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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Shawwal 16, 1433/September 4, 2012 # 39

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Don't be fooled by the slick Republicans. See Dr. Wilmer Leon's study of the Republican Convention.
Scroll way down.

Don't be fooled by Obama's Convention either [starting today, September 4]. Obama's people are supporting:
  1. Random sex, with condoms provided by the government.

  2. Abortion on demand.

  3. Homosexual marriage [male on male, female on female].

The Zionist media will work their magic to support Obama.
Guess who was the first pro-Obama person on MSNBC this morning? Medeleine Albright, the very one responsible for the slow death of ONE MILLION iraqis under US-UN sanctions.

Greensboro, North Carolina
Voices of Muslims in America Oppose Zionism, Racism and the Exploitation of Women. Condemn Israel, Support Palestine.
National Islamic Shoora of Jamaat al-Muslimeen

On September 1, 2012, the National Islamic Shoora met for 12 hours to discuss the most important issues facing Muslims in America and to set guidelines for the oppressed Muslim masses in this country.
The program was hosted by Imam Badi Ali, the popular imam of a well attended mosque in Greensboro. He encouraged the Shoora to speak to the issues and to be realistic, and to find non-violent means to speak and lead about Islam.

Sis. Laila Yaghi was the guest speaker bringing out the tragic imprisonment of her son Ziyad. Her speech was factual and to the point but filled with the sorrow of a mother who has lost her son to the injustice system of America. She should be on every TV channel in America but Zionist control of the media does not permit it.

There was intense debate about passing one of the resolutions. Please see number 14 below.

The main speakers were:
Br. Kaukab siddique [Pennsylvania] Ameer of JAM, who also chaired the Shoora.
Sis. Ashira, Secretary General of the Jamaat. [From Maryland,]
Br. Robert Solano [Texas].
Br. Yusuf Ireland. Advocacy Director [Tennessee]
Nadrat Siddique [Washington, DC]

Islam is Winning. We don't need Conspiracy Theories
Br. Kaukab's speech was partly about the uprising of the Muslim masses in Tunisia, Egypt, Yemen, Libya and Syria. Numbers don't matter,he said. Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, and the Sahaba, r.a., were always outnumbered by the kuffar, the yahood and the Nasara but were victorious. The Soviet Union was undermined by Afghan resistance. USA has had to withdraw from Iraq and NATO is facing disaster in Afghanistan.
Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, Egypt, Libya, Syria [ongoing] none of these important Islamic victories were predicted by the western intelligence agencies. So please, don't tell us about conspiracies of the West. They are the ones who have been fooled.
If you vote democrat, you are voting for Abu Jahl. If you vote for republicans, you are voting for Abu Lahab. A corrupt system cannot be changed by becoming a part of it. Look at the renegades [ISNA, ICNA, CAIR]: what a mess they have created, supporting Clinton, Bush and Obama.
Openly, Obama is supporting women who want abortion on demand. He wants religious groups to provide sexual paraphernalia to single women who want random sex.
Both parties support Israel. Both want war on Muslims.
Use peaceful means like the Internet, attorneys, well organized protests, publicity person-to-person. Create your own media. Society can be influenced without becoming part of TAGHOOT.

Africa is essential to the Jamaat al-Muslimeen movement.

Sis. Ashira spoke about African countries she has visited: Ghana, Nigeria, Sudan, Ethiopia. Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, sent the first muhajerin to Ethiopia and the Ethiopian ruler embraced Islam. Most of Africa, about 80%, is Muslim. Owing to economic disasters perpetrated by western powers and the 400 years of slavery in Amerca, the African people need help. Humanitarian and peaceful methods are badly needed. Sis Ashira herself has initiated charitable projects in these countries.
Orphans, students, families, mosques, schools need help. We have opened the doors into these countries. We invite the Muslims of America to join these efforts. Many African American people had ancestors in these countries. Sis. Ashira's own ancestors seemingly were brought as slaves from Ghana's Elmina castle.

Dawah in the Spanish speaking communities is badly needed and successful.

Br. Solano from Texas spoke about the Islamic heritage of the Spanish speaking [Hispanic, Latino/latina] communities. When the Inquisition carried out a genocide of Muslims in Spain, it seemed as if Islam there had been wiped out. But in the last 20 years, Hispanic people in Mexico and the US have been searching for and sometimes finding their Muslim roots. The number of Spanish speaking mosque communities in Mexico are increasing. Br. Solano has visited some of them
Br. Solano married a Mexican woman and his daughters are named Khadija and 'Aisha. He has personally given the Spanish translation of the Qur'an to 500 people. He had brought CDs about Islam in Spanish which he presented to Imam Badi and other Shoora members. He also brought beautifully produced Spanish translations of the Qur'an as special gifts.

Authentic Islam has become very Rare In America

Br. Yusuf Irelandi spoke about the easy going attitudes of Muslims in America. Many who have come from overseas behave as if they have been liberated. They do all that non-Muslims do but still claim to be Muslims. It's quite common to see Muslims selling pork and liquor and indulging in riba.
Br. Yusuf is critical of Interfaith activities which create the impression that Islam is just another religion like Christianity. We should talk to people of other religions if they want to understand Islam. We would be indulging in SHIRK if we start behaving as if those who accept Jesus, pbuh, as god are not kuffar.
Our task is to organize a Jamaat which would show people how Muslims are supposed to love and behave according to Qur'an and Sunnah.
At this time, Muslims seem to be suffering from the Stockholm Syndrome. They love the oppressors who control their lives. It's not going to be easy to change this situation. These Muslims are completely spineless and think that this land is so wonderful that they should just keep quiet about being Muslim.

Working with Dissident Groups and Young Muslims in Washington, DC

Nadrat Siddique was 14 when she joined Jamaat al-Muslimeen. Today she is actively engaged in working for and with groups striving for the rights of the people. She shared her experiences with the Shoora about activists in both Washington and Baltimore. She spoke about Luci Murphy who sings about the suffering of the Palestinian people, including the horrors of Sabra and Shatilla. She described her meetings with the supporters of political prisoners like Imam Jamil, Mumia Jamal, Ziyad Yaghi and others.
She described the work of the Black Think Tank in Baltimore and the activities of "Shorty" Duane Davis who has invented the idea of using toilets to symbolize the corruption of government officials.
Owing to her efforts, she is able to provide a Muslim presence in just about all protest movements in the Washington-Baltimore areas.. In addition, she hosts a youth group which carries out poetry reading and Islamic literary presentations. She supports Masjid al-Islam, led by Imam Musa, in Washington, in addition to Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen.
Nadrat is a marathoner and helps many people to live healthy life styles.

Shoora Resolutions
Seeking Support and Resonance from the Nine Million Muslims of USA
[The resolutions received unanimous support from the shoora except the last one which resulted in a two hour debate about its benefit and/or damage but was finally passed by the majority.]
1. The Liberation of Palestine is central to our cause.

Political Prisoners
2. All political prisoners should be freed, including Ziyad Yaghi, Masoud Khan, Ali Timimi, Lynne Stewart, Aafia Siddiqui, Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, Ahmed Abdel Sattar, Imam Jamil al-Amin, Imam Abu Touba, Imam Abdullah Hasan, Dr. Kifah al-Jayyousi, Ehsan al-Sadeqee, as well as Black, Native American, Puerto Rican and many others.

3. The exploitation and objectification of women is ruining the moral basis of this society and Muslim awareness of crimes against women, including rape, murder, humiliation, mental torture and domestic violence is required to fulfil our duties as Muslims.

4. Elections in America in the current capitalist mode are irrelevant to the needs of the poor, the downtrodden, the oppressed and the exploited.

Bombing & Occupation
5. Stop the bombing of Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen and Somalia. Extra-judicial killings have no place in a society of laws.

6. The intrigues of the western powers and Israel against iran can lead to another war and should be exposed and stopped.

7. Israel has occupied Palestine and should be dismantled by peaceful means.

Educators & Policy makers.
8 Educators and policy makers should be answerable for misleading the nation.

Rachel Corrie
9. The Israeli "judgement" against the murder of Rachel Corrie has once again exposed terrorism and injustice as the core "values" of Zionism.

Zionism & Racism
10. Zionism, racism, White Supremacist ideas and terrorism are inter-related and integral to each other.

Undocumented Workers
11. The condition of FIVE MILLION undocumented persons living without legal papers for 10 years in USA has caused immense suffering which should be rectified through legalization.

"War on Drugs."
12. There should be an independent investigation of the "war on drugs" related to Mexicans and Central Americans.

13. Documented non-violent offenders in US prisons should be released.

14. We are not against anyone's civil rights, nor do we want anyone to be abused, insulted or humiliated but we denounce President Obama's legitimization of homosexual marriage which is an attack on all that is holy to Islam and Christianity. Homosexuality does not have a place in any community, Islamic or Christian.

Letter: This Reader thinks the conflict in Africa is partially about Race
You left out three of the most important 'ism': Capitalism, Christianity and neocolonialism are the most destructive forces on the face of this planet to people and nations. It is the love of Capitalism which turned the mulatto Arabs in Libya against Black Libyan Africans. Dollar bills turn Arab neocolonialist racist mulattos in Syria against the government of Syria, as the Nicaragua Mulatto Hispanic/Latina Negro was turned against the people of Nicaragua
Curtis Mullins [Nothern California]

[Ed. Note: Dear reader: You are partially correct. However, the world is changing. All the people of Africa are Black of varying shades. It's not a racial conflict. The forces of Islam are emerging victorious. Islam does not fit into any racial category. As the dictators go down, the Islamic forces will be free to implement the Qur'an. The West intervened by bombing Libya and now by letting the Syrian people be killed by Assad. These moves are not going to help the West. No one can be worse than Mubarak, Ben Ali, Qaddafi [in his final years] and Assad. Be patient. The banners of Islam are rising.]

Pakistan Observed Support Hijab Day on September 4.
Capitalism Opposes Modest Dress for Women:
Dr. Ruskhsana Supports Women's Right to wear Hijab

Lahore: 02 Sep. Dr Rukhsana Jabeen, general secretary Jamaate Islami's women's wing, said in a press statement that Hijab is the fundamental right of a Muslim woman who wants to obey the teachings of Islam. She said that hijab serves as a protective shield and promotes a modest culture.
Dr Jabeen said that capitalistic mindset forces women to be immodest and women are objectified as sell-able commodities.
She said that Islamic teachings promote women's education, and hijab is not a hurdle in the progress of women. Dr Jabeen said that if a Muslim woman wants to observe hijab and pardah, she should not face any discrimination because of that.
She said that it is deplorable that some so called Muslims are also against hijab because of their apologetic behaviour and western mindset. Dr Jabeen urged human rights organizations to raise their voice and stop hijab based discrimination against Muslim women.

Pakistan in a nutshell: As Described by Syed Munawar Hasan.

September 2: The JI Ameer said that feudal lords and capitalists had been in power in the countryduring the last sixty five years and more than 80 per cent of the country's wealth was in the hands of a few families. The poor workers were unable to make both ends meet even after toiling all the day long and were deprived of basic facilities of health and education.
Therefore, he said, it was high time that the masses understood the situation and rejected the gang of exploiters, plunderers and thieves.

Thousands of Pakistani women join rallies on Hijab Day

LAHORE, Sep. 4: Thousands of women across the country joined the rallies in support of their right to observe Hijab, on the occasion of the world Hijab Day on Tuesday. An appeal for observing the Hijab Day in a befitting manner had been made by the Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan. Rallies were organized by the JI Women's wing in major cities including Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad.
The rally in the Punjab capital was held outside the Lahore Press Club and was led by the President, Women and Family Commission of the JI, Begum Samiah Raheel Qazi, assistant Secretary General, JI, Women wing, Aafia Sarwar and deputy chief, women wing, Lahore, Zubaida Jabeen. The participants carried placards and banners stressing their right to observe Hijab and denouncing the campaign against Hijab from the western and secular lobbies.
JI Secretary General, Liaqat Baloch, addressing the rally, said that the western society had deprived the women of their right to observe Hijab in the name of women's rights and liberalism, which had ruined both the family system and the society in the west. He said that Hijab and Purdah were in fact, the real asset of the women and ensured the proper upbringing of the children.
He said that the use of the women for commercial purposes had virtually ruined the western society. But unfortunately, he said, the Pakistani rulers, blindly copying the west and in order to please their foreign masters, wanted to exploit the women folk in the name of women's emancipation and women's rights. However, he said, the JI would continue its struggle for the protection of women's rights and the enforcement of the Islamic system as well.
He said that the US and its allies were on the run from this region and the JI and the Islam lovers would also compel their agents to flee from the area. The westernized NGOs, he said, were busy in propaganda against Islam but the JI wanted the freedom for all religions in this country in accordance with the constitution and the law. All efforts to target Islam would however, be foiled.
Liaqat Baloch said that the extremists in the west were hurting the sentiments of the Muslims by blaming Islam for terrorism and by desecrating the Holy Quran and publishing blasphemous caricatures.
JI Lahore chief, Amirul Azeem, speaking on the occasion, said that France which claimed to be champion of human rights, had denied the Muslim women the right to observe Hijab. However, he was sure that all such tactics would prove counter productive and Islam would remain on the march in the West as well.

Appeal: Support Jamaate Islami Pakistan
Canadian Convert to Islam from Ismailism Appeals for Release of Christian girl accused of Qur'an Desecration
No doubt the Blasphemy law is much needed in this world of religious hatred, discrimination and segregation: Mainly in the case of the hatred of OneCreator-GOD
and HIS Holy Scripture, which is so strong that some wants to burnHIS 'Word' the Holy Book, HIS followers are Persecuted and branded as Islamistsand terrorists. We all love and cherish the obedient children but we hate those who are obedient to Creator-GOD and HIS Law.
On the other hand the misinterpretation of the Holy Scripture the Quran has jeopardized the true meaning of the divine Message and has turnedsome into terrorists who think killing the non-Muslims is martyrdom and a freepassage into Paradise; how are they deluded.
Thus, in case of blaspheme law, it would definitely apply inthe case of hateful grown up, but still doesn't give a free ride to death penalty, especially not to a 15 yrs.old child and not even a day in prison.
A Pakistani Christian girl (suffering from illness) allegedly desecratedthe Quran, but in what circumstances? How did she get the Quran? Was she giventhe Quran to read by her Muslim friends? Did she understand the Message? Wasshe angry, hateful of the Muslims, or on her parent's order she simply got ridof it as just another book? Not realizing the meaning of the Holy Book that has come from the same GOD of her Book the Bible.
No matter what circumstances, I don't think she had any idea what the Quran is, which means she is not guilty as charged.
Even some grownups have no idea what the Quran is and who is it from? So how on earth can we blame a 15yr. old child?
I myself had no idea what the Quran was until I converted to Islam. My Great Grandparents wereordered to throw away the Qurans and never to touch them, or never enter the homes where the Quran was recited and never to drink water from such followers of theScripture. So, such blasphemous order was followed seriously and up to today theorder is still obeyed by some in ignorance, who have no idea what the HolyScripture is. In reality, after reading and following the Quran one becomes familiarwith all the Biblical Prophets and closer to the other Holy Scriptures the Old Testament,,the Torah, the Gospel of Messiah Jesus (AS) and the Bible that are all embodied in the Quran, which means desecrating or burning the Quran is burning of all the past Holy Scriptures.
Apparently, the major ignorance of One GOD is the mainreason of such hatred; for as long as one cannot recognize HIM one will alwayscarry such hatred of the Holy Scripture. The question arises whether an ignorant 15yr old child can be blamed under the blasphemy law? No, obviously not.
If the answer is yes from anyone then I would put the one in the category of Bush the Bully who threw away a 15yr old child Omar Khadar in Guatanamo. Bush became the 2nd Hitler for many and anyone else usingthe same cruelty on an ignorant 15 yr old child would be called the 3rd Hitler.
However, if one is a practicing Sunni Muslim meaning following the Sunnah/tradition/teaching of the Universal Messenger Muhammad (SAWS) should immediately free the girl without any delay. The Muslim prisons aren't for children and Women and certainly not for the torture of male prisoners.
A Muslim must follow the Sharia/Divine Law as practiced by GOD'S Messenger (SAWS) who forgave those who attempted to murder him. Without following his Sunnah/tradition mankind is bound to deviate from the true Islam.
Let us follow the true Islam and join the Pakistani group Jamaate Islami and request the Pakistani Law-makers to excuse the girl and let her go free immediately. She just needs to say 'Sorry' and that's it.
Sis. Guolshan [Canada]

Editor: A fake "imam" has been arrested for framing the girl. Inshallah, she will be released.

The Republican Convention
Liars Don't Lead. They Mislead

By Dr. Wilmer J. Leon III
A leader is defined as a person who manages the process of social influence in which he/she honestly enlists the aid and support of others in the accomplishment of a common task. A liar is a person who intentionally delivers a false statement to another person in order to deceive that person. Liars don't lead, they mislead.
Leadership was a common theme articulated throughout the Republican National Convention. Republican's contend that President Obama lacks the leadership necessary to move the country beyond the current economic crisis and does not possess the leadership necessary to navigate the treacherous international waters going forward. Republicans contend that former governor Mitt Romney and Rep. Paul Ryan (D-WI) possess the leadership qualities to effectively manage the economy and strengthen America's position on the global stage.
There continues to be honest and fact based debate between President Obama's supporters and detractors alike regarding his leadership tactics and negotiating skills. Many question his dealing with Speaker Boehner and other Republicans on issues such as the Bush-era tax cuts, the debt ceiling, and the assassination of Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. The difference between these debates and what was presented at the Republican convention is the utter lack of factual content by too many Republicans presenters. They were not misstatements, exaggerations, mistakes, or errors. They were false statements intentionally delivered in order to deceive the listener.
During his acceptance speech, Rep. Ryan falsely accused President Obama of "raiding" Medicare by $716 billion. Ryan falsely attacked President Obama for failing to keep open a Janesville, WI GM plant that actually closed under Bush in 2008. He castigated the president for walking away from the Simpson Bowles commission deficit-cutting recommendations when Ryan himself, a commission member, voted against those recommendations and never made reference to the fact that he was on the commission. Ryan also lied by blaming Obama for a budget deficit mostly created by programs Ryan himself voted for. According to the NY Times, Ryan "lamented the nation's credit rating which was downgraded after a debt-ceiling standoff that he and other House Republicans helped instigate."
During his acceptance speech, Ryan said, "I accept the duty to help lead our nation out of a jobs crisis and back to prosperity..." No Mr. Ryan, you can't "lead our nation" by lying to it and failing to take responsibility for problems that you helped create. Liars don't lead, they mislead.
Former Secretary of State Rice spoke on behalf of the Romney campaign telling America that we "can't lead from behind." Well, suffice it to say, she's been lying a long time and her lies are well documented. Go to Rep. Henry Waxman's (D-CA) report Iraq on the Record: the Bush Administration's Public Statements on Iraq. According to the report, "Between September 8, 2002, and September 28, 2003, National Security Advisor Rice made 29 misleading statements (lies) about the threat posed by Iraq in 16 separate public appearances...Ms. Rice made significantly more statements that were false 8 than any of the other four officials (Cheney, Rumsfeld, Bush, or Powell)... "
Finally, at the top to ticket the truth is just as hard to find. Romney said, "Unlike President Obama, I won't raise taxes on the middle class of America." According to the TaxPolicyCenter, his tax plan lowers on the top 2% of earners and raises taxes on everyone else; taxes on the middle class would go up by about $2,000 to pay for Romney's tax cut for the wealthy. Romney also stated "And unlike the president, I have a plan to create 12 million new jobs." The truth is, President Obama proposed the American Jobs Act, and it was killed by congressional Republicans. According to PoliticusUSA "The second part of Romney's lie was a bit more devious. Romney promised to create 12 million new jobs, (knowing) that economic forecasts show that if nothing is done, the economy will create 11.8 on it's own..."
Another lie that Romney told during his speech was, "I will begin my presidency with a jobs tour. President Obama began with an apology tour..." As The Washington Post's Fact Checker put it, "The claim that Obama repeatedly has apologized for the United States is not borne out by the facts, especially if his full quotes are viewed in context." In other words, Romney's proclamation is a lie.
In his speech Romney said about Ryan, "...I saw in Paul Ryan - a strong and caring leader who is down to earth and confident in the challenge this moment demands." Ryan's not down to earth. He's a man who has willingly constructed a narrative to create artificial distinctions between President Obama and himself. He's not a leader, he's a liar.
Romney said about himself, "Americans have a choice. A decision. To make that choice, you need to know more about me and about where I will lead our country." Well, Romney will lead America back to the polices of Bush 43 and VP Dick Cheney but they were conspicuously absent at the convention, not invited.
Romney/Ryan can't lead America down the right path with lies and deceit. We saw that movie with their Republican predecessor with the help of Ms. Rice.
Romney pollster Neil Newhouse stated, "Fact checkers come to this with their own sets of thoughts and beliefs, and we're not going to let our campaign be dictated by fact checkers..." In a representative democracy facts do matter and checking the facts is how we hold our representatives accountable. Romney and Ryan have based their campaign on "smoke and mirrors," "slight of hand," political prestidigitation, lies and deceit.
Liars don't lead; they mislead.
Dr. Wilmer Leon is the Producer/ Host of the nationally broadcast call-in talk radio program "Inside the Issues with Wilmer Leon," and a Teaching Associate in the Department of Political Science at HowardUniversity in Washington, D.C. Go to, , email:,
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Comments on Topics in New Trend
by Sis. Aisha [Jamaat al-Muslimeen New York City.]

As-salaamu-'alaikum Bro. Siddique,

I was reading through some of the New Trend articles and I have a a question about one and a statement about another.
[Spotlight #5: Psychopaths are committing serious crimes.They live in society but are influenced by para psychological forces. We should teach our children about Jinn, satan, demons which can influence our lives.]

My question is do evil spirits influence us the way Catholics believe? They are into the practice of exorcising demons out of people. My understanding, from the Qur'an, is that evil spirits and shaytan cannot harm us directly but, I am aware of the suggestions that create jealous feelings and suspicions.

I also work with many mentally ill people who hear voices telling them to do terrible things to themselves. A man was in the stretcher next to my table and took a bottle of pills. When the doctor asked him why, the patient said because the voices told him to do it. Is this what Imam Badi Ali was talking about?

Sikh Temple Burning. I did not here about that Mosque being burned down and I am surfing the Internet all of the time. So, maybe this story was censored Online, too? Anyway, many idiots in New York mesh Muslims with Sikhs all of the time.

Shooting Sprees. I prognosticate, unfortunately, that once these soldiers start coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan that more of these shooting sprees will occur. Many of these soldiers were forced to take pharmaceutical drugs that were not FDA approved (not that that means anything) to vaccinate themselves against disease among other things. They have witnessed many terrible things that they could never be prepared to experience and plus, some of them are just stone-cold racist, anti-Muslim devils. The root of racism is white supremacist lies but, this ex-soldier targeted this Sikh Temple because of its religious practice. However, it is strange how Black Churches were once targeted by White Christians simply because of the race of the parishioners.

Maybe what El Hajj Malik Shabazz stated was true about a revolution overtaking America. However, he did not believe that it would be racial. He believed it would be between good and evil.

2012-09-05 Wed 07:02:57 cdt