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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Awwal 18,1434/March 31, 2013 # 13

The article about Injustice in America is by Sis. Aisha, Jamaat al-Muslimeen, New York City. Scroll way down.

Latest Khutba
On Jesus, pbuh, Miracles and Self-Evaluation

On March 29, Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave the Juma khutba at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore, Maryland. Here are the main points for distribution across America, inshallah.
  1. Jesus, pbuh, brought the truth. He taught that we must not worship anyone other than Allah. The Qur'an requires us to believe Jesus, pbuh, and to honor him and his mother Maryam [Mary], pbuh.

  2. Jesus, pbuh, was a revolutionary, who lived with and among the people and avoided the pomp and show of the world. True Christians are our friends.

  3. The Jews did not accept him because they thought the Messiah would be a man of grandeur and would come with a mighty force.

  4. Allah gave the greatest miracles to Jesus, pbuh, but the Jews would still not believe him.

  5. Miracles were also given to Musa [Moses] and Muhammad, peace be on them.

  6. Miracles are only given to great messengers of Allah. The priests and saints of Christians and Muslims should not claim that they too can have miracles.

  7. Islam is the way of Jihad, not of miracles. Muhammad, pbuh, carried out unarmed jihad in Makkah. He was beaten up and persecuted. Abu Bakr, r.a., helped him to survive physical assaults.

  8. The Qur'an tells us that Jesus, pbuh, was NOT crucified. It seemed so to the Jews. Allah exalted him.

  9. We must not speculate about what happened to Jesus, pbuh. The Qur'an does not encourage us to do so. Already Muslims have suffered too much from such speculation which was carried on by a false "messiah" in Pakistan.

  10. No one is going to come down from the heavens to help us. We have to strive and struggle to win as Muhammad did, pbuh. There is no short cut. We are responsible for victory.

  11. Even when Muslims are very good, they can be defeated sometimes or face great tragedy. Instead of trying to blame each other, we must carry out Islamic self evaluation.

  12. Allah has taught us how to do this in Sura Ale Imran which explains why the Muslims suffered so heavily at the battle of Uhud although they were winning when the battle began. Here are the points to remember:

    1. Even good Muslims can be attracted by DUNYA [wordly goods].

    2. Do Tawba, repent, pray to Allah for tazkia.

    3. There can be no victory if we disobey the Prophet, pbuh.

    4. The leaders should know that sincere Muslims who repent must be forgiven.

    5. The Prophet, pbuh, himself was wounded but he not only forgave those who disobeyed him but was commanded by Allah to continue the process of Shoora [planning through discussion] with them.

  13. We are living in a corrupt world where the leader of this country is openly supporting Israel, homosexuality and a general process of surveillannce. We must show compassion for each other, be united and find Islamic spouses for the unmarried.

Breaking news:
Bengali Muslims making big sacrifices to stop oppression.

March 20: In Bogra, Bangladesh, pro-India police killed 24 women and children protesting against death sentence given to Maulana Syedee, Bangla Islamic leader. We publish detailed report. Scroll to end please.
[Pakistani girl Malala has received a $3,000,000 book deal in Britain. Her alleged shooting has not even been investigated. Our Bengali sisters are being shot down protesting against oppression. Not a word in the western media . [Note from Editor Kaukab Siddique]

Breaking news #2
Syria: Assad clinging on with help of elite Alawite forces.

March 29: Heavy fighting is taking place in the nothern suburb of Aleppo known as Shaikh Maqsud. Assad's forces counterattacked after the Islamics captured the eastern part of the area.
March 28: The fighting is approaching Assad's bastion in Damascus' inner ring. The fighting is reported to be heavy as al-Nusrah refuses to retreat before Assad's fire power.

Iran counters Hollywood. Our friend scholar Mark Weber was there. Please scroll down.

Widely distribute this to remove the holocaust-related support for Israel. Bradley Smith of Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust publishes an astonishing report on Israel's main man in America Elie Wiesel who claims he was in the holocaust!. Also see a drawing of what the Jewish lobby wants Americans to believe happened. Go to end.

Ellison, Webb, Muzammil, Fadel, Safi, CAIR, ISNA for Homosexuality

The much publicized government oriented "Muslims" have now gone to the extent of supporting homosexuality, some blatantly and some slyly and obliquely. The entire group of Obama oriented "Muslims" have fallen for the homosexual offensive lead by the "Black Messiah". As the Prophet, pbuh, taught, if the Christians and the Jews go down the lizard hole, these hell-going "Muslims" will do likewise.
We hope that these lackeys of the West will do tawba and come back to Islam. Please scroll down

Western Nations have Accepted Sinful way of Life wholesale

by Br. David Wiggins [Black Think Tank leader, Baltimore]
"Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people."
We have accepted the sinful way of life of the wicked nations of the North who comprise the international world ownership network, their military, intelligence, and commercial apparatus.
We have accepted all manner of filth and degradation as normal "life-styles" and "orientation". We accept greed, wrath, sloth, pride, lus...t, envy, and gluttony in our family, commercial and spiritual lives.
And we have turned to the false gods and ideologies of the wicked nations of the North and have turned our face from the timeless truths that exhort us to righteousness.
There are only two clergy men that I have met in Baltimore who have pointed this out with any clarity on a consistent basis and they are my colleague David L. Johnson, Sr. and my wife's father, Kaukab Siddique.

Those Who Help Oppressors are also Oppressors: Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal
From Nadrat Siddique [Jamaat al-Muslimeen Washington DC]

Imam Hanbal was a leading theologian of Islam. A major school of Sunni Islam--the Hanbali Madhab--was named for him. Large numbers of people in "Saudi" Arabia, Qatar, and elsewhere in the Muslim world call themselves Hanbali, yet few seem to understand or follow his stern stance against kingship, and for fighting the forces of oppression. Here is a parable from Imam Hanbal, shared by my erudite friend in the UK, P. Khan:

When Ahmad bin Hanbal was imprisoned, one of the prison guards came to him and asked him: "O Abu 'Abdullah! The hadith that is narrated regarding the oppressors and those that aid them - is it authentic?" He said: "Yes."
The prison guard then said: "So, I am considered to be an aide of the oppressors?" Ahmad replied: "No. The aides of the oppressors are those that comb your hair, wash your clothes, prepare your meals, and buy and sell from you. As for you, you are one of the oppressors themselves."

-Manaqib al-Imam Ahmad by Ibn al-Jawzi

Strategic Thinking
U.S. Plans Major Blow Against Taliban Before Leaving:
General Allen and General Kayani Partners in the Battle

On March 25, General John Allen spoke at length to the Brookings Institute in Washington DC, a major think tank for American policy makers. His remarks were broadcast on C-Span. New Trend's impression is that General Allen is a sophisticated, ruthless and hard hitting officer, determined to win at any cost. Although he is leaving his post, by looking at him, one can see that America has put its absolute best into Afghsanistan at every level. The Taliban are winning owing to their Islamic ideals and resilience, otherwise they didn't have a chance against America's best.
Here are the main points made by General Allen:
  1. US is arming, funding and training a huge Afghan military force against the Taliban, at least 350,000 strong.

  2. US is also preparing local police forces in every area to exclude the Taliban.

  3. In 2014, "elections" will be held in Afghanistan under tight US and US-installed military forces.

  4. Karzai is a reliable ally of the US. Don't be misled by his critical remarks. Those are for local consumption. Karzai's support will be key even when he won't stand for "elections" this time.

  5. The US is studying Islam to be able to handle the Afghans. Gen. Allen himself gave "zakat" during Ramadan to a father whose son had been killed fighting the Taliban.

  6. The US hopes to defeat if not destroy the Taliban during the coming fighting season [2013] and then 2014. The entire NATO battle formations and Afghan allies are being readied.

  7. Afghanistan is sitting on TRILLIONS of dollars of gold, diamonds and other minerals and US interests will be well served by the funding of mercenary forces.

  8. Pakistan is key to US victory. General Kayani is extremely favorable to the US and he worked well with US generals including Allen himself.

  9. Military coordination between Pakistan and the US is being improved. A Pakistani brigadier now works in the NATO military operations headquarters.

  10. Eastern Afghanistan will be most difficult to win over owing to areas controlled by "extremists" in Pakistan [Pak. Taliban].

  11. Huge sums of money have been allocated to victory in Afghanistan not only by NATO but also by US allies outside NATO. [Japan, South Korea.]

[Ed note: It appears that the US has successfully mobilized tribal factions which are opposed to an Islamic state and want to maintain tribalism, as well as poverty stricken people looking for a job. Shia Hazara elements as well as seculars and ex-Communists are with Karzai. The situation is not unlike that of Syed Ahmed Shaheed who came with high ideals from eastern India all the way to what is now Pakistan to help Muslims fight the Sikhs. He was betrayed and later killed by similar tribal factions who did not want their tribal system to e replaced by Islamic equality and justice.]

Sectarian buster
Shia Source Admits that Ali's, r.a., Daughter Married Umar, r.a. and had a son.

Ali, r.a., and Umar r.a., were great friends The question of Umar, r.a., even thinking of harming Ali, r.a., or Fatima, r.a., is too absurd. Only haters will take it seriously.

Ali, r.a., gave his beloved daughter Umm Kulthum in marriage to his great friend Umar, r.a., and she had a noble place in Umar's household.

The Shias go crazy when they read that Ali and Umar were great friends. However scholars cannot deny it. Even a Shia reference book notes:

"Hazrat Ali's had two daughters from Fatima Zahra alaihasalam, Zainab and Umm Kulthum. He gave Zainab in marriage to Abdullah the son of Jafar Tayyar and Umm Kulthum to Umar ibn Kattab Zayd bin Umar was born of Umm Kulthum." [Ali Akbar Dehkhuda, lughat nama, vol. 19, p. 80 under 'Ali bin Abi Talib, published from Tehran 1342 H.]
Translated from Farsi. This is like an almanac which Shias in Iran use as an ordinary reference.]

Our America: Two cases of injustice

Jew York - On March 21, 2013, David Ranta, 58 years old, was released from a New York prison. He served 23 years of a 37 year prison sentence but, his conviction was overturned by a judge. He was convicted in 1990 in the murder of Hasidic Rabbi Chaskel Werzberger in a botched car jacking. District Attorney Charles Hines' office acknowledged there were serious flaws with the "evidence" used to wrongfully convict Ranta. Including witnesses recanting their stories.
A then 13 year old witness now claims that detectives coached him into identifying Mr. Ranta in a line up. Also, there were a slew of testimony from jailhouse inmates and crackheads that has proven weak. At the same time that Ranta's Attorney, Pierre Sussman, was investigating this case, so too was the Brooklyn District Attorney's office through the Conviction Integrity Unit.
Unfortunately, after only two days on the outside, David Ranta suffered a heart attack and will be undergoing surgery at an undisclosed New York hospital. It was discovered that he had two clogged arteries.
A fair trial for David Ranta, a homeless drug-user, was difficult from the start. Many of Rabbi Werzberger's followers surrounded the police car transporting him and shook it while calling for the death penalty.
I wonder if it is at all possible to get a fair trial when one has been accused of harming a Jew?
Interestingly enough, on March 11th, Jewish attorney, Frederick Cohn, requested that no Jews serve on the jury in yet, another case against a Muslim accused of supporting terrorism. Abdel Hameed Shehadeh is accused of lying about "trying" to join Pakistani terrorists, according to the kuffar press.
According to Attorney Cohn, the American Jewish community is heavily tied to Israel and Zionism and is completely unable to express any impartiality in this case. Of course Judge Levy, a Jew, denied the request.
I was just wondering.
I am hopeful that David Ranta can overcome this gross injustice. Of course, there may be a lawsuit against the city. the actual perpetrator of this murder was killed in a car crash soon after the Rabbi's murder.
If there is a lawsuit, only the tax payers of New York City will be paying for the malfeasance of New York City detectives handling this case. There is never any accountability on the part of dirty cops.

Another Productive Visit to Iran:
Tehran Conference Critically Examines 'Hollywoodism'

by Mark Weber

More than 40 writers, filmmakers and scholars from the US, France, Italy and other foreign countries, together with dozens of Iranian cinema specialists, journalists, officials and others, gathered at the large Azadi hotel in north Tehran for a four-day "Hollywoodism" conference to critically examine the formidable role and often harmful social-political impact of the US film industry, and to discuss how to counter it. I was one of several Americans who had been invited to the event ... During this expense-paid visit I gained a greater understanding of this ancient but vibrant nation of 75 million, which Israel and its allies in the US have demonized and threaten with military attack.

[Junaid is such a mentally defeated person, he wanted to counter Geller's attack on Islamics by saying, yes, we have Muslim "leaders" right here who support the sodomizers and lesbians.]

Keith Ellison, Andre Carson, Johari Malik, Webb, Muzzammil, Fadel Support Homosexuality
Excerpts from Junaid Jahangir's Article in Goatsmilk.
Both American political and religious Muslim leaders have very different views on queer rights than what the Geller ads would have us believe. In 2009, the Council on American-Islamic Relations supported the hate crime bill that sought to incorporate sexual orientation and gender identity.
Among Muslim political leaders, Geller may quote Ako Abdul Samad, the Iowa State representative from the 66th district, as saying 'if standing up for equal protection under the law is a sin, then all of us in this room are sinners'.
Geller can also reference the first Muslim Congressman Keith Ellison, representative of the 5th district in Minnesota, as stating, 'I am proud to be vice-chair of the Congressional Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Caucus'.
He can also be quoted as saying, 'It is not your place to judge and condemn others' and 'If the person you happen to love and want to be with happens to be the same-sex and gender as you then I say God Bless you and try to be as happy as you can in this very difficult world'.
Likewise, Geller can reference the second Muslim Congressman Andre Carson, representative of the 7th district in Indiana, as stating, 'As a proud member of the LGBT Equality Caucus, I am committed to the Caucus' mission to "achieve the extension of equal rights, the repeal of discriminatory laws, the elimination of hate-motivated violence, and the improved health and well-being for all, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity or expression"'.
Among Muslim religious leaders, Geller can quote Imam Johari Malik, director of Outreach at the Dar Al Hijrah Islamic Centre in Northern Virginia, as stating, 'If someone says, "gay sex is nasty", just ask them, "how do you know?" ... "It's time to get past our homophobia to help human beings"'.
Likewise, Geller can also reference Imam Suhaib Webb of the Islamic Society of Boston Cultural Center, the largest mosque in the New England area, as stating, 'If someone who's a homosexual comes to the mosque, wants to pray, wants to worship, be part of the community, I have no issue with that,' and 'Ultimately, people who have whatever inclinations in their life, no one has a right to bar them from their experience with God.'

Even conservative leaders like Imam Muzammil Siddiqi, director of the Islamic Society of Orange County in California, one of the largest mosques in the U.S., who had earlier proscribed queer people and stated that 'no one is born a homosexual', have slightly shifted their view point on the issue.
In a recent interview, he mentioned, 'many Muslim jurists today are inclined to accept on the basis of modern research that it is quite possible that people may be born with this [orientation]' and that 'we all have to learn and understand things more, so we do change our minds on the basis of understanding the human situation'
... While, acknowledging the classical Islamic position, Professor of Islamic Law, Dr. Mohammad Fadel mentioned in the context of the 2012 U.S. Elections, 'I think one can certainly take the view, and I know a lot of Muslims might find this to be controversial, that we can support the idea of same-sex marriage because what we want is to make sure that all citizens have access to the same kinds of public benefits that other people do'.
Similarly, Dr. Omid Safi recently weighed in on same-sex marriage in the U.S. He has clearly stated "Love is love. Family is family, though they come in different shapes. My children have gay and lesbian friends. They belong a social club at school that is an alliance of straight, gay, lesbian, and bi-sexual students'

Why did the Jews at Auschwitz march out of the camp with the Nazis instead of waiting for the Soviet liberators?
With thanks to Bradley Smith and CODOH
 Prisoners on a death march out of Dachau
Prisoners on a death march out of Dachau
The photo above shows some of the 6,887 Jewish prisoners and Russian POWs who were marched out of the Dachau concentration camp on April 26, 1945. Today's students are taught that the purpose of this "death march" was to kill the prisoners before the camp could be liberated by the Allies. Note the two German soldiers who are marching with them. There is no photo of the march out of Auschwitz, but the photo above will give you an idea of how the Auschwitz march took place.
On a similar march out of Auschwitz, the German soldiers marched at the head of the column, tramping down two feet of snow to make it easier for the Jews to march.
I am on the e-mail list of Bradley Smith, a famous Holocaust denier, and today I received an e-mail from him, which included a letter which he sent recently to Kent State University where Elie Wiesel is expected to give a talk to the students.
As you may know, Elie Wiesel and his father were on the death march out of Auschwitz on January 18, 1945. They were given a choice whether to march or stay behind and be liberated. The Dachau prisoners, shown in the photo above, were not given a choice.
I love Bradley Smith and I am a great admirer of his writing. I read the copy of Bradley's letter to the University and laughed out loud. I am quoting from the letter, so as to share it with those who may not be on Bradley's e-mail list.
Quote from letter written by Bradley Smith to Kent State University:

===== In his autobiographical book Night, Elie Wiesel writes that in January 1945, when he and his father were both prisoners of the murderous German Nazis at Auschwitz, they were asked by their captors if they would prefer to remain in that death camp, where countless Jews had already been murdered in gas chambers, to await the imminent arrival of their Soviet liberators, or would they rather leave with the Nazi Jew-killers who were abandoning the camp. Elie Wiesel and his dad, talking it over, agreed they would prefer to leave on the death-march retreat with German Nazis dedicated to exterminating Jews as a race rather than wait for their Soviet liberators.
Is there one professor at Kent State University who thinks it might be worthwhile that students consider the significance of this confession? Why not? =====

I don't think that Bradley Smith will get an answer to his letter, so I am going to explain to him and the students the purpose of the death march out of Auschwitz.
I learned the reason for the death marches from Professor Harold Marcuse, who teaches the history of the Holocaust at the University of California at Santa Barbara.
Professor Marcuse wrote the following in a comment on my blog several years ago:

In any case the death marches in 1945 were a largely futile attempt to keep human evidence of and witnesses to atrocities from falling into Allied hands. That rationale hinged on the illusory notion that the Germans would ultimately defend some territory and in some bizarre way "win" the war. When some responsible German officials realized beyond doubt that the war was lost, they drew the "logical" conclusion and burned the marching prisoners alive, as happened at Ohrdruf, Gardelegen and numerous other places. For them apparently, dead evidence was better than alive evidence.

I am assuming that the professors at Kent State University teach the students the same story that is taught at the University of California, Santa Barbara.
Elie Wiesel and his father trusted the Nazis not to burn them alive on the march, so they didn't stay behind at Auschwitz, when given a choice. If you have ever read Elie Wiesel's book, you know that Elie and his father survived the burning ditches at Auschwitz on the Night that they arrived. They expected to survive the burning of the prisoners on the march out of the camp. They didn't know what the Soviets might do, so they chose the Nazis instead.
 Children were burned alive in a burning ditch at Auschwitz on the night Elie Wiesel arrived
Children were being burned alive at Auschwitz on the night Elie Wiesel arrived
The Jews who stayed behind at Auschwitz found out that they had made the wrong choice because the Soviets didn't take care of them at all.
After the three Auschwitz camps were liberated, the survivors were on their own. Unlike the concentration camps in Germany, where the liberated prisoners remained in the camps as Displaced Persons and were cared for by the Americans or the British, the Auschwitz prisoners from 29 countries were released to find their own way home.
Primo Levi was an Auschwitz survivor who wrote a book, later made into a movie, about his long journey home to Italy which took him many months. He described how the Jewish prisoners were greeted with hostility in every country along the way. (Primo Levi was forced to stay behind because he was sick at the time of the death march out of the camp.)
Binjamin Wilkomirski, who falsely claimed to be a child survivor of Auschwitz, wrote in his fake book, entitled Fragments, that there was no liberation. "We just ran away without permission," he wrote. "No joyous celebration. I never heard the word 'liberation' back then, I didn't even know there was such a word." Binjamin Wilkomirski also describes this in his book, Fragments: "And the people outside the camp, in the countryside and the nearby town they didn't celebrate when they saw us."
Wilkomirski's fake book is still being taught in American schools, but it is now called a novel. Elie Wiesel's fake book was at one time classified as a novel, but is now being taught in American schools as the Gospel truth.

Quick Action by Islamics Saved Hindu Temples. Regime Wanted to Blame Jamaate Islami.
Police Killed 24 women, children in Bogra. Extra Judicial Executions widespread.

A Report on the violence in Bangladesh following the death sentence awarded to an Islamic Scholar
On 28 February, 2013, the International Crimes Tribunal-1 passed a death sentence against Allama Delwar Hossain Sayedee, a renowned Islamic Scholar and the Deputy Leader of the Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami ("Jamaat") for allegedly committing crimes during the Liberation War of 1971. The trial and the Tribunal were condemned by international criminal lawyers and human rights organisations such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, International Centre for Transitional Justice, as falling far below acceptable standards. Moreover, there were well documented instances of abducting a defence witness, collusion between judges, prosecution and ministers and granting of favours to judges in order to ensure a conviction against Mr. Sayedee1. After, the verdict was announced, people across the country came out to protest against the verdict, which was largely perceived as politically motivated. The verdict had offended the sense of justice of the Islam loving people of this country. However, the Government was determined to portray the verdict as popular, and ordered the police to fire upon protestors with live ammunition. As such on 28 February, 73 civilians were shot and killed by the police in less than 8 hours. In one District alone 14 people were shot dead in a few minutes. (Bodies of protestors killed by the Police being removed.) Protests also took place on 1 March, 2013 and 6 more protestors were killed by the Police. On 2 March, a further 6 protestors were killed.
Then again on 3 March, 2013 protests took place all over the country. In Bogra (in north-western Bangladesh) women protested side by side with the men. In Jhenidah processions consisting only of women protested peacefully against the verdict. They also brought the children along, not suspecting that the police would fire upon them and their children. However, the police fired indiscriminately killing both women and children. Protestors angry with the killing of civilians attacked police stations. In Bogra the Army was called in by the District Administration. The situation was controlled by one platoon of the Army without firing a single round. However, This was revealed when the Economist, the Wall Street Journal and a local newspaper disclosed the internet calls of the former Chairman of the International Crimes Tribunal-1. 2 when the police were in charge, their indiscriminate firing resulted in the death of 24 women and children. In Bogra people no longer have faith in the police administration. (The police aiming and shooting at protestors standing at a distance without provocation) In the protests which lasted from 28 February to 5 March, 2013 around 120 people were shot and killed by direct police firing. Around 1000 civilians were injured. 5 policemen died in the violence. These incidents occurred when the police ran out of live ammunition and were subject of the wrath of local people. It is not alleged that the protestors used arms or weapons of any kind, nor is there any evidence of such use. The protestors merely threw brick-bats at the police who were dressed in full riot gear and protected by shields and bullet proof vests. The action of the police, therefore, in using live ammunition was not necessary and the extent of the live ammunition used was neither reasonable nor was it a proportionate response. This is reflected in the casualties.
For the 120 civilians killed by the police, 5 policemen lost their lives.

Brutal police action on civilians protesting against the verdict passed against a leader of Jamaat has to be seen in the context of the continuing violence against Jamaat and its student wing. Prior to the police action that commenced on 28 February, the Police have been hunting members of the Jamaat and its student wing, the Islami Chattra Shibir ("Shibir") and killing them in police custody. Over the past couple of months the police have been randomly picking up member/supporters of Jamaat and have shot at them at point blank range (while in their custody) in full view of the media. The images of such point-black shooting have been documented and archived and are now available on the internet2. These custodial shootings have been authorized by the Police Administration including the Police Commissioner for Dhaka Metropolitan Police, Benzir Ahmed. Mr. Ahmed had in January 2013 ordered his officers to shoot Jamaat and Shibir men on sight. This has been reported in a number of national daily newspapers including Ittefaq3 Bangladesh Pratidin4, Naya Diganta5, Amar Desh6 and Manabzamin7 .
Attacks on the Hindu minorities and symbols of Bengali nationalism , 2013&type=single&pub_no=986&cat_id=1&menu_id=1&news_type_id=&index=2
During the protests against the verdict, a number of sudden attacks were carried out on symbols of Bengali nationalism (i.e. flags and monuments) and members of the Hindu minority. The reasons for such attacks were not known, but the Government and the local media were quick to blame Jamaat. However, till date no member of Jamaat has been arrested in connection with these attacks. The only person to be arrested was a member of the student wing of the ruling Awami League Government, who was caught red-handed. The government promptly declared the person caught as a lunatic and released him. The attacks on the minorities could not have taken place without the knowledge and support of the Government.

In Ramu, Chittagong (south-eastern Bangladesh) the attack on Buddhist temples in late 2012 took place with the government approval8. Even in 1971, the attacks on the minority Hindus took place because such attacks were supported and assisted by the Pakistan Government. In fact there have serious doubts have been raised from a number of quarters as to the Government allegation that Jamaat carried out these attacks.9 In fact members of Jamaat's student wing guarded temples so that they would not be attacked. See picture below:- (Members of Islami Chattra Shibir (Jamaat's student wing) guarding a temple) Jamaat has issued a number of statements condemning such attacks. It has also undertaken to take measures to rehabilitate the affected persons on humanitarian grounds.

The Role of Local Media
The local print media in Bangladesh led by the Bengali paper the Prothom Alo and the English newspaper, Daily Star described the civilians killed as supporters of Bangladesh Jamaat-e-Islami and therefore justified. The women and children who participated or were present in the protests have been described as being used by Jamaat as human shields and hence, their deaths too have been justified. However, the pictures tell a different tale. The pictures used by the Daily Star for instance shows processions mainly of women with their children carrying brooms and sandals/shoes tied to sticks. There is no evidence of men using the women and children as shields. In fact apart from the presence of one old man (see photograph on the left) in one of the processions, there is no evidence of an adult male being present. The photographs that were used by the Daily Star on 4 March, 2013 are reproduced below (with the caption):
The women with their children protested with sandals and brooms not knowing that the police would be so brutal as to fire upon them. Moreover, even if we assume that the Daily Star was correct and the women and children were being used as shields (contrary to what is actually revealed in the photographs) this cannot be a justification for killing innocent people. More over when the Leader of the Opposition, Khaleda Zia had condemned the attacks, the Daily Star expressed its displeasure over the fact that Jamaat had not been blamed. Although no inquiry or investigation had been carried out the Daily Star was keen to blame Jamaat for the atrocities. (The Daily Star, 5 March, 2013) In fact, the Daily Star and Prothom Alo have been actively campaigning to play down and even at times has been justifying the police brutality on those protesting against the verdict. The bias of these two newspapers are well documented.

Conclusion The Government and the pro-Government media have been actively campaigning to brand Jamaat as a political party which has attacked minorities. In fact there is evidence of Government involvement which has been highlighted by the Leader of the Opposition. Evidence has been distorted by newspapers such the Daily Star, to blame Jamaat for the violence. Moreover, its supporters have been indiscriminately killed by the police a fact which is downplayed by the Government and the local media. In these circumstances we call upon the international community to correctly evaluate the situation in Bangladesh and to come forward and assist Jamaat in representing its constituents and supporters in Banglades

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