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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Zulqi'dah 20, 1433/October 7, 2012 # 44

Breaking News:
October 6: A convoy of 100 vehicles and more than 1,000 people led by Imran Khan is approaching South Waziristan in Pakistan to protest against US drone strikes. They spent the night in Dera Ismail Khan. It is said that the Pak Taliban consider him too westernized to be entering their territory. Code Pink and other western dissenters opposed to drone attacks have joined Imran Khan.

Breaking news 2: President Obama is removing Gen. John Allen who failed miserably to crush the Taliban. In fact in September, the Taliban launched 3,000 attacks on NATO and Afghan collaborator troops. [Source: Baltimore Sun, Sept. 29.] Obama has withdrawn the entire 30,000 troop force with which he surged in Afghanistan but 68,000 US troops still remain in defensive positions. The new general, Joseph Dunford, led the marines in the attack on Iraq, and is said to be very aggressive. [He is a White man from Georgetown university.]
In the latest fighting, 2 US Special forces troops were killed in Wardak province by Taliban small arms fire

Analysis of Syria
Breaking news 3:
Syria's dictator Assad launched a new offensive against Islamic forces holding on to large areas of Aleppo. [October 6.] Assad's dilemma is that the Islamic fighters have opened a corridor from Aleppo to Turkey. There is heavy fighting in the suburbs of Damascus. Here the Islamics achieved a victory on October 4 when they captured an air defense base with its cache of missiles. On October 4, 180 people were killed in Syria, mostly civilians hit by Assad's artillery fire, but return fire from defecting soldiers killed 48 of Assad's troops.
The situation became more complex on October 3 when Syrian mortar fire killed 5 Turkish women and children. Syria said sorry but mortar fire kept hitting Turkey. Now 7 Syrian troops have been killed in Turkish artillery fire. However, Turkey is in no mood to go in and overthrow Assad [which the Muslim world is praying for]. Assad's tank, artillery, helicopter and jet fighter forces are intact. Unless the mujahedine receive heavy weapons to destroy Assad's armor and planes, the bitter conflict will continue.
Israel and the West are in a fix too because of the gains being made by al-Qaida and other Islamic volunteers coming in from the open border with Iraq. Russia and Iran are said to be re-arming Assad but are denying it.
On October 5, al-Qaida type fighters hit Assad's troops in Aleppo when there was a rumor that Assad had personally come in to start the new offensive. The human bombers, typical of al-Qaida, caused huge explosions killing 40 of Assad's troops and wounding more than 100.

 Karachi rally by Islamic women

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October 3: Huge rally by Islamic women in Karachi, Pakistan, to condemn US-French blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. They are being addressed by Sirajul Haq, Jamaate Islami's popular leader from Frontier province. [Inset with raised fist.] On his left is JI Karachi's pious leader Muhammad Hussain Mehnati. Women are pledging defeat for the Jewish-Coptic abusers of the Prophet, pbuh. Who said hijabi women stay at home?

Would you vote for Romney although he tells blatant lies? See Dr. Wilmer Leon's brilliant critique of Romney's role in the presidential debate. Scroll to end.
Would you vote for Obama? Read what our astute Christian friend Charles Carson has discovered. This is weird and sinister and most people don't know of it.
Also check out Carlson's new web site. [Remember, he is the one who debunked the slavery in Sudan story. Scroll way down.]

Captured by the US when he was 15, Umar Khadr, Canadian Muslim, has finally been sent to Canada. Will Canada treat him just as he was in Guantanamo Bay? Scroll down to comment by Moazzam Baig who ewas himself in Gtmo.

Leader of Islamic Movement of Pakistan hails the efforts of Kaukab Siddique.
We are upholding the noblest cause. Opposing Blasphemous Film.

Mr. Kaukab Siddique, Ameer Jamaat al-muslimeen
Dear brother, asalamu alaikum
May Allah keep you in the best state, Ameen.
Your letter-cum-short article on the issue of the preparation of the film with blasphemous content is immensely insightful. The production of highly objectionable film is an international crime that needs to be condemned world wide.
I also bear you out that response of top American leadership on this issue is hypocritical. They are merely paying lip service to appease the Muslims, but they haven't taken any step to ban the film, let alone bringing the producers of the film to task.
I do acknowledge with deep sense of gratitude that conscientious intellectuals like your self are playing a vital role in upholding the noblest cause.
May Allah bless your sincere endeavors.
Yours truly
(Syed Munawar Hasan)

[The letter is signed in ink.]

[We thank our sister-in-Islam in Detroit for the following information:]
Hope for Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman & Other Muslim Prisoners in USA

September 26: Following his visit to the United Nations, the President of Egypt, Dr. Mohammed Morsi, addressed the Egyptian community in America. It was a large crowd. Egyptians came from all over the US.
During his extensive speech, he referred briefly to Islamic prisoners in the US. In summary, he said that his negotiations with the US on behalf of the prisoners had been delayed owing to the upheaval caused by the demonstrations against the obscene attacks on the Prophet, pbuh.
He said that he will seriously do everything in his power to get Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman [the Blind Shaykh] to be sent to Egypt. He then added non-Egyptian prisoners such as the Holy Land charity's leaders, Ghassan al-Ashi and 3 others, should also be transferred to Egypt although they are Palestinians not Egyptians. Then he extended his program to include ALL Muslim prisoners to be transferred to Egypt if they so wish.
Here is the link for his brief comments on prisoners. It is in Arabic

What the Blind Shaykh, one of the greatest teachers of Islam, said:
Next to the youtube segment of Dr. Morsi, there is a youtube segment of Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman. It is translated. Listen carefully. This is why he was arrested by the US.. He was no terrorist.

If you would like to follow Dr. Morsi's progress as the President of Egypt on facebook, here is the link. It is in Arabic but each one has translation with it: [though the translation is not good, it is understandable].

Our America: Moto Moros, Mexico
No War on Iran

Jamaat al-Muslimeen leader Br. Robert Solano calls on Americans to support a petition urging NO WAR on IRAN.
Please go to facebook and LIKE Robert Solano.

Also, see below, a letter critical of Iran.

Our America: Baltimore
Comment: Why African Americans are Unable to Counter Zionist-Jewish control of USA

Br. David Anthony Wiggins The leadership of the African American community suffers from a form of Stockholm Syndrome; they love this racist system of government and commerce and will do anything to keep from having the paid agents thereof kill them like they did Malcolm X or MLK,Jr. and the Black Panthers.

[Re: New Trend articles posted on facebook.] [The writers leads the Black Think Tank in Baltimore.]

Our America: Atlanta
Comment: Leading Supporter of Abused & Homeless Muslim Women Hails Br. Kaukab

Hadayai Majeed A wonderful man we have been friends for a while now since 1998 when he received one of our notices about opening a shelter program in Atlanta. Later he came to visit and stood with me in the middle of an empty house with no furniture and told me not to give up! Shukran Jazakallah Khairun my dear friend.

[Re: Br. Kaukab's photo at Maulana Maudoodi's grave in Lahore. See facebook]

Our America: The Prison Gulag.
Innocent Victims of US-UK Collusion handed over to American "Justice"
Pleas of British Muslims fail: British PM Cameron Expresses "Delight."

Five Muslims have been "extradited" to the US by UK. Chief among them is scholar Abu Hamza al-Masri who lost both hands and an eye fighting the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan
. The others are Babar Ahmed and Talha Ahsan [Pakistani background] and Adel Abdul Bary and Khaled al-Fawwaz.
Read the charges against them. They are absurd and flimsy. Al-Masry won the wrath of the Brits by giving khutbas on jihad at Finsbury mosque in UK. The White man's "freedom of expression" collapsed in front of his Islamic rhetoric. [He is going to be held at the Metropolitan "correctional" Center in New York where Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman was held at one time.]
Can you believe this: Abu Hamza has already been held for EIGHT years in British prisons where, according to his attorney, he has been syatematically SLEEP DEPRIVED.
British Muslims tried very hard to save Babar and Talha but failed because British "justice" is even more "just" than American "justice." Guess what they are accused of? WEB SITES with support for al-Qaida! So the world powers cannot tolerate al-Qaida web sites but think nothing of Coptic-Jewish web sites insulting the Prophet, pbuh!
US Muslims should not be led astray by CAIR-ICNA types on these issues. Remember that according to US's own stipulations, you are innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt.

From Br. Yusuf El-Irlandi, Advocacy Director, Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Tennessee,
Only we Protested strongly in USA against Attacks on the Prophet, pbuh.

What makes Muslims better than others? It is the Forceful [though non-Violent] opposition to Attacks on the Sacred. Silence or passive Piety is not Enough.

In The Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful.

A reminder from your brother El-Irlandi, firstly to himself, and then to the Ummah of Muhammad (saw). To proceed:

"You are the best nation produced [as an example] for mankind. You enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah. If only the People of the Scripture had believed, it would have been better for them. Amongst them are believers, but most of them are defiantly disobedient (faasiqoon - perverted transgressors)." [Soorah Aali 'Imraan (3):110]

I was sitting the other day waiting on my daughter to get out of her Qur'an memorization class, and I was reading the classical text entitled "Enjoining Good and Forbidding Evil" authored by the classical scholar Shaikhul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah. The above ayah was mentioned with an explanation, which I would like to liberally share with the readers. But before I begin to share what the text says, I would like to add my own thoughts

In light of the recent events, once again, with the blatant disrespect of Islam all together, I believe this verse is pertinent to the hue and cry raised by the Muslims all over the world. It is refreshing to see that there are some (surely not the weak pansy Western Muslims) have not been classically conditioned by these statements, images, etc. Of course, here, there was not a single group or publication other than this one that spoke out against these events. As a matter of fact, we were told locally here to offer our apologies to the kuffar for making this movie. Stockholm syndrome and house Muslimism. Of course, this has nothing to do with the unfortunate death of the Libyan ambassador, because no violence or killing should ever happen, but, I think these Western governments should be made to pay his family the diyaa because of their purposeful constant publication of these things under the guise of "freedom of speech."

The text poses the questions: "Why should enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong and believing in Allah make this nation the best of nations, though these three characteristics were found in other nations?"

The classical scholar Ar-Razi gives the following answer: "Belief in Allah is shared by all the nations of whom Allah sent Messengers. That means it is not possible for belief, a fate common to all, to alone determine which nation is the best. The betterness here arises from the fact that this nation is more forceful in enjoining good and forbidding bad than all other nations."

I say (El-Irlandi): Images have been made of Maryam (a.s.) on different cartoon shows and no other group of Christians raised a hue and cry about it. They did not like it, but they claim it is freedom of speech. The Muslims I know who saw this were more angered than the Christians about it!
Remember my beloved nation, we are the victims. BUT, we have made ourselves the victims. We did it with our own hands and sins. Today, let us be able to look in the mirror and be proud of our Lord, our Religion, and our Prophet

Letter: The Other Side of Iran

in your Sept 29th, 2012 Magazine issue, you wrote the following lines
  1. Iran has NEVER committed aggression against anyone.

  2. Iran has not committed terrorist acts or covert acts of violence against anyone.

  3. Iran under Ahmedinejad has consistently tried to develop friendly relations with the USA.

  4. Iran's government is a freely elected, democratic government with an outspoken parliament to which women and minorities [including Jews] have been elected.

  5. Iran does not have an atomic bomb and even if it were trying for one will not have one for years.
I had some concern over IRAN's role in Syria, and Middle East countries specially IRAQ after the so-called War ended by US. May be you already know about it. but it's a fact that the Sunni Muslims are directly oppressed by the Iranian backed Syrian Regime. Hizbullah is fighting openly with the Syrian Army against the rebel groups... who want to remove Bashar Assad . China and Russia is also supporting them.
Your above 5 points are OK, but IRAN is playing the very Worst Game, which is unseen currently... everyone knows that current IRAQ government run by shia group are directly connected with IRAN's govternment , and US is supporting this government in terms of Military and Financially. so why we deny the Fact that IRAN is not very Innocent ? As compared to Israel, yes thats true, but the role of IRAN is fine as controlled media are telling us.

wassalam u alaikum
from Pakistan

Letter: Reader thinks there is freedom of expression in America & New Trend has no future.

Do you have any actual evidence that the video was made by Jews? And I mean actual evidence, not conspiratorial ramblings. Also, the US is not going to violate the first amendment of its own constitution to please a bunch of angry mobs. The elite may see fit to bend or violate the first amendment when it suits their interests, and they must be consistently opposed in this, but you would be daft to think they are going to do it just because some Muslims get angry. Nor should they. Without the protections of the first amendment, your publication would have been shuttered years ago and you yourself could be sitting in a jail cell for various speech and thought 'crimes.' Do you really think you could publish New Trend while living in France or Germany or even Pakistan? The former two countries would charge you with holocaust denial and in the latter some bearded buffoon, offended by one of your editorials criticizing unjust practices that some muslims engage in, would smear you as a munkar-e-hadis or ghayr muqallid and possibly have you brought up on trumped up blasphemy charges. These ahle sunnat blokes, for example, had a deobandi man charged with blasphemy because he tore down a poster advertising a mawlid that he thought was an occasion bidaat. Do you really think you would be treated better in the long run? Even if JI was capable of protecting you, would they, given your articles critical of Mawdudi? So I think we should all be grateful for the first amendment. It's one of things that the US does get right.

Abu Mahmoud
Baltimore, Maryland

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Before you read "The Meaning of QE3"


The Meaning of QE3

By Chales E Carlson, September 28, 2012

We wrote Obama or Romney: The Banker Fraternity's Choice for Serial Warrior? on September 3, 2012, one week before Bernanke announce his QE-3. It reads:
"The Banker Fraternity wants another Quantitative Easing, meaning electronic printing of dollars, maybe even a thousand billion new dollars, which would enter our economy, not at the food stamp or public works level, but at the bankers' level." 1
We choose not to predict who the FED would push for our President, but we stated that its actions would give us a clear picture of which candidate the bankers want or do not want. We wrote, "On September 11, or soon thereafter, Ben Bernanke will announce when and how much new "stimulus" will be injected into the economy like crystals of Meth under the tongue. If the amount is huge and the date is imminent, such as "we started yesterday," this will signal the fix is on for Obama to return to the White House. A positive stock market is the President's hope for reelection."
And is that not exactly what happened? In spit of sluggish economic news, the stock market is near record high ground, just in time for the election, and Mr. Obama is gaining at the polls. This should not be construed to mean Romney is not also a good fit for the bankers' President. But the bankers are clearly satisfied with President Obama; a reason we consumers can not trust either candidate.
Most of us do not have an inking of how QE-3 is supposed to shore up the economy, except that we have heard it is to encourage real estate loans, and the FED will spend $40 billion per month. No one asks where Mr. Bernanke will get all this money. The FED will print $40 billion a month, maybe for years, to buy up millions of bad mortgages that bankers have left from the last real estate boom and bust.
It took only two weeks after Bernanke's speech for a Bloomberg News' reporter to figure out what we had said in advance. . . the prime beneficiaries of QE-3 are not consumers longing for homes of their own, but the bankers who are stuck with bad mortgages.
Bloomberg's story puts it this way: "Fed Helps Lenders' Profit More Than Homebuyers". "The Fed is targeting the $5.2 trillion market for mortgage bonds guaranteed by government-backed Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac and Ginnie Mae, which helps determine the rates that lenders can offer. Lenders bundle about 90 percent of new loans into the securities to sell to investors, giving them funds to make more."2
The Bloomberg story does a decent job of explaining the essence of the deal which simply gives banks a chance to pawn off their old, dead and dying mortgages into the willing pocket of the the FED, which does not really care if it is bad paper because it prints the money to buy them.
I also want you to know this scam could be fixed in a heartbeat to funnel most benefit to home buyers with just six words from the FED... WE WILL BUY ONLY NEW PAPER. If Bernanke announced this simple policy, the banks would hurry to make new loans to anyone who could sign, and it would indeed trigger a real estate boom that would boost the building and real estate business and lots of related businesses. "For Sale" signs would soon come down in your neighborhood. The bankers would still make their origination fees, but this would not be nearly so juicy as the scheme that allows them to unload old, bad paper for newly printed dollars.
We must never forget, the FED is not owned by the taxpayers, but by the biggest and most powerful banks, so the bank's interest always comes first. The FED could do the same thing at will with commercial loans to small businesses... if they wanted to. Should monetary decisions be made this way? Of course not.
Massive gifts to businesses or classes of individuals can only lead to more chaos in a year or two. We all know instinctively that someone has to pay for every bad loan and every crafty, self-serving decision made at Bernanke's level. It is we the consumer (not necessarily the taxpayer) who pays in higher prices for everything we buy with our depleted and debased dollars. The FED can never go broke because it can print an endless supply of dollars for any scheme. We have a limited supply of dollars, and will eventually be unable to pay for the inflated food and basic needs.
If we could ignore the short-sighted benefits of this "crystals of Meth under the tongue" and if we had power to do something, what should be our course be? We should support the audit law Ron Paul finally got passed through the House The Federal Reserve Transparency Act. Harry Reid, the Senate Majority Leader and Nevada Democrat, has vowed it will not be put to a vote in the Senate. We should insist the FED be physically occupied and nationalized, not just audited... it is a private business, which is another way of saying "eliminate the FED." We will never be free of war and inflation until this is done.3
Most important, we should explain to our children and friends what we have learned about the FED and other control factions. Politics and Faith are not proper and polite subjects of conversation in the 21st century where our standards are increasing guided by the media, bankers, and politicians. We need to set our own social standards of what issues are important, and tell those most dear to us the painful truths we have learned. Our children will not thank us for keeping them ignorant.

Omar Khadr repatriated to Canada

Moazzam Begg :

After 11 years of severe torture in Bagram and Guantanamo this young, emaciated, pale and uncomplaining boy - who I saw imprisoned at the age of 15, with his eye shot out and two huge exit wounds in his chest and shoulder - is returning to Canada. Allahu Akbar. But, before anyone thinks his ordeal is over know this: he's going to Canada's most secure Supermax prison where he will remain quite possibly for several more years and contact with is family is something the government will try and prevent. And, although his return is one step forward, it is his release and unification with his family that will bring his nightmare to an end.

I pray this is the end of this ordeal, and not the beginning of another in a Canada Supermax prison. May Allah ease his hardship and reunite him with his family. The cub who became a lion in our brother Umar, and he is still on... the winning side. Allah tests us with little things (relative to what Umar went through) but we are barely hanging on the winning side. May Allah make us of the winners not the losers.

The First 2012 Presidential Debate - Style vs. Substance


Dr. Wilmer J. Leon III

Governor Romney and President Obama squared off in Denver. The stakes were high as well as the expectations. Many characterized this as Romney's last gasp, his last effort to restart his campaign. Unfortunately, President Obama allowed him to do just that.

This evening came down to a matter of style vs. substance and unfortunately this is an electorate that buys style and does not understand the substance. Romney was assertive, aggressive, and clearly understood that he had to sell himself to the viewers even if he had to lie to do so. President Obama was listless, rarely making eye contact with Romney, and his constantly looking down and away from Romney made him look defeated.

The President allowed too many of Romney's repeated lies to go unchallenged. Romney continued to say that the President took $716B from Medicare and that those cuts will impact service. That lie has been debunked by numerous sources but the President failed to mention that and that the Ryan plan cuts the same amount and then cuts more. He did not drive home the point that his plan cuts reimbursements to providers not services to recipients while the Romney/Ryan plan cuts coverage.
The President allowed Romney to say that "Obamacare" will cause 20M Americans to loose health coverage. The reality is that the 20M number Romney referenced is part of a range of wildly divergent estimates from the CBO and is at the very upper threshold of the range and not a projection. Also, on the "Obamacare" reference, the President did say he likes the reference but failed to provide his reasoning. He has recently started saying, "I like the term Obamacare -because I do care". He could have scored valuable points with that rebuttal this evening.
The President did well on his command of the data (substance) regarding Romney's tax plan but failed to provide a succinct rebuttal to Romney's denial of the reality (style). He did well with former President Clinton's "the math just does not add up" line but was so flat and unemphatic (if I can make up a word) with his delivery that it sounded almost as though he did not have confidence in his own words.
Romney's 5-point plan for progress was not a plan but a goal. A plan is a detailed program or method worked out beforehand for the accomplishment of an objective or goal. A goal is a direction. Romney talked about energy independence; job creation, etc. but offered no policy initiatives to get there (a plan). Later, when challenged by the President to provide specifics (a plan), Romney said he would lay out goals and go to Congress and ask how to get them accomplished. That sounds like a man who does not understand that the president has the power of the bully pulpit, sets direction, and offers real plans (policy initiatives) to success. By going to Congress and asking how to get things accomplished Romney sounds like he would "lead from behind." The President allowed Romney to get away with that blatant contradiction.
There was no mention of Romney's plan to ignore the 47% of voters who see themselves as "victims" and who are "dependent upon government." In his closing the President could have asked a simple question, "how can you plan to be the President of the United States and by your own admission ignore 47 percent of the electorate?" There was no mention of Romney's tenure at Bain Capital. The President seemed to run from the very ads that he has endorsed.
Going into the debate President Obama was extending his lead in many battle ground states. According to Real Clear the President is up in Florida 48-46, Wisconsin 51-44, Michigan 52-42, and Ohio 49-44. We will see how significant of a bump Romney gets from his showing this evening and how long it lasts.
Tonight it was style over substance and style won. President Obama did not bring his "A" game and he owes us more than that.
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