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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Shaban 23,1435/June 21, 2014 # 25

Your prayers are needed.

Our beloved teacher, scholar and mentor Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz suffered a stroke two weeks back. He was unconscious for several days and is still in hospital. We all have been praying for his recovery.

His son Yahya is constantly with him as was his niece. We keep in touch with Yahya on a daily basis.

He is recovering but the recovery is very slow. He is 87 years old.

Our America
Laila Yaghi cries out for her innocent son Ziyad
Innocent youth from Palestine is in prison while his mother weeps.

Please write to her son. Show the support of the entire ummah:

Ziyad Yaghi #51771-056
USP Coleman 2
P. O. Box 1034
Coleman, FL 33521

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Israeli military terrorists are hunting unarmed Palestinians in the West Bank.

June 19: In the last few days, Zionist Jewish military has been terrorizing the unarmed people of the West Bank and have "arrested" many youths. Two young Palestinian youths have been murdered by the Jews.

There have been several Israeli air strikes in Gaza too. Results unknown.

Israeli terrorists claim that 3 of their "students" [soldiers in civvies actually] have been captured by Hamas, but Hamas is denying it. Some mujahedin group might have done it. Resistance is the right of occupied people.

Here is the latest situation in Palestine.

Coming out of Palestine today, 6,531 adults and 300 children ages 6-10, have been taken away to prison in retaliation for the missing three Israeli settlers. House are being entered by Israeli soldiers, gardens destroyed, and people can not travel out of their gated cities...The people rounded up are from places like Jericho, Jerusalem, Gaza, Ramallah, everywhere.

Sources: AlQuds paper, Al Jazeera.

Be sure you don't buy Israeli dates by mistake for Ramadan. Jews are terrorizing the entire population.

Message for Ramadan # 1
From Kaukab Siddique

Are you Ignoring what the Prophet, pbuh, said: Fasting does not mean Retirement.

"The Prophet, pbuh, said to the poet Hissan, r.a.: "Use words which defeat the unbelievers [ hajw], Jibreel be with you!" [Hadith narrated by Bara' bin 'Azib, r.a., in Sahih Muslim, vol. 2, kitab al-Fadail.]

Hujw is a form of rhetoric and poetry which challenges the credibility of the oppressors. Islam does not teach peace with oppressors. In our world oppressors mean Zionists, imperialists, tyrants, and those who try to behave like the Pharoah as if they are god.

There is no scope in Islam for a "retirement" kind of behavior during Ramadan.

In America, hujw is a non-violent way of defeating the oppressors.

Latest from Syria

ISIS victories in Iraq are changing the situation in Syria. Latest news till June 18 is that mujahideen are now advancing into the Qalamoun mountains which Assad's forces had captured with Hizbullah help.

Even more significantly, mujahideen are again taking the initiative against Damascus and have made small advances.

About 10,000 Shiite troops from Iraq which had attacked Aleppo are now being shuttled back to Iraq by air to defend Baghdad. So many are difficult to replace but Hizbullah is sending several thousand to replace them.

Assad's air force has joined Iraqi helicopters in bombing ISIS but with little success.

ISIS has removed the border between Iraq and Syria.

Breaking News: Pakistani air force bombed North Waziristan again on June 20. It has killed 259 "suspected" militants by now. However resistance on the ground is increasing. Pakistan has lost nearly 100 troops in ambushes by the mujahideen. Some of these attacks are admitted by the military.

For earlier situation and the expulsion of the ENTIRE population, see below.

Pakistan's Military on the Rampage: Insulting Elders, beating up Teenagers.
Photo shows Paki security men humiliating the elders of a village in North Waziristan: June 19
 Paki security men humiliating the elders of a village in North Waziristan: June 19
Paki forces are making the same mistakes USA made in Iraq.

Pakistani Military's Blasphemy on Prophet Muhammad, pbuh.
[Report compiled by New Trend's Media Monitor from the Urdu language media.]

F 16s swoop down and bomb defenseless villages every day. This is the 4th day [June 19]. The ground forces are closing in with tanks and heavy artillery supported by helicopter gunships. The military has announced that in three days its bombardment has killed 209 "extremists." ["Shiddat pasand" in Urdu.].

All roadways in to and out of North Waziristan have been blocked by the army. Curfew has been imposed and as a result hundreds of thousands of people are stuck in their homes with dwindling food supplies.

On June 19 the army announced that ALL the people must leave North Waziristan within THREE days. According to international law, this is genocide, the displacement of an entire population. They will be interrogated and insulted one by one ["verified" that they are not armed], and then sent out to be HOMELESS.

Where the homeless people will go is not clear. Thousands already escaped to the city of Bannu outside Waziristan as the army approached. There is no place for any more and the prices of necessities are sky rocketing.

The military is setting up a camp for the evictees but it is 24 kilometers from Bannu which would make it impossible for the poor people to get food and basic requirements of life.

This horrific military operation has not been mentioned in USA's corporate media because it is being carried out by a military armed and funded by the US.

The moral blindness of the military can be seen in the name it has given to its operation: "The Blow of the Prophet's, pbuh, Sword." This is sheer blasphemy for America's rented army to claim that it is following in the foot steps of the Prophet, pbuh. The Blasphemy Law should be applied to the Commander of the army.

The people being killed are the most Islamic people in Pakistsan, devoted to prayer, fasting, zakat, sacrifice and Hajj. At least 209 of these "extremists" have been killed. To use the Prophet's name for such atrocities is certainly blasphemy.

Our America: Latest Khutba in Baltimore, Maryland
Sura al-Balad: The Islamic Message on Slavery
Kingship, Dictatorship, Military Rule, Male Chauvinism, Zionism, Mass Culture are all forms of Modern Day Slavery.

On June 20, Br. Kaukab Siddique gave a khutba about Chapter 90 of the Qur'an on slavery. The small mosque in Baltimore, Maryland was packed, but for a wider audience across America, here are the main points:

3 Text:s "And what will let you know the path that is steep? It is to free the slave or to feed in the day of hunger....."

[The Qur'an 90: 13-14]

" who believes, .... who gives his wealth free the captives." [The Qur'an 2:177]

"There are three kinds of people whose prayers Allah does not accept: One who leads prayers though people do not like him, and one who prays when the time for prayers is almost running out, and one who enslaves a free person." [Hadith of Muhammad, pbuh, in Sunan of Abu Dawood, kitabus salat.]
  1. Chapter 90, sura Balad, is one of the earliest chapters revealed in the Qur'an.

  2. It indicates that the Islamic program and objective was clear right from the beginning.

  3. We believe in the one God, Allah, and all His messengers culminating in Muhammad, pbuh. We pray, fast, give zakat but we forget the program the Qur'an brought right from the beginning. We have the means but we ignore the purpose.

  4. Islam came to end all forms of slavery. Chapter 90 signals, when it seemed impossible, the final victory of the Prophet, pbuh, and his return to Makka in triumph many years later. It warns the wealthy arrogant ones.

  5. Its central point is the comparison of Islam to an uphill, steep, path. It is a religion of struggle, no easy way.

  6. The central aspect of this message is "to free the slave" and to feed those down in the dust.

  7. Muslims in America can understand slavery better than anyone else because this country was built on the enslavement of people kidnaped from Africa.

  8. The world today does not have that classical form of physical slavery but it has many other forms of slavery.

  9. Not only was slavery condemned by Islam right from the beginning, but when the Islamic state emerged in Madinah, one of the causes for which Muslims were obliged to spend their wealth was to free captives.

  10. Many Muslims think slavery was permitted in Islam but was mitigated and reformed. They are led astray owing to two facts:

    1. Slavery in all spheres of life pre-existed the advent of Muhammad, pbuh. It was this pr-existing slavery which was gradually reformed out of Muslim society through various acts of piety and repentance. Zaid, r.a., for instance became part of the Prophet's family.

    2. Captives. Prisoners of war. These were kept with Muslim families. If they accepted Islam, they became part of the Muslim community through marriage.

  11. We never treated prisoners of war as America has done at Guantanamo Bay. Tying them hand to foot, desecrsting the Qur'an in front of them when they were helpless. It marks of the savagery of this nation.

  12. When we become "abd Allah" or "abd ar-Rahman," slaves of Allah, we are freed from all forms of human slavery.

  13. There is conflict in the Muslim world owing to modern day forms of slavery:

    1. Kingship.

    2. Tyranny through dictatorship.

    3. Zionism which has turned an entire country into a concentration camp, calling Palestine "Israel."

    4. Imperialism: The occupation of Muslim countries by powerful armies from the West and India.

    5. The exploitation and enslavement of women through objectification and random sex in the West.

  14. There is no law in most American states against human trafficking. Only when these enslaved women become prostitutes can they be arrested.

    1. The biggest outburst of human trafficking took place near the largest "super " this winter.

  15. Under Obamacare [health plan] girls as young as 13 can get "protection" to carry out random sex acts without their parent's permission.

  16. Only Islam can save America. We must be united and compassionate towards each other.

  17. Muslims are constantly bickering with each other over matters of fiqh, If they were to pay attention to the enemies of Islam among the Zionist Jews, the imperialists, the racists [Fox TV], the racist Brahmin type Hindus, they would have no time to fight each other.

  18. Islamic schools agree with each other in all fundamentals: Hanafi, or Hanbali, or Shafaii, or Maliki or Jafari or Ahle Hadith, that is Tawheed, Risalat, Akhirat, Qur'an, qibla, hadith. The quarrels come from fiqh, the minute details of jurisprudence.

  19. We must be creative in da'wah. A thoughtful friend of mine living in England used to say: Write the number 90 on the back of the hands of our children. Tell them it is sura 90, FREE the SLAVE. Or write 90:13 which is the sura and the verse.

Du'a: Pray for the victory of the mujahideen in Syria, Iraq, Kashmir, northern Pakistan, Afghanistan, Somalia, Nigeria, Mali. Pray for the overthrow of the tyrants and agents ruling our people in Egypt, Pakistan, Bangladesh. Thank Allah for the current great victories of Islam in Iraq.

Breaking News: Latest ISIS Victories. This time the Shi'ites fought hard but lost.

June 17:
After two days of bitter fighting, the Islamic fighters known as Isis took the extreme north western city of Tal Afar from which entry into Jordan is possible.

June 17-20.
The Shi'ite forces of the US installed ruler al-Maliki [ex-CIA] fought hard for three days to save the biggest Iraqi oil refinery in Beiji. The Islamic forces finally defeated the Shi'ites. The Black flags with the seal of the Prophet, pbuh, are flying over the refinery. Many Shiite army troops killed.

June 18:
The mujahideen took the city of Baquba. They wanted to free the prisoners held by the corrupt regime but the regime got to the prisoners first and killed 44 of them. Local police say that the victims were shot at close range. [This mass murder was not publicized by the western media.]

President Obama's sophisticated tactics: The US wants the Sunni population, the support base of ISIS, to turn against the mujahideen. Efforts will be made to woo the Sunnis. The US is willing to let Iran do most of the fighting against the armed Islamic groups. Unfortunately for Obama, ISIS, publicized as harsh and cruel, has not killed even one civilian.

Life is returning to normal in Mosul, Iraq's second biggest city. People say they fear air strikes by Maliki but do not fear ISIS which is taking care of all their needs.

Many of Shi'ite military vehicles captured by ISIS are being sent to Syria to be used against Assad.

Our America
"No Military Solution" Obama Admits: US was whipped too badly in Iraq Last time.

President Obama has come up with a sophisticated plan to defeat ISIS. US won't be going in there again. Warmongers on Fox TV have been beating their chests and calling for war against ISIS. Obama has not forgotten that the US occupation of Iraq went so badly that a desperate electorate voted for Obama on the pledge that he would withdraw US troops from Iraq.

The O'Reilly flag wavers conveniently forget that a huge US-British armada occupied and bombed Iraq every day from 2003 to 2011. Hundreds of thousands of Iraqis were killed. Huge numbers were put into prisons like Abu Ghraib which became symbols of American racism, torture and hostility towards Islam. US troops used mosques as camping grounds.

But the mujahideen kept fighting. America spent billions of dollars but couldn't win. More than 4500 of USA's best troops were killed. What was worse was more than 75000 were injured, thousands of them with arms and legs blown off and eyes blinded because their armor saved them from death.

Obama remembers that Muslims no longer surrender before western armadas.. The suffering of the [Sunni} Iraqis was beyond any human suffering in recent years, but Iraq is rising again.

The black banners of Islam Inscribed with the seal of the Prophet, pbuh, have astounded the world by capturing half of Iraq in less than a week [much faster than the American attack on President Saddam Hussain]..

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ISIS Countered the Propaganda wave against it with Real Life video.
Mujahideen got tremendous welcome. Embraced enemies, calling them to Repentance.
Mass shootings? No!

War Related News in Brief
Compiled by CLG [Citizens for a Legitimate Government] in Connecticut

Breaking: Obama: US Will Send up to 300 Military Advisers to Iraq, Set up Joint Operation Centers --Green Berets, Army Rangers, Navy SEALs may go to Iraq

19 Jun 2014 President Barack Obama said Thursday he was sending up to 300 military advisers to Iraq, but added that America was not returning to a combat role in the country. Up to 100 U.S. special forces -- probably Green Berets, Army Rangers and Navy SEALs -- would go to Iraq to advise its military and collect intelligence under a Pentagon plan offered to President Barack Obama, according to several U.S. officials. (Wires)

150 Australians fighting in Syria, Iraq - official 18 Jun 2014 Around 150 Australians have fought in support of radical militants in Syria and Iraq, raising government fears of a terrorist threat to Australia if the fighters return home, the foreign minister said on Thursday.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said she had cancelled a number of passports on the advice of security agencies in a bid to reduce the security threat to Australia. She did not say whether the passports were canceled to prevent Australians leaving or returning. "Our best estimate is that there about 150 Australians...who have been or are still fighting in support of opposition [terrorist] groups in Syria and beyond," Bishop told Australian Broadcasting Corp.

Taliban hit NATO fuel trucks in Afghanistan East --37 NATO trucks destroyed in explosions

19 Jun 2014 Taliban militants have targeted NATO fuel trucks in Afghanistan's eastern Nangarhar Province near the border with Pakistan, officials say. Idris Momand, a spokesperson for the local border police, said the bombing attacks near the Torkham border crossing took place at 4:30 am local time on Thursday. Ahmad Zia Abdulzai, the spokesman for the provincial governor, said 37 NATO trucks were destroyed in explosions set off during the ensuing gunbattle between militants and police guards in the troubled eastern province.

Former Auschwitz Camp Guard, 89, Arrested in US
BBC News

An 89-year-old accused of aiding and abetting the killing of hundreds of thousands of Jews has been arrested. Johann Breyer is being held without bail in Pennsylvania after Germany issued a warrant for his arrest following new evidence. While admitting he was an Auschwitz guard, he says he was stationed outside and had nothing to do with the deaths. His lawyer told a Philadelphia court his client was too frail to be held while awaiting extradition hearings. But the retired toolmaker was refused bail on Wednesday after his arrest at home in Philadelphia. Mr Breyer emigrated to the US in 1952 and during the 1990s, the US attempted to strip him of his citizenship and deport him

Our America: Boston
FBI Monitoring Prison Visits of Defense attorney with Marathon Bombing Suspect.
by Karin Friedemann

A pre-trial hearing for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev took place on June 18, 2014. US Attorney Carmen Ortiz was front row in the audience. Ortiz has ambitions to be governor and is no doubt using this terrorism prosecution as a personal career move.

As they have done in every hearing, defense lawyers requested the removal of Special Administrative Measures (SAMs) restrictions on their client, who is being kept in total lockdown. Lawyers have been complaining that they are unable to meet with Tsarnaev without the presence of an FBI officer in the room. During the last hearing on April 24, Judge O'Toole agreed with the defense that there is no national security reason why an FBI officer needs to be present and felt that the prison security should suffice. Although prosecutors insist that the FBI officer present is not going to be a witness at the trial, defense attorneys reported that the FBI officer was taking notes. The judge refused to remove SAMs and told the government they should use an out-of-state FBI agent during prison visits. The Constitutional protection of attorney-client privilege clearly does not apply especially when the defendant is a Muslim.

The defense complained about media leaks. Instead of handing over evidence to the defense, the government is working with the media. FBI agents were interviewed for TV documentaries that aired on National Geographic and 60 Minutes commemorating the one year anniversary of the bombing. These reports, which conflict each other in many ways, served to influence the minds of the public regarding guilt, long before trial. Defense attorneys complained that it is only on TV that they are learning what the prosecution's case is. Judge O'Toole admonished the government for participating in media interviews, calling it "unwise," but refused to penalize them in any way.

Throughout the proceedings, the defense has been muzzled. Attorneys have been warned against making any statements to media or even talking to friends and supporters about the case. Previously, government prosecutors brought up the possibility that defense attorneys might pass along messages from Tsarnaev to his "following" - very similar to the situation with Shaykh Omar Abdul Rahman's attorney, Lynne Stewart, who was imprisoned in retaliation for making statements to the press regarding statements her client made, except that Tsarnaev is not a political or religious leader with any following other than people following his case.

Tsarnaev cannot read any of his mail without a lawyer present and has been advised not to answer any of his mail. Likewise, his family cannot speak to the media about their belief in their son's innocence, lest they be accused of "passing along messages."

The only good thing coming out of this hearing is that the government's emotional tactic of accusing Tsarnaev of "betraying America" was struck down.

"I agree with the defense position that it was unduly prejudicial," O'Toole said, calling this type of charge "obnoxious."

However the prosecution will continue to use "He was comforting our enemies" as an argument for motive in the trial. It appears that pushing the issue of Tsarnaev's interest in Islamic causes will be central to their case. This would imply that they lack evidence, or that the evidence they have would not make the government look good. So far, they have swamped the defense with millions of pages of inconclusive, grainy photographs and some computer files showing that Tsarnaev watched jihad-related material on his laptop, but they have refused to hand over tangible evidence like the GPS of the vehicle that was used to flee from police the night Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed.

The prosecution asked the judge to demand that the defense supply them the name of their witnesses that they would use to counter the government expert witness' testimony on the Islamic nature of the Boston Marathon bombing. Presumably the government "expert witness" will be the laughingstock, Evan "Saddam is allied with al-Qaeda" Kohlmann, who has already been testifying in front of Congress about Tsarnaev's Islamic motivations long before he has even been found guilty. Defense attorney Judy Clarke argued that this is not standard practice, and according to the Fifth Amendment, they are not required to disclose this type of information to the prosecution at this point in the proceedings. O'Toole delayed making a decision.

US prosecutors say they will not use statements Tsarnaev made during his hospital bed FBI interrogation before his Miranda rights were read, during the guilt/innocence part of the trial but may bring it up for the sentencing part. Defense wants the evidence of these statements to be suppressed. O'Toole delayed the decision for mid-trial.

Tsarnaev's next status hearing is scheduled for August 14.

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