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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Zulqi'dah 12, 1433/September 29, 2012 # 43

Pakistani Islamic leader warns of serious situation in Baluchistan. Please scroll to end.

Breaking news: 5 items.
September 29: Tens of thousands of Pakistanis demonstrated in Karachi, Pakistan, against French cartoons of the Prophet, pbuh, and American-Zionist-Coptic hate video insulting the Prophet, pbuh. The crowd was huge as the political organizations of Islamics were joined by very large numbers of non-political Ahle Sunnah groups.
They were demanding that the US ambassador be expelled and ties with the US be broken off.
September 28: More than 400 attorneys demonstrated in Islamabad, Pakistan. They said, the US has violated international laws of civilized behavior by protecting the makers of insulting video against the Prophet, pbuh, and Pakistan should break relations with the US.

Sudan has refused permission to US marines who were coming in to defend western embassies attacked by Muslims protesting against hate videos coming out of the US.

Mali's interim government has teamed up with France and the US to attack al-Qaida Islamics who have taken over a large area of northern Mali including Timbuktu.

September 27: Sinai [Egypt]: Israeli air force attacked three Islamics who had entered the occupied territory. In their first clash they killed an Israeli soldier and wounded another. The Israeli air attack killed all three. [Muslim Brotherhood and Egyptian military have teamed up with Israel to "hunt" Islamics in large areas of Sinai where Islamic feeling is strong.]

Kenyan invasion force landed on a Somali beach in front of Kismayo. [September 28.] Al-Shabab which had made Kismayo known for its calm city life, peace and justice, held off the invasion force for one day but then on September 29 withdrew under cover of darkness. Al-Shabab announced that they will defeat the Kenyan army by guerrilla warfare. {The Kenyans are heavily armed by the US and Israel. Kenya is Obama's favorite African country.] Al-Shabab are lightly armed but are experts in guerrilla warfare.

Contest [from Imam Badi Ali.]
I Love Muhammad, salAllahu alaihi wassalam.

We have three prizes, $100 each, for the best youtube video titled I LOVE MUHAMMAD, pbuh.
After you put it on youtube, send the link to: so that our team can judge it for a prize.

The video should be within the framework of Islamic thought and values. Don't send any junk or opinion.

Unite to defeat the Zionist-Coptic attacks.
Challenge: Prove that you love Muhammad. pbuh.
Imam Badi Ali, top Jamaat al-Muslimeen leader challenges Muslims to PROVE that they love Muhammad, Pbuh.See Imam Badi's khutba to several hundred people. Please scroll way down.

A comment on the editor of New Trend on Facebook:
Dominick Bruno [In New Jersey] discussing women in Islam: Kaukab Siddique has written many books debunking patriarchy in Islam.

Press Release:From Jamaat al-Muslimeen [Baltimore, Maryland]
Israeli Netanyahoo's Insane Warmongering and Abuse of Iran and Muslims should not have been presented as Political Commentary on Corporate Media:
Iran is not our enemy.
There is no harm in "holocaust" revisionism and challenges to Israel's Occupation of Palestine.

On behalf of US Muslims, Jamaat al-Muslimeen condemns Israeli terrorist Netanyahoo's warmongering against Iran.US media, controlled by Zionists, and run by hard core anti-Islamists like Wolf Blitzer, Anderson the self-proclaimed homosexual, Charley Rose [Salman Rushdie's buddy], Fareed Zakaria the plagiarizer, clever clowns like Jon Stewart and Bill Mahr [both Zionist Jews], have joined hands to create an atmosphere of the need for war against Iran.

Facts: [About Iran.] [If you can refute any of these let us know.]
  1. Iran has NEVER committed aggression against anyone.

  2. Iran has not committed terrorist acts or covert acts of violence against anyone.

  3. Iran under Ahmedinejad has consistently tried to develop friendly relations with the USA.

  4. Iran's government is a freely elected, democratic government with an outspoken parliament to which women and minorities [including Jews] have been elected.

  5. Iran does not have an atomic bomb and even if it were trying for one will not have one for years.

Facts : [About israel]
{None of these can be refuted. We welcome Netanyahoo and CNN to try.]

  1. Zionist Jews occupied Palestine by force of arms. "Israel" is the name given to occupied Palestine.

  2. There was no Israel before 1948. It was created by the western powers.

  3. Israel commits daily acts of terrorism against Palestinians including the use of helicopter gunships and jet fighters against any civilian suspected of fighting Israel.

  4. Israel has repeatedly committed wars of aggression against Lebanon, killed more than 20,000 civilians and destroyed Lebanon's civilian infrastructure. Hezbollah stopped the Jewish blitzkrieg.

  5. Israel has atomic bombs concealed at Dimona and Israel believes in pre-emptive strikes.

  6. Israel has committed genocide against Palestine, in orgies of slaughter such as at Sabra and Shatilla refugee camps through Maronite surrogates, and then directly in Gaza where the Jewish air force used phosphorous and cluster bombs against defenseless people and killed several hundred Palestinian children
    and more than 1500 adults.

  1. Ahmedinejad never said that the Jewish holocaust never happened. He said it should be studied in the light of serious criticism published by revisionists such as Bradley, Weber, Faurisson, Rudolf and David Irving.

  2. He did not say that Israel should be wiped off the map. Here again Netanyahoo has used the big lie technique. Ahmedinejad said that Israel being a pariah state, breaking all the laws of humanity, is bound to wither away and collapse. [Again the Iranian leader was right. Israel only exists owing to the artificial economy created in occupied Palestine by the USA.]

  3. Iran has NEVER threatened Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar or Jordan. Thus the Israeli claim that these countries too feel threatened by Iranian nuclear development is a total fabrication cut from whole cloth.

US Terror Attacks on Pakistani Civilians Researched and Documented.
 A Pakistani protest
New Stanford/NYU study documents the civilian terror from Obama's drones
Glenn Greenwald: New research shows the terrorizing impact of drones in Pakistan, false statements from US officials, and how.....
[With thanks to Nadrat Siddique in Maryland.]

With thanks to Br. "Cleveland Anarchist" in Ohio.
We Urge Obama to release Dr. Aafia Siddiqui kidnaped by US Agents in the Bush era.

 Justice for Aafia
Justice for Aafia Coalition - United for Freedom and Justice for Aafia Siddiqui
Justice for Aafia Coalition

Hour Long Radio Interview
Israel Nudging US to attack Iran, just as it did for Iraq: Why has Pakistan turned anti-American?: War of Afghan Resistance is not "Insurgency" and is ending in Islamic Victory.

On September 29, Dr. Wilmer Leon's hour long interview with Dr. Kaukab Siddique was broadcast on XM Radio across 48 states in the US. Dr. Leon appears on the "On with Leon" Show and other radio and TV programs. He is an unusual supporter of Muslim and independent voices outside the power structure and is a top expert on African American issues.
Dr. Leon questioned Dr. Siddique on the "Insider attacks" on US troops in Afghanistan, the anti-American campaign in Pakistan after the hateful movie about the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, and the moves by Israel against Iran. The following is a summary of the main points made by Dr. Siddique.

The REAL Afghanistan.

  1. US corporate media give the impression that a legal government is in place in Afghanistan and the US is helping to suppress an "insurgency" against this legitimate regime. This is absolutely not treue.

  2. The Karzai government is a puppet clique installed in Kabul by the US. The Taliban are the Islamic resistance movement which could take over Afghanistan if it were not for NATO's military support for Karzai.

  3. Mr.Leon Pannetta has announced that the US militatary "surge" in Afghanistan has ended and the 33,000 US troops which launched this offensive are being "withdrawn." This is a polite way of saying that a US military retreat is underway.

  4. News reports indicate that NATO operations in Afhanistan are at a standstill. The initiative is in the hands of the Taliban. Karzai's personal bodyguards are not Afghans and 70% of the country is under Taliban control. Were it not for the US air force, the Taliban would take over.

  5. Michael Scheur, who once ran the Osama bin Laden surveillance desk in the CIA, called Karzai a "dead man walking." His fate will probably be that of the Afghan puppet the Soviets had left behind in the UN compound in Kabul.

  6. A few days back, a Taliban woman bombed European aviation personnel at Kabul airport. It is said that when women join the resistance in a conservative nation, there is no chance that western interference will ever be acceptable.

  7. The "insider attacks" on NATO troops seem to be by Afghans who joined US-funded Afghan military and police but are taking revenge for humiliation inflicted by the US on the people. It's a common occurrence that the occupation forces break into Afghan homes and mosques and mistreat women and children. This behavior is unacceptable and invokes the Islamic call for retaliation and the Pashtun code of conduct known as "badal" which also means hitting back. [A few days back, a US air strike killed 24 civilians including 8 WOMEN.

  8. US troops treat their own Afghan collaborators with contempt, somewhat like Black troops who fought for the Union and then in Vietnam were treated.The US committed these cultural outrages in Iraq and is continuing to do so in Afghanistan.

Pakistan: Nation mobilized against US Imperial Power, Imbued with love of Muhammad, pbuh.
  1. The abusive Jewish/Coptic video lampooning Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, was only the last straw for Pakistanis. It was not something out of the blue. Chaplain Lee wrote about the desecration of the Qur'an in Guantanamo Bay, FOX TV's Michelle Malkin posted a graphic of the Qur'an in the latrine, the crazy preacher in Florida burned the Qur'an, US troops in Afghanistan burned hundreds of Qur'ans, and now we have this filthy video and the latest cartoons in France. The Zionists behind these outrages have not been put on a terrorist list by the US nor have their resources been cut off. Pakistanis do not believe that America loves frredom of expression so much that it will coddle Zionist hatemongers.

  2. Pakistanis now have a massive Islamic movement led by Syed Munawar Hasan [who was once a guest of Dr. Leon's show]. It's a peaceful movement but it has successfully mobilized millions of Pakistanis against US interference in Pakistan. The attacks on the Prophet, pbuh, gave this movement a chance to show how much Pakistanis love the Prophet, pbuh, and detest America-Israel [which they see as one].

  3. Pakistani and other Muslim rulers are worried that with the uprising of millions of poor and downtrodden people along Islamic lines, their regimes may collapse and there could be widespread disturbances against the entire ruling class.

  4. Even secular elements are trying to show their loyalty to the Prophet, pbuh. One of them, a minister in the Pakistani regime, has put a bounty of $100,000 on the director of the hate movie.

  5. The Zionist-Coptic attack on Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, came on top of the steady stream of death unleashed by US drone attacks, the air strike which killed Pak troops and the escape of CIA agent Raymond Davis who killed 3 Pakistanis.

Israel wants the US to attack Iran: The Jew Bacile produced Abusive video, was renamed Nakoula the Copt. African Americans could stop this game but lack leadership.

  1. Israel is trying to convince the US that the Islamic uprisings against the abusive video are Iran's work and should be seen as "terrorism" against the US.

  2. This totally false propaganda gambit by Israel is part of Netanyahu's BIG LIE technique. Iran has had a minimal role in the worldwide uprisings for the Honor of the Prophet, pbuh. The demonstrations in Iran were small and more of an after thought.

  3. A similar BIG LIE technique was used by the Zionists against Iraq through their death grip on the US media. Bush was made to believe that Saddam has weapons of mass destruction. Saddam was presented as the most evil person on the planet earth.

  4. Similarly now Ahmedinejad is being smeared not just as a terrorist but as a "nuclear terrorist."

  5. The video against Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, was first reported as produced by a Jew named Bacile who lives in California. After the global Islamic response, CNN worked hard to claim that Bacile is not a Jew but a Copt and his "real" name is Nakoula. CNN's agents even knocked on Nakoula's door but could never show his face. Looks like the Zionists cleverly averted the Muslim wrath from the Jew to the Copt.

  6. Netanyahoo keeps saying that the US must stop Iran or "we'll do it ourselves." The Israelis through the US media present Iran as a threat to the oil shipping and even to US military bases.

  7. Iran falls for this game and actually threatens to block the shipping routes and to attack US military bases. Netanyahoo has won the game. Iran is no match for the US' conventional military power.

  8. It's election time and Obama is being pushed by Israel to take action against Iran. Obama is in close competition with Romney. He desperately needs the Jewish vote. So, he might be tempted to carry out a strategic strike against Iran: a quick thrust. He might want to prove once for all that he loves Israel more than Romney does.

  9. African Americans could stop Obama. They have just about the same number of votes as the Jews. They could remind Obama that he is one of them and his duty is to them and not to Israel.

  10. Unfortunately, African Americans lack leadership and will probably vote en bloc like last time for Obama.

  11. The Zionists used a gullible African American, Colin Powell, against Iraq. Now they are using a [semi] African American, at a much higher level, the president himself, to attack Iran.

  12. If the US or Israel attack Iran, it will be a blunder of the highest order. Remember that Ahmedinejad is a democratically elected leader. He has plenty of support even now: More than Obama and Netanyahoo. In case of an attack, ALL of Iran will support him. Nationalism is very deep in Iran.

  13. If the Iranian resistance continues, and Iran is pushed to the wall, it could take drastic measures, such as heavy weapons and logistical support for al-Qaida and Taliban. So an attack on Iran would back fire and lead to America's worst nightmare:Islamic unity!

Letter: Reader Supports French Moves: re: BBC Interview with Saudi

You saw one side of the Islamic art and museum in Paris, but the other face is informing public about peaceful, creative achievements of Muslims besides killing and fighting. France is now a more tolerant and just country towards Islam and Muslims.

Shaikh Alikhan [Canada]

Noth Carolina: Juma Khutba denouncing Attacks on Muhammad, pbuh
What would you do if a video calling your father a molestor & Your mother a whore were circulated? The Zionists did it to the greatest human, pbuh.

On September 28, Imam Badi Ali gave the Juma' khutba in Greensboro, North Carolina. Several hundred people from Arab and African countries were in the prayer gathering. Here is a summary of this powerful khutba.

Text: "Say: If it be that your fathers, your sons, your brothers, your wives, or your relatives, the wealth that you have gained, the commerce in which you fear a decline, or the dwellings in which you delight --- are dearer to you than Allah or His Messenger, or the striving in His cause ---- then wait until Allah brings about His Decision: and Allah does not guide the deliberately disobedient." [The Qur'an :24.]

Dear Muslims:
When we talk of the Prophet, pbuh, we are not talking of an ordinary good human being. He is called by Allah, as Muhammad, Ahmad, Mahmud and Mustafa. He is the best of all mankind.
  1. What would you do if someone called your mother a whore?

  2. What would you do if someone made a video about your father calling him a fraud, a cheater, a liar, a molestor?

  3. How would people respond if you went downtown and starting burning copies of the US Constitution and pictures of all the heroes of America.

  4. For us the Messenger, pbuh, is more beloved of us than our own parents, our own children, our own selves, and his wife is as our Mother.

  5. Freedom of expression?

  6. Then why are pictures of the US atrocities in Abu Ghraib not circulated on mainstream media? Why don't they show us how they took the clothes off prisoners and set attack dogs on them and took pictures?

  7. Why not show pictures of village homes and mosques destroyed in drone attacks in Pakistan and Yemen?

  8. To those who say: Keep Quiet.

  9. Study the Qur'an. Allah Almighty Himself speaks against those who abused the Prophet, pbuh. Notice the sura condemning Abu Lahab which will be recited for all time to come. Notice the condemnation of the Pharoah. Those who are the servants of Allah must speak out. Silence is a deadly sin, a form of kufr.

  10. I challenge you to do tafseer of Sura al-Lahab with your children. Do tafseer of sura al-Kauthar with your children about the oppressors mocking the Priophet, pbuh, on the death of his children.

  11. Remember when the Zionists-Copts attack the Messenger, they are also attacking the ONE who sent the Messenger. They are blaspheming and inciting war.

  12. Attacks on the Messenger, pbuh, mean we are being tested.

  13. In the history books we read that when opponents of Muslims started abusing the Messenger, it was a sign to the Muslims that they would win the battle. It would mean that that now they woud have to put in all their power to defeat the enemy.

  14. When Sultan Abdul Hamid of Turkey learned that the French and the British were putting on a play mocking the Prophet, pbuh, he asked them to stop. When they refused on the basis of "freedom of expression", he told them he was going to declare Jehad against them , and they stopped.

  15. Each one of us is obligated to defend the Prophet, pbuh. If we are silent, it means we have lost our faith. There is no excuse. Use peaceful means but speak out against the Zionists, the Coptics, the French.

  16. BOYCOTT the French who are defending the cartoons of the Prophet, pbuh. Are you not ashamed that you would buy or eat anything connected with those weho defend abuse of Muhammad Mustafa, pbuh.

  17. Do not buy from companies who blatantly support the Zionists, such as Coca Cola, Nestle, Starbucks, McDonalds, Arm & Hammer, Disney, etc.

  18. Why do Muslim Rulers not declare Jihad against those who mock the Prophet, pbuh?

  19. Most of them are traitors who have been installed in Muslim countries by the West.

  20. Others are cowards who are scared of the power of the Zionists but are not afraid of Allah.

  21. Others are hypocrites and are issuing Fatwas that Muslims should not even march to the embassies of the oppressors.

  22. Worst of these rulers and their followers are the ones who claim that protesting against the attacks on the Prophet, pbuh, is EXTREMISM!
    [Here imam Badi recited in Arabic the poetry of Hissan ibn Thabit, r.a., a poet Companion of the Prophet. The imam also recited some of his own poetry in Arabic.]

Conclusion; remember O believers, Allah has promised you victory over the oppressors. The enemies will be dismantled and defeated. Honor belongs to Allah and His Prophet, pbuh.

DNA Evidence of Muhammad's [pbuh] Legitimacy as a Prophet.
Celebrate the greatest human being.

by Sis. Um Esma [New Orleans, Louisiana]

It is worthy of note that recent DNA evidence has placed the Prophet Mohammed, in the line of descent from Abraham. This haplotype can be traced to a single male founder or patriarch, who passed the DNA to his male offspring, which included the Quraysh of Mecca and the Hebrews. The cohen or cohanim were Jewish priests] descended from Aaron, the brother of Moses. That patriarch is the Prophet Abraham, who was the father of Isaac and Ismail. According to the Quran 2:127, Ismail and his father built the Kaba in Mecca, which is the location of the Prophet Muhammad's tribe, the Quraysh. Ismail is the ancestor of the Prophet Muhammad (saws).:
J1c3d* accounts for the majority of J1 in Yemen, Cohen Jews and Ethiopia as well as Quraysh including Seyyed (Sayyid)
The Quraysh or Quraish were a powerful merchant tribe that controlled Mecca and its Kaaba upon the appearance of the religion of Islam. Muhammad was born into the Banu Hashim clan of the Quraysh tribe.
Sayyid is an honorific title, it denotes males accepted as descendants of the Islamic prophet Muhammad through his grandsons, Hasan ibn Ali and Husain ibn Ali, sons of the prophet's daughter Fatima Zahra and his son-in-law Ali ibn Abi Talib

From the above information, we can conclude that the Prophet Mohammed was in a direct line of prophets, who descended from Abraham (as). So, it is little wonder that the Quran mentions his fellow prophets and that so many prophecies about Mohammed are included in Jewish scripture. Indeed, all mankind should celebrate Allah's praise for His mercy in sending the Biblically prophesied Prophet of Islam to the nations of the earth as was foretold by the ancient prophets. Only one man in all of history has fulfilled to the letter every line of these prophecies and this is Mohammed, the prophet of Allah. May Allah continue to bless those who follow His Prophet and the religion revealed to him, Islam.

Baluchistan: Last Chance for Pakistan: Withdraw Military forces: Arrest General Musharraf.
by Shamsuddin Amjad
LAHORE, Sep. 28: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, has impressed upon the federal government to make serious efforts to tide over the situation in Balochistan, the largest and the richest province of the country.
In a statement here on Friday, he said that the tyranny and the injustice of the federal government had caused deep hatred among the Baloch people, and a situation of revolt had been created there. This had provided the United Nations an excuse to interfere and send a so called delegation to ascertain the situation.
Syed Munawar Hasan said that the Baloch nationalists had given another chance to the government by expressing full confidence in the Supreme Court and the government should avail this opportunity in the best possible manner. He said, the abductions for ransom had become a profitable business in Balochistan but the working of the judicial Commission on the missing persona had been poor. The Supreme Court, he said, had taken a bold stand and expressed the hope that the apex court would take the matter to its logical end.
The JI Ameer said that serious efforts should be made to trace the missing persons, the right of the Balochistan people over the resources of the province must be accepted, gas royalty amounting to Rs. 600 billion should be paid to them and troops should be called to barracks to restore normalcy. He said that as long as declared and undeclared military operations were not stopped, the confidence of the people of Balochsitan could not be won. He said the murder of Nawab Akbar Bugti had been a plot against national solidarity, and as long as all those involved including Pervez Musharraf were not arrested, the Baloch people could not be cooled down.

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