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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Safar 22, 1434/ January 5, 2013 # 1

Sad news from Pakistan: Pakistan TV and BBC report: January 5: Senior Jamaate Islami leader and former ameer of Jamaate Islami Qazi Hussain Ahmad passed away on January 5. He was known for his piety and wit, for his compassion, tolerance, opposition to imperialism and zionism and love of Allah. He was 74. Large crowds are gathering for his funeral to be held on January 6.

Leading the protests online to rape of India's women. See articles by Sis. Aalani {Indian origin Muslimah in Canada] and Dr. Javed Jamil, India's leading Islamic intellectual. Must read. Please scroll to end.
Also Dr. Jamil's critique of capitalism in India [see his photo at awards ceremony.]

Breaking news #1: January 4 Crowds gathered in Southern Waziristan, Pakistan, to mourn latest drone attacks which have killed Islamic leader Maulvi Nazir and 15 others, including Uzbek Islamics. The crowds of mourners in Wana city called on the UN to declare the US a terrorist state. Great article by Irish writer on the latest drone attacks in Yemen and Pakistan. Please scroll way down.

Breaking News #2: January 5: Syria. The battle for Damascus is raging in 6 suburbs of the capital city. The Assad air force is still taking off and bombing the opposition. The death count from Assad's attempts to slaughter the peoploe is averaging about 100 a day. Both in the Damascus suburbs and in Aleppo, the mujahideen are holding their ground. They are led by al-Nusra [admirers of Shaykh Osama]. They have denied Assad reports that the leader of al-Nusra has been killed. They point out that he is a Syrian and is very much alive. In Homs, in one area the Alawites with tanks broke through and executed several hundred civilians for supporting the uprising. [An American listing known as The Ugly Truth has published a video from Syria which shows al-Nusra mujahideen praising Shaykh Osama and the 19 who hit America on 9.11. No wonder McCain is urging America to arm the secular opposition, otherwise the Islamics will take over.]

Breaking News #3[Thanks to Salim Mansur Khalid via Bangla sources.]

Crushing peaceful and unarmed protests.

Bangladesh: January 5: Police invaded a gathering of women's organizations at the Dhaka Press Club and arrested 15 women, including three prominent women leaders. They had gathered to protest the arrest of 20 Islamic women in Rajshahi [which New Trend reported last week] who had been protesting the bogus trials of Islamic Bangla leaders like Prof. Ghulam Azam & Sayyedi etc.
On January 2, unarmed and peaceful Islamic youths came out in rallies held in Dhaka and Rajshahi. They were protesting the bogus pro-India trials of Islamic leaders of the international calibre of Prof Ghulam Azam. The unarmed protestors were ferociously attacked by police. Fifty of them were wounded and 15 arrested in Dhaka and 8 arrested in Rajshahi.
Turkey, in the spirit of Islamic brotherhood, has protested against the fraud Bangladeshi trials. A rally to support Bangla Islamics has been held in Malaysia.
[NT editor's comment: Beware of consequences. Bangla secular regime is intensely pro-India. It is crushing peaceful protests by unarmed Islamics. This could open the way to armed conflict. Islamic people will not allow such great and innocent scholars of Bangladesh to be treated like criminals. After 40 years, the dastardly pro-India regime decided to scapegoat. Islamic people. New Trend asks: One consequence should be an international trial of MUKTI BAHINI, pro-India Hindu-oriented paramilitaries who slaughtered tens of thousands of Muslims just because they were "Biharis." We urge Bangla pro-India secularists not to tangle with Islam. Millions of Islamic Bengalis will rise up, inshallah, and sweep away the pro-India clique once the people see that the trials are a fraud.

Outreach to Arab Americans & immigrants from Africa
Khutba to 700 Muslims by Dr. Kaukab Siddique: Time of Fitna in USA.
Understand the tragic transformation of America and defeat the forces of evil.

On January 4, 2013 Dr. Kaukab Siddique gave his first khutba of this year in Greensboro, North Carolina. Owing to the efforts of Imam Badi Ali and his team of dedicated workers, the community has grown and more than 700 people, mostly from Arab and African countries attended the Juma' and listened to Dr. Siddique with rapt attention. Afterwords a whole line of people of various nationalities shook his hand and thanked him. Here are some of the main points.

  1. The forces of shaitan are rampaging through this country. It is becoming impossible to know who is good and who is corrupt.

  2. The meaning of the slaughter of little children in Newtown, Connecticut.

  3. The meaning of Sandusky, top sports supervisor & his molestation of children.

  4. The countrywide use of liquor and the destruction of decency.

  5. Insults against Jesus and Moses [peace be on them] by Zionists and Jews like Colbert and Jon Stewart.

  6. The legitimization of homosexuality and random sex by the President of this country.

  7. Support for an evil entity like Israel.

  8. Jewish-zionist-homosexual control of the media.

  9. Violence against women.

  10. Only Islam can defeat evil of this magnitude. We should study the hadith about Dajjal, the great deceiver.

  11. America has taken three good points from America: Punctuality, hard work and charitable funding.

  12. If we give America the totality of Islam, there will be a moral revolution here.

  13. Our young girls should become like Asma, r.a., the daughter of Abu Bakr, r.a

  14. We must understand mass media and help our children to understand how it works.

  15. Interracial marriage is extremely important. Thus the Prophet, pbuh, turned enemies into great supporters.

An invitation to think from Imam Badi Ali. Scholars who support those in Power but Criticize them AFTER they loose power.

Spotlight #1. A big flood can originate from a small hole. A big fire can come from a spark

#2: A beautiful word of praise needs a beautiful ear to hear and understand.

#3: Advice is sometimes like a bomb. If it does not explode now, it might explode later.

#4: Those scholars who praised Qaddafi, Bashar, Mubarak and even the Coptic Pope started denigrading them after they fell. What kind of aqeedah is this: upside down.

#5. With every tear from a child's eye, every little drop of blood in unnecessary conflict, one wonders about the Arab possession of immense oil wealth. How can such great misery coexist with such great wealth.

#6. The Arab rulers love skyscrapers, these huge buildings challenging the sky. Don't forget that they were built with foreign hands, foreign minds and Arab money.

#7: Notice that without any message, our land is becoming a land for any message. We have French fries, hamburgers and jeans.

#8: Some people think with their stomach. If it is full, they are okay regardless of what is happening.

#9: A belief system will only be successful if we work for it. Have you done your homework?

#10: Time is a great resource. New year means we have lost a year. You can't bring back time.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen's Boycott of Israel-related businesses
Pepsico Group and Strauss Group
by Sis. Sherry Garris [Virginia]

The partnership of these two companies has been in existence since 2008. "Strauss Group acts in cooperation with the Pepsico Group in two central areas-Israel and the U.S.
In Israel, Strauss is a 50% partner in Pepsico." As well as, "Pepsico and Strauss have operated a successful joint venture in the United States and Canada called Sabra Dipping Company." Also, the companies have expanded their dips and spreads partnership in 2011 to include the Obela brand. Both companies have an equal 50% stake in this this venture as well.

Some of the products which consumers purchase daily are as follows; Lays, Ruffles, Sun ships Quaker oatmeal and granola bars, the popular Cap n Crunch and Life cereals, Lipton teas, Tropicana, Aunt Jemima, Sobe, AMP chewing gum, as well as various sodas Go to for a complete list!
I know the list is exstenive. But, if you can substitute these products for less exspensive store brands
you can make a real difference in the lives of those who suffer at the armed hands of the Israeli Occupation!

We must teach our children by example I tell my children why we don't buy these products. And, in turn they teach their friends and in the future their own children!
Allah Hafez!

Lies Agreed Upon: Thought Control by Zionists.
Israel, a Pariah state losing legitimacy even in Ameriica.

by Sis. Karen English [Los Angeles]
In New Guinea there is a word for a truth that everybody knows but nobody speaks: Mokita. In the official discourse surrounding Palestine—Gaza in particular—politicians, President Obama, and the media speak from a phony script full of false vocabulary, false assertions, and deliberate omissions...all lies agreed upon.
As soon as a "crisis" erupts in the region, the phony narrative clicks into place and the Sunday morning roundtables commence with everyone speaking their lines from the official script. Israel's aggressions, the cruel economic blockade of Gaza resulting in malnutrition or anemia in nearly half of the region's children, the targeted assassinations... Everything is ignored. Noam Chomsky calls Gaza, "the world's largest open-air prison."
We're subjected to words like conflict as if the systematic oppression and brutalization of an entire people is just a disagreement between two equal parties.
Then are those calls for a truce. Pure political theater. Imagine calls for a truce between blacks during the time of apartheid and the white apartheid government. Would such a phrase have applied?
Often there's the discussion of the two state solution: Another phony phrase. There is no real possibility of that. And the term implies that there's legitimacy in the illegal, criminal land grab that's been going on for decades. As an innocuous, superficial model of this theft, imagine you have a house. Guests have come to visit. Little by little they begin to take over your house until you're left with a fourth of the kitchen, half of the bathroom, and a corner of a bedroom. As time goes on, these people begin to gobble up a bit of your quarter of the kitchen, half of your half of the bathroom, and half of your corner of the bedroom. Is there a possibility of a two house solution? Of course, in the official narrative facts are conveniently omitted.
Then there's always the mention of the peace process. This term is a joke. It's hard to see how anyone can keep a straight face uttering these words. This process has been going on at a snail's pace deliberately for decades. It's full of starts and stops. Long stops. It is basically a stalling mechanism that sufficiently puts things on hold while Israel builds more and more settlements to make its goal of Eretz Israel a fait accompli.
Israel's right to defend herself. Obama is always spouting this or a variation of this. It is the most disingenuous of assertions. In 2004, the International Court of Justice found that as an occupying power, Israel's right to defend itself under a UN Charter provision does not apply against those living under its rule. The assaults on Gaza and its population are not acts of self-defense. I'm sure Obama knows this. In fact, UN General Assembly Resolution 2625 "affirms the legitimacy of the struggle of peoples under colonial and alien domination recognized as being entitled to the right of self-determination to restore to themselves that right by any means at their disposal."
Alhamdullilah, Israel's ability to paint herself as the victim is on the wane. Almost no one but the ignorant and the willingly obtuse believes that Israel is a victim. That stance is falling apart even among ordinary Americans. One indication of this was what happened in St. Louis, Missouri in on December 19, 2012. A group of American citizens showed up at a standing room only meeting in the mayor's office for the St. Louis City Board of Estimate & Apportionment to protest the approval of a city contract with Veolia Water. They managed to get the vote delayed until there could be a full investigation into the company's history and practice of ethnic discrimination and abuses in Palestine.
More and more Israel is becoming a pariah state because of her apartheid practices. Her special status (propped up by the holocaust) is diminishing. The mainstream media's tired jargon is increasingly transparent and a step behind the times.
The litany of false terms and assertions, and the official narrative are being seen increasingly for what they are—just lies agreed upon

Letter: Including Emir of Qatar in list of Idiots is unjustified

The amir of Qatar and the rest know very well their countries are not independent of USA.
He is the brainchild behind Al Jazeera. Also he cleverly hosts various islamists like Qaradawi, Ramadan, at the same maintaining Salafi popularity. He openned the way to Gaza via the Rafa crossing - something he got praised for by the Gazans (and mentioned in New Trend). Riskily he militarily backed the anti-Ghadafi forces and the rebels in Syria. Risky because the country can't defend itself without the US, and if big countries decide they want to attack or undermine Qatar there is little that can be done without USA. Also it undermines Qatars role as a sort of neutral territory where everyone can come and have conferences. Finally, he has increased the profile of the tiny country through hosting the world cup - so now you all heard of him, should you punish him by calling him an idiot?

Shoaib Qureshi [UK]

The characteristics of believers are as follows:-
[From Sis. Saba- bil- e- Haq [In Mauritius, Indian Ocean] [Re: Facebook article]

  1. Belief in Tawheed, and a good opinion of God

  2. Repentance

  3. Thinking

  4. Shahada

  5. Attributing loss or gain to Allah

  6. Truthfulness

  7. Trustworthiness

  8. Fulfilling promises

  9. Observing the relations of kin

  10. Being kind to those weaker than ourselves

  11. being good tempered

  12. Using knowledge

  13. Doing good deeds

  14. Perseverance

  15. Certitude

  16. Justice

  17. Jihad

  18. Performing ablutions and praying properly

  19. Paying zakat

  20. Controls tongue;

  21. Overcome anger

  22. repentance

  23. Guiding family members to halal way of living.

Letter: Canada's activist Muslimah says democracy and pluralism failed India's gang raped woman: Time to turn to Allah & Islamic Solution
[Re: New Trend's report on gang rape in India.]
Assalamu Alaikum:Dear Editor:
'BARBARISM & SAVAGERY' The most heartbreaking sad news: "The 23 year old woman gang raped and savagely beaten by 6 youths has died," [Quote from New Trend.]
The barbaric actions of rape and torture of Indian girls by the savage devils has shook the Earth of all 4 corners. We can not only sympathize with the victim families but insist in changing the 'Law' for such evil actions. The extreme sadness is that one of the 3 girls died of gang rape and extreme injuries, the other one committed suicide because the police refused to take her seriously; the other 2 yr old baby died due to the rape.
We are all shocked and shivering to the spine for such barbaric devilish act of 6 devils.
Shall we call it barbarism or what? Don't they fit in the category of 'infidels', evil?
The hateful critics of the Message of GOD in the Quran that gives the permission to catch such infidels and ordained the punishment of death penalty: now let us see what they think about it? Are the so-called pluralists and moderates going to let go such devils?
As a matter of fact these devils should immediately be given the death penalty.
They don't even deserve the defense lawyer or a day in the court, to teach others
a lesson and stop such barbaric lifestyle.
Ironically, this is nothing new in India, or Pakistan, Iran, Africa or any Western Countries, but the Indian women have no 'Voice' or rights to file a complain, in the country best known for democracy, freedom, secularism, pluralism, moderation, yet since centuries the women are either raped, kidnapped, young girls abducted sold or forced to work in the Brothels of the Red light district,beaten on regular basis or burned alive for Dowry, including the forceful female child abortion, which is a sin, and forbidden by the Creator-GOD-Allah.
Such countries have only adopted the 'new fashion clothes' of revealing private body parts (the cultural uniform of Saree was suppose to cover the body but today it is worn by film stars showing nakedness) but hasn't adopted the best of Western services of 'protection' the Transit homes,the Social Services, Save the Women org., freedom of filing official complain of torture, violent forced sexual abuses etc.
Messenger Muhammad (SAWS) said in one of his many Gospels-hadiths to adopt
the good things from others (non-Muslims) and leave the bad things", that is the
requirement of religion of Allah-Creator-GOD, who shows the best of the solutions
and remedies for every A-Z problems, and says: if you have an abusive or problematic husband come to ME and file a complaint with ME too and I will take care of it: and advised to pray to HIM only who can Transform or re-program the brain and send most needed 'HELP'
Let us obtain the real protective divine 'Help', as the worst is to come in future.
"When passing by the Grave one will wish to be in the grave instead of the one in the Grave" (Divine Prophecy).

Sis. Gulshan Aalani [Canada] [The writer is originally from India.]

Goebbels' Place in History
Mark Weber ...The popular image of this man, particularly in the United States, is a crude caricature... Contrary to popular belief, Goebbels was successful as a propagandist not because he was a master of the "Big Lie," but rather as a result of his fidelity to facts and truth. As biographer Heiber notes: "Goebbels was accordingly able to celebrate his information policy as being not only superior to the enemy's in its monolithic character, but also of a 'seriousness and credibility' which `simply cannot be surpassed.' The boast could be made with some justification: Seen in the long view, Goebbels preached, the best propaganda is that which does no more than serve the truth."

Pakistani Rulers - MQM, military and Feudals - Want to Preempt People's rule.
Islamic Leader Munawar Uncovers MQM-Tahir-Military Troika

LAHORE, Jan. 2: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, has said that certain forces, at the behest of foreign powers, were creating uncertain conditions in the country in order to wind up the democratic process.
He has impressed upon the patriotic parties in the country to realize the gravity of the situation and work out a common line of action to meet the situation.
It is the prime duty of the patriotic political and religious parties to agree on one point agenda of and pressurize the government to immediately set up a care taker government and announce the elections schedule, he added.
While talking to different delegations at Mansoora on Wednesday, he warned that if the country was derailed from the path of democracy again, it would be too hard to put it back on the track and the things would go still worse.
Syed Munawar Hasan said that some one would emerge at the national scene all of a sudden, and make threatening statements to change the system. It could be easily understood that there was a conspiracy against the country at the bidding of foreign forces, he added.
In fact, he said, the US planned to pull out of Afghanistan in 2014, but prior to that, it wanted to have full control over Pakistan's politics and government, and to achieve this end, it had activated its agents.
He said, the gang of four ruling the country, the PPP, the MQM, the ANP and the PML(Q) had completely disappointed the masses due to their bad governance, corruption, price hike and lawlessness, and the masses were determined to settle score with them in the elections.
Sensing this, the foreign masters of these rulers had risen up to create instability here. However, the country would not afford anarchy as the sovereignty and solidarity of the country was already threatened.
Syed Munawar Hasan said the threats of converting Islamabad into Tehrir Square and the call to the armed forces to support the revolution, indicated this was a conspiracy to put off the elections and roll back democracy. The MQM, which had been a government ally for years, was also joining hands with Dr Tahirul Qadri's at the bidding of its foreign masters, and had also invited the armed forces to support the move.
He however said, the masses wont tolerate the armed forces' interference because armed forces' meddling in politics in the past had pushed the country to the present situation. Therefore, the people expected the armed forces to restrict themselves to their professional duties and keep aloof from politics.

People of Iraq Rising Up against US-Installed al-Maliki Regime
60,000 people blocked the Fallujah-Ramadi Highway on Friday

 demonstration in Fallujah
Protesters chant slogans against Iraq's US installed regime as they wave national flags during a demonstration in Fallujah, 40 miles west of Baghdad, Iraq, Friday. (Photo: Karim Kadim, AP)

Gang rape: Forgotten Facts
By Dr Javed Jamil
The New Year celebrations were postponed in many places throughout the country as India did not feel like ceebrating in the wake of the gang rape of its "brave daughter" and her subsequent death. That the people felt enraged gives some hope that social vices would now start receiving much greater attention than they get till now. For last 20 years, I have been speaking and writing extensively on commercialization of human susceptibilities particularly alcohol, gambling and commercial sex. I have often felt frustrated why these issues do not jolt even those whose religious consciousness regards them "Prohibited". I am piqued even more now because not even the mass rage against Delhi rape case attracted any debate on the real factors involved in sex related crimes. The whole issue has unfortunately been given a man-woman turn, as if it is only crimes against women that are on the rise and all other crimes have disappeared. Three factors that have been completely sidetracked are:
  1. The failure of judicial system as a whole at the international level in controlling crimes;

  2. The largescale commercialization of sex and its destructive effects; and

  3. The relationship between rapes and alcohol/drugs.
We are living in a world where the more advanced and extensive the judicial system of a country is the more horrendous are its crime statistics. This is true of all the developed countries including US, Eurpea and Australia. In all thee countries, Fear of God and Fear of Law have become too week to have any demeaning effect on crimes. Thanks to the rise of New World Order, the judicial system has not only been catering to the neds of the forces of globalisatiob but has become a big money-spinner, which makes people engaged in the system rich without delievering what it is supposed to it. Despite their horrible failure, they have no dearth of people showering encomium on these systems. No wonder then that rapes are becoming increasingly common throughout the world; and Western countries including USA, France, UK and Australia occupy top ranks in the list of maximum rates of rapes. More than once a minute, 78 times an hour, 1,871 times a day, girls and women in America are raped with more than 90000 raped every year. India with its mixture of Westernise legal systems and fast wesrternising socioeconomic system is also becoming increasingly criminal.
Sex has of course become the pivot on which the wheel of world economy revloves. The merchants want men and women together everywhere to keep the wheel rolling without caring much for their security. They are busy in publishing reports that prostitution and pornography in fact have a depressing effect on the incidence of rapes, as if prostitution and pornography are no crimes themselves. I have seen people arguing for hours to prove that eve teasing is a much bigger crime than rapes, prostitution and promiscuity. I don't blame them because this is the kind of the ideological feedback they get from the media.
In this article however, I would like to focus more on the relationship between alcohol/drugs and all sex related problems including rapes.
It is widely known that alcohol increases the risks of unhealthy sexual behaviour. Studies of AIDS in other countries, such as Thailand, indicate that alcohol consumption influences many dimensions of sexual behaviour. One such study, which included students, soldiers, and clerks revealed that "heavy drinking increased the odds of having had sexual intercourse; increased the odds of having visited prostitutes; and decreased the odds of consistent condom use in sexual encounters with sex workers (VanLandingham and others, 1993)." Another report says, "The relationship between drinking and HIV risk behaviours, such as visiting commercial sex workers or having sex without condoms, is not one of simple causality. It has been argued that drinking behaviour co-occurs with other dangerous factors; such a risk-taking Includes beverages made from sugarcane alcohol and agaves, such as mescal and sotol. Aguardiente means "burning water" (Aledina-Mora, 1999)."
Here are sme of the findings of reports on the relationship between rapes and alcohol:
The effect of alcohol can also be seen in the cases of abuses. The National Incidence of Child Abuse and Neglect reported that "there is certainly a reason to suppose the number of cases of actual abuse might be rising, since child abuse could be expected to rise when drug and alcohol abuse were increasing and when broken homes were becoming more complex."
The Effects of Alcohol on Men
A report sumsup the effects of alcohol on men and women in terms of their sexual behaviour:

"Men expect to feel more powerful, sexual and aggressive after drinking alcohol. Expectancies have power of their own, independent of any genuine physiological processes. When people expect a certain outcome, they tend to act in ways that enhance the likelihood that the outcome will occur. For example, if a man feels powerful and strong after drinking alcohol, then he is more likely to assert his viewpoints forcefully and to end up in a verbal or physical argument. Studies show that men who think they have been drinking alcohol (whether or not they really have) feel sexually aroused and are more responsive to erotic stimuli and rape scenarios.

"Many studies show that men are more likely than women to interpret a variety of verbal and nonverbal cues as evidence that a woman is interested in having sex with a man. For example, males were more likely than females to rate revealing clothing, secluded date locations such as his room or the beach, drinking alcohol, complimenting a date, and tickling a date as more indicative of a desire to have sexual intercourse.

"The tradition of female reluctance and male persistence makes it easy for men to ignore the woman's "no" and force sex on a genuinely unwilling partner. Both the man and the woman might not view this situation as rape. But if sex occurred without verbal
consent, or force was used to obtain sex against the woman's will, then what happened is legally defined as rape.
Alcohol consumption by men is likely to enhance the likelihood that misperception will occur and lead to sexual assault. For example, for some men going out on a date or going to a party includes an initial hypothesis that sex will occur. Drinking alcohol may cause men to interpret or reinterpret a woman' s behavior as a sign of her desire to have sex with him-in a way that fits his initial hypothesis. And he will ignore what she is doing or saying that shows that she is not interested in sex. If a man starts out on a date thinking, "I'm going to have sex," he is starting out with a hypothesis that doesn't take the
other person into account. It is a rape mentality."

The Effects of Alcohol on Women

The same report also describes the effects of alcohol on women:

"Alcohol consumption may cause women to ignore or miss cues that suggest an assault is likely . It may keep a woman from realizing that her friendly behavior is being perceived as seduction. (Research studies have shown that men are inclined to misperceive a woman's friendliness as a sign of sexual interest.) Drinking may keep a woman from noticing a man's attempts to get her into an isolated location or his encouragement to drink even more. Alcohol consumption may also decrease the likelihood that women can successfully resist an assault, either verbally or physically.

"Men frequently feel justified in forcing sex on women who, they believe, have been leading them on or are being sexual teases.
Legally sexual provocation, whether intentional or not, is not justification for rape; sex with someone unable to give consent (e.g. drunk) is also rape.

"There are many stereotypes about women who drink alcohol. One common belief is that women who drink alcohol are more sexually available than women who do not drink. The results of one study showed that a woman who had a few alcoholic drinks was viewed as more likely than a woman who drank only soft drinks to respond positively to a sexual advance, as more willing to be seduced, and as more likely to engage in sexual intercourse. Another study showed that men were more likely than women to assume that a woman who drank alcohol with her date was interested in having sex with him.
Forty percent of the men who took part in this study felt that it was acceptable to force sex on a drunk date. In a different study 75 percent of a group of acknowledged date rapists said that they sometimes got women drunk in order to increase the likelihood of having sex with them. Many date rape victims report that their attacker fed them drinks for several hours before the attack.

"Women who were drunk when raped are often viewed by others as partially responsible for what happened. Interviews with a group of college students showed that the male attacker was held less responsible for the rape when he was intoxicated than he was when he was reported as being sober. In contrast, the female victim was held more responsible when she was intoxicated than when she was reported as being sober. Thus, in terms of how others will perceive their behavior, the costs of intoxication are higher for college women than for college men. "

Alcohol remains the most commonly used date rape drug, being readily available as well as legal, and is said to be used in the majority of sexual assaults. Many assailants use alcohol because their victims often willingly imbibe it, and can be encouraged to drink enough to lose inhibitions or consciousness. Sex with an unconscious victim is considered rape in most if not all jurisdictions, and some assailants have committed "rapes of convenience" whereby they have assaulted a victim after he or she had become unconscious from drinking too much.
However, in the typical Western style, the emphasis in all such writings has been not on curbing drinking habits but on insisting that drinking of women do not absolve the rapist of his crime. An article by Jaclyn Friedman (WeNews commentator) says:
"Blasting women with warnings about getting drunk in public does little to help them and sidesteps men's responsibility for sexual assault, writes Jaclyn Friedman. She advocates three steps that could be more effective.
"(WOMENSENEWS)--In 1992, while I was an undergraduate, I was raped by a fellow student while we were both drunk. He was not a date. I didn't even like him when we were sober. But we were at a party together, a party at which I tried too hard to "keep up" with my friends in the alcohol department and wound up far more drunk than I wanted to be. So I went back to my room. And he followed me. And then he raped me.
Looking back, I can imagine a number of social or institutional interventions which might have helped prevent this attack from happening. But none of them includes the approach that so many articles on this subject take, which is to "raise awareness" among young women that getting drunk in public puts them at greater risk of exploitation and sexual assault.
Why is this an impotent approach? For all the same reasons abstinence-only education does nothing to stop the spread of sexually transmitted diseases (and may even contribute to it).
Very few people of any age or gender go out and drink enough to get drunk thinking it's a responsible thing to do. However true it may be that it's safer not to get drunk (approximately 70 percent of rapes among college students involve alcohol or drug use), it's not like young women don't already hear about the risks from parents, college administrations, the nightly news, or any of the 25 "CSI" or "Law and Order" clones on TV."
While there is no reason why the act of a rapist should be condoned on account of the vulnerability of his victim due to any factor, including alcohol, there is no reason why a campaign against alcohol should not accompany the campaign against rape. It may be argued that in India's case, it is mainly the rapists who are under the effect of alcohol; and women in most cases are not inebriated. But this gives even a greater reason why all the activists campaigning against rapes, particularly women, must wage a simultaneous war against alcohol and drugs.
In the final analysis, three importane elements have to be recognised in any drive against rapes:
  1. In order to control rapes, rapes should be seen as one of the crimes. All serious crimes including murder and rapes are on the rise; and if the situation has to change we will have to adopt a different legal ideology which hanuts the criminals and adequately punishes them. The old dictum that "Ten criminals can be freed but one innocent should not be hanged" is nothing but an excuse for saving the criminals. Instead of looking things in indidividual caseds the net effect has to be ensured.

  2. The commercialisation of sex and nakedness has no place in a civilised society. There should be a concerted campaign against all its ramifications;

  3. There should be a campaign against all the factors that lead to crimes including rapes; neglecting anyone will have disastrous consequensces. Alcohol in particular needs urgent attention.

  4. Moral Empowerment of society is required if cvilised behaviour is to be ensured.
Comprehensiveness is the key to any planning, and this is what is also required in dealing crimes including rapes.
* Dr Javed Jamil is Executive Chairman, International Centre for Applied Islamics, and Director PEACE. He is also author of more than a dozen books including "Islam means Peace", "The Essence of the Divine Verses", "The Killer Sex", "Rediscovering the Universe", "The Devil of Economic Fundamentalism" and "Islamic Model for Control of AIDS". Also has more than 200 articles and papers to his credit. His soon-to-be-published works include "Scientific & Social Paradigms based on Qur'an" and "Westernism: the Ideology of Hegemony". His recent approach paper, "Muslim Vision of Secular India: Destination & Roadmap" has attracted huge attention. He can be reached at Phones: 91- 8130340339

Outstanding students felicitated at Rabita Award function. Students included many women.[not in photo] Bhatkal, India, Dr. Javed Jamil addresses capitalism's control of India
 Dr Javed Jamil expressing his views at Bhatkal
Bhatkal: The Rabita award function, an annual feature to felicitate and recognize outstanding academic performances was organised at the Anjuman Hami e muslimeen ground ,Bhatkal on 29 dec.

On this occasion the chief guest, Dr Javed Jamil, the famous writer from New Delhi expressed his views that India is being ruled by the corporate sector and people are being cheated in the name of democracy. While addressing the function, he highlighted his documentary "Muslim Vision of Secular India" saying if the Corporate sector wasn't dominating India then there wouldn't have been such injustices and differences between the rich and poor.

With thanks to Br. Sajid in New York
New US drone attacks in Pakistan and Yemen

By Patrick O'Connor
January 04, 2013 "Information Clearing House" - Marking the first US drone attacks of 2013, the Obama administration ordered two separate missile bombardments in Pakistan and Yemen on Wednesday and Thursday.
The latest attacks demonstrate that the drawdown of US-led occupying forces in Afghanistan will be accompanied by an expansion of illegal drone operations across the Middle East. At least 16 people were reported killed, all alleged Taliban and Al Qaeda fighters, though details of each incident are still emerging and Washington routinely covers up the killing of civilians in drone strikes.
On Wednesday night, approximately 10:40 pm local time, Pakistani Taliban leader Maulvi Nazir, also known as Mullah Nazir, was among several people killed in South Waziristan, the tribal region bordering Afghanistan. Nazir is among the most prominent figures to have been assassinated in recent years, having led one of the four Taliban factions in the Waziristan region.
Different reports that have emerged since the strike claim that Nazir was killed by at least two missiles fired either at a vehicle in which he was travelling near Wana, the largest town in South Waziristan, or at a house near Wana. Reports differ on how many other people were killed, with some sources suggesting eight or nine additional casualties.
Unnamed Pakistani officials were cited confirming that Nazir's senior deputies, Atta Ullah and Rafey Khan, were among the dead. These sources also claimed the others killed were Nazir's Taliban associates. Thousands reportedly attended the funerals of the men, and markets and shops closed in those parts of South Waziristan that Nazir controlled.
Yesterday, another two drone missiles struck North Waziristan, killing four more alleged Taliban militants, reportedly including two Uzbek nationals, as they were travelling in a car. Multiple sources report that a second round of drone missiles was fired when people nearby attempted to recover the bodies, though it is not known if more people were killed or injured as a result.
On the same day as the atrocity in North Waziristan, three alleged members of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula were killed while travelling in a car in Redaa, in the southern Yemeni province of Al Bayda. Redaa is where a US drone strike killed 11 civilians, including three children, on September 2.
Reuters cited a Yemeni government official as claiming that a Yemeni aircraft carried out the latest strike in Redaa, but local people who saw the US drone responsible contradicted him. Washington has ordered a series of drone attacks in Yemen in recent days, enjoying the full support of its stooge, President Mansour Al Hadi. (See "US drone strikes continue in Yemen" .)
Pentagon Press Secretary George Little spoke with reporters off camera yesterday about the drone strike that killed Maulvi Nazir. Without explicitly acknowledging US responsibility, he declared: "If the reports are true, this would be a significant blow and would be very helpful, not just to the United States but also to our Pakistani partners and the Afghans... This is someone who had a great deal of blood on his hands."
The New York Times reported in November that drone strikes are estimated to have killed at least 2,500 people. This is likely a significant underestimation.
The British-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism (BIJ) has calculated that by August 2011, 2,347 people had been killed by drone attacks in Pakistan alone. The total included at least 392 civilians, 175 of them children. The Obama administration refuses to tally civilian deaths, arbitrarily labelling all males within a drone target area as "combatants" unless there is evidence proving otherwise.
Maulvi Nazir headed one of the Pakistani Taliban factions that had reached an agreement with the Pakistani military, with both sides pledging that their forces would not target one another. Nazir was allied with Hafiz Gul Bahadur, leader of another militia in North Waziristan who had also signed a peace pact with the Pakistani military.
Some Pakistani army commanders labelled the two figures "good Taliban." Nazir funnelled fighters across the Afghan border to participate in operations against the US-NATO occupying forces and also allegedly sheltered members of various Al Qaeda-affiliated groups, while at the same time cooperating with the Pakistani military. He collaborated with the army's 2009 offensive against rival Taliban factions, which the government in Islamabad launched under intense pressure from the Obama administration.
Nazir had been targeted by rival Islamist militia leaders who have launched attacks against Pakistani military and government targets. In November, he narrowly survived a suicide bomb attack that was reportedly organised by the Tehrik-e-Taliban (TTP).
The London Telegraph's Rob Crilly noted: "Obama is a murderer. No honest person can deny that. Only murderers create lists of people to be assassinate extra-judicially. He is a modern day KKK without a robe or a rope. The death of one innocent child, woman or man cannot be diminished or demeaned. He cries crocodile tears for innocent white babies who are slaughtered in united snakes schools; and says little or nothing about black ones in Altgeld Gardens in Chicago where he claimed to have organized; and then he "accidently" murders children with drones. Where are the apologies and tears for that? He has murdered more people (Iraqis,Libyans, Syrians, Afghans, Pakistani and US soldiers) than Osama good ever dream of. Where are the apologies and tears for that. Reagan was a rock star too. Did you vote for him? Yes, he is a symbol of inspiration for powerless Africans, worldwide; and for white and Latino youth whot want to do the right thing. He is also a symbol to old men and women, worldwide; who are barely living on social security and pensions, having suffered and sacfriced for the future well-being of their kids and grand kids. But, OBAMA is a sheep in wolf's clothing. He is the black head on a filthy corrupt political system financed by China and bought by Israel. Why would only fool pay $6 billion dollar for some shit you can buy for 6 pennies. No Brother, the count is already in; and like most elections in Chicago, this one was fixed. I know, because I was born in Chicago, fought that corrupt shit all of my life, and will die doing so! Stay Strong!his could well herald a new time of instability as other militant factions try to vie for control... There is also a question of what this means for US-Pakistan relations. Mullah Nazir was very much an American target who, I suspect, Pakistan would have been happy to leave alone, so there is a question mark over what this means."
The Pakistani government, dependent on US military and financial aid, publicly opposes the drone strikes as a violation of the country's sovereignty, while privately permitting Washington to proceed. It is unclear whether any government or military figures in Islamabad were consulted before Nazir's assassination, but the Obama administration has made clear that irrespective of any considerations of international law, it claims the right to murder anyone, including American citizens, anywhere on the planet.

Ed. note: A blatantly incorrect statement about Syria, two sentences long has been removed from this report about drones. US has not used any drones against Assad. The claim that the US is helping al-Qaida is false.

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