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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Safar 8, 1434/December 22, 2012 # 56

Israel is attacking defenseless Palestinians in the West Bank. Israeli forces have been rampaging through territory belonging to the PA since December 5. Scores of unarmed Palestinians have been injured. On December 12, a 17 year old, Muhammad Salayme was killed in the al-Khalil area [Hebron] by the Israelis. All this terrorism by the Israeli is ignored by US media and was only revealed by blogger Annie Robbins.

For stunning news from Syria and Pakistan, please scroll to the end. Osama is haunting Pakistan.

A great message from a revolutionary Islamic thinker. 90:13

From Bradford, England, we have heard again from our old revolutionary friend of years back.
Islamul Haque has come out again with a deep thought which can transform society. He wants us to focus on verse 13 in chapter 90 of the Qur'an. It says:

Free the slave.

These words were revealed by Allah very early in the mission of Muhammad, pbuh.
Islamul Haque wants us to write the number 13 on the hands of our youths and remind them of the basic mission of Islam. Free the slave, confront the Pharoah, defeat the tyrants, think of a new world where the Good and the Just would prevail.
Wait for more from Br. Islamul Haque. He is ready to give his life for the truth: FREE the SLAVE.

Breaking News #1: December 16. The subjugation of women in India has come out in a brutal act of shame.
Please scroll down to our news section. Keep children away.

Breaking News #2:
December 17: The brutal pro-India regime of Bangladesh arrested 8 Islamic hijabi women in a raid on their homes in Dhaka. This is a first in the history of Bangladesh. The women are with the Jamaate Islami of Bangladesh and are peaceful to an extreme. Looks like Bangladesh's rulers want to challenge Islam.

For Bangladeshis who have moved to Pakistan to avoid the exploitative regime in Dhaka, see report below.

Khutba on Compassion and Mercy: Imam Badfi Ali
Be Compassionate & Merciful if you want Allah to have Mercy on you

"And We have sent you [O Muhammad] as nothing but mercy for all the worlds." [The Qur'an 21:107]

On December 21, Imam Badi Ali gave the juma khutba at the Islamic Center of the Triad [ICT[ in Greensboro, North Carolina. Not only is he a religious scholar of great eminence, he knows America well and has worked with troubled children for two decades.
Imam Badi, who is from Palestine, quoted profusely from the Qur'an and the hadith. He also quoted from Caliph Umar, r.a., from Syed Maudoodi and Syed Qutb. Also he recited poetry in Arabic. Here are some of his main points:

  1. Mercy is the attribute of the Creator, Allah. Muhammad, pbuh, was a prophet of mercy and compassion. The very greeting of Islam, asalamu alaikum, is a greeting of peace and compassion.

  2. The Pharoah had no mercy. He tied up his own wife to a tent peg. This sense of dominance and arrogance makes Pharoah a symbol of evil in the Book of Allah.

  3. Caliph Umar, r.a., was playing with his children. They were climbing his back, playing horsey, touching his beard, pulling his hair. The governor of a province came in. He was amazed and could not understand Umar's behavior. Umar said, you have to be kind and compassionate to those who are dependent on you, the PEOPLE, and he fired the governor.

  4. The Prophet, pbuh, taught his Companions to put the hand of compassion on the head of the orphan and to feed the poor.

  5. We must teach our children to have empathy with those who are in need, those who are suffering. Teach the children to think of others.

  6. Even when disciplining people, do it with compassion, like a surgeon who wants to remove the sickness without hurting the patient.

  7. The Prophet, pbuh, taught that you can't be a believer unless you are merciful.{hadith].
We Muslims must become agents of mercy and compassion to those who are weak, in particular children.

Newtown Tragedy: Obama Meets his Match
NRA Leader Asks Relevant Questions
December 21: We might disagree with the National Rifle Association [NRA} in many matters, but its leader Wayne Lapierre did a pretty good job of answering Obama's "holier than thou" speech on the Newtown tragedy. As soon as Obama speaks, his media army of homosexuals, Israel FIrsters and Jews starts a campaign to support him on CNN, MSNBC, NPR and the New York Times. It's almost like the Soviet media and Stalin.
The NRA leader blasted the media's propaganda campaign blaming guns for the massacre. He pointed out that from the President down to banks and football games, everyone is protected by armed security. Why are our children the only ones left unprotected, he asked? He also attacked the extreme violence of video games which have trivialized violence. We agree that unless PEOPLE change, the violence will continue. [A Jewish woman placed a banner in front of the NRA leader accusing the NRA of violence. These "professional" protestors get into all kinds of places, are "arrested" and released. You'll see the Zionists showing that scene again and again. on TV]. In a veiled reference to Israel, Lapierre mentioned the money going overseas. Why not use it to protect our children, he asked. Every school should be protected, he demanded.

[New Trend would have added: What right has Obama to quote scripture when he violates the Law of God by legitimizing sodomy as "marriage." Israel's greatest friend did not say a word when Israel incinerated hundreds of children in Gaza with phosphorous bombs.]

BBC Glorifying Salman Rushdie
On December 23, the BBC will air a program to glorify Salman Rushdie, the scum who attacked the Prophet, pbuh, and his family, r.a., The program will abuse Imam Khomeini's FATWA on Rushdie. We urge our British readers to call BBC and protest. Rushdie is an Islam hater without question.

A Pakistani reader has objected to our revulsion at the massacre of children in New Town. Looks like he is confusing our response with that of President Obama. Our message was inclusive of children in Gaza and Pakistan and elsewhere It was Obama who left out all the children of the Muslim world. CNN and MSNBC have followed Obama. Anyway, we are publishing the Pakistani letter uncut. It is a factual but horrific letter. Please keep children away. We are ashamed that our country, USA, did this to our people, Muslims. Scroll to end.

Outreach against Police Brutality
Peaceful Rally to Free Black Journalist James MacArthur: Right in front of Prison Gate

December 20: Activists in Baltimore, Maryland, rallied in front of the "Booking Office" where "suspects" are taken after arrest [300 East Madison Avenue]. Jamaat al-Muslimeen activists carried placards calling for journalist MacArthur's release, including one which said: "Zionism is Racism" referring to the real power behind the racist power structure. Here are two comments by people at whose appeal the rally was held.

Three Hour Rally reached Rush Hour Traffic.

" I am truly in awe of all the committed activists who have pooled their efforts to organize for this brother. in particular, I salute the elders, like Rev. Annie Chambers, Br. John Gaskew (Little Afrika), Br. Yahya, Dr. Kaukab Siddique (New Trend Magazine), and Sr. Ashira (Jamaat al-Muslimeen), who stood steadfastly with us in the cold and rain for 3 hours. We reached hundreds of Baltimore natives during the height of rush hour traffic, as well as nearly all the Baltimore area media (as well as key ones outside of Baltimore) with the message that an independent journalist is being held without bail on extremely flimsy charges (to say the least) in Baltimore's Detention Center, and I think it is not braggadocio to say the action was highly successful. It shows what is possible when the People come together, shelve rivalry and ego, and even with meager resources, determine to get the truth out. FREE MACARTHUR! FREE ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS!!"
- Nadrat Siddique

Media Aspect of the Baltimore Rally for Black Journalist/Activist James MacArthur

To all of you who shared your love and support for this brother, thank you, may you be eternally blessed for your care and concern for Jimmy---- Jimmy will be appearing in court on December 28th, 2012 , 08:30 hrs, at the Mitchell Courthouse Room 215 Baltimore, Md 21202 We would like as many of you who can be there, to come out and continue to show your support to our friend, comrade, and brother.

Thank you to all of the radio talk show hosts who supported this event including but not limited to David L. Johnson, Sr, Marc Steiner, Larry "the Celebrity Cab Driver" Wallace, Reverend Annie "Big Mama" Chambers, and a very special thank you to Brother Daren "State of the City Muhammad" Ebron.
Thank you to the print media Hassan Giordano, Baltimore Examiner and Dr. Kaukab Siddque of the New Trend Magazine for your reporting on this event. Your efforts are greatly appreciated.

- Br. David Anthony Wiggins

Islamic Political Prisoner
Canadian Rulers Direct Hate at Momin Khawaja: LIFE in PRISON for Thought Crime

Many Canadian news media outlets have offered commentaries on the Dec 14, Supreme Court verdict. However, none are written to reflect the facts of the case.

In March 2009, Momin Khawaja was sentenced to 10.5 (ten and half years) with 5 years to serve for parole eligibility. At the time , he had already spent almost five years in detention but was not credited for this time. The trial Judge acquitted him of terrorism charge related to London Bomb accusation due to lack of evidence- this was the focal point of the prosecution.
The sentence was based that he donated $859. to a pakistan-based afghan charity fund that they claim had link to alqaeda. He attended one day camp in north west Pakistan, traveled to uk to meet some youngesters who were later charged with certain crimes. This was appealed at the provinical court and three judges extended 10.5 years into life time sentence without hearing any evidence or facts of the case. The same formula is being used by the Superme Court to authenticate the previous appeal's verdict and gave him consecutivly life sentence and 24 years to start consecutively with 10 yrs to be served for parole eligibility. There is no surety , he will be allowed for parole. The superme court used the official myth of Islamic terrorism, making claim to be sending a strong message to all concerned. Momin has not committed any crime of terrorism nature, nor harmed anyone anywhere on this planet. His e-mail were used to prosecute him essentially based on thought crime. One of the supreme court judges hearing the appeal, made it known that there was no crime committed by him (Momin) nor charged to be given the life sentence. Yet, all have signed the final verdict. He is Hafiz of Qura'an, did dawah work during student days . He was 23 yrs at the time of his arrest and now 32 years old. In Jan 2012, another inmate threw boiling water on him, his back was burnt and treated in the hospital. Allah knows best.

[We urge readers to write to the Canadian embassy in your countyry. Simple message: FREE MOMIN KHAWAJA now!.]
[Ed note: Canada is part of the NATO occupation army in Afghanistan. Canada has gone around the world to occupy a Muslim country. Canadian troops have killed Muslims there including children whom the Canadians said were killed by accident. Canada has no moral basis for giving a life sentence for a non-violent, victimless, crime.]

Our America
Hispanic Muslim Jose Padilla's Mother Seeks Justice outside the US.
Torture, Humiliation, Injustice Imposed by US on Padilla has gone beyond all Limits.

{While we thank ACLU for this effort, its a shame that other than Jamaat al-Muslimeen, the entire US Muslim community kept quiet. CAIR, ISNA, ICNA working closely with the American regime have made bootlickers, sell outs and cowards out of many US Muslims. ICNA's President has been working with the State Department. See his resume. Between them Siraj Wahhaj, Zaid Shakir, Hamza Yusuf and Abdul Malik Mujahid have done serious harm to the Islamic cause in America. Ask them and then ask us. Editor]

December 11, 2012
U.S. Courts Have Denied Recourse

CONTACT: (212) 549-2666;

NEW YORK - The American Civil Liberties Union and Yale Law School's Lowenstein International Human Rights Clinic today filed a petition against the United States with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IAHCR) for the unlawful detention and torture of Josť Padilla, a U.S. citizen, whom the United States detained and interrogated for four years.

The petition was filed by Padilla's mother, Estella Lebron, on her own and on her son's behalf. Padilla and Lebron had previously filed federal lawsuits - since dismissed - against current and former government officials for their roles in Padilla's torture and other abuse.

The petition is an international complaint asking the IACHR, which is an independent human rights body of the Organization of American States, to conduct a full investigation into the human rights violations suffered by Padilla; to find that his mistreatment violated the American Declaration of the Rights and Duties of Man; and to recommend that the United States publicly acknowledge the violations and apologize for its unlawful conduct.

"The U.S. justice system denied a day in court to a U.S. citizen who was arrested and then tortured on U.S. soil by his own government," said Steven Watt, senior staff attorney with the ACLU Human Rights Program. "The U.S. has historically been a leader in ensuring access to justice for human rights violations around the world, but it has effectively closed the courtroom door to all victims and survivors of the Bush administration's torture regime. Denied redress in U.S. courts, torture survivors like Padilla are now left with no choice but to turn to international justice."

In 2002, President Bush declared Padilla an "enemy combatant" and ordered him to be placed in military custody. U.S. officials seized Padilla from a civilian jail in New York and secretly transported him to the Naval Consolidated Brig in Charleston, S.C., where they held him for 43 months without charge. Interrogators subjected Padilla to torture and other egregious forms of abuse, including forcing him into stress positions for hours on end, punching him, depriving him of sleep and threatening him with further torture, "extraordinary rendition" and death.

"For more than a decade, Estela Lebron has lived with the terrible knowledge that her own government tortured her son, but there has never been any official acknowledgement, let alone an apology," said Alaina Varvaloucas, a student with Yale's Lowenstein Clinic who worked on preparing the petition. "The pain and indignity of that betrayal continue to this day."

For the first 21 months of his captivity, Padilla was held incommunicado, without access to lawyers and his family.

"No human being deserves what happened to our family, and I will continue to work for my son and for justice as long as I'm breathing. As a mother, I want to be sure this never happens to anyone else," said Lebron. "This petition may be my last chance."

Today's petition filed with the IACHR is available at:

Massive Surge of Women in Support of Islamic Movement in Nigeria
Hijabi Women Praying in Public with Men on the side
Thanks to Br. Khalid in Kaduna [via Facebook.]
 Women in Support of Islamic Movement in Nigeria

Our America

Soldiers and Suicide: Unjust wars and Profiteers
by Sis. Sherry Garris [Virginia.]

We cannot fathom the depths of suffering that torments the soul of a soldier. Young men and women who believe they are fighting a noble fight for the security and freedom of a nation return home mentally and/or physically wounded. They cannot erase the nightmares of what they have seen and done. "According to recent data released by the US Department of Defense (DoD), in the first 155 days of this year, 154 soldiers committed suicide- about one per day- Compared to 139 soldiers who died in combat in the same period."

The only people who benefit from these unjust wars is the profiteers. War is Big Business! And, the CEOs are the government entities that sell the propaganda of fear to attempt to justify criminal acts as needed to protect us from an enemy we cannot see! Maybe we can't see them because they don't exist! Our government gives gives billions of dollars to Israel so they can use the money to buy weapons from companies in the US who manufacture them. And, lets not forget the pharmaceutical companies who profit from the damaged soldiers who suffer from war!

"Our soldiers are killing themselves because they see no other way to end their suffering - suffering built on and breeding on lies, official denial and the isolation that comes from never being able to speak about a lie so large that no one dare acknowledge it."
The military is a breed into our society. Most soldiers do not know until they get there. And, then its too late and they don't know what to do but survive. There are those who speak out as with 'Veterans Against the War' But, many never find their voice and either endure a life of suffering or end it the only way they see out! We must not judge them but reach out with a compassionate heart!

Surah 9 al-Taubah "If one amongst the Pagans ask thee for asylum grant it to him, so that he may hear the word of Allah; and then escort him to where he can be secure. That is because they are men without knowledge."

15 Days in Dhaka: Only Islam can save Bangladesh.
5,000,000 Bangladeshis live in Pakistan. India Hates Bengali Muslims.

by Mohammed Javed Kaleem

Admittedly I mourn the secession of East Pakistan, religiously. I remember very well that I became able to vote those days. At one end was Shaikh Mujibur Rahman's Awami League whose appeal was racial, on the other was Peoples party of Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto which was contesting election on the promise of providing bread, cloth and housing. None of the two slogans could attract me and I voted to Jamaate Islami whose slogan was " Vote for Mizan (scales), Save Pakistan". When the uprising in the eastern wing and Indian interference was in high gear, I used to hear Dr. Iqbal's ghazal whose first couplet was:

Separation from center is death knell for nations
Centralized nations are the ones that rule the world.

And my tears did not stop. The day Dhaka fell, I was crying like crazy. I have seen many sorrows in life, including the death of my parents, but have never shed so many tears. I was brought up on the poetry of Allamah Iqbal and the novels of Nasim Hijazi and used to dream for victories of Islam. So my melancholy knew no bounds. Then the world of Islam suffered more calamities and the tragedy of separation of east Pakistan was overshadowed. But India acquired the status of my worst enemy. I stopped watching Indian movies and listening to Indian songs. This decision saved me from vulgar and shameless life style being promoted by Indian art. On every 16thDecember, I religiously wrote a column in remembrance of United Pakistan. The West Pakistanis used to respect Khawaja Nazimuddin very much, as they thought he belonged to east Bengal. Later it transpired that the East Bengalis did not consider him from amongst them, as his ancestors had migrated to east Bengal.

Then Bangladesh migrants started coming to Pakistan. They started opening pan shops or installed machines of crushing sugarcane. But many Bengalese became Imams (prayer leaders) in masjids. Since Bengalese are intelligent, they not only memorized holy Quran, but also understood its meanings. When they recited, they read Quran so that each and every word was easy to listen and understand.They also started Quran lessons after Ishaa prayers twice a week. People like me, who take holy Quran seriously, started coming to pray to masjids where Bangladeshi Imams were prayer leaders. So the bond of religion which was weakened by the secular politics of Bangladesh and Pakistan, became strong once again. Today 3.7 million Bangladeshis live in Karachi alone whereas in entire Pakistan, their number exceed 5 million. On the contrary, India never considered Bangladeshis as friends . The BSF kills thousands of Bangladeshis and hangs them with pole as as to wreck havoc in their hearts:

Time has proved that the relation of religion is permanent and forever whereas links of color, language and race are temporary. Sometimes I think if Pakistan and Bangladesh could form a confederation so as to break free from Indian dominance, the bully in the block. But perhaps I am a day dreamer.

Mourning for New Town Children Left out Our Childfren.

Pakistani Reader Objects to Exclusion of Muslim Children Slaughtered by USA in Bajaur.
80 Children were killed in Attack on Islamic School by US Drone.

My dear doctor sahib:

Salaam alaikum.

The massacre in New Town is being labeled OBSCENE, DISGUSTING, SICKENING slaughter of children 5-10 in their school. I heartily agree with these emotions.

The slaughter of even one child is an unforgiveable offense against humanity. The slaughter of so many? There is a feeling of hurt and outrage in all the white Christian world. The president of USA has been shown weeping, as have many other white christians. It is said the killer was a loner.

I draw your attention to a similar crime against humanity that was perpetrated some years ago.

A group of white christian terrorists, yes, a whole group of them, sent a drone over a religious seminary in my province. The seminary was full of children 6-18 years old. They hailed from utterly poor families, so poor the parents could not afford to feed them. The seminary was in a particularly poor part of the province. It was run by alms given out by neighbors. The christianists fired one missile. The building blew up along with the children inside. Some might have been badly injured and cried out Mama Mama. Not being content, the christianists fired another missile at the rubble. 80+ children, along with 8 teachers were blown to bits.

Not a word of surprise from the "civilized" christian word at that crime.

One is reminded of the words of our Foreign Minister Z A Bhutto. "Is pain felt by the white people only?"

What goes round comes round. The mills of God grind deep.
The christianist terrorists have fired scored of drones in Pakistan. They say all the top ranking members of al Qaida have been killed. How many were they? Along side hundreds of women and children were murdered. The christian press has brushed them aside as "collateral" damage.

What goes round comes round. The mills of God grind deep.

Mir Salim Ullah {Pakistan]

Important news: From New Trend's Media Monitor. We get vast information from all sides, from which this is summarized.

India: December 16. In India's capital, New Delhi, a woman was gang raped by six men in the bus in which she was travelling. She was then stripped by her victimizers and thrown naked out of the bus. She is in critical condition on December 21.
The furor created by this assault has brought out facts about the degraded condition of women in India. According to the BBC, 635 women have been raped this year in New Delhi alone. . Many have been critically injured by having acid thrown on them.
Indian men are not much disturbed by rape. Hinduism is silent on the issue. On Decmber 20, it was reported that 260 politicians accused of rape have been given tickets to stand for elections by various Indian political parties.
Indian movies have played a major role in the degradation of women. The woman gang raped on a bus had come out of a movie theatre where her victimizers were also watching the movie.
[Ed. note: India needs SHARI'A LAW. Islam gives the death penalty to the rapist. See Hadith in my book THE LIBERATION OF WOMEN THRU ISLAM.]

Syria: December 20: Islamic forces have broken through the outer ring of Assad's security area around Damascus. However, Assad still has an iron grip on Damascus' inner security ring. Islamics are also holding on to their recent advances in Aleppo. Syria's Interior Minister Shaar was injured in a bomb attack.
Yarmouk Palestinian refugee camp on the outskirts of Damascus is now in Islamic hands. The Palestinian seculars led by Jibril supporting Assad battled the Palestinian Islamics but were defeated when cadres of the al-Nusrah mujahideen group [said to be al-Qaida and battle hardened] entered the camp to help the Islamics. Many of Jibril's men joined the Islamics. Large numbers of refugees have left the camp fearing a counterattack by Assad' s tank columns. Also, there are reports of air strikes on the camp by Assad's air force after the Islamics took over, causing heavy civilian casualties, some reports say 80 killed.
In a desperate last minute gamble, Iran and Hizbullah have announced that they will not allow Assad ro be toppled. Also, Israel is giving a free hand to Assad to kill the Islamics but now seems disappointed. NO ISRAELI TROOPS are facing Assad's troops [which could have drawn Assad's forces from fighting the resistance.] USA and Europe are much concerned about the increasing mujahideeen segment of the opposition to Assad. After 20 months of uprising, the West wants to gain from the Islamic sacrfices.

Pakistan: December 10: There has been a spectacular Pak Taliban attack on the air force base at Peshawar which has been used repeatedly to bomb the Islamics. A serious attempt was made to destroy attack helicopters and jets on the ground. Damage and losses have been concealed by the regime. The Paki counterattack killed all six assailants after hours of fighting.
December 20: A US drone which was attacking Islamic controlled areas of the Pak Taliban in South Waziristan crashed with a big bang. It seems to have been shot down by the Pak Taliban.
December 21: Maulvi Abbas and three of his guards were killed in a bomb attack in South Waziristan. It's not clear if it was a secret Pakistan army operation or by the US. He was a Pakistani linked to the Uzbek Islamic movement. Pakistan says that Uzbek Islamics [from central Asia] are helping the Pak Taliban and were involved in the attack on Peshawar airport.

The Unresolved Issue of Osama bin Laden Haunts Pakistan.

December 17-20: Seven female health workers have been shot dead, 5 in Karachi, by unknown gunmen. There is much speculation that the Pak Taliban think that health workers giving polio shots to children are working for the US and are sterilizing the children. BBC has brought the information that this kind of thinking is linked to the US attack which killed Shaykh Osama bin Laden. Dr. Afridi [now in a Pakistani prison] was part of a health team which was infiltrated by the US to find Osama. A Pakistani official on BBC admitted that the US ruined Pakistan's health system by connecting it to its war on terrorism. Although Dr. Afridi might not have been successful, General Kayani allowed Pakistani air space to be used to kill Osama. In the US assault on the Islamic leader's home, his wives and female relatives were also traumatized and it is said that one was killed. The Pakistanis arrested his wives and allowed them to be interrogated by the US. Thus it may not be far fetched to say that Islamic people consider Pakistan and all its government related organizations as part of the American structure against terrorism. Touching an Islamic woman at the level of Osama's wife violates the Pashtun Islamic code of honor and protection of guests. Our reading is that ordinary Muslims in Pakistan consider Osama a greater Islamic leader than any leader the Pakistanis have. Pakistanis have not been able to respond to the assassination of Osama because their intellectuals were following conspiracy theories that he died in 2002 from his health problems or that his messages were concocted by the US. Some even believe that al-Qaida does not exist.
The Pakistani government should tell the Pak Taliban that its military allowed air space to be opened to the US and female health workers are not working for the US. Some confidence building is required. Innocent health workers are being killed in these absurd crimes so removed from the real culprits: the Pakistani army which is made in USA, from head to foot. The whole issue of letting an Islamic leader, globally seen as a follower of Qur'an and hadith, be assassinated by non-Muslims who have violated their own laws about rule of law and evidence creates a serious problem in an Islamic country. For America, it was a day of great glory that Osama was killed. America's president got re-elected, in part, for having killed Osama, but for Islamics it was unacceptable. Killing someone does not solve the problem. The problem gets worse.

2012-12-22 Sat 20:04:03 cst