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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Safar 1, 1434/December 15, 2012 # 55

Breaking news: Pak Islamic leader Syed Munawar Hasan reports, regime has dropped gas pipe line plan with Iran under US pressure

Breaking news 2: December 15: Syrian mujahideen led by al-Nusra [admirers of Shaykh Osama] have made big advances within the major city of Aleppo. Syrian Islamics say, the US is trying to divide the opposition to Assad by recognizing the westernized section and labelling the Islamics as "terrorists." Heavy fighting is reported on the outskirts of Damascus. Assad may retreat to the Alawite enclave on the mountainous coast. More than 500,000 Syrians have become refugees. Turkey is refusing to fight Assad and has asked NATO for help.

Breaking news #3. Bangladeshi Islamic leader Prof. Ghulam Azam's autobiography reveals that the Pakistani army led by Gen. Tikka Khan refused to listen to him to stop operations against the population. {It sounds like what the army led by Kayani is doing in Pakistan's northern Islamic areas.} Please scroll to end.

You are invited by Br. David Wiggins, Nadrat Siddique and 8 others to attend a vigil at 400 E. Madison, Baltimore, Maryland, on December 20, 4-6 PM to show support for blogger James MacArthur who is being held on trumped up charges after he started critiquing and viewing police actions against the people of Baltimore, Maryland. Please scroll way down to read the case written up by Nadrat Siddique. It looks like a key case against police brutality which is becoming common in US cities.

Latest: Medical examiner says the children in Connecticut were shot repeatedly at CLOSE RANGE.

Islamic response to the massacre of children in Newtown, Connecticut.
[This was published on facebook on December 14.] Br. Kaukab wrote these notes with a feeling of revulsion.

From Kaukab Siddique, Ameer of Jamaat al-Muslimeen.

Newtown, Connecticut: OBSCENE, DISGUSTING, SICKENING slaughter of children 5-10 in their school. This country is in the grip of the devil. America never learns. It's getting sicker and sicker. The evil comes out of the most prosperous communities. America is crumbling.
It's a horrific combination of evils. Breaking families, the cult of violence, the desire to dominate, the end of sanctities. Notice that the shooter's parents were divorced and he killed his mother.
Always, there is total surprise. The shooter's closest friend says, there was nothing hostile in him. A regular kid. The evil is hidden in these prosperous well to do communities. They never see the signs.
Strange isn't it: The Monster Storm was called SANDY and the school is called SANDY Hook. Is Allah warning us of our national sickness, unspeakable wars of occupation, blatant violations of God's Law, homosexuality, justifying the bombing of Gaza....... Has this nation been blinded? The mother is no longer sacred. He kills his mother as if it is no big deal. Little children can be gunned down in broad daylight in a prosperous town. Ya Allah have mercy on us. We live in a country where the people are morally blinded by their worldly lives.

Spotlights on the Culture of Violence
by Imam Badi Ali, National Shoora, Jamaat al-Muslimeen
Spotlight #1:
Search for alternatives to violence. US dollars should not be used for death and destruction.

Spotlight #2:
The violent ones forget that they are human.

Spotlight #3:
Media are condemning the latest violence but they are the ones who produce violence on their screens 24/7.

Spotlight #4:
American people with toys which glorify violence to children.

Spotlight #5:
Messages are given by the gun lobby that guns are okay. If so, the next steps are bazookas and tanks.

Spotlight #6:
America wages war around the world.

Spotlight #7:
War is VIOLENCE. Killing Iraqis, Afghans, Kashmiris, Palestinians, Somalis is violence.

Spotlight #8:
Only the demons among the Jinn and humans justify the causing of pain to others. It's a form of deception which claims that causing pain to others is okay.

Spotlight #9:
We have become so used to genocide, be it against Palestinians or Afghans or Africans, that we don't understand it . We think it is no matter and thus we justify it.

Spotlight #10:
Finally a WORD OF COMFORT. Islam teaches that all childen are innocent and are Muslims and they will go to heaven. Like a gardener, He sometimes collects the best and takes them away from this world. He gives and he takes away.

Imam Badi Ali latest transformational Khutba
What should you do in Times of Crisis and Fitna?

December 14, 2012: At the Islamic Center of the Triad [ICT], in Greensboro, North Carolina, Imam Badi Ali gave the Juma Khutba which was extraordinary in its power and knowledge. Here are the main points:
  1. "Surely, when He intends a thing, His command is 'Be,' and it is ! [The Qur'an 36:82]. Put your trust in Allah. Do not put your trust in dollars, friends, superpowers. Allah alone!

  2. "Moses said to his people. 'pray for help from Allah and wait in patience and constancy., for the EARTH is ALLAH's , to give as heritage to such of His servants as He pleases, and the end is best for the righteous.' "[7:128]. Everything is Allah's. The whole earth is His. He gives and He takes away.

  3. "....He is Allah, the One, the Irresistable." [39:4]. We should not think that anyone has more power than Allah. Change your mindset about human power. Don't be impressed by human power.

  4. "So lose not heart, nor fall into despair, for you will be victorious if you are indeed believers." [3:139]. There are always ups and downs in every struggle. We must learn to keep the faith and keep striving. Keep your eye on the ultimate victory.

  5. Do not compromise with kufr. Our belief system should be visible in our actions. Do not pretend that our actions are Islam whatever our beliefs are. They must be checked out against Qur'an and Hadith.

  6. "Surely, this Ummah of yours is one ummah and I am your Lord. ; therefore worship Me alone," [21:92.] Unity based on Islam is essential to defeat fitna. Get above differences. The Prophet's, pbuh, hadith teaches us to be like one body. If one part is hurt, the entire body should respond. Whether it is Afghanistan or Morocco, Palestine or Nigeria, we are ONE body.

  7. Give your allegiance to Allah alone.

  8. Umar ibn al-Khattab, r.a., taught that Mankind slides into sin as their comfort level increases. So don't indulge in luxuries. Umar, r.a., is a good example for us.

  9. Sa'ad ibn Maaz, r.a., was 30 when he became Muslim. At 36 he was martyred. He had achieved so much in 6 years that the Prophet, pbuh, said, the Throne of Allah trembled at his martyrdom. [He testified against the Jews.] So much can be achieved if we focus on Allah.]

  10. The Hispanic scholar ibn Hazm, one of the greatest scholars of Islam, said: If you make a sacrtifice. it should be for the sake of Allah. Don't waste your efforts on worldly pursuits.

  11. Syed Maudoodi taught: How sincere we are to our mother, our children. The same or more should be our sincerity and motivation to the Ummah and the Cause of Allah's deen.

Forgotten Victims of Sandy
by Sis. Sherry Garris [Virginia]

As the victims of Sandy are long forgotten by the rich politicians their suffering continues. The evacuation shelters are closed. And, only about 1,000 people are being provided temporary shelter in hotels. Many are still living in dire circumstances with no power, no heat and very little resources.
Echoing the excuse "we were unprepared" seems more than enadquate. Mayor Bloomberg made sure the Thanksgiving day parade went on without fail. Even though there was still people suffering. The sick, disabled and the elderly who were unable to evacuate suffered alone in the dark without heat and insufficient food and medicine.
It seems the volunteers have been doing more than the actual government entities that are responsible for making sure those in need are taken care of. " Peoples Relief in Coney Island and Occupy Sandy set up curbside medical clinics and rallied people to go door to door searching for trapped residents."
Finally, health care professionals accompanied by the National Gaurd started going door to door finding several hundred people in need of medical assistance. And, as the landlords were informed in advance they were coming, repairs to the heating and electrical systems increased.
As those in need endure in difficult times we must keep them in our prayers Allah Hafez

Violence Against Muslims in the US
by Sis. Sherry Garris [Virginia]

Two weeks ago there were two separate violent attacks againt two Muslim men in Queens, New York. In the early morning hours 72 year old Ali Akmal went out to take his usual morning walk. Two men approached him and asked "are you Muslim or Hindu?" He responded, "I'm Muslim," and that's when the brutal beating began! The beating he suffered was so savage that Ali could not speak for two days because his tongue was so swollen. An attack so personal he was bitten on his nose. The two men were caught on surveillance video but have yet to be identified.

A few days before, in a similar attack 57 year old Bashir Ahmed was opening the doors of Masjid al-Saaliheen for the morning prayers when he was violently stabbed and beaten. He suffered multiple puncture wounds to his face, head, leg, hands and back. "I went to put the key inside. The guy came at me," Ahmed said. "He said, 'I will kill you, you F___king Muslims!'" "He bit my nose. He was saying, 'I kill the muslims!'" Said Ahmad.

The police say they are investigating as a "possible" hate crime! What seems to be unclear to the NYPD as to whether or not it was a hate crime is pretty evident by the asailants statements and the fact that the attacks were only against muslims! Bashir described his attacker as a "Russian Jew" However, the police say they were looking for a thug of hispanic origin, refusing to acknowledge the possibility that the suspect could be jewish.

Also, the police don't think the stabbing was related to the suspected serial killer slaying of three Middle Eastern shopkeepers in Brooklyn! Nothing of these Hate Crimes clearly directed against Muslims was ever reported in mainstream zionist controlled media for the world to see!

2 items on Libya by New Trend Think Tank.
Libya: British Role
British & US Intelligence Worked with Qaddafi to Kidnap & Torture Islamic Libyan

December 13: The British government gave $3.5 million in damages to Sami al-Saadi who was kidnaped by US and British intelligence agents from Hong Kong during the Qaddafi era. His wife was also kidnaped along with their four children. They were handcuffed and flown to Bangkok where 7 of Qaddafi's agents were waiting for them. Then they were flown to Libya and tortured repeatedly and extensively under direct orders from Qaddafi' Al-Saadi, owing to his non-violent Islamic activism against Qaddafi, irritated the tyrant who decided to crush the Libyan dissident and to terrorize his family.
According to BBC, M16, which is British intelligence, is still not admitting its role but the British government decided in favor the complainant to stop the ongoing case filed by him. The large amount, says BBC, has been given on condition that Saadi does not provide public information and sources of his torturers. [Ed. note: This means he is still being terrorized and silenced.]
Al-Saadi was kidnaped by the West to be tortured by Qaddafi in 2004 [along with other Islamic Libyans]
Now fast forward to September 11 in 2012. [See any connection why Libyans would attack the US Consulate?]

Why she misled the public?Here is why.
Obama's Choice Susan Rice withdraws after truth about Benghazi came out.

On December 13, Susan Rice decided to withdraw from candidature for the pose of Secretary of State. So much has been said about the Benghazi attack but the main point has been missed.
Part of Obama's election drama was that he has broken the back of al-Qaida by killing Shaykh Osama bin Laden. He repeatedly claimed that he had finished al-Qaida along with the global Islamic leader Osama who had survived Bush's bombing of Tora Bora, the most horrific in modern times.
Then on September 11, 2012, the anniversary of the attack on high value targets in New York and Washington, al-Qaida struck the US Consulate in Benghazi, killed the US ambassador, two Special Forces experts and one other.
Susan Rice could not have lied on her own. She did it evidently on Obama's orders. He admitted later that yes, it was a terrorist attack. That's exactly what Senator McCain was hammering away. Al-Qaida, he claimed, was not only alive in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and Syria, it was also in Libya and had attacked the US Consulate and escaped.
Obama was determined that his story about breaking the back of al-Qaida by killing Shaykh Osama should be believed. He was to be the greatest terminator of terrorism, outdoing Bush. Notice that after the real Benghazi story came out, he has made no further claims about breaking the back of terrorism.

Our America
Christian Zionism Doing Serious Damage to Young Christians
Why Home Schooler Attacked YWAM at Faith Bible Chapel, & Teg Haggard's New Life Church

Youthful Anders Breivik lived in peace loving Norway; he killed some 70. Dylan Klebold was a high school student at Columbine CO High School and theater mass killer James Holmes attended University of Colorado. All have two facts in common with another mass killer, Matthew Murray. Each was bright, if not brilliant, young and troubled by the society their respective parents seem to have accepted without qualms. Matthew Murray went to his church and mission organization to kill. After shooting to death four of his peers, he killed himself. He did us the favor of writing his own autobiography in advance, so we know why he did it.
As parents, teachers, and pastors, in our own quest for success, and in many cases for financial and spiritual survival, we often ignore our responsibility to teach our own children and grandchildren the more grim facts about the country and society we live in. I am guilty, how about you? Yes, we have left them to their own rooms with their own internet and smart phones in their often, lonesome quests to understand the hypocrisy of their shepherds. We pretend it is not there, and we unwind over a glass of wine, or worse yet in Matthew's case, we leave it to our errant churches to provide moral guidance and direction, and they have failed us. In 2008 we wrote this about Matthew:

Attempts to paint Matthew as insane or a satanic monster collapse when you read the painfully sad, but often intelligent and perceptive accounts he posted on the Internet in the months prior to his killing spree. These show his active revolt against "charismatic Christianity," which we call "Judeo-Christianity," (more recently Christian Zionism) and which we describe as an apostate sub-cult opposed for some of the same reasons Matthew described. We Hold These Truths have simply found a better way to respond. Matthew chose to turn away from Jesus and toward violence. He simply did not know how to change what he considered wrong; instead it changed him.

It seems Judeo-Christianity was force fed to Matthew, as it has been spoon fed to tens of millions, but Matthew says he got it 24 hours a day. He saw himself as judged by his mother and those in Christian organizations that he correctly saw in their hypocrisy. Here is a quote from ten reasons he believes his mother's church condemned him to "hell."

He wrote in his blog: "Why am I going to hell? First, I'm not perfect. Two, I'm an introvert. Three, I'm not popular enough to be a missionary with YWAM or any other church group. Four, I don't pay tithes at all. Five, I don't speak in tongues. Six, I don't worship Bill Gothard. Seven, I'm bisexual. Eight, I don't worship George W. Bush, Israel, and the Republican Party"

Later Matthew wrote: "The damage has been doneŚNow, it is Christianity that will be mocked, laughed at, ridiculed, judged, and condemned by manyŚFor me, I feel I can forgive my parents and family, however, I do not forgive their beliefs/doctrines and I will not tolerate further abuse. I believe that the truth needs to be exposed. People need to see through erroneous and destructive doctrines and teachings..."

Matthew Murray did not understand he had been forced into Christian Zionist churches and organizations, but he clearly saw their hypocrisy. I wish we had met him before he killed. Moms and Dads, Grandmas, Grandpas and is time we face the reality of our crumbling society for the sake of our children. They need to know. We Hold These Truths focuses our mission on our churches because we need them back with us.

Please read my original article titled: Behind Matthew Murray's Church Executions: More Blood on Judeo-Christian Hands, first published on January 3, 2008

Baltimore, Maryland
December 20 Vigil in Support of Blogger MacArthur: Attempt to Check Police Brutalities.

AF James MacArthur is an independent journalist with "The Baltimore Spectator." He was reporting on police brutality in Baltimore when he was arrested on very tenuous charges. It is evident that police, like most perpetrators of violence, don't like the spotlight to be on them. Was MacArthur arrested because of his hardhitting exposes of police abuse in Baltimore? Is he perhaps Baltimore's Mumia Abu Jamal? (Recall that Mumia was arrested following his extensive reporting of police brutality by Philadelphia cops.) Why should indy journalists like MacArthur, who serve as a bulwark to abuse of power by all three branches of government, given the yellow journalism spouted by the major (corporate) media outlets, be targets for harassement, abuse, and detention--as if this were a Third World Country? These are some of the questions to be tackled at this event.

On Thursday, December 20, friends of MacArthur will vigil outside the detention center where he is being held during rush hour, to draw attention to his plight. A brief press conference will also be held.

Please bring candles and signs saying "Free MacArthur" (or other relevant signs of your chosing).

MacArthur's Baltimore Spectator may be viewed here:

Case details:
MacArthur was reporting from the scene of various police brutality incidents. He used very rudimentary equipment, including a laptop, a microphone, speakers, and maybe one or two other pieces of portable equipment. But his radio program, which can be accessed through his webpage ( had garnered a large audience, partially in response to concerns about and dearth of reporting on police brutality. (MacArthur's past programs are still archived there, and the most recent one, which he recorded just prior to his recent arrest, appears on the main page). In the process, he earned the wrath of the police. As he explains in his last broadcast, he experienced a break-in at his house (around 3:00 AM) one day. He called 9-11 (after getting the situation under control with a firearm he legally owned). The police arrived, did not pursue any suspect, but instead arrested him on gun charges. This occurred despite the fact that he was in his own house for the duration of that incident.

Resultant from this concocted incident, there was an outstanding warrant for MacArthur's arrest. He learned of the warrant as a result of an anonymous tip (he frequently received anonymous tips). As he said in his last broadcast, he had--upon receiving the tip--planned to surrender to the authorities, but given his role as muckraking journalist and the concommitant past gross violations of his rights by police, he wanted to make sure he informed the right people (and enough of them) to look out for him while he was gone--prior to making his surrender.

Before he could surrender, SWAT teams surrounded his house. In fact, they cordoned off the entire block where he lived, creating a situation so volatile that he feared for his life. Somehow, he remained calm, speaking via telephone to them from inside his house, all the while broadcasting the negociation of his freedom over the Baltimore Spectator. He criticized police mis-use of resources, pointing out that while his house and block were cordonned off as if he were public enemy no. 1, drug running, rapes, robberies, and the like continued unabated in the area. He told them they were blackballing him to his neighbors, that his neightbors would never trust him again, and that they (the police) were ruining his life, as they have done to so many other innocent altimore natives.

They asked him why--if he were aware of the outstanding warrant--he didn't voluntarily surrender on his own terms to prevent the current situation. He reminded them it was a Saturday night, that it was next to impossible to reach counsel on the weekend, and that he would rather not spend the weekend locked up. After a few hours of this, he surrendered and was taken to Central Booking.

The police did not have a warrant to enter his house, and he made very clear that he did not want them there, out of fear that evidence would be planted to incriminate him. This may be exactly what happened, because they entered, searched the premises, and claimed to have found a sawed off shotgun there. MacArthur supporters say the weapon was planted there. Some go to the extent of saying it was the same gun which was confiscated from him in the earlier incident, but sawed off and then returned to his property to incriminate him (since a sawed off weapon carries a heavy penalty). He remains in custody at Baltimore's infamous Central Booking, and is being denied bail. Attempts are being made by local corporate media and others to paint this courageous, cutting edge journalist as mentally unstable--although his broadcasts clearly indicate otherwise--and it is likely he will be sent for psychiatric evaluation at Spring Grove or another detention facility for the mentally afflicted. He is scheduled for a hearing January 4.

Nadrat Siddique

Pakistan gas Project with Iran Dropped Under US Pressure
Jamaate Islami leader uncovers regime's game

by Sajjad Akram
LAHORE, Dec. 11: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, has strongly condemned the abandonment of the Pak- Iran gas project under the US pressure and said it was tantamount to surrendering the country' s sovereignty and progress to please Washington.

In a statement here on Tuesday, he said the rulers in Islamabad were least bothered about the problems faced by the nation because of an acute energy crisis, and were prepared to do anything on US dictation.

He said President Zardari's dash to London to attend the Malala Conference instead of visiting Tehran to give a final shape to the Pak Iran pipe line project proved that the national interest was not the priority of the rulers.

Syed Munawar Hasan said that brotherly Muslim country Iran had laid the gas pipe line up to the Pakistan border and had also offered 500 million dollars help for completion of the project. He said, Iran desired quick completion of the project to end the energy crisis in this country and to enable us march on the path of progress and prosperity. However, the cowardly rulers in Islamabad had given up the project only to avoid US displeasure, and they were least concerned about the energy crisis which had caused closure of thousands of industrial units and worst gas and electricity load shedding.

The JI Ameer termed as ridiculous the statement of the US envoy in the country that Washington had reservations on the Pak Iran gas pipe line project. This was a blatant interference in the country's internal affairs. At the same time, he said, the US envoy had claimed that Washington was deeply concerned about the energy crisis in Pakistan and desired to meet the energy need of this country. This statement of the US envoy was ridiculous. As a matter of fact, he said, the US was responsible for all the ill in this country, as it had thrust an undeclared war on this country and grab.

Bangladesh: {with thanks to Salim Mansur Khalid. ]
From the Autobiography of Prof. Ghulam Azam
Pakistan's Army refused to listen to Islamic Advice during its Operations in East Pakistan.

Since the crackdown on 25th March 1971 by the Pakistan Army, I was getting increasingly concerned with the way things were unfolding. About a week after the crackdown, on 3rd April, my friend and the then Secretary General of Nezam-e-Islami Party [former DUCSU VP], Moulvi Farid Ahmad, came to discuss about the situation with me. He informed me that he has already had a meeting on the previous night with Mr Nurul Amin of Pakistan Democratic Party and Mr Khawaja Khairuddin of Muslim League, and they all decided to go to General Tikka Khan to convince him that military actions and atrocities must stop to prevent repercussion amongst the people. I could sense from his talk that the General was keen to discuss and seek our advice. I was not comfortable with the situation because when Pakistan Govt planned and conducted the military operations, they never consulted. They want to discuss now, because they have realized that, to remain in power it is essential for them to keep the political parties in confidence. From that realization, I was initially unwilling to go to meet the General. However, I promised to discuss with my party leaders on his proposal. Later that day, I conferred with Jamaat leaders and decided to go. I also made up my mind what to say during our meeting.

The meeting was scheduled at the General's office, on 4th April at10 am. I was keen to ask why they resorted to military means to keepPakistan united instead of political means, whenPakistan was created as a result of political consensus.

On 4th April, we all assembled at Mr Nurul Amin's house and started together for the General's Cantonment office. He warmly greeted us and started saying, without any introduction, "There has been no govt in Dhaka for last one month. Although Martial Law has not been lifted, we are unable to enforce law. President has ordered me to establish law and order situation. You are people's leaders. You may advise people to help us in maintaining law and order situation." No one responded to his remarks. At this time, although I was the youngest, I started, "General, if the election results were duly honoured, law and order would have been fine". He instantly replied, "Tell that to the President. I am unable to say anything on political matters". I asked him, "Was it essential to burn properties worth crores of taka for restoration of law and order situation"? He tried to justify their atrocities showing the activities of unruly mob during the preceding days. I even asked him why they killed students inside their hall compound, to which he said, they had reports of presence of armed rebels there.

Our meeting with Tikka Khan was followed by discussion with Brigadier Rao Forman Ali, who was also present in the meeting. Rao Forman Ali said, "We think people voted for Awami League to get their rights, and not to separate from Pakistan. We don't think people consider India to be their friend. Awami League will now seek India's help for separation. But, that will make the people Indian slaves. We are unable to make this point clear to the people." He requested us to convey this message through radio speech. Mr Nurul Amin and other two agreed to give speech, but I declined. They were taken to a different room for recording their speech. Taking this opportunity, I talked to Mr Rao confidentially and told him that, "Your points are logical. But, why such a situation has been created? If the President had taken steps to solve the situation politically soon after the election, this crisis would not have erupted." I continued, "If the President had compromised with Mr Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, things would have been normal. People may not be influenced by the speech of the political leaders whom they have not elected." I also reminded him that, "Political problems cannot be solved militarily". Mr Rao remained silent all through. With no response from his side, I stopped any further discussion.

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