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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi' al-Thani 3,1435/February 3, 2014 # 5

What Qaide Azam Mohamed Ali Jinnah said about Urdu & Bangla: Exploding the Bangladeshi myth of hate.
Long but must read. Please scroll to end.

Syria brief:

February 3: Assad is dropping barrel bombs up and down the cities. More than 600 civilians killed in one day, 90 in Aleppo alone.

On the ground, mujahideen have beaten back all of Assad's attempts to advance.

Analysis below.

Latest Khutba
Knowledge, Choice, Inclusivity, political acumen, anti-sectarianism

On January 31, Kaukab Siddique gave his latest khutba at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore, Maryland.
The brothers came to shake hands with him and the sisters praised the khutba but it's a small masjid, so here are the main points for distribution countrywide.
  1. After IMAN and the desire to do good, comes the obligation of knowledge. The knowledge of the Qur'an and the authentic hadith is first and foremost.

  2. Remember that America is messed up because of the "knowledge" of those coming out of Harvard and Yale and have been "guiding" national policies. They do not accept Qur'an and hadith and the result is confusion and disaster.

  3. After 'IIm comes choice. As you see in the Qur'anic narrative about Adam and all the prophets, pbut, Allah has given humans the right to choose between right and wrong. The Herafter is made up of the choices we make in this
    world. So all we do here is extremely important.

  4. The good choices we make may be hurtful in a corrupt society but will bless us in the Hereafter. Bad choices may give us acceptance from the wrong doers but they lead to hell in the Hereafter.

  5. The beauty of Islam is that it teaches INDIVIDUAL CHOICE and responsibility but connects it to social action and collective work. In every prayer we say "Show US" the straight path, not show "ME" the straight path.

  6. This beauty can be seen in the photos of the pilgrimage [HAJJ] where millions flow as in a united stream but each heart is throbbing with the desire for a PERSONAL salvation, each hand stretching out to touch the Black Stone.

  7. Islam is for the strong and for the weak. The scholars call it ' azeemat and rukhsat. You can pray when fajr comes in and it is dark but if you are tired, you can also pray just before sun rise. You should wash your arms three times for WUDU but you can also do it once. All this is in hadith. Opponents of hadith think it is contradiction but no it is from the Prophet, pbuh. The focus is on prayer.

  8. Owing to bad health habits, more and more Muslims are sitting on chairs in the masjid [though not in this masjid]. This is not good, but Islam does allow prayers sitting and even lying down if you have a disability or a disease. But stand for prayer as long as you can. Prayer is essential FIVE TIMES a day or make qada.

  9. A Muslim by definition is not politically naive. The Qur'an says, if a wrong doer [FASIQ] brings you news, investigate it, check it out [fa tabayyanu]. Almost all we are told on TV and the media about Islam is a bunch of lies: total fabrications or slanting and half truths.

  10. Anyone who fights against the occupiers and invaders of our lands, the kuffar call them "terrorists." Note that when the kuffar cannot win, they start changing their vocabulary. They used to call the fighters in Afghanistan by that name but now they want to TALK with them.

  11. All these tyrants, torturers and propagandists against Islam are being toppled but sometimes it is a slow process. Notice how they are now all ganging up to support the worst tyrant, Bashar Assad the mass murderer in Syria,

  12. Sectarianism is NOT allowed in Islam. Those who make ONE sahabi better than all the other Companions of the Prophet, pbuh, are sectarians and are creating confusion about Islam. Same is the case of those who bring up new "prophets" and cult leaders.

  13. Unity is central to Islam but there can be no unity if we allow the sectarians to pose as Muslims. They must correct themselves. Notice that when it comes to the crunch, these sectarians support the occupying powers.

  14. In America, we must follow the Sunnah of Muhammad, pbuh, in Makkah: Peaceful da'wah, stay within the law, protect yourself with the resources of law. Do not throw your weight around. We have the Qur'an and the Uswa of Muhammad, pbuh. No one has such power. Use it through the First Amendment rights the Constitution of the US gives us. All this but without compromising with kufr, shirk, tughyan and nifaq. Remember Ibrahim [Abraham] pbuh was neither a Jew nor a Christian. There was no Judaism or Christianity at that time.

Some points in the khutba were influenced by Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz. [ ]

Generals Blaming Peaceful Opponents for Attacks by Mujahideen:
Rebuttal by a Daughter

[Via Shah Abdul Hannan, The Criterion]

Aisha Khairat Al-Shater, the daughter of Al-Shater (Vice-Chairman of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood) denied Egyptian newspaper false reports claiming a relationship between her father and a militant group calling itself Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis (Supporters of Jerusalem) - one of the armed groups operating in the Sinai Peninsula. She described the accusations as totally implausible.

In a post on her Facebook page, Aisha Al-Shater said: "As always, the interior ministry seeks to delude the people. For the past six months, it repeatedly announced that Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis claimed responsibility for various heinous bombings and assassinations around Egypt.

"Earlier today (Friday), they suddenly changed their mind, claiming unashamedly that there is no group called Ansar Beit Al-Maqdis after all! And, now, the culprit is: Khairat Al-Shater.

"To their mind, my beloved father must be a real superman who can do anything and everything, even if he is locked up for all these long months... even though he received no visits."

She affirmed that her father suffered inhuman conditions in detention, like "excessive restrictions, depriving him of everything, even clothes and food and all.

"Didn't any of these deluded putschists ask themselves: who believes these false trumpets of deception that do their worst every day to demonize and slander my beloved father?"

She added: "Wouldn't it be more worthwhile for that supposed superman to protect himself or even provide himself with food and clothes? If he indeed were the powerful resourceful person they claim, wouldn't he free himself from the junta jail?"

Raising the Curtain on the Deceptive Ismaili Cult: Agha Khan's Role
by Sis. Gulshan [Excerpted.]

Their hatred of all the Muslims Arabs, Saudis, Shia, Muslim Mullahs with Beard, and the Hijabi women etc comes from the teaching of the old Agakhan who hated his ancestral religion of Shia sect.

And that's how he became an apostate and an atheist and created a new religion for the poor Hindus in India, who were first known as Khoja, then Ismaili, then Shia Imami Ismaili, then Shia Imami Ismaili Muslim.

Even their religious titles changed many times, just like their prayers changed about 4-5 times. One wonders why? Why aren't they given the Muslim Salat/Namaz if they are Muslims Shia of any sects? These fake Imams has no idea what they are doing. So, let us see if [the Ismaili] knows all about her religion, as she is expert in copy pasting all about the Islamic history and worried sick about what happened 14c ago, but not worried about what is going to happen to them with all these lies and frauds.

Before they express their hatred for Saudis, who were called Arab donkeys by the old Agakhan: Saudis are the Kings and they are following their own system of Monarchy, like the British and others do.

They aren't claiming to be the sectarian Imams or anything else.

But then they have the flag of Islam in their hands and are keeping Islam alive. Because of them the true Islam is accepted by many.

It doesn't matter what system of choosing the next King they apply.

Whereas, if it was in the hands of the fake Muslims the Kaba wouldn't be there nor any of the true original Islam.
It is such a shame that such Holy sites are kept hidden from the poor Ismailis, who are forbidden to practice any of the 5 pillars of Islam., Naouzoobillah.

So, these anti-Islam, anti-Muslims should first of all learn about Islam and then poke their long noses in other affairs of Muslims, and stop pretending to like the Ahlayl Bayt, whom they hate as much as they hate Islam.

They also hate H. Ali (RA) and his religion Islam. If they loved him they would have adopted his religion, like billions of Shia and Sunni Muslims who love him and has adopted his religion Islam and not Ismailism.

Muslims love the A. Bayt truly with sincerity by following their religion Islam. But these illiterates do not understand the difference between Islam and Ismailism. They should first of all accept Allah the number one command and the first creed of Islam, followed by the Quran, then 5 Pillars of Islam, then comes all the other things but not the political belief. In the Kabr Allah will not ask about the political situation.

So, let us leave them alone and pray to Allah to guide them, just like HE guided all of us.

With thanks to Imam Ali Siddiqui, California
and Br. Robert Solano in Texas
Israeli Supporter at Super Bowl Facing Boycott
Actress Johansson's Break With Oxfam Highlights Israel Occupation Issue

The Associated Press

Scarlett Johansson has parted ways with the international charity Oxfam because of a dispute over her work for SodaStream, a company operating in a West Bank settlement that features the Hollywood star in an ad that will air during the Super Bowl. Johansson became the latest casualty of a widening campaign to boycott the settlements, drawing attention to a larger debate about whether Israel will become an international pariah, at a steep economic price, if it fails to reach a peace deal with the Palestinians ... European officials have warned that Israel could face deepening economic isolation if it presses forward with the construction of settlements in the West Bank and east Jerusalem, war-won lands the Palestinians want for their state.

What's positive about tragic situations in Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Bangladesh, Libya?
by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

The latest bad news is from Bangladesh on January 29 where the India-backed regime has sentenced an entire group of 14 Islamic leaders to death. This follows the execution earlier of another popular leader from the same movement, Jamaate Islami. This comes as a shock to most Muslims and even decent non-Muslims. These leaders are of great moral stature, pious, learned and non-violent, The sentences coming 40 years after a civil war in East Pakistan, now called Bangladesh, were issued by a bogus court which violated all principles of law by punishing the Islamic scholars for violation of Bangladeshi laws although the country did not exist when the alleged violations took place. Each of these scholars takes about 40 years to become a force for decency and integrity.

The carnage in Syria countinues where a minority Shi'ite regime has slaughtered 100,000 plus civilians, including 11,000 children over a period of three years. More than 20,000 [estimated] women have been raped by the Alawites. The regime claims they were terrorists. Russia, Iran and Hizbullah [now known as Hizbush shaitan among many Muslims] are openly supporting the mass murdering Shi'ite tyrant Bashar Assad. America's Turkish and Saudi allies which were helping the miniscule secularist [democratic!] opposition with small arms and supplies have stopped their help on the plea that the weapons could fall into the hands of the Islamic groups.

In Egypt, the elected president. Muhammad Morsi, has been imprisoned along with several thousand of his supporters. The Muslim Brotherhood turned out to be heroic in its peaceful demonstrations against the new Pharoah, General Sisi, but the General's men have ruthlessly killed more than 2,000 unarmed demonstrators and injured more than 25,000 [estimated]. Such horrors perpetrated against unarmed demonstrators within six months have outdone even the crimes committed by the secularist Algerian regime years back against the democratic Islamic movement known as FIS.

Libya and Yemen are breaking apart at the seams after the people removed their tyrants at a high price in blood.

And Palestine? No one even thinks of Palestine now. In fact President Morsi is being charged with helping the "terrorist" regime of Hamas!

So what is there to cheer about?
In the day to day news, the situation looks grim, if not hopeless. But strategic analysis brings forth conclusions which indicate that the victory of Islam is inevitable in each of these countries.

First look at recent history. Most observers believed that Hosni Mubarak of Egypt, Gaddafi of Libya, Assad of Syria and "what was his name" of Yemen could never be removed. In Bangladesh, Jamaate Islami was re-organizing but so suppressed in its style, it was easily scapegoted by the corrupt regime of Hasina Wajed. These were truly helpless people.

Now we see that Mubarak has been overthrown and put in a cage, Gaddafi is dead and he was so feared that his body was put on display to convince the masses that the taghia was indeed dead. [He had hanged protesting students in the central quad of their university.] Bashar Assad was so confident that he massacred the unarmed masses when they rose up. He wanted to do all over Syria what his father Hafez had done in Hama. The people persisted. Hundreds of Assad's troops defected and then mujahideen came in from Iraq and all over the Arab world to teach the Syrian people how to fight back.

A glorious era of jihad is underway in Syria. Most of the country is in the hands of the mujahideen, even up to the suburbs of Damascus and the approaches to the Alawite stronghold of Latakia. Assad was about to be toppled when Iran and Hizbush Shaitan rushed to his aid and Russia set up an air bridge to deliver non-stop re-supply of latest weapons. Assad is now willing to talk to the secularized segment of the opposition.

In Libya, large areas are under Islamic control while there are tribal and Gaddafi supporter in upheavals going on in others. The "government" is weak and some alleged Ansar al-Sharia killed the US ambassador and three US Special Forces.

From Libya, waves of "extremist" Islam are rolling out in Somalia, Nigeria, the Sinai and Mali [suppressed for the time being]. Kenya is under attack. There were some ugly incidents in Algeria though the pro-French regime is stable for the time being.

In Yemen, numerous parts of the south and east are in Islamic hands amid turmoil all over the country. It's the homeland of Shaykh Osama and Yemenis are seen as a threat by the Saudis.

The most important lesson of Bangladesh and all these countries is that the Generals and the West will not allow any peaceful, "democratic," Islamic movement to emerge. Some Egyptians are learning this lesson quickly. Armed resistance to the generals has emerged. At least 500 policemen have been killed during the turmoil while the regime was slaughtering the defenseless Muslim Brotherhood.

The Americans had restrained the army in the hope that CAIR type Ikhwan would work for America. However, Morsi's moves soon indicated that he was a sincere Muslim, so he was removed with such speed which has few equals,

The Saudis poured in $8 billion to help General Sisi and have now given him $8 billion more. The Saudis for a while did not believe that Morsi would take an independent stance.

My analysis is that gradually the young people in the Muslim Brotherhood will break away, inshallah, and join various jihad movements. Egyptians always want to be peaceful [somewhat like Punjabis in Pakistan] but they can be catalyzed by brutal regimes. Remember that the teacher of Jihad as a personal duty of every Muslim man, woman and child [not as fard kifaya], is Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, an Egyptian now in a US prison. So is the current leader of global al-Qaida Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, and so was, heaven help us, Muhammad Ata. The torture system in Hosni Mubarak's prisons gave a horrible lesson to Islamic Egyptians. Also they remembered that the most peaceful Islamic scholar of the Qur'an, Syed Qutb [shaheed] was executed by the tyrant Gamal Nasser.

Somehow many Egyptians also adore their Pharoahs. They loved Gamal Nasser and now they are stupid enough to cheer for General Sisi

The same process could be developing in Bangladesh. Such innocents slaughtered so mercilessly by the Hindu-backed regime! [Compare with General Musharraf's attack on the Red Mosque. Many bearded "prayer and fasting" Muslims kept quiet. Tablighi Jamaat is silent in Bangladesh at what the Hinduized regime is doing. Such long beards, so little courage, millions of them praying and fasting.]

Once Assad falls, and the Syrian and Iraqi fighters unite, the roll out of the Islamic agenda will begin.

Muslim disunity is a major problem. Many "praying and fasting" type of good Muslims, politically naive, are supporting General Sisi. Imagine hijabi women cheering the general. Hijab is often misplaced.

What the Founder of Pakistan Said about Bangla and Urdu Languages.
Nailing the lies of Secularists in Bangladesh

Assalamu Alaikum.This is the speech of Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah which has created some controversy because of reference in it regarding Bangla and Urdu language.He did not utter a word against Bangla. He mentioned the need of Urdu as the language of the central government. Please see the full speech taken from Bangladesh liberation war history, volume 1, published by the government of Bangladesh so that you can judge yourself the issues involved.. .Ultimately Bangla became a state language of Pakistan by its 1956 constitution.It never became state language of India. West Bengla Bengalees never tried for it.

I am sending it because of the month of February when language movement reached its most important stage.

Shah Abdul Hannan

[The writer is a Bengali Muslim.]

Speech at a public meeting
attended by over three lakhs of people at Dacca
on March 2l, 1948
Assalam-o-Alaikum! Assalam-o-Alaikum!! Assalam-o-Alaikum !!!

I am grateful to the people of this Province and, through you, Mr. Chairman of the Reception Committee, to the people of Dacca, for the great welcome that they have accorded to me. I need hardly say that it gives me the greatest pleasure to visit East Bengal. East Bengal is the most important component of Pakistan, inhibited as it is by the largest single bloc of Muslims in the world. I have been anxious to pay this Province an early visit, but unfortunately, other matters, of greater importance had so far prevented me from doing so.

About some of these important matters you doubtless know. You know, for instance, of the cataclysm that shook the Punjab immediately after Partition, and of the millions of Muslims who in consequence were uprooted from their homes in East Punjab, Delhi and neighbouring districts and had to be protected, sheltered and fed pending rehabilitation in Western Pakistan. Never throughout history was a new State called upon to face such tremendous problems. Never throughout history has a new State handled them with such competence and courage. Our enemies had hoped to kill Pakistan at its inception. Pakistan has, on the contrary, arisen triumphant and stronger than ever. It has come to stay, and play its great role for which it is destined.

In your address of welcome you have stressed the importance of developing the great agricultural and industrial resources of this province, of providing facilities for the training of the young men and women of this province for entering the Armed Forces of Pakistan, of the development of the port of Chittagong and of communications between this province and other parts of Pakistan, of development of educational facilities and finally you have stressed the importance of ensuring that the citizens of Eastern Pakistan get the due and legitimates share in all spheres of Government activity. Let me at once assure you that my Government attaches the greatest importance to these matters and is anxiously and constantly engaged in ensuring that Eastern Pakistan attains its full stature with the maximum of speed. Of the martial progress of the people of this province, history provides ample evidence and, as you are aware, Government have already taken energetic steps to provide facilities for the training of the youth of this province both in the regular Armed Forces and as volunteers in the Pakistan National Guards. You may rest assured that the fullest provision shall be made for enabling the youth of this province to play its part in the defense of this State.

Let me now turn to some general matters concerning this province. In doing so, let me first congratulate you, the people of this Province and your Government, over the manner in which you have conducted yourselves during these seven months of trials and tribulations. Your Government and loyal, hardworking officials deserve to be congratulated on the speed and efficiency with which it succeeded in building up an ordered administration out of the chaos and confusion which prevailed immediately after Partition. On the 15th August, the Provincial Government in Dacca was a fugitive in its own home. It was faced with the immediate problem of finding accommodation for thousands of Government personnel in what was, after all, before Partition only a small mofussil town. Hardly had Government got to grips with administrative problems thus created when some seventy thousand Railway and other personnel and their families suddenly arrived in this Province, driven out of India partly by panic owing to the disturbances immediately following the Partition. There were further, owing to the wholesale departure of Hindu personnel, great gaps left in the administrative machinery and the entire transport and communication system had been disorganised. The immediate task that faced the Government, therefore, was hurriedly to regroup its forces and reorganise its administrative machine in order to avert an imminent administrative collapse.

This the Government did with extraordinary speed and efficiency. The administration continued to function unhampered, and the life of the community continued undisturbed. Not only was the administration speedily reorganised but the great administrative shortages were quickly made good, so that an impending famine was averted, and what is equally important, peace was maintained throughout the province. In this latter respect, much credit is due also to the people of this province, in particular to the members of the majority community, who showed exemplary calm and determination to maintain peace despite the great provocation afforded by the massacre and oppression of the Muslims in the Indian Dominion in the months immediately after Partition. Despite those horrible happenings, some forty thousand processions were taken out by the Hindu community during the last Puja in this province without a single instance of the breach of peace, and without any molestation from the Muslims of this province.

Any impartial observer will agree with me that throughout these troubles the minorities were looked after and protected in Pakistan better than anywhere else in India. You will agree that Pakistan was able to keep peace and maintain law and order; and let me tell you that the minorities not only here in Dacca but throughout Pakistan are more secure more safe than anywhere else. We have made it clear that the Pakistan Government will not allow peace to be disturbed; Pakistan will maintain law and order at any cost; it will not allow any kind of mob rule. It is necessary to draw attention to these facts, namely, the building up of an orderly administration, the averting of an imminent famine and the maintenance of the supply of food to some forty million people in this province at a time of overall food shortage and serious administrative difficulties, and the maintenance of peace, because there is a tendency to ignore these achievements of the Government and to take these things for granted.

It is always easy to criticise; it is always easy to go on fault-finding, but people forget the things that are being done and are going to be done for them, and generally they take those for granted without even realising as to what trials; tribulations, difficulties and dangers we had to face at the birth of Pakistan. I do not think that your administration is perfect, far from it; I do not say that there is no room for improvement; I do not say that honest criticism from true Pakistanis is unwelcome. It is always welcome. But when I find in some quarters nothing but complaint, faultfinding and not a word of recognition as to the work that has been done either by your Government or by those loyal officials and officers who have been working for you day and night, it naturally pains me. Therefore, at least say some good word for the good that is done, and then complain and criticise. In a large administration, it is obvious that mistakes must be made not expect that it should be faultless; no country in the world can be so. But our ambition and our desire is that it should be as little defective as possible. Our desire is to make it more efficient, more beneficial, more smooth working. For what? What has the Government got for its aim? The Government can only have for its aim one objective - how to serve the people, how to devise ways and means of their welfare, for their betterment. What other object can the Government have and, remember, now it is your hands to put the Government in power or remove the Government from power; but you must not, do it by mob methods, You have the power; you must learn the art to use it; you must try and understand the machinery. Constitutionally, it is your hands to upset one Government and put another Government in power if you are dissatisfied to such an extent.

Therefore, the whole thing is in your hands, but I advise you strongly to have patience and to support the men who are at the helm of your Government, sympathise with them, try and understand their troubles and their difficulties just as they should try and understand your grievances and complaints and sufferings. It is by that co-operation and that good spirit and goodwill that you will be able not only to preserve Pakistan which we have achieved but also make it a great State in the world. Are you now, after having achieved Pakistan, going to destroy it by your own folly? Do you want to build it up? Well then for that purpose there is one essential condition, and it is this - complete unity and solidarity amongst ourselves.

But I want to tell you that in our midst there are people financed by foreign agencies who are intent on creating disruption. Their object is to disrupt and sabotage Pakistan. I want you to be on your guard; I want you to be vigilant and not to be taken in by attractive slogans and catchwords. They say that the Pakistan Government and the East Bengal Government are out to destroy your language. A bigger falsehood was never uttered by a man. Quite frankly and openly I must tell you that you have got amongst you a few communists and other agents financed by foreign help and if you are not careful, you will be disrupted. The idea that East Bengal should be brought back into the Indian Union is not given up, and it is their aim yet, and I am confident - I am not afraid, but it is better to be vigilant - that those people who still dream of getting back East Bengal into the Indian Union are living in a dream-land.

I am told that there has been some exodus of the Hindu community from this province. I have seen the magnitude of this exodus put at the fantastic figure of ten lakhs in the India Press. Official estimates would not put the figure beyond two lakhs at the utmost. In any case, I am satisfied that such exodus as has taken place has been the result not of any ill-treatment of the minority communities. On the other hand, the minority communities have enjoyed, and rightfully so, greater freedom, and have been shown greater solicitude for their welfare than the minorities in any part of the Indian Dominion.

The causes of this exodus are to be found rather in the loose talks by some war-mongering leaders in the Indian Dominion of the inevitability of war between Pakistan and India; in the ill-treatment of minorities in some of the Indian provinces and the fear among the minorities of the likely repercussion of that ill treatment here, and in the open encouragement to Hindus to leave this province being sendulously given by a section of the Indian press, producing imaginary accounts of what it calls the plight of minorities in Pakistan, and by the Hindu Mahasabha. All this propaganda and accusations about the ill-treatment of the minorities stand belied by the fact that over twelve million non-Muslims continue to live in this province in peace and have refused to migrate from here.

Let me take this opportunity of repeating what I have already said: we shall treat the minorities in Pakistan fairly and justly. Their lives and property in Pakistan are far more secured and protected than in India and we shall maintain peace, law and order and protect and safeguard fully every citizen of Pakistan without distinction of caste, creed or community.

So far so good. Let me now turn to some of the less satisfactory features of the conditions in this province. There is a certain feeling, I am told, in some parts of this province against non-Bengali Muslims. There has also lately been a certain amount of excitement over the question whether Bengali or Urdu shall be the state language of this province and of Pakistan. In this latter connection, I hear that some discreditable attempts have been made by the political opportunists to make a tool of the student community in Dacca to embarrass the administration.

My young friends, students who are present here, let me tell you as one who has always had love and affection for you, who has served you for ten years faithfully and loyally, let me give you this word of warning: you will be making the greatest mistake if you allow yourself to be exploited by one political party or other. Remember, there has been a revolutionary change. It is our own Government. We are a free, independent and sovereign State. Let us behave and regulate our affairs as free man, we are not suppressed and oppressed under the regime of a foreign domination; we have broken those chains, we have thrown off those shackles. My young friends, I look forward to you as the real makers of Pakistan do not be exploited and do not be misled. Create amongst yourselves complete unity and solidarity. Set an example of what youth can do. Your main occupation should be - in fairness to yourself - in fairness to your parents, in fairness to the State - to devote your attention to your studies. If you fritter away your energies now, you will always regret. After you leave the portals of your universities and colleges then you can play your part freely and help yourself and the State. Let me warn you in the clearest terms of the dangers that still face Pakistan and your province in particular as I have done already. Having failed to prevent the establishment of Pakistan, thwarted and frustrated by their failure, the enemies of Pakistan have now turned their attention to disrupt the State by creating a split amongst the Muslims of Pakistan. These attempts have taken the shape principally of encouraging provincialism.

As long as you do not throw off this poison in our body politic, you will never be able to weld yourself, mould yourself, galvanise yourself into a real true nation. What we want is not to talk about Bengali, Punjabi, Sindhi, Baluchi, Pathan and so on. They are of course units. But I ask you: have you forgotten the lesson that was taught to us thirteen hundred years ago? If I may point out, you are all outsiders here. Who were the original inhabitants of Bengal - not those who are now living. So what is the use of saying "we are Bengalis, or Sindhis, or Pathans, or Punjabis". Now we are Muslims.

Islam has taught us this, and I think you will agree with me that whatever else you may be and whatever you are, you are a Muslim. You belong to a Nation now; you have now carved out a territory, vast territory, it is all yours; it does not belong to a Punjabi or a Sindhii, or a Pathan, or a Bengali; it is yours. You have your Central Government where several units are represented. Therefore, if you want to build up yourself into a Nation, for God's sake give up this provincialism. Provincialism has been one of the curses; and so is sectionalism - Shia, Sunni, etc.

It was no concern of our predecessor Government; it was no concern of theirs to worry about it; they were here to carry on the administration, maintain law and order and to carry on their trade and exploit India as much as they could. But now we are in a different position altogether. Now I give you an example. Take America. When it threw off British rule and declared itself independent, how many nations were there? It had many races: Spaniards, French, Germans, Italians, English, Dutch and many more. Well, there they were. They had many difficulties. But mind you, their nations were actually in existence and they were great nations; whereas you had nothing. You have got Pakistan only now. But there a Frenchman could say 'I am a Frenchman and belong to a great nation', and so on. But what happened? They understood and they realised their difficulties because they had sense, and within a very short time they solved their problems and destroyed all this sectionalism and they were able to speak not as a German or a Frenchman or an Englishman or a Spaniard, but as Americans. They spoke in this spirit: 'I am an American' and 'we are Americans'. And so you should think, live and act in terms that your country is Pakistan and you are a Pakistani.

Now I ask you to get rid of this provincialism, because as long as you allow this poison to remain in the body politic of Pakistan, believe me, you will never be a strong nation, and you will never be able to achieve what I wish we could achieve. Please do not think that I do not appreciate the position. Very often it becomes a vicious circle. When you speak to a Bengali, he says: 'Yes you are right but the Punjabi is so arrogant'; when you speak to the Punjabi or non-Bengali, he says 'Yes, but these people do not want us here, they want to get us out'. Now this is a vicious circle, and I do not think anybody can solve this Chinese puzzle. The question is, who is going to be more sensible, more practical, more statesman-like and will be rendering the greatest service to Pakistan? So make up your mind and from today put an end to this sectionalism.

About language, as I have already said, this is in order to create disruption amongst the Mussalmans. Your Prime Minister has rightly pointed this out in a recent statement and I am glad this his Government have decided to put down firmly any attempt to disturb the peace of this province by political saboteurs or their agents. Whether Bengali shall be the official language of this province is a matter for the elected representatives of the people of this province to decide. I have no doubt that this question shall be decided solely in accordance with the wishes of the inhabitants of this province at the appropriate time.

Let me tell you in the clearest language that there is no truth that your normal life is going to be touched or disturbed so far as your Bengali language is concerned. But ultimately it is for you, the people of this province, to decide what shall be the language of your province. But let me make it very clear to you that the State Language of Pakistan is going to be Urdu and no other language. Anyone who tries to mislead you is really the enemy of Pakistan. Without one State Language, no Nation can remain tied up solidly together and function. Look at the history of other countries. Therefore, so far as the State Language is concerned, Pakistan's language shall be Urdu. But, as I have said, it will come in time.

I tell you once again, do not fall into the trap of those who are the enemies of Pakistan. Unfortunately, you have fifth-columnists - and I am sorry to say they are Muslims - who are financed by outsiders. But they are making a great mistake. We are not going to tolerate sabotage anymore; we are not going to tolerate the enemies of Pakistan; we are not going to tolerate quislings and fifth columnists in our State, and if this is not stopped, I am confident that your Government and the Pakistan Government will take the strongest measures and deal with them ruthlessly, because they are a poison. I can quite understand differences of views. Very often it is said ''why cannot we have this party or that party"? Now let me tell you, and I hope you will agree with me that we have as a result of unceasing effort and struggle ultimately achieved Pakistan after ten years. It is the Muslim League which has done it. There were of course many Mussalmans who were indifferent; some were afraid, because they had vested interests and they thought they might lose; some sold themselves to the enemy and worked against us, but we struggled and we fought and by the grace of God and with His help we have established Pakistan which has stunned the world.

Now this is a sacred trust in your hands, i.e., the-Muslim League. Is this sacred trust to be guarded by us as the real custodians of the welfare of our country and our people or not? Are mushroom parties led by men of doubtful past to be started to destroy what we have achieved or capture what we have secured? I ask you one question. Do you believe in Pakistan? (cries of yes, yes). Are you happy that you have achieved Pakistan? (cries of yes, yes). Do you want East Bengal or any part of Pakistan to go into the Indian Union? (No, no). Well, if you are going to serve Pakistan, if you are going to build up Pakistan, if you are going to reconstruct Pakistan, then I say that the honest course open to every Mussalman is to join the Muslim League Party and serve Pakistan to the best of his ability. Any other mushroom parties that are started at present will be looked upon with suspicion because of their past, not that we have any feeling of malice, ill-will or revenge. Honest change is welcome, but the present emergency requires that every Mussalman should come under the banner of the Muslim League, which is the true custodian of Pakistan, and build it up and make it a great state before we think of parties amongst ourselves whih may be formed later on sound and healthy lines.

Just one thing more. Do not feel isolated. Many people have spoken to me that East Bengal feels isolated from the rest of Pakistan. No doubt there is a great distance separating the East from the West Pakistan, no doubt there are difficulties but I tell you that we fully know and realize the importance of Dacca and East Bengal. I have only come here for a week or ten days this time, but in order to discharge my duty as the head of the State I may have to come here and stay for days, for weeks and similarly the Pakistan Ministers must establish closer contact. They should come here and your leaders and members or your Government should go to Karachi which is the capital of Pakistan. But you must have patients. With your help and with your support we will make Pakistan a mighty state.

Finally, let me appeal to you -keep together, put up the inconveniences, sufferings and sacrifices, for the collective good of our people. No amount of trouble, no amount of hard work or sacrifice is too much or to be shirked if you individually and collectively make a contribution for the collective good of your Nation and your state. It is in that way that you will build up Pakistan as the fifth largest state in the world not only population as it is but also in strength, so that it will command the respect of all the other nations of the world. With these words I wish you God-speed.

Pakistan Zindabad. Pakistan Zindabad. Pakistan Zindabad.

2014-02-03 Mon 17:52:50 cst