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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Thani 8,1435/February 8, 2014 # 6

Breaking News: Syria

February 6: Al-Nusra front in Aleppo captured one of the biggest prisons in Syria. There was a battle inside the prison compound with units of Assad's army. After a day long battle, the mujahideen prevailed and released 4,000 captives. The battle began when a Chechen fighter supporting al-Nusra smashed through the gate in a martyrdom operation.

Meanwhile Assad's helicopters dropped more barrel bombs on an area of Aleppo in Islamic hands, killing 11 civilians.

January 7: Assad's forces which have encircled an Islamic enclave of Homs for more than a year, allowed 83 women and children who were near death from starvation, to leave. However hundreds more are in bad shape but are still not allowed to leave. The Alawite segments of Homs are living in luxury. [The release came from international charity group appeals.] Assad has also allowed some food to enter Yarmouk refugee camp just outside Damascus where Palestinians are dying of starvation.

In Quneitra area, near the Golan heights, Ahrar al-Sham Islamic group captured 12 military posts of the Assad regime. This puts the Islamic fighters only 3 km from Israeli forces.

Breaking News: Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri

Extensive comments on slaughter of Muslims in Bangladesh and Burma.

Arabic with English translation. Quotes from Malcolm X. [ Scroll down please .]

Breaking News: Pakistan

February 7: Syed Munawar Hasan, Jamaate Islami ameer, juma khutba at Mansoorah mosque and Siraj ul-Haq, Deputy Ameer of JI, juma khutba at Maudoodi Foundation. Powerful statements from peaceful JI movement on Kashmir, talks with Taliban,US military presence, Sharia essential for Pakistan and Caliphate the goal. See reports key to understanding changes in Pakistani thinking. Peaceful islamic power emerging. Please scroll way down for report by Anwar Niazi.

Old Makkah fights back quietly against Saudi materialism. Part 3. Please scroll to end

Health note: What an onion can do for you. Quite surprising. Please scroll to end .

Outreach: 2nd visit
Jamaat al-Muslimeen Literature given to 100 Muslims in Newark, Delaware: Follow up Visit

On February 7, a seven page package was given to 100 Muslims after Juma' salat at Newark, Delaware's biggest Islamic Center. The crowd of mostly immigrants from African and Arab countries with a sprinkling of Pakistanis and Bengladeshis was very receptive. The 7 pages were:
  1. Aisha, daughter of Muslim Brotherhood leader Khairat al-Shater, rebuts Egyptian dictator Sisi's charges against her imprisoned father.

  2. Sis. Gulshan [Canada] exposes the deceptive Ismaili cult of Agha Khan.

  3. &
  4. Br. Kaukab's khutba on Knowledge, Choice, Inclusivity, political acumen and anti-sectarianism.

  5. Assad's barrel bombs on Syrian civilians & Israeli supporter at Super Bowl boycotted.

  6. &
  7. Br. Kaukab's analysis of slaughter of Muslim civilians in Bangladesh, Egypt and Syria means more support for Jihad movements, failure of "democracy" and inevitable victory of resurgent Islam

Objection: A Pakistani doctor tried to stop the distribution by saying that permission is needed. He was verbally rebutted. The khutba had been about proper arrangement of shoes at the entry to the mosque. Fortunately the Pakistani is no longer on the executive committee and could not stop the distribution.

Outreach in Atlanta, Georgia
Hunger Walk/RunOn Sunday, March 9, 2014.

I will be participating in the Hunger Walk/Run. This event is one of the most important hunger relief efforts of the year. The money I raise will feed hope for the 1 in 5 people who face hunger in our community.

Please join me in supporting this important mission! You can help me reach my personal fundraising goal by making a donation on my behalf, or take the next step against hunger by walking/running with me on March 9.

Together, we can make sure that a child in our community doesn't go to bed hungry tonight. We can offer a glimmer of hope to struggling parents desperately trying to make ends meet for their family. We can ensure another senior citizen isn't forced to choose between paying for medicine or food.

Thank you so much, and I hope to see you at the Hunger Walk/Run!



Raleigh, North Carolina
Laila Yaghi Mourns the Rejection of her Son's Appeal: Innocent Muslim in US Prison.

So we lost the appeal due to a corrupt system and bigoted judges! May God turn the tables on them!

My son's lawyer said that my son does not deserve to be in jail for one day and that these bigoted people from the FBI to the prosecution to the Judges are all corrupt and need to be investigated! My son still didn't get the news! I can't even write him a letter to tell him that!

Purple Hijab Day: Atlanta, Georgia
 Purplr Hijab Day

The Qur'an, the Prophet, pbuh, the sahaba, r.a., Ali, r.a., Fatima.r.a, Hasan, r.a., Hussain, r.a., did not teach Shi'ism, so what is the basis and authenticity of Shiism? See below. Please scroll .

Iran's outright support for the worst tyrant in the Muslim world, Bashar Assad, the mass murderer of Syria, should make the Muslim world wake up about the role of Iran and its coordination with global imperialism. Please scroll to the end for the Iranian statement on Bashar Assad. It seems to have come straight out of the US State Department or the Kremlin. Please scroll to end. Shocking but true.

Occupied Palestine
Why "Israel" Fears the Boycott
Omar Barghoutijan - The New York Times

Secretary of State John Kerry's attempts to revive talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority fail because of Israel's continuing construction of illegal settlements, the Israeli government is likely to face an international boycott "on steroids," as Mr. Kerry warned last August. These days, Israel seems as terrified by the "exponential" growth of the Palestinian-led Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (or B.D.S.) movement as it is by Iran's rising clout in the region. Last June, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu effectively declared B.D.S. a strategic threat.

Top American Jewish leader is very disturbed by boycott.
Please scroll to end.

Our America
Wolf Blitzer's Unquestioning support for Government propaganda on CNN
February 6. [New Trend report.]

"In the situation room. Happening" says Wolf Blitzer when he begins his segment on CNN. The problem is that there is no "situation room." It's the same old studio CNN has been using for ages and nothing is "happening now." Blitzer is simply peddling government propaganda.

As soo as the government brought out the vague possibility of a "toothpaste explosive" at the Sochi games in Russia, Bltizer started trumpeting it as if it a fact and an immediate threat.

It's the task of the intelligence agencies and security forces to figure real or unreal threats. Blitzer being the mediocre newsman he is, never looks critically at any scare story or rumor passed on to him.

As a Zionist Jew and friend of the Israeli spy Pollard, Blitzer seems to have taken upon himself to spread fear and sense of threat throughout the United States.

Our America
Introducing Homosexuality into Black Population: Obama Supporters at work.
Betrayal of Black Community by "queen Latifah."
From Sis. Bia [New Jersey, via facebook]

So I'm at the doctors office and the tvs on and of course they are doing a recap of the Grammys. I wasn't really paying it any attention since I didn't watch the Grammies, but I nearly choked on my spit laughing when I heard Queen Latifah is an ordained minister and performed same sex marraiges last night? I had to laugh at the absurdity to keep from crying. I am afraid for myself, my children and my family. If you can't see the evil and corruption that is only building in this society than you are blind. Time is short, we are in the last days, we have to pull ourselves back turn back to our Lord and prepare ourselves and our families by learning Suratul Kahf which is a protection from Dajjal and making sure we are putting God first in all we do. If you are not spiritually strong you will not make it through the trials we are headed for and Allah knows best.

Our America: 3 items
Destruction of our Ecology is a Sign of our Irresponsible Power Drive
[Courtesy: CLG [Citizens for Legitimate Government]

Some 300 rallies held in US after State Dept. green-lights Keystone XL 04 Feb 2014 As many as 300 candlelight vigils in cities across the US were scheduled for Monday night, as those in protest of the Keystone XL pipeline urged President Obama to ultimately reject the project that will ship tar sands oil from western Canada to Texas. Thousands of peaceful demonstrators showed their opposition to the 1,179-mile pipeline that would move high-carbon tar sands oil through the heart of the United States, from western Canada to a hub in Nebraska, where it would then connect with other existing pipelines to deliver 800,000 barrels of crude oil a day to refineries in Texas. Opponents of Keystone XL say that, in addition to the carbon-intensive impact that results from the extraction of tar sands that will only worsen the effects of climate change global warming, the pipeline will also put communities nearby at risk of oil spills and their subsequent fallout.

California drought: State Water Project will deliver no water this summer 31 Jan 2014 For the first time in its 54-year history, the State Water Project, a backbone of California's water system, will provide no water to urban residents or farmers this year because of the severe drought, state officials said Friday. Silicon Valley and parts of the East Bay -- particularly residents of Livermore, Pleasanton and Dublin, who receive 80 percent of their water each year from the State Water Project -- will feel the impact the most in the Bay Area... Last year was the driest in the state's recorded history back to 1850.

Monarch butterflies drop, migration may disappear 31 Jan 2014 The stunning and little-understood annual migration of millions of Monarch butterflies to spend the winter in Mexico is in danger of disappearing, experts said Wednesday, after numbers dropped to their lowest level since record-keeping began in 1993. Their report blamed the displacement of the milkweed the species feeds on by genetically modified crops and urban sprawl in the United States, extreme weather trends [aka global warming] and the dramatic reduction of the butterflies' habitat in Mexico due to illegal logging of the trees they depend on for shelter

Courtesy Khabor discussion group.
Bangladesh: After Slaughter of Unarmed Muslims.
Extensive Message from Egyptian Leader of Armed Global Islamic Movement, Dr. al-Zawahiri.

Arabic with good English translation. Begins with a word from Abdur Rasheed Ghazi killed in the Red Mosque, interspersed with quotes from Malcolm X and Abdullah Azzam.

On Wednesday, February 5, 2014

As-Sahab Media presents a new video message from al-Qa'idah's Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri:
"Bangladesh: A Massacre Behind a Wall of Silence"

Why not let the public know what really happened? [Courtesy:]
Osama Bin Laden's Relative Seeks Interview for NY Trial

Lawyers for Osama bin Laden's son-in-law and former spokesman asked a judge Tuesday to let them interview accused Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed prior to a terrorism trial scheduled to begin this month.

The lawyers for Sulaiman Abu Ghaith filed papers with U.S. District Judge Lewis A. Kaplan in New York saying that Mohammed was "the most qualified person alive" to tell them whether Abu Ghaith knew of any al-Qaeda terrorist operations or was part of any conspiracy to kill Americans.

Abu Ghaith is set for trial this month on charges that he conspired to kill Americans in his role as al-Qaida's spokesman after the Sept. 11 attacks. He has pleaded not guilty. If convicted, he could face life in prison.

James Margolin, a prosecutor's spokesman, declined to comment on the defense request.

Attorneys for Abu Ghaith said in court filings that their request to interview Mohammed was based in part on their in-person conversations in November with Salim Ahmed Hamdan, a former Guantanamo Bay detainee who is believed to have been bin Laden's driver from 1998 until November 2001.

The judge last month gave the lawyers permission to get a videotaped deposition from Hamdan, now in Yemen, because he refuses to travel to the United States. However, attorney Stanley Cohen told the court that Hamdan may no longer be available.

"It is believed that Mr. Mohammed's assistance could be every bit as helpful, if not more so, than the testimony that was expected from bin Laden's former chauffeur," Cohen said. "We believe his testimony would certainly be relevant to the defense of this case, and may very well exculpate Sulaiman Abu Ghaith entirely."

Cohen said Mohammed consented through his lawyer to be interviewed by someone from Abu Ghaith's defense team, but the Department of Defense had not yet given permission. Cohen asked Kaplan to order it.

The lawyers noted that lawyers for Hamdan at his 2008 military commission trial requested and received the opportunity to interview Mohammed prior to Hamdan's trial. They said Mohammed declined to appear at trial to testify but his written answers to questions were read into the record and referenced in closing arguments by both sides.

The lawyers said interviewing Mohammed might be especially useful in responding to government claims that Abu Ghaith had prior knowledge of the failed shoe-bomb airline attack by Richard Reid in December 2001 and another plot to down a flight from Paris to Miami with explosives hidden in shoes.

"Because of his intimate and unsurpassed knowledge of the 'shoe bomb' attacks as acknowledged by the government, Mr. Mohammed's information will be uniquely and unquestionably authoritative on the subject of who was involved in, or even had knowledge of, the 'shoe bomb' attacks," the lawyers said. "The defense anticipates that Mr. Mohammed's information will be favorable to Mr. Abu Ghaith."

With thanks to Br. Rich in Nebraska.
US Jewish leader criticizes Israel boycott drive

Associated Press
By ARON HELLER 10 hours ago
 bulldozer demolished a Palestinian home in East Jerusalem Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2014
JERUSALEM (AP) — A top American Jewish leader on Thursday called on Western governments to combat the growing international campaign to boycott Israel over its settlement activities, saying the phenomenon is one of the greatest challenges facing Israel.

Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, told The Associated Press that the drive masks a "politically correct" form of anti-Semitism and urged "zero tolerance" of the boycott.

His comments came just days after warnings by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry that Israel could find itself increasingly targeted by a boycott if it fails to reach a peace deal with the Palestinians. Kerry is mediating Israeli-Palestinian talks and is to present his vision soon for a deal, at least in its outlines.

Wide gaps remain between the sides on all key issues, including the fate of some 550,000 Israeli settlers who live on war-won land in east Jerusalem and the West Bank, two territories the Palestinians seek for their state, along with the Gaza Strip.

In recent months, concerns about a widening boycott of Israel over its continued settlement activities have moved to center stage in the Israeli public discourse.

A small but growing number of European businesses and pension funds have dropped investments or limited trade recently with Israeli firms involved in West Bank settlements. At the same time, a Palestinian-led movement of boycott, divestment and sanctions —knows by its acronym, BDS — has scored some successes.

Israeli officials hold different views on the boycott issue, depending on their political position.

Finance Minister Yair Lapid, a centrist who supports reaching a deal with the Palestinians, has warned that a failure of the talks could further isolate Israel and hurt every Israeli financially. Hard-liners have played down the threat or said boycott supporters apply a double standard, targeting only Israel.

The BDS movement includes a range of views, with some activists calling for a bi-national state in all of the Holy Land and others supporting a two-state solution. The latter argue that Israel will only withdraw from war-won lands if it pays a price for continued occupation.
 Malcolm Hoenlein Feb. 21, 2012
FILE - In this Feb. 21, 2012 file photo, Malcolm Hoenlein, executive vice chairman of the Conference ...

Hoenlein said he believes the boycott campaign is dangerous to Israel.

"We have to counter the BDS movement in the strongest possible way," he said in the interview with the AP. "That means zero tolerance, and that has to become the mantra of our time because that is one the challenges of our time, this and Iran, and this is something that future generations will judge us by because they will pay the price for it."

"People are beginning to recognize how nefarious this is, how insidious this movement is that it is not something to be dismissed," he added.

Hoenlein said those boycotting Israel are undermining prospects of peace and are harming the economic interests of the Palestinians. He said at least one mayor of a large Palestinian city has asked him to combat the boycott movement for fear of the jobs it would cost Palestinians in Israeli settlements.

Thousands of Palestinians work in settlement businesses and factories, in part because of high unemployment in the Palestinian-administered parts of the West Bank. Palestinians say their economy has been choked by Israeli restrictions and that they could create thousands of new jobs if occupation ends.

Also on Thursday, a U.N. agency said Israel in 2013 demolished 390 shacks and other structures in the West Bank's strategic Jordan Valley, displacing nearly 600 Palestinians, twice as many as the year before. In 2012, 172 structures were demolished, said the U.N. Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

Israeli officials had no immediate comment but have in the past said that structures set up without permits are being razed. Critics say Israel has sharply restricted Palestinian development in the valley and has maintained control over most of the land in the area.

The fate of the valley is one of the sticking points in U.S.-led peace talks.

The valley would form the eastern border of a Palestinian state with Jordan. Israel seeks a long-term military presence in the valley even after any deal, citing security concerns, including the possible influx of weapons and militants from the east. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has said he would consider a gradual Israeli troop withdrawal from a Palestinian state over five years, but not longer.

Palestinians say they need the sparsely populated valley as the breadbasket of their future state and for resettling Palestinian refugees who would return from exile.

In other developments, the Israeli military said Thursday that a military court has indicted a suspected al-Qaida operative who has been held for the past three years. Samir al-Baraq, a Kuwaiti-born Palestinian, has been jailed since he crossed into the West Bank from Jordan on 2010.

The indictment said al-Baraq was trained in Afghanistan as an expert in biological warfare and planned to train other Palestinians how to use them. It said he has been active in al-Qaida since 2001 and was recruited by Ayman al-Zawahri, the current al-Qaida chief.

He was previously arrested and released by the United States and Jordan, the army said.__

Associated Press writer Karin Laub in Ramallah, West Bank, contributed to this report.

The Rise and Fall of Shi'ism
Ithna Asharis, Ismailis and Zaydis and many others....
by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

Shiism is a concocted religion which did not exist in time of the Prophet, pbuh, and the khulafa-e-rashidoon.

The Qur'an does not recognize Shi'ism and does not mention Ali and Fatima, r.a. It severely condemns breakaway group and insists on Muslim unity. The Qur'an recognizes the name MUSLIM but does not recognize Shi'a.

Since the Qur'an does not recognize Ali and Fatima, r.a., to base a religion on reverence for Ali and his family is a clear violation of the Qur'an.

In fact the Shias themselves are deeply divided over their religion.

The Twelvers [Ithna Asharis] claim 12 imams starting with Ali and ending with a child who might or not have existed and who according to the Ithna Asharis disappeared about 1200 years ago. They are waiting for him to come back and fill the world with justice. Again this belief about a 12th imam returning is a baseless belief which is a clear violation of the Qur'an.

The Seveners or Ismailis broke away from Ithna Asharis after the 6th Ithna imam. They became the supporters of the idea that instead of waiting for the hidden imam, they have a Hazar Imam, the living incarnation of Ali. This of course is an absurd belief which has not the slightest basis in the Qur'an or even in hadith. The Ismailis were the first terrorists and helped the European crusaders by attacking the leaders of the Muslim world including Salahuddin Ayyubi. A sub-sect of Ismailis attacked the Kaaba itself and stole the Black Stone till they were forced to return it. Today the Ismaili leader is called Agha Khan, and lives the life of a playboy in Paris. He supports the western powers directly and indirectly against all anti-western Islamic movements.

The third major branch of Shi'ism are the Zaydis. They are closest to the Sunnis and they accept Abu Bakr, Umar and Usman, r.a., as legitimate Caliphs although they too think that Ali, r.a., was better than them. They were the only Shias who insisted on jihad against the kings but the Ithna Asharis did not support them and insisted on peaceful means.

ALL THESE WERE POLITICAL MOVEMENTS which morphed into a religion now called Shiism. Neither Ali, nor Fatima, nor Hasan, nor Husain, r.a., taught anything called Shiism. They were staunch supporters of Abu Bakr, Umar and Usman, r.a., and never abused or insulted them or called them usurpers.

Smaller Shia subs sects are very abusive of the Companions of the Sahaba, r.a., of Muhammad, pbuh. They have concocted huge numbers of narratives which they call "hadith" to insult the sahaba,r.a. [We have seen examples of this abuse on this forum coming from a character named Zaheer Hussain.]

There are Shia sects which claim that Ali was god, or that by looking on the face of Ali one looks at the "face" of god. Some even claim that the angel mistook Muhammad, pbuh, for Ali! Or that Ali was born in the Kaaba and was therefore superior to Muhammad, pbuh. Or that Ali was mentioned in the Qur'an but Usman, r.a., removed it.

A Jew named Ibn Saba played an important role in spreading these ideas about the supernatural status of Ali, r.a

Pakistan: Karachi
Altaf Hussain Terrorizes his Opponents from London, England,
Hundreds have been executed. Finally he allegedly got his top dissident murdered in England

[Courtesy Shamim Siddiqi.] [From Pakistani immigrants living in USA.]

Save Pakistan. Save Karachi. So far our Inter Services Intelligence and Military Intelligence have not responded to the request of Scotland Yard to allow them to contact or interview the two killers of Dr. Imran Farooq i.e. Mohsin Ali Syed and Mohammed Kashif Khan now under their custody. They were sent by Mouzam Ali from Karachi under secret orders of Altaf Hussain on student visas to London after completing all the formalities and even depositing the fees in foreign exchange. And after murdering Dr. Imran Farooq, they immediately went back to Karachi through Sri Lanka without even completing their studies. But were apprehended by ISI/MI at Karachi Airport who were monitoring them. You should all know Altaf no longer believes in Islam and make mockery of Namaz, fasting and Hajj. One of us told him to perform Hajj and he said shut up. He continues to fool even our Alims also.

Pakistan's Prime Minister is also afraid of Altaf Hussain as he controls the Mega City of Karachi and can upset the economy and industries, foreign trade and business, sea ports and airports etc. But our Prime Minister, our brave army, ISI/MI should all know that any surrender to the blackmailer, Altaf Hussain would bring bad name to them and only embolden MQM and Altaf. People will think that they have accepted huge bribe from Altaf who is a Billionaire now. They should be bold enough to follow the example of Maj. Gen. Nasirullah Babar who bravely ended the 'Murder and Bhatta Empire' of Altaf Hussain and opened the closed Murder ground of Altaf known as Khajji ground in Golimar to the public. Our two relatives were also murdered and hanged in Khajji Ground by Altaf's men for honestly opposing Altaf and his Bhatta/blackmailing tactics. Altaf has lot of Bluffers on the Rabita Committee actually a Bluffers Committee who almost daily make hot speeches and promote strikes to disturb the people and force the government to plead before them. Altaf never condemns the army as before but always praise it as they hold the killers of Dr.Imran Farooq.

In the name of Allah and our beloved Prophet, we request our Hon. Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif, Gen. Raheel Shariff and ISI/MI to co-operate with Scotland Yard to end the 'empire' of Altaf Hussain, enemy of Mohajirs. The sincere and majority of Mohajirs oppose Altaf but have to surrender to his blackmail and killer/looter gang due to the failure of the government to control MQM and its nuisance. Thanks.

Mohajir Pakistanis settled in the West.

Iran's Blatant Support for Bashar Assad.
Iranian Leader says:
If Bashar Goes Down, Syria would be a haven for Terrorists.

Tehran Times. January 26, 2014.

TEHRAN -The Iranian deputy foreign minister said if Syria's president was forced to stand down, the country would be left as a "haven for terrorists."

Abbas Araqchi warned that fighters who had travelled from Europe and joined terrorists in Syria could eventually return to European capitals, leading to a dangerous situation.

In an interview with the Irish Examiner, he also expressed dismay at the killing of an Iranian diplomat in Yemen last week, saying, "This is one of the dangers threatening all of us in the region. It's not only contained in Yemen, it could spread to the whole region and maybe to Europe."

Asked if terrorists could return home from Syria to the European countries they had left, he replied, "Why not? And they are recruiting. I heard 800 from Germany, 600 from France. Suppose that they finish their job in Syria with a sense of victory and come back to Europe...

"They may go back to Afghanistan, they may come to Iran, they may go back to Europe. It's a common danger, a common concern for all of us."

He also said the removal of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad would result in a "state failure".

"We would face a failed situation in Syria which would be a haven for all these terrorists."

Elsewhere in his remarks, Araqchi said that Iran was "confused" that an official invitation to attend the peace talks on Syria in Switzerland had been withdrawn. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had invited Iran to attend but the UN later said this was rescinded as Tehran would not back the need for a transitional power in Syria.

"There are many different types of them (terrorists) supported by some parties (or) countries, financially, and this is the biggest threat we are facing," said Araqchi.

"Unfortunately some of them or some sponsors of terrorism are invited to the UN Geneva conference. But Iran, no. This is strange and would lead us to believe that maybe there is not a sincere desire to resolve this problem."

The separate Geneva nuclear deal took effect this week to ease sanctions on Iran if the country scales back its nuclear activities.

Iran's top nuclear negotiator said Iran did not want nuclear weapons. He also said that the country's Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, had issued a Fatwa — a ruling that the development of nuclear weapons was "totally forbidden".

"There is no use for this kind of weapons nowadays. The nature of threats has changed. How we can fight terrorism using nuclear weapons? The Americans have a big arsenal but they cannot use them in Afghanistan or Iraq or another place. Even Israel. Can they use them against Hezbollah, or Palestinians or in Gaza?"

Talks with Taliban essential for Peace in Pakistan. Kashmiri Rights first, No Bowing to India [Munawar]
180 Million Pakistanis Want Shariah: Caliphate is final Goal. [Siraj ul-Haq]

by Anwar Niazi

LAHORE, Feb. 7: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, has impressed upon the rulers to adopt practical measures for the solution of the Kashmir issue instead of paying only lip service to the issue.

Addressing the Friday congregation at Mansoora mosque, he said the Kashmiris and their leadership had genuine grievances against the rulers in Islamabad who were anxious for friendship and trade with India and had pushed the Kashmir issue to the back burner. He said it was an irony that while the nation had observed Kashmir Solidarity day with great zeal and enthusiasm, the hearts of the rulers throbbed with the Indians. He said the Kashmir issue could not be resolved through slogans or resolutions in the parliament. He said the present rulers could not be expected to see eye to eye to the Indian rulers for the solution of the Kashmir issue and added as a matter of fact, the masses who voted for such people were also to be blamed for the present situation.

Syed Munawar Hasan said that freedom movement had been going on Kashmir for the last sixty six years and all international bodies had accepted that the Kashmiris must be afforded the right to self determination in accordance with the principle of the division of India.

Referring to the Taliban issue, he said that the Prime Minister's decision in favour of dialogue had shattered the hopes of the pro-US and secular lobby that had been desiring military operation. He said that undoubtedly, the next phase of the dialogue would be difficult and there seemed to be no indication on this regard. He said, the committee nominated by the Taliban did not include the Taliban; they were simply facilitators. He said the points of the agenda for talks were under preparation. He reiterated his suggestion that the Deobandi school of thought and the Wifaqul Madaris should take special interest in this respect, and one or two more names should also be added to the committee.

Syed Munawar Hasan said that as long as a single US soldier remained in the region, there could not be peace here, and remarked that either the US army should move out, or their coffins would be dispatched from here.

The JI Ameer termed as unfortunate the statement of the Advisor or Foreign Affairs, after his meeting with the US Secretary of State that the US should guarantee Pakistan's security after withdrawal from Afghanistan. He said it was funny that while the enemy was pulling out, we should be requesting it not to leave.

He said the US had reduced drone attacks under its own strategy however, it was declared that if any senior Al-Quida leader was around, it would drone him. He further said that the Taliban had disowned the recent bomb blasts in Peshawar, and it was for the government and its agencies to unearth the hand behind these.

Rulers should shun US pressure for talks' success

LAHORE, Feb. 7; Senior Minister Khyber P, and deputy chief of the Jamaat e Islami, Sirajul Haq, has stressed upon the government to shun the US pressure and prefer the country's interests to ensure success of the talks with the Taliban.

Talking to the media men at the Syed Maudoodi institute, he said there should be talks for the restoration of peace all over the country and not for any particular area.

The JI deputy chief said that the enforcement of the Shariah was the demand of the 180 million Pakistanis and not of the Taliban alone. He said both the government and the Taliban should be vigilant of the conspiracies to sabotage the talks.

He said that members of the committees from both sides should get an opportunity to meet the President, the Prime Minister as also the Army chief. Earlier, while addressing the Friday congregation at the institute, Sirajul Haq said that the country had been made a hostage by the feudal lords, capitalists, and Zionist financial institutions. He said if Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif sincerely desired progress and prosperity of the country, he should strive for an interest free economy, because under the interest based system the rich grew richer and the poor became poorer.

The JI deputy chief said that the ultimate goal before the JI was the establishment of the Islamic caliphate in the country and it did not feel shy of that. He refuted the propaganda by the secular lobby that the Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah had visualized a secular Pakistan. On the other hand, he said, he Quaid had made it clear time and again that he wanted a system based on the Quran and the Sunnah in this country.

He also rejected the concept that the west favoured democracy. He said the western powers had been supporting generals and dictators who served their interests.

Old Makkah Fights Back .......................Part 3. [The writer was sick during this journey]
An American Muslimah's Journey to the Holy Cities.
by Asqfish.wordpress.vom

I am on the road to Jeddah from Mecca. Unbeknownst to me I am carrying within me the Morse code embedded in the dust particles from the smithereens of the blasted buildings of old mecca.

Little do I know that I am carrying messages encoded in these particles meant for the Prophet pbuh who lies buried in his mosque in Medina.

The road to Jeddah is busy with traffic unlike the night of the first immigration.
When Prophet Muhammad pbuh declared the message of Allah in Mecca and forbade the pagans from worshipping a thousand Gods and punishing their women like beasts, the pagans turned on him and his handful of followers with a vengeance. In the town of Mecca where everyone knew everyone else and where the command of the pagan Quraish ruled the roost, it was difficult if not impossible to evade the ridicule, the name-calling and sometimes the outright physical violence perpetrated against the new Muslims.

It is the same today, when a man or a woman turns to Allah and accepts Him alone as his or her one God, his family, his society and his workplace not only shun him but place major impediments in his path such that makes his living in his own town socially, morally and financially unbearable.
It is in these circumstances whence one can no longer practice the belief of One God and obey his commands that the permission to migrate has been given.

It was such overbearing circumstances that brought the first immigrants of Islam on their feet walking the 53 miles from Mecca to Jeddah in search of ship to cross the Red Sea to Abyssinia.

The road from Mecca to Jeddah flies when one is in a car. However looking out of the window the harsh unforgiving landscape of a rocky terrain mixed with desert sand discourages any greenery to flourish. Few thorny bushes dot the path and the rest is unrelenting sand and rock all the way to Jeddah.
The immigrants, eleven men and four women trudged through the night, all from affluent and influential families leaving behind everything that connected them to their homes, their memories, their mementoes, their loved ones and there relationships in the town they grew up in and most of all their beloved Prophet Muhammad pbuh.

My heart is full, I am leaving Mecca yet I have an inner joy of anticipation as I am going to Medina, the city adopted by our beloved Prophet Muhammad pbuh who made it his home and now lies buried in the masjid he built.

I also have the additional reassurance at some level that I will return for a second ummrah before I finally leave Mecca for home.

The first immigrant in 613 had no such assurance, they wore what they owned and carried the meager rations that would get them to Jeddah to board a boat bound for what is now Port Sudan and then the land journey to get them to the heart of Ethiopia where the Christian King Negus had promised them asylum.

I reach Jeddah airport and am whisked into the flight to Medina and my heart and chest swells with happiness, and along with it I start coughing as if something or someone is trying to say something from within me.

The sun is slanting towards its decline as I reach Medina and the time of Asr is upon me silently but incessantly reminding me the moving hands of time.

I check into the hotel and walk out of the portals of the hotel that takes me through the shopping arcade, the path that will be mine for the next several days as I try to fulfill the promise to myself of praying 40 Salah in the masjid of the Prophet pbuh.

In order to focus on my ebadah I have turned down all the offers for ziarah (visitation) to other mosques.

It is Thursday and I am ready to start the focused ebadah that I have come for to the Prophets mosque. Yet at that time in my confident assurance I had no concept how challenging forty Salah can be even if all logistics have been facilitated. I am in a hotel that is a stone throw from the mosque, I have no obligations, structured program, schedules, tours, or any other people to distract me from my goal of the 40 Salah.
The first sign of what I had brought with me from Old Makkah came to me when I was in Maghreb Salah. I felt my entire chest and breathing apparatus heaving to expel what was within me as I went into a spasmodic episode of unremitting cough.

Each fiber of my body ached as if my joints had been set free of their bondage to the bones. The only comfort was in the act of Salah. I remembered Prophet Muhammad pbuh telling Bilal to make the call for prayer by saying " O Bilal give us comfort " i.e. meaning call adhaan so we can make Salah. In the hours and days that followed the only comfort was in the masjid e Nabvi during Salah, All else became a struggle to get there in a state where I could worship.

After Maghreb Salah was the most precious time for me in the masjid. Despite the raging fever within me, and my breathing system rebelling to expel old Makkah from my lungs I was at peace. it was a time where I could recite the Quran while offering Salaat e Awaabeen, pray salat ul Istikharah and ask Allah the questions that have been lurking in my intellect, unresolved and some even not confronted yet.

The place in the masjid e Nabvi that choose me to perform my Salah's was the first row after the wooden lattice partition that separates the women's prayer area from the men. In front of me was a brass shelf laden with Qurans with translations in the major languages of Muslim countries including Chinese. Behind me was a shelf where I could place my shoes. I had bought a green musallah to give me focus and define where I was and what I was doing and to remain in one place rather than flit from one part of the masjed to another.
Between the Maghreb Salah and Isha Salah is a time when focus is beautiful; there is peace, connection, uncharted time the end of which will be announced by the isha adhaan, so there is timeless ebadah without a feeling of passage of time.

You enter into the nafila reciting from the Quran stationed on the bookcase and keep going till the isha adhaan is called. Your body and spirit is filled with lightness with every rakah performed and every word recited from the Quran.

With me were two women who became my silent companions in my vigil of 40 Salah. One probably from Iran or Syria who wore black and who was there everyday in the same place. The other woman wore white and it was difficult to tell where she was from. They both flanked me on either side providing me the protection from distraction as we each prayed our own nawafil Salah and communed with our Lord privately.
The woman on my right made nawafil rakah non stop and was more like a sprinter, while the woman on my left was more like a marathon runner who prayed nawafil, recited the Quran, did tasbeeh, and again prayed nawafil and was in the masjed whenever I went there as if she had never moved away.

After Isha I felt the burgeoning of something weeping within me, wanting to be let out. As I exited into the cold air of the Madina night, I started coughing incessantly and kept on till I reached the hotel room and collapsed into feverish sleep.

Thus began my journey of bringing the weeping specks of old Mecca and laying them one by one at the feet of our beloved Prophet pbuh................

Health Note
Raw ONION on bottom of the feet to take away illness.
Via Zaheer Bawany from Yousuf

During the night, I started feeling good. I mean really good! I felt tingly, like my blood was being cleansed (it was). It was so cool!

My bedroom smells like a casserole, but it was totally worth it!

***Here is the deal:::

So last night Evan (11) was keeping everyone awake with his cough. I got up, went to the kitchen and sliced a purple,... make me cry onion, at 3am. I got some snug socks and put it on the bottom of his feet. To boost my own immunity, I decided to try this too. During the rest of the night, I started feeling good. I mean really good! I felt tingly, like my blood was being cleansed. It was so cool!

This works in 2 ways.
  1. Onions are known to absorb toxins. In fact, during the days of the Plague in England, folks would keep chopped onions around to absorb toxins and clean the air. This helped protect them, against getting the plague.

    NEVER SAVE AN ONION. It will absorb all the toxins in the air of your refrigerator. Eat that and you eat the toxins. Instead: Chop your left over onion, put it on a plate and keep it in your kitchen as a natural air purifier. I do this all the time! If someone is ill, place a chopped onion on the night stand, next to the bed. They'll be better in the morning. I placed the remaining onion, next to Evan last night.

    Onions are toxin absorbers. Thus why they are great internal mops for the body. Eat plenty of onions!

  2. The onion and garlic families are anti-microbial and anti-bacterial. Placing them on the bottom of the foot gives them access to your internal organs through meridians in your body. The onion can be directly delivered. Transdermal delivery (on the skin) is one of the best delivery mechanisms, as it will bypass the stomach acids and go directly into the blood. The bottom of the feet and the forearm are great places to put high powered foods and essential oils into the body. Sliced garlic on the bottom of the feet will work nicely too.

Evan woke up cough free and hopped on the bus this morning.

Happy kid. Happy mom

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