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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Zulhijja 9, 1433/October 25, 2012 # 48

Personal from Kaukab Siddique
A Beautiful Mosque and a Beautiful Muslim Community in America

October 20 was an unusual day in Augusta, Georgia. It was the AQEEQAH of Raihan, a baby born to Shireen and Tim. It was also the opening up of an exquisite mosque built entirely with funds from local Muslim donors.
About 200 people had RSVPd that they would come but more than 300 turned up. Successful outreach into the non-Muslim communities even brought in some Christians and Jews.
Almost 50% of the crowd were Muslim women in their colorful flowing robes and national dresses, all following the requirements of hijab.
My wife and I had been invited all the way 625 miles south east from Baltimore. I looked up the Qur'an to see which verse would describe the harmony and sophisticated serenity of this community. I found this verse:

"He {Allah} is the One who sent down as-Sakinah [tranquillity and peace] into the hearts of the believers that they may grow more in Faith to add to their present faith. And to Allah belong the hosts of the heavens and the earth, and Allah is Ever All-Knower, All-Wise." [48:4]

In my keynote speech, I gave this message briefly:
  1. Women, men and children are integral parts of the Ummah.

  2. Children are a great blessing. They should be brought up as Muslims right from the beginning, with love and care, and they should not be kept separate from adults as far as possible.

  3. Both father and mother should bring their abilities to nurture and guide the child.

  4. Islam is the most progressive religion but this progress is within the framework of the Sunnah and Islamic Law.

  5. Study the hadith to find how much the Prophet, pbuh, cared for the needs of children. Today Muslim children are crying around the world. Are we paying attention? What are we doing for children?

Christian leader Chuck Carlsen carries out a devastating analysis of the presidential debate. Note who was the real audience of the two men. Please scroll way down.

Imam Badi Ali, Greensboro, North Carolina, Jamaat al-Muslimeen Shoora leader.
Romney vs Obama: Foreign Policy Debate: Comedy of the Absurd. Who won the debate?

  1. The "debate" made me feel that I was in Israel. Both speakers tried to outdo each other in supporting Israel. So the answer to the question "who won" is: Israel!

  2. The two treated the Arabs like irrelevant people, dismissed and humiliated.

  3. Neither Obama, nor Romney nor the moderator thought it necessary to refer to Obam the way the Prophet, pbuh, has been dishonored by the west. Not a wortd of respect!.

  4. The two were not different from each other. Clones!

  5. There was nothing good for the American people. Where is the "beef?" No plans for jobs. Nothing! The two seem to be from a different planet, constantly patting themselves on the back.

  6. Osama bin Laden is still alive in this political bickering, both men taking credit for the killing, trying to capitalize on it.

  7. The lying at this top level of America is sophisticated. Even when they are caught lying, they persist in lying.

  8. The debate was like a TV wrestling match, with the show's results fixed before hand. Both are in the middle but they claim to be opposed to each other.

Eid Mubarak to New Trend's Muslim readers
[Read Pakistani woman leader's message on Eid. Scroll to end. Inspiring!]

On Eid al-Adha, pray for the freedom of our political prisoners: Imam Jamil al-Amin, Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, Ahmed Abdel Sattar [ ] , Lynne Stewart, Masoud Khan [ ] , Dr. Kifah al-Jayyousi, Imam Abdullah Hasan, Imam Abu Toubah, Dr. Ali Timimi, Tarek Mehanna, Ziyad Yaghi [ ] and many others, including African American prisoners.

Breaking News:
October 23: The Emir of Qatar broke the Israeli embargo on Gaza by entering the besieged city with a large delegation. He entered from the Egyptian border and was welcomed at the Islamic University of Gaza by Ismail Hanniyyeh, the Prime Minister of Gaza. He laid the foundation stone for 1000 homes to be built in Khan Younis, an area devastated by the Israelis. Qatar has promised $400 million to Gaza for rebuilding.

Breaking News 2: October 22: Buddhist mobs, supported by the Burmese army swarmed through the town of Sittwe in western Burma [Myanmer]. They set fire to homes and killed 11 Muslims. The petroleum was supplied by the Burmese [Myanmer] military
This brings the number of Muslims killed by the Buddhists to 650, with 1200 wounded and 80,000 made homeless. Neighboring Bangladesh is not letting Muslim refugees come in because of its anti-Muslim regime. Bangladeshis are angry at their inability to support Muslim refugees. Recently there was anti-Buddhist riot in Cox's Bazar area of Bangladesh. No one was killed but Buddhist properties were damaged. The riot was sparked by the Buddhists posting an abusive message against the Qur'an on facebook.

Native American leader Russell Means has returned to his ancestors. We publish here a historic letter which Nadrat Siddique wrote to Russell Means asking for his permission to run a marathon in the hills sacred to the Native American people. It's the first, if not the only, communication between a Muslim and a Native American leader. Please scroll to end. It's a must read.

Islamic victory in Pakistan. Regime backs down from plan to attack North Waziristan for which it was using Malala's shooting as an excuse. Please scroll down to Munawar Hasan's statement.

Africa {see Dr. Poe's renewal of appeal to have a United States of Africa first proposed by Kwame Nkrumah. Scroll down please. }

Uganda Muslims Angry over Zionist attacks on Honor of the Prophet, pbuh.
New Trend 's Uganda correspondent reports khutbas across the country's condemning the abusive video distributed by Zionists and Copts. The government appealed to Ulema to calm the people down but public gatherings spilled out of mosques into mass meetings in open fields. Scholarly discussions were also held.
People wanted to march on the US embassy but heavy police presence thwarted the marchers.

[The Saudis have banned Hajis from Uganda owing to far away cases of ebola none of which aftected the Muslim community.]

New Trend 's Analysis and Photos of Pakistani girl Malala changed the situation
Now The Zionists themselves Admit their bond with her: She was their star

On October 16, WHYY, a station of National Public Radio [NPR] broadcast an HOUR long program on Malala, the Pakistani girl who was allegedly shot by the Pak Taliban. WHYY interviewed Adam Ellick, a hard core Zionist journalist of the New York Times who worked with Malala, her father and her mother, for three years from 2009 to 2012. Ellick produced a propaganda video about her titled Class Dismissed which claimed that the Pak Taliban were against education for women.
As our readers know, NPR is the biggest lineup of Zionist Jews in the media, outdoing CNN.
And Nerw York Times is the flagship publication of Zionist America.
As the photos we published showed, Malala became the darling of the US military and met Obama's special Zionist representative Holbrooke. During the meeting, the girl lectured Holbrooke, telling him that he had not done enough to destroy the Taliban.
The NPR program did not explain why there was fighting in the beautiful region known as Swat. Here is the sequence of events.

  1. The people of Swat supported Islamic Law [Shari'a] en masse and turned out in huge numbers to support Pak Taliban leaders including the mujahid leader Maulvi Fazlullah. It was a people's uprising. Fazlullsh himself was a "mere" worker.

  2. The Pak Taliban got powerful support when masses of people reacted to the Pakistani military's attack on the Red Mosque and the Women's Seminary Jamia Hafsa. HUNDREDS of young women, many of them about the age of Malala, were slaughtered by the Paki military led in person by General Musharraf,, America's boy.

  3. The support for the mujahideen spilled over to Buner, only 70 miles from Islamabad. At this instant, the American regime raised a hue and cry and ordered the Paki military to crush the forces of the heroic Maulvi Fazlullah.

  4. The Paki military then carried out an operation which can only be described as genocide. The entire population of 4,000,000 of the people of Swat was evicted from Swat and placed in camps outside the region. {Shades of Stalin!]

  5. Thus Swat became a free fire area for the Paki army. The finest units of the Paki army were air dropped behind Maulvi Fazlullah's defense line. The army blocked all sales of food and killed thousands of civilians supporting the Pak Taliban. In the bitter fighting which followed at least 1000 Pak Taliban and 3000 Paki elite troops were killed. Maulvi Fazlullah led the heroic defense and was seriously injured but escaped into the rugged mountains of eastern Afghanistan with some of his best fighters.

  6. For years, the army would not allow any journalists into the area to conceal the devastation caused by Paki air strikes and tank/artillery attacks. Only one million people have returned to Swat after being verified as thoroughly "tamed" and "terrified" by the Paki army. Most medressas and mosques run by the Taliban were destroyed,. The regime tried to replace them with western style schools with the help of western NGO's and collaborators like Malala's family.

  7. Fazlullah wanted women to have Islamic education and he reached them by short wave radio which they could receive on their cell phones. The Paki army repeatedly bombed the suispected sites of the radio source. Fazlullah repeatedly kept coming back on the air.

Some Pak military men sympathetic to Islam outed information of mass graves. The army killed hundreds of prisoners in extra judicial killings. One video released to the BBC showed elders of a village being beaten up by Paki troops to break them and force them to reveal the hiding places of their sons.
Malala's family was part of this horrific devastation of the Pakistani people. The uprisings continued in Dir, Bajaur, Adam Khel, Orakzai, South Waziristan, Tunk.... The war is still on. Only North Waziristan made a cease fire with the Paki army and is now facing a threat to its existence.

Dr. Poe speaks on Dr. Nkrumah's Call for the Unity of Africa: Is United States of Africa [USA] possible?
September 13 was a special occasion at Lincoln University in Pennsylvania. Dr. Zizwe Poe spoke to a packed auditorium in the International Cultural Center [ICC] on the life and legacy of Kwame Nkrumah. Lincoln is being re-branded by its new leader, President Jennings, and Dr. Poe's lecture was one of a series of convocations being held at the ICC to mobilize and renew the educational spirit of Lincoln.
Dr. Poe has a special connection with the students of Lincoln University owing to his interactive teaching style. He is much admired but this time he was so good that he outdid himself. Here is a summary of some of the points Dr. Poe made:
  1. Lincoln University is the only Historically Black College [HBC] which has graduated two students who became presidents of African countries: Kwame Nkruman of Ghana and Azikiwe of Nigeria.

  2. Nkrumah led the freedom movement for Ghana but he was not satisfied with a national victory. He wanted all of Africa, the entire continent, to succeed and to unite.

  3. African unity was his cherished goal. He dreamed of the United States of Africa [USA].

  4. His dream was not far fetched. Africa is the richest continent in the world and owns deposits of gold, diamonds, uranium etc. With unity, this great wealth could benefit all of Africa's people.

  5. Lincoln was established to create links with Africa. If we progress in a genuine way, we should have students visiting Africa and African students visiting here. Under Lincoln's new administration, we hope to create these links.
[Dr. Poe was dressed in mudcloth suit that is a contemporary stylish Pan-African outfit. He also spoke of the plight of African Americans and reflected on the ongoing police atrocities against our people. He mentioned Trayvon, Troy and Diallo in particular.]

Peaceful Mass Movement Wins
Great Jamaate Islami Victory: Paki regime Withdraws Plans to Attack North Waziristan. JI Supports Iran Pipeline & China Alliance

LAHORE, Oct. 22: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, has said that President Zardari's ruling out military operation in North Waziristan sans national consensus had finally ended the unrest among the masses on this score.
He was commenting on the President's statement that a new military operation needed national consensus which was practically impossible. The JI Ameer said that had the government heeded to the nation's voice before jumping into the alien's war and launching military operations in Swat, Balochistan and the tribal areas, the country would not have reached the present mess, nor would have lost its 42,000 citizens, nor suffered financial losses to the tune of one hundred billion dollars.
Syed Munawar Hasan said that the government had finally accepted that military operation was not the solution of the situation. He said, if the US could hold dialogue with the Taliban, why could not Pakistan.
He said that the national consensus and harmony were vital for the restoration of peace. He said, had President Zardari picked up courage and also announced pulling out of the US war and of taking all decision in line with the country's solidarity and sovereignty, it would have given a real happiness to the nation on the occasion of Eid ul Azha and the shameful process of sacrificing national interest for the US interest would have come to an end.
Syed Munawar Hasan said that President Zardari had also acknowledged China's unwavering support to this country in the hours of trial. China, he said, had proved herself a real friend and well wisher to this country. However, he said, even China had been complaining of the slavish mentality of the Pakistani rulers and their corruption.
The JI Ameer said Iran had correctly held Islamabad responsible for the delay in the Pak-Iran gas pipeline project and said that the Pakistani rulers were obstructing this project with a friendly country only due to US pressure. He said it was the start of winter but gas pressure had already reduced and the concerned ministry was giving the news of prolonged gas load shedding and closure.
The JI Ameer impressed upon the federal government to reject the US pressure and go ahead with the gas project with Iran and reject the US dictation in the future. It was unfortunate, he said that after entering into trade pact with our sworn enemy India, the rulers were now talking of importing POL from India, thereby distancing ourselves from Iran.

Blatant Treachery: Unbelievable but True!
US was Bombing Pakistan from a Pakistani Air base
Report published in pro-government daily Dawn, qauoting thye Pakistani defense secretary.

During a meeting of the Senate Standing Committee on Defence and Defence Production, Malik said no political cell was operating in the ISI at present.
The defence secretary moreover said that the US had conducted drone attacks from the Shamsi base while it was in its use, adding that, the attacks were carried out with the government's approval.
The base had been sub-leased to the US by the UAE on Oct 20, 2011 with the approval of then military ruler Pervez Musharraf. It was vacated by the US on Dec 11, 2011.
The defence secretary also presented before the committee the details of the defence budget for the current fiscal year.
He told the committee that the defence budget for the current fiscal year was Rupees 545 billion — out of which, Rupees 264 billion had been allocated to the army, Rupees 114 billion to the air force, Rupees 52 billion to the navy and Rupees 92 billion to the ISI, the joint staff headquarter, the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) and defence production.
The defence secretary further said that regular audits were conducted in all defence-related institutions, including the ISI.
Malik said the United States had paid Pakistan Rupees 12 billion since 9/11, adding that, it had not made any payments to Pakistan over its use of the Shamsi air base.
He said drone attacks were being carried out from the base with the government's approval.
Malik said since the resumption of Nato supplies from Pakistan to Afghanistan, the US had resumed military aid to Pakistan.

[In condolence to the Native American nations - ed.]
Letter to Russell Means on the Crazy Horse Marathon
by Nadrat Siddique on Friday, October 7, 2011 at 8:24am

Dear Brother Russell,
I was deeply saddened to hear of your cancer. To me, you have always been a symbol of resistance. Indeed your unrelenting stance for Native American rights, your proud carriage, and your commitment to the struggle was deeply etched in my mind as an adolescent doing support work for the Native rights struggle. Many years have passed since I invited you to address a gathering on indigenous rights—under the auspices of Jamaat al-Muslimeen—at a church near American University in Washington, DC circa 1983. You shared the dais with Palestinian and Kurdish speakers. Afterwards, you stayed with Damu Smith in his French Street Northwest DC home. I was then about 15-years old, and it was my first independent organizing experience. Inspired to no end by Wounded Knee ('73) and disgusted by the railroadings of activists which followed, the conference was something I felt compelled to do. Because my background is fundamentally Islamic, I included Palestinian and Kurdish representatives in the hopes that the representatives of these three oppressed groups as well as their audience at the conference might find common ground with each other through the commonality of their respective struggles. And, although you didn't know me and I had yet to establish myself as an activist, you generously accepted my invitation.

After the conference where you spoke, my great admiration for AIM led me to organize a chapter of the Leonard Peltier Support Group in the DC area (I was still a teenager). The LPSG-DC invited Steve Robideau, Chief Billy Tayac, Winona LaDuke, and others to speak at various times (all in the late 1980s). Chief Tayac also introduced me to Titus Smith [medicine man from Rosebud] during his visit to the DC area to raise funds and awareness for Rosebud.

Your words to me during your brief visit—that one must never lose sight of one's roots— became particularly relevant, and a few years after the American Indians-Palestinians-Kurds conference (where you spoke), I graduated from high school, and left shortly thereafter for South Asia, with the aim of writing about the travails of people in my part of the world. Because of this, I became, for a time, out of touch with the Native American struggle.

In recent years, I admired from afar your bid for Pine Ridge chairperson, your outspoken stance on Thanksgiving, the publication of Where White Men Fear to Tread, and much else.

These days, I am the Vice Chair of the Baltimore-Washington, DC Chapter of the Jericho Movement, which seeks freedom for all political prisoners, including Leonard Peltier. And I still work with Jamaat al-Muslimeen, the Muslim organization which was founded by my father, Dr. Kaukab Siddique, which stands strong on a variety of peace and justice issues, and lends strong support to the struggle to free all political prisoners (the numbers of Muslim ones have, unfortunately, multiplied these days). I have always held the belief that in the face of grave injustice, "silence is complicity." The political prisoner issue is one which touches my heart because clearly any one of us who refuses to join the ranks of the silent complicit masses risks becoming a political prisoner.

On the more personal front, I am also a runner (and have been since I was a teen). In recent years, I become more serious about my running, and have done seven marathons (each of 26.2 miles). I heard about the Crazy Horse Marathon held each October in the Paha Sapa, and because of its location as well as my admiration for the warrior after whom it is named, immediately became interested. As you may know, the marathon takes place in the Paha Sapa, and used to be called the Black Hills Marathon. It is organized by Whites, and starts at the Crazy Horse Monument. I doubt very much that the race organizers or most of the participants realize the significance of the Paha to the Lakota. Or the fact that the Crazy Horse Monument itself—carved by a Polish man into the Black Hills—is an eyesore and a grave affront to many Native People.

I am considering running the race in Leonard's name. I would wear a tee-shirt calling for his freedom, and use my participation in the event to call attention to his case and for a pardon for him (in keeping with the ongoing Jericho campaign). I would start the race with a prayer for him as well as for you, that Wakan Tanka give you strength in your fight against cancer.

1. Is it even appropriate to run through a sacred land, such as the Paha Sapa? Or should friends of Native people, like me, not participate at all in such an event?

2. IF it is not an affront to the Lakota for a non-Indian to run through the area, can you, as Pine Ridge Chairperson elect (I really think you would have won the election, had the playing field been level) give me permission to run there?

3. Alternatively, can you share this letter with the appropriate Lakota elders for their response? Basically I'm asking for a "visa" from Native People before I enter the area to run, as I believe all visitors to sacred Lakota land should do. Although I've trained hard for the marathon, I don't want to run it without the permission of the Lakota, so if it is not forthcoming, I will back out of the race.

I feel ashamed to trouble you with my personal requests in the time of your illness, so if you cannot help me, do not feel badly. I pray for your return to full health.
Thank you for your help.
In struggle and solidarity,
Nadrat Siddique

by Chuck Carlson [Our Christian friend and scholar from Colorado]
Foreign Affairs "Debate" - Buying Christian Zionists' Votes

Last night the "debate" on Foreign Affairs was hosted by CBS former Anchor Bob Schieffer and watched by some 59 million. I had no choice but to see it; it was rebroadcast everywhere. Most onlookers may not realize the number one target voters of both Romney and President Obama is the same: the 30-40 million voters in the Christian Right.

How can I tell who was being targeted? Because both candidates repeatedly recited their allegiance to the non-voting state of Israel. I think I counted six pledges by Obama and five by Romney before the moderator improperly raised the subject of Israel by asking, "Do you consider an attack on Israel to be an attack on America." Both men answered with a resounding "yes," an attack on Israel is an attack on America!

We ask, what attack? Attack by whom? What does the Constitution say? Does the President's oath give him authority to extend the boundaries of war to a foreign state? Someone, somewhere, is "attacked" by some faction or country about every day, and we do not go to Norway, Burma or the Ukraine to make these our wars. If we did, we would be warring in a hundreds places all the time.

This question is really asking both candidates if Christian Zionists can trust them to treat Israel as a religious symbol, as they do. It is no secret why. Obama and Romney must consider the 30 or 40 million Christian Zionists to be a swing vote. Only Christian Zionists think today's Israel has anything to do with God's plan 3000 years ago; no one else does.

We face an instant replay of the 1991 war in Iraq. Neither political candidate promises to keep us out of what may be a "war" in Iran. Our leaders compete for how cruel they can be to the Iranian people; President Obama proudly announced he had already put "crippling sanctions" on Iran. Is crippling a population not an act of war? Romney said he would outdo Obama with even more harsh sanctions.

Both seemed to think the word "crippling" was what American mom and dads want to hear. Neither mentions that it is the ordinary people in Iran who are being crippled by sanctions. Our candidates think we are not capable of seeing the suffering so far away. Their silence about war itself tells us neither will resist a remote-controlled annihilation of Iran, followed by the usual army of highly paid civilian petroleum contractors, a true mercenary army.

Their falling all over each other over Israel seems also to tell us they would support an attack on Iran by Israel. After all, if an attack on Israel is to them an attack on America, it is not a stretch to say Israel's war is our war, no matter who starts it or where it is fought.

We Americans live in a war-based economy. Those who pay the election bills for both candidates need war for personal gain. War is the unspoken issue in this election. Both Romney and Obama know they are being pushed by those who provide the billions for their elections.

We must talk about war for humanitarian reasons. It is undeniably the primary cause of our inflated food and fuel prices. Please read my appeal (Iraq: American Prepped for "War") of 22 years ago to fellow members of my Baptist Church (now, mostly Christian Zionists), when Christian Americans were being pushed into what became the first annihilation of the Iraqi people for their oil. At that time, gasoline was about $1.00 per gallon and hamburger cost about a dollar a pound.

Our enemy is not Islam as we are being told; it is those who promote war as an economic policy, a "stimulus" at a time when "quantitative easements" have become the drug of choice in our national system. Offering us a financial "stimulus" is offering us dope; it doesn't stimulate growth, it only makes us sick. We are being duped into thinking war is necessary for our survival. It is time to try peace.

I challenge any religion that puts up with war. Christ followers have been tricked into believing Israel is the fulfillment of biblical prophesy. The defining question remains, "Who Would Jesus Bomb?". The answer is, "No one."

"WAR" today means scientific, remote controlled slaughter of weaker foes who are sitting on large resources that our bankers and politicians want for saving our faltering economy, not for our benefit, but for theirs. War and theft by our nation cannot make life better for us; it can only enrich the banksters-warmakers.

The job of the war propagandists is to vilify Islam. They deny and ignore the fact that Islam honors Jesus while following its own faith. We are being prepped to accept the destruction of Iran, just as we were prepped to accept starvation in Gaza and the annihilation of a generation of youth in Iraq starting in 1991.

Our task is to expose Christian Zionism to those who are caught up in it or influenced by it. Christian Zionists who read this letter are invited to introduce themselves to us. We do not think they are aliens from some other world. They include our closest friends, loved ones and associates. We have learned how to deal with Christian Zionists over the past ten years. Some of us were from among their number, and we continue to learn day by day. Our task is to teach them what they need to know.

Toward The Strait Gate,

Chuck Carlson
Please stay in touch with while our original website is being rebuilt.
Listen to analysis of this article by Chuck Carlson, on a WHTT podcast at: US Presidential Foreign Affairs "Debate" - Buying Christian Zionists' Votes?

What is Eid al-Adha?
Unconditional Obedience to Allah, Sacrifice, Unity and Helping the Poor
Message to the Ummah from Pakistan's Jamaate Islami woman leader: Dr. Rukhsana

Dr. Rukhsana Jabeen congratulated the entire nation on the occasion of Eid ul Adha, and also extended her wishes to the pilgrims performing Hajj.

She said in a press statement that the true essence of pilgrimage (Hajj) and sacrifice is to obey Allah's commandments and surrender to His will.
She said that sacrificing animals is in remembrance of the great sacrifice of Hazrat Ibrahim (AS) and it revolves around total surrender to the orders of Allah.
Dr. Jabeen urged people to help the poor on the occasion of Eid and said that we should remember those who are in need of our help because this Eid is all about sacrifice and helping others.
Dr. Jabeen added that pilgrimage gives an opportunity to Muslims all over the world to gather at one place. All Muslims regardless of their race, ethnicity, colour, language and gender perform pilgrimage together and it symbolizes unity of Muslim ummah.
Dr. Jabeen prayed that Eid brings joy to the nation and that the occasion may bring us together as one.

2012-10-26 Fri 04:41:38 cdt