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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Shawwal 27, 1433/September 15, 2012 # 41

See Imam Badi Ali's powerful khutba below in which he discusses the role of the Banu Israel [Zionists] in attacks on Jesus, pbuh, Muhammad, pbuh, and all the decencies of religion. Please scroll way down. Must read.

Breaking news: September 15.
Libya has closed its air space over Benghazi. Armed Muslims are shooting at alleged US drones carrying out surveillance. Looks like a US special forces attack is underway. Fifty US marines have aready secured the Consulate which was burned down

Breaking News 2: September 15.
US Special forces have been rushed to Sudan. No details available yet.

Khutba on Zionist attacks on our beloved leader Muhammad, pbuh.
Dr. Siddique calls for Rebuttal & Defeat of Zionist Attacks on Muhammad, pbuh.
After 400 years of slavery, Africa is rising up with the banners of Islam.

On September 14, Br. Kaukab Siddique, gave the Juma' khutba at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore. Here are the main points.

"The Prophet is nearer to the believers than their own selves and his wives are as their mothers." [The Qur'an 33:6]

  1. The enemies of Islam have made the mistake of attacking the best of men, Muhammad, pbuh, who is dearer to Muslims than their own lives.

  2. The Zionist Jews started by attacking Hadith because they know US Muslims are deficient in the study of Hadith. They did not realize that Muslim scholars have studied EACH hadith and categorized its strength and weakness. There is nothing that these enemies of Islam can tell us about Hadith.

  3. Then they started attacking the beloved wife of the Prophet, pbuh, Aisha, r.a., not realizing that Aisha, r.a., is the greatest Muslim woman, scholar, teacher, orator, poet, leader; pious, virtuous and chaste as witnessed by Allah Almighty himself.

  4. Don't be fooled by "Muslim" agents of the government who say that Muhammad, pbuh, forgave his enemies so we should too! I would say to these agents: If you are personally attacked, forgive the attacker. That's not the issue.

  5. By attacking Muhammad, pbuh, the Zionists are attacking the ENTIRE ISLAMIC WAY of LIFE. The way we live, all our fasting and festivals, our marriages, our food, our child upbringing, our habits of cleanliness, EVERYTHING is connected to the example of the Prophet, pbuh.

  6. Thus an attack on the Prophet, pbuh, is cultural GENOCIDE, an attempt to destroy Islam. It's like telling a child: Your mother is a whore and you are not legitimate!

  7. This is coming from the Zionists, the pariahs of the world. Look at their morality.

  8. They support fornication, adultery and the battering of women. More than 4,000,000 women are battered in the USA which is under control of Zionists. The movies the Zionists produce are chock full of images of violence against women.

  9. Now they have come out openly in support of homosexuality. Man on man, woman on woman. And these scum want to attack the Prophet, pbuh, and teach us morality.

  10. Allah categorizes us as Muslim, Mumin, Muhsin, Mujahid, Shaheed. These Zionists categorize Muslims as fundamentalists [those who pray and fast], and extremists [those who protest peacefully against occupation of Muslim lands]. and terrorists [those who resist occupation with weapons].

  11. Look at how "brave" these kuffar are. They sit in Tampa, Florida and fire missiles into Afghan villages. Their drones slaughter "suspected militants." That's their courage and their justice.

  12. They bomb villagers who have no anti-aircraft guns and then boast of their heroism and refer to their victims as "terrorists."

  13. They occupy Muslim lands and claim that Muslims are so violent that they don't want their lands occupied!

  14. Those who carried on slavery for 400 years, raped every black woman and decimated entire tribes of Native Americans want to tell us that they can criticize the Prophet, pbuh.

  15. They have looted the wealth of Africa but now Africa is rising up with the banners of Islam. Libya, Egypt, Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria... our African brothers and sisters are becoming game changers.

Thunder of Islam in 21 Countries: Love of Muhammad, pbuh, hate of US Imperialism & Zionism
September 14:
Although the Muslim Brfotherhood backed out [act of treachery or opportunism or orders from Obama], huge crowds surged in the Muslim world to condemn the attacks on Prophet Muhammad, pbuh. They blamed the US and Israel.

In Sudan, the crowds attacked not only the US embassy but also those of Germany [seriously damaged] and Britain.
In Yemen, the crowds were huge but the security forces, armed by the US, opened fire killing 5, wounding 30.
In Gaza, 30,000 people rallied [more than in Cairo] with smaller crowds in Nablus [West Bank].
Crowds in East Jerusalem burned American and Israeli flags before the Israelis attacked them with shock grenades.
Tunisia was a real surprise, where the crowds were determined to damage the US embassy and the pro-US security forces opened fire killing 3 and wounding numbers of people.
In Dhaka, Bangladesh, tens of thousands marched in defense of the Prophet, pbuh.
Even more surprising were the protests in Nigeria, Malaysia, Mali, Indonesia and UK.
The Pakistani rallies were very peaceful and so got no publicity overseas. The really passionate rally was led by Hafiz Muhammad Saeed. {Jamaate Islami did a great organizational job. Scroll down for report.]

Kashmiri and Indian Muslims protested even though oppressed themselves.

Al-Qaida Flags raised in Yemen, Sudan, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt.....

One of the most shocking aspect of the rallies across the globe was the unfurling of Islamic flags well known as symbols of al-Qaida. These are black flags inscribed with the seal of the Prophet, pbuh, with which he marked the letters he sent to various rulers. The words in old style Arabic script are: There is no god but Allah.
The black flags come from hadith of the Prophet, pbuh, in which he said that in the later days the black flags of Islam would emerge from the east, which Muslims think mean Afghanistan.

In Egypt, walls have been inscribed with the slogan: We are all Osama bin Laden.

Latest Developments: Small crowds are trying to regroup as police attack them.
Muslim Brotherhood Backs off, Leaving Smaller Groups to Suffer.
September 14
Egypt: After a phone call from President Obama, Egypt's President Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood backed off and cancelled the demonstrations against the US and for the Prophet, pbuh. Morsi wants the rallies to be held only in Tahrir Square for symbolic value.
In the meantime, Morsi's government is trying to crush the demonstrators from other Islamic groups. It has injured 200 demonstrators till now and arrested some others.
[New Trend observers say, Morsi's government is strongly linked to the US government, like CAIR in USA. The Morsi government has still not cut off relations with Israel. These rulers are opportunists who want to exploit the Islamic sentiments of the people. Don't be fooled by beards and hijabs. They will not confront imperialist power. Other groups will be the ones protesting and suffering.]
{New Trend observers say, look at the opportunism and hypocrisy of CAIR in USA to understand the tactics of the Muslim Brotherhood. They gave up the powerful writings of Syed Qutb long ago.]

Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri's Appeal was behind Killing of Ambassador & Seals in Libya?:
MSNBC's Research: 4 Arrested.

September 13: The Rachel Maddow Show [MSNBC TV} showed quite convincingly that the US ambassador in Libya and 3 other diplomats were killed in an organized attack by Ansar al-Sharia, an African version of al-Qaidah. The attack came, says MSNBC, after a message from Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri in which he mourned the death of Yahya al-Libi, the second in command of al-Qaida. He was killed in a US air strike on the Pakistan frontier.
As his last name shows, al-Libi was a Libyan Islamic leader. Osama bin Laden was killed by US Navy Seals.
Many Libyans have come out on the streets to apologize to the US while opposing the anti-Islam movie.
Libya has now arrested 4 people it says were involved in the attack. There are several armed Islamic groups in Libya while the government is pro-West owing to the help it got against Qaddafi.

Yemen: Five Killed by Security forces on Second Day of Demonstrations against the US.
September 14: As the demonstrators came bacck to continue the protests against the movie and the US, security forces opened fire killing 5 people. This crack down seems to be on orders from the US and the Muslim Brotherhood after demonstrators did serious damage to the US embassy on September 13.

Khutba on Jewish-Coptic assault on the Prophet, pbuh.
For the sake of our children & our Future, we must Stand up for the Honor of the Prophet, pbuh.
Jews have a track record of attacks on Allah's messengers, including Jesus & Muhammad
[peace be on them]

by Imam Badi Ali, National Islamic Shoora, Jamaat al-Muslimeen

September 14, 2012.

Text: "... Is it that whenever there comes to you a messenger with what you yourselves do not desire, you are puffed up with pride? Some you called imposters, and others you slay! " [The Qur'an 2:87]

""Never will the Jews or the Chrtistians be satified with you unless you follow their form of religion." {The Qur'an 2:120]

Main points:
  1. What is happening today is a part of the ongoing conflict between good and evil, haqq and batil.

  2. The Jews in particular and their Zionist friends have developed a culture of INSULT. They revel in abusing all that is holy to Muslims.

  3. The Jews do not consider Islam as sacred or important. To get an idea of Jewish hatred of the messengers of God, read what the Talmud says about Jesus, pbuh.

  4. Now by insulting Muhammad, pbuh, they are insulting all the prophets whose teachings are subsumed in the teachings of Islam.

  5. We Muslims do not burn their books or abuse their saints. They burn the Qur'an and insult the Prophet, pbuh.

  6. The American people are ignorant of Islam. Whatever the Zionists feed them through the controlled media, they accept it to a greater or lesser degree. How are they to know Islam if we don't teach them?

  7. Much of this filthy abuse-type propaganda against Islam was taken to a new level by Christian Zionists like Jerry Falwell [now deceased] and Pat Robertson. Every day Robertson is on TV preaching against Islam.

  8. Coptic christian TV channels have taken the abuse and the slanders to a new level of filth, accusing the Prophet, pbuh, of being a criminal and a molestor.

  9. There are extremists in this country who have been advocating the destruction of the Ka'aba itself. All these outrages are being allowed by the US government on the pretext of "freedom of expression."

  10. The corporate media, linked to the ruling party and the opposition party, will not allow any criticism of the Jewish holocaust story or of homosexuality but they have no problem with insults against the best of men Muhammad, pbuh.

  11. Don't let anyone tell you that you should tolerate these abusive attacks. The Qur'an condemned Abu Lahab by name when he attacked the Prophet, pbuh. For ever and ever we recite the verses about Abu Lahab as a reminder of our duty.

  12. We must speak out, use email, facebook, and other peaceful means to defeat the Zionists and to educate the American public.

Stand up for the Honor of the Prophet, pbuh.
[Do not be misled by Munafiqs with Muslim names siding with Zionist Jews.]

[On September 12, Br. Kaukab Siddique issued an appeal by press statement to thousands of US Muslims urging them to stand up for the honor of the Prophet, pbuh.. Here are a few of the responses.]

The West has returned to the Dark Ages.
These Jews & Christians are living in the First Century AD.

Your appeal is correct and humane. West has no respect for Prophet Muhammad (pbuh]. Their religion ends with Moses and Jesus [pbut]. Conceptually, they are living in the first century AD and, as such, carry no sense of justice, peace and respectability for Islam and Muslims.
Their media is prejudiced, their religious dignitaries are zealots and their political leadership is blind and do not see beyond their political prejudices. They live in 21 century but talk of only their dark ages. They think that they are born to rule the gentiles of Asia, Africa and Latin America.
Now it was and is the job of Muslim to tell them that they are wrong: their system is wrong and their conceptual life is totally out of date and outdated, whereas Islam is the most modern and updated version of GUIDANCE for mankind. Better have it or you all will soon wither away with the emergence of Islam as a political entity.

Shamim Siddiqui
[Author of Calling Humanity.]

Unity of Muslims is the requirement

All Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) loving Muslims of the world should stand firm this time to fight-off those bloody Jews of Isreal.

Azam Mahmood [re: The Criterion]

Letter: They drone innocents

Hajj Malik [Malcolm X] said the chickens come home to roost.
Did'nt they just drone a man in Yemen?
And they dont even mention any bystanders who may also have been killed !
Love u all for the sake of Allah
Nabila in Philadelphia

Letter: From a Hispanic Islamic Activist about the Honor of the Prophet, pbuh

I could not have said it better in a thousand words. Well said Dr. Kaukab...
Robert Solano

Letter: Reader Accuses New Trend of Useless Rhetoric

Assalamu Alaikum:
Instead of just responding emotionally by saying "Rise up", your organization and other peace and justice loving organizations, should draw concrete plans for Muslims to peacefully fight this anti Muslim cancer.

It is a lot easier to utter emotional slogans. However, what Muslims need is real, well thought out peaceful response to these Islamophobes. Frankly, we are growing tired of them and of your useless rhetoric.

Wassalamu Alaikum:

MAH [IAR office]

Letter: You are Calling the Ummah

Aap azan dey rahay hain. [Urdu translation: May Allah reward you. You are giving the Adhan or call to Allah's worship.]
Salim Mansur Khalid

Pakistanis were Peaceful and Disciplined: Their Rallies received no Coverage in US Media
by Shamsuddin Amjad

LAHORE, Sep. 14: Thousands of people came on roads on Friday, to protest against the presentation of a blasphemous film in the US , on an appeal made by the Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Syed Munawar Hasan and other political and religious parties.
Protest rallies and demonstrations were held in big and small cities and towns. The speakers denounced the anti Islam policies and propaganda by the US and the West. They also stressed upon the Muslim Ummah to rise for foiling the nefarious designs of the enemy.
In Karachi, the protest rally was started from the Matriculation Board Office up to the Karachi Press Club. Ameer, JI, Syed Munawar Hasan and JI Karachi chief, Muhammad Husain Mehnati, led the rally.
Addressing the rally, Syed Munawar Hasan said that the blasphemous film was the worst form of religious terrorism against Islam and the Muslims and the mischievous Zionist mind was behind the move. He said the US had challenged the Muslims once again by hurting their sentiments and attacking the Prophet of Islam, the centre of the Muslims love. He said that the Muslim rulers supporting the US policies also stood with the Americans.
In the Punjab capital, the protest rally started from the JI office, Lytton Road and marched up to the Lahore Press Club. The JI Secretary General, Liaqat Baloch, addressing the rally, called upon the US government to arrest blasphemer Terry Jones and award him a deterrent punishment, or hand him over to some Islam country for trial.
He said that Terry Jones had been committing crime against the Muslims and the Muslims had the right to demand him from the US in the way the US had got CIA agent Raymond Davis released and was now demanding the release of Dr. Shakil Afridi. The JI leader also called for an apology by the US on this score failing which the world would become insecure for the Americans. He also urged the Pakistani Christians and their Priests to join the Muslims in the condemnation of the blasphemous film.
JI deputy SG, Hafiz Sajid Anwar, in his Friday address at the Mansoora mosque, said that unless the blasphemers were brought to the book by the US, or they were handed over to the Muslims, the protest would continue.
In the Khyber P. protest rallies were held in Peshawar and other towns. JI provincial chief, Prof. Ibrahim Khan, said that the Zionists wanted to plunge the entire world in the flames of war and the peace loving people must rise against their plans

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