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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Shawwal 27,1435/August 24, 2014 # 34

See our ongoing coverage of the trial in Boston, way down

After numerous rallies against police brutality in Baltimore and in support of Ferguson, finally there is coverage in the Baltimore Sun [daily paper]. Please scroll to end for photo.

For a spectacular Islamic victory in Nigeria, please scroll to the end.

Breaking News: Syria

On August 24, ISIS captured Tabqa air base in northern Raqqa, the biggest Assad regime fortress and last in the area. At least 170 of Assad's troops were killed and 150 captured. Assadis are fleeing despite air support.

Al-Nusra and other Islamic groups are fighting Assad's Shi'ite troops across Syria. Casualties on both sides. Al-Nusra has captured several villages but its advances are blocked by Hizbullah supporting Assad.

Breaking News: Iraq

ISIS is still holding Mosul Dam. According to Fox News, the US has launched 94 air strikes against ISIS, including 60 at the Mosul Dam. [August 23.]

August 22: In Diyala province, Shiite militia blew up a Sunni mosque in mid prayers, killing 80 people and injuring 90.

ISIS has moved forward towards the Iranian frontier and is also approaching Irbil.

After the beheading of an American journalist by ISIS, the US declared its determination to "eradicate" ISIS and claimed that ISIS is a "cancer."

Late reports say that the Shia militia hanged 15 Sunnis in the center of Baquba and would not allow the bodies to be removed.[July 30 from Reuters.]

Hizbullah of Lebanon is involved in helping the US-backed Baghdad regime fight ISIS. Hizbullah commander Ibrahim al-Haj has been killed in fighting ISIS near the Mosul Dam. [July 30]

The Grand Mufti of Saudi Arabia has condemned ISIS and called for its extinction. More than 30,000 Saudi troops are on the border to stop ISIS advance into Arabia.

Breaking News: Gaza

In a wave of 100 air strikes over 3 days, Israel killed 45 civilians and wounded 150 in three days. The wife and infant child of Hamas Islamic leader, Deif, were killed. Israel succeded in killing three top Hamas commanders. Reports indicate that UAE played a role in helping Israel. Eighteen informants involved in helping Israel were uncovered and executed by Hamas. They sent messages to the Emirates which were then probably transferred to the Jewish entity.

Breaking News: Libya

The Islamic groups have eliminated the Zintan tribal presence from the international airport after weeks of heavy fighting.

Mysterious jet bombers [unmarked but suspected to be US] have raided the Islamic groups. Egypt is involved in helping the forces against the Islamics.

Breaking News: Kashmir

Indian and Pakistani troops exchanged fire in the Sialkot frontier area [August 24]. Three Pakistani civilians were killed. Two Indian troops were killed and 4 wounded in return fire.

Imam Badi Ali leads the Movement in America against Zionism and Israel

In his latest statement to New Trend [August 24] he sees the way forward thus:
  1. Allah is Just. Allah will make Final Judgment against the oppressor and the aggressor. Those who did not participate in the killing of defenseless people in Gaza but did and said nothing also face Allah's Wrath. It is quite obvious that in spite of the most horrible Israeli atrocities, many Muslims simply did nothing.

  2. Read the Qur'an. It has not only exposed the open enemies of Islam but also the munafiqun. The Qur'an speaks extensively about the hypocrites [munafiqun]. The distinguished Islamic scholar Ibn al-Qayyim said that much of the Qur'an is about the hypocrites.

  3. After this war in Gaza, there will be a different war. The enemy has discovered the weaknesses of the Muslims and in turn Muslims have discovered the enemy's weaknesses. So, US Muslims, don't put away your placards, signs and flags. Prepare yourself for the next conflict which will spread around the globe.

  4. In the next phase, the tunnels will go all the way to Tel Aviv and to Jaffa. The struggle will be on the sea and the land and everywhere . New technologies, creativity, progressive thinking will be required.

  5. We must remove BORDERS, not only from our lands but also from our HEARTS and SOULS. The borders have been imposed on us. There is no such thing as "Saudi" Arabia. It is a fake. We are ONE UMMAH. We must LIBERATE PALESTINE and LIBERATE Masjid al-Aqsa and for that these imposed borders must be removed.

  6. We are facing the new CRUSADES. Remember the crusaders came from all over Europe and they successfully occupied Palestine. The fighting went on for generations. In this NEW CRUSADE today, Jews have come from all over the world to occupy Palestine by force. The struggle to end the occupation will go on for a long time.

  7. The future is bright owing the blood of the SHUHADA and owing to the resistance of the people.

 rare photo of Imam Badi Ali in Greensboro NC USA
A rare photo of Imam Badi Ali in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Revolutionary Khutba

The way to Hell fire and the way to Paradise: Specific Directions.
Khutba on Gaza and Ferguson: Muslims of America! Wake up!

On August 22, the juma' khutba was given by Br. Kaukab Siddique at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore, Maryland. After juma a number of people discussed the khutba with the khateeb and expressed deep appreciation. The audience included African Americans, Senegalese, Pakistanis and Bangladeshis.

Here are a few points from the khutba:
  1. We live in troubled times. To behave like Muslims in America, we must have Ilm or knowledge.

  2. Study the Qur'an and hadith and be aware of what is going on in the Muslim world and in America.

  3. Establish the 5 prayers. The Prophet, pbuh, compared prayers to his mairaj or visit to the heavens where he came close to the PRESENCE of Allah.

  4. The "asalamu alaykum" we say to conclude the prayer is a du'a of well wishing not to the angels who pray with us but to each other. So make a du'a for the person sitting next to you.

  5. All our prayers and religious activities are nullified if we cooperate with oppressors.

  6. These could be tyrants, traitors, corrupt rulers, anti-Islamic forces like Zionism and imperialism, brutal police forces and those who exploit women and children. The Qur'an leaves no doubt about this cooperation:

    "And incline not towards those who are oppressors lest the Fire should touch you, and you have no protectors other than Allah, nor would you then be helped." [The Qur'an 11: 113]

  7. "incline not" means, according to Hadith, that the slightest, even mental, support for oppressors is not permitted. As a follower of the sahaba, r.a., indicated that if a tyrant drops his pen and you pick it up for him, it is haram.

  8. In Islam there is no question of working with or supporting oppressors, be they governments or individuals or corporations.

  9. At this time, the oppressors, the Israelis, theYahood, are committing horrendous crimes against humanity, even shredding the bodies and brains of little babies with their late model bombs, missiles and long range artillery.

  10. How accursed is he or she who has the slightest soft corner for this monster called Israel. Not only we should speak out against Israel, we must boycott all Zionists and the products of those who support Zionism, such as nestle and CocaCola.

  11. Part II:

  12. We all commit sins and we all have shortcomings. We hope and pray that we will not be put into hell fire for our misdeeds.

    The Prophet, pbuh, has taught many ways to save ourselves from, but of these the one way which is the most sure way of avoiding the fire of hell is to FREE SLAVES.

    "One who frees a Muslim man, each bone of his body will be freed for each bone of the slave, from the fire of hell, and one who frees two Muslim women from slavery, his body parts and bones will be freed from the fire of hell for their bones and body parts." [Hadith of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, in Sunan of Ibn Maja, narrated by Kaab bin Murra, r.a., chapter on slavery.]

  13. You might say, there are no slaves now as were those who were chained and whipped and forcibly brought to America from Africa. That would mean you are ignoring the permanent value of the Prophet's, pbuh, teachings.

  14. All these people who are helpless in their lives are in a way slaves. Those who are trapped in economic difficulties, too are slaves. Those who are brainwashed into addiction, mistreatment of women, adulation of celebrities and powerful people, they too are slaves.

  15. And all these helpless, drifting, people are looking for a way out of this mess. They are all potential Muslims.

  16. Look at what the police are doing across America. Police can shoot down and kill anyone at the slightest pretext, especially the poor and the Black. Our entire communities are being treated like slaves. If I take my wallet out of my pocket, I can be shot down like a dog and all the policeman has to say is that he thought my wallet was a gun.

  17. Look at police brutalities and shootings right here in Baltimore: They can in no way be justified.

  18. Look at Ferguson, Missouri, where people have to demonstrate day and night for weeks just to bring justice to one police officer who committed murder in broad daylight, shooting down an unarmed man, sort of like Gaza where the Zionist Jews swoop in with their late model jets and wipe out entire families including babies.

Dear Muslims, pray for the victory of Islamic battle formations across the globe. Long live Palestine.

We see Zionist media telling lies about Palestine.
Would you expect them to tell the truth about France and World War II?

The allied landing in Normandy is presented by Spielberg and others as "liberation" to conceal the fact that many of the French supported Germany. Mark Weber, famous researcher in California, has sent us a video of the great welcome, Petain, the French leader supporting Germany, received only 11 days before the allied invasion. It is in French but the pictures say it all. Please scroll down.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen has a track record of decades of opposition to Zionism and Israel.
Photo shows Kaukab Siddique from Pennsylvania and Roberto Solano from Texas [with plaque honoring his work.]
 Kaukab Siddique & Roberto Solano of JAM

Paradoxically Jizya Tax Which ISIS wants could Unite Christians and Muslims.

Islam does not Urge Muslims to Fight Christians.

The followers of Jesus, pbuh, are not allowed to go to war. The New Testament does not teach fighting. Turn the other cheek is the authentic Christian teaching.

This highly moral teaching also makes Christians vulnerable to violence and oppression. The teachings of Jesus, pbuh, are under attack from within the ranks of conventional "Christians" themselves who teach war and aggression.

Thus when an Islamic group urges Christians to pay jizya and live in peace within the Islamic domain, that its a rare opportunity for Christian Muslim unity. Christians will be able to practice their religion of non-violence and Muslims have the opportunity to show that they will protect and defend those Christians and guarantee their religious and civic rights.

[Courtesy : Jamaat al-Muslimeen Virginia.]
ISIS wanted trade for 'Lady al Qaeda'
[Warning: The charges of the US government listed in this video have not been substantiated. -ed.]

Our America: Boston
Huge Sentences for non-Violent association with Boston Bomber

Dias Kadyrbayev Offers Plea: Helpless Muslims with poor Legal Support.

by Karin Friedemann

Shocked by his best friend, Azamat Tazhayakov's trial outcome, and with a September 8 trial date fast approaching, Dias Kadyrbayev, who is being held in solitary confinement, has decided to accept a plea bargain, acknowledging that "Boston has already decided on guilt."

David Frank reported in Mass Lawyers Weekly, "Kadyrbayev's New Jersey lawyer, Robert Stahl, confirms that his client will indeed change his plea. Although Stahl declined to comment on the particulars of the deal until after the hearing, it is likely that the parties have signed some type of written agreement laying out the terms of the plea. The agreement will then be submitted to Woodlock for his approval."

The UMass-Dartmouth classmate of Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev pled guilty on August 21 to conspiracy and obstruction of justice, the sentence for which is 25 years. According to the plea deal, Dias will serve not more than 7 years for disposing of some fireworks that had no connection to the bombing. US Attorney Stephanie Siegmann is asking for all seven years.

"You understand that you're pleading guilty to two charges... those are serious federal charges," Woodlock said, adding that Dias is giving up any and all rights to a full trial.

Dias said, "Yes sir" to the judge that he's giving up his right to challenge the evidence against him.

In agreeing to the plea deal, Dias agreed to be deported after time served. The judge did not make an immediate decision regarding accepting or rejecting the plea bargain.

Dias decided to admit to hiding both Jahar's laptop and backpack. Azamat was found not guilty regarding bringing home the laptop. He was however found guilty of throwing away the backpack despite claims that Dias was the one who tossed it.

"So, today he formally accepted full responsibility for his actions and sincerely apologizes," said defense Attorney Stahl. "Dias now understands he never should have gone to the dorm room... never should have taken any items from that room."

Azamat is to be sentenced Oct. 16. Dias is set to be sentenced Nov. 18.

Dias' father, Murat Kadyrbayav as well as his brother Ablaikhan Ismagulov are in town for the proceedings

Spielberg: Here is in your face
Many of French did'nt See Allies [1944] as Liberators : Germany's Ally Petain was their Hero.

French Crowds Welcome Marshal Pétain, May 1944
Newsreel - Video
Enthusiastic crowds welcome Head of State Pétain during his visit to the city of Nancy on May 26, 1944 - just eleven days before the D-Day landing of British and American troops at Normandy. Newsreel narration in French. Runtime: 3:02 mins. Philippe Petain, who was a revered military commander during the First World War, was named Head of State in 1940 by overwhelming vote of the National Assembly.

Breaking News: Baltimore, Maryland
Photo Courtesy Baltimore Sun. Crowd protesting police brutality led by a Muslim.
 Crowd protesting police brutality led by a Muslim. Photo Courtesy Baltimore Sun

Breaking News: Nigeria: Islamic Rule Proclaimed
Boko Haram Captures Gwoza and parts of North Borno and Yobe state: Confirmed by UN
Mutiny Among Nigerian Troops.

[This is an AFP report.]

"Thanks be to Allah who gave victory to our brethren in (the town of) Gwoza and made it part of the Islamic caliphate," Abubakar Shekau said in the 52-minute video.

He declared that Gwoza, in Borno state, now has "nothing to do with Nigeria".

"By the grace of Allah we will not leave the town. We have come to stay," said Shekau, who has been designated a global terrorist by the United States and sanctioned by the UN Security Council.

The United Nations humanitarian office (OCHA) earlier this month confirmed reports that Gwoza was under rebel control.

Boko Haram is also believed to be in control of other areas near Gwoza in southern Borno, as well as large swathes of territory in northern Borno and at least one town in neighbouring Yobe state.

Mapping the precise areas which have fallen into Islamist hands is nearly impossible.

There are few humanitarian workers on the ground in the northeast, travel is dangerous and the region, which has been under a state of emergency since May of last year, has poor mobile phone coverage.

Experts have described Boko Haram's gains in recent weeks as unprecedented, saying the group was closer than ever to achieving its goal of carving out a strict Islamic state across northern Nigeria.

But many analysts believe the military has the capacity to reverse the insurgents' advance.

Soldiers this week refused to deploy to fight Boko Haram.

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