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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Awwal 23,1435/March 23, 2014 # 12

Hail Turkey: First time in the Mid East, an air strike in favor of Islam
 File pic Turkish fighter jet
Breaking News: On March 23, a Turkish F-16 shot down a Syrian fighter bomber which was attacking mujahideen who have taken the border crossing near Turkey. The Syrian crossed into Turkey and was shot down.

Speaking to a celebrating crowd, Prime Minister Erdogan of Turkey hailed the pilot who shot down the Syrian bomber.

Syria's air force has committed serious violations of human rights including dropping barrel bombs on the city of Aleppo which have killed 800 plus civilians in that one city alone.

[See below: Mujahideen entered Assad's stronghold of Latakia and captured the border crossing known as Kassab.]

Stop the presses: March 23 late: Jaish al-Islam rocket fire killed Bashar Assad's cousin Hilal al-Assad and 7 other officers in the town of Kassab within range of the border crossing where heavy fighting is going on. He was the commander of Assad's forces in the Alawite province of Latakia.

Islamic Power of Unarmed Ikhwan Demonstrators.

After Juma on March 21, thousands of people turned out across Egypt to defy the military and to call for the release of President Morsi. More than 10 people were killed and scores wounded as Sisi's forces fired repeatedly on the demonstrators. There was no panic.

The Chinese news agency Xinhua has release photos of the rallies. We publish 7 photos. Notice the large numbers of hijabi women against General Sisi. Please scroll to end for photos.

Also on March 19, Egyptian army killed 5 Islamic fighters in Qulaybia province but two of its senior officers were killed: a Brigadier General and a colonel.


Munawar Hasan addressed Huge Crowd in Karachi in Memory of Iqbal's & Quaid's Dream of Islamic Pakistan: Thousands of women and children were among the crowd. More than 300,000 became members of Jamaate Islami.
From Urdu written by Anwar Niazi.

March 23: On the anniversary of the Pakistan Resolution of 1940 which gave a political shape to Allama Iqbal's dream of an Islamic homeland, a massive gathering was held in Karachi to affirm the defense of Pakistan and its ideology.

The gathering was addressed by Syed Munawar Hasan, ameer of Jamaate Islami Pakistan, Prof. Ibrahim, Jamaate Islami's leader in Frontier Province, Prof. Mairaj ul-Huda JI ameer for Sindh and Hafiz Naeemi, the ameer of JI Karachi, among many others.

Munawar Hasan [Maulana Maudoodi's most brilliant student] warned Pakistanis to beware of India's control of Pak water resources and its occupation of Kashmir. He said US presence in the region threatens the independence of all countries in this area, be it Pakistan or Iran.

He called for a return of Karachi to its vital role in Pakistan's economy. He spoke against sectarianism and said that Pakistan belongs to all Muslims.

Mairaj ul-Huda highlighted the suffering of the poor masses in Thar area of Sind after it was struck by drought.

Prof. Ibrahim, who is on the Committee for peace talks with the Taliban, noted the continuing army action which has brought a steady flow of refugees from North Waziristan and other northern areas.

Hafiz Naeemi, the new dynamic leader of JI in Karachi, described the campaign to gain support of Karachi's people which has brought 300,000 new people into the jamaat.

Munawar Hasan is deeply concerned about the suffering of the drought stricken people of Thar where hundreds have died. He has called on all Pakistanis to join the Islamic relief teams already in the area. Please scroll to end below for his message about Thar given before he went to Karachi.

Is Peace Possible or Hate will win?
Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists vs Muslims?

by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

Every week, sometimes every day, I receive questions from friends, colleagues, opponents and readers in general: Why is there so much conflict between Muslims and people of other religions?

Also, I receive comments from the other extreme saying: Islam, Christianity and Judaism are Abrahamic religions with minor differences. All those who oppose this harmony are potential terrorists and haters, these extremists say.

Why are Muslims fighting and killing other Muslims?

Instead of answering each person separately, I have decided to give this consolidated response.
  1. Islam does not teach war against people of other religions. The Qur'an states very clearly that "There is no compulsion in religion."

  2. Anyone fighting people who are Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists because they are Christians, Jews, Hindus, Buddhists is violating Islam.

  3. Islam teaches fighting against:

    1. Oppression

    2. Exploitation

    3. Occupation.

    4. Aggression.

    5. Tyranny, dictatorship, kingship.

  4. Islam teaches Tawheed [Oneness of God], Risalat [continuity of messengers and prophets], [Akhirat] Judgement and Life in the Hereafter.

  5. Hence we oppose religions which do not have these basic teachings.

  6. Opposition or rejection does not mean conflict or war.

  7. Muslims believe that they will always win in unrestricted transmission of the Islamic message. There is no reason for Islam to use force against anyone. We always win.

So why is there conflict? These are the causes:
  1. Occupation of Palestine by the Jews. They brought their people from all over the world and forcibly settled them in a Muslim land.

  2. Occupation of Kashmir by India, occupation of Chechnia by Russia, occupatuon of Afghanistan first by Russia and then by the US and NATO, occupation of Iraq by the US. Bombing of Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia by the US.

  3. Tyrants implanted in Muslim lands and supported/armed/funded by western powers.
    Mubarak ruled for 30 years, Ben Ali in Tunisia for 30 years, Qaddafi in Libya for 40 years, Saleh in Yemen for 30 years, Assad in Syria for 30 years [continuing], Saudis in Arabia for 75 years [continuing], etc.

  4. In each of these tyrannies, the regimes used torture, arbitrary arrests, murder, terrorism against families, waste of huge sums of money to buy minorities, collaborators and agents to terrorize the Muslim majorities.

  5. Gonocide against Muslims in Kashmir, India, Burma, Chechnia and western China

  6. Exploitation of women. After America and Europe had subjugated their own women and turned them into objects of pleasure and "free" sex, they started attempts to degrade women in Muslim lands. Hence western attacks on hijab, niqab and family life along with exaltation of women who dress like Europeans.

  7. Cultural imperialism. Export of sexual anarchy in movies and videos coming in an ongoing flood from India, USA and Europe. Hillary Clinton led the way by accepting her husband's sexual exploits with a Jewish woman in the Oval office itself.

  8. Once western cultural norms are successfully exported to Muslim populations, the next step is direct attack on religion in all its forms. Former President Bush started the media assault on Medressas [Islamic schools], along with bombing raids on such schools.

  9. President Obama's is leading the way with his blatant attempts to export homosexuality as a norm, starting with African countries which are friendly to the US.

  10. With guidance from the Rand Corporation's Security section, the US sees Muslims as hostile populations under three categories:

    1. "Fundamentalists" who are strict in prayer, fasting, zakat and Hajj. These are to be beguiled with a variety of forms of entertainment and by the possession of a great variety of luxuries.

    2. "Extremists" who come out on the streets to protest against imperialist and Zionist acts of aggression. They are to be painted as ugly and frustrated people, bigots who are somewhat irrational and whose protests are to be ignored. [Example: Jamaate Islami in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Ikhwan in Egypt.]

    3. "Terrorists" who pick up arms to fight against the western powers and against the dictators and tyrants they support. [If they had been non-Muslims, they would have been called freedom fighters.

What's the solution? Actually it is simple. It is called SELF DETERMINATION. Muslims should have the right to determine their own future according to Islam. The West cannot stomach this solution. In Algeria, an extremely popular peaceful movement, FIS, which won through elections was crushed by the secularist regime with the full support of France. In Palestine, the duly elected Hamas government has been labelled as "terrorist" by the US, and now in Egypt, the duly elected government led by President Morsi has been crushed, with thousands of unarmed protestors shot down.

In Bangladesh, the unarmed peaceful movement led by Jamaate Islami is being crushed as the regime wanted to justify the "elections" it held. Such elections, under repression, and even occupation, are duly held in Kashmir, Iraq, Chechnia and Afghanistan.

Your questions are welcome.

Third Khutba on the Life of the Prophet, pbuh. Uhud and Khalid, r.a.

On March 21 Br. Kauksb Siddique gave the Juma khutba at masjid jamaat al-Muslimeen in Bsltimore, Maryland.

Here are the main points for countrywide distribution.

Text: "Deem not the summons of the Messenger among yourselves like the summons of one of you to another: Allah does know those of you who slip away under shelter of some excuse: then let those beware who withstand the Messenger's order, lest some trial befall them, or a grievous chastisement be inflicted on them." [The Qur'an 24:63.] Quoted by Imam Ahmed Ibn Hanbal in his confrontation with a despotic ruler who wanted to include sectarian concerns into the fabric of Islam.

Lessons of the Battle of Uhud:
  1. Even good Muslims can sin and make mistakes. If they disobey the Prophet, pbuh, they can fail.

  2. Repent and seek forgiveness. Allah will Forgive you.

  3. Many people oppose Islam out of Ignorance. They are not our enemies.

  4. Khalid attacked and killed many Muslims at Ohud. The Prophet, pbuh, understood that Khalid was acting as a professional fighter, not out of hatred of Islam.

  5. He invited Khalid to Islam. He embraced Islam and became one of the greatest fighters and generals for Islam. The Prophet, pbuh, gave him the title of Saifullah, the Sword of Allah. May Allah reward Khalid, r.a.

  6. We can never succeed if we disobey the Prophet, pbuh, and do not follow his Sunnah.

  7. Education is essential. In Madinah, Muslims learned to read and write. That's how the big Suras of the Qur'an revealed in Madinah were written down.

  8. Women's rights in the family and in inheritance were consolidated in Madinah.

  9. The evil of usury and interest [capitalism] was condemned in Madinah.

  10. Islam is emerging as a global power. Do not be mislead by the ongoing media campaign against Islam.

  11. Pray for the Muslims of America that they start following the Qur'an and authentic hadith and give up cults and sects.

  12. Allah is not the name of a man. We cannot describe Allah but we can know Him through His manifestations. Inside the miracles of our being and in the tremendous outstretching heavens we can sense the Power and Mercy of Allah. The world could be destroyed right away, one meteor big enough could do it, if Allah's Mercy and Power were not sustaining the world

Breaking News: Afghanistan
4 Teenagers Attack High Security Luxury hotel in Kabul.

March 21: Four Taliban, estimated age 18, sneaked into the luxury Serena hotel in Kabul through three layers of security. They hid small pistols in their shoes. They opened fire in the restaurant killing 9 of the foreign elites supporting Karzai. According to the Vancouver Sun, two of those killed were Canadian women from the Ismaili community "educating" Afghans with funds from Agha Khan's resources.

The Kabul military says the four youths were killed after they fought off the Karzai forces for three hours. The military's losses were not revealed.

Police Headquarters Attacked in Jalalabad by "suiciders."

March 20: Taliban martyrdom operators broke into the heavily fortified police headquarters in Jalalabad. Ten of Karzai's police officers were killed along with one of their civilian associates.

[Taliban say they are protesting the so called elections coming on April 5 under US military occupation with thousands of Shi'ites and Ismaili militia helping the Kabul rulers.]

Icasualties reports that 19 NATO troops have been killed in 2014 but NATO is not carrying out operations and no details of the fighting were given.

Breaking News: Syria

March 22: In Assad's Alawite heartland of Latakia, al-Nusra launched an offensive near the Turkish border and captured the Kassab border crossing.. Syrian army launched a ferocious counterattack but Kassab crossing remains in mujahideen hands though the Alawites succeeded in killing a Saudi mujahid, Abdul Mohsen al-Sharekhi leading a small force known as Ahrar al-Sham.

March 21: Mujahideen of al-Nusra captured Shweihneh mountain in the north of Aleppo province. Assad's forces suffered heavily, losing at least 50 killed. Mujahideen lost 18 killed. It's a strategic location and puts some of Assad's forts within reach of Islamic fire.

March 21: Mujahideen finally captured a prison fortress near Deraa in the south of Syria after weeks of fighting. Hundreds of civilians imprisoned in the fort for opposing Assad were released amid celebrations. The Syrian air force was not able to strike because of the close proximity of the prisoners and the troops guarding them.

March 21: Syrian special forces launched an attack on Adra, north east of Damascus.The "rebels" beat them back but lost 10 of their men in the fighting.

March 20: The entire population of Yabroud, several thousand civilians, fled across the mountains to the Lebanese Sunni town of Arsal. As the people fled during the night, they were shelled by Assad's and Hizbullah's artillery. Scores of women and children were killed. Here is an eyewitness account.

"A seven-year-old boy called Youssef was being treated for a head wound in a makeshift clinic in the Lebanese border town of Arsal.

"They shelled us with cannon as we were fleeing," he said, talking about the retreat from Yabroud.

The doctor in charge, Qassem Zien, declares for the activist videoing this scene: "We've had dozens of wounded like this, mostly women and children. I ask Hezbollah and Bashar: Are these terrorists?"' [BBC]

Thus the people showed that they did not want to be "liberated" by Assad.

As the air strikes and artillery shelling of Yabroud increased, the Free Syrian Army [FSA] retreated without fighting, opening the way for the Al-Nusra fighters to be outflanked by Assad's tanks. Al-Nusra successfully evaded the Alawites and took shelter in the mountains. Assad's forces announced that they are now in Yabroud and it was a great victory for them.

The town of Arsal across the border in Lebanon where the refugees have fled could soon be attacked by the Shi'ite Hizbullah forces. Sunnis of Arsal are accused of sending supplies to al-Nusra.

March 19: Mujahideen exploded a bomb near an Israeli position in the occupied Golan heights injuring 4 Israeli troops. Israel blamed the Assad regime and opened artillery fire killing one Syrian soldier. There was no Assad response. Reporters in the Golan say they could hear sounds of the battle going on between mujahideen and Assad's troops in Syria. The mujahideen are gradually approaching the Israeli occupation line,

Our America
Attempts to Legitimize Wealth stolen by Jews from Iraq
by Sis Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen New York City]

Long Island, NY - According to CBS News New York, the Iraqi Jewish community in Port Washington is trying to keep thousands of Jewish artifacts stolen from Saddam Hussein's Police Headquarters in Iraq, after the U.S. invasion in 2003. These items showcase Babylonian Jewish history from that region. Anti-Muslim Rep. Steve Israel is asking the Obama Administration to reconsider giving these artifacts back to the new "Iraqi" government there.The article states that in 1950, before Saddam Hussein's reign, Jews were exiled from Iraq and there items taken. It is said that the Iraqi Jewish community spent $3 million to restore many of these treasures, which include torahs, prayer books, and personal documents. These ancient artifacts, some dating back to the 1500's, are now on tour. How the Babylonian Jewish community came into possession of these artifacts is never asked or answered in this article

Cult leader exposed.

The Aga Khan, his 10-year divorce battle with German princess, and a 'deal for £50?million'

The playboy, and spiritual leader of 12 million Ismaili Muslims, ends marriage to his second wife with a reported £50m settlement
 Aga Khan and his then wife Begum Inaara Aga Khan
The Aga Khan, imam of the Ismaili Muslim community, on Sept. 6, 2004 in Berlin and his then wife Begum Inaara Aga Khan Photo: AP
 Raf Sanchez
By Raf Sanchez, Washington
9:19PM GMT 15 Mar 2014

The divorce battle between the Aga Khan, the spiritual leader of 12 million Ismaili Muslims, and a German princess has ended after 10 years of arguments in London courts and the French judicial system.

Fought first in London's High Court and then the French judicial system, the case exposed the man who claims to be the direct descendant of the Prophet Mohammed to accusations of an affair with an air hostess.

The legal saga finally came to an end with a secret court decision in Paris, where the Aga Khan is believed to have paid out a record £50 million settlement.

The 77-year-old British business magnate, whose wealth is derived partly from tithes given by his followers, married Princess Gabriele zu Leiningen in 1998.

The wedding took place at his walled Aiglemont estate, north of Paris, and the princess, a former pop singer who is distantly in the line of succession to the British throne, converted to Islam and adopted the name Inaara Aga Khan.

The couple had one son, Prince Aly, but by 2004 the marriage had broken down and the pair announced their separation.

Princess Inaara accused the Aga Khan of adultery and paid a private detective to track his movements as he circled the globe.

What followed was a 10-year legal cold war which began in Britain and was billed as potentially the most expensive divorce case in history.

The Aga Khan was born in Switzerland but is a British citizen who spends most of his time at his French chateau.

Experts predicted that the Aga Khan could face a pay out of up to half a billion pounds. But when the case collapsed in Britain it moved across the Channel to France, where divorce settlements are typically far lower.

A French court initially awarded Princess Inaara £10.3 million but a higher court in 2011 raised that figure to £54 million. While it was by far the largest divorce settlement in French history, the Aga Khan was generally considered to have got off lightly.

That is why observers of Europe's high society were surprised when the billionaire philanthropist announced later that year he was challenging the ruling.

The decision not only drew out proceedings that already stretched for seven years but raised the risk that if the case deadlocked the pair would remain married.

In the interim, the Aga Khan reportedly became close with Beatrice von der Schulenburg, the divorced wife of a City recruitment company head, Jeffrey von der Schulenburg.

It was widely speculated that the spiritual leader, by then in his mid-seventies, would move quickly onto a third marriage as soon as the French legal proceedings finished.

That moment finally arrived on Friday after the Court of Appeals in Paris approved the terms of a confidential settlement of an unknown monetary value. Lawyers for both sides refused to disclose the details, saying only that the marriage "ends by consent".

The settlement gives the Aga Khan space to focus to his widely-praised philanthropic investment, using his wealth to nurture enterprises in the developing world that would be considered too risky by other businessmen.

But the divorce will allow also the father-of-four to indulge in his other passions: horse racing and yachting.

The Aga Khan owns hundreds of race horses in stables in both Ireland and France. Among the names to have past through his gates was Shergar, the stallion stolen by masked gunmen from Ballymany Stud in County Kildaire in 1983.

He named his yacht after the missing horse but later upgraded to a £100 million boat, Alamshar, named after another of his thoroughbreds.

He ascended to the position of leader of the Ismailis, a mystical sect of Shia Islam, as a 20-year-old in 1957, taking the mantle from his grandfather Sir Sultan Muhammad Shah Aga Khan III.

Hailed as "the bringer of light" he retains the loyalty of Ismaili Muslims despite his chaotic personal life and persistent reports of adultery.

He remains an active figure on the world stage despite nearing eighty-years old but focus has increasingly turned towards the delicate subject of succession.

His first marriage was to Sally Croker-Poole, a former British model, who took the name Princess Salimah Aga Khan after they wed in 1969.

Over the course of a 25-year marriage they had one daughter and two sons. While his daughter, Princess Zahra, was the firstborn the expectation is his eldest son, Prince Rahim, will succeed him.

Prince Rahim, 42, has adopted his father's taste for the glamorous life and in August last year married Kendra Spears, a 25-year-old American model.

Like her father-in-law's two ex-wives she has changed her name, adopting the title Princess Salwa Aga Khan.

The Aga Khan has always refused to say who his successor will be, saying his choice will be disclosed after his death.

The question took on a fresh urgency in 2008, after the then-71-year-old was involved in a serious skiing accident in Courchevel. He made a full recovery.

Thar deaths due to India's water aggression
by Anwar Niazi

LAHORE, Mar. 20: Ameer, Jamaat e islami, Paksitan, Syed Munawar Hasan, has said that India's water aggression against Pakistan and our failure to build dams were the major reasons behind the large scale deaths in Thar and the drought in Cholistan but the rulers seemed be totally unconcerned on the both issues.

Talking to a delegation of growers at Mansoora prior to his departure for Karachi on Thursday, he said that while India was actively working on the agenda to turn Pakistan into a desert, our rulers were keen to import vegetables and other food items from the enemy country.

He said that India had build as many as 65 dams on the Pakistani rivers, not a single big dam was built in this country during the last fifty years because of political differences. A huge quantity of surplus water was being dropped into the sea but it could not be stored because of shortage of water reservoirs.

He said it was time that the Pakistan government took up the issue of India's water aggression at the international forums and also started building big dams to increase storage capacity.

The JI chief said that on one hand, the area under cultivation was decreasing because of shortage of river water while on the other hand, the farmers were facing difficulties due to the high prices of electricity and agricultural inputs. In such a situation, the import of farm products from India would ruin Pakistan' agriculture, he added.

Islamic Power in Egypt: Unarmed Demonstrators Defy Military Coup & Support President Morsi
 Islamic Power in Egypt: Unarmed Demonstrators Defy Military Coup 
& Support President Morsi
 Islamic Power in Egypt: Unarmed Demonstrators Defy Military Coup 
& Support President Morsi
 Islamic Power in Egypt: Unarmed Demonstrators Defy Military Coup 
& Support President Morsi
 Islamic Power in Egypt: Unarmed Demonstrators Defy Military Coup 
& Support President Morsi
 Islamic Power in Egypt: Unarmed Demonstrators Defy Military Coup 
& Support President Morsi
 Islamic Power in Egypt: Unarmed Demonstrators Defy Military Coup 
& Support President Morsi
 Islamic Power in Egypt: Unarmed Demonstrators Defy Military Coup 
& Support President Morsi

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