western powers are scared of Islam and hurling wild propaganda stunts against Islam day in and day out and the secular press and media are its mouthpiece.

Islam has nothing to do with terrorism. It is fighting all along just to deliver justice and fair play to human affairs and fill the human abode with justice all around. Islam is, thus, a challenge to all the secular cults that have no solution of human problems and are fast falling apart in their quest to dominate societies on false and untruthful policies and programs.

Jews and Christians who lost Islam that was presented by Abraham, Moses and Jesus [pbut] are supporting the secular cults must understand that Islam in the shape of the Qur'an is the only authentic version of the Abrahamic faith and their Nirvana lies only on rejecting these false cults and accept Islam as the boon for humanity as a whole.

Please share it with your readers. If not, it would be unfair. Thanks.
[This was a rebuttal to a false flag operation known as New Age Islam, coming from India.]

Shamim Siddiqi
Long Island, NY

 call upon me I will respond to you

Remember Prisoners

This week, the Prisoner is:

Ziyad Yaghi (51771-056)
P.O. BOX 898801

The authorities move him around from prison to prison.
His mother, Sis. Laila, says he's expected to be there for a couple of weeks.

Please send him a postcard.

Two personal notes from the editor, Kaukab Siddique.

The year 2015 began well for me. I was invited to late lunch by a very cultured and educated Muslim African American family on the east side of Baltimore. They did not say "new years lunch" because they know I don't do it.
Most of the guests were Christians from Trinidad who spent some time expressing their disgust with Fox TV, O'Reilly and other Republicans.
Soft jazz floated by: the only music I like.
The home was extremely clean and tastefully organized. Very peaceful.
Unfortunately, my wife was recovering from a bad cold and couldn't come with me.

January 2 suddenly became a nightmare with the terrible news that my very learned scholarly younger brother was suddenly in hospital and near death. By Allah's blessing, the problem was redressed in time and he is in good recovery.

Such is life: a thin veil between happiness and sorrow.

A note of thanks:

New Trend gets information from around the world, both for and against Islam. However three people should be mentioned in particular.. They have provided so much UNUSUAL information that I can say that New Trend is better informed than just about all publications on Islam, Muslims and related issued.
  1. Br. Ali Randall, Richmond, Virginia

  2. Sis. Aamira Ibrahim, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  3. Br. Robert Solano, Brownsville, Texas.

 Happy New Year



From: Maulana Hussain Khan,Tokyo
(Translator of section 30 of the Qur'an into Japanese).

Extremist Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Israel.
Courtesy "The Bitter Truth," London England.

Narendra Modi

Since his sweeping ascension to India's top job, Modi has used almost every opportunity to promote Israel-India ties.

In November, Bloomberg News reported that "Modi is openly boosting ties with Israel, strengthening a relationship that has largely grown outside of the public spotlight over the past two decades."

The moves, which began with a meeting between Modi and Israeli Prime Minister Netanayhu, include billions in defense deals, and speculation that India is reconsidering its pro-Palestinian stance at the United Nations.

In November, the two allies successfully tested an advanced missile system, which was hailed by an adviser to the Indian defense minister as "an important milestone in the cooperation between India and Israel," The Times of Israel reported.

In December, Modi tweeted a Chanukah greeting in Hebrew which wished his "Jewish friends a happy Chanukah! May this Festival of Lights and the festive season ring in peace, hope and well-being for all." Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Photo: Wikimedia Commons.

Latest Khutba

 Dr Kaukab Siddique

Why many of our du'as [supplications] are not Answered?: Pray for the Living, not the Dead
Latest Khutba from Kaukab Siddique, PhD

On January 2, 2015 Br. Kaukab Siddique gave the Juma' khutba at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore, Maryland. The mosque was packed but as it is a small mosque, a summary of the main points of the khutba are given here for countrywide distribution.
Text #1:
Allah helped you at Badr, when ye were a contemptible little force; then fear Allah; thus may ye show your gratitude. (The Qur'an 3:123]

Text #2:
Narrated Ibn 'Abbas: The Prophet , while in a tent (on the day of the battle of badr) said, "O Allah! I ask you the fulfillment of Your Covenant and Promise. O Allah! If You wish (to destroy the believers) You will never be worshipped after today." Abu Bakr caught him by the hand and said, "This is sufficient, O Allah's messenger! You have asked Allah pressingly." The Prophet was clad in his armor at that time. He went out, saying to me: "Their multitude will be put to flight and they will show their backs. Nay, but the Hour is their appointed time (for their full recompense) and that Hour will be more grievous and more bitter (than their worldly failure)." (54.45-46) Khalid said that was on the day of the battle of badr. ( Sahih Bukhari. Book #52, Hadith #164)

Text #3:
"It is not ye who slew them; it was Allah: when you threw (a handful of dust), it was not thy act, but Allah's: in order that He might test the Believers by a gracious trial from Himself: for Allah is He Who heareth and knoweth (all things). [The Qur'an 8:17.]

  1. Du'a or Suplications are a very important aspect of Islamic worship. We should ask Allah for all our needs and for help in all our difficulties and aspirations.

  2. However there is something lacking in many of our supplications and we often find that Allah does not answer our prayers. Think about why that is so.

  3. One requirement for du'a is that we should do good deeds and then supplicate. If we keep making du'as but don't do good deeds, they express a certain weakness in our worship. For instance we must fulfil the obligatory prayers first and then make the du'a [supplication].

  4. The most famous du'a of the Prophet, pbuh is the one he made at Badr, the greatest battle of Islam. He first surveyed the battle field, put the fighters in their appropriate places, checked the water supply and the weapons and then asked Allah for help. It was a deeply felt call for help. When he had finished the du'a, he picked up some sand and threw it at the oppressors; the symbolism was so powerful that it became one with the Will of Allah. And Allah said, it was not the Prophet, pbuh, who threw. It was Allah. The Muslims outnumbered 3 to 1 and poorly armed slaughtered the oppressors.

  5. Why do we fail? We don't do dawah but pray for our dawah to be successful. We don't choose Islamic spouses and then pray that our spouses should be Islamic. We don't teach Islam to our children and then pray that our children should be Islamic. This is the wrong way.

  6. The Qur'an says that even when you are going to ask the Prophet, pbuh, for Islamic instructions, first give some charity [sadaqa].

  7. This is a sensitive issue. I don't want to offend you, but this is genuine Islam: Don't make du'a for those who are dead. Make du'a for those who are living, Why do we ignore the living and keep making du'a for those who are dead and gone. They will be judged for what they did and Allah will not only be just but also merciful.

  8. The worst form of du'a is that when we think that if we pray often enough, one who is going to hell will go to paradise.

  9. Focus on those who are living. Why do we not pray for those who are targets of B1 bombers and are standing up to the horrific bombardment by the unbelievers? Isn't this great heroism deserving our du'as that the mujahids are standing against the most powerful air force?

  10. Many people confuse zikr with du'a, Prayers, zikr and du'as are first and foremost meant to strengthen our inner spiritual power. They are NOT like the mantras of other religions that if you say this 100 times or 50 times, your sins or so and so's sins will be forgiven.

  11. The Qur'an consistently puts FAITH and GOOD DEEDS together, Du'as without deeds are not Islamic.

  12. Pray for health for those who are not well. Pray for jobs for those who are jobless. . Pray for the defeat of the Yahood and for the liberation of Palestine. Pray for Islamic spouses and Islamic children. Pray for the success of the Islamic battle formations.

Spotlights and Guidance

 Imam Badi Ali

How to make Human Relationships Successful.

  1. People usually are interested in people who are interested in them.

  2. Human relations need cultivation and care.

  3. Never use a swatter to remove a fly from a person's face. You can lift people up by using kindness.

  4. You can be optimistic by treminding yourself to be optimistic. Try putting a small note on your desk saying "be optimistic."

  5. If you are at ease with yourself, it will reflect on others and they too will be increasingly at ease with themselves and with you.

  6. To criticize someone, start with kindness. Your kindness should precede confrontation.

  7. By harming others, you are harming yourself.

- Imam Badi Ali is a Palestinian American who leads a large congregation in Greensboro, North Carolina


 Pakistan Flag

Strong rebuttal of Secularist slander of Islamic Schools [Medressas] Under Cover of Peshawar Tragedy.

In a statement issued by Jamaate Islami Pakistan on January 3, Sirajul Haq, Ameer of Jamaate Islami analysed the ongoing campaign against Islamic schools [medressas] by Pakistani power structure and the media it controls.

Sirajul Haq pointed out that with very few exceptions, medressa students have NOT been involved in any acts of violence. He said the patriotism and loyalty of Islamic schools to Pakistan is beyond dispute.

He added that JI will not tolerate attacks on mosques and medressas as have been advocated by secularist extremists.
Most medressas he said are already registered with the government, so the calls to register them are meaningless.

He condemned the attack on the army school in Peshawar on December 16 as well as all such attacks before that. Attacks on civilians are simply not allowed in Islam, he said.


Earlier on December 25, Jamaate Islami leaders in Lahore and other cities visited Christian churches and gave gifts to Christians, expressed love devotion to Jesus, pbuh, and assured them of JI's support for their rights.

Criticism of Jamaate Islami.

New Trend is strongly opposed to General Raheel Sharif's imposition of military tribunals on Pakistan for quick trials and executions of those fighting against the military. It comes as a shock that JI went along with other groups to accept the military tribunals. It is a very weak excuse that the situation is so bad that we have to accept the tribunals.

Maulana Maudoodi was repeatedly put in prison but never accepted military courts. Most importantly, the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, never suspended basic human rights though Madinah was in great danger and Muhammad, pbuh, was constantly involved in Jihad.

Sirajul Haq is a very pious and people oriented person. He has done much good. Unfortunately it looks like he is getting some bad advice about the military. The generals in control of Pakistan are an America-oriented gang of killers, not patriots or heroes. . We hope that Jamaate Islami will not become an elitist party again and give up all the advances made under the leadership of Syed Munawar Hasan.

Someone should put a stopper on Liaqat Baluch's mouth . He seems to have become the voice of General Raheel.

What's Wrong with Military Courts? Army should not Violate the Constitution.
by Shaikh Mohommed [London, England]

Do we want to see Military courts in action again? Surely we should stick to the Constitution of Pakistan come what may. Military courts will again give an impression that might is right. We should never forget the principles of justice. One principle is that a person is innocent until convicted by a court. My advice to Pakistan Army is to stay away from politics and let the law of the land prevail. If there is any weakness in the law, let the parliament change it.

After all the people have elected the Government to maintain peace and tranquility in the country. They should address the issue of independence and sovereignty of Pakistan which has been eroded by the existence of American diktat. We should all strive to make the country free from the clutches of American rule.

The uprising of Islamic women. A Huge Gathering in Jamia Hafsa-Islamabad. [The school is named after Hafsa, r.a., daughter of Umar al-Khattab, r.a., the second caliph of Islam]

Pakistani generals working for America hate Red Mosque and Jamia hafsa because those whom they despise are becoming the future leaders of Pakistan.
 uprising of Islamic women in Jamia Hafsa-Islamabad

Here are daughters of Islam negating all that General Raheel Sharif, General Kayani and General Musharraf stand for.

The songs exalting Allah and praising the Prophet, pbuh, are in Urdu but the slogans are in Arabic and understandable by all Muslims.This is the rejuvenated Jamia Hafsa seminary which rose from the ashes of the school destroyed bt General Musharraf.

After the December 16 attack on an army school in Peshawar, MQM a fascist group in Karachi, connected to the army, started a campaign to destroy Jamia Hafsa by inciting the army against it.. This is the response of Islamic women.



The Global Zionist Network Behind the Attempts to Overthrow President Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey.
Gulen is Headquartered in Pennsylvania. Key to understanding the struggle in Turkey.
by Prof. Suleyman Kurter

Who is Fetullah Gulen?
  1. Born in Erzurum in 1941

  2. Began religious career as Imam delivering Waz /Beyan in 1966

  3. Used the Nursi movement in 1970's to gain fame, power and monetary wealth

  4. He deviated from Said Nursi's teachings

  5. Started to develop his own movement and network, supported by the Kemalist Military and Government.

  6. Supported the 1980 Coup of General Kenan Evren; in return the military government financed his network's newspaper, ZAMAN, which is the largest circulated periodical in Turkey

  7. Met with the late Pope John Paul II in 1998 and developed Dialogue for Tolerance and Alliance with Catholics.

  8. Started Hizmet (service) movement, cooperating with Catholic churches

  9. He misrepresented his group to Turkish businessmen to solicit donations for his schools around the world where he claimed Turkish language and culture would be taught to the world.

  10. Established an estimated over than three thousand schools in the world with the help of the Pope and Zionist businessmen from Turkey especially in Muslim Countries to help secular leaders and make money.

  11. Hizmet connected with Israel and Zionist lobby inside the United States and established 129 schools in the USA with an estimated yearly income over than 400 million

  12. Developed a network of insiders who are loyal to his network inside the entire Turkish systems (Education, Judicial, Police and Legislative) but was unsuccessful in entry to Turkish Military.

  13. Supported Tayyip Erdogan's government (AKP) hoping that he can capture the party and hoping to attain more control in different levels in the Turkish government.

  14. Conflict began between Tayyip Erdogan and Fetullah Gulen over the Anti Israeli Stance of the Erdogan Government; some think that Gulen was told by the Zionists to control Erdogan's messages against Israel. Remember in Chicago in the hotel I gave a copy of the Rand Corp's Civil Democratic Islam, in which the US was using him against any Islamic movements.

    He even established schools in Pakistan and Bangladesh to help the governments. Especially Bangladesh donated huge territory for their activities. In Turkey his media supported capital punishment of the Jamaati Islami leaders contrary to President Gul and Erdogan. Both Gul and Erdogan were pressuring Bangladesh Government not to go through with capital punishment. Once again Gulen's Media were accusing the Erdogan Government of interfering with the internal matters of Bangladesh.

  15. Erdogan's supports Gaza and gave symbolic criticism to Israel. However, his criticism mobilized huge support from Islamic oriented youth and Israel became very unhappy with Erdogan's rhetoric. Israel pressured Gulen to stop Erdogan by using the Sixty Minutes TV program and The New York Times exposing how much Gulen is receiving from these schools and his businesses in the US. Using tactical maneuvers, they were saying if you do not stop Erdogan all these benefits will stop.

  16. Gulen tried to change the interpretations of Qur'an's Ayats and Hadith issuing statements to Zionists gathering in New York that he misunderstood the Ayats in regard to Jews and Christians. They can go to heaven. He used Thomas Michel (one time popes' secretary) to take him to Turkey and other countries. Michel started writing and lecturing that the Qur'an may have misunderstood the trinity and this misunderstanding was entered into the Qur'an from illiterate Bedouin Arabs. Erdogan's education was from Imam Hatip (religious schools). He was very unhappy with Gulen's distortion of Islam and further more his base was very unhappy and put pressure on Erdogan to deal with Gulen. Meanwhile, Gulen was using his loyalist police force to listen to and record Erdogan's activities, even personal activities, as well as they listed to Persident Gul and the Chief of Military staff. Erdogan claims that Gulen was reporting to Israeli Intelligence and Western Media.

  17. Erdogan realized that Fetullah Gulen's involvement would eventually lead to overthrow of his government

  18. Fetullah Gulen mobilized his deep state networks against Erdogan like the 2013 Gezi Park demonstrations, as well as subsequent civil unrest in Turkey, but both were unsuccessful.

  19. The overturn movement did not work because Gulen exposed himself as a religious fraud by stating that Christians and Jews can go to heaven and then he developed anti- Arab feelings amongst his followers. He was worried more about Israeli children, yet he did not make a single statement about the Palestinian children.

  20. Gulen declared that the Mavi Marmara victims should have gotten permission from Israel. These statements made him very unpopular outside his group. [That was the ship bringing relief goods for Gaza.]

  21. He bugged the telephones of his opponents using his network inside the police forces.

  22. Erdogan decided to challenge the network and eradicate their presence in all facets.

  23. While combating this group, the Erdogan government discovered that any opposition to Gulen's twisted religious thinking would be brought up in Turkish courts on trumped charges and false evidence by his police followers and convicted by his followers' judges. Any religious figure who disapproved of his ideas on the Qur'an and Hadith, his forces would develop trumped charges that either they are Taliban or made montaj videos showing that they are in illicit relations. Erdogan decided to deal with him.

  24. Erdogan was successful in removing most of the Gulen Network insiders from most of the government and civil service.

  25. Turkish Government has taken the extraordinary step to cancel Gulen's passport and refer him to Interpol for extradition

  26. Zionist groups are supporting Gulen as his network has been invaluable in getting confidential information to Zionist groups and foreign governments.

  27. Note: Income from the Network of schools and business and donations, income estimates state that the overall organization has a net worth of over 30 billion dollars.

  28. Most of all his business ventures (Banks, Newspapers, TV stations) are now under intense scrutiny by Turkish authorities and have seen a collapse of their worth.

  29. Turkey beside cancelled his Green passport (With this passport one can go without visa to many countries) and the court decided to extradite him from the USA. Let us see how Zionists are going to play their part to save him.

War News

 War News

Two attacks: December 30 and January 1. Major Cities in Islamic States hands

Most of Libya is now in Islamic hands but these are three groups not yet united. The forces loyal to western powers have been ousted from the capital Tripoli and have set offices in the town of Bayda under the leadership of a Europe-linked man named Thinni. The Tripoli Islamics, named DAWN [fajr] have set up their own parliament.
The air force is in western control and again bombed positions near Tripoli.

Islamic groups, led by Ansar al-Sharia have gtaken over the major city of Benghazi in the north east of Libya. However, a pro-West general, Hifter, has linked up with Thinni and is trying to drive out the Islamics from Benghazi but with little success.

The government recognized by the west set up its parliament in the isolated desert city of Tobruk in the east. On December 30, 2014, a truck bomb exploded near the "parliament" injuring 11 people including three members of parliament.

Most troubling of all, the south eastern city of Deraa has been taken over by Islamic fighters who have given their allegiance to the Islamic State [IS] led by Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi al-Hussaini in Syria-Iraq.

On January 1, the IS forces ambushed forces loyal to the European powers north of Shabha and killed 14 of them [Al-Qaddafi who ruled Libya for 40 years suppressed Islamic people with great brutality. Now the Islamics are re-emerging but with a very fragmented and transitional format. The western backed forces who were placed in power after Qaddafi are on the retreat but still powerful owing to western support.]

United Kingdom: Fear of Islam
Toddlers snatched by police from Mother returning from Syria.
December 31, The Daily Mail [via the Inquisitor]

Two toddlers were snatched by the British police from their mother who had returned from war-torn Syria with them, via Turkey. The young kids were taken into police protection at Luton airport last week after travelling to the U.K. from Istanbul with their 25-year-old mother, in what is understood to be the first case in which authorities have seized children from their parents over fears they were being radicalized.

At the same time, even kindergartens in the U.K., which has a large Muslim population, are now being screened for Islamic "Jihadi" style influences as the British government tries to find effective ways to deal with the threat posed by ISIS. In fact, Home Office guidance has been issued to teachers who are expected "to have the training they need to identify children at risk of radicalization."

There have been conflicting stories from the West Midlands Police though, with one spokesperson announcing that the toddlers were taken into the care of social services, while others reported that they were actually subject to a police protection order.

But as MP David Davis told the Telegraph, "Are they supposed to report some toddler who comes in praising a preacher deemed to be extreme? I don't think so."
On top of that, Isabella Sanky, policy director at human rights body Liberty told reporters, 'The Government should focus on projects to support vulnerable, young people. Instead they are playing straight into terrorists' hands by rushing through a Bill that undermines our democratic principles and turns us into a nation of suspects."

Boko Haram seizes army base in northeast Nigeria

MAIDUGURI, Nigeria (Reuters) - Islamist militants have overrun an army base in the remote northeast Nigerian town of Baga, two security sources said on Sunday.
Baga is notionally the headquarters of a multinational force comprising troops from Niger, Nigeria, Chad and Cameroon, although only Nigerian troops are actually stationed there.

Troops eventually fled the remote station on the semi-desert shores of Lake Chad after it was attacked on Saturday by Boko Haram fighters in military vehicles, both sources said. The military did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Fighting in Northern Cameroon
Earlier in late December Boko Haram mujahideen captured two small towns in Cameroon bordering Nigeria. They also captured a military base inflicting heavy casualties on the Cameroon army.

However, the latest news is that they withdrew in the face of a heavy Cameroon army counterattack.

Regime trying various Diversions for religious people. Oppression Continues. Two new attacks. Palestinian Youth killed by Egyptian security.

The regime of General Sissi, advised by Israel, is carrying out various diversions to keep Egypt's large religious population busy.

  1. Action was taken against "gays" who were meeting in public baths.

  2. Sectarian preachers are allowed to broadcast against the tiny Shia minority. They cleverly focus on the most abusive attacks by the Shias on the Companions of the Prophet, pbuh.

  3. The Shias fell for this trick and their Shia supporters in Kuwait have set up a broadcasting system in England which openly abuses the sahaba, r.a., and in particular the beloved wife of the Prophet, pbuh.

Meanwhile at the end of the year, mujahideen hit an Egyptian military check point in the Sinai killing two soldiers. In Cairo itself, there was an attack on the police killing one police officer, injuring another.

Near the border with Gaza, Egyptian security shot and killed a Palestinian youth trying to cross the border.

About 15,000 Egyptian Islamic activists are in General Sissi's prisons.

An al-Shabab martyrdom operator hit a AU military convoy near Mogadishu, but as usual in such cases the military is hiding its losses.

December 25. Al-Shabab fighters infiltrated the AU military base located INSIDE the International Airport at Mogadishu. They inflicted heavy losses on the military before all three were killed. AU admitted only 7 troops killed.

AU are non-Muslim troops from several African regimes aligned to the US and Israel.

Meanwhile US jet bombers have been looking for al-Shabab leaders and claim to have killded al-Shabab's intelligence chief.
[US policy is to kill Islamic leaders but it does not seem to effective because al-Shabab leaders are replaced the day they are killed by the US.]

Most of Somalia is under al-Shabab control but the western powers have installed a clique in the capital Mogadishu which they consider "representatives" of Somalia.

Assad losing. Damascus under attack. Hizbullah killed in Qualamoun. Saudi Scholar killed in US air strike.

January 4: Syrian regime's air force is still active but now it is doing air strikes on the suburbs of Damascus, Jobar, Ghouta, Yarmouk solidly in Islamic hands.
Today mortar fire from mujahideen hit Tahrir Square in Damascus where Assad holds his victory rallies.
The regime fired surface to surface missiles into the suburbs to stop the Islamic advance.

Hundreds of anti-Assad fighters in Hajr al-Aswad, at the tip of Damascus, who were running out of supplies have joined the Islamic State [IS]. The caliphate is giving them rations, ammunition and uniforms.

In the Qalamoun mountains, a mujahideen attack [al-Nusra and others] slaughtered Hizbullah forces. The regime admitted 7 Hizbullah and 5 of its regular troops killed which indicates very heavy losses because Assad regime always pretends it had no losses.

US and Arab regime jet fighters raided Raqqa after midnight but the people were ready and there were no losses. [Raqqa is the capital of the Islamic Caliphate.]

Fierce fighting erupted again in Kobane where Communist Kurds are hard pressed by IS volunteers but Islamic victory is thwarted by new bombing raids by the US air force.
The US air strikes were the heaviest in Kobani on January 2 and killed an Islamic scholar from Saudi Arabia, Othman al-Assiri, who led prayers and gave khutbas.

Iranian General Killed. Pashmerga unable to Advance.
Most of Kirkuk Province under IS control.

December 29: Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard, Brig. General Hamid Toqavi was killed in heavy fighting with Islamic State mujahideen trying to capture Samarra. Many Iranian troops were killed along with the general. [ The news was reported by AP and has been admitted by Iran which hailed and buried Toqavi as a hero.]

Kurdish Peshmarga tried to advance in northern Iraq to capture Sultan Abdullah village and announced it had been captured. However on January 4, al-Jazeerah reported that it was still in IS hands and fighting continues.

The Iraqi regime announced that it had captured Dhulia but later it turned out, fighting is continuing there. Most of oil rich Kirkuk province is under IS control; however some of the Kurds don't like it. On December 29, a flag of IS was burned by unknown persons. Considered sacrilege because the kalmia of Muhammad, pbuh, is on it, IS arrested 50 people to investigate. They were taken to Hawija, which is solidly IS controlled and a court has been set up there.
After investigation, they were released.

Our America

 Our America

Marathon Case Trial Based on Injustice & Desire to Execute a "terrorist" without Evidence. Boston Gears Up for Bombing Trial
by Sis. Karin Friedemannl

The past couple weeks have been strange, with the defense for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev filing a motion to keep protesters who were supporting their client away from the courthouse! (?) Tsarnaev's attorneys oddly argued that the presence of demonstrators, whose arguments vary, would rob Tsarnaev of his right to a fair trial. The defense again frantically requested for a third time a change of venue the late afternoon of New Year's Eve,arguing that "every member of the jury pool is, in effect, an actual victim of the charged offenses."

Judge O'Toole routinely denied the defense request at the advice of the prosecution, who insisted that the trial should be conducted in the community most affected by the bombing. "Moving the trial out of the Eastern Division would create an enormous hardship for those victims and their families, depriving many, if not most of them, of any ability to see the trial."

Harvey Silvergate writes in the Boston Globe, "The Oklahoma City bombing prosecution furnishes an instructive precedent that strongly suggests that Tsarnaev should not be tried in Massachusetts. It is a precedent that O'Toole has recklessly misread and misrepresented in denying a venue change... O'Toole ignores yet another precedent, this one right in his own back yard."

Boston Judge Wolf decided to postpone the sentencing trial of Gary Lee Sampson, who was convicted in 2003 of the carjack killings of three men, Silvergate continues, "out of an abundance of caution, erring on the side of a fair trial that is supposed to be the norm especially when the death penalty hangs in the balance. O'Toole instead is erring on the side of expedition. Efficiency can be overrated when justice, and our own adherence to civilized and constitutional norms, hang in the balance."

After being found guilty, Sampson was sent to New Hampshire for execution, since Massachusetts does not allow the death penalty. If a Bostonian can be found guilty in Massachusetts and executed in New Hampshire, why can't a Bostonian get his trial moved to New Hampshire, where the libertarian population is more likely to question the FBI's story?

Bostonians are largely debating the death penalty vs. life in prison rather than innocence vs. guilt. A 2013 Boston Globe poll found that 57% of Bostonians favored life without parole for Tsarnaev, while 33% favored death.

Jury selection is expected to begin on Monday, January 5, 2014.

Attorney Judy Clarke has made overtures to prosecutors about a plea bargain, according to a lawyer close to the case. But so far she has been rebuffed, reports the NY Times. Imprisoned friend Stephen Silva is expected to confess to selling or giving a gun with an obliterated serial number to the Tsarnaevs in February 2013, due to FBI evidence against him obtained by the wiretapping of an informant, two months before the April events. Media insinuates, but court documents do not clearly link the gun to the killing of MIT officer Sean Collier.

The official prosecution narrative centers on the story that Tsarnaev, angry about the killing of Muslims in Iraq and Afghanistan, scrawled incriminating messages ("Stop killing our innocent people and we will stop") on the inside of the boat where he was captured. This message appeared about three weeks after his arrest, just in time for the grand jury hearing, and is therefore rather suspect as evidence. I think it is baloney that Jahar just happened to have a Sharpie and suddenly began to compose a manifesto after having been shot multiple times.

What is important to acknowledge though, is that Bostonians, and the American people in general, are desperate to execute Tsarnaev as a terrorist rather than to pity him as a wayward teen - BECAUSE of the erroneous belief that he was retaliating against America for propagating massacres overseas. BECAUSE of the deep dark guilt inside the American conscience. The hysteria that this kind of propaganda arouses points to a dark side of American ignorance and exceptionalism. The idea that a Muslim kid might say that retaliation is justified makes this a high profile case. He might even end up publicly hanged on TV like Saddam Hussein (God forbid)! But what about the random jerk off his meds who guns down a classroom? Not news. The United States is treating Tsarnaev like a scapegoat that they can just load up with all their baggage and send him out to the desert to "take away the sins of the world."

Indeed if Tsarnaev had committed bombings in the name of Islam, in retaliation for Muslim deaths overseas, he would be protected by international law. The United Nations could recognize him as a political prisoner and he would enjoy certain rights enforceable by the international community. If Tsarnaev is truly an Islamic jihad terrorist, where is his legal support? Where is his army? There is none because he never was a jihadi despite some general interest in Islamic causes such as sympathy for Gaza and Syria. He also has no background of crime or any issue that would consider him to be a disturbed youth. He was a lifeguard, who volunteered to help handicapped kids. He was a well adjusted and very popular kid.
Is that what this trial is going to boil down to? The right of a well-adjusted American kid to openly care about Muslim suffering?

New York City

New York Mayor vs the Police: Protesting at Funerals is not right but it was Done.
Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen]

After having turned their backs to Mayor Bill de Blasio at Woodhull Hospital, during his visit with the families of the two slain officers, and at Rafael Ramos' funeral, now, the NYPD has decided to salute the New York City Mayor at the funeral of Officer Wenjian Liu, the second officer executed by Ismaiyl Brinsley.

This salute occurs a week after a special closed door meeting with the Mayor, NYPD Commissioner, and Patrolmen's Benevolent Association President, Patrick Lynch. Many in the media were surprised that the meeting was not mentioned by the politicos. After this meeting, Patrick Lynch stated that there was absolutely no progress made. The police have a gripe with Mayor de Blasio over his comments about having "the talk" with his teenage son about police racially-profiling Black boys his age. Mayor de Blasio is married to an African-American woman.

To de Blasio's credit, he refused to make any apologies for his comments.

Commissioner Bratton issued a memo calling for restraint in Mayor de Blasio's presence however, the memo also stated that there would be no discipline or mandates for those who chose to treat the Mayor with any disdain.

If these officers were not going to be disciplined for disrespecting May de Blasio, again, then why the sudden change of heart? That's it for this episode of political theater, for now. (courtesy of



Taking "Israel" to Court
With thanks to Citizens for Legitimate Government [CLG], Connect

Palestinian president signs up to join international criminal court --Move will anger Israel and US and paves way for court to take jurisdiction over crimes committed in Palestinian territories 31 Dec 2014.

The Palestinian president, Mahmoud Abbas, has moved dramatically to join the international criminal court, setting Palestinians on a diplomatic collision course with Israel and the US. Abbas signed the Rome treaty governing the court and 19 other international agreements on Wednesday evening following the rejection by the UN security council of a Jordanian-backed resolution calling for the end of the Israeli occupation by 2017. At the end of 24 hours of high diplomatic tension, Abbas - under pressure from other members of the Palestinian leadership - followed through on the threat to join the ICC, which would open the way to Palestinians pursuing Israel for war crimes in the court of last resort, based in The Hague.

Palestine files 'Israeli war crimes' probe request with accession letter to ICC - report 2 Jan 2015 Along with the letters of accession to the ICC, Palestine has reportedly filed a request to the Hague to investigate Israeli war crimes during the 50-day war in Gaza last summer. Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas signed the request to probe IDF's use of force starting June 13, 2014, along with the letters of accession to the International Criminal court on Wednesday night, an unnamed NGO worker told Haaretz. On Friday the batch of newly signed documents and the petition are expected to be received by the UN Secretary-General.

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