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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Sha'aban 14 ,1434/June 23, 2013 # 26

Pak Islamic leader Munawar says, US interference is the root cause of Pakistan's problems. Please scroll down.

A beautiful report on modern Spain and the Islamic Spain that was. An American Muslimah's visit. Must read. Go to end. Weep and pray for the return of Islam.

Breaking News: American dissident Snowden escaped from Hong Kong as he was about to be extradited to the US. He has just landed in Moscow. June 23. 9.30 EST. It's the biggest break in the censorship which Obama's Zionist-fascist state is using. May Allah help him to survive.

Breaking news from war in Syria and Pakistan, Pak Kashmir and Indian occupied Kashmir.. Also huge news from Egypt. Please scroll to the middle.
Syrian mujahideen stall Assad-Hizb advances. Heavy fighting,

Our intellectual friend Dr. Wilmer Leon shreds President Obama's excuses to turn America into a police state. Please scroll down.

Letter from an Old, Honored Friend of New Trend.
America's Famed Activist and Radio Programmer Bilal Sunni Ali

I am presently in Tallahasee, Florida.. I spend most of the year in Belize, Central America. I travel to the states every summer doing the BLACK AUGUST TOUR...visiting. political prisoners, their families and supporters, doing performances, lectures, conducting workshops related to that work fact I had the pleasure of meeting your daughter in Washington, D.C. during the 2011 tour. Due to illness there is no 2013 tour. Planning for a 2014 tour Inshallah!

Women and Hadith: Specific Examples
Muhammad [pbuh] First in Human History to give Rights to Women: Transformed Society.
by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

Men have a track record of claiming that women pollute the sacred and should not allowed into holy places. How did Muhammad, pbuh, change society so drastically that women such as Khadija, the businesswoman, Ayesha, r.a., his young wife, and Fatima, r.a., his very young daughter, and Asma, r.a., his very young sister-in-law, and Sumayya, r.a., the martyr, and Umm Ammara, r.a., the warrior, and Umm Waraqa, hafize Qur'an, and by Quranic reference, Maryam, pbuh, and by Hadith history, Hajira, pbuh, given the miracle of Zam Zam, and many other women became central to the Islamic narrative?

We would never know any of these, except Maryam, pbuh, but that the Hadithe Muhammad, pbuh, were preserved through the greatest research and scholarship project in human history.

Here I want to give two references from hadith to narrate the revolutionary steps Muhammad, pbuh, took to make women central to humanity, by the Grace of Allah>

A Black slave woman had been disowned by the tribe which had enslaved her. She embraced Islam but as she had been a slave, she could not become part of any existing tribal system.She was homeless, a seemingly ordinary, nameless, unimportant woman. The Prophet, pbuh, gave her a place to stay right in the MIDDLE of his MOSQUE, where he made her a place to live Thus the holiest mosque of Islam, holy of holies, second only to the Ka'aba, had a woman living with great respect and honor right in the center of it.

"Ayesha, r.a., reports that the Black girl came to the Messenger of Allah, pbuh, and embraced Islam. She was given a place in the mosque [ fil masjid in Arabic] and she used to come to me and converse with me, When she sat by me, she told me of the day she left her previous people ..." {Sahih Bukhari, Kitab us Salat]

The Prophet, pbuh, commanded that women be not stopped from going to the masjid. Then he took it further and commanded:

"Do not stop women from going to the mosque at night." [Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim. Sunan of Abu Dawud and Sunan Tirmidhi.]

The impact of these teaching was powerful and can be sensed in this hadith:

"When the Prophet, pbuh, finished praying fajr, the women praying behind him would return home wrapped in their outer garments. It used to be so dark that they could not even be recognized." [Narrated by Ayesha, r.a. in Sahih Bukhari, Sahih Muslim, Sunan of Abu Dawud and Sunan of Nasai, kitabus Salat in each case.]

Try to understand what a great community the Prophet, pbuh, created by comparing it to today when not even many men, let alone women, go for fajr prayers to the mosque.

It was a community of brothers and sisters, in which women did not feel threatened by men and men did not see women as objects.

An Invitation to think.
Continuing the Points from Imam Badi Ali's khutba [Greensboro, North Carolina]
Islam liberates Slaves: Freeing the Captives is a top Duty of Muslims

Narrated Abu Musa: The Prophet said, "free the captives, feed the hungry and pay a visit to the sick." (Sahih Bukhari. Book #52, Hadith #282 ) [Also in Musnad of Ahmad ibn Hanbal]
Visiting the sick is the duty of Muslims.
  1. Muhammad, pbuh, used to visit the sick. There is much evidence for this in hadith, for example in the report from Thauban, r.a.

  2. It realy helps people. As an Arabic poet said: I visited the one I loved when he was sick/because I worried about him./ When I became sick and he visited me, I became better.

  3. It is a duty to visit the sick. Begin by visiting relatives and neighbors who are sick. It creates closeness.

  4. When you visit, ask Allah to cure them.

  5. Make du'a for them. This is part of the manners of visiting. Say words of comfort and caring.

  6. Say to them, sickness is kaffara for sin. Facing it swell reduces the sins.

  7. Don't say "you don't deserve it." Nothing is without cause, Urge them gto remember Allah.

  8. Muhammad, ibn Hasan, r.a., the son of Ali, r.a., visited a sick person who started to weep. Muhammad asked him why. He said, I am in debt abd debts are not forgiven. How much is it, he asked. The sick person said it is 50,000 dinars. Muhammad ibn Hasan, r.a., said: Now it is mine.

Free the Captives.

"It is an obligation on all Muslims to free captives." [Hadith in Ibn Hibban's collection.]
  1. Securing the release of captives is taught in Hadith, again and again and again.

  2. Imam Malik taught that we should ransom prisoners even if it takes all our resources.

  3. Scholar Al Izz ibn Abdus Salaam wrote that rescuing prisoners is the best way of getting nearer to Allah.

  4. Nawawi, the commentator on Sahih Muslim,wrote: when a Muslim is taken captive, it is like a Muslim land has been invaded.

  5. It is part of the legacy of Islam to free prisoners.

Follow the Funeral bier;
  1. According to Hadith, following a funeral is like getting a qirat of gold.

  2. Attending the actual burial is like getting 2 qirats of gold, or mount Uhud itself.

  3. Following the funeral is the right of Allah.

  4. It helps us to remember where we came from and where we are going.

Our America: Organic sickness: [From CLG]
Outbreak of deadly piglet virus spreads to 13 states --Mortality among very young pigs infected in U.S. farms is commonly 50 percent, and can reach 100 percent 19 Jun 2013 A swine virus deadly to young pigs, one never before seen in North America, is spreading rapidly across the United States and proving harder to control than previously believed. The virus now has spread to 13 states - with more than 100 positive cases to date - since it was first diagnosed in the United States last month, said Montserrat Torremorell, the Allen D. Leman Chair in Swine Health and Productivity at the University of Minnesota's College of Veterinary Medicine. No direct connection has been found between the U.S. outbreak and previously identified outbreaks in Asia and Europe, say scientists and researchers.[Reuters]

Mystery Bee Kill: Causes Being Sought 18 Jun 2013 Tens of thousands of bumble bees and other pollinators were found dead under trees at the Target store in Wilsonville, Oregon, on Monday, June 17th. The massive bee kill was first documented on Monday by Rich Hatfield, a conservation biologist with the Portland-based Xerces Society for Invertebrate Conservation. Several shoppers at the store called him to report that there were dead and dying bees all over the parking lot. Specifically, the bees were clustered under dozens of European linden trees. The Xerces Society is internationally known for their work on bee conservation.

Biggest Ever Rally in Egypt Supports Islamic Egypt and Morsi as President.
June 21. An estimated MILLION people came out to support Morsi and Sharia vs westernized Egyptian opponents.
 Egyptian Islamist groups led by the ruling Muslim Brotherhood take part in a demonstration to mark the upcoming one year anniversary since President Mohamed Morsi (portrait) was elected.
Hail Egypt! All the Islamic groups united to support an Islamic Egypt. This pre-empts the rally planned for June 30 by secularist, pro-western and left overs of the Hosni Mubarak tyranny. The westernized groups and Copts who flourished for decades under the tyrant Mubarak have put themselves in the ridiculous position of trying to unseat an elected president.
Jamaa al-Islamiyya, whose leader is the Blind Shaykh Dr. Omar, is coming back in big force after Dr. Morsi removed sanctions on Egyptians volunteering for Jihad. Egypt has condemned Hizbullah entry into Syria to help Assad.
Egyptian mujahideen are gearing up to enter Syria's Islamic territories.

Spain Arrests Eight al-Qaida organizers, all Spanish citizens. This happened in Ceuta, Spanish occupied territory on the tip of northern Africa. They have reportedly sent 50 Hispanic Muslims to fight against Assad in Syria. Two of them are reported killed in the fighting there.

Pakistan: Consequences of Drone Attack which killed Waliur Rahman
June 23: A faction of Pak Taliban known as Junud al-Hafsa killed 9 mountain climbers in the Gilgit-Baltistan area near Nanga Parbat. Those killed include 4 from Ukraine, one from Russia and 4 from China plus their guide. The killers have escaped [for now].
Pak Taliban say, this is revenge for the drone attack permitted by Pakistan which killed their deputy leader Maulvie Wali-ur-Rahman and 7 others. Hafsa refers to the women's seminary in Islamabad which was attacked by the Paki army in Islamabad in which hundreds of hijabi Islamic women were killed. [Hafsa, r.a., daughter of Umar al-Khattab, r.a., is one of the most famous women in Islam.]
The attack is very hurtful for Pakistan regime which allows US drone strikes.

June 22: Pakistani jet fighters attacked Islamic "militants"entering their home territory of Darra Adam Khel. At least 5 Islamics were killed and many injured.
Also on June 21, in Bajaur, a tribal leader set up by General Kayani to organize tribal opposition to the Pak Taliban was killed in an IED attack.

June 21: Karachi: The fascist network known as MQM has called for a day of mourning after one of its members of parliament was gunned down along with his son. Taliban are blamed but it could be others who have suffered heavily at the hands of MQM for years.

Indian Occupied Kashmir: There is growing evidence of armed resistance to Indian forces. In the latest incident, two Indian policemen were killed by gunmen in a high security upscale area of Srinagar.

Iraq: There are reports of al-Qaida clashes with the US-installed regime in Baghdad. Numerous attacks on police check points plus attacks on Shia supporters of the regime in the news. Al-Qaida militants are reported to be gathering in the key northern city of Mosul. Iraqi Islamics are helping the Syrian mujahideen.

Assad Making Little Headway Despite Big Support from Hizbullah of Lebanon.
Mujahideen strike hard.

After taking Qusair, Assad expected more victories but it has not happened. Assad's offensive against the sprawling city of Aleppo has been blunted. Assad offensive suffered two serious blows from al-Nusra. On June 16, a bomb attack killed 30 Assad forces in the western Damascus suburb of Mazzah. Then on June 17, a huge bomb attack in al-Douwairinah, near Aleppo inyternational airport, killed 60 of Assad's troops. Observers say about 6 tons of explosives were used, making it the biggest explosion in the Syrian conflict.
Finally on June 20, Assad's offensive got underway with Hizbullah forces locked in battle with the mujahideen in the Damascus area. It failed. Then on June 22, Assad tried to break Islamic control of the northern Damascus suburbs. Heavy artillery and tank attacks are underway but with little headway.

In the Aleppo area, Assad's forces are trying to enter the old city which has some Alawite troops holed up there. Still a stalemate.
In the South, Deraa, all the way to Jordan, most areas are firmly in mujahideen hands.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen boycotts McDonalds because it supports Israel. On top of that we got this info from Sis. Ameera in Philadelphia
 McDonalds Haraam Confirmed

President Obama and the corporate media are busy justifying the secret which came out about the rise of the Zionist-Fascist state through TOTAL surveillance. Famous African American intellectual and our long time friend Dr. Wilmer Leon examines the situation and critiques Obama's defense.

President Obama's Insecure National Security State


Dr. Wilmer J. Leon III

"They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin

Last week The Guardian newspaper confirmed what many Americans have suspected for a very long time, the American government is spying on its own citizens. The Guardian published a copy of a top secret court order requiring domestic telecom companies to provide the NSA with "...communication records of millions of US citizens...collected indiscriminately and in bulk - regardless of whether they are suspected of any wrongdoing." According to The Guardian, "The secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) granted the order to the FBI on April 25, giving the government unlimited authority to obtain the data for a specified three-month period ending on July 19." It is also alleged that internet giants such as Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, have also provided the NSA access to confidential user data.

President Obama, who as a Senator campaigned against such practices as they were being engaged in by the Bush administration, is now defending them. When asked in 2007 if the president has Constitutional authority to conduct surveillance for national security purposes without judicial warrants, Senator Obama stated, "The Supreme Court has never held that the president has such powers." Now, according to the President in defense of such measures, "My assessment and my team's assessment...was that they help us prevent terrorist attacks, and the modest encroachments on privacy that are involved...that on net was worth us doing." He went on to say, "When it comes to telephone calls, nobody is listening to your calls. That's not what this program is about...What the intelligence community is doing is looking at phone numbers and durations of calls -- they're not looking at people's names and they're not looking at content."

I understand that the FISA court granted the order to the FBI but the larger issue is that the NSA and FBI are engaged in the surveillance of American citizens who have not engaged in any wrongdoing. One has to question the standards that the FISA court is using to grant its orders and whether or not there is truly a check and balance as required by the constitution.

As a Constitutional scholar President Obama should know that his position on this issue fails the "laugh test" on a number of levels. He considers the NSA collecting the telephone records of millions of US telecom customers, having access to the numbers of both parties on a call, location data, call duration, unique identifiers, and the time and duration of all calls as "modest encroachments? What ever happened to the fundamental legal premise of presumption of innocence?

Has President Obama and/or any member of his "team" ever heard of the 4th Amendment? " The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause , supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized." Where is the basis of "probable cause" to proactively search the records of millions of Americans who have never engaged in any illegal activity let alone activity of a "terrorist" nature?

It is disingenuous for President Obama to attempt to alleviate fears and concerns of Americans about this incredible encroachment and excessive expansion of government power by saying, "nobody is listening to your calls..." That's not the point; telephone numbers, like social security numbers are assigned to individuals. If you have the number you have the name. It's the collection, analysis, and storage of call data of innocent citizens that matters.

I believe that more Americans would be outraged if this were a physical invasion of their privacy as opposed to a technological invasion. If the police were entering the homes of millions of Americans and taking photographs of their contents and video of their activities more people would be outraged. Remember the outrage when shortly after 9/11 then Attorney General John Ashcroft proposed using members of the US Postal Service to spy on American citizens? These actions are a clear violation of the intent of, " The right of the people to be secure... against unreasonable searches and seizures..."

This is clearly an attempt by the "liberal" Obama administration to further the development of the National Security State (NSS) all under the pretext of the Bush era marketing strategy the "War on Terror." Some will consider my use of the term NSS as an exaggeration or over-the-top. According to the Center for Media and Democracy, elements of the NSS are that the military exerts important influence over political, economic, as well as military affairs (Eisenhower's "military industrial complex"). National Security States often maintain an appearance of democracy. However, ultimate power rests with the military or within a broader National Security Establishment. The military and related sectors wield substantial political and economic power. They do so in the context of an ideology which stresses that 'freedom" and "development" are possible only when capital is concentrated in the hands of elites (the rise of the One-Percent). Finally, defending against external and/or internal enemies becomes a leading preoccupation of the state, a distorting factor in the economy, and a major source of national identity and purpose.

According to the President, "But my assessment... was that they (these programs) help us prevent terrorist attacks." Well, by my assessment the best way to prevent terrorist attacks is to stop engaging in practices that contribute to the promotion and recruitment of "terrorists" and validate the perception/reality of America as an imperialist interloper. Remember, "One man's terrorist is another man's freedom-fighter." Stop invading and/or supporting the invasion of sovereign countries. Stop killing innocent civilians "collateral damage" with drone strikes. These programs and policies destabilize regions and contribute to the influx of weapons that support this destabilization.
President Obama's National Security State is making American's insecure. "Freedom of speech is a principal pillar of a free government; when this support is taken away, the constitution of a free society is dissolved, and tyranny is erected on its ruins. Republics and limited monarchies derive their strength and vigor from a popular examination into the action of the magistrates." Benjamin Franklin - 17 November 1737.

Dr. Wilmer Leon is the Producer/ Host of the Sirius/XM Satellite radio channel 110 call-in talk radio program "Inside the Issues with Leon" Go to or email: and Dr. Leon's Prescription at

by Sajjad Anwar from Lahore
Jamaate welcomes US-Taliban talks, urges Islamabad to follow suit.
Munawar says, US Interference is the source of Pakistan's Problems

LAHORE, June 20: While welcoming the US_ Taliban talks, Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan has stressed upon the Pakistan leadership to stop military operations and come to the negotiation table as war could not solve any issue.

In a statement here on Thursday, he said that after a devastating war spread over twelve years, Washington had realized the need for dialogue with the Taliban. He said that Islamabad should also begin dialogue with the Taliban without wasting any more time. It is time to make it clear to the US that Pakistan had suffered heavily due to the US war and could not continue that any more nor could tolerate the bloodletting of its citizens. Washington did not have any moral ground to stop Islamabad from talks with the Taliban, he added.

Syed Munawar Hasan further said it was essential for the US to pull out its troop from Afghanistan at the earliest and agree to the total pull out to ensure the success of the talks. The US has to hold talks with Afghanistan's real power and the actual warring party, he added.

The JI Ameer said that Afghan President Karzai's demand to be a party of the talks was genuine, however, the actual parties of the dialogue were the US and the Taliban. He said that since Karzai's was merely a US tool, he should not sabotage the talks. Karzai's non serious attitude could obstruct the withdrawal of the US and NATO troops which would be harmful both for Afghanistan and this country, he said.

Syed Munawar Hasan said that the problems of this country- economic deprivation, terrorism, price hike and lawlessness were because of the US interference in our affairs. As long as the Pakistani authorities served the US agenda, the country's independence, sovereignty and solidarity would remain in danger.

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By asqfish May 23, 2013
 Spanish Reconquista 1/3
English: Map representing the advance of the Christian Reconquista in the Iberian Peninsula from 790 to 1300 Deutsch: Die Karte zeigt den Fortschritt der Wiedereroberung (Reconquista) durch die Christen auf der Iberischen Halbinsel in der Zeit von 790 bis 1300 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Iberian Peninsula has been immersed in the dark night of the soul defined as "a lengthy and profound absence of light and hope" for centuries. It has borne the burden of witnessing the cruelty of man upon man, upon man upon woman and child in the name of an absent Lord.

The feeling of darkness is palpable, the confusion is acute, as the white faces of the Spaniards search for meaning of their life existence and redemption of their past sins. I feel the tussle between the darkness of the past and the hope of light as I walk the cobbled streets of Albaizin in Granada, on the road to Seville and even on the bridge to Toledo.

In each of these places amongst others the people of La ilaha illal lah have been systematically punished for their submission to One God and no other, repeatedly and in many varied forms.

People who left the cruelty of the men of the cross and crossed over to submission of the Almighty and became the people of la ilaha illalah were put through another form of injustice. They were captured and tortured on the wrack by people purporting to be men of God. Even today the memory of the Spanish Inquisition brings beads of shame on the brow of all who knew it for what it was........

For those who already were the people of la ilaha illalah had the severest of emotional and physical pain when their children were snatched from the laps of their Muslim mothers and baptized in the name of the Lord who they proclaimed to be the Savior.
The Spaniards wonder today how could a Lord proclaim it right for a child to be snatched from its natural mother by force?
The Muslim children separated from their families by force were then sent to the strictest order of the monasteries where at one slight of action or thought they were locked up in cells the size of a grave with no water or bread for 24 hours.
God watched how his creation wreaked havoc on his creation in His name and slowly he withdrew his name from the Iberian Peninsula.
Young men and women today have turned away from what they believe to be the cruel Lord of the cross that became the reason for all the horrific tragedy perpetrated by their ancestors on those who did not believe Jesus to be God.
The young Spaniards of today have thrown the "baby out with bath water" to cleanse themselves of the heinous acts of their ancestors.
They have washed their hands off of all Gods and proclaimed themselves atheists. In their understanding a God who requires such killing and forcing of human beings into his submission by such torturous in humane conditions was not their God and they wanted nothing to do with him.

It was one such young man that I met in my journey to Spain and then so many more. Some leaving the past lock stock and barrel and some searching for peace in those very words of peace that had gotten them into trouble with the Crusaders.

Meanwhile over the years the earth watched silently absorbing the bodies of the people of Lailaha illah lah that fell, along with others who supported them or who were too weak to stand up for them. One by one they fell to the earth dust to dust.

The Iberian peninsula absorbed the blood of both the oppressor and the oppressed It in the face of injustice cruelty and neglect continues to give up from itself flowers every spring, juicy oranges and lemons every summer and the sweetest olives this side of the world has ever tasted, every fall. It continues to take in the results of cruelty and continues to give beauty like the Sufis saying: "Be like the earth, it takes in garbage and gives back flowers"

There are no rights and wrongs in the eyes of Gods earth, it receives trash and gives up flowers, it receives the killer and the killed and pushes up daisies non judgmental in its reward and with total acceptance and submission of what Allah has commanded it to do.
Yet walking the streets of al AlBaizin I can feel the sense of waiting...........
Whether it is in the hills on the road to Cordova, the streets of Seville, the ruins of churches converted from mosques or the valley of the dead, one feels acutely that the entire Peninsula is in the state of waiting.
Waiting for the end of the long dark night of the soul of Spain.
Not only has the inquisition died a death of attrition but also so has the faith that advanced it. The hearts of the young have overthrown it out of their lives and emptied their soul of all remnants of it and are seeking the Light at the end of the tunnel.
 Spanish Reconquista 2/3
Like the earth that continues to give they too wait for the end of the Dark night of the soul of Spain.......and I feel it too with every step I take toward the newest mosque of Granada.
It sits opposite The Alhambra separated by a gouge of earth filled with road and house. It has a history of its own. The land was bought 25 years ago and permission to build was halted for 25 years by the old Christians. Once the old guard died out the new spaniards had new ideas for Spain and permission was granted.
Young men built it with their own hands, carving the doors with love and reverence, carrying one the most heaviest of musallah carpet up the winding narrow and steep path leading to the site of the mosque, sweat on their brow, peace in their eyes and a smile of anticipation on their lips.
 Spanish Reconquista 3/3
It is Jumma and I am here, it is packed with young men and women, The Khutbah is about Jesus a prophet of God translated into Spanish by a young man fluent in four languages.
The young are seeking the light.
Opposite the large divide of houses and highways the flags of Alhambra proclaim the Christendom and the bell sits silent while the adhaan is called for the next prayer.
I realize I have been in a trance and the next prayer time is here.
Perhaps the dark night of the soul of Spain is about to lift and allow Light to enter into the hearts of those who are yearning for it for centuries.

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