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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Shaban 17,1435/June 15, 2014 # 24

The story about Nigerian girls was a fake. See report from Nigeria. Please scroll to end.

Great photo from the Imam Jamil Rally. Please scroll way down.

Israel is destined to fall, inshaAllah: On June 13, the biggest homosexual rally was held in Tel Aviv. This is almost like the people of the Prophet Lut [Lot], pbuh.

Breaking News: Pakistan. Drone attacks after Audacious raid on Karachi Airport.

On June 12: US drones carried out a series of missile attacks in North Waziristan on "suspected Pak Taliban." At least 16 Muslims were killed. Their homes were on fire as Pakistani intelligence happily reported.

Earlier on June 10, late model Pakistani jet fighters struck villages in Tirah valley [Khyber area] killing 25 people. Of these were 4 women and 2 children killed and 3 wounded all from the family of Malik Habib, of the pro-government Afridi tribe. He is a retired officer of the army, and his uncle and father fought in Kashmir. Thus the Afridi tribe sees the bombing as betrayal.

What many Pakistanis don't know about the attack on Karachi airport.
  1. At least 23 Pakistani security personnel were killed by the mujahideen. More than $130 million damage was caused to a segment of the airport which the assailants thought housed US drones. There were three huge explosions. [No civilians or civilian aircraft were targeted.]

  2. The Pakistani military was efficient and killed all 10 of the mujahideen after a 5 hour battle. Of these 7 were from the Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan [IMU]: Young men who were born in Pakistan and were Pakistani citizens.
    The IMU has issued photos of the seven young men which the Urdu language press has published.

  3. The IMU said it was retaliating for the Pakistani bombing of North Waziristan which killed more than a 100 civilians and forced 60,000 people to migrate to Afghanistan.

  4. The other three were Mehsud from the Pak Taliban movement. They were taking revenge for the drone assassination of Hakeemullah Mehsud, the Pak Taliban's top leader who was killed last year by the US in coordination with Pakistan.

  5. Seven assistants of the airport in panic took refuge in a cold storage area of the airport and died as the fire after the explosions enveloped the area. Their relatives tried their best to get the storage opened by the authorities but the proper keys could not be found.

Breaking News: Astounding Islamic Victories in Iraq
June 14: Within three days the mujahideen in Iraq have changed the face of their country. The latest is as follows:
  1. Anbar, Nineveh and Saleheddin provinces are now in Islamic hands.

  2. Mujahideen have entered Diyala province and after capturing two towns there are within 40 miles of Baghdad from one direction and 60 from the other..

  3. When the mujahideen led by ISIS, attacked the Shi'ite military in Mosul, several hundred Shi'ite troops were killed.

  4. The rest of the Shi'ite army fled in disarray, leaving their weapons behind, including tanks, artillery and armored cars. Many of them even took off their uniforms.

  5. The ISIS force was outnumbered 400 to 1 but had put such fear into the "government" army that the Shi'ite defeat was total. [Memories of Khalid ibn al-Waleed, r.a.,]

  6. In Tikrit, the Islamized Baathist forces led by al-Dawri, Saddam's surviving leader, joined the ISIS forces. The entire Shi'ite police forces were captured. [Remember that President Saddam Hussain and Taha Ramadan and others were executed by Shii supporters of the US invasion after show trials and serious humiliation of the opponents of the US.]

  7. In Samarra, the mujahideen suffered some losses from an Iranian force but the Iranians then retreated.

  8. The oil town of Beiji is in mujahideen hands. When the mujahideen approached the oil city of Kirkuk, the shias abandoned their military base with all their weaponry and fled in panic. Kurdish forces have taken over Kirkuk but they are not fighting the mujahideen.

Taking care of civilians.
  1. ISIS fighters are going from door to door in Mosul telling civilians, both Sunni and Shia, that they will not be harmed and that they should go about their business as usual.

  2. Civilians who fled to Kurdish towns in the north say that they are fleeing from fear of air strikes by the Maliki regime and the US, not out of fear of ISIS.

  3. There are reports that 17 of al-Malikis intelligence service officers accused of torture have been executed. No civilians have been harmed..

Shiites Mobilizing in Baghdad. Ayatollah Sistani's Call to Arms. Iran & US to work together.
  1. Ayatollah Sistani has called on all Shi'ites to join the armed forces and get ready to fight. He has expressed concern for the Shia shrines. The Mehdi army is getting ready to fight.

  2. President Obama is offering full support to the regime USA installed in Baghdad. But no troops.

  3. Iran is offering full support to the CIA installed regime in Baghdad. But no troops. {This may be a ruse. Iran troops are already in Iraq and in Syria, though not doing very well.]

  4. US naval forces are moving towards Iraq. A carrier and two guided missile ships are on the move.

  5. China is supporting the regime in Baghdad. The Chinese are only interested in making money.

  6. No Muslim regime has offered to help ISIS though the Muslim world is thrilled with the ISIS victory.. There can be little doubt that Muslims throughout the Middle East may already be helping ISIS. Muslim volunteers from France, Britain, Germany and Chechnia have already joined ISIS.

Editor's comment on Shi'ite shrines

Ayatollah Sistani's concern should be heeded. No shrine should be attacked.

It might be a mistake to attack Baghdad itself. If it is cut off for a while, the Shi'ites might start surrendering.

The shrines are not recognized in Islam. In fact all these Shia shrines were constructed after the era of the first three Shia imams, Ali, r.a., Hasan, r.a., and Hussain, r.a. So they have no Islamic legitimacy. Ali, r.a., did not teach the construction of shrines, nor did the other too.

Authentic hadith forbid pilgrimage to any mosques other than the ones in Makka, Madina and Jerusalem.

Iran has been moving thousands of pilgrims to the Shia shrines in Iraq. It is suspected that many of them are Iranian troops in civilian clothes.

Shi'ism has been developing into a separate religion from Islam. The veneration of these shrines may be a subtle process to remove the focus from the holy cities of Islam. With the attacks on the Companions of the Prophet, pbuh, and on the blessed Ayesha, r.a.,[who did not accept Ali's caliphate], Shias have been their own enemies. They were trying to create a "Shia crescent" but the Syrian uprising undermined that plan.

Juma Khutba: Baltimore, Maryland
Sura Yusuf: How it helps us Understand USA Muslims & Islamic Upsurge in Iraq.
Like Yusuf, prisons made Malcolm X & Imam Jamil Stronger.

On June 13, Br. Kaukab Siddique gave the juma khutba at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore. An enthused sister made a generous donation with the comment that New Trend's message must reach more people.

Here are the main points of the khutba:
  1. Yusuf, pbuh, as a child was abandoned in a well.

  2. Then he was sold into slavery.

  3. Then he was put into prison.

  4. Then he was falsely accused of sexual assault by the top lady of the realm and again punished.

  5. The main point is that if you are steadfast in your faith and perseverant in your da'wah, you will reach the highest points of achievement.

  6. There is no place for dejection and depression in a Muslim's life. Pray to Allah & He will open up doors for you.

  7. Things change. Who could have thought that a child dropped into a well by his own brothers would prevail over all his enemies, in his family and outside.

  8. Similar is the story of Jesus [Isa'], pbuh, in the Qur'an who was betrayed by his own people, the Jews, and then they tried to crucify him but Allah exalted him.

  9. The Jews thought the Messiah would be a powerful king with a golden crown. They could not accept one who was poor and did not even have a father [by Allah's miracle]. They ridiculed him and put a crown of thorns on his head.

  10. Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, too did not have a father when he was born and his mother too died soon thereafter. His supporters were mostly slaves, women and small tribes people. The Chiefs ridiculed him and his supporters as "arazilluna" [our dregs].

  11. These true stories show that severe handicaps cannot stop the progress of a Muslim.

  12. Now look at Iraq: How it was invaded by America, bombed, smashed, torn asunder, its people torture, imprisoned, humiliated, killed in large numbers.

  13. The occupiers, after they had destroyed the country left a lackey "government" in power, subservient to Iran and the US.

  14. The Islamic people kept fighting back and now the armies of the lackeys are in full retreat. Most of Iraq has already been liberated.

  15. It is a miracle from Allah that all the expensive weaponry America gave its lackeys is now in the hands of the mujahideen as the lackeys fled for their lives.

  16. Did you see the tanks and humvees given by America to its servants in the hands of the mujahiden or tied to the backs of mujahideen's vehicles.

  17. Do not despair owing to the lackey behavior of many US Muslims. Like Yusuf, pbuh, many true Muslims of America learn their Islam in prison. See how Malcolm X came to Islam and millions embraced Islam owing to his example.

  18. Look at Imam Jamil al-Amin, secluded in prison and in bad health but strong in Islam. How can you find such love that Muslims are demonstrating in the streets of Washington to stop his mistreatment.

  19. Please write to Muslims in prison. They write to our communities and many of us do not reply. That is a shame and a disgrace. Remember, we are one ummah.

  20. Another message of Sura Yusuf: Do not be jealous of Muslims who are blessed by Allah to high levels of spirituality.

  21. Resist sexual misconduct. Random sex is haram. If you cannot marry, then fast and pray and keep purifying yourself. Ramadan is very near. It is an excellent opportunity to discipline ourselves against the rampant misbehavior which is ruining America.

  22. Do not be influenced by the labels put on Muslims by the enemies of the Ummah. Till last week, the US was calling the Taliban "terrorists," but now it is talking to them and wants to make deals with them. The terms "wahhabi" and "takfiri" are Zionist terms. Muslims are Muslims.

  23. O Allah, give victory to the Islamic forces in Iraq and Syria. O Allah give them the ability to endure the US air strikes and drone attacks which might soon come as they came to the Muslims of Pakistan.

Leaders of Jamaat al-Muslimeen Virginia
Photo by Sis. Nadrat: Br. Ali Randall and Sis. Ayesha Jones: Highest scorers for Islamic videos
 Sis. Ayesha Jones and Br. Ali Randall

From Jamaat al-Muslimeen Virginia
On the Islamic upsurge in Iraq: Two brief clips:

What is ISIS?

Islamic victory in Mosul: Iraq's second biggest city:

Our America: Texas
Exploitation of Women & Children coming out of El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala

by Br. Robert Solano [Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Texas]

Some unknown sources started to spread the "news" that women with children would not be deported back to El Salvador, Honduras or Guatemala. These same "news carriers" were saying that all you needed was $1,600 to pay the Mexican coyotes at the river to be allowed to cross. The Mexican Mafia controls the crossing points at the border and nobody can cross unless they pay the required fee. So many are coming that Immigration officials have no room for them and if they have relatives living in the US they are allowing the children to be paroled to them along with the mother.

Congress appropriated two billion dollars to handle the problem and if the mothers and children have no immediate family living in the US they will start deportation of them. In the menatime the coyotes have made $1600 X the number that entered. It's a million dollar racket and the US government is caught in the middle between humanitarian deeds and an unexpected flow of illegals.

Why are they being mistreated in Arizona?

Arizona is anti-immigrant as it has reflected in its laws and the behavior of the Sheriff of the largest County there,(Maricopa). It will also destroy the Republican Senator's chances of becoming President. I will look further into it.

It is a difficult situation for the Obama Administration and its quest for Immigration Reform.

Our America: New York

Huge Unemployment for Americans: $37 billion for "Israel"
by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen New York City]

On May 31, 2014, I journeyed to Brooklyn, NY to take a state exam for Court Office Assistant position. They offer these exams on the weekend, which is convenient because you don't have to take time off from school or work. I have taken state employment exams before but, I have never experienced what I saw when I arrived there: Hundreds of people standing in line waiting to take the exam! It was supposed to start at 9:30am but it did not start until 11:15am. It took awhile for everyone to be seated in the test rooms!

A fellow test taker told me that she had been taking state employment exams for the past few months and that this scene is common. This is the sign of unemployment at its worst. If people don't believe that unemployment is rampant then, watch these lines going into public high schools every weekend! Everyone is looking for a job and government jobs are the easiest to get because all you do is pass a test to qualify. Plus, the benefits are great and it is difficult to be fired! Morale also tends to be low at these jobs but, you can use the surplus vacation time to escape it.

The Obama Administration has lied to the American people about the number of unemployed in America. They only count the new number of applications for unemployment. The currently unemployed don't get counted and let's not forget that on December 29, 2013, millions of unemployed people had their benefits ended as punishment for having been unemployed for a year.

John Boehner (R-Ohio), the racist Republican Speaker of the House of Representatives, will vote against any proposal Obama makes. He has stated that he will hold up renewing these unemployment benefits until the Obama Administration adds a measure to the renewal bill that creates jobs for these unemployed Americans.


Corporations create the majority of jobs in America. Let's understand, too, that many Americans are taught to educate themselves in hopes of looking valuable to an employer as opposed to being given tools to start a business of their own. Recently, a report stated that Black American college grads were being discriminated against in the job market. Surprise! Surprise! Boehner knows that Pres. Obama has no control over the job market. But, Obama has such a weak, acquiescent personality he won't even challenge Boehner's ridiculous stance against renewing unemployment benefits. Pres. Reagan would've taken to the airwaves to shed light on his opponent's views and why they are harmful to the American people. He would've campaigned against these people in some way to win the American people over to his side.

But, may be Pres. Obama weakened his stance by lying about how well the American people were really doing, in the first place. Attacking John Boehner would require an admission that the unemployment numbers were fudged by his administration. He will not do that anytime, soon.

One thing is for sure: Israel thanks the American government for skimming $37 billion in its public monies and donating it to their continued efforts to displace and humiliate the Palestinians. Israel is a true Welfare State with no shame! But, politicians like John Boehner want unemployed Americans to feel ashamed and to blame themselves for unemployment while he (and his cohorts) professes his undying financial support to the Welfare State of Israel!

Our America: Boston, Massachusetts: Part 2
Fallout from Marathon bombing case: Innocents snared and Imprisoned
Updates on Jahar's friends
Karin Friedemann
Matanov Commissary Fund Started

An account has been opened for Khairullozhon Matanov's commissary fund. He will need money to buy things like soap, toothpaste and snacks. Elena Teyer, Ibrahim Todashev's mother-in-law, made a donation of $50.

If you would like to deposit money into Khair's commissary fund, just click the link, register and you can enter either his last name or his register number. The facility is Plymouth County Sheriffs Dept. It is very simple. Thank you so much for anything you can do to help this young man, but do not send large amounts of money or else it could be used to deny him access to his government-appointed lawyer.

To write to Mr. Matanov, address letter to:

Khairullozhon Matanov # 65363?, Unit GSE, Room # 107, ?PCCF, ?26 Long Pond Road, ?Plymouth, MA 02360

Matanov Neighbor Speaks Out

"We would always say hi to each other in the hallway or parking lot!" stated Aurora, a woman who lived in the same apartment building as Khair.

"I have to say, he is a kid with a big smile, full of life and very presentable. He's not the average 23 year old guy, very classy person, and cleaned up, very high maintenance. I really hope everything sorts out and this kid gets his life back! We need intelligent people walking on the street, not bums or thugs... He is innocent till proven guilty!"

"I knew him a bit, just hi and hello cause I always worked and so did he, so we barely even saw each other in the building, but he always was friendly and never gave me the impression that he was being watched. He was always happy, a kid!

She also mentioned that Khair's roommate hasn't been seen since Khair's arrest. This is somewhat worrying since all of the other Russian-speaking friends of friends of Jahar or Tamerlan Tsarnaev - even those who didn't even know the Tsarnaevs - have been detained and/or deported from both Massachusetts and Florida.

Bayan Kumiskali to testify at roommate Azamat Tazayhakov's trial

The government plans to call Bayan Kumiskali, the long time (six years) partner of Dias Kadyrbayev, as a witness for the upcoming trial of UMass student Azamat Tazayhakov, who rented a room in their apartment. She received immunity in exchange for her testimony. She was already called in front of the Grand Jury before. The defense once mentioned that Bayan said she had seen cameras and they had recorded their interviews, so her testimony may be helpful to the defense.

Dias and Azamat Separated

Dias Kadyrbayev and Azamat Tazayhakov, who have been sharing a cell at the Essex County Jail in Middleton, MA will return to their former separate cells that they were put in when first arrested. Dias is in unit 120a Cell 115 and Aza is unit 120a Cell 110. The judge said in the beginning that they would be separated again closer to trial, as they are being tried separately, so this was expected.

Azamat Defense Proposes Jury Instruction

In a highly creative move, Attorney Nicholas Wooldridge submitted 41 statements that the defense asks to be shown to the jury as additional instruction.

"Since the indictment is not evidence and since it does not purport to prove or even indicate evidence against the defendant, you are to give no weight whatsoever to it. Every defendant begins trial with an absolutely clean slate and without any evidence against him. Remember that those are merely accusations. What matters is the evidence, or lack thereof, that you heard in the trial," reads a document presented by Azamat Tazayhakov's defense team.

"A person has no legal obligation to voluntarily provide information or things requested by investigators," it reads.

Most of the document has a very general tone instructing jurors on the concept of US Law but Request #21 gets so specific to the case it's inflammatory!

"Caution as to Witness Who Received Immunity: "You have heard the testimony of Bayan Kumiskali. She provided evidence under an immunity agreement with the government. Some people in this position are entirely truthful when testifying. Still, you should consider the testimony of this individual with particular caution given that she was given an agreement from the government not to be prosecuted for her role in the alleged conduct. They may have had reason to make up stories or exaggerate what others did because they wanted to help themselves."

This entire document seems like a very unique approach to attempting to publicize the defense point of view. See:

Ode to a brave Muslimah in US Prison who lost her mother
by Shaukat Khan [Charlotte, North Carolina]

life and death
both are priceless gifts from Allah
they are like the angels
that come and go as they please
we are never prepared to greet them
with salutation of peace..salaam
we can only be content that such must be
the will of Allah
but we live in the human domain
where much emotion lingers here and there
our memory too always display it's wound
but Alhamdulilah the time of ablution
just wash some of the memory gently away
but in our human domain some will linger on
to torture us another day!
Ah! but unfortunately such is the way of life

See our June 8 issue for the condolence letter by Asqfish to Sis. Marie in a Texas prison.

Washington, DC: June 9
Rally for Imam Jamil at the Bureau of Prisons.
His Health is going down in Prison.

Called by Br. Maury Saalakhan. Publicized by Sis. Nadrat Siddiqe.
 Rally for Imam Jamil at the Bureau of Prisons

Iraq 'asks US for assistance to quell militant uprising'

Iraq has asked the US for air assistance in quelling the uprising by militant Islamist group ISIS on its territory, NBC News has confirmed.
 An abandoned Iraqi security forces vehicle on a road in Tikrit
An abandoned Iraqi security forces vehicle on a road in Tikrit, which was overran by ISIS yesterday.

Credit: Reuters

The confirmation from official sources follows a report first posted by the Wall Street Journal.

The administration is considering a number of military options, including conducting strikes with drones or manned aircraft, official sources indicated.

Iraq has previously asked for drones it could use, but Washington did not want to supply them to the Maliki government, which has close ties to Tehran and has permitted Iran to ship weapons to the Assad regime in Syria through Iraqi territory, NBC news reported.

The Bergdahl Exchange
 The Bergdahl Exchange

KABUL, Afghanistan (AP) — The Taliban said Friday that U.S. Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl was treated well during the five years they held him captive and was even allowed to play soccer with the men holding him.

The spokesman, Zaibullah Mujahid, told The Associated Press by telephone that Bergdahl was held under "good conditions," and was given fresh fruit and any other foods he requested. "You can ask him in America about his life (in captivity). He will not complain," Mujahid said.

He said Bergdahl was held in different locations inside Afghanistan, without providing further details. He said the soldier enjoyed playing soccer as well as reading, including English-language books about Islam.

Since Bergdahl's release senior officials, including President Barack Obama, have said the prisoner swap that involved the release of five high-profile Taliban detainees from Guantanamo Bay, and which has caused a furor in the United States, was hastened by concerns the Army sergeant's physical health was deteriorating.

But the Obama administration later told senators it did not notify Congress about the pending swap because of intelligence the Taliban might kill Bergdahl if the deal was made public, congressional and administration officials said Thursday.

They spoke on condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to comment publicly.

Mujahid said he could not immediately comment on whether the Taliban had threatened to kill Bergdahl, who is currently recovering at a military hospital in Germany.

Several administration and congressional officials said that a December video shown to senators in a briefing portrayed Bergdahl's health as in decline but not so desperately that he required an emergency rescue. An assessment by U.S. intelligence agencies about the video in January came to the same conclusion, said two congressional officials familiar with it.

Taliban fighters freed Bergdahl Saturday and turned him over to a U.S. special operations team in eastern Afghanistan. Under the deal, five Taliban militants were released from Guantanamo and flown to Qatar, where they are to remain for a year under conditions that have not been spelled out in public.

A federal law requires Congress to be told 30 days before a prisoner is released from Guantanamo, but Obama administration officials said it did not apply in what they deemed an emergency situation.

How long will Nigerian military keep concocting these "missing girls" stories?
Nigeria's Fulanis deny abduction by Boko Haram
14 June 2014 15:31 (Last updated 14 June 2014 15:32)

Last week, media had reported that some 20 Fulani women had been abducted by Boko Haram militants, who called for their release on a ransom of 30 cows.


Leaders of the Fulani community in the Nigeria's northeastern Borno State have denied reports about the abduction of 20 women by Boko Haram militants.

"We need to tell the world that there is nothing like that," Amadu Musa, Borno chairman of the Miyetti Allah Cattle Breeders Association of Nigeria (MACBAN), told reporters late Friday.

"Our women and girls are intact," he said.

Last week, media had reported that some 20 Fulani women had been abducted by Boko Haram militants, who called for their release on a ransom of 30 cows.

"It takes us this long to respond because we made series of consultation to avoid issuing conflicting statements that will generate tension," Musa said.

"Though our people are nomads who frequently move in search of pasture, I have representatives in all the local govt areas of Borno. We have Lamidos and Ardos in all localities," he said.

"We took time to consult all of them and there was no incident of abduction. I believe the whole furor is the creation if some people."

Lamidos and Ardos are the leaders of Fulani people in different localities nationwide.

Musa said that all Fulani representatives in towns and villages have confirmed that no women had been abducted.

"We equally cross-checked with our people coming back with their cows and families to the extreme northern parts of Nigeria from southern part of the country and they confirmed that all is well," he added.

In mid-April, Boko Haram militants stormed a high school in Borno State, loading scores of schoolgirls onto trucks before driving away unchallenged.

Boko Haram, which means "Western education is forbidden" in Nigeria's local Hausa language, first emerged in the early 2000s preaching against government misrule and corruption.

The group later became violent, however, after the death of its leader in 2009 while in police custody.

In the five years since, the shadowy sect has been blamed for numerous attacks - on places of worship and government institutions - and thousands of deaths.

By Rafiu Ajakaye

2014-06-15 Sun 08:10:04 cdt