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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi al-Awwal 20, 1434/ February 2, 2013 # 5

USA gives 8 years to innocent Somali woman. Please scroll to end.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Press Release:
We condemn the Israeli air strike on a Syrian target. Israel, after watching the slaughter in Syria for 23 months is trying to take advantage of the situation. Syria should stop attacking its own people and instead turn its guns against Israel.

Auschwitz: Fact or part of the Holocaust Myth?
Most Americans don't know that :
  1. Auschwitz is in Poland, not in Germany.

  2. It was not a death camp but a labor camp for the German war effort.

  3. Russian troops captured it on January 27, 1945 as they advanced towards Germany through Poland. The capture did not disturb Hitler or the Russians. It was simply a labor camp with all the miseries of war and little food.

  4. In May 1945, after Hitler and his eloquent propaganda minister Goebbels were dead and could not answer, the Soviet Union suddenly announced that 4 million people had been killed in Auschwitz in the most horrible crimes ever committed in human history.

  5. Later, realizing that 4 million was not humanly possible, the Soviets scaled it down to one million. The Russians were masters in war time propaganda.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Boycott Movement against Israel
Sodastream is Manufactured in a Settlement set up by Israel in Occupied Palestine

by Sis. Karen English [Los Angeles]

Please boycott SodaStream. Your purchase of this product helps Israel continue their apartheid policies against the Palestinians and rewards their theft of Palestinian land.

For an earlier report on Pepsico by Sis. Sherry Garris in Virginia, see last but one issue of New Trend. [ ntma1480.htm ]

Boycott Coca Cola
Jamaat al-Muslimeen has called for complete boycott of Coca Cola which supports Israel.

Now, very late, owing to the racist advertisement being published by Coca Cola for the super bowl, ADC has realized that coke is not only for Israel but against ALL Arabs
LOS ANGELES, Jan 30 (Reuters) - Arab-American groups have sharply criticized a Coca-Cola Super Bowl ad depicting an Arab walking through the desert with a camel, and one group said it would ask the beverage giant to change it before CBS airs the game on Sunday before an expected audience of more than 100 million U.S. viewers.
coke ad:

[with thanks to imam Ali in California.]

Our America: Baltimore, Maryland
Protestors gathered at Attorney General Bernstein's Residence:
Anderson's Death in Police Custody being covered up

In the bitter cold of February 2, protestors surprised the attorney general Gregg Bernstein of Baltimore by gethering near his residence at 8.30 in the morning.. This follows the death in police custody of Anthony Anderson who had been brutally tackled and arrested by the police on suspicion of drug activity.
Police atrocities against the poor in general and African Americans in particular have become common in almost every American city.
The protestors wanted Bernstein to treat a murder as a murder even if done by the police. Instead of answering questions, he fled from the back door.
As a leader of the protest Br. David Wiggins said, the oppressors must be opposed. As a Muslim, he said, he would not tolerate oppression. [Bernstein is a known Zionist Jew who previously soft pedalled the beating of an African American boy by the Jewish Shomrin patrol led by a thug from the Israeli IDF.]

[Meanwhile journalist MacArthur has again been denied bail after he was arrested in relation to his activities critical of police brutality.]

Spotlights from Imam Badi Ali [Jamaat al-Muslimeen, North Carolina]
Advice to Islamic Movements, particularly MUslim Brotherhood movement.

Spotlight #1:
Islamic movements in the Middle East have more resources than any other group.They have a weekly outlet through the Juma khutba. They can easily tell the people what they are preparing and planning.

Spotlight #2:
Our leaders in the Islamic movements want to be like the roof. They only want followers but no one above them.

Spotlight #3:
Our leaders are storytellers, not thinkers and not leaders.They continue the story but can't finish it and can't explain it.

Spotlight #4:
The purpose of their story seems to be simply to tell the story but not to teach people to think.

Spotlight #5:
They are playing it safe. Saying something, doing something else.

Spotlight #6:
lsamic movements are teaching people to be good followers but not leaders,

Spotlight #7:
Real leaders would mobilize people towards the Book and the Sunnah, not towards party interests.

Spotlight #8:
They claim to be followers of Qur'an and Sunnah but they are justifying the unjust people to declare war on Muslim countries.

Spotlight #9:
Some fatwas issued in the past decade by these leaders should be re-issued and studied by righteous scholars because they brought aggression to thousands.

Spotlight #10:
I usede to think that Muslim Brotherhood movement can produce leaders and not just followers.

Spotlight #11:
We need to ask why even ordinary people are now often scared of Islamic rule.THis issue should be researched and confronted logically.

Spotlight #12:
In Tunisia, Ghannouchi should be the President. The Muslim Brotherhood should give up the notion of two leaders, one for the public and one behind the scenes.

Spotlight #13:
I am puzzled that Muslim countries did not condemn the Israeil attack on Syria.:

Mali: The Islamics Avoided Contact: The French declared Victory:
The Local Puppets Hailed Hollande's Visit

On February 1, the French imperialist Hollande visited Timbuctu and was given a well orchestrated welcome by local frenchified uncle toms.
The French could not find any Islamic fighters to kill.. Looks like the Ansar Dine are masters of guerrilla warfare. They followed the basic rule that frontal confrontation with the heavy fire power of an imperialist superpower must be avoided.
The main victims of the French invasion were civilian supporters of the Islamics. Along with those killed in French air raids, others were tortured and murdered by the frenchified uncle toms.
Hollande was puzzled by the swift withdrawal of the Islamics. He had nothing to show for his victory. The worry for him is that the major installation in Algeria which serves the French economy was taken over and severely damaged in part by Islamics coming in from Libya to support Mali. [The latest is a report from Algeria that a pipeline has been disrupted.] Algeria permitted the the French armada to overfly its territory, never realizing that Qaddafi is gone and the Islamic are in control of large parts of Libya.

Fallout of Mali invasion on US Muslims.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen was the only Muslim organization in USA to condemn the French invasion of Mali in particular and Africa in general.
ISNA's leader Tariq Ramadan condemned the Islamics in language which seemed to have been written in the CIA headquarters. His honorable father must be turning in his grave. [Tariq has spoken similarly against the Islamic uprising in Yemen.]
Most disturbing is the attitude of the group supporting Dr. Aafia Siddiqui [including her relatives] These are so much in love with USA, they still hope that USA will be just and release Aafia.
So when Mukhtar BelMukhtar, the mujahideen leader whose men struck in Algeria, offered to exchange two Americans it had with Dr. Aafia and Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, it seemed that Dr. Aafia's supporters almost passed out. They not only condemned the offer but condemned in detail the mujahideen takeover of the Algerian installation. If they had condemned the French invasion of Mali, one would have thought they are against all violence. The language used by Aafia's so-called supporters [they even prayed for the non-Muslims] shows that they have learned nothing from the terrible injustice done to Aafia and also that they love the Europeans and they are cowards of the most shameless type.

Letter: Sectarian Attacks on Great Muslims
As-salamu 'alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuh,
RE: "It's a shame that great Muslims like Khalid, Muawiyya, Abu Sufyan and others are being abused by Shi'ite sectarians simply because they were Ummayads, They never harmed Ali, r.a., or Hussain, r.a., but they are targeted by the Ithna Ashari and Agha Khani sectarians on the Internet."--
They (The Great Muslims), may be "abused," "targeted," hated, etc., but they ( Itna Ashari and Agha Khani secarians) cannot hurt them ( Khalid, Muawiyya, Abu Sufyan and others). The Shi'ite sectarians, Ithna Ashari and Agha Khani sectarians, European artists, journalist - no one -can hurt the Great Muslims, EVER, as they have established their great deeds with Allah and those deeds cannot be changed, altered, or lessened. The haters only destroy their very own souls by denigrating the Prophet Muhammad (sal Allahu alay-hi wa-salam ) and his Companions (radi Allahu anhum).
Of course, those haters win when Muslims protest the stupidity and ignorance the denegrators by destroying the land and killing Muslims and innocent human being.
No one - absolutely no one - can hurt the Prophet Muhammad (sal Allahu alay-hi wa-salam ), his Family (radi Allahu anhum), or his Companions (radi Allahu anhum).

Sis. Hamdiyya Fatima Abdul-Aleem [Charlotte, North Carolina]

Jamaat al-Muslimeen's symbolic outreach in Africa.
Reaching out to the Poor, the Downtrodden in Ethiopia: At a Masjid near Addis Ababa and after ...
by Sis. Ashira Naim
It was Friday, January 11, second annual feeding of the needy. The goal this time was to feed those human beings who walk the streets of the City daily asking for help, many of whom are accompanied by one or two children who are also vigilant in the quest for food.

No sheep were slaughtered, no injera was baked, no preparing any food items. Instead, 15 birrs were placed in sealed envelopes and an envelope placed in the plethora of hands as we pushed through what became an overwhelming crowd. The qadims (brothers in charge of the masjid affairs) came quickly to help calm the crowd and assist us with our effort as we approached the gate. Br. Mohammed handed some of his envelopes to the brothers who assisted in distributing them. Then, when it again, appeared to become an unruly crowd of people desperate to receive a helping hand, he gave his remaining envelopes to the Imam who he had reached inside the masjid . It was plain for all in the masjid to see that Br. Mohammed had no more envelopes to give and that the Imam would give them out discriminately after the Jumah khutba and prayers which fortunately had not yet begun. Many of those who forced their way into the masjid area that Jumah were not but simply the needy who followed us from the street all the way to the masjid. Inshallah, by the Grace of Allah, they received help from the message of Al-Islam they heard that day. Alhumdullilah.

Now, on the women's side of the building was a similar scenario. Fortunately, the women and their children were a little "softer" in their approach to me. Though they surrounded me to the point that I could hardly move and several began to demand more than one envelope, they never grabbed at my person as had been the case with the brothers and Br. Mohammed. While being careful to place only one envelope in each hand, it soon became clear that what we had to give was only "a drop in the bucket." The number of needy people just in that area 3 or 4 blocks from the masjid and the masjid proper where many came on jumah for the purpose of receiving zakat was far more than our humble funds could feed. As I got into the masjid, not being able to speak the language of Amharic, I used the little Arabic common to us all and said "kalas" and held my hands up "Allahu-Akbar" and began to pray the 2 sunnah prayers. When I completed this task and a swarm of women began stretching out their hands, asking with frowned faces, etc., I got the idea to give a bunch of envelopes to the one older woman who I had prayed and sat next to and she was more than willing to be in charge of the distribution. Happily I pointed to her each time someone came to ask me for help. Several of the women who maintain the women's side of the masjid, beckoned to the women as the second adhan began that it was time for the khutba and prayers--and time to be
QUIET and pray .

After the khutba and prayers a smaller version of the scene began again. Joining Mohammed on the sidewalk outside the masjid, we began our walk back to the hotel where we lived. As a crowd began following us, we were happy to see a friend we had made last year--a taxi driver named Solomon-- who accompanied us and helped Mohammed to tell the people that all funds had been distributed and were otherwise with the Imam at the masjid. However, I still had about 100+ envelopes in my handbag for giving at another time.

Finally making it back to the hotel, we found a "delegation" had formed outside the hotel entranceway ]and they were adamant about receiving a donation from us. We had taken seats in the lobby of the hotel for rest. Solomon volunteered to give an envelope to each one of them and tell them it was ended. Meanwhile, the doormen and some hotel security had forced many of them away. Solomon went to the sidewalk and gave 20 more of the needy and sent them on their way. We then discussed how our program had proceeded--the positives and the negatives and how we must develop it better so that we are not threatened by those we are trying to help.

Still filled with the excitement of the day and the determination not to be defeated in our effort to help as many as we could, we could not pass by those on the street without giving from my handbag. So, the plan issued: Solomon would drive up the block where men were noticeably "lying in the dust" and women with children were begging for help. Once he was at the beginning of the block, Mohamamed would get out with 10 - 20 envelopes quickly placing an envelope into each persons's hand while working his way up the block where Solomon would be waiting. Quickly he would jump back into the car and away we would go for another 2 or 3 blocks and repeat the same. Often we would be discovered as Mohammed entered the car and we would give envelopes from the window of the car before quickly taking off. We found our exasperation turning into laughter and joy; and we thanked Allah and asked for His receiving our work.

Hadith narrated by Aisha,, is that Allah loves that which though small is done consistently. We know that this giving in Ethiopia is a "drop in the bucket;" however, we believe that many such drops can fill the bucket. We want to stop here to give special thanks to the two brothers who have supported this program from its conception, Dr. Kaukab Siddique and Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz. This year, we also give thanks to Dr. Sapphire Mann Ahmed and to a little boy named Malik. We ask Allah to Bless all who have given to this program whatever they could. May their rewards from Allah be ten-fold.

If you would like to support this annual Feeding the Needy in Ethiopia program, please make your donation at any time of the year during the next 12 months to Jamaat al Muslimeen, P.O. Box 10881, Baltimore, MD 21234. Your donations are strictly for the feeding of the poor and not for any salaries or travel expenses. For further information, write to Ashira Na'im, at

Analysis of 100 Page verdict: Tribunal sentenced Maulana Azad to death [in absentia] on January 25.
by Kaukab Siddique Phd

After having read the entire 100 pages, I have come to the following conclusions:

  1. The Bengali Islamics who were defending [East] Pakistan were not violating any law of Bangladesh because Bangladesh did not exist at that time.

  2. The basis of legality in the East and the West [internationally] is that laws cannot be legally enacted to punish people's past actions when those laws were not there.

  3. During the {East] Pakistani civil war, both sides committed atrocities against civilians. For instance, while the Pakistani army killed numbers of civilians, the Mukti Bahini also killed numbers of "Bihari" civilians who had been citizens of {East] Pakistan for 23 years, Thus to punish the other side for what we have also committed is itself a violation of rule of law.

  4. After the creation of Bangladesh, 195 Pakistani military personnel were accused of having committed or organized crimes against civilians. However, under the Tripartite agreement of 1974 between Pakistan, Bangladesh and India, all 195 were granted immunity. [An effort was being made to heal the wounds of civil strife.]

  5. Forty one years after the civil war ended, the tribunal was set up to try Bengali Islamics for crimes against humaniy. It would be impossible to find witnesses to the alleged crimes especially when it was not known for those 41 years that Bengali Islamics who supported the Pakistani army would be put on trial.

  6. There are no documents available to try the accused because neither the Pakistani army nor the Mukti Bsahini have been made part of the trial. Thus the entire trial is based on the fading memories of alleged witnesses.

  7. Now we come to the specific case of Maulana Abul Kalam Azad in Faridpur district of East Pakistan.

  8. The prosecution brought 22 witnesses against him of whom 21 are Hindu supporters of the Awami League which led the movement against Pakistan,

  9. The alleged witnesses all fled to India when the conflict began. How the prosecution found these ordinary people after 40 years of dislocation is so shrouded in mystery that no court in the world would accept such witnesses.

  10. There is no way of knowing that these were actually witnesses or have been tutored to be witnesses.

  11. Maulana Azad is repeatedly accused of carrying a gun. Why this is an issue in a time of war is not clarified. He used to go around with a Pakistani military officer. Evidently, Azad and other Bengali Islamics wanted to defend Pakistan against the invading Indian irregulars disguised as Mukti Bahini "freedom fighters." Thus for Azad to go around with a Pak military officer to defend his country is only natural and should not cause offense.

  12. The killing of Hindus attributed to Maulana Azad lacks any witnessing of substance. One of the witnesses stumbled under defense questioning and admitted that he had not seen Azad carrying a gun but another Hindu had told him that it was so.
    Millions killed by Pakistani army, Hundreds of thousands raped?
    Uncovering the fake source of Tribunal's numbers

  13. Where did the Bangladesh tribunal find these horrendous numbers? No survey has been carried out nor has any commission large or small been given the task of counting the victims of the civil war in East Pakistan.

  14. A link deep into the 100 page report reveals the source of these figures. They are from a book titlf Against our Will by Susan Brownmiller, a hard core Zionist Jew living in Brooklyn, New York. She is not known as a thinker or a scholar. She had this "feminist" idea that all males are potential rapists. She used the suffering of the people of Bangladesh to support her theory.

  15. Fortunately Brownmiller was honest enough to give the source for her three million death and 400,000 rape number. She writes that she had seen a report in the New York Post about rape victims called "heroines" by Mujibur Rahman, the leader of the separatist movement, and then a referral to atrocities in New York Daily News: About 5 lines in each paper.

  16. Then a church man named Kentaro Buma went to Bangladesh and came back with hear say accounts of rapes in Bangladesh.He was Asian Relief Secretary of the World Council of Churches in New York, an international body, which took him seriously and held a press conference for him in Geneva. He hd no evidence but the Zionist media and Brownmiller liked the story and made it worldwide

  17. The Bangladesh Tribunal admits that Ms. Brownmiller is the source of its 3,000,000 killed and 400,000 raped. No such count was carried out and in the circumstances of Bangladesh could not humanly be carried out , There was no evidence in Buma's report but once he had the support of the churches, his numbers of people killed in Bangladesh became "authoritative." All the figures he provided are fake.

  18. If Ms. Brownmiller is to be believed, in the 9 months of "terror" Pakistani troops were killing 11,111 people a day. Or were raping 1481 women a day. Even Shaikh Mujibur Rahman, the leader of Bangladesh, who was known for his rhetorical exaggerations, could not not come up with such claims. Bangladesh gave immunity to the 195 Pakistani officers who were accused of atrocities. If these impossible figures had been true, immunity would have been impossible.

Conclusion: The real objective of the Tribunal seems to be to divide the Muslims of Bangladesh, the nationalists from the Islamics, so that all of Banglsadesh becomes permanently subservient to India.

Our America: January 31, 2013
Vast Prison System Degrades humanity: Sophisticated Humiliation of 1.6 Million People
[From Ms. Ameejill Whitlock, Baltimore city activist.]
Today Human Rights Watch released its annual World Report, in which it lays out a pointed critique of the U.S. prison system. The enormous prison population - the largest in the world at 1.6million - "partly reflects harsh sentencing practices contrary to international law," notes the report.
The 2013 World Report, 665-pages highlights particular issues undergirding the U.S.'s blighted carceral system. It notes that "practices contrary to human rights principles, such as the death penalty, juvenile life-without-parole sentences, and solitary confinement are common and often marked by racial disparities."

Human Rights Watch Decries US Prison System
'Human Rights Watch Thursday published its annual World Report, in which it lays out a pointed critique of the U.S. prison system.' Natasha Lennard, Salon

Paki Air Offensive in Orakzai leads to Taliban Attacks outside tribal areas

February 2: Pak Taliban Taliban attacked a Paki military post in an area of Lakki Marwat, Six Paki troops were killed and 8 wounded. The Taliban say that 4 Taliban were involved in the attack, of whom 3 were killed. They were retaliating for a US drone attack which was guided by Kayani's military.
Meanwhile in upper Orakzai, an IED killed a military officer and a trooper.

February 1. A human bomber attacked Shi'ites coming out of a prayer area. 18 of them were killed and 60 wounded. In the nearby Sunni mosque which has an anti-taliban drive going, , the same explosion killed several people and several police.
The daily Dawn reported earlier that Paki air force has been bombing "suspected" Taliban in the nearby Orakzai mountain area and killed 9 "suspected" militants. The Shi'ites support the military operation and in turn are targeted by angry "militants" supporting Pak Taliban. The Taliban bomber was from the Orakzai area. [Dawn reports that military operations have been ongoing in the Orakzai area since 1210.] [The US media never report why the Pak Taliban carry out attacks.]

Rallies in Support of Kashmir and Khalistan on India's Republic Day
[Report from Kashmir Diaspora group] by Habib Yousafzai in Toronto.

Both the Kashmiri and Sikh Diasporas carried out a protest on January 27, 2013, outside Pearson Convention Center, Brampton, Canada to send a strong message to India's Consulate General who was present. Inside, the Consulate General of India, along with the Indian community, were celebrating India's 64th Republic day.
While they were celebrating, the Indian community forgot that the constitution was rejected by the Sikh Parliamentarians in Indian parliament because the Sikh Homeland Punjab (Khalistan) was merged into the Indian union forcefully, without any vote for the right to self-determination or referendum. Besides, when the draft was developed, Sikhs were deprived of their identity and were homogenized as long haired Hindus. More than six decades after this event, 270,000 Sikhs have been mercilessly killed and their religious centers including The Darbar Sahib Complex, Amritsar, also mistakenly known as Golden Temple Complex, was desecrated and destroyed in an 'undeclared' war on the Sikh Nation. This took place in the form of the brutal military "Operation Bluestar" of June 1984. The Indian government has ignored the reality that Punjab had been the sovereign territory of the Sikhs for centuries (1799 to 14th March, 1849) and, the Sikhs have been "Struggling to regain their lost sovereignty since 14th March, 1849, under the guidance of the teachings of their Respected Guru Sahebaans, inscribed in the Blissful Guru Granth Sahib. The Brahmins-Hindus' masters of Indian Congress have wiped off the map the sovereign Sikh Homeland Punjab (Khalistan) as well as Sikh Nation, the First Sovereign and Secular nation of the South Asian region.
Similarly, India occupied Manwadar, Junagarah, Hyderabad, and on October 27, 1947, forty two thousand square miles of the state of Jammu and Kashmir while enslaving its people. Kashmir is a state predominantly inhabited by Muslims. Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, the then Prime Minister of India took the matter to the United Nations which passed a resolution that the fate of the state of Jammu and Kashmir should be decided by plebiscite. To this day the Indian government is using false pretenses in order to avoid plebiscite which would have the destiny of the state decided by the democratic wishes of its citizens. In over six decades, the Indian government has killed over 200,000 citizens in the state and there is not one day that goes by in which the Indian government forgoes all its means in order to suppress the populace from their right of self determination and ultimate freedom.
The Indian government which is an illegal occupier is strategically trying to dictate the terms of settlement of this issue. It is arguing that for a plebiscite to take place that Pakistan should withdraw its forces from Azad Kashmir despite the fact that the entire state was to accede to Pakistan and is legally the territory of Pakistan. Thus, we can see how India as an occupier is attempting ignore the fact that it is the occupier and diverting the onus to the Pakistani state. This argument is extremely flawed as the entire state of Jammu and Kashmir and its citizens are Pakistani territory and citizens respectively. India is vehemently arguing this stance as a means to complicate the simple issue of plebiscite that must take place. Its stand exposes the mass hypocrisy and democratic deficit in the Indian state. To put into context, this argument is synonymous with Pakistan invading half of Delhi and six decades later propagating to the international community that India should withdraw from the other half in order to administer a plebiscite on the ground. In reality, the Indian state should have sanctions placed on it for behaving as a rogue state in the international system and should compensate the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir and the Pakistan state for the massive material and human rights costs that it has caused.

Our America: California
Somali Woman Got 8 Years for Sending $1450 to Somalia.

She was arrested in November 2010 and sentenced in December 2012 to eight years in prison.

It appears from newspaper reports that she admitted sending the money to help the struggle of the Somali people.

[Compare this with the millions America's Jews send every year to the terrorist entity known as Israel. In addition, the news of this shameful verdict was not allowed to become national news. Zionist control of the media is not a conspiracy theory. It's a fact.

How can Obama claim that he is not making war on Islam. Al-Shabab are not fightinhg America.]

Please write to Sis. Nima at this address:

Nima Ali Yusuf #22965-298
MCC San Diego, 808 Union Street, San Diego, CA 92101

Pakistan: Photo from Anwar Niazi.

We have received a Photo which shows Syed Munawar Hasan, Jamaate Islami's ameer, addressing huge gathering of students in Peshawar. These are ARKAN or full members of Islami Jamiate Talaba.
Munawar Hasan is teaching peaceful but non-compromising struggle to change Pakistan through the electoral process. It will be very difficult owing to the violent gangster group in power in Karachi, Pakistan's biggest city.
 Munawar Hasan in Karachi Pakistan | click to see original size

2013-02-03 Sun 10:27:16 cst