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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Muharram 27 ,1435/December 1, 2013 # 49

Pakistani leaders Imran Khan and Syed Munawar Hasan are taking steps to effectively block NATO supply lines and drone attacks. We have several very important items.. Please keep scrolling down.

With thanks to Sis. Kr.
Torture: Pakistanis and US worked together to break Islamic prisoners. Al-Jazeera has revealed how one of the top Islamic prisoners fooled the torturers. This is the miracle of faith. Muslims will one day be proud of people like this . Please scroll to end. [Pakistani security officers are undoubtedly apostates, you will agree. No Muslim can do this to other Muslims]

Thanksgiving was November 28. See what Native American leader Peltier has to say about it. Via Nadrat Siddique.
Scroll way down. Extensive message.

Breaking News: Egypt.
General Sisi, the new Pharoah of Egypt, has launched a reign of terror. Twenty young women have been sentenced to 11 years each in prison for demonstrating, Of these some are below 18. Also 20 students of Al-Azhar have been given long sentences. Demonstrations have been banned but young people are defying the ban.

Breaking News: Yemen: During the last two weeks, US drone attacks have killed 20 young Yemenis suspected of being suspected al-Qaida. Russia is also helping the regime.

November 28: Two Russian officers were killed by mujahideen in Sana'a.

Fighting has resumed in Abyan province. Islamic fighters who had evaded strong regime troops have returned,

A Saudi young woman [Huda] fled to Yemen to marry the Yemeni man [Arafat] she likes. The Saudis are furious and are demanding her return. Many Yemenis are supporting her. Rallies have been held urging the regime not to return her to Saudi Arabia. See photo at end. Scroll down. [She has now been given refugee status. November 29]

Breaking News: Syria
On November 24, mujahideen of Nusra front delivered a devastating blow to Assad's Alawite elite troops. A bomb placed by mujahideen in a tunnel on the ouskirts of Damascus blew up Assad's command post. Three generals and a brigadier general were among the 31 troops killed. Others were wounded. Various areas of Damascus under Assad's control received mortar shells.

On November 28, mujahideen hit the Russian embasy in Damascus with mortar fire. Several employees were killed and injured.

November 29: Assad's troops are making headway in the Qalamoun mountains near Lebanon desperately trying to keep the supply route open for the regime. Hizbullah is engaged in the heavy fighting. A Shia brigade known as the Abbas brigade has come in from Iraq to help. A small force of mujahideen is inflicting heavy casualties including 17 Hizbullah killed and 11 Iraqi shia troops killed. [Lebanese media.]

Horror of horrors: Human rights groups monitoring Syria say the number of children killed by Assad's troops in a year has gone above 11,000. Many of the children were tortured to death. Others were killed by Assad's snipers. These should not remain numbers. Jamaat al-Muslimeen Virginia has sent us a video about the suffering of Syrian children. It is GRAPHIC. Do not let children come near it. Scroll way down.

Breaking News #2: US-IRAN [Israeli?] Deal. November 26.

New Trend has been warning Muslims for three years that the "conflict" between Iran and the US is not real. No one listens to us till it is too late. The new deal was announced as "new" but the next day the media stated that the deal had been figured out 8 months back and is now announced as a "surprise." Part of the game was that Israel might attack Iran.

The real issue is that the mujahideen are winning in Syria. If Assad is overthrown, that will undermine both US and Iranian initiatives in the area. Russia is openly trying to save Assad as are Iran and Hizbullah. The US and Israel are trying to save Assad indirectly. Now they will come out openly.

Notice that USA and Israel have not protested entry of Iranian troops into Syria although the mujahideen have proven that presence by killing a top Iranian commander and several senior officers.

Recently the US installed, Iran supported, Iraqi puppet al-Maliki came to Washington to seek help against Iraqi al-Qaida who are helping Syrian Islamic fighters. Obama promised all help except troops.

Notice that Israel has not made any moves on the ground which would take the pressure off Assad's opponents.

Why is Saudi Arabia so upset? The Saudis thought that after the chemical attacks by Assad which killed 1600 civilians, there would be at least some US bombing raids which would help the secular segments of Assad's opposition. Saudis see al-Nusra and other mujahideen as a serious threat and want to help secular opposition just as Sen. McCain did, but USA did NOTHING except to make sure the chemicals don't fall into Islamic hands, American viewpoint is that ANY help to ANY segment of the opposition would end up helping the mujahideen. They can see that even the secular opposition segments are joining the mujahideen and speaking of Sharia.

The deal with Iran is like the US-Iran cooperation in the invasion of Iraq. Iran will be used big time to save Assad or at least the Alawite regime.

Our America
Announcement for children & adults.
Still haven't found anything positive to do on December 25th, 2013?
1-5 PM
Caare INC Center
214 Broadway Street (intersects w/ Rigbee St.)
Durham NC 27701

Address for Darul Arqam MCA Checks for ticket donations:
804 Angier Ave 212A
Durham Nc 27701
Join us in Durham, North Carolina. and bring your children also
Our children will sing Islamic songs, recite Quran and hadith and then all the children will participate in a workshop making Islamic art pieces with two artists.
Our topic:
"Maintaining an Islamic Family in Challenging Times"
Guest speaker:
Dr. Kaukab Siddique chief editor of New Trend Magazine
and other local speakers.
Adult donation $25.00 Children $5.00. Vendors $35.00. Lunch is included
Proceeds will go toward developing an ongoing Islamic learning Center for New Muslims and those who want to know about Islam on an ongoing basis.

Sponsored by Darul Arqam Muslim Converts Association of Durham NC.
Contact Sister Amatullah V. Abdul-Karim proj. mgr. before Dec 10th 2013. 919-697-7147-or

Letter: Re: Brilliant Article: From Homosexuality to Pedophilia [November 17 issue of NT]

Congratulations to you on the skills of your student! and BRAVO to Aisha!!

Her article is excellent. It is my hope and has been my intention for quite some time now to write on a similar subject but owing to other more "demanding" issues, time just ran out (smile). Aisha has given me another spark!!

Ashira Na'im, MA
Mental Health Therapist

Our America: Gross Injustice
Palestinian American who refused to betray his people.
The 6th anniversary of Dr. Abdelhaleem Ashqar's incarceration

On November 21, 2013, it marked the 6th year of the incarceration of Dr. Abdelhaleem Ashqar. On November 21, 2007, Dr. Ashqar was sentenced to 135 months in prison by Judge Amy St. Eve. He was charged with obstruction of justice and criminal contempt for refusing to testify again specific Muslim people and Palestinian organizations. He sacrificed his life for his principles and what he believes in. We hope this courageous man will not be forgotten and will always remain in your Dua'a. We will never lose hope in the Almighty for we know that without His mercy and blessing, nothing would be possible.

Family of Dr. Abdelhaleem Ashqar

Revolutionary Khutba
Islam only ideology which Showed its system in Real life: No to slavery & Women's subjugation.
vs Communism, Capitalism, Christianity, Judaism. Reject Nationalist Cultures.

On November 29, Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave the juma khutba at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore, Maryland. Here are the main points:

Text: "Finally the flag was taken by one of Allah's Swords,. Khalid bin Al-Walid, and Allah gave. the Muslims victory." (Prophet Muhammad, pbuh,Sahih Bukhari, Book #57, Hadith #102)
  1. Only three years of the life of Jesus, pbuh, are known. Most of New Testament is letters from Paul who was not with Jesus during the time Jesus was giving his message.

  2. Maulana Maudoodi has shown that only a few passages can be spotted as actual teachings of Jesus, pbuh,, in the Gospels. The rest are other people's opinions.

  3. The Old Testament is difficult to authenticate. No one knows who wrote it and when. It was probably written when the Jewish kingdoms became established. Authentic passages are scattered across the OT.

  4. Abraham, pbuh, was not a Jew or a Christian. These religions did not exist at that time. The Qur'an says he was a Muslim, one who accepted the Will of Allah.

  5. Hence interfaith dialogues are bogus. We respect other people's beliefs but should not get into claims of Abrahamic faiths. Christianity and Judaism are NOT Abrahamic.

  6. By contrast, the Qur'an was written down and memorized as it was revealed. Same with Hadith. People living in Madinah, Kufa, Damascus and Cairo recited the EXACT same Qur'an. Remember there were no phones or emails in those days. Same with Hadith: There was no conspiracy to have EXACT same wudu and exact same prayer movements across continents. Today too, from Indonesia to Nigeria, it is the same Qur'an without the slightest difference.

  7. Communism was Marx's theory as understood by Lenin. One of the founders of Communism, Trotsky was hunted down and killed as a traitor. All the leaders of Communism were denounced as traitors by Stalin. The tyranny of Communism has few equals, if any.

  8. Capitalism was based on the exploitation of the poor by the rich. Profit was all that mattered. The capitalists ravaged Africa and Asia, looted the wealth of the world and implemented 400 years of slavery, the worst of which was in America.

  9. By contrast look at the mission of Muhammad, pbuh, 23 years. In Makka it was a genuine message and the growth of a revolutionary movement, opposing the power of human authority, challenging slavery, proclaiming the rights of women. [The first martyr was a woman.] Then in Madina, we see the Islamic system of justice, equality, distribution of wealth. All this is carefully recorded in Hadith.

  10. Twenty three years of excellence would have been enough, but Allah wanted us to see us that non-prophets can do it too if they focus on the original message.

  11. So we see Abu Bakr', r.a., in two and a half years defeating the Roman empire which was one of the greatest violators of human rights. The sword of Allah, Khalid, r.a., smashed the oppressive world power of Rome at Yarmouk and Ajnadain. The Romans wanted to know on what basis 20,000 Muslims could dare to stand against 250,000 Romans. Khalid, r.a., told them, we love death and Paradise in the Hereafter as much as you love this world and its comforts.

  12. Then we have the Caliphate of Umar, r.a., for 10 years. He toppled the most corrupt and evil empire of the Persians. The armies of Islam, led by Saad ibn abi Waqqas, r.a., and many other Sahaba and Tabaiin, including thousands of hijabi women surged forward and slaughtered the Persian hordes. Umar, r.a., supervised the biggest distribution of wealth from the rich to the poor. Such justice has never been seen. [He whipped even his own son for drinking liquor.] Among his greatest advisers were Ayesha, r.a., and Ali, r.a.

  13. The final role model is Usman, r.a., for 12 years. He was the compiler of the Qur'an in the form of a book, testing each verse and chapter in writing and cross referencing it with those who had memorized it. The Christian powers united their naval power and challenged the Muslims. The united Christian navies were defeated in ONE DAY.

  14. As Islam spread far and wide, the number of sahaba who could teach the authentic message became fewer and fewer. Wealth and victory also brought jealousy. Conspiracy theories emerged. Conspirators accused Usman, r.a., himself and came from within the Muslim ranks to murder Usman, r.a. The Islamic armies were on the vast frontiers and could not defend him. He told sahaba not to defend him and he was murdered by thugs while he read the Qur'an he had compiled.

  15. Ali, r.a., was a very pious and brave man but he was surrounded by zealots with little knowledge. His rule was a time of turmoil and inter-Muslim conflict. Gradually Caliphate was replaced by Kingship.

  16. Thereafter, some rulers tried to recapture the original glory of the Prophet's, pbuh, community and the golden age of the Caliphate but with varying success. Scholars worked hard to make sure the Qur'an was not lost, nor was the Hadith twisted.

  17. There have been times when Muslims lost touch with the Qur'an and the authentic sunnah altogether. They even embraced slavery. The Mongol hordes defeated the Muslims and destroyed the most beasutiful city in the world, Baghdad. The Europeans destroyed the beautiful cities of Spain established by African Muslims and burned entire libraries because Muslims had become comfort loving.

  18. Muslims were encouraged by the imperialists to fight each other. Europe conquered India and Africa and established puppet states in the Middle East..

  19. Islam is resurgent again and the call is going forth to focus on the Qur'an and the authentic hadith. In America Malcolm X broke away from his own organization and went to Makkah. Muslims of Africa and Lebanon welcomed him as their long lost son. After that Islam started spreading rapidly in America. The enemies of Islam were alarmed and got him killed. Imam Jamil al-Amin took positions like his and is in prison.

  20. came the 9.11 attacks and Islam became an issue in every home. More Qur'ans were bought in America after 9.11 than ever before.

  21. Dear Muslims, focus on the Qur'an and the authentic hadith. No power can defeat the Qur'an and the hadith.

  22. Focus on the family. Marry spouses for Islam. Teach Islam without compromise to our children. The Qur'an focues on spouses, children, even granchildren. Strong families are our future.

Profile in Courage
Fazal Khan was a Pioneer with Abdul Mateen Chida: The info New Trend missed.
[We have great respect for Fazal Khan's wife. This info should be included in our report -- Editor]

Salaam Alaikom

Your article reminded me of those two years of bitter sweet struggle we endured in getting the International Graphics up and running. Not only did Mateen dedicate his unpaid time to the project, but so did Fazal Khan and his family. The MSA was being run by individuals who asked us to perform such dedication. I spent long hours driving back and forth to airports, with my children sometimes sleeping in the back of the car, to pick up visitors coming to check on the project and connect with the MSA. These visitors had to be housed in my house and fed. We had to share the costs for the food as none of us had much money and food consisted of large pots of rice, beans and salad, mostly without meat. In addition, Mamoona and I spent most of our lives at the International Graphics. Fazal stopped his job as well and so there was no income for us. I operated the Verityper for all the articles printed and I remember tending to my daughter Yasmin and infant son, Ahmad Ameen - sleeping on the floor of the shop, working during the day, and Mamoona and I taking turns running home to cook a meal and bring it back to the shop. It was a grueling two years done for the blessings of Allah. I'm sure you remember it well. Alhamdulilah.

In other ways many of the visitors have left fond memories in my heart to this day. I recall Mahmoud Saud, who said I reminded him of his daughter my age and who recited Quran endlessly. He was a highly educated individual who gave me strength at times and who chose the name for my son, Ahmad Ameen. Another, who became Dean of King Abdulaziz University, was the individual who provided a teaching position for my husband overseas in Saudi and so enabled us to have the blessing of living there for many years and visiting Makkah on a weekly basis. There were many who wrote books that I hope exist to this day.

As you mentioned, the Jamat ul Tablique were active at the time and once created a lively topic of conversation for my neighbors when 24 of them drove up in an open truck to stay at my house for a few days.

The Muslim Link, in its article about Mateen, did indeed mention Fazal Khan as joining with Mateen to open the printing press. I was surprised to read that, since the information had to come from perhaps Maimoona or another person who was involved with us in those days.

I would like recognition to be shown for my husband who was a kind, dedicated man and who would be devastated by the incarceration of his middle son.


Editor's note: Sis. Bilquis son Masoud Khan was sentenced to life in prison for a victimless crime owing to his support for Kashmir. After 9.11, the US made an alliance with India and started punishing Muslims who opposed the occupation of Kashmir by India. Masoud Khan had made a SYMBOLIC gesture of opposition to India BEFORE 9.11. Law does not work backwards but Bush's attorney general Ashcroft wanted to prove that he had caught some "terrorists" in the US. Masoud Khan's web site is linked to New Trend's web site. Check it out to support this cause. [ ]

Human suffering & Defiance
Terrible Conditions in Refugee Camps for Syrians Fleeing Assad
But they would rather live in Misery than under the Tyrant

Almost all the refugees fleeing Syria are Sunnis. The US and Russia are silent because one directly supports Assad and the other indirectly. Living conditions are changing social norms.

November 22, 2013: Here is an excerpt from the Daily Star of Lebanon from a camp right across from the Syrian Lebanese border:

'Some refugees object to men and women sleeping in the same quarters.

"This would have been considered a shameful situation in our town but we find ourselves obliged to allow that now," a man who identifies himself as Abdullah says.

The 57-year-old arrived in Arsal several days ago with his wife. Two of his children were detained by the regime and the third joined the rebels.

"The Syrian Intelligence arrested me many times to pressure my kids but I never yielded to them," he says.

Despite the personal sacrifice, Abdullah is fiercely committed to the opposition's cause.

"Despite the pain, I am prepared to never see my kids again if it means bringing down Assad," he says.

Another young man steps out of the crowd vowing, "We will not go back until Assad leaves."

"All Syrians are terrorists and he is the good guy," Mohammad Hussein says sarcastically, referring to the regime's official stance that it is battling terrorists.'

With thanks to Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Virginia
Syria's Children: Very Graphic: Please keep Children away.

Investigation by US citizens
4 Important Items from CLG [Citizens for Legitimate Government]
Imran Khan's Team Pinpoints CIA Director for Drone Attack Murders in Pakistan

PTI nominates CIA officials, including station chief Craig Osth, for committing murder

28 Nov 2013 The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf on Wednesday moved the police to nominate US CIA Director John O. Brennan and his station chief here Craig Osth as accused of 'committing the gross offences of murder and waging a war against Pakistan'. PTI Central Information Secretary Dr. Shireen Mazari wrote to the station house officer Tal, Hangu, for inclusion of the CIA boss and senior official in the FIR, already registered by the party about the recent Hangu drone strike. The PTI information secretary called for initiation of cases under the Pakistan Penal Code and the Anti-Terrorist Act against the US CIA spy Craig, who, she alleged, was running a big spying network from the American Embassy here.

CIA's most senior officer in Pakistan 'unmasked' by Imran Khan's party --'CIA station chief is not a diplomatic post, therefore he does not enjoy any diplomatic immunity and is within the bounds of domestic laws of Pakistan' 27 Nov 2013 The political party led by the former cricket star Imran Khan claims to have blown the cover of the CIA's most senior officer in Pakistan [Craig Osth] as part of an increasingly high-stakes campaign against US drone strikes. The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party named a man it claimed was head of the CIA station in Islamabad in a letter to police demanding he be nominated as one of the people responsible for a drone strike on 21 November, which killed five [alleged] militants including senior commanders of the Haqqani Network. John Brennan, the CIA director, was also nominated as an "accused person" for murder and "waging war against Pakistan".

Gee, looks like CIA troll Craig Osth has been a busy little bee for for quite some time: CIA, DEA, operated without oversight in Brazil; Craig Osth identified as CIA head 31 May 1999 The military aide to Brazilian President Fernando Henrique Cardoso admitted that the government did not have complete control over U.S. intelligence agents operating in Brazil. The military aide, General Alberto Cardoso, said the lack of control was only transitory. But he failed to explain just why the CIA and DEA agents enjoyed such freedom of action here. Nor did the general explain how the government planned to resolve the problem. The actions of U.S. agents in Brazil hit the headlines after a local magazine, 'Carta Capital,' reported early this month that the CIA had bugged President Cardoso's private telephones two years ago... U.S. adviser Craig Peters Osth was identified by the 'Carta' magazine as the head of the CIA in Brazil.

Rockets fired at US airbase in eastern Afghanistan 27 Nov 2013 Afghan officials say two rockets have been fired at a major US airbase in the eastern city of Jalalabad. The officials said the rockets struck on Wednesday at the heart of the base, but it is not clear if the attack caused any casualties. The Jalalabad airbase is the second largest facility of US forces in Afghanistan. It is a frequent target of attacks by militants fighting foreign troops in Afghanistan.

Peltier's Message to the 2013 National Day of Mourning

November 28, 2013 at 10:46pm

Below is the statement of Native American political prisoner to the National Day of Mourning gathering in Plymouth, MA. He is 69--only one year younger than my father (and close to the age of many of your fathers). Unlike my father and yours, Peltier has spent every day since April 1977 in prison, many of them in solitary confinement, and in the worse control units. He has been attacked and beaten, denied, medicine, and undergone all manner of privations. Peltier's case is a reminder that just as slavery and its effects have not ended--they have merely metamorphized into other more insiduous forms--neither have the "Indian Wars." Native people continue to be the target of genocide. And yet Peltier remains undaunted. We must work for his release, or at the very least support those who are doing that work.


-Nadrat N. Siddique

Greetings my relatives friends and supporters It is yet anotheryear. It seems like a thousand years ago but only a year in timein reality from the last time I dictated one of these statementfor the day of mourning so, again, I want to say as last time,that I am honored that you would want to hear my words.

Sometimes when I lay on my bunk and I am between sleeping and awake,for a small moment of time, I am free and I am there with you. Iknow this sounds kind of melodramatic and I am not trying to be so,but things affect you differently inside of here and things affectyou differently as you get older. But I want to say with all mystrength, some things don't change, at least not for me.

When I think about all we have lost to this corporate world, whenI think about the losses of clean water and rivers and oceans andwhen I think about the losses of clean air when I think about thelosses of freedom for hard working families that once had a fatherthat could take care of his family with as single job but now hasto work two or three jobs and the mother must work too and thechildren that come home from school with their own key and have towait the return of one of their parents. When I think of theselosses, when I think of the wage slaves that are being createddaily all over the world in the name of progress, when I think ofthese losses I think... we damn sure have a good reason to mourn,but I really believe that the word mourn should have a differentmeaning for us, not something where we cry and throw our hands upand say " WHY WHY, WHY ME, WHY US, WHY THIS" but something thatwe say NO MORE to. Something we make a vow to, renew our efforts, renew our minds, renew our directions to take back our water takeback our air take back our forests and our mountains and valleys,restore this mother earth to the natural balance the creator meantit to be. We need to talk to the churches, talk to the variousreligions, we need to get them to recognize that the strongest formor worship isn't singing songs and bowing your head, the strongestform of worship is to respect and restore to balance the beautyof nature and the earth that was given to us, that is part of us,that we are a part of, and to be responsible for.

This may sound like the ramblings of some old 69 year old man inprison for 38 years but I have had a lot of time to think aboutthese things and when my grandchildren come to visit me, it givesme a sense of urgency for all of us to start doing something NOW!

If each one of you would take a vow to get six other people alongwith yourself to do at least ONE meaningful thing to restore thisbalance and get each one of those people to network and get 6 morepeople and let it go out from there like the branches of a treethen together we can make a difference. We can make a differencestarting today.

This day of mourning would become the morning of a new day!

I have quoted others before and I do so again because I respectthe wisdom of elders and people long past. Someone once said andI don't remember who said it, "All evil needs to triumph is for good people to do nothing." If this is more than you care to do, or if you think you can't be involved with others for some reason, I respect that, but I would encourage you to at least plant one fruit bearing tree that someone in the future, perhaps some child would have something to eat. That maybe some other living creature might have a place of shelter and food to eat. there will always be changes throughout the earth and throughout mankind, some uncontrollable and some with design.

I know we can make a change for the better if we put our hearts andminds together and let this day of mourning be a time of renewal,we can spread the concept that mankind must live in harmony withthe creators handy-work and with one another. If this time Ihave spent here in prison could produce anything of value I praythat it would move you to become involved. Find the right thingswithin government and support them, and find the wrong things ingovernment and change them. This government as it stands right nowis on the verge of losing what constitutional rights people have.This government is violating the constitution over and over andover. These violations started before you or I were even conceived.As some of you may know the Constitution is a copy of the Iroquois 6nations Confederacy law. The constitution originally was designedso that men would have maximum freedoms as long as they did notinfringe on the natural rights of others or in essence harm som eoneelse. The freedoms and respect that the law implies that we shouldhave for one another in this nation should extend to all thoseoutside of this realm because what is right for one man should beright for others. We should allow other people to be free from fear.I remember an old jewish man I once met in hardware store, I engagedin conversation with him. He had fought in WW2 and he said to me,and I always remember his words, "this isn't the nation I foughtfor, this nation has become a nation of people who are afraid oftheir gov't and anytime the people are afraid of their gov't theyare not free and I have noticed that what people will do to someoneelse wrongfully, sooner or later if circumstances change they willdo it to you also.

These violations of human rights must stop. I know the task may seem overwhelming and I can't say that I have the answer for successat making a change but I do know the answer for failure.. thats to do nothing.

So if my imprisonment serves nothing else but to be living proof of these violations, then so be it, but it is a reality. Right now,it has been selective violation, but there are powers at hand that seek to inflict those violations upon everyone. This reminds meof a story that I heard once where a man said:

"First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out-because I was not a communist;Then they came for the socialists, and I did not speak out-because I was not a socialist;Then they came for the trade unionists, and I did not speak out-because I was not a trade unionist;Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out-because I was not a Jew;Then they came for me-and there was no one left to speak out for me."

I ask you to remember these things because they are truisms thathave happened and they will happen again to you and your children and your children's children if we do not take a stand. a famous warriornamed Emiliano Zapata from the Mexican revolution once said "I wouldrather die on my feet then live on my knees" .... I could go on andon but I suppose you get my meaning. I encourage you to be active,to stand your ground and help us recover the ground we have lost.

God, I wish I could be there with you.

I am going to close for now. Be thankful you have the time you have,be thankful you have each other, and give each other a hug for me.

I will see you when I see you

Your friend Leonard Peltier.

Join us as we fight for the freedom of Leonard Peltier!

Sirajul Haq, JI Frontier Leader Demands CIA Chief be Handed over for Trial.
by Anwar Niazi

LAHORE, Nov. 30: Jamaat e Islami deputy chief and Senior Minister in the Khyber P, government, Sirajul Haq has strongly contradicted the reports appearing in a section of the press that the JI had demanded another ministry in the Khyber P.

Talking to the media at Mansoora on Saturday, he said that in the eyes of the JI, the ministries were not of any importance nor had the JI asked for more. The JI had joined hands with the PTI to serve the people and it was doing that, he added.

Sirajul Haq urged the federal government to consider the drone attack at Hangu as an attack at Islamabad because after the Hangu attack, drone could attack Islamabad as well.

He called upon the federal government to hand over the CIA chief sitting in the federal capital, to the Khyber P government in accordance with the FIR.

He said if there was any agreement between the federal government and the US and NATO for allowing drone attacks and NATO supplies, it must be made public.

He said if the federal government did not change its policy, and the drone attacks and NATO supplies continued, demonstrations and sit-ins would be staged in front of the Parliament house, the US Embassy as also the UN office, soon.

He said the human habitations in the Khyber P had been turned into grave yards as the military dictator Pervez Musharraf had made their province the fodder of the US war, More than fifty thousand innocent men and women and children had lost their lives in this war and the financial losses of the country were above one hundred billion dollars. It was time that the government demanded compensation for these losses from the US and NATO, he added.

He said if the federal government abandoned its cowardly policy and took a bold decision for the country's defense, the JI would fully support it.

Main Islamic Leaders of Pakistan are lining up with Imran Khan and Jamaate Islami to stop NATO Supplies & Drone attacks:

Maulana Samiul Haq, Jamiat Ulama leader, [addressed press conference] was sitting right of Munawar Hasan who was 4th from right. followed by Hafiz Saeed of Jamat Dawa & Others

al-Jazeerah Exclusive: Torturing Abu Zubaydah and the art of deception
by Jason Leopold
November 26, 2013 10:00AM ET

As a guinea pig for 'enhanced interrogation,' Gitmo captive had a well-developed technique for misleading interrogators
 Observation room at the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay
A guard watches over detainees at the U.S. military prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, in 2009.John Moore/Getty Images

Zain Abidin Mohammed Husain Abu Zubaydah had endured days of beatings, humiliation and being tied up in a stress position. But his Pakistani-intelligence interrogators were not giving up as they grilled the self-styled jihadi on his role among the Arab volunteers who had gone to Afghanistan to fight the Soviets but were now often suspected of plotting attacks against the West.

Although the CIA had worked with Pakistani and Arab intelligence agencies to support these volunteer networks in the 1980s, the 1993 World Trade Center bombing was the first sign of a dramatic blowback, and Pakistan's security services were now under pressure from their U.S. allies to crack down on an enterprise they had originally helped nurture.

One officer repeatedly struck Abu Zubaydah, according to the vivid account written in 1995 and 1996 in the fourth volume of his diaries - the U.S. government translation of which has been obtained exclusively by Al Jazeera.

"I want you to talk about your life for the last 10 years," the officer told his captive. Today one of 14 high-value detainees at Guantanamo Bay, Abu Zubaydah back then was a leading figure in the Arab mujahedeen milieu from which Al-Qaeda emerged.
 Leg restraints in an interview room at Camp V
Leg restraints in an interview room at Camp V, styled after state-of-the-art U.S. federal prisons, at Guantanamo Bay.Paul J. Richards/AFP/Getty Images

Abu Zubaydah was not going to confess. When asked by his Pakistani tormentors for specific information - by his own account - he gave the impression of suffering greater physical pain than was the case and eventually offered false information in order to stop the abuse.

"Who is your trainer?" the officer asked, referring to the identity of the individual who trained him in weapons at Khaldan camp in Afghanistan.

"My teacher's name is Mahmud," Abu Zubaydah replied.
"Mahmud who?"

"Mahmud Al-Milaiji," he answered, confident that his interrogator would not be aware that this was the name of an Egyptian film star. Abu Zubaydah would repeat the name of the Egyptian actor during a later CIA interrogation session, according to the book "The Black Banners," written by Ali Soufan, an FBI special agent who was present at the CIA black site where Abu Zubaydah was rendered after his capture.

Abu Zubaydah was found along with his diaries in Pakistan on March 28, 2002, having fled the collapse of the Taliban regime. In the hands of the CIA, he became something of a guinea pig for the George W. Bush administration's interrogation procedures, which many groups, including top human-rights organizations, have labeled as torture. Although Al Jazeera has not seen the three subsequent diary volumes that Abu Zubaydah wrote while in CIA custody, according to his lawyers, they are a chronicle of his torture at the hands of U.S. captors.

(John Yoo's memo) authorized the interrogation of Abu Zubaydah using 10 techniques, including waterboarding, sleep deprivation, cramped confinement, stress positions, wall slamming and being placed in a confinement box with insects.

On Aug. 1, 2002, five months after Abu Zubaydah's capture, the U.S. Justice Department's Office of Legal Counsel sent the White House a memo drafted by attorney John Yoo and signed by his boss, Assistant Attorney General Jay Bybee. It authorized the interrogation of Abu Zubaydah using 10 techniques, including waterboarding, sleep deprivation, cramped confinement, stress positions, wall slamming and being placed in a confinement box with insects. This last technique was inspired by his diaries, where he had written of his fear of bugs.

Yoo's memo asserted that Abu Zubaydah had been one of the planners of the 9/11 attacks, the 1998 East Africa embassy bombings and every other major assault carried out by Al-Qaeda - claims later significantly pulled back by U.S. authorities.

On April 27, 2002, Newsweek reported, under the headline "How Good Is Abu Zubaydah's Information?" that he was the source of information leading to two U.S. domestic terrorism warnings pertaining to possible attacks against banks, supermarkets and shopping malls.

'Your jihad is over'

The chronicle of his Pakistan torture experience in his diaries raises the question of whether Abu Zubaydah attempted to confound his American interrogators, too, by concealing information while appearing to be releasing gems of intelligence. Obviously, unlike his Pakistani interrogators in 1995, the CIA may have been using physical duress in conjunction with other more sophisticated methods. Still, the diaries which could be painting a rosier picture than was the case of his performance under physical assault - suggest that Abu Zubaydah saw interrogation and torture as a contest from which he could emerge with his secrets intact, having fooled his questioners.

Abu Zubaydah had been captured at a Pakistani checkpoint as he drove with another man - a Yemeni from Saudi Arabia - on a journey in a mini-convoy of two vehicles delivering materials to comrades moved to a safe house, the House of Exile in Babi Jadeed, because of a crackdown by Pakistani police and intelligence services.

They had been looking for Ramzi Yousef, mastermind of the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. Before he was caught, Yousef was one of the most notorious residents of the House of Martyrs, the guesthouse Abu Zubaydah ran and "the center of terrorism, as it's called," Abu Zubaydah wrote.

He recounted in his diary, "The police stopped us ... I didn't say a word. The police said to me, while pointing at me to come down, in a broken English, as if the Arabs are English speaking, he said, 'Your Jihad is over.'"
 Prisoners in Pakistan
Abu Zubaydah was repeatedly tortured by Pakistani authorities.Inter Press Service/Getty Images

Abu Zubaydah handed the border guard a United Nations refugee card he acquired earlier in the year, but the ploy did not work, and he and his passenger were taken to an office in the nearby Pakistani city of Peshawar. He recounted a frantic attempt to get rid of some seals that he had used to make fake Afghan passports for his comrades:
They decided to search us before being presented to the person in charge, and I was scared that they might discover the faked seals that I was carrying with me, so I said, I need to go to the bathroom (to urinate) but they didn't allow me before doing a search. But I insisted that I can't stand it any more, and that I will urinate in my pants. So they had to take me to the bathroom. After I closed the door, and get rid of the plastic seals, and left the wooden parts in the upper window ... Then I pulled the flush and all the seals disappeared in the toilet. So I went out cheerfully because I don't have a problem now.

However, he had forgotten one seal in a pocket, which was soon found. Abu Zubaydah wrote that he tried to portray himself as a "poor oppressed reporter who is calling for democracy and fighting dictatorship." But the Pakistani officer didn't believe him. "F--- you don't try to bluff," he reportedly said.

Soon the beatings began. Abu Zubaydah was taken downstairs to a prison and waited as a police car packed with Pakistani soldiers arrived. He sat in the backseat, handcuffed. The officer was in the front seat. "They took me around most of the places in the city (at night), and showed me to whomever they encountered, but no one could identify me ... So they beat me up in the street and in front of the public while I was tied up. I could only push them back or scream in their faces."

The Pakistanis were trying to force Abu Zubaydah to identify the location of the House of Martyrs. He was hit using shoes and facial slaps. Then he was taken to the upper floor of a house and thrown to the ground. Two of the men grabbed his feet "while the officer started flogging using a heavy stick."

Abu Zubaydah wrote that he "turned to deceit" to get the Pakistanis to stop beating him.

"I played a theatrical role; I cried loudly while pointing to my head with my hand, then the beating stopped, and he wanted to check out what happened, so I held his hand and put it on the wound toward the opening."

So they beat me up in the street and in front of the public while I was tied up. I could only push them back or scream in their faces.

Abu Zubaydah, 1995

while detained in Pakistan

In Volume 2 of his diaries, Abu Zubaydah wrote that he suffered a shrapnel wound to his head, which left a small hole in his skull, while performing ablutions on a mountain in Gardez, Afghanistan. He temporarily lost his sight and hearing and the ability to move his body. He also lost part of his memory, the ability to speak and write for about seven months. He wrote in an entry that reading his "memoirs help(ed) me memory (sic) to recall everything."

At the interrogation, Abu Zubaydah contorted his fingers to make it appear that the beating "will leave me in a state of nervous shock ... I opened my right hand keeping two of my fingers twisted, and said, 'I cannot control them.'" The officer "became more scared, left the room and lighted a cigarette hoping that the smoking will calm down his anger."

But he returned about 15 minutes later and started beating Abu Zubaydah again.

"I am not going to let you go even if you die, where is the house?" he said.

"I only answered with a few words trying to show that my nervous (sic) had an impact on my tongue ... But he started beating me again more forcefully while I was shouting at them in English, 'you animals!" Abu Zubaydah wrote.

The officer left the room while a soldier continued to beat Abu Zubaydah. He was then taken to a prison at Qura Qabrastan. The officer, Abu Zubaydah wrote in his diary, "ordered that I should be tied up to the high bars so I can't sit down or sleep during the night, and in fact that was what happened."

"Hours passed by and I was feeling the pain in the bottom of my foot (The location of the beating). I also felt the pain in the calf, and the thigh, because of standing a long time ... And I started to realize their intention, they must be trying to make me reach a nervous breakdown so I will confess with everything I know at the time of interrogation ... I relied on my determination and rested against the bars and tried to sleep, and I really slept while standing, and when the pain increased in one foot, I woke up and leaned on the other foot so I could sleep."

The technique the Pakistanis used on Abu Zubaydah was a stress position, one of 10 "enhanced interrogation methods" the CIA used on him. Almost immediately after his capture, according to declassified documents released several years ago, top Bush administration officials discussed using an "alternative" set of interrogation methods "because the CIA believed that Abu Zubaydah was withholding imminent-threat information during the initial interrogation sessions."
 Stress position
A Viet Cong prisoner is interrogated by U.S. forces in a stress position in Thuong Duc, Vietnam.National Archives

The CIA prepared a psychological assessment of Abu Zubaydah in July 2002, based heavily on his six volumes of diaries, that focused on how to break down a man the CIA then believed was the No. 3 person in Al-Qaeda's hierarchy.

His diaries provide clues to how he may have hoped to respond to physical pain inflicted by his CIA interrogators - although what actually transpired in the course of his "enhanced interrogation" by U.S. operatives remains unknown.

During his interrogation in Pakistan, after a night of half-sleeping in a stress position, Abu Zubaydah once again faced the interrogator with the "big mustache," who questioned him about the fake passport seals. Abu Zubaydah was returned to the prison cell, where, he said, he spent more than two days "standing on my feet, almost torn down." But "God gave me help because as long as I am thinking of (the brothers who are outside the prison, I don't feel the pain, but when I stop thinking of them, then I think of pain)."

Prince at House of Martyrs?

Another day, Abu Zubaydah was taken by bus along with his Yemeni companion to an office he calls "The Special Branch." There, he watched the interrogation of a young man he believed might have been a Pakistani who plotted a failed assassination attempt on Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto. It's unclear why Abu Zubaydah was present at the session. He wrote that he was forced to "sit in some place, and from the opening of the door we were revealed to - or we can see at the same time - a veiled person."

He said after the man responded to the interrogator's questions, he and his companion were quickly taken back to the bus and returned to the prison. Abu Zubaydah was then hooded, tied up and interrogated again by the "huge man with the big mustache." The room, Abu Zubaydah wrote, was crowded and he could hear English words coming from near the vicinity of the "huge man."

"The huge man started with a question which I was expecting ... He said, 'What do you know about the House of Martyrs?' He spoke the words 'House of Martyrs' in Arabic, and the rest in English."

Abu Zubaydah responded, he said, "In a very cool manner, 'I heard about it.'"

The officer used his baton and smashed Abu Zubaydah "on the upper calf, just in the back of my left knee."

"I said angrily, 'What happened?'"

He was asked another question, "What do you know about the (prince of the House of Martyrs)?"

"I said angrily, 'I don't know him.'" The officer smashed Abu Zubaydah on the back of his calf again.

After repeated blows he said, "If the interrogation will continue in this manner, then go ahead and writing down all the answers that are appropriate for you, then I will sign, and everything will be over." As the beating continued, Abu Zubaydah started giving false names to his questioners. He denied that he was the "prince" of the House of Martyrs. When asked about his affiliation, he denied that he was the emir of the Khaldan training camp.

"I am a sick man, and I am still taking medications ... for my memory case, do you think that anyone is going to rely on me to run a camp," he said.
 equipment used for torture
Waterboarding equipment used for torture.

After his capture by the United States, Abu Zubaydah's interrogations became more intense. In "The Black Banners" Soufan, one of two agents who first interrogated Abu Zubaydah at that CIA black-site prison, suggested the "enhanced interrogation techniques" were an experiment. It's a word that he uses more than a dozen times in his book to describe the techniques first used on Abu Zubaydah.

Soufan interrogated Abu Zubaydah using traditional rapport-building techniques that, Soufan said, resulted in cooperation. It was only after two psychologists under contract to the CIA took over the interrogation in the weeks after Abu Zubaydah's capture and used abusive methods that he began to clam up. Soufan left the black site, according to an interview he gave "60 Minutes" after the publication of his book in 2011, when one of the psychologists introduced a box to be used during Abu Zubaydah's interrogation session that resembled a coffin.

The effectiveness of the CIA's interrogation of Abu Zubaydah is questioned in a 6,000-page report prepared by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, which spent four years investigating the CIA's so-called rendition, detention and interrogation program. According to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, D-Calif., who chaired the panel, the report "uncovers startling details about the CIA detention and interrogation program and raises critical questions about intelligence operations and oversight." Abu Zubaydah figures prominently in the report, the executive summary of which Al Jazeera is seeking from the Justice Department under a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit.

It is uncertain whether being held by the CIA was Abu Zubaydah's first experience of American intelligence operatives during interrogations. He wrote that some questioning took place while he was hooded. He said at one point he heard "... some people leaving the room quietly, and I later learned that they were Americans who came to watch the interrogation with the one who is supposed to be the prince of the House of Martyrs."

Former CIA operations officer Marc Sageman, who was based in Islamabad in the late 1980s, is now a forensic psychiatrist and reviewed Abu Zubaydah's diaries for Al Jazeera. He believes the Americans Abu Zubaydah referred to were FBI agents who were in Pakistan hunting for Ramzi Yousef's fellow conspirators. The FBI would not respond to questions about that possibility.

The effectiveness of the CIA's interrogation of Abu Zubaydah is questioned in a 6,000-page report prepared by the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence, which spent four years investigating.

Abu Zubaydah wrote that he later learned that eight of his brothers, whom the police had arrested and whom he identifies by name, "were Mujahedeen and the others were employed by the relief agencies ... They were arrested because one of them was accused of supporting Yusif Ramzi financially." Abu Zubaydah wrote that they were eventually freed after paying the Pakistanis a bribe of more than half a million rupees.

After the "Americans" left the room, Abu Zubaydah's hood was removed. He contorted his fingers again to make it appear as if he had a nervous breakdown. He refused to eat for three days after being returned to his prison cell. He was allowed to make a phone call, which he used to call his brothers at the House of Exile guesthouse and warned them that they should leave because they may be arrested.

The Pakistanis brought Abu Zubaydah before a judge, and he was charged with being "one of those Arab Mujahideen who has been left behind with no residency permit." He waved his U.N. refugee card, but the judge ruled that he should be deported. He was taken to a central jail, where he was detained for three months.

But the U.N. came to his rescue. He wrote, "The United infidel nations started its job by contacting the ministry of the interior to establish my right for residency as it was stated before, so I was expecting to stay for two months in the prison ..." Abu Zubaydah said an Italian and a Pakistani official from the U.N. visited him during that time and asked him about the other Arabs detained in the prison. He lied to them too, saying, "I am scared from them; they are fundamentalists."

"Good! Be aware (sic) of them!" one of the U.N. officials said.

"I said, 'I hate terrorism,'" Abu Zubaydah continued.
The U.N. official, "Mister Ferlando," said after he left, "You look like a terrorist, but I know you well (apparently he meant my beard) ... I said to myself, 'Only if you knew!'"

Upon his release, Abu Zubaydah wrote that he and the brothers moved to a new guesthouse, away from the police, and he began "to steer the show one more time regarding ... Khaldun affairs."

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