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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Sha'aban 21 ,1434/June 30, 2013 # 27

For an unusual article from Indonesia critical of Iran and Iran's silence on Muslim suffering, please scroll to end.

Breaking news: June 30: Egypt. Huge crowds have gathered in Cairo and other cities to oppose and support Presidet Morsi, The biggest opposition crowds are at Tahrir Square and in front of the Presidential Palace. A huge Islamic crowd is doing a sit-in outside Masjid Rabia al-Adawiya to support Morsi. On June 28 and 29 there were clashes between the two sides in Alexandria. Mubarak era thugs opened fire several times on the Morsi supporters killing 5 and a young American photographer. Gangsters set fire to 5 Muslim Brotherhood offices.

Breaking News 2: June 27-29: Syria: Al-Nusra mujahideen captured a military post set up by Assad to guard the road from Deraa to Damascus. It took two days of severe fighting. Meanwhile, Assad's tank columns are trying to dislodge the Free Syrian Army and military defectors from an area of Homs. The Alawite offensives against mujahideen positions in the Damascus suburbs and in Aleppo have failed despite support from Lebanese Hizbullah.

Breaking News 3: Afghanistan: During June, Taliban attacks continued resulting in the death of 27 NATO troops, mostly Americans. The western media are silent on the fighting but icasualties researched the NATO losses. There was a serious Taliban attack in Kabul on the US army and NATO headquarters with Karzai's casualties so high that the news has been censored.

Our item 2 in travelogue. Why are the people of Spain turning away from Christianity? Read the dirty secret. Please scroll down. [Eyewitness account of modern Spain.]

Pastor Terry and American right winger racists getting ready to burn more Qur'ans. He wants to set the world on fire. Please scroll.

Israel is getting ready to expel 40,000 nomads although they are not anti-Israel.

With thanks to Sis. Kristi
McDonalds Controls 70% of Israeli Fast Food Business

A report in the Daily Beast, a pro-Israel publicatin, in its June 24 issue, explains an Israeli McDonalds owner, Omari Padan's refusal to open a store in a mall being built in a Jewish settlement known as Ariel. Looks like Padan has been saying for years that he will not open a store in the "occupied territories." Strangely enough Israelis do not consider Israel as occupied territory. For them, only the "settlements" are occupied territory.

What we needed was this statement from the Zionists:
"As McDonald's controls a whopping 70 percent share of the Israeli fast food market, it's not clear how much damage such a boycott [in the occupied territories] would do."

Jamaat al-Muslimeen urges all Muslims to boycott McDonalds. It will improve your health and it will show support for Palestine.

From a Khutba in Greensboro, North Carolina
Moments for thought from Imam Badi Ali [Jamaat al-Muslimeen Shoora leader, North Carolina]
How to spend your Summer Vacation. The Importance of Time

"By (the Token of) Time (through the ages),...." [The Qur'an, Sura al-Asr]
"Wherever (you may be, and) the prayer time becomes due, perform the prayer there, for the best thing is to do so (i.e. to offer the prayers in time)." (Sahih Bukhari, Abu Zar, r.a., reporting the words of Muhammad, pbuh. Book #55, Hadith #585)
  1. Allah created Time. The value of Time is great in Islam as Sura al-Asr shows.

  2. Use time right away for change is on its way.

  3. Imam Shafa'i said that Sura al-Asr would be enough to guide us in our lives.

  4. The sahaba, r.a., and scholars like Ibn Qayyim and Syed Qutb have taught us to apply the value of time to our lives.

  5. Ibn Qayyim said: Time is life. Time is gold, It is even more precious than gold.

  6. Muslims must learn how to use time and how to manage it.

  7. In his hadith [Tirmidhi] Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, includes time among five most precious things. The others being life, youth, wealth and knowledge.

  8. Time is a blessing. Use it to ;praise Allah and to worship Allah.

  9. As Imam Bukhari has taught, life is short. Use it wisely.

  10. Every moment of time, created by Allah, is an opportunity to improve ourselves through worship.

  11. Hasan Basri [generation after sahaba] taught: Time vanishes. It will not return. If you do not gain from it, you wasted it.

  12. Use the summer vacation for : i. Worship. ii. Good works, iii. Study. iv. working hard.

  13. During the vacation: Carry out self-evaluation. Check each hour, day and night you spent.

  14. Befriend good people during the summer.

  15. Increase your prayers. Do more nawafil [extra prayers].

  16. Read the Qur'an. Memorize more than you already know.

  17. Study the hadith. Memorize those hadith which are brief.

  18. Study the seerah [life of the Prophet, pbuh] and mark its distinctive aspects.

  19. Fiqh is important. If you don't know any, this is the time to start.

  20. Do Zikr. It is extremely important to supplicate Allah and remember Allah through Zikr.

  21. Do Da'wah. Take the message of Islam to non-Muslims with kindness and care.

  22. Work for the unity of the ummah. This is the need of the day.

  23. Whatever deeds of kindness you can do, do them. Don't delay.

As Tyrants Fall, Minorities in Muslim lands face a Dilemma.
They supported Torture, Murder and Rape of the Muslim masses.
Communication for peace, justice and reparations is badly needed.

by Kaukab Siddique [Pennsylvania]

The Shah of Iran was supported by the tiny Bahai community. The Bahais enjoyed the blessings of the Shah's pro-American regime. When the masses of Iranians overthrew the Shah, the Bahais faced revenge. Some of their top collaborators with the Shah were executed. Others were imprisoned. There was much propaganda in the West against Imam Khomeini as if the Bahais were tormented for no reason.

In Egypt, the Copts enjoyed the secularism of Hosni Mubarak's tyranny which went on for 30 years. The Islamic people had absolutely no rights. Gamaa al-Islamiyya which was a mass movement led by Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman was hunted down. More than 20,000 were arrested without charge. Hosni's torture chambers became notorious for breaking down human beings and destroying all decency. The Christian Copts enjoyed Hosni's power and built their churches higher and higher. After he fell, they have linked themselves with the rich copy-of-the-west community Hosni created. Now they are joining the rallies against the Muslim government.

In Libya, Qaddafi built his family and his tribe into a minority ruling class. He got away with the most horrendous acts of terrorism against the Libyan people. More than 3,000 Libyan Islamics were EXECUTED inside Qaddafi's prisons. Even their families were not informed till several years later. University students opposing Qaddafi were hanged in the middle of their university quad. He had so much money and he armed his relatives and tribe so heavily that he lasted for 40 years. Many considered him a hero of Africanism!.

In Pakistan, Qadianis [who call themselves "ahmeddis"] Agha Khanis and upper class elite Shi'as support and participate in military operations against Islamic people. All of Swat was emptied of its population when General Kayani decided that he needed a free fire zone for his military. Benazir claimed that General Musharraf should have destroyed the Red Mosque and Jamia Hafsa much earlier than he did. President Zardari, from the same sect, looted the country, as they say with "both hands." A general of the same sect handled the military's propaganda as a glorious offensive against "extremism" when General Kayani unleashed his legions against innocent Muslims who wanted Sharia law after being ripped off by the secular system.

Now we are facing a horrific situation in Syria, where the Alawite minority led by the Assad family has been ruling with an iron fist for over 30 years. The Alawites believe in the "Hama principle" which is based on Hafez Assad's destruction of the entire city of Hama when its people rose up there. As Patrick Seale has documented, mosques were destroyed and casinos built on their foundationa. Now Hafez Assad's son, Bashar Assad, has outdone his father, He has killed more than 93,000 Muslims and destroyed hundreds of mosques including the world famous Ummayed mosque. He has the 99% support of the Alawite minority and the tiny Christian community. Islamic people being killed in such large numbers emerge only as statistics in the western/zionist media. Russia, Hizbullah and Iran are going all out to save Assad or at least his regime. America supports the secular segment of the opposition and after two years of slaughter has not intervened. Israel's worry is that latest weapons in Assad's arsenal might fall into the hands of the mujahideen. Hence three Israeli strikes in Syria which "took out" weapons which could fall into mujahideen hands. No response from Assad against Israel.

The Islamic forces are surging in Syria. Assad may not survive. Hence there is a hue and cry in the West challenging the legitimacy of the Islamic resistance. Lurid stories, based on isolated incidents, are being given coverage worldwide to smear the Islamic upsurge, particularely al-Nusra and other jihad groups. The Alawites and Christians may face retaliation but nothing compared to the 93,000 Muslims killed.

In Jordan, the Christian minority gives total supporty to King Abdullah though he is known as a playboy and a clown in the service of US intelligence services. The Muslims of Jordan have to face the king's tanks even in peaceful demonstrations, The Christians think the situation is 'cool'. Jordan is being turned into little Paris.

Efforts should be made to help the minorities understand that Islam will be victorious, inshallah, and it is best for them to start respecting the rights of Muslim majorities. Let them eat humble pie. They have been rich and powerful. That might not last. Why not try to understand that Muslims should be ruling their own lands. Self-dtermination is the rule. Learn to look at the peasants, the villagers, the mosque-goers with respect. Its only a matter of time that Islam will be supreme in its own lands. Tyrants and minorities who support them are inevitably going to be defeated, inshallah. Talk to the ones you held in contempt.

Outreach: Jamaat al-Muslimeen News
100 Muslims Receive Jamaat literature at Mosque 12 miles north east of Baltimore, Maryland.

On June 28, after juma' salat, literature was given to Arab American Muslims at an upscale masjid in the White Marsh area. Most of the people were Arabs with a few African Americans and Pakistanis.The 6 pages given to each of the 100 people included these articles:
  1. Imam Badi's thoughts on Giving Advice and accepting invitations.

  2. Br. Kaukab's research article on Syria, how it started and the forces at work. Photo of Assad with Iranian and Hizbullah leaders.

  3. Sad news of Dr. Aafia being beaten in a US prison.

  4. Select gathering to honor Br. Kaukab on his 70th.

  5. Pakistani demonstrations in support of Burmese Muslims on appeal of Munawar Hasan, JI leader,

  6. Disclosure of Obama's till now hidden fascistic surveillance and Zionist control of America.

[The imam in White Marsh is from Syria and was appointed while Bashar Assad was strong. He didn't say a word against Assad. He spoke about Ramadan as if he was teaching children in an elementary school. This imam is known as a Sufi and always adds a few words to condemn those who are fighting as "terrorists" in the same way as Assad does.

Our America: The case of Kareem Ibrahim
Appeal for Shia Muslim activist from West Indies: Convicted in the Absurd JFK Case
by Br. Abu Talib [Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Brooklyn, NY.]

I was in the Court today to hear from Kareem Ibrahim's lawyer about an appeal in his case which was heard by three judges of the Court Hon Ralph k Winter, Hon Gerard E.Lynch ,Hon Christopher F.Droney of the Circuit Court in Mahattan. His daughter Ayesha Ibrahim was there to hear the same old story over again.
We have to start a letter campaign on his behalf. Write to him at this address:
Kareem Ibrahim # 64657-053
Terre Haute Federal Correctional Institution
Po box 33, Terre Haute,Indiania 47808.
Sis. Ayesha is having difficulties in calling the Prison where he is at. I have given her the New Trend website to write about the case and other matters.

As Ramadan approaches, don't forget...
The Rights of non-Muslim Neighbors.

"Mujahid reports that I was with Ibn Umar, r.a., and his freed slave was removing the skin of a sacrificed goat. Ibn Umar, r.a., said, after you have cleaned the goat, then first give a share to our Jewish neighbor. He said this several times. The freed slave asked Why are you repeating it? He [Ibn Umar r.a., ] said, the messenger of Allah, peace and blessings of Allah be on him, used to stress the rights of neighbors so much, we thought he might make them part of our inheritors. . And Hisham notes: according to Hasan Basri, there is no problem in feeding needy Christians and Jews. And Abu Zar, r.a., says: when you make a curry, increase the soup in it, then look at the people in your neighbor's home and send some of it to them."

[Imam Ghazali's Ihya Ulumid Deen, vol.2. From Urdu translation by Maulana Muhammad Ahsan Nanatowi.]
[Mujahid and Hasan Basri were Islamic scholars from the generation after the sahaba, r.a., known as Tabaieen. ed.]

Our America
30 Charges against Marathon Bomber:
Pressure Cooker Bombs are weapons of "Mass Destruction."
B-52s and "Daisy Cutter" Bombs are not?

June 27. [Excerpted from Boston Globe.]
The 30-count indictment alleges that Tsarnaev had been inspired by Al Qaeda publications and left a confession in the boat where he was captured in a Watertown back yard.

In it, he said, "I don't like killing innocent people" and noted that "it is forbidden" in Islam to do so, but he justified his actions as a response to US military action in Muslim countries, according to the indictment.

"The U.S. Government is killing our innocent civilians. .... I can't stand to see such evil go unpunished. ... We Muslims are one body, you hurt one, you hurt us all," Tsarnaev allegedly wrote. "Stop killing our innocent people and we will stop."

Seventeen of the charges carry the possibility of the death penalty. The others carry a maximum of life in prison, prosecutors said in a statement.

The twin blasts killed three people and injured more than 260 near the Marathon finish line on April 15. Authorities have said Tsarnaev and his older brother, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, planted the explosives. They have also said the Tsarnaevs killed MIT police officer Sean Collier.

Tamerlan Tsarnaev was killed after a shoot-out with police on April 19 in Watertown. Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was arrested after he was found hiding in the boat later that day.

The indictment alleges that sometime before the bombings, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, 19, downloaded different pieces of extremist Islamic propaganda from the Internet, including one that directed Muslims not to give their allegiances to governments that invade Muslim lands and another by Anwar al-Awlaki. Al-Awlaki is the American citizen who became a senior operative in Al Qaeda's branch in Yemen and was killed in a 2011 drone strike."

{NT Ed. note: Jawhar was quoting Osama bin Laden verbatim when he said: If you kill our people, we'll kill your people.]

Brzezinski on Syria
The National Interest

... I'm afraid that we're headed toward an ineffective American intervention, which is even worse. There are circumstances in which intervention is not the best but also not the worst of all outcomes. But what you are talking about means increasing our aid to the least effective of the forces opposing Assad. So at best, it's simply damaging to our credibility. At worst, it hastens the victory of groups that are much more hostile to us than Assad ever was ... It could be a disaster for us. But that is not a perspective that the average American, who doesn't really read much about world affairs, can quite grasp. This is a country of good emotions, but poor knowledge and little sophistication about the world.

The Paula Deen Scandal Uncovered the Reality.
Behind the scenes in America, Racism is Rife!
The Original Islam of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, is the solution

by Sis. Aisha. [New York City Jamaat al-Muslimeen.]

Recently, Paula Deen was sued by a former employee, of African-descent, for using the derogatory term "nigger" in the work place. The public might have viewed the lawsuit as just another case involving a disgruntled employee except that, Paula Deen admitted to throwing the word around among her employees!

In the deposition, she stated that she grew up using the word nigger and has always used it. If you have ever seen her restaurant, Lady and Sons, profiled on Food Network, you will see that her catering staff are mostly Black women. This is a commonality in America ( & the New World). White Americans, who have profited from selling soul food (or Southern Cuisine), have kitchens fully staffed with Black American cooks. This tradition started with African slavery in the Americas.

If you are ever in a White-owned restaurant, particularly in the Southern U.S., just take a peek in the back to see the kitchen area and you will see what I mean.

It took a young African-American woman to challenge Paula Deen's behavior. Unfortunately, there are Black Americans who allow White people they associate with to use the word nigger in their company. I have heard White and Black people, who were friendly toward each other, use the term nigger on each other, nonchalantly.

Hollywood loves to portray Black people as indignant when we are called such a word but, the reality is the opposite, sometimes.

Paula Deen and many of her fans say that she is not a racist. The oppressor has redefined racism to mean disliking a person because of his race. That definition defies any logic because how can you like an entire race of people?

The root of racism is White supremacy. The Europeans developed a race system to describe people all over the world. White - European; Yellow - Asian; Red - Indian (Native American); Brown - Latino Indian; Black - African or Southeast Asians. Of course, it wasn't enough to merely identify us by race, they had to create a hierarchy, which labeled the White race superior and the Black race inferior. Their opinion, not mine!

Being White means everything to White people. There are non-White people who are just glad they are not Black! If you look at the racial hierarchy as an actual race, you will see that no matter where you start, you will either finish first or dead last based on your race! This is the system of racial oppression that the Europeans created long ago and their descendants still operate, today. There is no particular time limit for this mentality.

Racism is a superiority complex. A gigantic ego trip for the White oppressors. There are many White people who will shake a non-White person's hand and smile, even marry him/her, but still harbor those feelings of superiority. Black people do it, too. There is an old saying: If your yellow, you're mellow; if you're brown, stick around; if you're black, get back! There are still darker-skinned grandmothers who will remark that their grandbaby married up upon seeing his light-skinned Black or White wife.

Paula Deen's image was that of a Southern grandmother who baked peach cobbler, red velvet cake, and other gout or diabetes-inducing recipes - if you eat nothing but, that. The fact is that she still is and this is the reason why it will be difficult for White people to have a true friendship with any non-Whites because they cannot see past their own Whiteness. Racism limits their compassion.

I am of African-descent and I do not believe that racism will always exist. However, I believe that Islam practiced the way Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) practiced it can eradicate Any and All superiority complexes! El Hajj Malik Shabazz believed this and still believed that White people exhibited devilish behavior because racism had poisoned their minds. Christianity and Judaism can have a positive effect, too, if practiced the way Allah intended. Respect is key in any functional relationship be it familial, romantic, friendly, or business.

Sis. 'Aisha

With thanks yo Ms. Carolyn in Florida
Israel Moves against 40,000 Bedouin People who are not its Opponents

Late yesterday in Israel, the Knesset approved the first reading of the infamous Prawer Plan - a blueprint for removing 40,000 Bedouin people from their ancestral homeland.

This massive violation of human rights just got a big step closer to reality. But it's not too late to stop it: if we act now, we can make a difference.

So we're asking you to send a message to Israeli Ambassador Michael Oren: we are appalled by the Prawer Plan, and all it represents.

Click here to send an email: [ ]

From the years I lived in Israel, I remember visiting "unrecognized" Bedouin villages in the Negev that had been destroyed multiple times.

I remember children and grandmothers sitting near the rubble of their homes, and especially the young man who had been called to serve in the Israeli Army - on the very day his home had been destroyed.

The Prawer Plan threatens that level of destruction on an unprecedented scale.

It is appalling that a transfer plan based on nothing more than ethnic identity is even under consideration. And if our government is going to offer unconditional support to Israel, we need to send that message to Ambassador Oren.
Click here to send an email now - and stand up for universal human rights and equality:

[ ]


Rebecca Vilkomerson
Executive Director

P.S: if you're not in the U.S., please sign this petition for international supporters from our friends at directed at the Israeli Knesset: [ ]

Travelogue 2

By asqfish
 Inquisicion Seal
The Seal of the Spanish Insqusition:
Courtesy Wikipedia
After a long day of touring in Cordova,(Spain) returning from a late dinner the tour guide asks if anyone is interested in taking a candlelight tour of the city. To my surprise along with me all exhaustion disappears and the majority of the bus opts in.
 Cordova Spain water channel
The water channel outside the city that brought filtered water to the city as well as soothed the people with its tinkling soothing sound. Built by the muslims all over Spain.

We start the tour along the outer city wall of Cordova. I walk along the water channel rippling softly in the night, and the moon shines down on us beatifically as if it has seen no horrors that man has done to man in this very city in the name of Christianity.

We make short stops at the statue of Averroes and Maimonides and pass the only synagogue that has survived the Crusader rule; none of the mosques have survived as mosques.

We turn into a narrow lane, and there it is "the horror of horrors" contained in a museum, I ask if we can see the museum tomorrow and the guide shakes his head just the thought seemed abhorrent to him. He seems to want to forget the many hundreds of years when the Spanish Inquisition ruled Spain with an iron rod and more.
Today the young men and women of Spain have turned away not only from Catholicism, but all its ramifications as well as the catholic God. The reasons are complex but at the root of it is their past that lies like a mantle of fire that they seem unable to shake off.

The chronicles of the Spanish Inquisition have been unsealed and one by one the horrors perpetrated by man in the name of the Christian God are unraveling the population. Deep in their hearts they have known of the ignominy of their forefathers and yet they are searching for peace within to wipe off the blood from their hands and the cross from their hearts.
Ironically as the Spanish youth detaches itself from all vestiges of Christianity, other western organizations are coming in to study the methods of the Spanish Inquisition.
The sign indicating the museum of the Spanish Inquisition stares at me with the insolent glare of one who has been vanquished in this land but is waiting to rise in another land, slowly reaching out its tentacles across the Atlantic, again in the name of the Lord, but no longer the Catholic Lord but this time the Christian Lord of a different denomination. Like Spain Muslims are the first target of these modern day Crusaders across the Atlantic.

The plight of the modern day Spaniards is the conscious and subconscious guilt so much so that their prime minister apologized to the Jews under duress. He has yet to cleanse himself with an apology to the Muslims who were persecuted, forcible converted, tortured by the Inquisition for not practicing Christianity properly and then killed in a senseless foray of violence. This violence is against the muslims and jews is celebrated in a bizarre festival every year around Easter time as a festival of the Reconquista.

Christian repentance involves two humans: the repenter and the priest. The history of Christendom tells us of the human follies of the priests especially the very pious celibate ones chosen for the confessors box. They live an unnatural life of celibacy, which is considered the epitome of purity and dedication to the Christian religion. This lack of human love, compassion and responsibility of a loving family makes them hard, unforgiving and inflexible. This is superficially very similar to the Taliban orphans that were raised with strictness by a mullah but never had homes or family life nor did they study the life of Prophet Muhammad pbuh who was also an orphan. However the Taliban were spared the harshness of celibacy and many were tempered in their harshness by marrying and having families of their own and becoming vulnerable to normal human sentiments.

Whereas the Christian priests, and monks including the Buddhist monks are strictly celibate leading them into a strange and unnaturally cruel outlet of molesting young boys. The Buddhist monks in Burma went berserk with horrifically violent and cruel acts upon the poor Muslims. These muslims had families in and the monks were perhaps unable to stand the joy of love of a family in this otherwise impoverished group of people.

Monkhood and priesthood takes away manhood and gives a strange asexual power to these men over other men and women. Att some point in their life the facade of purity breaks and they loose control. At this point they either become openly disobedient and lose their status or like the Christian monks and priests of the Spanish Inquisition and other christian inquisitions before them (Norman) channelize their rage into finding pleasure in torture under the guise of extracting confession. The victim in the case of the Spanish Inquisition were young women or girls 12 and over and boys 14 and over. (Spanish inquisition records)

Guilt about hidden but forbidden desires or private acts what they perceive to be against their Lord has to be repented with another priest.

The problem is that the priest has human weaknesses too, and thus to hide their gory acts the confessors were sometimes eliminated.

Confession Christian style with the power of the Inquisition, the monarchy and the Pope behind them blinds them to human compassion and the Priest then makes it his duty to "extract" the confession.
The grand master of the Spanish Inquisition would bring the converted Muslims and Jews in and they would be forced to "confess" or they were put on the rack or given "water torture" or what is termed as water boarding in modern terms.
All this stemmed from forcing people to confess that they have sinned against the Christian God Jesus.

What an amazingly different approach given to in Islam to sinners and transgressors where they are allowed to wipe out their past sins and begin anew if they are sincere to Allah.

Allah Subhanawataala gives the prescription of the best Istigfaar or asking for forgiveness in the Quran in Suran Noah. Here He relates all the gentle, kind and intellectual ways of bringing people to believe in one God. People of Noah continue to make excuses and say O we are sinners its no use to change now too much water under the bridge etc. etc.

Allah Subhanawataala offers the path to return to him (istighfaar) as long as they are sincere, not forced, and do it voluntarily and at least promise to stay away from that sin or oppression that they committed on themselves or others, from here on. He actually rewards someone for having returned to him with Istighfaar (asking Him for forgiveness).
Allah Subhanawataala says in the Quran:

[71:10] Yusuf Ali
"Saying, 'Ask forgiveness from your Lord; for He is Oft-Forgiving;

[71:11] Yusuf Ali
"'He will send rain to you in abundance;

[71:12] Yusuf Ali
"'Give you increase in wealth and sons; and bestow on you gardens and bestow on you rivers (of flowing water).
In Islam there is no State or Pope controlled confession, there are no priests putting your body on the rack, and there are no Inquisitors standing with jugs of water to "make you confess" or they water board you till you are brain dead.
Istighfaar taught to us Muslims by Prophet Muhammad pbuh is between Allah Subhanawataala and us as Muslims.
What does it do? It wipes the slate clean and we can move on into life without the burden of guilt, depression and sins of the past. We cannot change the past: we can only be in the present and in the present for Muslims and human beings alike Istighfaar is a gift from Allah with many bonuses attached to it................

[The Imperialist armies of Terry have been been driven out of Iraq, are defeated in Afghanistan and being ridiculed by 85% of Pakistan. This Christian racist Zionist thinks he can defeat Islam by burning Qur'ans. - NT Editor]
The 19 fighters who wrought havoc in America on September 11 were from Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Why blame US Muslims for what the mujahideen did? Why blame the Muslims of America who, on being asked to jump by Obama, say how high master! Terry should go to Saudi Arabia and Egypt to try to burn Qur'ans there. -- Editor NT}

With thanks to Sis. Ameera in Philadelphia from Naveed Zia.

Extremist US pastor Terry Jones announces plans to burn Quran again
Stand up Muslims! There are 9 million of us in America!
 Pastor Terry Jones
June 23, 2013
Anti-Islamist Pastor Terry Jones, who was sentenced to death by an Egyptian court in November 2012 for his ties to a film wrongly protaying Muslims that sparked Islamic riots, is planning a mass Quran burning to mark the 12th anniversary of Sept. 11.

A press release from his organization "Stand Up America!" states that on Sept. 11, 2013, group members and followers will hold an "International Burning of 2,998 Korans" to send Islam a very clear warning. The 2,998 reportedly represents the number who died during the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.

"On September 11th, 2013, to remember those who were murdered by radical Islam, and to send Islam a very clear warning that they will not get their foothold in the American Constitution as they have done in Europe, we will be holding an International Burning," he said, in the release.

Jones' event, if carried out and given prominent media coverage, would likely provoke some Muslim communities in the world which feel threatened by such inflammatory gestures. Burning copies of the Islamic holy book might also inflame anti-Muslim attitudes in the United States. He has once again announced plans to desecrate Islam's holy book Quran by burning it, a move likely to spark worldwide outrage.

In November, 2012, an Egyptian court sentenced Jones, in absentia, to death for his role in the production of a blasphemous anti-Islam movie. The $5-million US-made movie Innocence of Muslims was financed by more than 100 Zionist Jews, and sparked massive demonstrations across the Muslim world.
"And We send down of the Quran that which is a healing and a mercy to those who believe (in Islamic Monotheism and act on it), and it increases the Zalimun (polytheists and wrong-doers) nothing but loss." [Al-Quran,Surah Al-Isra', 17:82]
"Verily, We, it is We Who have sent down the Dhikr (i.e. the Quran) and surely, We will guard it (from corruption)." [Al-Quran, Surah Al Hijr, 15:9]
 Religious Books
Not only does the burning of holy texts reflect the darkest days, but it is hard to think of anything more un-American and un-human. This objectionable act has already caused alarm in the Muslim world, stirring up hate and discrimination.

In a Gainesville Sun article of August 26, 2010, Pastor Terry Jones stated that he has never read the Quran. I find this unfortunate and urge all non-muslims to Read the Quran.

So let's say you're a non-Muslim and you've decided to support this act of Jones. What now?
Be sure to read a modern translation of the Holy Quran. I'd recommend "The Noble Qur'an: The English Translation of the Meanings and Commentary", translation by Muhammand Taqi-ud-Din Al-Hilali and Muhammad Muhsin Khan.

And use a biography of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh). Try "Ar-Raheeq Al-Makhtum (The Sealed Nectar): Biography of the Prophet", by Sheikh Safi-ur-Rahman al-Mubarkpuri.

May Allah provide healing and mercy to all, and as for the wrong-doers and transgressors, He will punish them. Ameen!

Sent by Br. Ather in Canada
Responding To Those Who Pride In Iran, Ustadz M. Thalib: "When Was Iran At War With America?"
Ustadz M. Thalib

JAKARTA, Indonesia - The Amir of the Majelis Mujahideen of Indonesia (MMI), Al-Ustadz Muhammad Thalib Al-Yamani, told in a lecture after Subuh prayer at Masjid Al-Munawaraah, Pamulang, Sunday morning (9/6/2013), that someone mentioned about the greatness of Iran which is bold in opposing against America with its harsh statements hurled at America, Britain, France, Israel and their allies.

That person told Ustadz Thalib, "Thalib, isn't it that, today the one that is bold against the West, against America, is Iran?" asked that person. Ustadz Thalib responded the question from the questioner with questions: "When was Iran at war with America? When? When was Iran at war with Britain, at war with France? When? Is there any historical proof that Iran has been at war with America in the same way Iraq was at war with America? Is there any proof that Iran has been at war with Israel since it occupied the soil of Palestine since 1947? When?" Ustadz Thalib bombarded with mind-boggling questions.

The man was speechless unable to answer. The true words can break the false words. The qaulun shadid, breaking the qaulun bathil. "The qaulun bathil can be broken with logics and historical facts before using the hujjah of Allah Ta'ala and His Rasul," said this Ustadz who is a native of Bangil, East Java.

Next, Ustadz Thalib dismissed the role of Ahmadinejad in the arena of international politics, who only talks but devoid of action against the Zionist Israel and America and their allies. "If merely having a loud voice in opposing America, like Ahmadinejad, there are thousands like him here in Indonesia," Ustadz Thalib asserted.

Zionists and Shi'ahs United in Striking Against Islam

In harmony with Ustadz Muhammad Thalib, the young Muslim intellectual of Indonesia, Muhammad Pizaro Novelan Tauhidi in his "Zionists and Shi'ahs United In Striking Against Islam (transl.)" said, "Iran is directly bordering with Afghanistan and Pakistan which are embattled every day by America. Thousands of Muslim children died as a result of the attack by American drones, yet where are the rockets, fighter jets and militias of the Shi'ah Iran to help the Muslims there in fighting America?" Again, Muslims are questioning Iran's action/inaction.

Historical facts tell that there is no one Shi'ah regime of Iran that is siding with Islam and the Muslims. And it is also historical fact speaking that the Sunni Muslims are fought against and killed in the vilest way imaginable by the Shi'ah regime of Iran.

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