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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-thani 24,1434/May 5, 2013 # 18

Please scroll to end for reports on Syria, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Somalia and Mali.

ADL has expressed serious concern that 5.000 mujahideen from outside Syria, including ONE THOUSAND European converts to Islam, have joined al-Nusra. See ADL conference broadcast on C-Span, April 30. [ADL is the leading Jewish clique in USA.]

Munawar Hasan, top JI leader, rebutted General Kayani's claim that the war against terrorism is Pakistan's war. This is is worth reading. Please scroll way down.

Things are changing even in Europe. On May 4, there was a rally in Hungary, quite large, against Israel, Zionism and International Jewry.

Breaking News:
Karachi Jamaat Islami defeats MQM Regime control by Peaceful Means

Karachi, May 5: Jamaate Islami Pakistan held a huge public gathering to enunciate its program for the elections coming up on May 11. The gathering was addressed by top Jamaate Islami leader Munawar Hasan and numerous other eloquent speakers.
Karachi has been terrorized by gangs of a fascist group known as MQM which was determined not to let Jamaate Islami hold a meeting of this magnitude. MQM gangsters burned down an office of Jamaate Islami and then organized a strike by public transporters, forcing bus drivers and rickshaws to get off the streets. MQM and police control the administration of the city.
Munawar Hasan's son-in-law was badly beaten up by MQM gangsters. He is in stable condition. JI never retaliates and its peaceful stance has won over large numbers of people who are tired of gangster rule.

Breaking News #2:
Bangladeshi Islamics in Hundreds of Thousands Take over Dhaka

Dhaka, Bangladesh: May 5: Hundreds of thousands of Bangladeshi Islamics took over the center of Dhaka city. Mobilized by Hefajat-e-Islam [Defense of Islam] movement and supported by Jamaate Islami Bangladesh, the crowds faced thousands of police mobilized by the corrupt pro-India regime of Hasina begum.

The police repeatedly lathi charged the surging crowds and kept firing tear gas but to no effect though hundreds were injured.

Finally the police opened fire killing one person and wounding 35. This really riled up the crowd who charged at the police and put them to flight. Various government offices, vehicles and publicity materials were set on fire after the police shooting.

Owing to the shooting by police, Hefajat movement decided to stay in Dhaka and continue its sit down strike though they had originally wanted to disperse after a show of strength.

Hefajat wants Islamic guarantees to be written into the Constitution of Bangladesh. It also wants bloggers who insulted the Prophet, pbuh, to be punished. Hefajat came up with its 13 demands after the pro-India regime brutally arrested and mistreated elderly Islamic leaders of Jamaate Islami, mistreated women, and set up a regime drama in the middle of Dhaka which reviled Islamic people. Some of the leaders of the regime drama started insulting Islam on their blogs.

[New Trend congratulates the Islamic masses of Bangladesh. No real Muslim will tolerate insults against the Prophet, pbuh.]

Our humble web site is doing better than all Muslim sites in USA received 46,806 hits in March alone with an average of 316 daily visitors.

New Trend is also emailed to thousands of other people and also distributed on facebook.
Thank you Br. Richard in Nebraska.

Feedback #2
Dr. Kaukab Siddique's April 27 Interview with South African Radio al-Ansaar

The interview was great, alhumdulillah
And the feedback from listeners was equally excellent
Abu Bakr Dawjee

Outreach: May 3
Three Actions in One Day: Jamaat al-Muslimeen Supports the Oppressed
  1. At the beautiful Islamic Center on Massachussets Avenue in Washington, DC, Jamaat al-Muslimeen's literature was distributed after Juma' salat. These were 4 pages given to 100 people. It included these items:
    1. Oppression of Imam Badi Ali's brothers in a West Bank [Palestine] village by local gangsters.

    2. Suffering of Bengali women after a huge building collapse in Dhaka. Appeal by DRUM organization in New York to help the families of nearly 400 dead women.

    3. Kaukab Siddique's interview with South African radio, including analysis of mujahideen struggle in Syria vs Assad's lies through Press TV, political prisoners in USA and the Boston bombing fiasco.

    4. Taliban's Spring Offensive.

  2. At the Department of Justice [DOJ] in Washington, DC, families of Muslim political
    prisoners gathered to speak against the great injustices done to their near and dear ones. The program was ably organized by Br. Maury Saalakhan, an African American activist, with the help of a non-Muslim civil rights organization. It was an achievement which Muslims can be proud of as it brought together the wives and children of a great variety of Muslim prisoners who are ignored by the media..

    1. Nadrat Siddique spoke on behalf of Ahmed Abdel Sattar [ ] [New York], Shaykh Omar Abdel Rahman's translator, who was sentenced on the basis of speaking on the phone to opponents of the Hosni Mubarak regime. She also referred to the suffering of Imam Jamil al-Amin and Lynne Stewart. Nadrat reminded Muslims not to forget Muslim prisoners ignored by the media.

    2. Kaukab Siddique spoke on behalf of the wife and daughters [from Detroit] of Dr. Kifah al-Jayyousi, an outstanding educator and man of peace who was imprisoned on the flimsiest charges because he refused to incriminate Muslim community members. Kaukab said that these major cases of injustice are never discussed by the media while gossipy coverage of crimes goes on day after day.

    Jamaat al-Muslimeen's placards said:

    Ahmed Abdel Sattar, Political Prisoner.
    Pharoah, Let my People Go.

    [Congratulations to Br. Maury Saalakhan and those with him for this very unusual service to the Muslim community.]

  3. At the prison booking office in Baltimore, Maryland, a three hour vigil was held calling for the release of African American journalist James MacArthur. Thanks go to Br. David Wiggins and Duane "Shorty" Davis and those with them. MacArthur was arrested in a most unjust manner following his activities as a journalist during which he reported on the unjust activities of the police in Baltimore. Police brutality against the poor and the oppressed are common in American cities. "Shorty" uses a toilet facsimilie to symbolize the corruption of the Zionist-Jewish regime in Baltimore.

Outreach in New York: May Day Rally
by Br. Abu Talib [Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Brooklyn, New York]
I was at the May day event in New York in lower Manhattan at Union Square with thousands of people from different background who came out to support the rights of Immigrants in this Country who are undocumented workers and students.
As Muslims we have to get involved in this issue. We cannot stay on the side on this struggle. We are all in this together as one struggle.
There were few Muslims at this rally and march and what is sad is to see was Muslim sisters out there with their banner and not the men.That is why we must have the sisters involved in organizations and in struggle for human rights and justice.
Jammat al Muslimeen is clear on our position to stand with the poor and the oppressed in the society. This is the real Islam of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, may the Peace and blessings be on him.
We must stay strong in faith and struggle.

"Islam" in America
Juma' at the Islamic Center of Washington, DC
by Nadrat Siddique (Notes) May 3, 2013

As I was in DC today for a protest for political prisoners, I attended the juma'ah prayer inside the Islamic Center of Washington, DC, on Embassy Row. The Islamic Center is heavily attended by diplomats. Sitting in the room allocated to female congregants in its basement, viewing the sermon on a television, I couldn't definitively identify the evidently Arab imam in red-checkered kaffiyah and white thobe. But at this Center, every imam is typically approved by the Saudi monarchy, if not actually handpicked by them. Evidently the khutbah was the third in a series he was doing on "sharia."

To me, he sounded like the Muslim equivalent of a New Ager. Or maybe a flower child. "Love everybody," "turn the other cheek," "fighting is bad, so eschew all fighting" were among the themes of his feel good khutbah which completely ignored the realities of imperialist war and the balance of power it imposed across the Muslim world.

As Dr. Siddique, who was with me, pointed out, "It's extremely strange that he would be telling an audience of [U.S.] Muslims who aren't killing anyone, to stop fighting and killing."

I was particularly puzzled by the following statements the imam made:

"In Islam the emphasis is on the human being. The human must live a comfortable life."

But what of struggle, which is emphasized through a variety of different constructs throughout the Qur'an, I thought.

"The one who kills, as well as the one who is killed, will both be in the Hellfire." (The imam attributed this to Sahih Muslim.)

I have a feeling this Hadith, which I am not familiar with, is only valid in a limited context, which he did not explain. It seems to equate the oppressed with the oppressor—something wholly contrary to Islamic teachings (or my understanding of them).

"Islam is a religion which is being accused of permitting killing. The only killing permitted in Islam is that done in retribution. If somebody kills, only then can he be put to death, and then only by the government. It is not up to the individual."

What? But what if the government is run by occupiers or is a U.S. proxy government (running a Muslim country to the tune of the imperialists!), as is the case in Afghanistan, Pakistan, etc. How then, would justice ever be attained?

"Even in the Battlefield of Islam, if someone says 'as-salaam alaikom' to you, you must stop fighting him. But look at what is happening in the Muslim countries."

Although he did not spell it out, he seemed to be regurgitating the corporate media line that the Muslims fighting occupation in various countries are all a bunch of crazies bent on killing each other for no particular reason.

"In Islam there are strict rules of war. Allah tells us not to kill non-combatants, not to kill women, children, etc., and not to attack synagogues."

I was filled with wonderment as to whom the khutbah was written to appease.

Then, finally toward the end, he churned out a statement which made sense: "Allah, in general, has prohibited killing without a purpose, even of animals. You may only kill an animal if you are going to eat it."

As it seemed the khutbah was being recorded, the only conclusion this writer could reach was that it was meant for a larger audience. Hopefully his masters were pleased, and their budget justified.

Munawar Hasan Rebuts General Kayani's Claim that America's War is Our War.

.LAHORE, May 3: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar has said that Army Chief General Kayani's statement terming the terror war as our war could strengthen the forces serving the US agenda for the last five years and also influence the next elections.

Addressing a big election rally at Gujranwala, on Friday, he said that the PPP, the MQM, and the ANP had been promoting terrorism, lawlessness for the last five years, but were now seeking postponement of polls for a month. However, they could not befool the nation any more. JI candidate from the NA 98, Bilal Qudrat But, also addressed the rally.

The PPP, he said, had been in power for four times but could not provide Roti, Kapra and Makan to the people. Similarly, he said, Mian Nawaz Sharf had been in power for three times but was unable to built the Kalabagh dam. His slogan to built the dam now wont serve him, he added.

The JI Ameer said if the people thought that these parties would solve the problems of price hike, unemployment, load shedding, they were gravely mistaken.

He said that the Punjab rulers had grossly changed the curriculum and deleted the Islamic chapters and the of the Holy Quran to please Washington. How can one expect them to reform, he asked.

Syed Munawar Hasan said that the PPP and its allies had driven Balochistan, FATA, Khyber P into a mire of problems and forced the people of tribal areas to leave their homes and hearths. Around fifty thousand citizens including thousands of troops have been martyred in this war while the country's economy had been shattered.

On the other hand, he said, the JI had been serving the masses selflessly in every crisis.

The JI Ameer said that the US bastions all over the world were being razed and America had not been in a position to protect its supporters in this country.

He said that the majority of the Pakistanis wanted the enforcement of the Shariah as had been proved by recent opinion surveys, and the JI could enjoy their confidence in this regard.

Osama bin Laden Continues to lead from a Watery Grave:
May 2 Anniversary.

Pakistani [Tehreeke Talibane Pakistan or TTP] announced on May 2 that following the martyrdom of Shaykh Osama, the Islamic group which controls parts of Pakistan's northern areas will follow his example of resistance. [Source Daily Dawn.]
The flag of the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, is being raised by admirers of Osama in Afghanistan, Syria, Yemen, Egypt, Tunisia, Somalia, Libya, Mali and Nigeria. The black flag inscribed with the kalima was prophesied by Muhammad, pbuh, as coming with the armies of Islam from the area now known as Afghanistan.
In Syria, they are so strong that both the US and Russia are seriously concerned.

War News
Syria: May 4: Alawite death squads killed dozens of Muslims opposed to Assaf in the Ras al-Nabaa district of Banias. The mutilated and burned alive Muslims include 9 children.

May 2: In the Baida village, Assad's death squads carried out a massacre killing 62 Muslims, including women and children.
Serious fighting between Hizbullah shia forces supporting Assad and the al-Nusra mujahideen is continuing on the Lebanese border with Syria. Hizbullah leader Nasrallah has vowed not to let Assad's regime go down

May 3-5: Israeli jets attacked a Syrian military research center and several military positions on the outskirts of Damascus. Assad's regime condemned the attacks but has yet to counter the Israelis. The Arab League, Iran and Egypt have condemned the Israeli air strikes but with no military response. Hizbullah's frontier with Israel is also quiet.

[New Trend analysis: Israel is trying to destroy strategic resources which might fall into the hands of the Islamic forces. Large swathes of Syria are now in Islamic hands. As soon as the mujahideen get weapons to destroy tanks and shoot down jets and helicopters, that will be the end of the Assad regime. It has been defeated on the battlefield. Israel is quite confident that Assad will not fight it but is seriously concerned about the mujahideen.][Here is a chance for Assad to call for national unity but he is still calling the people of Syria opposing him "terrorists."]

May 3: About 200 US troops are being sent to Jordan. This may be a prelude to US intervention in Syria if and when Assad collapses. Zionist circles have expressed deep dismay that al-Nusra mujahideen are the main force winning against Assad. There are now about 475,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan.

Assad's propaganda system has come out with a story claiming that "militants" have dug up the grave of a Sahabi, r.a. New Trend has looked at the story. It is an obvious fabrication. It is like a counter to the reports of Assad's attacks on mosques and the destruction of the Ummayad mosque.

Afghanistan: Taliban Offensive

May 2: A very large British tank specially built to withstand mujahideen attacks was blown up by the Taliban in Helmand province. Three British troops of the elite Fusilier regiment were killed and 6 injured.

May 5: Five American troops were killed in a Taliban attack, US sources report. Another 2 American troops were killed in an insider attack by a Taliban supporter who fled to the Taliban.

April 29: A Boeing 747 crashed and blew up in flames after taking off from Bagram Air Base near Kabul. Seven Americans were killed. On May 1, CNN spent extensive coverage that to show that the plane could not have been shot down. It brought the theory that the armored vehicles it was carrying shifted [probably] and brought the plane down. How CNN knows this is anyone's guess. The Taliban said, they shot it down: A direct hit with a light weapon.

Mali: Fighting Resumes. Pin Prick Attacks.

April 29: France admitted that one of its elite troops was killed in a hit and run attack by the Islamics.

May 5: Two Malian troops supporting France were killed in a mujahideen raid. [BBC].

Nigeria: Boko Haram Makes French Pay for Mali Occupation.

French sources say that the Boko Haram, the armed Nigerian Islamics, have released seven French hostages it had taken, safe and sound, in exchange for $3 million.
Boko Haram came out in support of the people of Mali when the French military landed there. It has announced that the French will be hurt all over Africa if they continue the occupation.

May 3: Fighting between Christians and Muslims broke out in the Taraba area of central Nigeria. The Christians sent a funeral procession through the Muslim community and chanted provocative slogans. The Muslims came out and a big fight ensued. Thirty nine people were killed and 30 wounded. [Source: BBC]

Shabab Try to Hit Qatari Delegation sent in support of pro-West Regime

May 5: A horrific explosion sounded through Mogadishu as the al-Shabab mujahideen hit a government convoy escorting a delegation from Qatar. At least 8 people in the convoy were killed and many injured but the Qataris were unhurt. [BBC report.]

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