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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Rabi al-Awwal 6, 1434/ January 19, 2013 # 3

African American intellectual Dr. Wilmer Leon, concedes President Obama's achievements but notes the deep ironies at inauguration time which might be set to ruin his presidency. He has forgotten his support base. Brilliant, thoughtful article. Please scroll to end.

Canada's injustice against political prisoner Momin Khawaja has gone beyond all limits. He got a life sentence for a victimless non-violent "crime." Canada thinks Muslims will remain silent. Take a few minutes to reach out to Canada. Please scroll to end. [Remain polite but firm.]

Imam Badi Ali, National Shoora leader of Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Holds the Mirror to the French

  1. They will defeat us if we allow them to defeat us.

  2. We have leaders who do not have a road map nor a sense of direction.

  3. Politicians are politicking in Washington, DC, but the ones in Paris are busy with cologne and perfume, putting oil in their hair and womanizing.

  4. Surely there are better people than Hollande in France but they are busy cutting their hair and coloring their hair.

  5. I want Sarkozy and Hollande to explain what happened to the slogans of the French revolution: Liberty, Equality, Fraternity. How do they fit into the invasion of Mali.
  6. Small organizations, poorly equipped, have succeeded in making superpowers look like a bunch of fools. The French army looks like a third world bunch of recruits.

  7. For the liberation of Palestine, this is a good lesson: Small groups can actually confront highly organized and heavily armed forces.

Khutba on Africa
Islamic Texts Connect us with Africa: Invasion of Mali & Algerian-French Collusion condemned

On January 18, the Juma' Khutba was given in central Baltimore [Maryland] by Br. Kaukab Siddique. It was very well received. Here are the main points for countrywide distribution.

  1. The Qur'an says that Allah created the human being from dust, from clay, and from black mud. Thus we are all by origin Black regardless of what color we may have now.

  2. The founder of the holiest city of Islam, Makkah, was an African woman, Hajira, r.a.

  3. The first hijra was to Africa and those who did the first hijra included those most beloved of Muhammad, pbuh, including his daughter Ruqayya, r.a., and his son in law Usman, r.a.

  4. The Negus of Ethiopia embraced Islam. His passing away was known to the Prophet, pbuh, by wahy [revelation] and the Prophet, pbuh, prayed janazah ghaibana for him, which is the basis of prayer in absentia in Hadith.

  5. To make the connection absolutely clear, Muhammad, pbuh, married an African woman, Maria, r.a., a Christian who embraced Islam. His son from her, Ibrahim, died as a baby and again this is related to the Hadith about the eclipse. This was the rare occasion when Muhammad, pbuh, wept, affirming his humanity.

  6. Part II

  7. When the people of Africa became uncaring about the study of Qur'an and Hadith, they were enslaved and conquered by the Europeans who divided Africa among themselves.

  8. With the growth of nationalist movements and the impact of World War II, the Europeans withdrew but they left behind local rulers who looked African but were mentally "White." and enslaved.

  9. Africa is the richest continent in the world but its wealth is in the hands of Europeans, be it gold, uranium, diamonds, rubber or coffee.

  10. Islam is resurgent again in Africa and there have been peaceful movements in Egypt and Tunisia and armed uprisings in Algeria, Somalia, parts of Nigeria, and now most important of all in MALI.

  11. The Europeans are uniting to crush the Islamic people of northern Mali. The French aggressors are bombing Mali and have landed several thousand troops to occupy Mali. The french are backed by Israel, UK, Italy and USA. Algeria is supporting France.

  12. All the puppet rulers of Africa planted by the West are rushing to help the French.

  13. The Nigerians are in the lead in this puppetry. The Nigeria army, from top to toe is funded, armed and supported by the USA and Israel. They have been massacring supporters of an Islamic movement in northern Nigeria, sending tanks into mosques and ruthlessly shot down Yusuf, the muttaqi leader of Boko Haram and hundreds of his unarmed supporters.

  14. Algeria a few years back ruthlessly crushed an elected Islamic movement known as FIS. Seldom has history seen such brutality. With 100% support of France, the Algerian army killed more than a hundred thousand Muslims. The army used death squads and slit the throats of little children and hijabi women and claimed that it had been done by Islamic terrorists.

  15. Washington Post supported the Algerian lies, just as today the NY Times, NPR and BBC are calling the people of Mali 'terrorists.' Only when Algerian intelligence officers defected, it became known that the children and women had been killed by the regime, not by the Islamics.

  16. The French bomb Mali. Obvious to everyone, it is State Terrorism. The US supports the French terrorist bombing. Now we have the Islamic takeover of French related gas installations in Algeria and USA is screaming "they are terrorists."

  17. Pray for the victory of Islam in Africa. Inshallah, the future of Africa is with Islam, not the grave worshipping "islam" but the authentic Islam of the Qur'an and the Hadith.

Note: In the incident in Algeria, Mokhtar Bel Mokhtar, the mujahid leader, called on the US to exchange his two American captives with the Blind Shaykh Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman and Dr. Aafia Siddiqui. The US refused the offer.

Muhammad, pbuh, is dearer to us than our own lives:
Sis. Aisha Munawar Hasan, Pakistani Woman leader.

At the start of the month of Rabi al-Awwal during which Muslims remember the birth of the last messenger and prophet of Allah, Muhammad, pbuh, a large gathering was addressed in Lahore by Aisha Hasan, a top leader of Jamaate Islami's women's wing.
Sis. Aisha said that nothing is dearer to us than the messenger of Allah, pbuh. He is the example for us in every aspect of life. That is why, she added, the evil forces in the West are attacking the Prophet, pbuh. Just as physically we are attacked by US drones, spiritually we are assaulted by those who insult our leader Muhammad Mustafa, pbuh.
She urged Muslim men and women to vow to bring themselves nearer to the example of the messenger of Allah, pbuh and to oppose Zionism and Imperialism.

Photo shows rally of Pakistani women supporting Jamaate Islami movement for peaceful Islamic transformation.

Pakistani women supporting Jamaate Islami movement

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Urges Boycott of Israel

Are you helping to feed Israeli Occupation?
by Sis. Sherry Garris [Virginia]
Pepsico "spun off" a resturaunt chain in 1997 called Tricon Global Restaurants Inc., since renamed YUM! Brands. By definition of "spin off" Pepsico is still the parent company with equal stocks in the YUM! company. The shareholders of Pepsico Inc., including Strauss Group ( aka Israel) received 0.1 shares of YUM! Brands for every share of Pepsico they owned. Strauss Group owns 50% of Pepsico!
A "spin off" is when a division of a company becomes an independent business but maintaining shareholder rights with the parent company receiving equal shares in the new company. The ownership of the original and spun off companies are identical.YUM! Brands which include Pizza Hut, Taco Bell and KFC has a lifetime contract with Pepsico with a few contract exceptions with HMSHost (airports and highway food service company) and college-operated locations who are contracted with Coca Cola.
And, with the majority of these restaurants contracted to serve pepsi products for life it is definitely beneficial to Israel to eat at these places! Why would you want to feed your children food whose profits go to support the Genocidal Occupation of other children! Its easy just eat somewhere else!
Be good and strong in your choices. Set an example for others to follow! Our Ummah is large and growing! If all muslims just say NO!!! to buying products which clearly benefit a terrorist regime, we can make a real difference in the quality of life for our brothers and sisters! Do not buy Bombs and Bullets! for Israel!!! This is what feeds the Genocidal Occupation!!! ( Pepsico and spin off)

Our America
A Voice for the Voiceless: Let Justice be done.
America's Top Imam: Jamil al-Amin Should be re-Tried and Released
by Obaid Siddiqui [Philadelphia, Pennsylvania]

[Br. Obaid is a freelance writer and independent journalist based in Philadelphia. He is a contributor to the anthology "All-American: 45 American Men on Being Muslim."

 H Rap Brown / Al-Amin May 1967

His voice had power. His booming delivery was infused with rousing socio-political rhetoric. With a rhythmic cadence, tone, and inflection, his voice kept a beat. It emboldened a generation of black youth, and frightened the white establishment. His voice organized black voters in rural southern towns. It later pushed drug dealers and prostitutes out of his Atlanta community. As he aged, the provocative rhetoric gave way to a mellow, measured and direct recital of religious discipline. He traded his iconic black beret and black sunglasses for a knitted kufi and wire-rimmed glasses. Despite his garb, at a lean 6'5", he always cut an imposing figure - a revolutionary unafraid to speak truth to power.
But now, that voice has been muted; muzzled underneath the wailing screams of the mentally ill as they bang on the walls of their prison cells - walls on to which they spread their feces. Men who mutilate their bodies with and swallow razors, shards of glass, sharpened chicken bones and writing utensils howl and weep at all hours of the day and night. It is within these hellish confines that a Civil Rights icon sits shackled in an underground cell. Silenced.
Let me declare before the families of these men, before the state, and any who would dare to know the truth, that I neither shot nor killed anyone. I am innocent...
For over 10 years now, Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin has been under perpetual solitary confinement, for usually 23 hours a day with almost no human contact. Al-Amin, once known as H. Rap Brown during his involvement in the Civil Rights Movement, is now referred to as 99974-555 - his inmate register number at the federally run Administrative Maximum Facility (ADX) Penitentiary in Florence, Colorado. He is serving a life sentence for a crime many people believe he never committed.
Al-Amin was convicted of murdering a deputy sheriff and wounding another during a gun fight in March of 2000 and was sentenced to life in prison two years later. Then, on July 30 into August 1 of 2007, Al-Amin was secretly transferred overnight to the super-maximum security ADX prison, without the knowledge of his family or legal counsel. It is there where he now resides, 1,400 miles away from home, shackled in that underground cell. Although housed in a federal facility, Al-Amin is imprisoned on state charges and is still being paid for by Georgia state tax payers.
Al-Amin has always maintained his innocence. In a statement released after his arrest, he wrote:
Let me declare before the families of these men, before the state, and any who would dare to know the truth, that I neither shot nor killed anyone. I am innocent...I am one with the grief of this mother and father at the loss of their son. I am joined at the heart with this widow and her children at the loss of a husband and a father. I drink from the same bitter cup of sorrow as the siblings at the loss of a beloved brother. I am powerless to do anything to ease your pain and suffering except pray that Allah comforts you in your hour of need and grants you peace for the remainder of your days.
Later, prior to his trial, a gag order was imposed on Al-Amin, preventing him from professing his innocence outside of the trial. Even now, a request sent to the ADX prison to interview Al-Amin has gone unanswered.
To give a voice back to the man who once vociferously spoke for the voiceless, over 200 supporters of Al-Amin gathered under the dome of the Georgia State Capital building in Atlanta for a national day of action on March 19, 2012. The rally, which featured many speakers including former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark and Imam Zaid Shakir, was coordinated to demand that Al-Amin be released from federal detainment and transferred back to the Georgia State Prison in Reidsville, Georgia.

"We're certain the F.B.I. has a role in (his transfer to the federal prison)" said Heather Gray, host of the Just Peace radio program on WRFG in Atlanta and an organizer of the rally. The F.B.I.'s presence in the conviction of Al-Amin has been visible since the beginning, where "the F.B.I. met with the judge in her chambers during the trial," said Gray. Gray, who also serves on the board of directors for WRFG and Pacifica National Radio, has been involved in the Civil Rights Movement and started publicizing Al-Amin's case at the request of his late brother, Ed Brown. Brown and Gray worked together during the anti-apartheid movement and then again soon after Al-Amin was arrested over a decade ago. "[His transfer] seems to be a punitive thing, not based on anything he's done in prison," said Gray.
Indeed, Al-Amin has been the focus of federal surveillance since the 1960's. In an August, 1967, letter to all F.B.I. offices focusing the infamous Counter-Intelligence Program (COINTELPRO) against "Black Nationalist Hate Groups," J. Edgar Hoover specifically called out H. Rap Brown and three other men - Stokely Carmichael, Elijah Muhammad, and Maxwell Stanford - as targets of the program. The surveillance continued throughout the 1990's, as the F.B.I. placed informants in Al-Amin's Atlanta community to try and connect him with criminal activity. Despite developing a 44,000-page file on Al-Amin, the F.B.I. was unable to pin a single charge on him - until his murder conviction and subsequent move to the federal ADX prison.
Throughout his incarceration in solitary confinement, which according to Mauri' Salaakhan, a human rights activist and Director of The Peace and Justice Foundation in Washington, D.C., "violates Al-Amin's constitutional rights of (being subjected) to cruel and unusual punishment," Al-Amin maintains his innocence and mental clarity. "Despite the brutal conditions, he's holding up well. He's a man of deep faith. He has a strong constitution," said Salaakhan, who has been closely following the case since he released a booklet in 2002, "The Case of Imam Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin: Is it a Government Conspiracy?" The brutal conditions Salaakhan mentions are now the subject of a June 2012 class-action lawsuit brought against the ADX prison for its inhumane treatment of mentally ill inmates.
The organizers of and speakers at the rally aim to petition the state of Georgia to stop spending state tax-payer dollars to incarcerate Al-Amin in the federal ADX prison in Colorado. According to Bethany Whetzel, assistant counsel for the Georgia Department of Corrections, the current per diem rate to house Al-Amin at the federal ADX prison is $80.04 - over $140,000 to date. The office of Georgia Governor Nathan Deal refused to comment on the situation. "It's a two-prong approach" Salaakhan said. The first step is to bring Al-Amin back to Georgia; the second step is to petition the state courts for a retrial in order to free him.
The second step has been tasked, among others, to C. Allen Garrett Jr., a partner at the law firm of Kilpatrick Townsend & Stockton (KT&S). Garrett, based in Atlanta, has been working on Al-Amin's case pro-bono since 2007. The law firm originally was assigned Al-Amin's case when he brought a suit against the warden of the Georgia State Prison, Hugh Smith, and other prison officials for illegally opening mail from his legal counsel, which is protected by attorney-client privileges.
As he researched the case, Garrett, and lead counsel and senior partner at KT&S, A. Stephens Clay, discovered retaliatory actions on the part of prison officials against Al-Amin. Moreover, they came across the work of G. Terry Jackson and Linda Sheffield, Al-Amin's attorneys from his state appeal case in 2007. Jackson, who passed away in March of 2012, and Sheffield found major flaws with the initial trial in 2002 and revealed important evidence that was never presented. Jackson's and Sheffield's discovery uncovered what Garrett refers to as the "ineffective assistance of counsel" on the part of Al-Amin's original defense team, thus leading Garrett to file various petitions with the state of Georgia for a retrial based on ignored evidence.
Al-Amin's petition for a retrial sits with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Georgia, which issued an order on July 3, 2012, directing the respondents (Georgia state Attorney General, Samuel Olens; ADX Warden, Blake Davis; and Georgia Department of Corrections Commissioner, Brian Owens) to address why Al-Amin's challenge should not be granted. On August 17, the respondents replied by dismissing Al-Amin's claims and urged the court to deny a retrial.
Now, within a federal facility reserved for the most dangerous criminals who pose a national and international security threat, Al-Amin must quietly await a court to once again rule on his fate. That fate, which is linked to an inconsequential traffic stop in 1999, was put into motion during his role as a Civil Rights leader, when he first garnered the watchful eye of the federal authorities.

Our Amertica
It's not Easy to Please Obama: Egypt's Morsi retreats on Anti-Israel Remarks but ...

Obama is pressing President Morsi to ensure that anti-Israel remarks are not repeated.
Here is an extract from the Israeli paper Haaretz of January 17 which notes Morsi's remarks in 2010 and his current position.

"In the video, Morsi refers to "Zionists" as "bloodsuckers who attack Palestinians" as well as "the descendants of apes and pigs." He says Egyptians should nurse their children on "hatred for them: for Zionists, for Jews. They must be breast-fed hatred." He also calls President Barack Obama a liar.

Morsi has promised to abide by Egypt's 1979 peace treaty with Israel and has continued security cooperation with Israel over the volatile Sinai Peninsula and their border. In November, Morsi brokered a truce between the Jewish state and Gaza's Hamas rulers in November, a feat that won him warm praise from the Americans."

In Search of Justice for Mohammad Momin Khawaja in Canada, Against Supreme Court of Canada final verdict of December 14, 2012
In March 2004, when arrested on bogus accusations of "terrorism', M. Momin Khawaja was 23 years old, recent graduate in computer science, hafiz of al-Qura'an and active community worker. In March 2009, the trial judge sentenced Momin Khawaja to 10.5 (ten and half years) with 5 years to serve for parole eligibility accused of "terrorism" in Canada and abroad. But there was no tangible evidence except his e-mails to prosecute him in a court of law. When in 2008, he was tried in Canada, he had already spent almost five years in detention but was not credited for this time as most inmates are under the laws. The trial Judge acquitted him of terrorism charge related to London Bomb accusation due to lack of evidence - this was the focal point of the prosecution. A US informant turned witness Junaid Babur testified in the trial that Momin Khawaja had no involvement in any bomb making nor had knowledge of the London Khyam group terrorist plan.

The original sentence was based that he donated $859. to a Pakistan-based afghan charity fund of displaced women and children that they claim had link to al-qaeda. He attended one day camp in northwest Pakistan, traveled to UK to meet some youngsters who were later charged with certain crimes. This was appealed at the provincial court and three judges extended the original 10.5 years into life time and 24 years sentence without hearing any evidence or facts of the case. The same formula is being used by the Supreme Court to authenticate the previous appeal's verdict and gave him consecutively one life sentence and 24 years to start consecutively with 10 yrs to be served for parole eligibility. There is no surety, he will be allowed for parole. The Supreme Court used the official myth of Islamic terrorism, making claim to be sending a strong message to all concerned. There is no "terrorism" flourishing in Canada except propagated by the few warmongers and the war industries. Momin Khawaja has not committed any crimes of terrorism nature, nor harmed anyone anywhere on this planet. His e-mails were used to prosecute him essentially based on thought crime. One of the Supreme Court judges hearing the appeal, made it known that there was no crime committed by him (Momin) nor charged to be given the life sentence. Few others judges had similar questioning of the previous unfair verdict. Yet, all have signed the final verdict.
It demonstrates built-in prejudice and unfair treatment towards Muslims and the people of Arab origins mostly covered by the term "terrorism."
We request all concerned citizens of the global humanity to write to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada and to the Prime Minister of Canada asking to revisit the case or other legal options to deliver justice. The important points should be

  1. What rational or justifiable criteria is implied to deliver an exceptionally harsh and unfair sentence to Momin Khawaja? The original sentence of 10.5 yrs was increased to a life plus 24 years consecutively to be served with 10 years for parole. The final judgment lacked any evidence-based reasoning to substantiate the conclusion except political and religious animosity.

  2. Momin Khawaja was acquitted by the trial judge of involvement in the London bomb plot. He has no criminal record and never posed any threat or violence to anybody on this planet.

  3. Momin was not considered for double credits of the time served (9 years) as it is applicable to all inmates under the Canadian laws and justice system.

  4. There were wide range of opinions and discussions amongst the judges at the final Supreme Court hearing in June 2012, questioning the previous unfair verdict of the Ontario Appeal Court. But at the end, they all signed the document perpetuated most unfair and unjust conclusion lacking evidence and rational justification.

  5. There is no balancing act between the original sentence of 10.5 (ten and a half years sentence with 5 years for parole) and unusually increased harsh sentence to Life with 24 years to be served consecutively - 10 years for parole. This is clearly a travesty of justice.

  6. The writer should ask the Chief Justice and the Prime Minister (politely and logically) to review the case and to deliver justice based on the merits of the case. Surely, public concerns will have direct impact. Both addresses are as follows:

Right Honorable Beverley McLachlin, P.C.
Chief Justice, Supreme Court of Canada
301 Wellington Street, Ottawa, OntarioK1A 0J1Canada
Fax: 1- 613-941-5817
Right Honorable Mr. Stephen Harper
Prime Minister of Canada, Office of the Prime Minister
80 Wellington Street
Ottawa, ONK1A 0A2 Canada
Fax: 1- 613-941-6900

President Obama's Second Term: Symbolic or Ironic?
by Dr. Wilmer Leon
On Sunday, January 20th at 12:00pm, America's 44th President, Barack Obama will be sworn in for his second term. The public celebration of his inauguration will take place on Monday, January 21st which is also the legal public holiday celebrating the life of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Many see the public swearing in of the first president who is African American taking place on the same day we celebrate the life of one of the greatest Americans as another invaluable symbol, a breakthrough for America, a double helix. Some see the reelection of President Obama as the realization of Dr. King's "Dream", while others see the inauguration as an incredible irony, an incongruity between the literal and the implied meaning of the events.
The symbolic significance of the reelection of President Obama cannot be understated. It took this country 219 years to elect its first African-American president (George Washington was elected in 1789). In spite of Americas schizophrenic perspective on "race" (race is really an artificial construct) this country swore in its first president who is African American on January 20, 2009. As I reflect upon the historic election of Senator Obama, my thoughts go to the Constitution and three specific provisions:
  1. Article 1, Section 2, the Three Fifths Compromise;

  2. Article 1, Section 9 which allowed for the importation of slaves for 21 years after the Constitution was ratified;

  3. Article 4, Section, the Fugitive Slave Clause that allowed for escaped slaves to be returned to slaveholders.
These constitutional provisions come to mind since they were the legal and conceptual foundations of the oppression that Africans in America, and later African-Americans, have been subjected to since the founding of this nation. The election and re-election of President Obama does represent how far African Americans have come.
The Obama administration has done great work. The President is able to claim a number of legislative successes during its first term. For example, the Obama Administration passed or supported:
These are all significant actions and should be recognized as such.
Some see President Obama as the fulfillment of Dr. King's "Dream." Not so fast! Never confuse a down payment with the balance being paid in full. The "Dream" was never about electing an African-American president. The Dream was about freedom, justice and equality for the least of us so that the true meaning of the American creed could be enjoyed by all of us. As Dr. King said, "And if America is to be a great nation, this must become true."

We must always remember that before Dr. King made reference to "The Dream" he said, "But one hundred years later, the Negro still is not free... the life of the Negro is still sadly crippled by the manacles of segregation and the chains of discrimination...the Negro lives on a lonely island of poverty in the midst of a vast ocean of material prosperity...the Negro is still languishing in the corners of American society and finds himself an exile in his own land."

Hence, the irony of America publically swearing in its first president who is African American for his second term on the legal public holiday celebrating the life of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is that the nightmarish conditions that led to articulation of The Dream still exist in America today!

The Dream cannot be fulfilled when a candidate for president has to run a deracialized campaign in order to make the masses comfortable with the obvious aesthetic. The second inauguration of President Obama does not negate the reality of Driving While Black. It does not erase the fact that unemployment in America is 7.8% but over 17% for African Americans. We cannot ignore the fact that African Americans make up 13% of the population and 53% of those incarcerated. Dr. King's dream was about using the power of government and its resources to eradicate poverty yet today 14.5% of U.S. households—nearly 49 million Americans, including 16.2 million children—struggle to put food on the table. Nearly one in three African American and Latino children is at risk of hunger. All of this while conservatives want to destroy the public safety net and create a permanent underclass in this country.

It is ironic that in spite of these stark realities for the poor in America and specifically the poor in African American communities, African Americans gave President Obama 95% of its support and none of these issues were addressed during the 2012 presidential campaign. As leaders of an invaluable political constituency too many in African American leadership are either unwilling or unable to challenge this president to use his bully pulpit to address them
It is also ironic that as we celebrate the civil rights legacy of Dr. King, a man who vehemently opposed the War in Vietnam, President Obama has a "kill list'. He supports warrantless wiretapping, the indefinite detention of American citizens, drone attacks that kill innocents through collateral damage and the assassination of American citizens any place in the world without judicial review.

The president can proclaim his support for Israel to all corners of the world. He can support marriage equality; immigration reform and through executive order support the Dream Act but African Americans are supposed to sit quietly and Hope for Change.

Never confuse a down payment with the balance being paid in full. This inauguration is a great step forward in America but remember, we have miles to go before we sleep.

Dr. Wilmer Leon is the Producer/ Host of the nationally broadcast call-in talk radio program "Inside the Issues with WilmerLeon," and a Teaching Associate in the Department of Political Science at HowardUniversity in Washington, D.C. Go to, , email:

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