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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Shawwal 11, 1433/August 30, 2012 # 38

This hadith changed my mental processes:

"When a person starves in a community, the protection and mercy of Allah is removed from that community.." [Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Hadith in the Musnad of Imam Ahmad ibn Hanbal, Hadith number 4880.]
I first read it in an Urdu translation of Syed Qutb's ground breaking book : al-Adalat al-Ijtimaiyya fil Islam. [The translator was Dr. Nejatullah Siddiqui.]
This is Syed Qutb's anniversary. Please scroll down for my comments on his work.

The war news is literally very bloody. We have put it at the end of this issue so as not to scare off our gentler readers. Want to know what's going on? Please scroll to end.

Jamaate Islami will protect Rights of Christians and Hindus.

August 23. Christian rights will be defended in Pakistan by Jamaate Islami. Pakistanis are outraged that a Christian girl desecrated the Qur'an. However, Jamaate Islami has calmed down the people. A Jamaate Islami delegation led by elder Liaqat Baluch met Christian leaders in Lahore and assured them that the rights of Christians and other minorities are part of Islam. The government is remiss in not taking care of minority rights. JI will stand by the Christians and will make sure the anti- blasphemy laws are not misused.

Imam Badi Ali's Khutba in Greensboro, NC: August 24: Main points
After Ramadan, let's not waste the great spiritual gains we made

Winning means one should be fit, not fat!. To be fit coming out of Ramadan means having the time and energy to worship Allah. If we understood the honor Allah bestowed on us through Ramadan, we will not go back to the weaknesses we had before Ramadan.
Fasting is more about acceptance by Allah rather the outward actions we carry out in Ramadan. Has our worship been accepted by Allah? Is there a way we can know?
Sign of acceptance is that our good deeds [ hasanat] produce more good deeds. There should be a chain of righteous deeds, one coming naturally out of the other.
If our fasting has not been accepted, the good deeds we did will not be followed by more good deeds. A gap will occur in our spiritual life. You can judge the quality of your fasting your self. If it has been accepted, your good deeds [ hasanat] will continue.
Don't give up what you started. Here is your chance to develop yourself. The Prophet, pbuh, has taught that Allah loves that good which though little is carried on consistently. [Narrated by Aisha, r.a.]
New habits are created during Ramadan. In Ramadan, we defeat the mass culture of materialism which is so prevalent. We learn to manage time, not to waste it. We learn to start and end tasks on time.
As Syed Qutb pointed out from 3:186, Allah wants us to learn TAQWA and SABR [Awareness of Allah and patience]. Allah loves those who are patient and He wants us specially to be patient with our parents and our spouses.
Also, from Ramadan we learn the importance of extra prayers, the sunan and the nawafil. We learn to go more often to the mosque.
our hearts are purified and receive more of truth from Allah. We guard our tongues and not indulge in gossip and loose talk.
Family and children are very important. Children learn that we must take out time to pray and not just play. FAMILY MATTERS. Do not abandon the family ties.
We must give more time to young people. 16 year old sahaba [Companions othe Prophet, pbuh] were scholars, leaders, teachers, outstanding examples of dignity and self-respect.
Finally, remember that fasting can help us to be more sympathetic to and have more empathy for the struggling people of Palestine, Syria, Somalia, Kashmir, Pakistan, etc.

Mother and Daughter

Personal from Kaukab Siddique, Editor NT: It's my mother's birthday anniversary. We are strange people. Let me explain. My ancestors came from Arabia to India and married among the proud Rajputs who were starting to embrace Islam. My mother inherited the generosity and gentleness of the Arab woman along with the self-respect and sense of honor and pride of the Rajputs. She was a beautiful woman both physically and spiritually. She stood with the Qaid-e-Azam, the founder of Pakistan, at a time when most women did not speak out. India could hear the thunder of the awakening Muslim masses chanting: Pakistan ka matlab kiya? La illaha illalah. It was the invincible call of history in the making. Pakistan, a new nation, emerged from the heart of darkness that was India. Both the Hindus and the British were determined that Pakistan should not be born or should die soon after birth. People like my mother through hard, honest, work made Pakistan a reality.

For my mother, success was the future which she would never see in her own life but which she made possible. For her Pakistan was a dream from the life of the Prophet, pbuh, as sung in the lilting verses of Hafiz Jullundhri and in the visionary power of the cadences of Allama Iqbal's Masjide Qurtuba. She suffered much but nothing could defeat her. One would think she was soft but her endurance showed that she was made of spiritual steel.

In her own quiet, mild, way she encouraged me to think about the rights of women in Islam. She made my books possible.
Now I see the spiritual beauty of my mother and her sublime faith in Allah emerging in my sister. For my sister, Islam was even more difficult because she was almost secularized by the seductive call of America. I see in her, Islam victorious in the battle for the hearts and souls of highly educated Muslims. Islam is not easy to live in America, but my sister is winning. She is praying, going to Makka and Madinah, loving the hijab. For a highly secularized woman to voluntarily accept the hijab is a sign for us. We can see in her the miracle of Allah's message. As she moves forward, I sense my mother's spirit behind her, smiling with joy.

Keeping up with Africa

Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz, Distinguished Professor of Mathematics
, has just returned after a six day visit to Equatorial Guinea, August 20-25. Dignitaries from the entire spectrum of the African Diaspora, more than 290 people, were there. Brought together by the Sullivan group of investors, they wanted to show support for this tiny African country which has been ostracized by the western powers owing to its "bad" regime.
Dr. Shabazz says its a very peaceful country where you can sleep by the street without being robbed or disturbed. The poverty is extreme. Hence the need for international support.

Bangladesh's Islamic Leader Shaikhul Hadith Azizul Haque passes at 94

A deeply respected Islamic leader of Bangladeash, Shaikhul Hadith Azizul Haque, died on August 8 at the age of 94. He left behind 7 sons and 5 daughters, all well versed in Islamic knowledge.
The movement he led, Bangladesh Khilafat Majlesh, many of whose leaders Dr. Siddique met during his visits to Bangladesh, is second only to Jamaate islami in its movement oriented efforts in the path of Islam. One of Allama Azizul Haque's students attends Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore.
The Shaykh led an important segment of the movement against Farraka Barrage which India set up to control Bangladesh's water resources. He also organized campaigns to support the Muslims of Bosnia. He mobilized Muslims on the issue of Babari masjid in India.

Jamaate Islami of Bangladesh, which is facing extreme oppression at the hands of the pro-India regime, has condoled the passing of Allama Azizul Haque.

Ziyad Yaghi's Mom Sis. Laila Continues her Campaign to free her son.

Saying "Pizza" and "Beach" can land you in prison for 32 years if you are Muslim Arab Voices
True Talk spoke August 24 to Laila Yaghi who is campaigning on behalf of her 24 years old son Ziyad . Convicted of "conspiracy" to harm unnamed people in foreign countries Ziyad Yaghi was sentenced to 32 years in prison.

To Imam Badi Ali
A poem by Shaukat Khan
[Charlotte, NC]
An ode to Imam Badi Ali's words most heavenly
They reflect the lost wisdom of muslims
Glowing with a sense of courage and wit
That now in muslims do we rarely ever see
Courage that springs out most readily
From a sense of Taqwa and spiritual energy
A spirit reminiscent of the days of the sahabi
May your words carry the message of Allah
And carry it from corner to corner in this universe
An ode to Imam Badi Ali's words most heavenly

Syed Qutb's Anniversary: August 29
One of the Greatest Opponents of Western Imperialism, Zionism and Secularism
A humble tribute from Kaukab Siddique

What happens when a man of the mind, ideas, books, research, scholarship and social transformation is subjected to brutal arrest, torture, humiliation and abuse?
In most cases he would succumb to the pressure, beg for mercy and sell out.
The miracle of faith is that Syed Qutb underwent the worst possible abuse at the hands of the Nasser brand of secularism-socialism-Arab-nationalism but did not give in. Finally, he was martyred and went to where the shuhada and the siddiqun are, where Summaya, Abdullah ibn Zubair, Husain ibn Ali are , Allah be pleased with them.
Syed Qutb's scholarship was immense, all the way from his commentary on the Qur'an to his brilliant treatise on Social Justice in Islam. He taught equality, revolution, defeat of the system and the rejection of the claims of Islam by those who serve kuffar but pray and fast.
What he taught, along with giants of Islamic learning like Allama Iqbal, Syed Maudoodi, Dr. Omar Abdel Rahman, was practiced by Shaykh Osama, Mullah Omar and Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri.
The world has changed. Islam is rising. Men like Syed Qutb and women like Zainab al-Ghazzali made it possible.
"Islam does not seek, and never has sought, to imitate any other system, or to find connections or similarities between itself and others. On the contrary, it has chosen its own characteristic path and has presented humanity with a complete cure for all of its problems." [ Political theory in Islam by Syed Qutb.]
The words in the cave where Muhammad, pbuh, and Abu Bakr, r.a., were hiding, destitute and seemingly helpless, have come true: La Tahzen, inn Allaha Mua'anna. [Do not be afraid. Allah is with us.] 9:40

From Yusuf Irlandi, Advocacy Director Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Tennessee

Using Haram Means for a Good Cause not Acceptable in Islam.
The Example of the Muslim Woman who dressed Immodestly to Influence non-Muslims

In the Name of Allah, Most Gracious, Most Merciful. A reminder from your brother Yusuf to himself and then to the Ummah of Muhammad. To proceed:
Asma'i related: "I was with a man from the inhabitants of Sham (Modern day Syria, Lebanon, Palestine and Jordan regions combined) and was attempting to appease him in a certain manner when a vendor with a bucketful of pomegranates passed by. To my surprise, my companion who was of the noble aristocrats of Sham quickly snatched a pomegranate and slipped it into his sleeve. I could not believe what my eyes had witnessed until we happened upon a beggar. This man from Sham retrieved the hidden pomegranate from his sleeve and handed it to the beggar. I questioned him about this strange action." He replied, "Do you not understand that taking the pomegranate was one evil deed and giving it to the beggar equated to ten good deeds?" Asma'i responded, "Do you not know that the taking of it was an evil action and the good of giving it was not accepted of you because it was Haram (forbidden)."
How many times have we done the action of this hadith? We can not use forbidden means to call people to Islam. We also can not use forbidden means to promote Islam. There was a big ruckus in Tennessee over the building of a mosque. The kuffar were going ballistic in their overt racism and bigotry towards the Muslims there. One of the sisters stood outside the courthouse to show that Muslims are good people to the news media, etc. but, she was not dressed modestly. She was saying, "See! I look just like you!". It broke my heart that she would go to any means to get the approval for this way of life. I respect her for doing it, but not by those means. As Allah said, they will never be happy with us whether we stay Muslim or apostate.
The only solution is to please Allah by submitting to Him Alone. When we do this, the kuffar respect us and the ones with a good heart and knowledge are attracted to the call. The public is searching for a better way. We have it, but we can not do da'wah through forbidden means to get a positive outcome. Let us be Muslim in all of our dealings.

Letter: Suggestions to Jamaat al-Muslimeen about bringing Change by Peaceful Means

Check and listen to Mike Revero\'s radio program on that site. He is doing what Muslims should be doing. Also Ryan Dawson at:,,, Bill Moyers Journal,, Pamela Yates, Norm Chomskey, All these are doing what needs to be done. See Poncho Threetrees at and check out the places listed in his book: America\'s War on Islam, and everything and everyone else, including Americans. He also has another book coming out maybe in November. Google \"Leaderless Resistance\" and Disorganized Resistance\". etc., etc. There is so much out there it is unbelievable. All one has to do is turn off fox news, and the brain will start to overcome the brain washing and start to seek out alternative information sources.

Dan Unis [Colorado]

Why I do not accept conspiracy theories.
by Kaukab Siddique

Tony Cartalucci, Robert Fisk, Mr. Raimondo, Information Clearting House and the Iranians [Press TV in particular] are projecting the Syrian people's uprising as an American-Israeli plot. They claim that al-Qaida is an American invention and does not exist! These people oppose the aspirations of the Islamic masses. They do not see that Assad, Mubarak, Saleh [of Yemen] and Qaddafi were all opposed by great masses of their countries' people. No western conspiracy can bring people who are unarmed to give their lives as has happened in Syria for almost 18 months. Now that Assad is getting hit by the Islamics, the anti-Islamics and the pro-Iran sectarians are very worried.
Christians are getting shocked because Syrian Christians supported Assad in his horrendous atrocities and are now facing the vengeance of the people.
Jamaat al-Muslimeen is aware of the "wisdom" of non-Muslims on the Internet and the conspiracy theories about 9.11. These non-Muslims cannot change anything because they do not have the truth. There is a war going on between Islam and the West. No one made it up. A million Iraqis, many of them children, died owing to US and UN sanctions. The 9.11 attacks by 19 Musllims killed 3,000 American elites in one day. The US countered by occupying Iraq and Afghanistan. All this should be understood as part of the ongoing war, not a conspiracy. No Islamic fighting group has ever said that Shaykh Osama and those with him did not attack America. So, forget the conspiracy theories and face the fact of Gaza, Israel armed by the US and Germany, occupation of Muslim countries by western armies and the expansion of America's biggest enemy al-Qaida, from Afghanistan into Yemen, Syria, Libya, Sinai, Mali, Somalia, and starting in Kenya and Nigeria.
We have read all the conspiracy theories on 9.11: One part of the conspiracy theory is that, one building was wobbly after the attacks and was demolished, so the others must have been demolished too! [Stupid logic!] The 9.11 attacks did not take place in a split second. It was a process of attacks and tens of thousands witnessed it. One tower did not suddenly collapse on the other. It took time for the collapse to take place.
Face the reality. No one invented al-Qaida. No American or Pakistani army has been able to occupy al-Qaida territory on the Pakistan-Afghanistan border for more than a few days.
Azzam, Osama, Mullah Omar, Baitullah Mehsud, Maulvi Fazlullah, Dr. al- Zawahiri, Mohammed Atta, al-Zarqawi were not someone's invention. Gtmo, Abu Ghraib, Bagram are real places.
Only through objectivity, realism and honest journalism can we reach an understanding of the ongoing war.

Robert Fisk's latest effort to support Assad is an interview with his foreign minister, published in the British media. The Foreign Minister speaks and even looks like a thug, lying with ease, but Fisk tries to legitimize him.

Pakistan [From Shamsuddin Amjad]
Baluch students Seek Islamic Support against Military Oppression
Lahore, Aug 28: Secretary General Jamaat-e-Islami Pakistan, Liaqat Baloch has appealed to all political and democratic forces to get united on a minimum agenda for free, fair and transparent elections in the country.
While talking to students' delegation from Balochistan here at Mansoora on Tuesday, he said present rulers had failed on all fronts to solve problems being faced by people.
He said the rulers were creating confrontation between judiciary and other institutions to provide cover to plundered wealth. "They are indulged in non-issues rather genuine issues of the people," he added. He reiterated his demand to the government to immediately announce general elections schedule.
He was of the view that Baloch people were not rebellions rather policy makers had played a part of rebellions for sorting out policies which created inferiority among Baloch people. He said elements in power wanted to solve Balochistan issue with power and bullet rather find a way through peaceful dialogue.
Baloch students expressed their deep concern over high authorities' attitude towards the province and said Baloch people had no confidence over rulers. They said Baloch students wanted education, employment and their basic democratic rights including the rights of provincial resources which the rulers had always denied.

Liaqat Baloch assured Baloch students that JI would support Baloch people at all levels and continue its struggle for early recovery of missing persons and bringing an end to military operation in the province.

Our America
A Woman versus Wells Fargo Bank: 150,000 People are Supporting this petition.
[Please go to to sign the petition.]
Kaukab -
When Marjorie Gibson passed away from cancer, she left her house to her daughter, Gail, to raise her children and grandchildren. At 65, Gail works full-time to support her family, and can afford to make her monthly mortgage payments.
But Wells Fargo won't let Gail make her payments, because they say the house belongs to Marjorie, even though Marjorie is dead. Now Wells Fargo is trying to foreclose on the home Gail's family has owned for two generations.
When Wells Fargo sent Gail notice of foreclosure shortly after her mother's death, she was shocked. Gail says she tried to explain to Wells Fargo that she now owns the home and wants to pay the mortgage, but Wells Fargo just says they'll look into it and never gives her any information.
Gail says Wells Fargo claims to have spoken with her mother about the home as she lay stricken with cancer, but Gail cared for her ailing mother to the end and says Marjorie was too weak to speak to anyone. Gail has contacted Wells Fargo for six months to get more information on the payments needed to keep the house, and says they continue to refuse to speak to her while moving ever closer to foreclosure. She even sent the bank a check for $5,000 and says it was returned.
Wells Fargo has already shown that it is responsive to public opinion. Just two months ago another family stopped foreclosure from the same bank after they got close to 180,000 signatures on Gail is confident that if enough people sign her petition, she can get Wells Fargo to listen, too.
Thanks for being a change-maker,
William and the team

War News: [All war news compiled by NT from local media.]
Pakistan: Joint US-Pakistani operation kills Islamic Commander
Aug. 22: In the Bajaur area, after heavy artillery bombardment for several hours by General Kayani's troops, local Taliban withdrew into Afghanistan. There they were attacked by US drones which killed 12 of the fighters including their commander Mullah DadAllah. It was a well coordinated operation between the US and Pakistan.
[The Pakistani propaganda machine was so elated by the killing of DadAllah, that it added for good measure the bogus claim that the commander of the mujahideen in North Waziristan had also been killed.]
Mujahideen Attack on Pakistani troops in South Waziristan.
August 28: Pakistani Taliban attacked some of Kayani's toughest troops, killing 12 of them and putting the rest to flight. Pakistani troops occupied the area more than a year back and forced most of the population to leave by cutting off food supply routes.

War News: 2
African Islamic Leader Murdered in Kenya by pro-West Forces:
Thousands Rally against Killers.

August 27: Aboud Rogo Mohammed, the spiritual leader of Kenya's Muslims in the city of Mombasa was assassinated by an expert gunman in broad daylight. His wife Hania said he was killed by the Kenyan police [closely aligned to the West.] The US and UN had put Rogo on their "sanctions" after he urged Muslims to support Al-Shabab in Somalia.
The murder seems to have back fired. Thousands of Muslim youth have been demonstrating in Mombasa over three days, Aug. 27 to 29 to condemn the murder. The demonstrations have gradually become riots with attacks on all signs of western influence including a couple of churches.
The government claims that it has no idea who killed the Shaykh. However most Kenyans see this as the usual western idea in action that Islam can be stopped by killing the leaders.
Al-Shabab who control most of Somalia are urging Kenyan Muslims to fight back. Several policemen have been killed in grenade attacks.

War News:3
Syria: Assad says he'll win but Islamics Strong in Aleppo and Damascus Suburbs.
Assad's Jets, Tanks, Artillery in Action: Two hundred murdered by Alawites

On August 29, Islamic fighters in Aleppo advanced towards the airport and damaged some of the helicopters stationed there. Assad's troops are putting in all their fire power to retake the city but the stubborn Islamics are not retreating.
In the Damascus suburbs, Assad's tanks captured one area and sent in the Alawites to slaughter the unarmed inhabitants. By the time the Alawites withdrew, they had murdered more than 200 people, terrorizing the population. Thousands are fleeing to Jordan, Turkey and Lebanon.
In the latest fighting in the Damascus suburb of Gouta, defecting Syrian troops who have joined the people captured 10 of Assad's surface-to-surface missiles but have not been able to use them yet.
Assad came out on TV and claimed that his forces are making "progress."

War News 4:
NATO is stuck. Without the US Air Force,Taliban would take over.
On August 29, a Talib who had infiltrated the tribal forces being armed by the US, killed three AUSTRALIAN troops in Uruzgan province.
These three are not included in the 48 NATO troops killed in Afghanistan in 28 days of August. No Taliban losses! [Source: icasualties]
In addition on August 28, 10 Afghan mercenary troops mobilized by the US were killed in a Taliban attack in Helmand province and 4 wounded. The same day in Kunar province, 5 such troops were killed by a human bomber.
An American official in Pakistan put the blame on Pakistan. He said, Mullah Umar is hiding in Pakistan and is sending in fighters from Pakistan to attack NATO forces.

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