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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rajab 6,1435/May 6, 2014 # 18

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Breaking News: Syria

May 6:
Heavy fighting flared up on the fringes of Damascus as the mujahideen tried to advance.
Armed civilians opposing Assad in two districts of Homs have agreed to withdraw to a northern district of Homs. If not attacked by Assad they will release 40 Iranians in their hands.

May 5:
Syrian troops tried to advance into Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp behind UN distribution of food and left wing Palestinian Marxist groups. After a burst of fighting with mujahideen, the Syrian troops retreated. The food could not be distributed.

May 2:
Syrian aircraft bombed a market packed with shoppers in the town of Halak in north Aleppo. 33 civilians were killed and more than 100 injured. [[News Now.]

April 30:
Syrian planes dropped barrel bombs on a school in South Aleppo, killing 18 civilians, including 10 children.

April 29:
In an attempt to enter Damascus, mujahideen fired mortars killing 18 of Assad's people.

In the Alawite segment of Homs, two car bomb attacks killed 36 Alawites and injuring 85.
In Raqqa, an Assad soldier was executed for raping a Muslim woman. The man shooting him is recognized by British intelligence as a British Muslim from London. More than 250 British Muslims are in Syria.

Shoora May 3, Baltimore, Maryland
Counter Blast to the Zionist-Corporate Media
This national shoora meeting was the best yet. It went on for 11 hours with harmony and productivity though the central committee members are interracial, very different in age and belonging to diverse professions and backgrounds.

Important Policy Matters;
  1. The central committee brought the situation in Nigeria as an example of how easily Muslims are misled by powerful western media outlets.

    Very recently, the Nigerian government announced that 239 school girls had been abducted by Boko Haram Islamic fighters. A couple of days later, it announced that all had been recovered except one. Then two days later, most had not been recovered. Now we are told they are being "sold" for $12 each.

    All this we are told to believe despite the fact that journalists are not allowed into the war zone and the entire story is from government sources. {Latest is from the wife of the Nigerian president that the mothers of the girls have concocted the story to get money from the government!]]

    The Qur'an requires us [49:6] to doubt stories brought by corrupt people and that thorough investigation is needed.

  2. We are not against Jews. Throughout history Muslims protected Jews against Christians, especially Crusaders.

    We are against Jews who have occupied Palestine by force of arms. Only a few indigenous Jews belong in Palestine. The rest should go back where they came from.

    Some Jews are very capable as doctors, scientists, lawyers, professors. We should not denigrate their professional abilities. We are only against them because they support Israel and have taken control of American resources.

    Do not be fooled by "good Jews" who criticize Israeli atrocities. They do not consider Israel an illegitimate entity.

    Holocaust stories are helping Israel globally by way of sympathy and funds. These stories have been subjected to scholarly critique by many outstanding researchers who are not Nazis, such as Germar Rudolf, David Irving, Mark Weber, Bradley Smith and many others. We should invite Americans to read the critique to decide what really happened.

    It is grossly unfair to compare the three to four years of the alleged holocaust to 400 years of American slavery.

  3. Homosexuality is condemned by Islam. The Zionist power structure of America has violated the religious rights of Muslims, Christians and Jews by foisting this abomination on the entire population. No Muslim worth the name will support homosexuality. We must oppose it but without any incitement to violence.

  4. New Trend magazine publicizes Jamaat al-Muslimeen but it is not the publication of a party even as committed as Jamaat al-Muslimeen. It is an independent publication and Jamaat members do not need to defend New Trend.

  5. We support all political prisoners, particularly Islamic prisoners, but we do not necessarily agree with their ideas, ideals and philosophies of life. We want them to be treated well, given their due rights, and, if possible re-tried and released. Most would be released if re-tried because often they have been trapped by paid informants.

Bssed on our reports from across the nation.-
Jamaat al-Muslimeen Resolutions - May 3, 2014

  1. The Zionist state of Israel is not a legitimate entity.

  2. We urge Muslims to oppose Israel and Zionism on all fronts.

  3. We urge the boycott of businesses which support Israel, such as: Nestle, Starbucks, McDonalds, Home Depot, and Coca-Cola.

  4. We oppose tyrants and dictators, especially Bashar Al-Asad of Syria, General Sisi of Egypt, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, the pro-India clique in Dhaka, Bangladesh, and Hadi of Yemen.

  5. We urge Muslims to support the Islamic people of Syria.

  6. We call on the entire ummah to support the people of Africa—particularly Somalia, Nigeria, Ethiopia, Uganda, and Mali— against exploitation, imperialism, and Zionism.

  7. We call on all Muslims—and indeed all people of conscience—to recognize the plight of Muslim minorities in Central African Republic (CAR), South Sudan, and Burma.

  8. We urge the speedy withdrawal of the U.S. from Afghanistan.

  9. We urge Muslims to supply the Muslims of Gaza with the necessities of life.

  10. We hail the victory of Erdogan Tayyep in Turkey and the defeat of the Gulen subversives.

United States
  1. We urge the release of all political prisoners. Free Ziyad Yaghi, Ahmad Abdus Sattar, Imam Jamil Al-Amin, Siddig Abdullah Hassan, Tarig El-Hassan, Tariq Mehanna, Dr. Aafi Siddiqui, and all others languishing in America's gulag.

  2. We call for the cessation of exploitation and commodification of women in America.

  3. We oppose Zionist control of the media and Hollywood. We support the creation of independent Muslim media.

  4. We condemn racism in all its forms.

  5. We urge an impartial inquiry and oversight into the imprisonment of Muslim political prisoners.

  6. We urge Muslim groups to stop remaining silent on the issue of "Israel."

  7. We condemn the genocide of young black people in Chicago, Baltimore, Richmond, We urge the immediate resignation of Mayor Rahm Emmanual.

  8. We call for a stop to the exploitation of Hispanic people for votes and other political iniquities.

  9. We call for the critical research of the role of American Universities in the heavily skewed foreign policies of the United States.

Our America: Outreach
Jamaat al-Muslimeen Activity in W. Baltimore.
100 Muslims given 8 pages Each.

On May 2, after juma' prayers, at Masjid Rahma in West Baltimore, an 8-page document was given to 100 people. These were mostly Pakistanis and Arabs with a few African Americans. The 8 pages were:
  1. Strange "defeat" of Munawar Hasan: US & Military combined in Pakistan.

  2. &
  3. How Osama evaded US: His wife Amal Abdul Fateh speaks.

  4. New Pak JI ameer speaks on rights of women, the poor, Kashmir.

  5. Jordan's ambassador seized in Libya for Islamic prisoners in Jordan/

  6. Syria in flames as mujahideen advance+Drone massacre in Yemen.& Saudi women.

  7. Unarmed Muslims massacred in South Sudan.

  8. Indonesia's anti-Shia Conference in response to Syria.

Letter Opposing Report on Anti-Shia Conference

Indonesia: I'm quite sure anti shi'a sectarianism didn't start from the conflict in Syria. You should be condemning all sectarian or tribal or racial conflicts.

Shoaib [UK]

[From Jamaat al-Muslimeen New York]
Los Angeles Clippers Jewish Owner's Racist Rant Recorded by Black Latina Girlfriend!
by Sis. Aisha

Over the past few days the mainstream media has been involved in a whirlwind because of the recorded racist comments made by Zionist Jew Donald Sterling who owns the Los Angeles Clippers. Many people in the sports world are calling for the NBA to force him to sell the team.

Below are two recordings. The first one is by TMZ. This is the recording that Donald Sterling's, now ex-mistress, V. Stiviano, who is a Mexican of African-descent. Apparently, the ugly incident was sparked by Sterling's White and/or Jewish cohorts asking him about instagram pictures Stiviano had been taking with Black men like Magic Johnson and Matt Hemp. He pulls a Thomas Jefferson on her by telling her it is okay to associate with these Black people, just not in public!

However, the second Youtube link is to The Advise Show where some 3 minutes were edited from TMZ, which is owned by Harvey J. Levin, a Jew. Sterling makes comments about Black Jews in Israel being treated like dogs and how that is "the way." Stiviano challenges his racist thinking and compares it to those who started the Holocaust. This is what TMZ did not broadcast in it's video on Youtube based on what I saw. But, there are bits and pieces of this Zionist/Racist rant all over Youtube now.

With the exception of Michael Jordan (African-American) and Vivek Ranadive (an Indian), the majority of NBA owners are American Jews. Adam Silver is the new Jewish NBA Commissioner having replaced another Jew, David Stern, who retired.

The racist and Zionist attitudes of these owners is reflected in many policies that NBA players blindly follow, such as giving up their Christmas with family to play and make these owners money. After the famous brawl between the Pacers and Detroit Pistons fans at the Palace at Auburn Hills in 2004, David Stern ordered NBA players to wear business suits at all times when out of uniform. Stern stated that this was an effort to win back White Middle-American fans!

In his 30 year tenure as NBA Commissioner, David Stern has succeeded in ridding the NBA of politically aware NBA players such as Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Imam Mahmud Abdul-Rauf, and Larry Johnson (also Muslim). Now, the NBA is filled with young Money-Makers whose only concern is the size of their paycheck. And, they will do ANYTHING to get it!

TMZ audio version:
Salaam, Sis. 'Aisha

Extended Audio on The Advise Show (not heard on TMZ):

Uniting for Pakistan:Sirajul Haq speaks out.
Tribal Representatives Endorse Peace Process with Pak Taliban
Love of Pakistan is integral to the Fighters in the Mountains.

 1st May Siraj
LAHORE, May 1: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Sirajul Haq, has said that the key to peace lies with Islamabad and the day when the government decided to finish the game, every issue would be solved.

He was addressing a grand Peace Jirga organized by the JI tribal areas, held at Nishtar Hall, Peshawar, on Thursday. It was attended by more than one thousand tribal elders drawn from all the tribal agencies. Chairman Taliban negotiation committee Maulana Samiul Haq, and committee members Prof. Muhammad Ibrahim Khan, Maulana Yusuf Shah and other JI leaders also addressed.

A joint declaration unanimously adopted by the Jirga through show of hand, fully supported the dialogue process initiated by Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif with the Taliban for restoration of peace and stability in the light of the APC decision. The Jirga urged all the stake holders, the government, the armed forces and the Taliban to extend ceasefire. It also demanded wide ranging constitutional, legal, political reforms educational and economic reforms so as to remove the sense of deprivation of the tribal people.

Sirajul Haq impressed upon the rulers in Islamabad to heed to the tribal peoples cries for peace, and warned that otherwise they would stage a long march to Islamabad to make themselves heard by the rulers.

He said that winning the confidence of the tribal people was more important for Pakistan's defense than the nuclear bomb. The tribal people were unpaid defenders of the country but today they were being condemned as terrorists, he added. He said the violators of the constitution were residing in Islamabad and not in tribal areas. Those wearing turbans and supporting beards are not terrorists, but the biggest terrorist is the US, he remarked.

He said no one in the tribal areas had ever set the national flag on fire, and the schools in tribal areas began with the national anthem, he added.

The JI Ameer said that those bombing the tribal areas should tell the nation if they had ever established any college, university or a hospital in the tribal areas.

Sirajul Haq said it was unfortunate that when the rulers keen to declare India as the Most Favorite nation were asked to extinguish the war flames, they instead poured kerosene oil to intensify the war. He said that ten million tribal people had voted for dialogue because they had been crushed in the war between the armed forces and the Taliban.

The JI Ameer said that some people considered the FCR as the panacea for all ills. And remarked that if the FCR was so good, let it be enforced in Islamabad which was suffering from several diseases.

Addressing the Jirga, Maulana Samiul Haq said that ever since the talks had started, drone attacks had stopped. He said had the US been opposed to talks, the US President Obama could not have appreciated the dialogue.

He said that Prime minister Nawaz Sharif and Interior Minister Ch. Nisar Ali Khan were facing a difficult situation and the only solution lay in success of dialogue.

He said the Supreme Court had held that the tribal areas were not within its jurisdiction, and asked why the tribal people were given a discriminatory treatment.

Prof. Muhammad Ibrahim Khan, in his address, said that the government should itself implement the constitution first and grant the tribal people their lawful rights. Next, he said, that the constitution declared Islam the state religion, therefore, "the government should enforce the Islamic order first, and then we would make the Taliban accept the constitution."

He said that the main parties in the talk were the Taliban and the armed forces while the tribal people and the government were the affected parties. In fact the success and thee failure of talks depended on the armed forces.

Trials and convictions of the JI workers on so called war crimes.

Karachi , Pakistan
Munawar Hasan, outgoing JI ameer, visiting Dr. Aafia Siddiqui's mother.
May 4, 2014
 Former JI Chief Syed Munawar Hassan paid visit to mother of Dr Afia Siddiqui along with JI Karachi Chief Hafiz Naeem

[The British deceived their French allies & Wrote a fake history of the War. In Fact Hitler allowed the British army to survive.]
The Miracle of Dunkirk Reconsidered

By Charles Lutton

Dunkirk: The Patriotic Myth, by Nicholas Harmon. New York: Simon & Schuster, 1980. 271 pages with appendices, maps, photographs, annotated bibliography, index. ISBN: 0-671-25389-1

Forty-one years ago nearly 340,000 British and French troops were evacuated from the besieged port of Dunkirk. At the time the event was portrayed by the British government and press as a kind of victory. The "Spirit of Dunkirk" became a powerful instrument to help sustain morale at home and rally support abroad. Though a number of perceptive military analysts arrived at a more sophisticated understanding of Dunkirk years ago, the war-time version of the event is still repeated, not only in popular literature, but in college texts as well.[1]

Nicholas Harmon, a British journalist and broadcaster, has written a noteworthy study of the Dunkirk episode that goes well beyond previous accounts. In preparing his major revision of Dunkirk, the author consulted Cabinet papers, war diaries, and other newly released documents that had been kept secret for more than 30 years under Britain's Official Secrets Act. Harmon had anticipated retelling the familiar story in modern form. But, in light of the previously unavailable records, he found that "as I proceeded the simple truths began to slide away."

Reviewing events from the German invasion of Western Europe on May 10, 1940, to the decision of the British government to withdraw its forces from the continent, Harmon discovered that the long-held assertion that Britain was let down by her French and Belgian allies is a myth. Although the Allies outnumbered their German opponents, including a superiority in tanks,[2] Hitler's generals employed innovative tactics to subdue their more numerous enemies. On May 22, Churchill's Cabinet decided to retire the British Expeditionary Force (BEF) from France. Anthony Eden formally ordered the commander of the BEF, General Lord Gort, to deceive his Allies about the British Army's intention to retreat. Churchill contributed to the deception by reassuring French Premier Reynaud that Britain was firmly committed to victory. Even as the British prepared to evacuate, they tried to convince the Belgians to continue to fight. The Belgians did remain on the field of battle for an additional five days, which delayed the advance of German Army Group B toward Dunkirk. As the author points out, "Far from being betrayed by their Allies, the British military commanders in France and Belgium practiced on them a methodical deception which enabled the British to get away with their rear defended."

Harmon's research disclosed that the British were responsible for crimes against both German soldiers and Allied civilians. Some British troops were supplied with dumdum bullets -- lethal missiles expressly banned by the Geneva Convention on the rules of war. London issued directives to take no prisoners except when they specifically needed captive Germans for interrogation. For this reason British Tommies feared being captured because "they supposed that the enemy's orders would be the same as their own." On May 27, 90 prisoners of the Norfolk Regiment were killed by members of the SS Totendopf Division and on May 28, over 80 men of the Warwickshire Regiment were executed by troops of the SS Adolf Hitler Regiment. These acts were committed in retaliation for the massacre of large numbers of men of the SS Totenkopf Division who had surrendered to the British.

French and Belgian civilians fared little better than the Germans at the hands of their British confederates. Looting was common and "stealing from civilians soon became official policy." British military authorities executed, without trial, civilians suspected of disloyalty. In one instance, reports Harmon, the Grenadier Guards shot 17 suspected "fifth columnists" at Helchin. The perpetrators of these war crimes were apparently not disciplined or placed on trial, as were German soldiers later charged with similar acts.

The evacuation from Dunkirk, codenamed "Operation Dynamo," commenced on May 26. It was originally hoped that up to 45,000 men might be rescued. The actual total came to 338,000 men. Lord Gort was instructed not to inform his French and Belgian colleagues that the evacuation was beginning. South-east of Dunkirk the British withdrew their units, leaving seven French divisions alone to face the advancing Germans. The French fought on until their ammunition was exhausted and managed, like the Belgians, to tie down German forces that would otherwise have been available to assault the perimeter of Dunkirk.

As British and French troops retired toward Dunkirk, Admiral Sir B.H. Ramsay organized the sea lift to England. After the French government protested, a written order was issued commanding that French troops be embarked in equal numbers with the British. In practice this was not carried out. Harmon records that when Frenchmen tried to board boats on the beach, Royal Navy shore parties organized squads of soldiers with fixed bayonets to keep them back. On at least one occasion a British platoon fired on French troops attempting to embark. Only after practically all the British had escaped were efforts made to evacuate the remaining French soldiers. But when the port surrendered to the Germans on June 3, over 40,000 French soldiers were captured.

Perhaps the most memorable aspect of the evacuation was the role played by civilians in their small boats. Harmon explains that this is just part of the myth. The British public was not informed that an evacuation was underway until 6 pm on May 31. A Small Vessels Pool, based on Sheerness, did assemble a large number of small civilian craft. But most of them were useless for evacuation work. Only on the last two days of the withdrawal did civilian volunteers play a role in rescuing an additional 26,500 men from the beaches. Their contribution, notes the author, "was gallant and distinguished; but it was not significant in terms of numbers rescued."

Harmon re-examined the on-going controversy concerning Hitler's order of May 24, halting for two days the German advance in the direction of Dunkirk. After the war some German officers claimed that they were "shocked" when they received the order to stop their tanks at the river Aa, which permitted the French to establish a defensive line on the west side of Dunkirk. At the time, however, Panzer General Heinz Guderian visited his leading units on the approaches to Dunkirk and concluded that General Von Rundstedt had been right to order a halt and that further tank attacks across the wet land (which had been reclaimed from the sea) would have involved a useless sacrifice of some of his best troops. In his post-war memoirs and discussions with Sir Basil Liddell Hart, Guderian tried to blame Hitler for the suspension of the advance. From his discussions with Guderian and other German generals, Liddell Hart concluded that Hitler permitted the British Army to escape on purpose, hoping that this generous act would facilitate the conclusion of peace with Britain.[3]

A number of years ago it became clear that the order to stop the advance of the German Panzer units had been expected for some time. General Von Rundstedt finally issued that order on May 24 which Hitler simply confirmed.[4] The troops were allowed to rest and local repairs were carried out on the armored vehicles. When the offensive resumed on May 26 the German priorities had shifted and the focus of the attack was Paris and the heartland of the country where a large body of French troops remained. Dunkirk was regarded as a sideshow. German Air Force units were assigned to bombard Dunkirk, but the weather there was generally unsuitable for flying and during the nine days of the evacuation the Luftwaffe interfered with it only two-and-a-half days -- May 27, the afternoon of May 29, and on June 1.[5]

While the author has written a solid re-appraisal of Dunkirk, he is less trustworthy when he wanders from his topic. For instance, early in his narrative Harmon repeats the old fable that pre-war German re-armament "was the motor of the country's economic recovery in the 1930's." Later on, he states that "in conspiracy with the German dictatorship, the Soviet dictatorship swallowed up Finland" (sic). A good editor should have caught this error.

Nicholas Harmon's study shows that an event which has long been celebrated as one of the greatest triumphs in British history, was, in fact, a major defeat. The evacuation of a third of a million men was a unique achievement, but a military catastrophe nonetheless. In de-mythologizing Dunkirk, he has made a contribution to our understanding of the Second World War.


In 1948 the outstanding British military theorist and historian, Major General J.F.C. Fuller, exploded the Dunkirk myth in his book, The Second World War: A Strategical and Tactical History (Duell, Sloan & Pearce). Yet years later, University of Illinois professor David Sumler wrote, "At the port of Dunkirk, all sorts of civilian crafts mobilized by the British government -- fishing boats, yachts, tug boats -- braved the bombs and strafing runs of the Luftwaffe to rescue 200,000 British and 140,000 French troops." A History of Europe in the Twentieth Century (The Dorsey Press, 1973) p. 234.One of the most enduring legends of the war is belief that the German armies of 1939-41 were highly mechanized. In 1940 the Germans deployed only ten armored (Panzer) divisions out of 135 assembled for the Western offensive. The Anglo-French forces not only possessed more tanks than the Germans, but a higher percentage of their tanks were medium and heavy models. Most of the tanks used by the Germans in 1940 were obsolescent light Mark Is and Ils, augmented by several hundred Czech light tanks.This thesis first appeared in B.H. Liddell Hart's 1948 book, The German Generals Talk (British title: The Other Side of the Hill). The volume has recently been reprinted in paperback by William Morrow & Co. Years later he modified his views on this matter, remarking that Hitler's "decision was woven of several threads." He said that General Blumentritt, Rundstedt's ex-Chief-of-Staff, had told him that "the 'halt' had been called for more than military reasons, and that it was part of a political scheme to make peace easier to reach. If the BEF had been captured at Dunkirk, the British might have felt that their honor had suffered a stain which they must wipe out. By letting it escape Hitler hoped to conciliate them." B.H. Liddell Hart, History of the Second World War (G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1970), pp. 74-5, 77, 80-3.Maj. Gen. J.F.C. Fuller, in his concise and perceptive review of the military questions involved, pointed out that Rundstedt first ordered Hoth's and Kleist's Panzer Groups to temporarily halt on the evening of 23 May. "In the circumstances this was a sound decision. The German armored divisions needed rest and an overhaul... The truth is, that the whole area was one vast tank obstacle, and that Hitler, who had a better understanding of the capability of tanks than most of his generals, considered their use in the Dunkirk area would be an 'incredible blunder'... The evacuation was a phenomenal success, as so many British retreats have been... The causes of the success were outside German control." Fuller, A Military History of the Western World, Vol. III: From the Seven Days Battle, 1862, to the Battle of Leyte Gulf, 1944 (Minerva Press, 1967) pp. 400-404. Another British observer, Alistair Horne, has written: "Three myths can be usefully dispatched... Thirdly, the fault for the 'Halt Order' cannot be placed solely at Hitler's door. Since the war, German generaldom has been committed for various reasons, which include both self preservation and professional pride, to blaming every war-time error and crime upon Hitler... But if anyone was primarily to blame, both on the evidence of the episode itself and of his past performance during the campaign, it was Rundstedt... He was an outstanding battle commander, but as a strategist he showed himself throughout to be almost as preconditioned by the experiences of the First World War as his French counterparts. On May 24, it was the shock of what the British had done (in their brief offensive at Arras on May 21) coupled with his ineradicable fears of what the French still could do, which principally decided Rundstedt, and, through him persuaded Hitler, to halt the Panzers." Horne, To Lose A Battle: France 1940 (pb. ed. pp. 602-03. Penguin Books, 1979.)Cajus Bakker, The Luftwaffe War Diaries, pb. ed. pp. 62-175. Translated by Frank Ziegler (Ballantine Books, 1980.) This book was first published in Germany in 1964. Though far from definitive, it remains the best history available of the German air force in World War II.

From The Journal of Historical Review, Winter 1981 (Vol. 2, No. 4), pp. 375-380.

Updated April 29, 2014, 8:25 p.m. ET

US backtracks on terror claim against Tunisian man

Associated Press NEW YORK — The government revealed Tuesday that it is offering a plea deal that may result in freedom for a Tunisian man who last year was accused of plotting to build a U.S.-based terrorism cell and radicalizing a Canadian man charged in a train derailment plot.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Ferrara announced the offer in federal court in Manhattan at a pre-trial hearing for Ahmed Abassi.

The plea would be to charges of making false statements and possessing an identification document with intent to defraud the United States. Abassi has pleaded not guilty. The false statements charge carries a maximum of five years in prison while the other charge, a misdemeanor, carries a potential sentence of up to one year in prison.

Ferrara said federal sentencing guidelines would call for a sentence of up to six months in prison if the government declines to ask for a terrorism enhancement at sentencing. If it did, the guidelines would call for six years in prison, he said.

Assistant Federal Defender Sabrina Shroff said her client has not yet decided whether to accept the deal or go to trial. He has been incarcerated without bail since his arrest.

Abassi was arrested at John F. Kennedy International Airport on April 22, 2013, five weeks after he arrived from Canada and began being watched by law enforcement.

Authorities said Abassi met regularly with an undercover FBI agent and with another Tunisian citizen, Chiheb Esseghaier, who later was arrested in Canada in the plot to derail a train that runs between New York City and Montreal.

Prosecutors had claimed Abassi had radicalized Esseghaier, who was charged in Toronto with conspiring with al-Qaida members in Iran in the plot. He is awaiting trial.

Manhattan's top federal prosecutor, Preet Bharara, said a year ago that Abassi wanted to remain in the United States to commit acts of terror and develop a network of terrorists that could use the U.S. as a base to launch international attacks.

Shroff told U.S. District Judge Miriam Goldman Cedarbaum on Tuesday that Abassi was entrapped by the government after an undercover agent provided him with a life of luxury in downtown Manhattan.

She said the government sought to "build up a case that they thought would be the case of the century which never came to bear because Mr. Abassi refused to engage in any concrete plan of terrorism."

Ferrara said the United States does not currently seek to ask for a terrorism enhancement to the sentence if he accepts the deal, but said prosecutors could eventually decide to do so. He also said Abassi would have to agree to be deported if he pleads.

—Copyright 2014 Associated Press

From Jamaat al-Muslimeen Virginia

Saudis Holding Islamic women in Prison in Buraydah: Hijabi women protested: Then what happened?
[Not shias.]
Apr 26 Arabic with English translation

2014-05-06 Tue 18:54:39 cdt