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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Ramadan 27, 1433/August 16, 2012 # 36

August 14, 1947 was the birthday of Pakistan, the greatest event in modern Muslim history. From day one, Hindu India and the British connived to destroy Pakistan. Here we present the trauma of Pakistan's birth in the form of a story based on historic facts. The woman, who is the central figure, is metaphorically Pakistan, though the novel reads well as a human story as well. Please scroll to end.

Based on feedback from New Trend readers across America
Your Eid may be subverted by ISNA and similar secularist groups.
Here is how they do it.

  1. ISNA has already decided against the Sunnah of Muhammad, pbuh. It issues dates for Ramadan and Eid without waiting for any sighting of the crescent. Thus ISNA is going flat out in opposition to the clear commands of the Prophet, pbuh, in authentic hadith collected by Imam Bukhari and other scholars.

  2. ISNA caters to upper class well-to-do Muslims who love their "comfort" and "convenience" more than their DEEN. ISNA's top people have found that these rich Muslims are easy to mislead.

  3. So, through their agents placed in the million dollar mosques, word is put out by phone and on mosque recordings that Eid will be on such and such date. These "comfortable" Muslims never care to ask: Was the crescent sighted, by whom and where?

  4. If you think the leaders of ISNA are not the children of Satan, look at the photo of ISNA president so-called "imam" Magid sitting next to Obama for iftar in the White House. So the Zionist leader of this country kills thousands of Muslims, including children, in Pakistan and gives outright support to "Israel" and here is ISNA's imam having iftar with him. Do you expect anything other than Satanic misleading of Muslims from ISNA?

Other misleaders are more sophisticated than ISNA:

Some of the misleaders claim that they have completed 30 days of fasting, there is no crescent, so let's have Eid. See, we are following Hadith! Of course, they have never sighted the crescent, before or now. So the claim of having completed 30 days is arbitrary and simply meant to coincide with ISNA's calendar.

Some misleaders simply call their country of origin, particularly Egypt, Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries. If Eid is going on there, so they'll have Eid here too. Of course, they do no sighting and thus are doing exactly what ISNA does: Ignoring the Prophet's commands.

Honestly Mislead:
Some believe that Islam requires that ALL Muslim countries should have Eid on the same day. They consider it a requirement for Muslim unity. Owing to their ignorance of Islam, they do not know that Hadith does NOT require everybody to have Eid on the same day but it does require sighting of the crescent. Also, they don't know that owing to global time differences, Eid on the same day is not possible.

The Solution: Sight the Crescent. Follow the Hadithe Muhammad, pbuh.

It's very easy. Go outside and look for the crescent. If it's cloudy, complete the month and have Eid. Remember that Islam is not the religion of priests and experts. Tens of thousands should be sighting the crescent. Don't let agents of ISNA, one here, two there, declare that, yes, we saw the crescent.

If you really want unity, unite with the Muslims who are struggling against occupation, against tyranny, against kings. Most of all unite against Israel. ISNA thinks you are so gullible that the munafiq "imam" Magid can have iftar with Obama and yet speak in the name of Islam.

Latest Transformational Khutba
State Power Controls our Lives in detail: Islam can secure Human Autonomy.
Islam has not come to be just another religion: We are looking for Victory. Follow the Sunnah!

On August 10, Br. Kaukab Siddique gave his second Juma' khutba during Ramadan at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen in Baltimore. After the prayers, a non-Muslim young man embraced Islam. This has become a frequent occurrence after Siddique's khutbas. Last month, three high schoolers embraced Islam after his khutba. Here are the main points of his khutba for wide distribution:

Text: "...whoever rejects taghoot and has faith in Allah has grasped the most trustworthy handhold that will never break...." [The Qur'an 2:256]
Text : "Have you not seen those who claim that they believe in that which has been sent down to you [O Muhammad], and that which was sent down before you, and they wish to go for judgement to TAGHOOT though they have been commanded to reject it, but Satan wishes to lead them far astray." {the Qur'an 4:60]
  1. The term "taghoot" occurs quite frequently in the Qur'an to indicate a power which systematically takes control of the lives of humanity while excluding the Law of God.

  2. This is the only religion which opposes power and authority other than that of Allah.

  3. Scholars of earlier times had a problem explaining the meaning of TAGHOOT and they interpreted it in a dozen different ways, all the way from vague "evil" to the decisions of judges who do not use God's Law to arrive at decisions. {For instance the Tafseer of ibn Katheer].

  4. In the 1940s c.e. Syed Maudoodi gave the best interpretation of taghoot. He explained that the modern, secular state is taghoot. The state organizes itself to take over all aspects of human life. This is a power which claims to be independent of the power of Allah.

  5. The modern state, wrote Maudoodi, in his Tafhimat, vol. 2, does not reject religion. It simply turms religion into a private matter. It's a process by which religion cannot interfere in the affairs of state which affect everyone. There is religious freedom but religion cannot interfere in anything which matters to the public in general.

  6. Maudoodi was so right as we can see in the condition of Muslim organizations in America. They organize prayers, build mosques, collect and distribute charity, fast and supplicate Allah, dress modestly with beards for men and hijab for women, but they dare not oppose anything which the power structure does.

  7. These activities of American Muslim organizations are certainly not Islam. Don't the Christians, Jews and Hindus pray? Don't they build churches, synagogues, temples? Don't they collect and distribute huge sums of charity?

  8. So, is Islam just another religion? Why should one be a Muslim?

  9. Islam is the truth because its STARTING POINT is the negation of the secular power structure. One cannot be a Muslim without saying LA [NO!] to taghoot.

  10. Islam was revealed by Allah to be victorious, not to be just another religion. It has come to defeat the oppressors and to establish a completely new way of life.

  11. This is the month in which Makkah was conquered by the armies of Islam. The city which had forced Muhammad, pbuh, to leave everything and go destitute to Madinah saw itself surrounded by the banners of the mujahideen. He, pbuh, defeated the oppressors and then forgave them. The defeated nations are the ones which say: We forgive you to those who have them by the throat. Defeat them and then forgive them. That is Islam.

  12. How would this sense of victory apply to us here in America?
    1. We must never think of ourselves as a minority. We are part of a global Ummah of 1.8 billion.

    2. The people of America are waiting for a reversal of the terrible oppression they are living under.

    3. Only Islam can save them from liquor which is undermining the foundations of this nation.

    4. Only Islam can save them from gambling which is the mirage in the desert of wealth which millions here chase.

    5. Only Islam can openly denounce organized homosexuality which has made Christianity so inconsequential that adultery and fornication cannot even be discussed.

  13. When the unbelievers, through Abu Talib, approached the Prophet, pbuh, to offer wealth, women, power and freedom to worship Allah, if he would only stop condemning the false gods they worshipped, he rejected the offer out of hand.

  14. Instead he offered them the kalima of Islam. He said, if you accept this kalima, the empires of the world will be at your feet.

  15. Why did the huge armies of Persia and Rome collapse when the Islamic fighters clashed with them? Historians attribute the victories to the acumen of Umar, r.a., and the daring of Khalid, r.a., Sa'ad, r.a., Qa'qa and others, which is true. But they forget the underlying reason for the collapse of huge imperial armies.

  16. The background reason was that the Soviet Union and the USA of those days too were based on slavery and the exploitation of women, the accumulation of wealth among the few,racial and tribal bigotry and the desire to live forever. Islam offered an end to slavery [chapter 90], equality for women [chapter 9], end to racism and tribalism [chapter 49], distribution of wealth [zakat as part of the faith], end to kingship [hadith in Sahih Bukhari], paradise for mujahideen [chapter 2] and much more.

  17. Who would not accept that if it was backed by Abu Bakr, Aisha, Umar, Umm Ammara, Usman and Ali [Allah be pleased with them.]

Muslims in America
Swat Team came for Innocent Young Man who has never been violent
by Laila Yaghi [Raleigh, North Carolina]

It was a scorching hot day on July 29th of 2009! One cannot distinguish the mist in the air if it came from tears that had been evaporated or from the many lakes and the distant ocean in Raleigh, NC.
Ziyad, my son was such a wonderful young man, all American kid with goals but who sometimes acted silly and goofy and at times was unserious about his future like many young men his age!
He was looking ahead to go to college when that day he decided to surprise me, his mother, by cleaning the kitchen floor then marinating the chicken, then afterwards go for a swim in the neighborhood pool!
Of course, who would have even imagined that a swat team will come to arrest an unarmed young man of 21! A young man who had not done anything wrong or illegal, who did not even break any law but happened to be a somewhat dedicated Muslim!
An American with Arab background and dual citizenship was accused of conspiracy and material support based on two trips he took abroad to his own homeland! A young man who wanted to do the right thing and get married so he won't do anything immoral at a time where women offered themselves cheaply to him!
Ziyad was basically punished for visiting his homeland when he was 19! Punished because he knew a guy named Daniel Patrick Boyd, an American Muslim who spoke against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and even though Ziyad's association with Boyd was very very limited the FBI wanted something from Ziyad that was very immoral, to lie against Boyd and say whatever pleases the FBI so they can say, "we caught a terrorist"
When Ziyad and his friend Omar who also accompanied him on one of his trips, where they both went to Israel but were denied entry then went on to Jordan and then to Egypt (Omar's family are from there), refused to lie, the FBI struck back with vengeance! They kept after Ziyad and Omar trying everything possible to get them in trouble but these young men were typical teen agers and were still growing up and just wanted to have some fun, play basket ball, swim, wrestle and so on! They did not care about anything else and were not taking life very seriously or even the FBI following them and harassing them!
Yet because they are Muslims, everything they did was interpreted by the FBI to their likes! Wrestling and kick boxing became training for Jihad! The word marriage was a code word for Jihad and so was the beach, but yet Ziyad and Omar have gone to the beach in Egypt because Omar's family is from Alexandria and they stayed most of their time there! Had Ziyad and Omar not been Muslims, their trip would have not been construed as anything abnormal! How fair is the justice system in America! Talk about double standards!
For three years Ziyad and his friend Omar have been in jail for visiting their own homeland, the homeland of their fathers and their grandfathers! For three years these young men have been punished just because they are Muslims! For three years their families have been suffering! Two young men's lives have been interrupted! Jailed and imprisoned based on two trips they have taken over seas! Ziyad was charged and convicted of conspiracy and material support yet the indictment says noting about what and which "terrorist organization" the conspiracy and material support is for!
The trial was set in a town two hours and a half away from us to make it hard on people to come and support us! The jury consisted of mostly senior citizens who dosed off during the trial! Most of the Jury, had family members in the military and were not highly educated, handpicked by the judge! Everything was done deliberately to convict these young men! Hate for our religion is growing tremendously in the US! To top it all, they tried to single us out as Un-American based on our religion!
So of course, we lost the trial when everything biased was allowed at the trial! Video tapes of men, who were supposed to be Muslim men killing other men while dressed in black head and face covers only showing their eyes, were allowed at the trial! How did this have anything to do with Ziyad and his codefendants?! They brought a so called "expert" man named Evan Kohlmann, who portrayed Muslim men as violent and that certain Muslims tend to think in a certain way and eventually turn violent and commit an act of terrorism in the future! How on earth can he even say that and how on earth can his juvenile testimony be even taken into consideration at court?! Imagine if it were a reversed situation, this would have had not been allowed in court! It would have been a laughing matter and all over the news! Is it not then that this whole thing is about being biased against Muslims! How can a random person who is a bigot decide the fate of my son and his co-defendants just because of their religion?! Yet statistically speaking, white men have a tendency to commit an act of violence many times more than any Muslim person! Most of the heinous murders here in the US are done by white, Christian men and not by Muslims! The Columbine shooting, the Wisconsin shooting, and many more were all done by white non-Muslim men! Yet where were the FBI to stop them at that time?! Talk about double standards!!
Now Ziyad is serving 31.5 years in prison and Omar 15 years! Fortunately, Omar was luckier because his parents had money and one of his charges got dropped, but Ziyad got convicted of both charges and is treated as if he were an animal! This is how they treat the Muslim inmates in America as if they were less than animals, subhuman! They have Ziyad in what is called the SHU, Special Housing Unit, a cell underground like a grave designed to make one lose his/her mind! A cell as small as your bathroom where Ziyad is alone in it and only allowed out of his cell an hour every two days! A country that tries to portray itself as democratic, as a first world country, treats its Muslim citizens with so much unfairness and in such an inhumane way that any reader or observer will be shocked!
We are trying for an appeal now! We got a private lawyer who is demanding money that we don't have! I am a single mother who has been trying my best to appeal to the American public to stop this injustice that is going on to my son and to Muslim people at large! I travel cross country with a limited income to talk about my son
I am accepting donations; words of encouragement and prayers are greatly needed
Please visit our website; and for all the information you need to know about the case and updates and where to donate and also join me on face book, under Laila Yaghi and Please Support Ziyad Yaghi for day to day postings

Zionist Control in America
Subverting the Disney Legacy
Mark Weber

... Because Eisner and the others who run the motion picture and television industries are able to shape the public's barely conscious basic assumptions about life and society, thereby profoundly influencing the thinking and actions of millions, they wield greater power than even our elected lawmakers ... Eisner's transformation of Disney parallels, and contributes to, the cultural, social and political transformation of the United States as a whole. Like America's political leaders, Eisner and his Disney colleagues reassuringly display familiar symbols and trademarks from an earlier era, exploiting reputations and good-will painstakingly built up over decades.

US Guarantees Israel's Oil Supply

Under a 1975 Memorandum of Understanding (MOT) the US guaranteed all Israel's oil needs in the event of a crisis. This accord, which is quietly renewed every five years, commits American taxpayers to maintain a strategic US reserve for Israel, equivalent to $3 billion in 2002 dollars. Special legislation was enacted to exempt Israel from restrictions on oil exports from the USA. The US government also agreed to divert oil from the USA, even if this causes domestic shortages, and to guarantee delivery of oil in American tankers if commercial shippers become unable or unwilling to carry oil from the USA to Israel.

Man's Twin by Kaukab Siddique
A novel about the birth of Pakistan
[Based on the real events of 1947.]
Gulnar was born nearly fourteen years before the mass transfers of population in 1947. Her parents lived in the tiny village of Phulwar out in the rich heartland of Eastern Punjab, the land of five rivers. Mango season, fragrant with the pulp of deep yellow mangoes; that was how her father Masood Choudhry remembered the year of her birth. It was a time of abundance. The crop had been good. The hot midsummer weather was not flecked with any rain clouds and the harvest was brought in without any losses. The earth poured out its wealth and the villagers sang with joy while inside the mud-walled enclosures women danced and laughed.
Phulwar seemed to have grown out of the rich soil of the alluvial plain. The sturdy mud brick houses were extensions of the earth.
Baked hard in the hot, long summers for many years, they belonged to the earth as much as the trees and the crops did. The people lived in harmony with the seasons, sowing, tending, harvesting, saving for the future.
Masood was a prosperous farmer, a self-made man who ploughed the fertile earth fertile without anyone's help. It was hot, hard work. The sun burned his back and face. His muscles were shaped by the strain of his work into ropey resilience. The days were long and full of toil but in the middle of the day there was the blessing of Lassi, the sweet yogurt drink his wife Bilqees brought to him in the shade of the wide-spreading pipa tree near the irrigation canal.
Bilqees was a strong earthy woman, fertile like the Punjab soil.
Masood ploughed and sowed her as diligently as he did his land.
Almost every year, Bilqees was heavy with child, but with miscarriages and lack of medical care in infancy, only four children survived in the 14 years Bilqees and Masood were married. Of these, three were sons. The only daughter, their first child, was Gulnar.

She was tall for her age and healthy because her mother took care to see that she did not have to compete for her food with her three brothers. "Gulnar" her mother would say every night, "don't forget your glass of milk." Her mother did all the work at home while her father and brothers took care of the outside world. Gulnar was left alone to enjoy her entry into adolescence as she wished. She looked at the world around her with the philosophical tranquility which comes with leisure. Gulnar's untroubled black eyes did not see any change coming. The woman in her was rapidly overtaking the child, but she still roamed around the village and in the fields as she had done for years. In the intense heat of the summer day she would sit by the irrigation canal and splash the water with her feet.
Sometimes she would unbraid her long black hair and lower herself into the water when there was no one to be seen till the limits of the clear horizon. When she climbed back onto the bank, the water clung to her hair and her clothes for a cool hour or more. She enjoyed the stillness and the rapidly evaporating wetness. It would take her the rest of the afternoon to comb out her hair and braid it.
By the time she walked home, five miles away, her father would be back from the fields and her mother would be busy preparing the evening meal.
One such afternoon, when the earth was baking in shimmering waves of heat which created mirages of unreal water near the horizon, Gulnar saw a horseman approaching. Her hair was open and the refreshing wetness of her dip in the canal clung to her. For a long moment Gulnar thought the horseman was a dream, a vision created by the languor of the afternoon haze. The horseman cantered directly towards the canal. From his turban and his beard, which did not entirely hide the strong bony structure of his face, he seemed to be a Sikh. Gulnar looked at him in fascination but as he approached she felt herself flushing with shyness, her body cowering in a reflexive act of modesty trying to cover her hair with her churri.
For a moment the horseman looked at Gulnar, his eyes showing amazement and surprise, and then he looked away and which cantered past, pretending never to have seen her. Men were not supposed to look at women bathing in the canal. The village had its own laws which helped it to live at peace with itself.
But the vision of the Sikh horseman remained in Gulnar's mind. She thought he looked noble and impressive, and his eyes had been piercing and mysterious.

The festival of the Eid was celebrated in Phulwar as it had been for generations. Men, women and children dressed in their best. The men showed off newly acquired chappals or sandals brought in by an enterprising merchant from the northwestern frontier near Afghanistan. The women vied with each other in the blazing colors of their stitched-at-home kameezes. The children had the most fun because food was plentiful and delicious. The province of the Punjab, known as the breadbasket of the British Empire, did not lack food even when the grinding war around the world caused severe shortages and rationing. In Phulwar there was no change in traditional hospitality. The children, often joined by their elders, went from home to home tasting sayvien (vermicelli with milk and sugar) and laddus.
Gulnar was visualizing the mysterious Sikh horseman by the canal. In the general gaiety and good humor she did not note the seriousness of expression on her father's face as he talked, half-whispering, to his two older sons.
"Mulla Abdur Rehman was telling me that the Sikh rajas are distributing guns to their tenants. The Hindus in this very area are collecting kerosene and petrol," Gulnar's father said in a hoarse, loud whisper, the mark of prayer on his forehead wrinkling with the concentration of his worried thoughts.
"But Abba," Shahid, the eldest son, rejoined, "Punjab's total population has a Muslim majority. There can be absolutely no doubt that Punjab will be included in Pakistan. So why should we worry?"
"Yes Abbu," Tariq, the second son added, "it's the Hindus and the Sikhs who will have to choose whether they want to stay in Pakistan or go to India."
"But," said the old man, "don't forget Phulwar is a Hindu village and nearby there are Sikh villages. Mulla Abdur Rehman gets news from Amritsar. He says, when the Hindus heard that Pakistan could not be avoided, they started attacking Muslims living in isolation among them. These attacks are going on all across India and many Muslims have already been killed."
"Abbu," said Shahid, "this is Phulwar. We know the Hindus here. You deal every month with Ratandes, the moneylender, Harimal the merchant, Kishanchand the police officer. Why would they attack us? We have done them no harm."
The troubled father stroked his white beard, lost in deep thought. Gulnar did not know what was being discussed. She was listening to the mournful notes of a faraway flute. Lost in the dreams of youth, she did not know that it was the year 1946. There would be no more Eid festivals in Phulwar after that year.

An Englishman named Radcliffe was using a red marker to draw lines on a large map of Punjab. Every now and then he would stop and step back to admire his handiwork. Three other Englishmen in military uniforms and a smooth-shaven Hindu watched Radcliffe's every movement with fascination.
"Ah, ha. Amritsar goes to India and that takes care of Pakistan's premier province," remarked the commander of the British army in India.
"I see," exclaimed the second officer. "Pakistan's frontier will run just outside Lahore."
The Hindu gentleman, dressed in his best body-clinging chooridan pyjamas and locally-woven cotton shirt, his head covered by a longitudinally cut cloth cap which he had adjusted to a slightly rakish angle, could hardly control his excitement.
"Mr Radcliffe," he said, "I congratulate you for the historic mission you are fulfilling. I just noticed that your line provides direct access between India and Kashmir."
"Yes, Mr. Nehru!" I rejoined Radcliffe with a bored smile. "By placing Gurdaspur within India, a vast territorial wedge has been created between Kashmir and Pakistan. Now gentlemen, please leave me alone to complete my work before Mr. Jinnah arrives."
An hour later when Mohammad Ali Jinnah, the leader of the Pakistan Movement, arrived he was ushered into a large meeting room. As he walked in, Jinnah saw the big map placed on a heavy mahogany table. His eyes immediately detected the line marking the purported partition of the Punjab.
Radcliffe gently but firmly explained the contours of his Award. Jinnah's austere features, usually untouched by emotion, brightened with suppressed anger. He waved a thin, contemptuous finger at the map.
"You are taking away most of Pakistan's premier province, just as you did withBengal. Punjab is a Muslim majority province. If you have to divide it, the division should be based on justice..."

"Mr. Jinnah, this is the best we can do. I have labored long and hard to arrive at this conclusion. The return of the army's Sikh princely forces from overseas is rapidly aggravating the situation."
" But Mr. Radcliffe, you are giving me a moth-eaten Pakistan. You are trying to undermine our will to survive as a nation. I am especially concerned about the fate of Muslim communities in the Punjab who will be left deep inside Indian Pubjab owing to the arbitrary nature of your Award."
"I assure you, Mr. Jinnah the armed forces will facilitate the transfer of populations. You can study the map at your convenience, but I must go now."
Mr. Jinnah was left standing alone by the mahogany furniture. He looked with deep sorrow at contours of the map. The hamlet of Phulwar was too small to show on it.

Gulnaar had never heard anything like it in the fourteen years of her life. Hundreds of men were shouting in unison. She could not understand what they were saying. Peering from the safety of the flat walled roof of her house, she could see the crowd approaching. The three men in front of the crowd were very excited. Every now and then the three would shout and scream and the crowd would shout back. Gulnar tried to understand what they were saying. She could make out, "Pakistan Murdabad." "Bharat Maata ki Jai" and "Jai Hind." The crowd was rushing straight towards her home. After a while she could see the contorted features of the man who was leadng the crowd. With a shock of surprise, she realized it was Kishanchand, the police officer. He was carrying a gun, its muzzle resting on his shoulder, The men around him were carrying thick and long lathis or wooden staves, The sun was setting in the growing shadows. Gulnar could see her father expostulating with Kisbanchand while her brothers stood ready to block entrance into the outer courtyard with thick sticks in their hands. She could see her father gesturing and Kishanchand gesturing back. Suddenly someone in the crowd threw a brick. Gulnar saw her father double over in pain. The crowd surged forward. She could see her brothers surrounded, trying to protect their father. Terrified, she ran downstairs and hid in her room. She could hear the crowd entering the house. Furniture was being thrown around and smashed, crockery being broken. Gulnar could hear her mother screaming in the background. A fight was still on in the courtyard. The screaming, the breaking, the fighting, went on for what seemed a long time. Gulnar slid into a corner of her room, making herself as small as possible, The rioters were going from room to room. Soon they would be in the little study at the back of the house where Gulnar was hiding in a corner. She could no longer control the spasm of fear and trembling which shook her. Somewhere, at the back of her mind, behind the frantic fear, her subconscious was trying to register the facts. "Why is this happening to us? What have they done to Abba and Ammi? What will they do to me?"
"Run! Run!" a part of her mind was saying. "Run to where? Whom should I ask for help?" She had not been trained to face such a situation. It had never been a possibility for her. On evenings like this she used to sit back in tranquility and listen to the love bird singing its last notes as night closed over the wheat fields--pia, pia, pia (o beloved, beloved, beloved). Soon after sunset the notes of a flute would drift in from the direction of the irrigation canal.
Gulnar had no clear recollection of the chain of events after the rioters rushed into her room. She recalled folding her hands in a gesture asking for mercy. She could smell the liquor on the hysterically laughing and screaming faces as they closed in on her.
Three of them fought over her and then the strongest of them, with a scar on his forehead and a red mark of the goddess Kali between his eyebrows, picked her up and carried her into the courtyard. Only half conscious with mesmerizing terror, Gulnar felt her clothes being torn off with a roughness which left red marks on her thighs. Then the two frenzied eyes with the mark of the goddess Kali between them were staring into Gulnar's face; the mouth behind them was biting at her lips, tearing at her body. Gulnar saw the mark of Kali through tears now; she was sobbing with pain as the man rammed himself into her again and again. After a while she felt him getting off her body. "It's your turn to f.... Pakistan" he was saying to his friends.
As the rape went on, Gulnar wanted to die. "How does one die?" she asked herself. "Kill me kill me," she was begging her fifth attacker.
Suddenly there was an explosion outside the courtyard, followed by a series of gunshots. The men waiting for their turn at Gulnar scattered.
A figure in white, wearing a turban, with a gun in his hand entered the courtyard. Gulnar immediately recognized him. It was the Sikh horseman who had watched her by the canal in what seemed to be a lifetime ago. He was offering her a white sheet to cover her torn and bleeding body.
"No one can harm you now" he said. "Come with me and you will be safe in my home."
Gulnar wanted to say, "Where are my parents? Where are mybrothers? What will happen to me now?" But the thoughts did not ake the shape of words on her bleeding lips.
"My wife will take care of you. Do not be afraid of me. We have to hurry out of here before these thugs lose respect for my gun."
Gulnar could not move. The Sikh gently picked her up, as one picks up a child, vaulted onto his horse, and cantered off with Gulnar in his arms.
[To be continued, inshallah.]

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