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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Shawwal 23, 1433/September 11, 2012 # 40

Read Imam Badi Ali's beautiful khutba on MARRIAGE. Please scroll to end.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen Press release #1:
Pakistan has released a girl accused of desecration of the Qur'an. Iran has released a Christian who was breaking the law. When will America release Muslim prisoners who are scattered across the American gulag, imprisoned for thought crimes, often caught in entrapment, usually led on by informants. President Obama: LET MY PEOPLE GO!

Press release #2:
Jamaat al-Muslimeen condemns President Obama's inclusion of Jerusalem as the "eternal" capital of Israel in the Democratic Party platform. Jerusalem is not anyone's to give to Israel. Jerusalem belongs to Islam and Palestine. It was taken by the Jews by force of arms and the Muslim world is waiting for another Salahuddin Ayyubi to liberate it.

Also shameful is the Democratic party's game with the name of God. Religion is not a toy to be removed and restored. Obviously God is not of any serious relevance to democrats. They can "remove" and "replace" God at will. Jamaat al-Muslimeen has been proven justified in its denunciation of Obama's homosexual bias. The game with the name of God is no different from the game with the support for homsexuality. It is sacrilege and blasphemy.

Imam Badi Ali, National Shoora Leader, Jamaat al-Muslimeen
Comments On President Obama's Convention Drama: Do not be Mislead.

Muslims are liable to be taken in by Obama's words which are projected by some Muslim pro-government "advocacy" groups. Please ponder these points.
  1. Obama projects Israeli interests. He has outdone all previous presidents in sending aid to Israel.

  2. His four years have been four years of attacks on Muslim countries despite his pledges to withdraw.

  3. America has had four years of a bad economy because of open ended funding of Israel.

  4. Zionists will vote for Obama owing to his solid support for Israel and his total committment to Israel.

  5. He has visited Israeli defense systems and provided $70 million extra in addition to the annual $3 billion.

  6. Even Bush disagreed with some of Israel's moves but Obama has totally surrendered America's integrity to Israel's needs. Till today Obama has not mentioned Israel's genocide in Gaza.

  7. American intelligence has been given to Israel as a "gift" to carry out cyber weapons warfare against Iran.

  8. In the case of Iran, Obama is so anti-Iran that he has pressured Europe to support Israel in this confrontation.

Jamaat al-Muslimeen literature distributed after Juma' in Laurel, Maryland

On September 7, Shoora resolutions of Jamaat al-Muslimeen were given to 120 Muslims after Juma' prayers at the Islamic Center of Laurel. This is a small town 21 miles south of Baltimore.
The resolutions support Palestine, condemn Israel, denounce Obama's homosexuality legitimization, call for release of political prisoners and urge legalization of undocumented workers.
Also distributed were summaries of speeches to the Shoora by Kaukab Siddique [supporting Muslim uprisings in Syria, ridiculing conspiracy theories], by Sis. Ashira outlining the need for Africa focus particularly in Ghana, Nigeria, Sudan and Ethiopia, by Br. Solano bringing out the resurgence of Islam in Mexican-central American populations, by Br. Yusuf Ireland opposing interfaith activities which blur Islam's authenticity and the corruption rife among Muslim immigrants. The last item was about Nadrat Siddique's support of activism for Black, Hispanic and Palestinian groups in the Washington, DC area.
In addition, Pakistani woman leader Dr. Rukhsana Jabeen's appeal for worldwide support for Hijab was given out to the 120 people.
Another 13 copies of these items were given out later at a halal restaurant 10 miles away.

What is a Muslim Father ?
by Kaukab Siddique, PhD
Associate Professor of English.

3710 hits till now

It's not easy to be a Muslim father. Here are some guidelines if you are a father:
  1. The father must put Allah first above all else.

  2. In all matters, ask yourself what Muhammad, peace be on him, would have done.
    1. Live according to Islam. Pray, fast, help those in need, be with the Muslim community and make sure your children have Muslim friends. ***

  3. It's your job to earn for your family, other than in situations beyond your control.

  4. NEVER abuse your children or their mother, physically or psychologically.

  5. Consult [do SHOORA] with your children and their mother in all matters concerning the family.

  6. Give more care, honor and love to the DAUGHTERS over the sons.**
    1. In worldly matters treat your children equally with justice*

  7. Teach the children to Love, honor and respect their mother.

  8. Do not make obedience a personal matter. Obedience is to Allah alone.

  9. Tolerate and respect differences of opinion within the family but do not tolerate violations of Islamic Law.

  10. If a child is in open rebellion against Islam, he/she must be repudiated, but keep the door of repentance and love open. The punishment must be more in sorrow than in anger.
** From Abdullah ibn Abbas, r.a.: The messenger of Allah, peace be on him, said:
*From Na'uman bin Bashir, r.a. ...............[From the messenger of Allah, peace be on him] :

War News: Pakistan
North Waziristan fighters led by the Haqqani family declared "terrorists" by Hillary Clinton
September 7: Hillary Clinton announced that the Islamic fighting group led by the Haqqani family in North Waziristan has been listed as a terrorist organization by the US. No financial dealings with the group will be legal. The group is suspected of attacking US troops in Afghanistan. A US soldier is said to be in the group's captivity.
The Haqqani family has a cease fire agreement with the Pakistani army. The Pakistani army has been battling the Pakistani Taliban in Swat, Dir, Adam Khel, Bajaur and South Waziristan. The Pak Taliban rose up against the military after the attack on the Red Mosque and Jamia Hafsa [women's seminary].
The US has been pushing General Kayani to attack the Haqqanis in North Waziristan but Paki army losses against the Pak Taliban have been so severe that Kayani has been reluctant to attack in North Waziristan.
Meanwhile, the US has been hitting the Islamics in North Waziristan with drones, killing several thousand civilians and at least five al-Qaida people.
The Haqqani leadership has responded in detail to Hillary Clinton, ridiculing the charges of "terrorism.". Its statement said that Haqqani forces accept Mullah Umar as their leader and will step up attacks on US and NATO forces. The US soldier is the captive of another Taliban group, not the Haqqanis, the statement said,

Pakistan continued.
Feed the Children fund was used by CIA to trace Shaykh Osama through Dr. Afridi.
All 6 foreign representatives Expelled: Afridi was arrested and sentenced to 33 Years.

On September 6, Pakistan's government decided to expel 6 non-Pakistani organizers of "Save the Children" fund. It is thought that the CIA used this charity to send Dr. Shakil Afridi to find out if Shaykh Osama was in that house in Abbottabad. Afridi was able to do it under cover of a vaccination program for children.
Pakistanis consider Afridi a traitor. Last year, he was arrested and cleverly sentenced to 33 years for charges unrelated to his help for the CIA.

September 10: Fox News somehow managed to interview Dr. Afridi in prison. He told FOX that he was being interrogated by military intelligence who hate America. He said many Islamic prisoners from various countries are in the same prison facility. There is a move in the US Congress to get Afridi released on threat of cut off of aid to Pakistani government.

Attacks within Pakistan.
September 3. NATO re-supply trucks going through a remote highway in the Kaachi area of Baluchistan came under attack. Two NATO trucks were set on fire and three drivers were injured.
Also on September 3, in Peshawar on Abdana road, a vehicle of the American consulate was destroyed by a Taliban human bomber. Two people working for the consulate were killed and 19 security men, including two Americans wounded.

Peaceful Movement
Munawar Hasan Addresses Huge Crowd in Upper Dir [Frontier Province].
Without Kashmir, India Talks are Meaningless. Jehad gaining Support Worldwide

LAHORE, Sep. 9: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, has said that at the Foreign Ministers' talks, Pakistan had been playing on the Indian wicket and ignoring vital national interests.
He said the Pakistan side did not even mention the core issue of Kashmir and India's water aggression in the current talks while the Indian Foreign Minister kept on dictation for bringing the Mumbai attack's culprits to book and for curbing terrorism in this country.
Hasan said this while addressing a large public meeting in Dir upper on Sunday. JI deputy chief, Sirajul Haq and JI provincial chief, Prof. Ibrahim Khan also addressed the gathering.
Syed Munawar Hasan said that next to the US, the Pakistani rulers were trying hard to please the Indian rulers. He said that the Kashmir issue had been put at the back burner. However, he said, for the people of Pakistan and the Kashmiris, the Kashmir issue was the basic and the core issue between the two countries without whose solution, real peace in the region was impossible.
The JI Ameer said that the US had been dreaming of thrusting its New World Order in the world and the country which opposed that, was declared a terrorist.
However, he said, that only the Order of Allah, the Creator of the universe, would prevail in the world and Islam alone could guarantee lasting and real peace in the world.
He said that ever since the US began targeting Islam and the Muslims under the cover of terrorism, Jehad had gained strength. Unfortunately, the Pakistani rulers were acting as US agents. Therefore, he said, the nation must reject the US agents ruling the country .
The JI Ameer said that the changes in Tunisia, Egypt and Morocco had given a new hope to the oppressed Muslims. And it would be wise for the rulers in Islamabad to see the writing on the wall and mend their ways. He said that the Ikhwanul Muslimoon in Egypt and the Jamaat e Islami of Pakistan were twin sisters and aimed at eradication of injustice and tyranny and enforcement of the Islamic order. Therefore, he said, a change in the country was not far off and the change could be brought about by rejecting the hereditary politicians.

War news: Afghanistan
Elite NATO Troops Getting Killed: No Taliban Losses
According to western sources compiled by icasualties, 52 of NATO's best troops .were killed by the Taliban jihad forces in August 2012. Of these, 38 were Americans. There were no Taliban losses. {Karzais troops say they killed 23 Taliban but the report issued by Karzai's men is so vague that it has to be rejected as a fabrication concocted to please NATO.]
In the first 8 days of September, another 8 NATO troops including a British officer were reported killed.

On September 5, a funeral gathering for a militia member working for Karzai in the province of Nangarhar was attacked by a Taliban human bomber. Twenty five are reported killed in the explosion [mostly militia] and 75 plus wounded.

On September 7, a human bomber sent by the Taliban penetrated the NATO headquarters concealed within layers of security in Kabul. The huge explosion caused serious damage but the Karzai propaganda machine did a quick cover up by claiming that only youngsters selling goods at the NATO gate were killed. Karzai's media men are better than NATO in negating Taliban successes.

September 10: At least 15 policemen were killed in a Taliban human bomber attack in the northern city of Kunduz.

War News: Syria
August was a month of horrors
Assad forces Kill 20 Palestinians: Islamics holding on to Aleppo and Damascus Suburbs. Assad's troops slaughter 100 civilians in one day.

On September 8, Assad's tank columns attacked opposition protest centers across the country. At least 100 civilians were killed. A missile fired by one of Assad's jet fighters disrupted the water supply distribution in Aleppo leaving the population thirsting for water.

On September 6, Assad's artillery shelled a Palestinian refugee camp known as Yarmouk, located in South Damascus. At least 20 Palestinians were killed in the shelling. The Palestinian refugees are accused of siding with the Islamic uprising now in its 18th month.
The same day, 45 Syrian tanks sent by Assad entered the town of Tel Shehab in the South Deraa area. The terrified inhabitants fled as the tanks approached.
During August, Assad put in all his forces to crush the uprising. At least 5,000 civilians were killed in tank, artillery and helicopter assaults. More than 100,000 people fled their homes and took refuge in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon. However, Islamic fighters are hanging on and a big swathe of territory all the way from Aleppo to the Turkish border is in Islamic hands.
[New Trend urges Muslims to appeal to Turkey to send its military into Syria to topple the Assad regime. How long will the Muslim world watch the slaughter Assad is perpetrating in Syria? The situation can easily be exploited by Israel and the western powers.]

French doctor's Eyewitness Account of Syria
On September 8, Reuters published an eyewitness account of 71-year old French doctor Jacques Beres' stay in Aleppo from where he just returned with great difficulty. He is the co-founder of Medecins sans Frontiers. Here are the main points:
  1. The situation in Aleppo is horrific owing to long range bombardments by Syrian artillery. About 40 people were treated under his supervision every day for weeks.

  2. Assad's artillery shelled a bakery where civilians used to line up for bread every day. Scores were killed including the baker.

  3. Turkey does not want any more refugees from Syria. It has flooded crossing points on the border. The doctor himself was arrested and fined $500 before release for crossing illegally.

  4. The number of Jihad oriented fighters from the Muslim world is inceasing steadily, to the extent of being almost 50% of the fighters defending against Assad.

  5. The Jihad fighters are interested in setting up an Islamic Emirate after the fall of Assad. They are not interested in secular ideals of democracy. Some of them are veterans of the fighting in Afghanistan. They want Islamic Law [Shar'ia].

  6. Some of the Jihad volunteers are crazy enough to admire Muhammad Merah who killed a French Rabbi and others.
    [New Trend also notes a report about a British Muslim doctor who has joined the Jihad fighters. Looks like there are Islamic volunteers from several European countries. The British reporter complained why the Muslim doctor has not been arrested.]

With thanks to Aamira Inaam Ibrahim [Philadelphia] via Al-Bustan Seeds of Culture
Syrian artists use puppets, YouTube to comment on, illustrate ongoing civil war | PRI.ORG
Syria's artists have long been unable to criticize their government and its leaders. In the wake of the current uprising, though, that prohibition has been lifted, if not ....

War News: Yemen
US Drone Kills 12 civilians: Yemenis protest the killings.
On September 2, a US air strike killed 12 civilians in Yemen. Local authorities say that the US mistook villagers returning to their homes as al-Qaida.
On September 3, there were demonstrations in Hadramaut to protest the US air strike. A protest leader said that US attacks are ineffective against al-Qaida. Instead such attacks anger young people and they are joining al-Qaida.
On August 29, a Yemeni Islamic scholar Ali Jaber met 4 al-Qaida activists to persuade them to give up armed attacks on troops. During the meeting, a US drone struck, killing all 4 al-Qaida and the cleric Ali Jaber.

Al-Qaida's Yemeni branch is holding on to several provinces in eastern Yemen although it withdrew from three towns in Abyan province in June to evade a major offensive by the US-backed Yemeni military.
Several senior Yemeni military officials have been killed by al-Qaida raiders in sneak attacks.
Late News: Saudi Islamic fighter killed in US drone attack. On September 5, a US drone strike killed Saudi Islamic fighter Saeed al-Shihri in Yemen's Hadramaut province. He had been released from Gtmo in 2007 and "rehabilitated" by the Saudis. He then escaped to Yemen and started organizing Saudi mujahideen. Five others were killed with him in the drone attack.

War News: Iraq
30 Attacks across Iraq kill 88 wound 400.
Revenge for 27 al-Qaida Executed by al-Maliki Regime

Over September 8 and 9, bomb and gun attacks were carried out against the US-installed regime all the way from Kirkuk in the north to Nassiriyah in the south.
According to Lebanese media, the attacks began after the Shi'ite regime executed 27 al-Qaida prisoners and sentenced fugitive Sunni leader Tareq al-Hashemi to death in absentia.
A human bomber attacked al-Maliki's troops in Dujail, killing 11 and wounding 7

Letter: Re: Assad's Syria in denial..... Writer disagrees
Your analysis is incomplete and simplistic. You see NATO and US interventions in Iraq, Pakistan, but not in Libya and Syria? Who is paying and who profits from the billions spent on armaments? Do you think they really seek justice and freedom?

Walter Teague

[Ed. comment: The people of Syria, Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Tunisia were under secular dictators for three decades or more. When they rose up, they had to pay very heavily in life and goods. As the dictators weakened, the western powers saw the opportunity to express support for the people. Muslim countries lack the leadership to intervene. Only al-Qaida can intervene because it is not based in any one country, but it too is weak militarily as compared to the dictators. This political vacuum makes it easy for the western powers to interfere. However, they will fail because Islamics are becoming stronger by the day. Even the "liberal" leaders who won the recent elections in Libya have declared that they will follow Shar'ia.]

Juma Khutba in Greensboro, North Carolina.
The Best Among you is the one who is Best to his Wife: Prophet Muhammad, pbuh.

"And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves, that you may dwell in tranquillity with them, and He has put love and mercy between your hearts: verily in that are signs for those who reflect." [The Qur'an 30:21]

On September 7, Imam Badi Ali gave the juma khutba to several hundred Muslims in Greensboro, North Carolina. Here are the main points:

  1. Issues before marriage: It is necessary to look at Islamic standards BEFORE marriage. Thoughtless marriage is causing an increase in the divorce rate among Muslims.

  2. Don't use western standards. The Prophet, pbuh, has warned against using wealth, family and beauty as standards.

  3. Marriage must be based on Islamic faith and love of Allah.

  4. The objective of marriage should be worship of Allah.

  5. After marriage: Remember that men and women are different. Try to understand your wife. Never be harsh.

  6. Be merciful to her even if she is harsh towards you.

  7. Remember that there are rights and duties for both husband and wife..

  8. Parents who push their children into forced marriage create a life long disaster for their children.

  9. Children are raised in a bad environment where husband and wife do not care for each other. Be merciful to your wife. Never be harsh.

  10. A student visited an Islamic scholar and found that he had an admirable son gifted with many qualities. Are you wondering why he is so good, the Shaykh asked? I was able to be kind to his mother for 30 years although she fought me on an ongoing basis. Owing to my patience Allah blessed me with this son.

  11. The wife of a famous scholar Abu Laith al-Kairanwi was very rough with him, even insulting him in front of his students.. When asked why he accepted her, he replied: I committed a sin. She is my punishment. If I divorce her, Allah will punish me further.

  12. Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, always showed love for his wives. He would drink from that part of the glass where the lips of Ausha, r.a., had touched. He did not accept invitations if she was not invited. He did household work.

  13. Ali, r.a., saw Fatima, r.a. doing miswak [brushing her teeth] and said, that miswak is luckier than me.

  14. Famous TABAI scholar Ibn Sireen used to carry his wife when she became too old and weak and took her wherever she wanted to go.

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