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6 Rabi' al-Awwal,1436/December 28, 2014 Issue # 52, Newsletter # 1582

Two brilliant articles by Sis. Aisha on Africa's Wealth and New York's tension. Please scroll down.

Guidance & Invitation to think

From Imam Badi Ali

Issues of Personal Integrity and Concepts of Success in Life.

 Imam Badi Ali
  1. If you don't make the decisions, others will do them for you.

  2. I know this scholar who was in prison for 17 years. I thought he did his duty for 17 years defending Islam and never faltering. I felt that he achieved his objective in life: he never complained and he never let go of the beauty of his memories of jail.

  3. Success is not the absence of problems but the ability to deal with them.

  4. How do you feel in trying to make everyone happy? It makes you noble, not a liar.

  5. A new beginning is about to come to start you off with your best. Make sure all 365 pages are worth writing and worth reading by others.

  6. In Islam there is no short cut to anything worth doing.

  7. If you are working for someone, you cant stay on the phone on a private call. That would mean that you are stealing the time you are being paid for.

  8. Work vs hard work is the little extra effort needed.

  9. Working harder is to achieve the accomplishment of objectives. Muslims need to work harder to convey the message because Allah has created them to worship Him.

  10. It is hard to defeat a person who never gives up.

[Imam Badi Ali is a Palestinian American who leads a large congregation in Greensboro, North Carolina.]


Regime Bullying Maulana Abdul Aziz who said Military Operation's Consequence
was Peshawar Army school attack: Arrest warrant issued.

 Maulana Abdul Azi

On December 26, a warrant of arrest was issued by Pakistani regime for arrest of Maulana Abdul Aziz, leader of the Red Mosque in Islamabaf and patron of the Women's Seminary Jamia Hafsa.

Fringe groups allied to the regime, Qadianis ["ahmeddis"], Shias, secularists, Hindus rallied outside the mosque for 2 days and when the mosque administration objected to the profanities and abuse they were hurling at the mosque, they went and filed a case with the police.

The Maulana said he will resist arrest because he has done no wrong. Rallies against a mosque are considered blasphemous in Pakistan.

Maulana Abdul Aziz has become the symbol of peaceful resistance to the America-supported tyranny of the army in Pakistan.

See more on Pakistan by scrolling way down.

Former Jamaate Islami leader Syed Munawar Hasan's answer about Red Mosque in personal response to New Trend.
Please scroll way down.

Our America:

Long Island, New York

Br. Shamim Siddiqi Urges Muslims to see role of USA with army in Pakistan's Tragic Situation.
Pakistanis must come out openly for Islamic Pakistan or the secularists will destroy the country.

Following facts needs to be kept in consideration to complete the scenario:
  1. The political bogie of Pakistan has been derailed: Reason: "Manzil unhin mili ju Shareek-I-Safar na thay." People in power were secular minded from the very outset and they derailed the political train of Pakistan from its very inception after the death of Quaid-e-Azam (RA) in its totality

  2. Military interfered in Politics and ultimately over threw the Government and captured the power in October 1958 in Toto.

  3. Since then, military became the integral part of power openly and behind the scene till today;

  4. America encouraged Taliban to defeat the Russia and defuse the Cold War scenario. Then it deserted the Talban who were behind the defeat of USSR.

  5. America imposed the war on Afghanistan on the false allegations to capture the head of Al-Qaida {OBL]. Mullah Omar opposed this false war and struggling for his honest cause even to this day;

  6. America through illicit pressure forced Pakistan to be the part of American's war in Afghanistan ruined both Pakistan Army and Civil administration through illegal supply of Dollar to the agents of power in Pakistan - Civil and military both;

  7. Now America has enticed and forced Pakistan to undertake the American's War of Afghanistan in the garb of "training Afghanistan's Army" which America couldn't accomplish within 13 years of her occupying Afghanistan under the false plea to build new Afghanistan and with a modern army which proved to be bogus claims

  8. Now Pakistan military with the connivance of Nawaz Government will be doing the proxy war of Uncle SAM AND SERVE HER INTEREST AGAINST SOME "COMMISSION". The ZARB-us-ZARB " is the integral part of this long process and PAKISTAN Has paid its FIRST PRICE in the form of the TRAGEDY OF PESHAWAR" - MORE ARE TO COME IN ITS WAKE, if it is not checked right now

  9. We have to keep the entire scenario in view to understand our "Status quo" with USA.

  10. Keeping well in mind the two important assets that Pakistan possessed today: * Her Ideological identity. * Nuclear proficiency - the two declared objects of America to destroy for good by hook or crook.

  11. The only solution of all these problems is to fight openly and fearlessly for the emergence of the promised Islamic State in Pakistan. If not, none can save Pakistan from the evil intentions of Uncle Sam who is friend of none except her own selfish interests.

  12. We should end the issue at this point. The secular lobby both inside and outside the country will never try to understand the ideological needs of Pakistan whose "father was Islam and the mother was Democracy" and both are missing from the political firmament of Pakistan. If people fight/struggle for these two, Pakistan can still be saved for delivering justice to the human abode and it would also be the Khair [good] for America and the West.

With best wishes

Shamim Siddiqi

Atlanta, Georgia

Supporters of Bangladeshi political prisoner Ehsanul Saqequee ["Shifa"] & other Islamic Prisoners in US Detention protesting outside ICNA Convocation.
ICNA leaders refused to come out and join them. [December 26]
 protesting outside ICNA Convocation Atlanta GA

No Justice, No Peace: Free Our Prisoners!
Today at 2:00pm
Renaissance Atlanta Waverly Hotel & Convention Center in Atlanta, Georgia

Outreach: :Jamaat al-Muslimeen activity in White Marsh, Maryland
Literature to 100 Muslims: Imam Badi's message, Br. Kaukab's khutba, War News, Ferguson

On December 26, after Juma', a 6 page document was given to 100 Muslims after Juma' at Masjid Nur, near eastern Baltimore. Most of the people were Arabs, Pakistanis and African American Muslims. These were the 6 pages X 100:

  1. Imam Badi Ali: Opposition to Israel is not anti -semitism, Liberation of Palestine is possible, Masjid al-Aqsa in danger.

  2. &
  3. Br. Kaukab's khutba: Non violence does not mean compromise with oppressors, support for kuffar & munafiqs in war is kufr, million dollar mosques in USA are absurd .

  4. Muslims must stand against police brutality: racism & Zionism are connected.

  5. Pakistan: USA & Pakistani jets attacking mujahid Maulvi Fazlullah [His photo] Kobani: IS outflanks Communists.

  6. Mubarak released: Egyptians fooled: Massacre of civilians in Raqqa, Syria by Assad's jet bombers. [photo link.].

Latest Khutba:

 Dr Kaukab Siddique

Key to Israel's defeat

Islamic Categories & Frame of Reference should Replace non-Muslim Ones.

Nationalism has made us Weak and Divided though we are 1.8 Billion

The following is a summary of the main points of Br. Kaukab Siddique's latest Juma' khutba given at a masjid in central Baltimore: {Please distribute across the country to help other teachers of Islam.]

" The vanguard of Islam, the first of those who left their home sand those who gave them help, and also those who follow them in good deeds -

Well pleased is Allah with them as are they with Him. For them He has prepared Gardens under which rivers flow, to dwell therein for ever: that is the supreme felicity." [The Qur'an 9:100]

Text #2:
"All who obey Allah and the Messenger are in the company of those on whom is the Grace of Allah --- of the ambiya, the siddiqun, the shuhada, and the saliheen. Ah! what a beautiful fellowship." [The Qur'an 4:69]

Text #3:
Narrated Hassan bin Thabit Al-Ansari, r.a.: I asked Abu Huraira "By Allah! Tell me the truth whether you heard the Prophet saying, 'O Hassan! Answer [the unbelievers] on behalf of Allah's messenger. O Allah! Help him with the Holy Spirit." Abu Huraira said, "Yes . " (Sahih Bukhari, Book #8, Hadith #444)

  1. Allah Almighty has given us the categories, the thought patterns, the framework by which to live to free ourselves from the slavery of humans and the enticement of material things.

  2. Allah gives these as the most important human examples: prophets [ambiya], those who support the prophets [siddiqun], the martyrs [shuhada], those who sacrifice everything for Islam, and those who do good without any desire for a return [saliheen].These are the people of paradise.

  3. Islam is the way of struggle, jihad, against oppression, exploitation, tyranny and all kinds of evil. If we cannot struggle in a certain context, we must leave and do hijra. These are the people whom the Qur'an honors above all [after the prophets]: Abu Bakr, r.a., and his daughter Asma, r.a., are most honored because they helped the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, to do hijra [migration from Makka to Madinah] at the risk of their own lives.

  4. Then come those who help those who flee from evil, like the people of Madinah who gave their lives, property, time, abilities to those who left Makka and came to Madinah. When a name of one of the Sahaba and those who follow them, is mentioned, we should say: Allah is well pleased with them, as in 9:100.

  5. Those who try to follow the good deeds of the sahaba, even weak people like us, are also going to Paradise, inshallah, as the verse 9:100 says.

  6. The best way to create the framework of Islam in our lives is to follow the Islamic calendar.. This is a blessed calendar because it is linked to the hijra of Muhammad, pbuh, his flight from evil. In this calendar are all the great events and names of Islam which we easily pass by because we follow the non-Muslim calendar. Badr, Uhud, Fath Makka, Hunayn, the passing away of the Prophet, pbuh, the great rightly guided Caliphs, Abu Bakr, Umar, Usman, Ali [may Allah bless them], their living and their dying, it's all in the calendar.

  7. Our greatest problem today is that of NATIONALISM and TRIBALISM. There are some natural differences between humans, such as color and language which Allah has made, or gender, but none of these are related to superiority or inferiority. . Only Allah conscious behavior [Taqwa] is the standard of merit. Always remember Sura 49, verse 13.

  8. We are a global ummah of 1.8 billion people. Islam has made us ONE UMMAH. But what have we done? We have created 56 nationalities which were fabricated for us by the forces of European colonial and imperial powers. They left behind their mental "think alikes" to rule over us. They drew fake borders for us which we accepted because we had forgotten the Qur'an and the Sunnah.

  9. Look at what they did to Africa, cutting it up into French, British, Italian, Belgian enclaves. Their puppets say that Islam is foreign, "Arab," but you can travel for a thousand miles in Africa and you will see nothing but Africans, Black Africans of various shades, no Arabs! In fact Arabs are not a race, Arabic is a language. The Blackest of the Black speak Arabic.

  10. The same thing they did in Arabic speaking countries. Then the fitna of loyalty to language and culture cut off Bangladesh from Pakistan. How they hate each other and yet claim to be Muslims.

  11. We must remember that when it comes to occupiers, aggressors, interventionists, cultural imperialists, we must NEVER support the kuffar against the Islamic people. We may pray and fast as much as we wish, but if we support for kuffar and the oppressors whom the kuffar back, then we are going out of Islam into hell fire.

  12. Because of our nationalism, we have not been able to defeat Israel. Even the holy Masjid al-Aqsa remains in the hands of the yahood, the oppressors who had Jesus, pbuh, taken to be crucified [but Allah raised him up though they thought they crucified him].

Pray for the health of those who are not well and jobs for those who don't have jobs. Pray for the victory of Islam, for the Islamic battle formations resisting the occupiers and tyrants. Pray for Islamic spouses and children who love Islam. Pray for Guidance from the Qur'an, pray for the melting pf our hearts that we may accept the sunnah of Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be on him.

Profiles researched by Imam Badi Ali

Top Ten Idiots of the Year 2014:: Those who knew not what they did and were Used by their Enemies.
  1. President Obama. Talks all the time but is not focused on anything.. Delivers contradictory messages. Gets upset with Israel and then gives the terrorist entity more weaponry than they ever received. Shows love for immigrants but then turns out to have reneged on most of them and did nothing for those he seemed to be helping.

  2. Ban ki-Moon Secretary General of the United Nations, cannot see that he is not in control of anything but rushes from here to there, trying to take control.

  3. Prime Minister Cameron of Britain, follows America's lead, waits to see what USA does and then tries to rationalize it.

  4. President Hollande of France, is on the speech making schedule back and forth, with no objective, no program, no sense that the world is changing.

  5. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif of Pakistan, pulled back and forth by the army, rushes here and there to please America, seeks the help of the ruthless MQM group in Karachi and suddenly decides to "eradicate" the Pak Taliban.

  6. King Abdullah of Jordan is in a class of stupidity by himself. One of the most frequent visitors to the White House, he spends his time in the pleasures of the world but then suddenly realizes that he does not know his latest orders from the CIA.

  7. UAE's gang of Shaykhs is at the service of Israel and of Saudi Arabia and of the CIA and of Sissi and of who else?

  8. The Muslim Brotherhood stood bravely against the worst oppression but its remaining leadership has nothing to offer except to keep repeating that it is peaceful and non-violent.

  9. Mahmoud Abbas is under the impression that he is the leader of the Palestinians. His best opportunity was to take Israel to the International Criminal Court but he failed. His fellowship is like a bunch of thieves.

  10. General Sissi of Egypt is not only brutal but also in a ghoulish way, the funniest. He looks like he is on drugs or is "gay" or a mixture of confusion and terrorism.

Pakistan: Propaganda Against Munawar Hasan regarding Red Mosque Rebutted.

Pakistani secularist media are trying to give the impression that all Islamic people have endorsed the government's acyion plan and no dissident voices remain. It came as a shock to them that Maulana Abdul Aziz, leader of the Red Mosque in Islamabad did not agree with the government version of events.

As part of this campaign, a media outlet, dunya,com, attributed a statement to outgoing ameer of Jamaate Islami Munawar Hasan purporting to say that the regime should take action against all such dissident mosques and that Maulana Abdul Aziz does not represent the public sentiment.

Br. Kaukab then wrote this letter to Munawar Hasan:

asalamu alaikum
Munawar Bhai

Is this really your statement?

If both you and Altaf Hussain are attacking Maulana Abdul Aziz, what will happen to him?

If Maulana Abdul Aziz is not important why did you take the trouble to oppose him?

I am puzzled.

Here is Munawar Hasan's reply: translated from Urdu:

"Anyone who knows me would know that is not my statement. I am surprised that though you know me well, you are asking me this question.

Ever since my speech in the General Assembly [of Jamaate Islami], I have been subjected to vicious and hateful propaganda in the print media, on line and in social media.

I hope you are doing well."

War News:

Pakistan [New US drone strikes.]

Pakistani Military Steps up Attacks on Pak Taliban after Army School Carnage. Unable to break TTP.
Whole Country Being Silenced with fear of the Army. Kabul regime launches offensive.

On December 27, the Pakistan military claimed to have killed 55 Taliban in the Khyber and adjoining area.

On December 25, security forces claimed to have killed 12 Taliban in the Sohrab Goth area of Karachi.

Earlier, on December 18, Pakistani forces claimed to have killed 77 Taliban-related tribesmen in the Tirah valley near Khyber.

New Trend's analysts say, it is doubtful if any of those killed were Taliban. In the mountains, the Pak army uses heavy artillery and jet fighters. People are killed without any attempt to identify them as Taliban.

Those killed are Pakistanis but no attempt is made identify their names, their families or their villages and mosques.

By contrast, the army is bringing in journalists and all kinds of visitors into the army school to show them signs of blood and damage in the school.

No attempt has been made by anyone to say that we should also condole the children of the Taliban killed in army bombardments and air assaults.
Looks like the army has been hit hard by the massacre of the youths in its school many of whom would have been officers in the army in a couple of years. This was the first time that the most privileged section of Pakistani society was deeply hurt by fighters from the downtrodden sections of society.
Since the army started fighting America's war, at least 30,000 civilians have been killed the military.

Meanwhile, the USA has resumed its drone attacks in North Waziristan thus giving the lie to the Pakistani claim that it had "cleaned out" the area in June 2014.

Afghanistan's US installed regime also joined in the slaughter after General Raheel Sharif went to Kabul to ask for help in fighting the mujahideen led the legendary Islamic leader Maulvi Fazlullah who is said to be in the Kunar province in Afghanistan. The Kabul regime launched its biggest offensive in the area to drive out or kill Fazlullah but it failed miserably. The Afghan Taliban defended Fazlullah. The Kabul regime claims to have killed 100 plus Taliban but could not provide any evidence. It appears that the Kabul regime's offensive was blunted and the Kabuli forces suffered heavy casualties.

Here is the photographic proof that the Pakistani general is a Kafir working hand in glove with kuffar.

Afghan army chief, ISAF commander assure support to Pakistan

December 23, 2014 -

 Afghanistan’s Army Chief , General Sher Muhammad and ISAF Commander John Campbell , Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif

RAWALPINDI: Afghanistan's Arm y Chief, General Sher Muhammad and ISAF Commander John Campbell called on Chief of Army Staff (COAS) General Raheel Sharif at the General Headquarters (GHQ) on Tuesday.

According to the ISPR, General Sher Muhammad and the ISAF Commander expressed their grief over the attack at the Army Public School in Peshawar.

The Afghan general and ISAF commander also assured cooperation in taking action against the Taliban. General Sher Muhammad and the ISAF Commander praised Operation Zarb-e-Azb and said it had dealt a big blow to terrorists in North Waziristan.


Islamic State Takes Back Road to Beiji Oil Refinery but on Defensive in Sinjar Area.

December 27: New Trend reported that Baghdad troops had captured the 20 mile road going to Beiji. However, a week later, an IS offensive has retaken the entire road and can blow up the refinery if it wills. US air strikes are continuing on a daily basis

However, in the north, the US air force bombing caused IS to retreat and Kurdish Peshmarga are now in the area. On Wednesday, the Kurdish victory was heralded all over the world but on Saturday, fighting has resumed in the area. There have been heavy Kurdish losses.

Leader of Hizbullah in Iraq killed in Battle with Mujahideen of IS

Hezbollah's Top Leader Wathig el Battat killed in Azim by Islamic State's mujahideen.

December 21: The Mukhtar Army is a Shi'a Iraqi militia group formed in February 2013 by Wathiq al-Battat, a former senior official in the Hezbollah Brigades. Al-Battat has pledged his loyalty to the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. His group is also well-known as Hizbullah Iraq.

Al-Battat promised shias that he will conquer Makkah and pray there and said that no one, not even Angel Jibrael can prevent him from killing Wahabis (i.e. sunnis who oppose shia religion). He also said that if Allah was just, then He will support his cause.
[Courtesy Abu Azzam]


Assad's Air Force kills 52 More Civilians: Battle for Aleppo. IS launches new Attacks in Kobane. Heavy US Bombing.
Mujahideen re-enter Alawite Heartland of Latakia: Hizbullah Under al-Nusra attack north of Aleppo.

December 25-27: Assad's air force, supplied by Russia and Iran is active again attacking Islamic populations in areas held by the Islamic State and al-Nusra. In the town of al-Bab, Assad's jets have killed 45 civilians, including 17 children and injured 57. The jets also killed 7 civilians in Ebtaa, Daraa province.e IS capital of Raqqa was also hit with at least 7 civilians killed. Islamic suburbs of Damascus were also bombed.

Assad's forces led by Hizbullah and Shi'ites from Afghanistan are trying to enter the softer side of Aleppo which is NOT held by al-Nusra or IS but not with much success. Meanwhile Islamic forces have entered Latakia and are being bombed by Assad's air force.

In Kobane the Communist Kurds are facing new IS attacks including 50 mortar shells but are holding on with the help of the US air force.

Jordanian F-16 shot down.

The Syrian observatory has confirmed that a Jordanian F-16 fighter jet was shot down by the Islamic State on December 24. New Trend has received photos of the Jordanian pilot being taken out of the water and led away. Also, photos of parts of the plane & the man's ID. Jordan has admitted thatits jet was raiding the Islamic capital of Raqqa but is demanding its pilot back. [Wars too have their funny side.] USA is staunchly repeating that it crashed without being shot down. How the US knows is anyone's guess.

Africa & New York

NY Mayor wants no Rallies+ Where does Africa's Wealth Go?
by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen New York]

New York City - In spite of Mayor Bill de Blasio's request to hold off on all protests until the burila of the two NYPD Officers executed, last Saturday, protests still went on as scheduled. Death is a delicate issue but, the question is, "Whose death gets precedence over the other?"

Many police officers execute unarmed civilians of African, European, Native American-descent and there aren't any flags being held at half-staff for those victims! Both executed NYPD police officers were armed but, oblivious to their surroundings. Where is the sympathy from the police when an unarmed suspect is killed? Or, someone in need of medical or psychiatric assistance? But, we the civilians are supposed to mourn and respect their dead! What arrogance on the part of politicians and the police force.

During the 1960s Civil Rights Movement you had different groups of Black people chirping back and forth, mainly the youth versus the old farts, who saw no purpose in riling up White folks and making them angrier. In the 1960s, it was about rights and equality. Today, in the new millennia, it is about justice.

There is a huge difference and this will be a heck of a battle because it creating a balance in the justice system means challenging White Supremacists, their control, and their thinking. You can skirt the racist educational system by creating your on school. You can skirt politics by not voting. But, you cannot create your own justice system. But, then, again.....the Jews have their own Hasidim courts in Brooklyn. But, I think you know what I mean. (courtesy Yahoo! News)

Africa's Wealthiest

According to Forbes Magazine (2/15/2014 Issue), the following are the wealthiest individuals in Africa:

Aliko Dangote - $21.6 billion. He is Nigerian with a cement manufacturing company doing business in 15 African countries. The Dangote conglomerate also has a flour and sugar refinery division. This is Dangote's fourth year at number 1. He was born into a wealthy Muslim family. He also contributed to the 2003 re-election campaign of Olusegun Obasanjo. He is the 30th richest person in the world.

Johann Rupert - $7.3 billion. He is of European-descent (Swiss) and works in the retail and fashion industries. Born into wealth, he is one of South Africa's most influential businessmen. When a British magazine, Wallpaper, referred to Afrikaans as "the ugliest language in the world" Rupert responded by pulling ads for Cartier, Van Cleef & Arpels, Montblanc, and Alfred Dunhill, which are now under the umbrella of his Richemont company.

Nicky Oppenheimer - $6.8 billion. He is Anglican and his family created the De Beers diamond empire in South Africa. They also founded a company called Anglo American, which purchased De Beers.

Nassef Sawiris - $5.1 billion. He is Egyptian and owns the Orascom construction company, which was started by his father Onsi in 1950.

Christoffel Wiese - $5.4 billion. He owns a company called Shoprite in the fashion and retail industry. In 2012, he was accused of tax evasion and owing as much as $250 million to the South African government. He is a self-made businessman.

With the exception of Aliko Dangote and Nassef Sawiris, the other so-called African billionaires are of European-descent!

I am not saying that wealth is bad. It is how it is obtained and used that is important. A lot of the wealthy use their capital to increase and protect their wealth. For instance, wealthy business people lobby politicians to enact laws that will protect their wealth and assets by:

Many of the Europeans listed are descended from wealth and their families have not only worked hard to maintain wealth in the family but, to create a network of European wealth and dominance on the so-called Dark Continent! Wikipedia explains it all. There is a lot of unscrupulous behavior on the part of those who love their wealth. (courtesy of Forbes Magazine and

War News

Iran's Close Cooperation with US-Installed Regime in Baghdad against Islamic State [IS]
 Iraqi President Fuad Masum

TEHRAN - Iraqi President Fuad Masum said on Wednesday that Iran "was the first country" that rushed to the help of Iraqis in the face of attacks by ISIL militants.

Masum made the remarks in a meeting with Iranian Majlis speaker Ali Larijani in Baghdad.

Masum also accepted an invitation by President Hassan Rouhani to visit Iran, calling Iran his second home.

In their meeting, Larijani and Masum also held talks on the situation in Syria and other issues of mutual interest.

The Iraqi president said presently there is not better choice than President Beshar Al-Assad in the fight against terrorism in Syria.

Larijani went on to say that Syria and Lebanon have taken great and "serious" steps in the fight against terrorism.

He reiterated Tehran's position that the Islamic Republic stands beside Iraq in campaign against terrorism.

'Democratic thought'

In a meeting with Iraqi Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jabouri on Wednesday, Larijani said Iran supports "democratic thoughts" in Iraq.

The senior official also said Iran is duty bound to stand beside the Iraqi people and government with all its capabilities.

Definitely, Iran helps Iraq in campaign against terrorism, he stated.

Larijani also said that Iran seeks to expand parliamentary interaction with Iraq.

The Majlis speaker went on to say that a bright future awaits Iraq.

Iraq is caught in a serious fight against ISIL militants whose brutalities have exceeded those of Al-Qaeda.

Larijani said such a situation helps Iraq to know its true friends in the region.

Larijani also stated that Iran attaches great importance to cooperation with Iraq in oil and gas industries.

He went on to say that some countries' "mischievous acts" in bringing oil price down, which have caused economic hardship for the Iraqi government and some other oil exporting countries, add to importance of cooperation between Iran and Iraq in oil and gas industries.

For his part, the Iraqi parliament speaker called ISIL the most important challenge in the region.

Larijani who arrived in Iraq on Tuesday plans to visit the Kurdistan Region in northern Iraq.

Syria, Iraq= ISIS
ISIS Prepares to Attack Israel in North and South Pincer Movement.
At cost of $2 billion, US has killed 50 ISIS fighters in 4 months.
Total Failure of Bombing,

by Chriss W. Street24 Dec 2014Los Angeles, CA114

With ISIS continuing to hold the upper hand in Syria and Iraq, it appears that the terrorist network is planning what military strategists call a pincer movement to attack the Israeli homeland from the north and south. Three Syrian rebel groups switched loyalties to gain ISIS support for attacks on the Israeli occupied Golan Heights, according to a report by the Fiscal Times. ISIS is now able to coordinate with Egyptian ISIS-aligned terror group Ansar Bait al-Maqdis in Sinai to simultaneously pressure Israel's northern and southern borders.

As of Dec. 11, 2014, the total cost of U.S. operations against ISIS since aerial bombing missions began on August 8, 2014 is about $2 billion and the current daily cost is $8.1 million, according to data released by a Pentagon spokesman Commander Bill Urban.

Although the U.S. led Coalition Joint Task Force named "Operation Inherent Resolve" claims to have impacted ISIS command and control, resupply and maneuvering in Iraq and Syria, the number of ISIS fighters is still growing rapidly. No one is claiming that the bombing has slowed down ISIS recruiting of foreign fighters.

As a testament on the difficulty of using planes to fight ISIS on the ground, after hundreds of aerial sorties in the strategic border town of Kobani, only 50 ISIS fighters have been killed. The PR value of being "at war" with the U.S. continues to swell ISIS regional and international ranks.

Despite huge amounts of CIA support to the U.S.-backed Free Syrian Army, large numbers of moderate rebels armed and trained by the United States in northern Syrian Idlib Province either surrendered or defected in November to the al-Qaeda Jabhat affiliated al-Nusra Front. ISIS and al-Nusra Front, al-Qaeda's branch in Syria, are now the overwhelmingly dominant rebel groups in the country.

An Iraqi field commander said last week that U.S. military forces had their first ground combat clash with ISIS warriors on December 16, when they had to come to the aid of Iraqi Army unit. After what was trumpeted as six weeks of defeats in Iraq, ISIS is making gains across the western province of al-Anbar, threatening to defeat the Iraqi military forces and their Sunni tribal allies to take control of all of eastern Syria and western Iraq.

Al-Yarmuk Martyrs Brigade has controlled an area near the Jordan-Israel border for two years and has been regularly bombed by Israel Defense Forces and taken UN peace-keeping hostages several times. But fearing the loss of clout in southern Syria, Al-Nusra attacked the headquarters of their former allies, the al-Yarmuk Martyrs Brigade, in early December. Al-Yarmuk and two smaller groups with hundreds of fighters near the Golan Heights repelled the attacks, and then pledged allegiance last week to ISIS, which they say has replaced Al-Qaeda as the future of Islam.

ISIS has been criticized by many Arabs and Sunni extremists for fighting Muslims instead of making war on Israel. A coordinated attack on Israel would be a PR bonanza for ISIS's popularity and undoubtedly would spur recruitment and funding efforts. Most of ISIS's top military commanders are former senior officers in Saddam Hussein's million man army. Facing the U.S. in the 1991 First Gulf War, Saddam hurled hundreds of Scud missiles at Israel in an effort to inflame the entire Middle East by goading the Jewish State into the Gulf War.

ISIS has proven that air power alone cannot defeat their network. Luring Israel to make a preemptive ground attack against ISIS and declare the Caliphate as Israel's main adversary would quickly undermine the stated and unstated Arab support against ISIS from Egypt, Turkey, Syria, Qatar and Saudi Arabia for Operation Inherent Resolve.

Israel has used its highly capable air force to attack southern Syria many times since the beginning of Syrian Civil War in 2011. In June 2013, when Austria withdrew its 370 UN peacekeepers from the Golan Heights due to deteriorating security conditions, Israel was forced to move in tanks and heavy weapons to engage Syrian rebels.

A senior Israeli officer earlier this week said that in response to al-Yarmuk declaring loyalty to ISIS, the IDF has regrouped and reinforced its forces in the southern Golan Heights, according to A-Sharq Al-Awsat and Lebanese media. The action follows the Israeli Army's Combat Intelligence Collection Corps "Vulture" battalion week-long Golan Heights maneuvers in late November.

Our America:

 Our America

Chicago: Good & Bad.
Inside View of ICNA-MAS Convention: Tariq Ramadan Joins Pro-Government Group.
Sweet Talk, no Action. Saalakhan says ICNA better than ISNA.
by Sis. Karin Friedemann [Boston]

On December 24, 2014, a charter bus left from the Roxbury mosque (ISBCC) in Boston, taking a full load of passengers to Chicago for the ICNA-MAS convention. Regardless of my opinion about ICNA-MAS, I decided to go to this convention for social reasons. The journey there turned out to be a beautiful experience.

While slightly less Arab than the ISNA crowd, the ICNA culture is also promoting and living a sort of Islam-lite that is embodied by the average Coke-drinking, designer fashion label-wearing, corporate employee type of Muslim. If a poll were taken, I would be willing to bet that the rate of those American Muslims who even recycle their bottles/newspapers is well below the national average. I have to admit harboring quiet outrage regarding the cowardice of the MAS Boston in 2013 after the police killed Boston Marathon bombing suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev and nobody would accept his body for burial. Even if he were a criminal, what Islamic law forbids burial of a criminal? Only Allah knows if he is destined for heaven or hell. Who are we to refuse to bury a Muslim brother who prayed five times a day. Finally, after many days of Muslims refusing responsibility, a Christian church in another state had to step in to accept Tamerlan's dead body.

Nevertheless, I kept quiet and swallowed my shock at the sight of women in hijab buying their kids McDonald's burgers and joined 54 other Muslims on this grueling, 21 hour journey.

About half the bus was filled with high school boys from the Islamic school in Malden, Massachusetts plus their teacher. About a third were university students both male and female, and the rest were families or older adults traveling alone.

The trip began with a dua and Quran recitation by a blind sheikh, Yusuf Al-Arabi from Morocco, who had a beautiful voice. This was followed by a lecture about how life itself is a journey to Allah. After that, the group organizer and director of MAS Boston, Dr. Loay Assaf passed a microphone around so that each passenger could introduce themselves. There were so many different nationalities of passengers - Egyptian, Palestinian, Syrian, Yemeni, Sudanese, Somali, Ethiopian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi, Vietnamese, Swiss - it was almost like a mini-Hajj.

Imam Walid, who works as a prison chaplain in Rhode Island, spoke about Malcolm X's life, and how the Nation of Islam emerged as a movement to empower black people against racism. He described how the movement made a natural progression into Islam. It's not that the mosques such as Masjid al-Quran in Boston, which used to represent NOI and is now promoting Sunni Islam, were trying to create a separate Black Islam. The youth were encouraged to read the autobiography of Malcolm X in order to understand the struggles of the early US Muslims.

There were a few more short inspirational speeches and Mahmoud Elhashash sang some Nasheed with an exquisite voice.

When it was time to pray, the group assembled inside a New York food service rest stop for salat. That was something I had never seen before! An non-Muslim father was seen pointing and explaining to his son what the Muslims were doing (not sure if his explanation was positive or negative).

Sleep was next to impossible in the full-to-capacity, overheated bus, but everyone did the best they could. In the morning, there was another Quranic recitation, which was very moving, especially with the sun coming up over the beautiful Ohio farmland.

I had some interesting conversation with a couple sisters that made me feel comforted and understood. One of them had gone to school with Tarek Mehanna, and we discussed political prisoner issues. All in all, it was a healing experience overall to be in an Islamic group atmosphere. It helped me to re-center myself and my intentions.

The ICNA-MAS convention began Friday, December 26. The opening speaker was Dr. Tariq Ramadan.

Ramadan had refused to speak at the ISNA convention last August, stating that many Muslim leaders "are obsessed with being accepted, at sitting at the table of power in order to talk (or rather to listen) and to be tolerated." I am not sure why he believes that ICNA is better, but he agreed to speak at ICNA-MAS over the weekend.

Mauri Saalakhan, Sister Aafia's most vocal supporter in the US, told New Trend:

"In brief, while none of the national organizations have done what they're capable of doing for Aafia, ICNA has the best track record for doing something, while ISNA has the worst track record for doing NOTHING. I expect, and hope, that Dr. Ramadan will feel free to speak his conscience at the ICNA-MAS Convention, inshallah.

Ramadan's first lecture began by imploring the Muslims to "resist consumer society" and "come back to a deep way of dealing with yourself." He said that American Muslims have a great responsibility towards their country and their world.

"People don't want to discuss sensitive issues. But you can't only apologize for what is done in the name of Islam. You must do things for Islam. You have to be struggling against racism. If only black people are demonstrating and you are not joining them to speak about what is right, then maybe prison is better for you. The Prophet Yusuf spent time in jail. There are people in the US in prison, who are innocent. On the Day of Judgement, they will be experiencing the greatest freedom but maybe you will be in the jail of hell."

"Most of you," he dared us, "are not courageous enough to do what Musa did with Pharaoh."

Ramadan said, "I am fed up with people coming up to me after the speech telling me it was so 'powerful.' There is no reform without freedom, and there is no freedom without courage."

He ended his speech by saying, "Don't be little Obamas."

New York City.

Angry Police vs. Mayor de Blasio: Political Theater trying to equate Peaceful Protestors with Racist Police. What the Qur'an says.
Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen New York City.]

New York City - The execution of the two NYPD cops, Rafael Ramos, 40, and Wenjian Liu, 32, by Ismaaiyl Brinsley, 28, has created a blame game that is nothing more than political theater. The Patrolman's Benevolence Association (PBA) leader, Patrick Lynch, has criticized Mayor Bill de Blasio for not being supportive of the police. I am dumbfounded by this accusation because Mayor De Blasio never outright criticized the police force. He hired Commissioner William Bratton, a man the Black community has serious misgivings about plus, his administration is largely White. But, my Mother told me that it does not take much for the police to turn on you.

I remember Mayor de Blasio stating that there shouldn't be killings on either side by anyone. He has also stated that he had that special talk with his son, Dante, about Police Stop and Frisk. This has been enough to anger the police force, who is not used to ANYONE questioning their actions. The ONLY Mayor they loved was Rudolf (Adolf) Giuliani, he was a real bootlicker and did everything he could to shame the dead victims of killer cops, such as illegally revealing their juvenile arrest records!

It is common practice for the Mayor to visit the family of slain officers and attend the funeral. However, recently, Patrick Lynch stated that Mayor de Blasio should be banned from the funerals of slain officers. Lynch even circulated a form banning the Mayor from officer funerals and encouraged police officers to sign their name to it thereby banning the Mayor from their own funeral.

When Mayor de Blasio walked through Woodhull Hospital, to see the slain officers' families, the plethora of officers visiting turned their back to him as he walked the halls. The Ramos Family forgives the shooter and expressed disappointment in the fact that Mayor de Blasio had not met with them, yet, at their home. They also stated that he is welcome to Officer Rafael Ramos' funeral. Such disrespectful acts by the police could be used against de Blasio because of his marriage to a Black, former lesbian woman and the fact that he has darker-skinned children. However, he reminds some of us of a Thomas Jefferson more than some outspoken people's advocate. The latter he is not!

I believe that this is political theater. It is conservative, more openly racist Whites versus liberal, back stabbing ones. The conservatives are always baffled and impatient with the political correctness used by their White liberal counterparts. However, White liberals operate by two mottoes:

You can attract more flies with honey than with vinegar. Keep your friends close but, your enemies even closer. (Quote from The Godfather II Movie)

Here is what Muslims MUST understand and live by:

The Unbelievers are protectors, one of another: Unless ye do this, (protect each other), there would be tumult and oppression on earth, and great mischief. (Holy Qur'an 8:73).

Police officers' arrogance and superiority complexes makes it difficult for people to mourn them! Many in the Black community are angered by the execution but, not for the same reasons as everyone else. Many people have been saying that these could have been "good" cops. Had Ismaaiyl Brinsley went after the officers involved in Eric Garner's death, I am not so sure there would have been much outcry from the Black community. There are also many people who group so-called good cops with the bad because these good cops witness the malfeasance of bad cops and do nothing. PBA President Patrick Lynch has the temerity to say that Mayor de Blasio and protestors have blood on their hands.

President Obama, a man with the bloodiest hands, had the audacity to call for calm and discourage people from violence. He even told people to pray, instead of commit acts of violence. This man is responsible for the most death and destruction in this world! His confidence in uttering such a statement probably comes from the fact that the American media hides a lot of his atrocities from the public! African-American Senator Eric Adams, a 22 year veteran of the police force, is asking that there be no anti-police criminal protests until the two slain officers are buried.

Police officers have killed Black people in need of medical attention, psychiatric help, by accident, as well as unarmed suspects on purpose. They have NEVER shed a tear in those incidents! Yet, they feel comfortable ordering the public to mourn two of their own. They rushed those two cops to the hospital and EMTs were working on them to save their life. I wish there was that much determination in helping choke-hold victim Eric Garner. He may still be alive, today. Masha'allah!

In spite of the unapologetic racist attitudes of the police, the Justice League, the same group responsible for protests throughout the city, held a vigil for the two gunned down cops. Why? No one is saying eliminate the police force. The protesters' mission is to have the police force reformed and criminal cops prosecuted. Ismaaiyl Brinsley's execution of two police officers has nothing to do with the protests.

Ferguson, Missouri
Call from Omali Yeshitela, APSP Chairman: An Alternative to Prevalent Injustice.

Donate now to the Black People's Grand Jury -
Ferguson, happening January 3-4, 2015

Donate at
and spread the word!

"The days are over when the black community will leave our people in the hands of a law enforcement and criminal justice system that has never represented our interests. We are taking things into our own hands."
- Omali Yeshitela, Chairman of the African People's Socialist Party

The International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement will sponsor the Black People's Grand Jury to carry out the indictment of Ferguson cop Darren Wilson for the murder of Michael Brown in Ferguson on August 9, 2014.

The Black People's Grand Jury will be held at The Ambassador concert and event center, 9800 Halls Ferry Rd in St. Louis, MO on Jan. 3 and 4, 2015.

The Grand Jury will use the transcripts of the Ferguson prosecutor's grand jury that announced its exoneration of Wilson on Monday, Nov. 24, 2014.

The Black People's Grand Jury will select its own jurors and call its own witnesses, legal advisors, people's advocate and forensic pathologist.

The jurors will review all the evidence and come to the conclusions of the African community of Ferguson, the U.S. and the world.

The Black People's Grand Jury will vote to indict, dismiss charges or file an information accusing Wilson of an offense less than a felony.

It is our goal to galvanize African people in Ferguson and the region to participate in this historic event.

One of the solutions put forward by the Black People's Grand Jury will be a U.S.-wide campaign for black community control of the police.

For more information, visit or email

Stay tuned to for coverage.

Bessemer, Alabama
Via Ms. Ameejill Whitlock, Baltimore activist.

The 'Female Eric Garner' Who Suffocated To Death In Police Custody
December 27, 2014 9:20 am·
 Sheneque Proctor

A new petition is circulating in response to death of an African American citizen at the hands of police officers who many are calling the "female Eric Garner." The petition is demanding a federal and state investigation into the death of 18-year-old Sheneque Proctor.

Proctor was kill in the Bessemer City Jail after she was arrested on November 1st. She was at a Bessemer hotel at a party with friends when police arrived and arrested her for "disorderly conduct," according to her aunt, Tracy Rodda.

Early the next morning, Proctor was found dead in her jail cell, after having complained of problems with asthma which police apparently refused to take seriously.

Bessemer City Attorney Shan Paden commented, "I know the case. I know we had a death in the jail. Erring on a conservative side, not to protect the city but to protect the rights of an 18-year-old, the city of Bessemer will not disclose any information."

The petition was created on last Monday, but has received relatively little attention. The petition explains the following about Sheneque Proctor's death and links it to unrest throughout the nation.

"The death of Black men like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and Tamir Rice is a clear indication that Black lives are in jeopardy from Police who have declared it open season on Black Men," Karen Jones of Montgomery Alabama writes, in her description of the petition.

"Insult over injury no indictment and a video which clearly shows officers using a choke hold on Eric Garner who loudly and clearly stated that he could NOT breathe was not enough to save his life.

"Yet in Alabama where most of the historical landmark Civil Right Movements and took placewe have lost an 18 year old Black young woman under the hands of Bessemer Police," the petition continues.

Proctor's family says that she suffered from asthma, and had complained of being treated violently by Bessemer Police officers who made the arrest.

After making her complaints, she was found dead in her jail cell the next morning. But Bessemer authorities have refused to so much as comment on the case. All media inquires have been referred to the State Bureau of Investigations, which spokeswoman Robyn Bryan says "is looking into the case."

"This family deserves some answers," the petition declares. "We don't need another 'I can't breathe' story. Her life mattered and still matters to her family. They deserve answers from the State Bureau of Investigations and the FBI."

The petition demands that State Senator Quinton Ross, State Representative Alvin Holmes and U.S. Representative Terri Sewell "request both State and Federal investigations in the death of this 18 year old Black female."

"We don't know what happened," Proctor's mother, Scherita, told reporters. Her family is encouraging people to sign the petition and help put the pressure on for a real, and thorough investigation.


Tsunami-ravaged Aceh in Indonesia now faces rising Islamic fundamentalism
Tsunami spurred Aceh's separatists and the Indonesian military to end a 30-year war - but now there are fears the province is falling prey to rising Islamic fundamentalism
 Indian Ocean Tsunamis

By Jonathan Pearlman in Sydney

7:00AM GMT 25 Dec 2014

In the seaside villages along the coast of Indonesia's Aceh province, the scenes of unimaginable destruction from the tsunami ten years ago shocked the world and left many locals convinced that the calamity was a "punishment from God".

The scale of the disaster in the province, the hardest hit area in the tsunami, remains difficult to comprehend.

It began with an earthquake with the energy of 1,500 Hiroshima atom bombs, which sent waves up to 100-feet high as far as four miles inland, wiping out entire villages and killing about 170,000 people.

Indonesia's mainland had not had a tsunami in 500 years - many locals did not know the word. The ocean was left awash with bodies, mainly women and children who were at home while the men worked on pepper and corn farms away from the coast.

The devastation was so severe that it spurred Aceh's separatists and the Indonesian military to end a 30-year war and sign the "most successful peace deal of modern times". In the following years, hotels and cafés began to line the beaches as one of the world's largest relief efforts delivered hopes of an era of prosperity.

But the optimism has now begun to fade amid fears the province is falling prey to rising Islamic fundamentalism that could spread across Indonesia, the country with the world's largest Muslim population. The province's Muslims and non-Muslims alike are now forced to obey a growing set of extreme applications of sharia law, including canings, fines of gold and jail sentences for offences ranging from gambling to homosexuality.

Andreas Harsono, a Jakarta-based researcher for Human Rights Watch who received recent death threats for exposing rights violations in Aceh, said the province is "starting to look like Afghanistan did 30 or 40 years ago".

"The seeds of extremist fundamentalism are there and it is spreading very fast," he told The Telegraph.

 Banda Aceh

Tsunami spurred Aceh's separatists and the Indonesian military to end a 30-year war - but now there are fears the province is falling prey to rising Islamic fundamentalism A scene of devastation is seen in the tsunami hit Indonesian town of Banda Aceh Photo: Dimas Ardian/Getty Images

"It was bad in Aceh for a lot of people during the tsunami, and it is now bad for women and minorities, and it will be bad in the future for the whole of Aceh, maybe also for those close to Indonesia."

In various towns across the province, sharia police squads now prowl the streets on the lookout for unmarried couples or women wearing jeans or tight-fitting clothing or sitting sideways on motorcycles. The latest batch of bylaws, passed in September, introduced punishments of 100 lashes for sex "offences" such as extramarital sex and homosexual sex.

The punishments are frequently applied outside mosques on a Friday, where hooded, medieval-style figures conduct public canings for crimes such as drinking or working during prayers.

The measures are the latest turn in a period of dramatic social change in Aceh since the tsunami.

Until the disaster, Indonesian authorities restricted foreigners from entering the province because of the long-running conflict against the Free Aceh Movement - a war which began in the mid-1970s and left more than 30,000 people dead.

 Banda Aceh

Tsunami spurred Aceh's separatists and the Indonesian military to end a 30-year war - but now there are fears the province is falling prey to rising Islamic fundamentalism Acehnese muslims commemorate the tenth anniversary of tsunami in Banda Aceh, Indonesia Photo: Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images

But the destruction forced Indonesia to accept help with the aid effort, which led to the sudden arrival of thousands of foreign military personnel, humanitarian groups, journalists and Christian organisations. It also prompted the warring sides to compromise.

"The tsunami was a circuit breaker," said Professor Edward Aspinall, an expert on Indonesian politics at the Australian National University. "Many Acehnese viewed the tsunami as a punishment for sin. The Free Aceh Movement saw it as god's message that it was time to end the conflict. Both sides could sell what would otherwise have been unpalatable concessions to their own supporters."

European and other Western donors, including Britain, threatened to withhold billions of dollars in aid unless the Indonesians and the rebels came to the negotiating table.

"Within Aceh, people felt they had suffered enough and it was time to end the suffering," said Professor Damien Kingsbury, from Deakin University.

The ensuing peace deal was signed in Helsinki in 2005 after mediation by Martti Ahtisaari, a former president of Finland who later won the Nobel peace prize.

"It has to be considered one of the most successful peace deals of modern times," Professor Aspinall said.

But the former separatist rebels who now rule the province have increasingly looked to adopt sharia law, partly to affirm Aceh's historically independent and traditionally Muslim character. Of Aceh's population of 4.7 million people, about 90,000 are non-Muslims, mostly Christians and Buddhists.

Known as the "Veranda to Mecca", the province, at the north-western edge of Indonesia, was often the final departure point for Muslims making the annual Hajj pilgrimage. It was late to fall under the sway of the Dutch colonial rulers and has long had a distinctly conservative Muslim bent.

 Banda Aceh

Tsunami spurred Aceh's separatists and the Indonesian military to end a 30-year war - but now there are fears the province is falling prey to rising Islamic fundamentalism A woman reads from the Qur'an before the Maghrib prayer at the Baiturrahman grand mosque in Banda Aceh Photo: Ulet Ifansasti/Getty Images

In 2001, Indonesia granted limited autonomy to Aceh and allowed it to apply sharia law, partly to undermine support for the growing independence movement. But, in the past five years, local areas have increasingly coming up with strict applications of the code.

"There has now been, within the religious elite, a push for stronger application of Islamic law," Professor Aspinall said.

"It is very difficult for people to oppose it because there is a sense that sharia is a part of Acehnese identity."

There are differing views among experts on whether the turmoil caused by the tsunami was the catalyst for the growing Islamist crackdown. Some say the presence of large numbers of Westerners had a moderating influence and may have slowed the imposition of sharia law, even though conservative Muslim leaders frequently denounced the moral influence of the outsiders.

But there are growing questions about whether the Western-led £4.5 billion relief and reconstruction effort has inadvertently added to the province's recent rise of Islamic extremism.

Mr Harsono believes the foreign organisations - including the United Nations and official aid agencies from the United States, Britain, Japan and Australia - hired large numbers of local workers who would otherwise have contributed to the strengthening of civil society. This weakened local resistance to the religious extremists and has led to a shift towards fundamentalism that has now turned the province into a model for hardliners across Indonesia.

"It was not by design, but for the past ten years, civil society was extremely weakened," he said.

"Aceh is now becoming a reference point for other conservative Muslim provinces in Indonesia. You now go to Aceh to learn about the implementation of sharia ... The tsunami attracted huge international attention. The foreign governments now need to make it clear that the discrimination in Aceh is not acceptable."

2014-12-29 Mon 01:37 ct