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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Sha'aban 27 ,1434/July 6, 2013 # 28

Outburst of fighting in Pakistan as mujahideen approach Peshawar. Serious attacks in Afghanistan. Please scroll right to the end. [It's kinda scary.]

Our travelogue from Spain is very relevant today. The suffering of Muslims is often "buried under the daisies" as if it never happened. Please scroll to end.

Under the tyranny of Obama, Lynne Stewart's appeal for release has been denied. She defended the Blind Shaykh without charge. She is dying of cancer. Please scroll to end. [A Jewish Judge, with help from ISNA's Siraj Wahhaj, put Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman away for life.]

The funniest photo cartoon of Obama with thanks to the Uhuru movement of Omali Yeshitela, St. Petersburg, Florida. Scroll to end.

A veteran of the Islamic movement. Shamim Siddiqi, explores the weaknesses of the Muslim Brotherhood [Ikhwan] which were exploited by the enemies of Egypt, the enemies of Islam. Exclusive to New Trend. Please scroll to end.

In a brilliant expose, Syed Munawar Hasan, top Islamic leader of Pakistan, underlines the benefits for Israel behind the US-backed military coup in Egypt. Please scroll.

The very latest: Unarmed Egyptian Islamics defy the military.
Muslim Brotherhood's Top Spiritual Leader Mohammed Badie arrested.

July 5-6: Islamic people in their tens of thousands, though unarmed, defied the military and former tyrant Hosni Mubarak's secularist gangs across Egypt. The death toll at the hands of the military is now 50 killed and more than 300 wounded. The crowds inspired by Mohammed Badie, the spiritual leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, marched to Tahrir Square to clash with former tyrant Hosni Mubarak's gangsters who are massed there. The Mubarak gangs ran as the Islamics clashed with them but the armored vehicles of the military raced in to crush the Islamics.

In Cairo, huge crowds of Islamic protestors gathered at Masjid Rabia al-Adawiya [named after an Islamic woman of the golden era of Islam] and Cairo University to call for the release of President Morsi. Similar gatherings took place in all Egyptian cities. In Alexandria there were new clashes between Islamics and secular gangs, many of them Copts, with deaths and injuries on both sides.
In several cities the followers of Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, [The Blind Shaykh] known as Gamaa al-Islamiyya, rose up to join the Muslim Brotherhood protestors. In the Sinai, armed Islamic Jihad groups, wanting to fight Israel, have clashed with the military.
[The reports are pouring in. We publish below the reports as coming in through western sources which though against the Islamics are giving the facts too.
Please scroll down. ]

To Arab Americans in particular.
Outreach: Jamaat al-Muslimeen Educates US Muslims on Egypt.

July 5, 2013: After Juma Salat at the Islamic Center of Newark, Delaware, Jamaat al-Muslimeen literature was given to 110 Muslims, mostly Arab but some Indo-Pakistani and some African Americans and Africans.
These were 4 pages including the following:
  1. Br. Kaukab's article on the role of Egyptian military, backed by the US and Israel, in undermining Islamic aspirations in Egypt.

  2. The role of the Coptic church against Islam plus the huge funds acquired by Hosni Mubarak's gangs. The naive sections of Egypt's poor were "bought" by the Hosni gangs.

  3. The Islamic people of Egypt led by the Muslim Brotherhood [Ikhwan] and Gamaa al-Islamiyya and other Islamics are defying the Military and ex-Hosni Mubarak gangs. The fact that Egyptians are no longer scared of the army is a good sign,

  4. President Morsi is still the President of Egypt and has called for peaceful resistance.

  5. Islamic leader of Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, says, the US and Israel are behind the coup in Egypt. [See report of Munawar's message below. Please scroll.]

Military Coup in Egypt: First Responders

Syria's tyrant Bashar Assad was the first to hail the military coup in Egypt. The notorious mass murderer of his own people claimed that the coup would put an end to "poltical Islam."

Turkey's Erdogan and his foreign minister were the first to condemn the coup.

Tunisia's "moderate" Islamic leaders were the second to condemn the coup.

Pakistan's Syed Munawar Hasan, leader of Jamaate Islami came out third to condemn the coup.

The American and British governments, supposedly supporters of "democracy" DID NOT condemn the coup but made vague statements urging a return to "democracy" which they are supporting the coup but want some other civilian to lead.
Russia and China made vague noises which are difficult to interpret. Probably they are waiting to see who comes out on top.

The dastardly role of the Egyptian Military: Made in USA.
For 40 years no Clash with Israel

by Kaukab Siddique

Egypt's military is funded, armed and directed by the USA. Second to Israel, the Egyptian security and intelligence forces are funded by America every year to the tune of about $3 billion.
During the people's uprising against Hosni Mubarak, the Egyptian army's nexus with USA was in a precarious situation. They sensed that if the army tried to crush the people , a chaotic situation would ensue and people would flock to the banners of Al-Qaida to fight back. Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, who succeeded Osama bin Laden, is an Egyptian with a track record of opposition to the secular tyrants who have ruled Egypt. Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, the teacher of Jihad as a personal duty of every Muslim, seen as a direct threat by Hosni Mubarak, is an Egyptian. Mohammad Atta who led the attack on America by 19 Islamics on 9.11 was an Egyptian.
Thus there is a significant resource in Egypt for al-Qaida if chaos ensues owing to an army-people clash. Hence the army-US combination allowed the Muslim Brotherhood to take part in the post Mubarak elections. As the Brotherhood is a well organized and peaceful movement, it handily won the elections. Also, segments of the Brotherhood movement are closely linked to the US administration and thus the US thought the MB would be easily manipulated. The problem was that the MB had done considerable social work and had gained the support of a new generation of young educated men and women.
Thus, from the beginning, the army was alert to find fault with President Morsi and to prepare its own team to take over at an opportune moment.

The Coptic Church, the secular left, al-Azhar and the Mubarak Big Money
by Kaukab Siddique

Thirty years of Mubarak's rule brought vast financial resources to the secular fringe of Egyptian society. The Coptic church had also gained huge benefits from Mubarak as can be seen in the enormous Coptic churches which were built often out doing the mosques of Cairo in size and architectural magnificence.

Above all a large client class of opportunists emerged for whom casinos, night clubs and liquor/prostitution were important. For them the emergence of an Islamic party as rulers was unbearable. Thousands of them are thugs who are armed and organized like gangsters.
The Al-Azhar establisment was also enraged by the victory of the Muslim Brotherhood because they consider themselves superior in religion. New Trend readers might remember that Mubarak used to send out reciters of the Qur'an to numerous countries, including USA, to prove to Muslims that he was not against Islam. These clean shaven reciters, like Christian priests, could recite well but did not have the slightest idea about the Qur'an's message against humans who claim to be rulers.

Thus immediately after the coup, the first to meet the military rulers were :
  1. Baradei, a long time puppet of the West who believes that girl friends and liquor are acceptable in a Muslim society.

  2. A leader of the Coptic church.

  3. A Shaykh from al-Azhar.

[The word "Islamist" is a Zionist label. It is used in this Huffington Post report. We did not change it but the correct term is "Islamic." -Editor]

Egypt Clashes Turn Violent Days After Army Takes Over


 Cairo Egypt clashes
Supporters of ousted Egypt's President Mohammed Morsi carry a man shot near the Republican Guard building in Cairo, Friday, July 5, 2013. Egyptian troops opened fire on mostly Islamist protesters marching on a Republican Guard headquarters Friday to demand the restoration of Morsi's presidency, killing at least one. (AP Photo/Khalil Hamra)

CAIRO — Enraged Islamists pushed back Friday against the toppling of President Mohammed Morsi, as tens of thousands of his supporters took to the streets vowing to win his reinstatement and clashed with their opponent in violence that killed 30 and wounded more than 200 nationwide.

In a battle on a bridge over the Nile River in Cairo, gunfire rang out and flames leaped from a burning car as the rival camps threw volleys of stones and fireworks at each other. Military armored vehicles raced across the bridge in a counterattack on Morsi's supporters.

The clashes accelerated after four supporters of the president were killed when troops opened fire on their rally - and after a dramatic appearance by the supreme leader of Morsi's Muslim Brotherhood. He defiantly proclaimed that his followers would not give up street action until the return of the president, swept out of power days earlier by the military.

"God make Morsi victorious and bring him back to the palace," Mohammed Badie proclaimed before cheering supporters at a Cairo mosque in his first appearance since the overthrow. "We are his soldiers we defend him with our lives."

Badie said it was a matter of honor for the military to abide by its pledge of loyalty to the president, in what appeared to be an attempt to pull it away from its leadership.

"Your leader is Morsi. ... Return to the people of Egypt," he said. "Your bullets are not to be fired on your sons and your own people."

Hours later, Badie's deputy, Khairat el-Shater, considered the most powerful figure in the organization, was arrested in a Cairo apartment along with his brother on allegations of inciting violence, Interior Ministry spokesman Hani Abdel-Latif told The Associated Press.

After the speech, a large crowd of Islamists surged across 6th October Bridge over the Nile toward Tahrir Square, where a giant crowd of Morsi's opponents had been massed all day. Battles broke out there and near the neighboring state TV building. Pro-Morsi youth shielded themselves from flying stones and fireworks with sheets of barricaded metal. A car burned at the top of an exit ramp amid the sounds of automatic weapons and shotguns.

"They are firing at us, sons of dogs! Where is the army?" one Morsi opponent shouted as another was brought to medics with his jeans soaked in blood from leg wounds. At least three people were killed at the bridge.

The fighting ended when at least seven armored personnel carriers sped across the bridge, chasing away the Morsi supporters. Young civilians jumped onto the roofs of the APCs, shouting insults at the Islamists and chanting, "The people and army are one hand."

Across the country, clashes erupted as Morsi supporters tried to storm local government buildings or military facilities, battling police or Morsi opponents. At least 30 people were killed throughout the day in Egypt, with 210 wounded, Heath Ministry official Khaled el-Khatib told The Associated Press.

Islamists descended on anti-Morsi rally, opening fire with guns in the Mediterranean coastal city of Alexandria, where at least 12 people were killed, mostly Morsi opponents, emergency services official Amr Salama said. One man was stabbed and thrown from the roof of a building by Morsi supporters after he raised an Egyptian flag and shouted insults against the ousted president, according to an Associated Press reporter at the scene.

Five policemen killed by militants in shootings around the Sinai city of el-Arish, according to security officials speaking on condition of anonymity because not authorized to talk to the press.

The U.S. State Department condemned the violence and called on all Egyptian leaders to denounce the use of force and prevent further bloodshed among their supporters.
"The voices of all who are protesting peacefully must be heard - including those who welcomed the events of earlier this week and those who supported President Morsi," State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said in a statement. "The Egyptian people must come together to resolve their differences peacefully, without recourse to violence or the use of force."

Britain's Foreign Secretary William Hague also said he was "very concerned" by the reports of violence.
Col. Ahmed Ali, a spokesman for the armed forces, said the Muslim Brotherhood was trying to "pick a fight" with the army and "drag it to a clash in order to send a message to the West that what happened in the country is a coup and that the military is cracking down on the peaceful protesters."

That mirrored a statement from an umbrella group of Morsi opponents - including the National Salvation Front and youth groups. The group urged the public to take to the streets immediately "to defend popular legitimacy" against what they called a "malicious plot" by the Brotherhood.

Islamists vowed to show by their numbers and the turmoil that the military had made a mistake by removing Morsi on Wednesday night. The action followed mass demonstrations for four days this week by the president's opponents in the biggest rallies the country has seen.

"The military got itself in a trap by taking one side. Now they see the masses in the streets and now they realized that there are two peoples," Hamada Nassar, a figure from the hard-line former militant group, Gamaa Islamiya, told AP.

An interim president - senior judge Adly Mansour - was sworn in Thursday, and a Cabinet of technocrats is to be formed to run Egypt until new elections can be held, although officials have not said when that will be. Mansour dissolved the interim parliament - the upper house of the legislature - which was overwhelmingly dominated by Islamists and Morsi allies. He also named the head of General Intelligence, Rafaat Shehata, as his security adviser.

The Islamists had called rallies Friday to express their outrage at Morsi's ouster. The Brotherhood has said it will not work with the new military-backed leadership, and Morsi's supporters say the armed forces have wrecked Egypt's democracy by carrying out a coup against an elected president.

They accuse loyalists of former leader Hosni Mubarak, ousted in 2011, and liberal and secular opposition parties of turning to the army for help because they lost the election to Islamists. Many also see it as a conspiracy against Islam.

The turmoil began in the afternoon when army troops opened fire as hundreds of his supporters marched on the Republican Guard building in Cairo. That site is where Morsi was staying when he was toppled before being taken into military custody at an undisclosed location.

The crowd approached a barbed wire barrier where troops were standing guard. When one person hung a sign of Morsi on the barrier, soldiers tore it down and told the crowd to stay back. A protester put up a second sign, and the soldiers opened fire, according to an AP photographer.

A protester fell dead with a gaping, bleeding wound in the back of his head, while others were bloodied and wounded. Witnesses told AP Television News at the scene that men in plain clothes fired the lethal shots. The Health Ministry said a total of four were killed at the site, though it was not known how all died.

Protesters threw stones at the troops, who responded with volleys of tear gas. Many of those injured had wounds typical of birdshot. The BBC's Middle East editor, Jeremy Bowen, was hit by birdshot in the head as he covered the clashes but said his injuries were superficial.

Badie made his appearance three hours later on a stage in front of tens of thousands of Islamists massed at Rabia al-Adawiya Mosque, not far from the Republican Guard building.

Morsi "is my president and your president and the president of all Egyptians," Badie proclaimed, thrusting his arms in the air, as a military helicopter circled low overhead.

The gray-haired Badie is a revered figure among the Brotherhood's followers, who swear an oath of absolute obedience to him - to "hear and obey."

The circumstances of his appearance were a mystery. Security officials had said Badie was taken into custody from a villa on the Mediterranean coast soon after Morsi's removal Wednesday night and flown to Cairo, part of a sweep that netted at least five other senior Brotherhood figures and put around 200 more on wanted lists.

Just before his speech, the Brotherhood's political party said on its webpage that Badie had "been released." On stage, however, Badie denied he had been arrested. There was no immediate explanation from security officials.

Authorities also announced the release of Saad Katatni, head of the Brotherhood's political arm the Freedom and Justice Party, as well as one of Badie's deputies, Rashad Bayoumi, pending further investigation.

Fears have been running high over an Islamist backlash to Morsi's overthrow. Extremist Islamist groups that gained considerable freedom to operate during Morsi's year in office have already vowed violence in retaliation.

The first major militant attack came before dawn Friday in the tumultuous Sinai Peninsula, killing at least one soldier. Masked assailants launched a coordinated attack with rockets, rocket-propelled grenades and anti-aircraft guns on the airport in the northern Sinai city of el-Arish, where military aircraft are located. Also hit was a security forces camp in Rafah on the border with Gaza, and five other military and police posts.

One of military's top commanders, Gen. Ahmed Wasfi, arrived at el-Arish to lead operations there as the army declared a "war on terrorism" in Sinai. A crowd of Morsi supporters tried to storm the governor's office in the city but were dispersed by security forces.

On the night of Morsi's ouster, jihadi groups rallied in el-Arish, vowing to fight. "War council, war council," a speaker shouted, according to online video of the rally. "No peacefulness after today."

Islamic militants hold a powerful sway in the lawless northern Sinai. They are heavily armed with weapons smuggled from Libya and have links with militants in the neighboring Gaza Strip, run by Hamas. After the attack, Egypt indefinitely closed its border crossing into Gaza, sending 200 Palestinians back into the territory, said Gen. Sami Metwali, director of Rafah passage.

At the Rabia al-Adawiya Mosque rally earlier in the day, the crowd filled much of a broad boulevard, vowing to stay until Morsi is reinstated. The protesters railed against what they called the return of the Mubarak regime.

"The old regime has come back ... worse than before," said Ismail Abdel-Mohsen, an 18-year-old student at the mosque rally. He described the interim president as "the military puppet."

"After sunset, President Morsi will be back in the palace," they chanted. "The people want God's law. Islamic, Islamic, whether the army likes it or not."

Many held copies of the Quran in the air, and much of the crowd had the long beards of ultraconservative men or encompassing black robes and veils worn by women.

One protester shouted that the sheik of Al-Azhar, Egypt's top Muslim cleric who backed the military, was "an agent of the Christians" - reflecting a sentiment that the Christian minority was behind Morsi's ouster.
In southern Egypt, Islamists attacked the main church in the city of Qena. In the town of Dabaiya near the city of Luxor, a mob torched houses of Christians, sending dozens seeking shelter in a police station.

Pakistani leader Munawar Hasan says:
Egyptian army coup- a US plot which Benefits Israel.
by Anwar Sajjad

LAHORE, July 4: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, has

said that the army ambush on democratic system in Egypt had once again pushed the Muslim country into a dark allay as the US and Israel wanted a puppet government there.

In a statement issued from Mansoora on Thursday, he said the blood of innocent Muslims was being shed in Egypt since the martyrdom of Al Ikhwan's founder Hasan al Banna. The powers which were supporting the dictatorship and oppression in Egypt during the last 64 ears could not digest the civil liberties and democratic system which had been restored by elected President Dr Mursi during one year.

He said, the US and other colonial powers never wanted true democracy in any Muslim country. He said that Israel would be the biggest beneficiary of the military coup

In Egypt because Washington and Tel Aviv could not tolerate a government in Egypt that believed in the freedom struggle of the Qibla Awwal.

Syed Munawar Hasan said that Egyptian army's adventurism was a devilish plan to steal away the fruits of the peoples revolution a year back. However, he said, the Egyptian masses were still up against the military revolt. He said the military dictators should know that the masses could not be kept as salves in the present era.

He said the military dictatorship had made Egypt a Israel slave by depriving it of its leadership role in the Islamic world. President Murshi had started efforts to revive Egypt's historic status but the US slaves in the army had toppled the government to punish him for that crime.

The JI Ameer was however sure that the Egyptian people would not give up their struggle for their basic rights, adding that the Al- Ikhwan and the Egyptian people could not be crushed by an oppression that had been going on for about a half a century. The current army coup and the Hosni Mobarak's legacy could not defeat the will power of the Egyptian people.

In the name of Allah, the Compassionate, the Merciful
Tragic Situation in Egypt: What were the Weaknesses of the Muslim Brotherhood

[Shamim A Siddiqi, NY]

Egypt's powerful military has ousted the democratically elected President M Morsi from power, put him under house arrest, suspended the Constitution, top Judge of Constitutional Court Adly M Mansoor sworn in as the head of the Interim Government, the top leadership of Muslim Brotherhood has been arrested or detained in hundreds and new elections are promised to be held, when it is not clear. Through this process both democracy and the initiative towards Islamic System all have been torpedoed by General A Fattah el-Sisi by accepting the demand of the secular and the liberal forces of the country and that of the Western Godless societies.

In its wake, more than 50 people have been killed and about 300 are injured. The secular forces of the country both at home and abroad are jubilant. With this undemocratic, unconstitutional and unethical interference of Egyptian Military, the process towards Islimisation has been stunned with a drastic set back throughout the Middle East and North Africa and the fate of Arab Spiring has encountered its own death by its own people in uniform.

The Western allergy against Islam has again achieved a milestone of satisfaction in the Delta of Nile - the heart of Muslim world. All were extremely worried by watching the so-called Islamists coming to power throughout North Africa and every where they now got the process reversed or wrapped up and buried in the sands of Sahara. The secular West, whose "agents" were agitating in Tahreer Squire for the last five days to overthrow Morsi from power, has now accomplished its prime objective in "disallowing" the emergence of Islam anywhere as a "political entity". This game plan is the central theme of the "New World Order" and Uncle Sam is its champion - somewhere openly as in the case of Nigeria and Hamas, somewhere standing like a silent spectator as in Syria and somewhere with the help of Dollars as in Central Asia after the collapse of Communism.

However, in the case of Egypt, the unfortunate situation speaks something else. Ikhwan out of expediency helped in blowing up the condition faster than the expectation of the West. Equally, the haste and the "incompetency" of Mohammad Morsi added fuel to the fire. They entered belatedly in the common people's fight to oust the tyrant Hosni Mubarak and ignored the dominant part played by the secular forces in getting rid of him. Thus they captured the power through an unnatural process and given chance to the secular forces to raise tempo against Islamic provisions of the Constitution and the formation of Government. The MB has now paid a very costly price for this shortsightedness, the state of un preparedness and the expediency to come to power one way or the other without building a conscious urge in the masses first in the from of a mass Movement for the emergence of Islam as the dominant force of the country. The results are disastrous and discouraging for other Islamic Movements around the world.

Their prime job was to continue in creating a clear awakening in Muslim masses for another five years while working energetically with ample seats in the Parliament and then emerging like a trustworthy force of Da'ees, workers and the devoted servants of masses with their trust in next Elections. At that time no amount of military in the country could stop their emerging to run the Government of the country single handedly. That process has now been differed to a distant future and only Allah knows when they will come out of the trial and tribulations of Military's supremacy. I fear the days of Nasir may not be in their lot that took 60 years to depart and General Al-Sisi does not become the Hosni Mubarak

In consequence, Arab Spiring seems lost in the doldrums of compromise as in Tunisia, to the hegemony of the European Powers in Libya and to the expediency of Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. So is the case in Syria where the same hate campaign of Europe and America against Islam has divided the rebel groups on ideological lines to play their effective role in wiping out the Bathist regime of the Alawites. Just today the son of the tyrant Hafiz al-Asad has declared emphatically that the rebels couldn't defeat him.

However, the Muslim Ummah shouldn't feel discouraged at all. These are just the interim setbacks that are occurring due to our own follies and shortsightedness till the Ummah resurrects herself as "Ummatun Wasatan", solves its own affairs on the basis of Tawheed, Amanah, Akhirah and the life pattern of Rasulullah (S) and presents its glaring model to mankind to follow and leads a balanced life with justice and peace in the human abode. The Islamic Movements around the world have to do this job lest it becomes too late.

Both democracy and capitalism have failed to solve any of the human problems. Islam is the only System left to be tried. Muslims have to put it to trial in their homeland and then present its model to the suffering humanity. Arab Spiring was going to serve a Chance but Muslim leadership is fast losing that opportunity due to factors analyzed above. The Islamic Movements have to undertake this mission afresh in a continuous process and work hard for the Renaissance of Islam within a decade or so. IQBAL rightly encourages us to go on trying again and again:

[Iqbal does not lose hope owing to the devastation of his world/Even a little water can make this desert bloom again.]
Shamim Siddiqi

Our America: From Sis Aamira [Philadelphia] via Center for Constitutional Rights, NY.
Lynne Stewart Suffers Tyranny of Obama Rule:

As many of you know, Federal Bureau of Prisons Director Charles E. Samuels, Jr. denied Lynne Stewart's application for compassionate release despite recommendations from Federal Medical Center, Carswell Warden Jody R. Upton and South Centra...l Regional Office Director J.A. Keller, and over twenty thousand signatures calling on him to do the right thing. As Lynne continues fighting cancer, it is now more important than ever that YOU help us fight for her freedom by getting as many people as possible to sign this petition: Director Samuels can and must reverse this decision.
And, please continue sending Lynne messages of strength and hope:

Lynne Stewart #53504-054
Federal Medical Center,
Carswell PO Box 27137
Ft. Worth, TX 76127

The King of Surveillance.
 Obama secret war

Travelogue [Eyewitness account of Spain.]

 Asqfish Cordova
Tomorrow is my birthday and I am on my way to Southern Spain also called Al Andalus. Birthdays and death days are so intermingled with each other that sometimes the edges are blurred and covered with green grass and daisies.
As the bus speeds like a flying machine on the road to Cordova, I look out of the window at the vista of mountains and hills. A splash of green paint in every hue possible, covering the hills and dales with a soft green velvet carpet of grass. I wonder at what lies beneath.
I think of the thousands of Muslims who sought refuge in these mountains and who are now literally pushing daisies out of the earth..........Our guide asks us to pause for a moment and make dua for all those buried in the vast vista while fleeing the forced conversion to Christianity or face death.

I think of the young and the innocent, the women and the old, perplexed and afraid for their life, leaving Cordova, leaving all their possessions and memories, collecting their children and heading towards the the caves hoping to find refuge like the young men described in the surah of the cave (surah Kahf 18). Alas for them the malice of the Christian rulers fueled the common Christian on the street with greed by the offer of 50,000 ducal to each Christian who successfully identified a Muslim and turned him or in to the authorities/inquisition.

I look at the velvety green covering of the mountains and plains, I am humbled by the thought..........." They gave to the earth and their essence enriches the olive trees and the daisies bringing serenity, beauty and solace to those who pass through these terrains" We like thousands others pass through on the road to Cordova unaware of those who lie buried in the soil, enriching it with their life blood.

For those of you who are unaware of the history of Al Andalusia the Christian king and Queen's decree was for the Muslims and Jews to either convert to Christianity or die or leave the shores of Spain (which they made sure they could not) even though they had been born and raised in this country during the preceding seven centuries.

It is a dark chapter in the history of Spain and yet it is commemorated with gusto with reenactments of the Christians killing "the infidels".

It is only when one reads the teachings of Jesus and the Quran and the Torah that one finds the common thread "Do unto others as you would have them do unto you" A profound statement as history repeats itself in many forms all over the world. Yet it is in the end when we stand in front of our Lord will the blood show on our hands till then we are all standing in the shoes of Lady Macbeth who kept washing her hands but could never get rid of the blood stains even though no one else could see them, she did............

As the Christian world remains silent at the atrocities of the few from their faith, all through out the world: ethnic cleansing in the name of democracy, all they have to do is look at their hands and know that the stains are permanent until the day of judgment when they shall be called into account, no matter whether they claimed to follow Jesus, Moses or a personal god of their whim under the guise of Jesus.

The bus glides towards Cordova from Madrid and all I see are the falling children, youth in the peak of their beauty (like my son in the prime of his youth) and women whose blood has turned the earth to a rich velvety red, the daisies to white and has enriched the mountains with green velvet to welcome you to Andalucía even if they cannot be present in the human form to say "Ola"....................

War in Pakistan & Afghanistan [These are reports are from the secularist Daily Dawn. Hence the anti-Islamic language. -Editor of NT.]

At least six Paki Military men killed in Peshawar attack

Ten people were also injured in the attack on the Kishan Ganga checkpost Tuesday night. The TTP claimed responsibility. [Continuing clash: One soldier 2 Talibs Killed.]

MIRAMSHAH: At least 17 people were killed and two others injured in a US drone attack which targeted a house in the North Waziristan tribal region late on Tuesday night.

Sources told that the drone fired four missiles on the house near Miramshah bazaar in Sirai Darpakhel area, targeting the Haqqani residential compound and a car. The head commander Haji Shahrifullah of Haqqani, a militant network, is said to be safe, whereas 17 people were killed and two others injured in the attack.

Intelligence sources confirmed the death toll.

PESHAWAR: Four security personnel were killed in a bombing at a checkpost in the North Waziristan tribal region on Thursday, DawnNews quoted government sources as saying.

Sources said the blast, said to have been a suicide bombing, took place after security personnel directed a suspicious looking vehicle to stop at the Boya checkpost in the tribal region's Dattakhel tehsil.

Upon the vehicle's failure to stop, security personnel fired shots at the car, following which the bomber inside the explosives-laden vehicle blew himself up.

Following the blast, the checkpost caught fire. Moreover, security personnel cordoned off the area and started an investigation

Karzai's Border Commander killed.

CHAMAN: At least six officials, including an Afghan border commander, were killed and 19 others injured Friday when a suicide bomber blew himself up at the Pakistan-Afghanistan border near Chaman region of Balochistan.

Pakistani security officials, who did not want to be named, told that the suicide bomber blew up his detonative while targeting the vehicle of Afghan border forces.

"Our forces miraculously survived since the blast happened at Friendship Gate at Pak-Afghan border," the source said.

According to reports, the incident happened on the Afghan side of the border.

An Afghan border force official, who did not want to be named, said six Afghan border security men were killed and another 19 sustained injuries. He confirmed that Afghan border commander Akhtar Muhammad had also been killed in the explosion.

Afghan security officials said Akhtar Muhammad was the intended target of the suicide attack.

The condition of five of the injured persons was stated to be serious and they were rushed to Quetta's bordering town of Chaman for medical treatment.

Frontier Corps sources, however, said that some Pakistanis were also among the injured.

The Pak-Afghan border at Chaman was immediately closed following the blast.

Later, FC persons were called at the border to control the situation. Moreover, security was tightened on both sides of the border to avert another untoward incident.

Chaman is a small town in the southwestern province of Balochistan and is one of the two main crossing points for supplies for American and Nato troops fighting the Taliban in Afghanistan.

Latest Taliban attack in Kabul

KABUL: Taliban attackers set off a truck bomb early Tuesday and killed five security guards at a Nato supplier's compound in Kabul, the latest in a series of bold attacks on high profile targets in the Afghan capital.

The attacks have driven home that the Taliban have no intention of ending the violence, even though they have indicated they are willing to talk peace and have opened an office in Qatar for that purpose.

''This (attack) has no link to the peace process,'' Taliban spokesman Zabiullah Mujahid told The Associated Press in a telephone call. Attacks ''will continue all over the country occupied by the foreigners,'' he said.

Before dawn, a suicide bomber drove a small truck packed with explosives to the outer gate of the logistics center used to supply Nato troops and detonated it, said Kabul provincial police chief Mohammad Ayoub Salangi.

The explosion blasted a huge crater in the ground and damaged a guard tower.

Two truck drivers waiting to enter the compound were killed in the blast along with the bomber, he said.

Then four gunmen stormed into the breach and battled with security guards.

An Afghan police special response team and security guards battled the attackers for about an hour before killing them, the Interior Ministry said in a statement.

One Afghan and four Nepalese guards were also killed, the ministry said.

In a statement on the Taliban website, Mujahid said only three militants were involved in the ''attack on a big foreign base important for Nato logistics,'' listing the assailants by name.

2013-07-06 Sat 19:11:48 cdt