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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Safar 18 ,1435/December 21, 2013 # 52

Great articles: Anti-Genocide conference in Milwaukee, Eichmann story countered by leading revisionist, serious setback for homos in India and Africa, Br. Shamim's advice: Scroll down and enjoy.

Breaking News: Bangladesh
Owing to the efforts of Imran Khan, PTI, and Munawar Hasan, JI, the creation of Bangladesh by Indian forces is being studied in Pakistan. The shameful execution in Bangladesh of Abdul Qadir Mollah, scholar, teacher and man of God, who never harmed anyone, has sent shock waves through Pakistan. Why is the army silent? Why no support for Bengalis who sacrificed everything for Pakistan? A puppet pro-India regime, led by Hasina Wajid, is going for "elections" after suppressing Jamaat Islami of Bangladesh. Three hundred peaceful demonstrators, all Bengali Muslims, have been killed by the pro-India rulers in Dhaka.

The regime in Dhaka mobilized the Hindu population to counter the supporters of Jamaate Islami. Even some of the top positions in the embassy of Bangladesh in Washington, DC are held by Hindus. The secularized Bengali "Muslims" in USA are busy extolling the execution of a good Muslim. The Zionists played a big role. The statistics of "crimes" by pro-Pakistan people are directly copied from the book of a Zionist Jew, Ms Brownmiller, living in Brooklyn, New York.

Breaking News: Pakistan
December 18-21: Pakistani army has clamped curfew on the Mir Ali area of North Waziristan. This follows a martyrdom operation in the area by Pakistani Taliban which killed 5 Pakistani troops and injured 34. Pakistani artillery opened up on living areas in Mir Ali killing thirty three people including a mother and her two daughters. Food supplies have been cut off to the area. Locals say all those killed in the shelling were civilians, not "insurgents." [Pakistan Taliban issued a statement saying this was for Hakeemullah Mehsud's revenge.]

Imran Khan and Jamaate Islami are successfully stopping NATO supply routes. US says if the routes are not opened, it will have to withdraw its equipment by air and that would add $1 billion to the $5 billion withdrawal cost by ground. US is threatening to stop its aid to Pakistan. US says Imran Khan seems unwillling to stop the blockade.

Breaking News: Afghanistan
December 18: Taliban shot down a US helicopter in Zabul province killing 6 US troops. US said it was accident but later said mortar fire hit the troops after the crash.

December 19: C-Span from December 11} Congressional hearing indicated India is being prepared for a big role in Afghanistan, both military and economic. US will spend $100 million on "elections" in Afghanistan, State Department plan. At this time US is spending $6.7 billion a year in Afghanistan. It has stopped military operations but US-organized Afghan troops are losing 100 troops a month in fighting the Taliban.

USA & African Americans
Self-Hatred is a form of Internalized Slavery:
This is about non-Muslim culture but Pakistanis & Nigerians too can learn from this video.

[The Prophet, pbuh, has taught us not to blindly imitate other people. Famous Hadith ---editor]

Please find within this email a direct link to a recent film/documentary that was produced by one of my students within the Nyumburu UNITV Independent Media Initiative Program.The following represents the kind of educational and thought provoking films, news and commentary that students within this program continue to produce. I am very proud of her and the work she did. As you will soon see, she did an outstanding job. Please watch it and share the film with your colleagues. Her name is Dymond Green and her email is:, if you would like to contact her yourself.

The name of her documentary is: "Colorism: Destruction within a Race"

The link to this FREE documentary is here:
Thank you for your time and support of this student's fine work.
Solomon Comissiong
[University of Maryland, College Park.]

Community service
Islamic Activist Saves a man from a home on fire.

December 19. Br. Abdul Rahman, Jamaat al-Muslimeen shoora member, lives near downtown Baltimore. He was finishing his zuhr prayer when he heard a woman screaming. He rushed out, saw smoke coming out of a house down the street and a few people standing around. The woman was shouting that there is a man inside but the lookers on would not go in because the smoke was heavy. Br. Abdul Rahman rushed in, saw the man, passed out on the floor and dragged him out. Immediately after that the house burst into flames. The fire brigade arrived minutes later but blocked off the street making it difficult for medical help to reach the unconscious man. [He's okay.]

This incident was mentioned after Juma prayers on December 20 at masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen. Br. Kaukab said that a certificate of merit would be given to recognize Br. Abdur Rahman's help.

Outreach from Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Washington, DC
Jamaat al-Muslimeen Literature on Key Issues given to 105 People after Juma'

December 20: At the upscale Muslim Community Center [MCC] in Sliver Spring, Maryland [near Washington DC], 6 pages of Jamaat al-Muslimeen Literature were given to 105 people, Many of them were Pakistani and Bangla immigrants. Young people found the papers very attractive. These were the six pages:
  1. Shoora resolutions of National Jamaat meeting: Opposing Israel and Syria's regime, condemning Bangladesh crimes against Jamaate Islami & Hefajate Islam, Urging support for Muslim political prisoners in USA & calling for review of US educational system which is nurturung Zionism and racism.

  2. Message of Imam Jamil al-Amin from prison.

  3. Vietnamese convert to Islam arrested by US: Wanted to help Syrian fighters.

  4. Usman, r.a., compiler of the Qur'an, great Companion of Muhammad, pbuh.

  5. Hindu India in Action: Muzaffarnagar attack on Muslims documented.

  6. Jamaat's new leadership: Role of Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz, Ashira Naim, Robert Solano & Nadrat Siddique
    [ ]

Muslims, Christians, Hindus unite to defeat Homosexual movement in India.
How did the Supreme Court Judgement come about? Brilliant report by Dr. Javed Jamil. Please scroll down.

[From Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Virginia]
Syria's Women Pledge to Bring down the tyrant Bashar Assad
Here is a sister who was tortured by the Alawites but has pledged to continue struggle till Bashar's Fall.

For newcomers to the Internet:{To watch this video, copy the link and paste it in your browser.]

Breaking News: Syria
Adra Captured by mujahideen: Aleppo bombed by Syrian air force

December 21: Jabhat al-Nusra mujahideen captured the industrial town of Adra, 35 miles northeast of Damascus after 4 days of fighting,. Assad's force lost 32 killed here but claims they were civilians. Syrian troops are preparing a counterattack.

December 15: Syrian air force helicopters dropped 25 barrel bombs on the seven districts of Aleppo held by the mujahideen. Videos of the attacks released by the resistance indicate that 35 civilians were killed including 16 chidren.

BBC on December 20 broadcast an extensive documentary showing the aftermath of the bombing of a children's school in Aleppo. An incdendiary bomb was dropped by Assad on the children. They died burning alive. Many others were seriously wounded. The documentary is difficult to watch. The only positive aspect is that of Islamic women in hijab nursing the wounded children and shouting at the hysterical men to get out so that treatment could be carried out.

As one of the Islamic women said, Assad has been doing this for more than two years and the world is doing nothing to stop him.

[Warning to New Trend readers: A whole list of Anglo-European-White American propagandists are spreading smear propaganda against the mujahideen in Syria. It is almost word for word borrowed from Assad's propaganda machine, saying that the mujahideen are "terrorists" and Assad is the real leader of Syria.

These men have gone beyond all limits of decency. Among them are Cartalucci, Chodovsky, Fisk, Lamb and various propagandists in conspiracy theory groups in America using Iran's Press TV.

Saudis and Qatarese are helping the huge numbers of refugees fleeing Assad's regime. This help is presented as a Qatari-Saudi conspiracy to overthrow Assad who is presented as a defender of Palestine! Turkey is attacked the worst because for two years Turkey allowed small arms to be smuggled to the opposition. Why should Muslims not be helping the mujahideen?]

Al-Nusra Leader says Victory is near: Rejects Geneva II talks meant to save Assad

On December 19. Abu Muhammad Jolani, in an interview with thr BBC, rejected outright anything which might come out of the forthcoming Geneva 2 peace talks. It is alleged that the talks are an alliance between the Americans and the Russians to save Assad or at least the Alawite regime. Jolani assured the BBC that Islamic victory in Syria is not far. He said al-Nusra would work with all groups which accept Sharia as the basis.

Al-Nusra has an estimated 5000 mujahideen and controls several suburbs around Damascus as well as parts of central and southern Syria.

Northern Syria and eastern Syria particularly on most of the border with Turkey and Iraq is controlled by ISIL [Islamic State of Iraq & the Levant].

Letter: Re: New Trend's Article on our Unpopular Opinions on South Africa

Why didn't you mention the hypocricy of the supporters of Apartheid on Israel.
You are right; it's truly sickening.
But an aspect to explore is how anti-apartheid radicals become mainstream in later life. Did the prophet comment on this aspect of our nature? At university most students are radical; then when they leave they switch loyalty to the establishment.

Shoaib [Qatar]

Our America: Opposing Genocide

Historic Conference in Milwaukee for the rights of Rohingya Muslims in Burma.
200 People Drove in 10 degrees Weather to join the Networking for Muslim Minorities

December 14, 2013: University of Wisconsin, Milewaukee:

Rohingya Muslims have suffered for decades at the hands of Buddhist mobs in Burma since the 1970s if not earlier. America's Muslims have not cared for them, This was the first conference ever held to support the Rohingyas. It was historic in the sense that it brought together top level activists, analysts and scholars researching the genocide of Rohingya Muslims from across the US and Canada.

The conference became possible, owing to the efforts of Prof. Suleyman Kurter, his wife Hawa Kurter and his illustrious sons Salahattin and Imran. As the people poured into the auditorium, though it was bone chilling cold even in the parking lots, it became clear that here were people thirsting for knowledge of the supressed Rohingya Muslims.

There are 70 Rohingya Muslim families in Milwaukee and most of them were there. A major breakthrough was the arrival of Burmese Muslims living in Indiana who have realized that after the destruction of Rohingya Muslims, the Buddhist government and mobs incited by Buddhist monks are now howling for the blood of ALL Muslims in Burma.

For eight hours the program went on with a long line of speakers outlining the shocking atrocities committed by the Burmese Buddhists in the form of rape, murder, mutilation, looting, arson, terrorism and the ethnic cleansing of an entire people.
Some of the eminent speakers were: [Incomplete list.]

Dr. Abid Bahar, Dawson College, Montreal, Canada.

Dr. Habib Siddiqui, a human rights activist from Canada.
Nurul Islam, Arakan Rohingya National Organization, President. [All the eway from London, England]

Anwar Shah Arkani, President of tye Rohingya Association of Canada.

Dr. Kaukab Siddique, Chairperson [interim], Department of Languages & Literature, lincoln University, Pennsylvania.
Sheikh Ziad Hamdan, Imam of the Islamic society of Milwaukee.

Mohiuddin Yusof, President Rohingya Concern International, [New York]

U King Maung, non-Rohingya Burmese Muslim, spoke at length in Burmese and was translated in English.

Among non-Muslims there were two prominent names:

Dr. Nora Rowley [Human Rights Advocate for Burma]

Barry Parkinson [Initiative on Quiet Diplomacy]

Introduction and declaration of the conference were made by an African American brother Ronald Hendree from the Risale Center of America, which publicizes the teachings of Shaykh Badiuzzaman of Turkish resurgence of Islam.

The MC, very capable and eloquent, was Imran Kurter. Certificates of merit were given to main speakers by Shaukat Aung, the chair of the conference organizing committee.

Some of the speakers blasted the secularist regime in Bangladesh which is supporting non-Muslim Burmese but is blocking the Rohingya Muslims in the most brutal process of rejection.

Main Points of the presentation by Dr. Kaukab Siddique:
[By a show of hands, Dr, Siddique found that many in the audience understood Urdu, so he interspersed his comments with Urdu statements.]
  1. Maulana Maudoodi was the first international leader to take note of the suffering of Rohingyas.

  2. Dr. Siddique witnessed Maulana Maudoodi leading prayers for the Rohingya Muslims who had migrated all the way, 1200 miles, from Burma to Karachi, Pakistan.

  3. Dr. Siddique personsally went through Cox's Bazar in Bangladesh to the Burmese border to greet and help the Rohingya refugees crossing a vast river in their frail little boats.

  4. Islam is one Ummah. Horrendous crimes are being committed against our Ummah. Why are we silent?

  5. There are 9 million Muslims in America, many more than the Jews.

  6. When anything concerns Israel, USA asks the Jews.

  7. When America moves against Muslims, the government ignores USA Muslims.

  8. Why? Because we lack leadership, we do not have pure faith in Allah and we are divided along national lines.

  9. When the murderous leaders of Burma visit the White House, why are we quiet?

  10. The US Constitution gives us the right to speak. We don't need the permission of the Drone Master. His drones are killing hundreds of innocent Muslims. Why do you think he will help us?

  11. We have the Qur'an and the Sunnah. If we unite on these fundamentals, the situation will change.

  12. We have resources. Right in this auditorium we have African Americans, Turks, Bengalis, Rohingyas, other Burmese Muslims. The Arab Imam of the mosque is here. We have to unite across race and class and not become bogged down in race and nationalities as the churches did.

  13. The enemies of Islam should know: If you hurt one of us, you hurt us all.

  14. Bring the sisters into the struggle. Without women, we are divided by 50%.

Photo left Dr. Siddique speaking at the University of Wisconsin. Photo right: The front row of the auditorium showing prominent activists supporting the Rohingya cause. Prof Suleyman Kurter is third from left.

 Rohingya conference Milwaukee
 Rohingya conference Milwaukee
If you can't see the photos, use these links.

December 16
General Sisi is Continuing a reign of Terror in Egypt: Here is a tweet from Islam Abdel Rahman in Egypt.

Collective pic for 10 university Students arrested last Monday from a cafe.......for sitting&chatting about politics #Egypt
08:56 PM - 16 Dec 13
 Collective pic for 10 university Students arrested last Monday from a cafe

Our America: Phil Robertson Ousted
Under Obama, Don't you dare Speak Against Homosexuality!
Insulting Jesus or Burning the Qur'an is Okay!

[From New Trend Media Monitor & Senegalese sources.]

Phil Robertson, the star of TV Network A & E's popular Duck Dynasty program was expelled within hours of an interview with GQ magazine in which he attacked homosexuality as a sin.

Obama has undermined both religion and freedom of expression when it comes to Jewish-Zionist ideas. On late night shows, Jesus in particular and religion in general are ridiculed and insulted. Christmas has become a joke [check out the underwear ad of men shaking their genitals to the tune of a Christmas song,]

The Qur'an was put in a latrine in Guantanamo Bay cages. Then came the crazy Qur'an burning pastor. South Beach wanted to abuse Islam and nothing stops Internet gangsters from attacking Ayesha, r.a..

As soon as homosexuality is rebutted, Obama's throne starts trembling and "you're out of here."

Russia's Putin dared say a few words against homosexual propaganda aimed at young people. Lo and behold Obama decided not to go to the Winter Games, Instead he is sending a team which has two homosexuals in it.

Obama will meet his match in Africa, inshallah.

Earlier this year, President Obama visited Senegal and openly urged the Senegalese president to retreat on "gay rights." The President politely but firmly replied: "We are not ready for it." All the US media were there but simply censored the Senegalese response.

The next day, the Senegalese media and prominent personalities went after their own president and castigated him for saying "we are not ready for it." They unanimously stated that there is no question of Senegal, EVER, accepting homosexuality as legitimate.

Uganda has ordered life in prison for openly homosexual persons and has been condemned by Obama's favorite TV person, Rachel Maddow of MSNBC, a self-confessed lesbian.

Historical Judgment on "Gays": Supreme Court Judgment safeguards Nature
Dr Javed Jamil

After wavering on live-in relationship, which was a blow to family, today Supreme Court has pronounced a verdict that would safeguard the natural sexual relationship of men and women. It has set aside the Delhi High Court ruling that sought to decriminalize homosexuality. This is indeed a historical judgment. What makes it even more historical is the fact that Hindu, Muslim and Christian organizations combined to fight against the High Court judgment. I have been arguing for years that there is a need to revitalize religion and all religions must combine to form an alliance against social vices.

The attempt to legalise Homosexuality is nothing but the continuation of the same series of worldwide developments in which every human susceptibility is first given a legal and social sanction, then it is glorified in the media as a victory of "Freedom of Choice" and "Human Rights" and then with all the obstacles removed it is commercialized at huge level. The time has now come when the debate should focus on the very concepts of "Freedom of Choice" and "Human Rights", the concepts popularized by the economic fundamentalists for the benefit of the market. Freedom of choice is a dangerous principle if it implies exposing masses to dangerous choices, the choices that kill them and destroy their peace, so that market forces can reap on their susceptibilities. "Human Rights" are of value only for criminals, perverts and merchants of evils unless they are supplemented by "Fundamental Prohibitions"; the rights of life and freedom are of no value if they threaten the lives of others.

It is needless to say that the rise in the demand of legalizing homosexuality in the world has intensified with the rising fortunes of gay market. It is already a big market in western countries. The truth is that Sex market as a whole is the largest growing market, and gay market is the largest growing sex market. According to a commentator, "The US has made a billion dollar industry off of homosexual media - HBO shows, movies, books, magazines. Like most things in the US anything that has the potential to generate profit will be considered."

The Delhi High Court judgment trying to legalise homosexuality was shocking. This was like legalising murders, terrorism and rapes. Homosexuality is in fact much more dangerous than any of these, as it has led, leads to and can lead to huge loss of life. Out of all forms of unhealthy sexual practices, homosexuality is the unhealthiest and has been the cause of the beginning of the epidemics of both Syphilis and HIV/AIDS. Here are excerpts from a report on the impact of homosexuality on health:

"Early reports in the 1980's suggested that male homosexuals had an average life expectancy of less than 50 years - more than 20 years less than the overall male population. With the push for "safe" sex and improved treatments for AIDS, one would expect that the life expectancy might have increased since then. However, a Canadian study in 1997 found that male homosexuals have a life expectancy of 20 years less than the general male population (based upon a prevalence of 3% of the male population). Using several different measures, including life expectancy determined from obituaries, two large random sexuality surveys (in the USA and Great Britain), and a survey of those never married in Denmark, Sweden, and Norway, indicated an average age of death of less than 50 years old. A third study, published in 2002, found that the median age of death of 88 homosexually partnered men was 45 years, while for 118 unpartnered homosexual men it was 46 years. This latter study put the average life expectancy of male homosexuals nearly 30 years less than the general male population. Another study showed that, on average, ever-married men outlived the ever-homosexually-partnered by 23 years in Denmark (74 yr. v. 51 yr.), and 25 years in Norway (77 yr. v. 52 yr.) Ever-married women outlived the ever-homosexually-partnered in Denmark by 22 years (78 yr. v. 56 yr.), and in Norway by almost 25 years (81 yr. v. 56 yr.)....How does the average homosexual lifespan compare to the average life expectancy of smokers? On average, a lifetime smoker can expect the smoking lifestyle to reduce his life expectancy by only 10 year. However, smoking is vigorously condemned by the medical community and press, although it reduces life expectancy by less than half of that caused by a gay lifestyle."

This latter study put the average life expectancy of male homosexuals nearly 30 years less than the general male population. Another study showed that, on average, ever-married men outlived the ever-homosexually-partnered by 23 years in Denmark (74 yr. v. 51 yr.), and 25 years in Norway (77 yr. v. 52 yrs). Obviously, homosexuality is a threat to the whole mankind, and it is the biggest threat to the life of homosexuals themselves. In India, HIV prevalence, according to NACO surveys, is almost 8 times more than normal population. If legalising it helps anyone it is the market. Hardly any gays are punished by the court India. Legalising helps the big market bosses to float companies. Gay literature, gay clubs and gay porn will mushroom with the result that more and more people will fall victim to homosexuality. To argue that it will help in the control of AIDS is absolutely nonsense. A little change in the law that ensures care of gay of HIV patients would have sufficed for that. AIDS cannot be controlled unless there is an effective campaign against prostitution, pornography, homosexuality and promiscuity.

It is to be noted that sexual misdemeanours have a much larger depressing effect on life expectancy than other evils like smoking, drinking and gambling. This is because sex related problems affect foetuses and men and women of younger age groups. "Sexual Revolution" is killing either foetuses and infants or the young people of 20-45 years in such big numbers that it is bound to reduce life expectancy by 20-40 years.

To say that homosexuality is natural is like saying that criminal tendencies are natural. These are not natural but human aberrations of most dangerous kind. Such aberrations are present in notorious criminals also. Can the crimes be legalized to help them? Can they be given protection by the law on the ground of not discriminating against persons? Even otherwise, homosexuality is a relationship that does not produce any progeny. So genes if any related to hardcore unadulterated homosexuality cannot be transmitted. Homosexuality has been there in almost all societies. But the homosexuality in West is very much different from that in Asian countries, and this is because Western countries chose to legalise, institutionalize and glorify it. In Asian countries, homosexuality is more often than not an opportunist encounter. Denied marriage after puberty, and girls hard to find, some men would lure young boys into having sex. Once they get married, most if not all of them would sooner or later give this up. Family pressures, fear of law and society and the desire to have a good family life keep people away from a long term homosexual life. Moreover, in Asian countries, this is normally a one way relationship. There is one who penetrates the other. In the Western world, with the institutionalization and commercialization of homosexuality, and the availability of porn literature and films, a homosexual acts both ways; they penetrate and get penetrated. They are made to believe that the kind of sex they are enjoying is not possible in a heterosexual relationship. Soon they become addicts. The relationship between sex and homosexuality is the same as between nutrition and alcohol/drugs. Alcohol/drugs are not part of natural nutrition, but if someone is exposed to them, he or she may soon become addicts of it. Homosexuality is an addiction that should be treated both through punishment (corporal punishment along with boycott and detention) and medical treatment for those who seek to change their behaviour.. Homosexuality has already become the harbinger of the death of at least 40 million people that have died of AIDS so far. Its legalisation will surely lead to more people succumbing to it with greater spread of AIDS and other sex related diseases. There is a need to sexually isolate the HIV infected rather than legalizing homosexuality in the name of AIDS so that they do not spread HIV to others.

  1. Time has now come when an all-out onslaught against economic fundamentalism must be launched: ideological, legal, political and social. Markets cannot be allowed to become the Leaders of the World. Markets cannot be given the authority to decide what is right and what is wrong. Markets cannot be allowed to influence our educational, health, legal and social setups. Markets cannot be allowed to hijack our scientists, politicians, health experts and media.

  2. There is a need to wage a full-fledged fight against the evil-friendly media. Media must choose to become people friendly rather than continuing to be market friendly, to work for a healthier, purer, morally more correct and more peaceful world rather than helping in the creating of a chaotic, dirtier and immoral world, in the name of "freedom of choices" and "human rights"

  3. "Fundamental Prohibitions" must be incorporated in the constitution along with "Fundamental Rights" and Fundamental Duties".

  4. "Right to Health" must be made a fundamental right, w3hich means that no commercial or social activity that endangers the lives of the people can be allowed.

  5. Our campaign must be an international campaign. I do not agree with those who are fighting against Homosexuality on the basis of "Indian Cultural Traditions." What is bad is bad for the whole world, and it is our duty to safeguard the whole mankind against the onslaught on their peace by the economic fundamentalists.

All religions must combine. In particular, Hindus, Muslims, Christians and Buddhists must unite against the evils, because these 4 are the largest religions.

Muslims believe that God sent successive messengers to all the parts of the world to fulfill his plan of the establishment of a Comprehensive System of Peace in the world. While other books and founders of religions were the important milestones in that journey, Muhammad and Quran were the Final Destination. Bible and Quran are complementary to each other. There are several parts of the stories of the greats like those of Abraham, Mary and Jesus, which are there in Quran and not in Bible. Similarly, there are several verses in the Quran that only indicate a part of the story, the complete version of which can be seen in the Bible. A verse of the Quran tells that Abraham (Ibrahim AS) argued with God regarding the fate of Lot's People. Bible tells us what this argument was. And the interesting part of this story about the Natural Stoning of the Homosexual Community of Sodom and Gomorrah to Death is that it also appears, albeit a little differently, in some Hindu scriptures under the story of Shukra Acharya. Stage is all set for the grand alliance of religions against immoralities and their commercialization.

Dr Javed Jamil is India based thinker and writer with over a dozen books including "Muslim Vision of Secular India: Destination & Road-map". Other works include "The Devil of Economic Fundamentalism", "The Essence of the Divine Verses", "The Killer Sex", "Islam means Peace" and "Rediscovering the Universe". He can be contacted at or 91-8130340339

American Revisionist Challenges the Israeli Eichmann story and the "Holocaust"

The New York Review of Books
435 Hudson Street, Suite 300, New York, NY 10014

Letters to the Editor:

I am writing to comment on Mark Lilla's article, Arendt & Eichmann: The New Truth-

Professor Lilla defines his approach to history at the beginning of his article:

"Every advance in research that adds a new complication to our understanding of what happened on the Nazi side, or on the victims', can potentially threaten our moral clarity about why it happened, obscuring the reality and fundamental inexplicability of anti-Semitic eliminationism."

I find this a very strange view of history. History is made up of complicating details because humans exist in complicated relationships. Details are necessary to understand history. But Professor Lilla leaps over the details to his greater "moral clarity". He does this with the excuse that a historian is "obliged to render the mass of material into a coherent object of thought and judgment. Without a profound simplification the world around us would be an infinite, undefined tangle..."

As a Revisionist, I take an opposite view. I believe that history is rarely gotten right the first time, particularly in time of war. It needs to be reviewed, discussed and revised. Rather than run from complicating details, we should understand and integrate them into as accurate a history as possible.

Professor Lilla puts theories of his "New Truth" to use in his review of Margarethe von Trotta's new film Hannah Arendt and in a broader critique of Ms. Arendt herself. We learn that "it can never be emphasized enough that the Holocaust is not an acceptable occasion for sentimental journeys." We learn that, however corrupt, oppressive, and stupid Jewish collaborators with the National Socialists were we should not judge them because (speaking in the first person) "I do not know, and it does not much interest me to know, whether in my depths there lurks a murderer, but I do know that I was a guiltless victim and I was not a murderer."

Above all, Professor Lilla is concerned with the "truth" of the film. The professor makes an amazing claim: Arendt held, "a position we now know to be utterly indefensible-as Arendt, were she alive would have to concede". This anathema is Arendt's portrayal of Eichmann as "not radically evil" and her shifting "of attention from anti-Semitism to the faceless system in which he [Eichmann] worked".

It is worth pointing out that most historians share Arendt's view of Eichmann. As

The BBC History website reads: "He [Eichmann] adapted to fluctuating anti-Jewish policies, and endeavored to act with dedication, being motivated by unbridled careerism, concern for his status and rank, and feelings of frustration over his failure to achieve promotion, and over the disdain exhibited towards him and his inferior education."

Professor Lilla claims his "New Truth" is supported by "a great body of evidence", mainly accumulated over the past fifteen years. However, he produces only one quote from a book by Bettina Stangneth. Ms. Stangneth has, according to Professor Lilla's footnote 2, also shown that Eichmann was part of "an international network of ex-Nazis who received significant support from within the Federal Republic of Germany". Ms. Stangneth, according to Professor Lilla, recently unraveled the "confusion, intrigue, misinformation, and disinformation" which surrounded notes and tapes made by a mysterious Willem Sassen in the 1950's.

In fact, the Sassen notes and transcripts of the tapes are not news. They have been public and the subject of discussion since 1991. They are rambling and contradictory. How Professor Lilla cobbled together his Eichmann quote without including contradictory statements by Eichmann is not clear but seems to involve a liberal use of ellipses. The most interesting new information about Sassen raised by Ms. Stangneth is a draft letter dated 1956 and supposedly sent by Mr. Eichmann from Argentina to the West German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer, proposing that Eichmann return to Germany to stand trial. If true, that is a complicating detail indeed.

How did Eichmann trick Arendt into believing what was "utterly indefensible"? Like the Devil, Eichmann was a master of falsehood and disguise. Professor Lilla writes: "Arendt was not alone in being taken in by Eichmann and his many masks."

Professor Lilla's "New Truth" aside, there are many "complications" which support the belief that Eichmann "adapted to fluctuating anti-Jewish policies." For example, we know that Eichmann worked with Jewish American groups in the late 1930's to help tens of thousands of Austrian Jews leave German control. In 1937 he traveled to British-controlled Palestine to discuss the possibility of large scale Jewish emigration to the Middle East, but returned without success due to British resistance. In 1940 Eichmann worked on the Madagascar Plan. None of these plans were "eliminationist". They represented successive guidelines followed by German bureaucracy, followed in turn by Eichmann.

Eichmann's collaboration with Rudolf Kastner in 1944 resulted in at least 18,000 Hungarian Jews being sent to the Strasshof family camp near Vienna, and Eichmann originally spoke of transferring 100,000 people there. Most of the Strasshof detainees survived the War. One could discuss the role of Eichmann in the light of works like Christopher R. Browning's The Origins of the Final Solution, or Professor Arno Mayer's Why did the Heavens Not Darken?,but suffice it to say that there truly is a "great body of evidence" which shows Mr. Eichmann had no role in formulating an "eliminationist" plan.

Professor Lilla seems to be a man with strong views on what is or is not a proper subject for a film, or what is or is not an acceptable excuse for crimes of collaboration. Those are moral or artistic judgments and I suppose those held by Professor Lilla's are as good as mine. But I believe it is hazardous for all when a professor feels justified in handing us a "profoundly simplified" account of history designed to protect (his) "moral clarity". And I feel constrained to dispute Professor Lilla's claim to being the holder of such an exclusive "New Truth".

Thank you for consideration of my letter.
David Merlin
Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust
PO Box 43901, San Ysidro, California
Tel: 209 682 5327 Email:
Help us reach Academics, Students, and Journalists nationwide.
They need this information

Islamic Movement by Peaceful Means in America by Shamim Siddiqi, Long Island, New York

In the Name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful



May Allah give me Tawfeeq to abide by my Commitment and help me to be the effective Da'ee Ilallah in American perspective! Ameen!







Education/Extra Qualification

Details of personal studies in short

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