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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Safar 11 ,1435/December 14, 2013 # 51

Breaking News: Syrian landslide?

December 12. BBC and other sources report that the pro-West FSA's military bases on the Turkish border have been captured by the mujahideen force known as Islamic State in Iraq & the Levant [ISIS]. All the ware houses containing non-lethal help received by the FSA from USA and UK have fallen into the hands of the Islamics. USA and UK have immediately suspended all non-lethal aid to the Free Syrian Army. General Idris, the top commander of the FSA has fled Syria.

See below Photo of Abdul Qadir Mollah, Jamaate Islami Bangladesh leader, being taken away for execution.
On December 12, Abdul Qadir was executed by the semi-Hindu secularist regime in Dhaka.
Zionist-Jewish role behind atricity stories.

[Research by Dr. Kaukab Siddique who has visited Bangladesh several times in depth from Dhaka to Pabna to Comilla to Chittagong to Cox's Bazaar and has many friends in Bangladesh.]

Abdul Qadir was a man of peace. Never picked up a weapon. Never taught violence.

His "crime" is that he supported a united Pakistan and being a Bengali he undermined the Hindu idea that Bangladesh should separate from Pakistan.

There was no Bangladesh at that time so to claim that he committed crimes against Bangladesh is absurd.

The regime in Dhaka has been trumpeting stories of millions killed 40 years back and hundreds of thousands of Bengali women raped. THERE HAS BEEN NO SURVEY which would make such figures legitimate.

The propaganda statistics have been borrowed by the regime, WORD FOR WORD, from a book published by a Zionist Jewish woman from Brooklyn, New York, named Brownmiller.

The Dhaka regime is under direct Indian influence and is supported by the US which has signalled it to hold fake "elections."

Bangladesh is a Muslim country but most of the Muslims are conservative and non-political under the influence of Tablighi Jamaat. The Indian puppet Hasina Wajed supports Tablighi Jamaat which holds the biggest religious assemblies in Bangladesh. The pro-Hindu regime knows that by joining Tablighi Jamaat Muslims become totally ineffective politically and are cut off from jihad concepts.
By contrast, the 10 million Hindus living in Bangladesh are well organized and have active links with Calcutta in India.The border of Bangladesh with India is kept open so that Bangla raw materials are openly smuggled to Calcutta, manufactured there into marketable products and then sold back in Bangladesh. It is classic capitalist exploitation.

Jamaate Islami and Hefajate Islam are peaceful organizations which preach against violence. Many young people have joined Jamaate Islami and they hold demonstrations and throw stones at the police to oppose oppression of Abdul Qadir, Ghulam Azam and other Jamaate Islami leaders.

In turn the police shoots back and kills protestors. In the last six months about 200 young Islamic protestors have been killed. Several hundred unarmed Hefajate Islam members were killed in ONE NIGHT by security forces after they slept in a mosque after day long demonstrations in central Dhaka.

The Hindus and secularized Muslims have been aroused to fever pitch by the regime's daily propaganda that several million Bengalis were killed and hundreds of thousands of women were raped by the Pakistani army and its Bengali Jamaate Islami "collaborators." The propaganda touches the emotional masses and they are unable to counter it.

The state murder of Abdul Qadir could mean that Bengali Muslims will have to re-assess their situation under semi-Hindu rule. India, Israel and the US are the main gainers in this atrocious execution of Abdul Qadir, a man of God and a man of peace.

 Bangladesh Abdul Quadir Mollah
Following the execution of Abdul Qadir, above, a Jamaat-e-Islami leader, Makbul Ahmed, said in a statement that "people would take revenge on this killing by establishing Islam in Bangladesh, which is stained with the blood of Abdul Quader Mollah." [Photo Associated Press.]

Many Islamic activists are in Bangladesh prisons
Here in this video a Bangla scholar demands the release of Shaykh Jasimuddin
and threatens jihad.
[More than 1000 views.]

Thinking outside the box
Unpopular Thoughts on Popular Issues: Our greatness and our betrayal
by Kaukab Siddique, Phd

As crowds gathered for Mandela's funeral, I was thinking of the forgetfulness of human beings and the betrayal of humanity's highest ideals.

Who does not know that part of Mandela's virtue lay in his fortitude in prison. That's the central fact of his resistance to Apartheid. And here was President Obama talking about Mandela and prisons [obliquely referring to those in Cuba] and completely forgot that America is chock full of prisons packed with Muslim prisoners who opposed America's war on Islam. When Obama, the drone master, the slicky dickie boss of mass surveillance, the greatest friend of te terrorist entity known as Israel, speaks of freedom and the human spirit, I want to throw up.

Forget about Obama's talking points and fake morality, look at the betrayal of Mandela by hos own own party, the ANC. Perhaps Mandela did not realize that his hopes of reconciliation and forgiveness would lead to the juggernaut of cultural imperialism riding through South Africa. There is no Apartheid in South Africa but have things really changed? Let me give you three points to think about:
  1. The concentration of wealth and economic production remains in the hands of the few. The Jews have the diamonds, The Whites have the gold.The workers in the mines have better wages but they are still not the owners of the wealth which belongs to the great majority.

  2. Millions of people live in conditions of poverty which make Bangladesh look like Switzerland.

  3. Lack of opposition to the West has been cataclysmic for South Africa's masses. Western values brought random sexuality and AIDS to so many people that if one adds up the sick, the dying and the dead, it amounts to genocide.

    1. The tsunami of western cultural imperialism has destroyed all respect for women. Rape is so prevalent in South Africa that it is difficult to get correct statistics.

Dare I say it? There cannot be any real change without revolution. Killing the oppressors is not racism just because their skins are White. Many Black people were used as the tools of Apartheid.

[If I haven't lost all my friends by now, let's go on. After all we don't publish New Trend to be popular,]

There has to be something wrong with this picture: Most of the oppressors, playboys, actors of the world gathered to hail a man who spent decades in prison. It's like Spielberg making a movie Amistad about slavery where he failed to mention that many of the slave ships were owned by Jews. [Blasphemy!]

Other great people should be mentioned when Mandela is hailed as great. [The fact is that only Allah is great.]

Have we forgotten Imam Khomeini and the great outpouring of support for him which overthrew the Shah. And then think of the tremendous anguish and sorrow of millions of ORDINARY people when the imam passed away [praying the full salat even when he was dying].

And then the betrayal. Rouhani making secret deals with the Great Satan when the imam had taught his people never to talk with the oppressors.

And then an even greater betrayal, the followers of the great imam who stood against tyrants, now supporting the greatest tyrant of our times, Bashar Assad, even sacrificing their own lives to save the mass murderer. And for what end? For a narrow sectarian loyalty which Imam Khomeini had opposed.

And then think of Mohomed Ali Jinnah, Pakistanis call him Quaide Azam, the great leader. With the support of millions of ordinary people, he brought about the emergence of an Islamic state which both the Hindus and the Brits thought could never survive.

And then the great betrayal: Pakistan's army mistreated the people of East Pakistan so much that they decided to break away and form Bangladesh.

And then the betrayal within the betrayal. The Pakistani army decided to abandon all the Bengalis who had fought FOR Pakistan. And then the army did something which no Muslim army has ever done: Surrendered to the Hindu Indian army.

Now betrayal has become part of the Pakistani way of life. The army is fighting America's war against the Islamic resistance in the northern areas. Jinnah had pledged that the army would never enter those areas.

The glimmer of hope is that Pakistan still has Jamaate Islami and a number of other Islamic groups which have saved it from becoming a statelet of the United States of America.

Reflecting on Nelson Mandela and my time in the ANC
by Hadayai Majeed

[The writer is a pioneer in efforts to help oppressed and homeless women in Atlanta and other cities. New Trend has witnessed her efforts for several decades. She started with zero resources and now helps people on a weekly or daily basis. Hers is indeed a great story of a Muslim woman who has succeeded and has resisted efforts to assimilate her into non-Muslim groups... Editor]

December 8, 2013 at 12:53am

I was a part of the anti-apartheid movement as a young girl and woman here in the US. My volunteer job was to raise money by going out on street corners in Kansas City, Missouri and sell buttons and bumperstickers. Later I did the same thing in college (in Pine Bluff Arkansas). Some of my friends, brothers, sisters and cousins had some very interesting things to say about a girl taking risk like that several weekends a month. At that time I weighed about 110 lbs. However I never feared for my safety (most young people don't). My father was not thrilled about what I was doing however did not stop me. I found out many years later he and some of his friends were taking turns watching me from about half a block away disguised with hats over their eyes and dark glasses. He had some old friends on the local police force. Oh yeah some brothers from the Nation of Islam would be on the street selling bean pies and newspapers sometimes. No one was going to come near me when they were around. Sometimes I would be out there alone (or I thought I was alone).

My final volunteer experience was when I was a monitor here in Atlanta for the first democratic election of South Africa in 1994. I remember talking to many excited South Africans (many were white). They were glad their country was moving forward and making progress that would be good for all. I can remember people driving from all parts of the SE US to vote in the election here in Atlanta. Many had to stand in line for up to an hour to vote. However they did not mind. Many of them as soon as they voted made the four and sometimes eight hour trips by car back home.

Today as I hear all the great accolades bestowed on my brother Nelson Mandela I also remember when many people in this country (especially people in power) did not have such kind words to say about the man who went from prisoner, Nobel Peace Prize receipient to president. Dr. Maya Angelou has dedicated a poem to him. Only as she can spin words to hit the heart and soul says Mandela day is done.

Our brother is moving on to another place where his soul can be at rest. He will be remembered by countless millions for his bravery, courage and determination. He will be remembered for his grace and his will to see his country a place where all can live in peace. He will be remembered by the spirit of the 110 lb. girl from Kansas City, Missouri that is still in me. The girl who stood in the cold, rain and sometimes snow to help in the cause that shaped her activism. He taught me to look past race, color, present situation and trust my heart and soul to seek justice for myself and others.

I learned from him not to play it small.

All Over Nigeria, Muslims are being Oppressed and Subjugated
A First time Disclosure of the reality.

By Rafiu Oriyomi OnIslam Correspondent
Wednesday, 11 December 2013 00:00

Last week, the Supreme Council for Shari'ah in Nigeria has accused Christians in the country of waging war against Islamic religion.

LAGOS - Speaking out their fears for the first time, Muslims across Nigeria have said they are victims of 'suppression, blackmail and undeserved intimidations' in their quest to practice their faith, adding that the recent concerns raised by the Shari'ah Council of Nigeria was just a tip of the iceberg.

"The allegations by the Shariah Council are unfortunately true, and just as have been alleged, we are curious that no agency of the state fingered in this dangerous trend has come out to deny it," Shakirat Abdulmajeed of the Criterion, an association of Muslim women professionals, told

"We lend our voice on every agency if government concerned to check themselves before they worsen the situation in the country.

Nigeria Muslims Blast Biased Gov't
Nigeria Media Wars Spark Religious Tensions

"This is our country and we all want to live in peace but this must be based on mutual respect for one another. Muslims should be accorded the needed respect."

Last week, the Supreme Council for Shari'ah in Nigeria has accused Christians in the country of waging war against Islamic religion.

The Council alleged widespread persecution and systemic exclusion from public offices of the Nigerian Muslims by the government and security agencies, all of which the council claimed were acting the script of the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), the body whose leadership faces serial allegations of always opposing anything Islam or relating to Muslims.

The CAN rejects this allegation.

In a telephone interview with, the council secretary general Dr Datti Ahmad asserted their statements expressed in the earlier statement.

"We stand by our comprehensive statements on the systematic persecution of our brothers and sisters, whether in the south or in the North, and the time has come to speak up for posterity," he said.

Prodded on the implications of such a comment in a country as fragile as Nigeria, Dr Ahmad said, "We have waited for many years to express our reservations and the decision to do is borne out of our firm belief that unless we make our voice heard, those responsible for the evils we pointed out are wont to continue as if nothing is happening."

Executive chairman of the Muslim Public Affairs Centre (MPAC) Dish Kamor has also agreed with the Shari'ah Council claims.

The Council has "expressed the concerns of most Muslims in Nigeria and we hope that everyone accused of dealing with Muslims in unjust manners will retrace their steps for common good."


The Council's concerns were shared by many Nigerians who saw them as only a tip of the iceberg.

The tag of "extremism is mischievously being used to blackmail Muslims into submission," Eedris Mohammed, a civil engineer, lamented.

There are instances where Muslims are "psychologically being terrorized to accept what they ordinarily will not accept."

Explaining his position, Mohammed recalled a personal experience in which he was intimidated for his Islamic faith.

"I had a terrible experience last week when I visited a general hospital with my pregnant wife. Not only were everyone (women) made to start singing Christian songs, anyone who dares object to such practice in the public facility is chastised for being an extremist or anti-Christ," Mohammed told

"A courageous Muslim woman had challenged the nurses but she was ignored! Why are the songs not mixed to reflect the religious diversity, and that is if you must sing at all? What would our Christian brethren do if Muslims were the ones tactically imposing their faith on them? This has been on for years, and yet somebody will accuse Muslims of extremism."

He called on the authorities to investigate the claims of the Shari'ah council.

"Failure to do so pro tends grave danger to this country," he said.

"I am particularly worried about the skewed recruitments in the security agencies and allegations of maltreatments of Muslims. Everybody deserves fair treatments, the Muslims, the Christians and even the animists. We are first of all human beings with fundamental rights."

Last month, the Nigerian Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs made almost identical allegations but stopped short of frontally accusing the Christians for the perceived injustice.

Efforts to get the NSCIA Secretary General Prof Ishaq Oloyede to comment on the Shariah Council's allegations failed as calls to his numbers were not answered.
The NSCIA spokesman Mohammed Qasim said the group's observations remain valid and said "we hope the authorities will review such policies that openly discriminate against Islam and Muslims."

Nigeria, one of the world's most religiously committed nations, is divided between a Muslim north and a Christian south.

Muslims and Christians, who constitute 55 and 40 percent of Nigeria's 140 million population respectively, have lived in peace for the most part.

But ethnic and religious tensions have bubbled for years, fuelled by decades of resentment between indigenous groups, mostly Christian or animist, who are vying for control of fertile farmlands with migrants and settlers from the Hausa-speaking Muslim north.

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