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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Ramadan 19, 1433/August 8, 2012 # 34

Message from Pak woman leader way below.

Make du'a for US Muslim political prisoners during laylatul qadr. See appeals for Imam Jamil and Jalil Abdul Muntaqim below. Please scroll to end.

Spotlights from Imam Badi Ali, National Islamic Shoora, Jamaat al-Muslimeen
Spotlight #1:
Do not miss the Night of Power in the last week of Ramadan. The powerless need this spiritual power.

Spotlight #2:
During Ramadan, learn time management and the value of time.

Spotlight #3:
During Ramadan, relax, reflect and get away from your worries. Make it a vacation for worship.

Spotlight #4:
Use the last 10 days for aitikaf. Learn to relax and prepare for the journey to the other world.

Spotlight #5:
Psychopaths are committing serious crimes.They live in society but are influenced by para psychological forces. We should teach our children about Jinn, satan, demons which can influence our lives.

Spotlight #6:
Mass culture and immediate coverage of sensational news is affecting our children. It is a digital culture. Protect our children. If we are affected by the digital culture, how much more will our children be?

Breaking news #1:
Syria: August 7: Assad's heavy artillery is destroying the city of Aleppo BLOCK by BLOCK. Amnesty International has published aerial photos which show 600 artillery shell craters in the heavily populated areas of Aleppo. Also Assad's air force is launching hundreds of bombing and strafing raids on the city. However, the Islamic resistance is holding out and major districts of this vast city are under Islamic control.
Assad has amassed 20,000 troops to launch a final assault on the poorly armed defenders.
Meanwhile Iran has decided to go down with Assad to the end. Iran's top level rep is in Syria to support Assad. Only Turkey is helping the Muslims and that with light weapons. However Assad is crumbling. His prime minister and several cabinet ministers have defected.

Breaking news #2:
Afghanistan: Guerrilla warfare continues in Afghanistan. In July 46 NATO troops were killed by the Taliban. In the first 7 days of August 11 more of NATO's finest have been killed, including 2 killed and 6 wounded from New Zealand. Taliban losses: zero. [Western sources.]
Only half a dozen more supply trucks for NATO entered from Pakistan and were attacked by the Taliban.

Breaking News #3:
Egypt: Fighting has broken out in the Sinai between Islamic groups and the Egyptian military. The Islamics attacked a Israel-supporting Egyptian border post to create an opening against Israel.
Latest news is that Egyptian helicopter gun ships are attacking the Islamics and like Mubarak did, all entrances into Gaza have been sealed. The military is defending Israel.

Latest Publication
The Wise Qur'an. A New English Translation by Assad Nimer Busool, PhD. 798 pages. . Order from By email: ISBN hard cover 978-1-4535-2525-8

Originally from Palestine, Dr. Busool lives in the Chicago area. He is that rare scholar who knows both Arabic and Hebrew. He has used numerous classical and modern tafseers for his translation.

See the map of the battle of Badr and Dr. Rukhsana Jabeen's powerful message below. Please scroll down.

Israeli Jews desecrate Ramadan and Jerusalem with homosexual parade. Please scroll down.

Ramadan can help us to change if ... Two Requirements + Ummah Concept

On August 3, Br. Kaukab Siddique gave the Juma' khutba at Baltimore's Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen. Here are the central points:
  1. Pray to Allah Almighty and admit that we are lacking in many qualities. We need Allah's help to improve ourselves. If we keep thinking that we are good because we pray and fast, we will come out of Ramadan arrogant and self-satisfied rather than humbled and improved. Pray for character, compassion, courage, honesty, truthfulness.

  2. Pray to Allah Almighty to give us knowledge of Qur'an and Hadith. Admit that we don't know Islam to any considerable extent. If we think we already know Islam, then Ramadan will not improve us. Study the Qur'an. Ask yourself: How much do I know about the Qur'an? Study the Hadith. Can you quote the Prophet's, pbuh, revolutionary teachings about women?
Du'a: Pray to Allah for the victory of Islam in the daily battle in Syria, and for the victory of Islam in Kashmir, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq, Chechnya, Yemen, Sudan, Libya, Nigeria, Somalia and Mali. Most of all, pray that Allah help the believers to drive the Yahood out of Palestine.

This one achievement can give you a new Direction in life: What did Muhammad, pbuh, say?

Do you know that most people don't know how to identify the Hadith of Muhammad, pbuh? Muslims spent decades trying to defend a narrative about the age of Aisha, r.a,. when the narrative, though in the Sahih of Bukhari, is not from Muhammad, pbuh.
Muslims think that anything in a book of Hadith is a hadith and then they try to use it as an Islamic text.

Look at the Muwatta of Imam Malik. Owing to its translation into English, it has become popular among serious students of Islam. There are 1720 narratives in it. Owing to lack of Islamic knowledge, Muslims don't know that only 600 of these are Hadith with complete chains of narration to the Prophet Muhammad, pbuh.
Of the rest 235 are mursal; the name of the sahabi who narrated it is not known. They cannot be considered decisive in religious rulings. Then 613 are maquf. That is, they do not go to the Prophet, pbuh, but instesd originate from or are attributed to a sahabi. Then another 285 are the words and rulings of Tabain, the generation after the sahaba, and 5 are the sermons of Imam Malik himself.

This criticism of the Muwatta was the result of analytical studies of Hadith by Imam Shafi'ii [as noted by Shah Waliullah Dehlvi], one of the greatest teachers of Islam. Imam Malik was actually Shafi'i's teacher but the Muwatta of Malik was interpolated by the inclusions brought by Malik's students.
Imam Malik did not travel outside Madinah while Imam Shafi'i travelled over the Muslim world and found that there were many hadith outside the Madinah school of thought. He wrote with compelling logic that there is no need for anyone's opinions, however learned, where an authentic Hadith of the Prophet was extant.

[Br. Kaukab Siddique from Urdu translations of the books of Imam Malik and Imam Shafi'i.]

He speaks so well to young people. May Allah save him from being stifled by ISNA, ICNA.
Check him out on youtube
A new voice from Dallas-Irving, Texas area.
Ramadan, a gift for Muslims by Nouman Ali Khan Large 540p Video Sharing

Danny Boyle, Producer of Slum Dog brings out the decay of England. Charles Carlsen, our devout Christian friend, writes on the politics of the London olympics.

Our America [From New Trend's media monitor.]
Attack on Sikh Temple: Mindless Violence or Planned Act to Divide Muslims and Sikhs?
Why no coverage of attack on Joplin, Missouri, Mosque?

The August 5 attack on the Sikh temple [Gurdwara]in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, has been condemned by everyone. The shooter has been identified as a "white supremacist." but this is speculation. He has left no note. Strange!
The question remains: "why?"
Early in the reporting on the attack, observers noted that the assailant had a 9.11 tattoo. [On August 7 the government denied the 9.11 tattoo. Strange...] Evidently he thought he was attacking a mosque and that the Sikhs were Muslims. Both have beards and many Muslims too wear head coverings though not turbans.
The government took a long time to identify the assailant. It looked like the authorities wanted to prepare to say something. The attack is being described as an isolated act. However, there are indications that the Sikh Temple had been receiving threats for a while. Investigation should be carried out to find out if there is more to this attack than meets the eye. The assailant was a psy ops trained ex-soldier. How could he not know that these are Sikhs and not Muslims. Is it possible that someone had persuaded him that Muslims and Sikhs are the same?
Remember the logic of the Norwegian killer Brievak who claimed that it was okay to kill Labor party associates because they supported Palestinians. So, if you are killing one, you are killing the other! Zionists actually believe this kind of thing. Their supporters, Spencer-type- neo cons and his buddies, have gone to the extent of claiming that Muslim Brotherhood has penetrated the bedrooms of the American power structure!

India is very perturbed about the friendly relations between Sikhs and Muslims, especially after India carried out a military operation years back in the most sacred temple of the Sikhs in Amritsar, Punjab province of India. Ordinary Sikhs living in the US are very friendly towards Muslims.
Now with this attack, there is an opportunity for the sophisticated Zionist psychological warfare people to turn Sikhs against. Muslims.
MOSQUE BURNING: It's the holy month of Ramadan and a mosque has been burned down in Joplin, Missouri. It was not the first attack but a repeat which gutted the structure. Although it was soon after the Sikh Temple attack, there was hardly any coverage in the media. Is the government trying to say that we are shocked about the attack on the Temple, with condolences all the way from Obama to the daily newspapers, but we are not interested in the burning of the mosque. What's going on here? Muslims need to wake up and not leave their mosques unguarded and empty in between prayer times.
[CNN's homosexual anchor Anderson Cooper is trying to steer the discussion towards "white supremacist" groups. He can't be very bright if he can't see that it was a religious attack, not a racist attack. Sikhs are not Black. Southern Poverty Law Center, anti-Islamic to the extreme, is helping CNN in this evasive p[rocess.]

Did the Prophet, pbuh, and the Sahaba, r.a., pray taraweehs?
Think of how different is our "Islam" from that of Muhammad, peace be on him.

by Kaukab Siddique

"Many a person gets nothing out of fasting except hunger and thirst." [Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, Hadith in the Sunan of ibn Majah, chapter on Siyam.]

Is there any hadith from Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, which says we should pray taraweehs, 22 rakahs or 8 or 12 or any other number? Is The word taraweeh used in the Qur'an and the hadith? I can see tahajjud. I can see qiyam al-layl, but these are not specifically related to Ramadan.

If the Prophet, pbuh, had been praying taraweeh, how could he have fought the battle of Badr? How could he have conquered Makka? Both of these history making events took place in the life of the Prophet, pbuh, during Ramadan. I have checked all the hadith sources about these two events and there is absolutely no reference to taraweeh.

When Ayesha, r.a., died, it was Ramadan and all the women of Madinah came out at night for her burial. Again there is no reference to taraweeh.

Narrations from others than the Prophet, pbuh, do not constitute the essential texts of Islam. Only the Qur'an and the authentic hadith are absolutely essential to Islam. There are narrations which claim that Umar, r.a., and Ali, r.a., not only prayed taraweehs but organized them. The problem is that Umar, r.a., was involved in the biggest jihad movement in Islamic history which involved just about all the sahaba and brought about the downfall of the two superpowers of that time. The details of this tremendous struggle are available in all the earliest Islamic history books. NONE OF THEM mention taraweehs.

Great numbers [perhaps all] the sahaba were involved in this struggle, directly or indirectly. NONE OF THEM nor any of the new converts to Islam are quoted as saying that "we are missing taraweeh prayers owing to these battles."

The authentic hadith do mention the Prophet, pbuh, praying extra prayers after Isha' during Ramadan THREE times. When he noticed that people were gathering to make it into a congregational prayer with him, he stopped.

Now look at our ummah's condition: When Bush bombed Afghanistan in 2001 during Ramadan, even General Musharraf the traitor was worried that Pakistani Muslims would be riled up. However, nothing happened because Pakistanis were busy praying 20 rakats of taraweeh prayers [Hanafi fiqh]. Bush kept on bombing, secure in the religious immunization of Pakistan.

The same happened with the bombing of Fallujah in Iraq during Ramadan which reached its peak during laylatul qadr, the holiest night in Ramadan. The Iraqi imams used the loudspeakers of the mosques in Fallujah to call the people to jihad, not to taraweeh. The Iraqis fought to the bitter end in Fallujah. The rest of the Muslim world did not respond. They were busy praying taraweehs.

Look at Somalia today. Almost four million Somalis are homeless. Nearly 400,000 children are facing death through malnutrition and disease. Should we be praying taraweehs or should we be mobilizing humanitarian support for the Somalis?

The way Muslims eat during iftar after each fast is a shame and a disgrace. Huge quantities of food and drink are guzzled. What kind of Islam is this? Even those who do not carry out obligatory [fard] prayers are busy praying taraweeh. The Prophet, pbuh, and the sahaba, kept awake during the day in Ramadan. We sleep during the day and pray taraweeh at night!

"...Among the proprieties of fasting is that the person should not sleep much during the day but rather stay up so that he might feel the pangs of hunger and flames of thirst and become conscious of the weakness of the flesh, with the result that one's heart would be cleansed and purified." [Imam Ghazzali's kitab Israr al-Saum, translated by Faris.

Hypocrisy irks the most in Ramadan
Hamza Yusuf in Abu Dhabi, praising dead king in Khutba

  1. ISNA violated the clear hadith of Muhammad, pbuh, by announcing Ramadan and Eid dates months before moon sighting. Now ISNA is sending out appeals for funds in the name of piety in Ramadan. ISNA president "imam" Magid certainly is a shameless person, bay haya in Urdu.

  2. CAIR, the very embodiment of hypocrisy, handed over 5 young US Muslims to the FBI/Pakistani police. They were tortured and put away in a Pakistani prison. CAIR has supported every American tyrant be it Clinton, Bush or Obama. CAIR has never questioned the legitimacy of Israel. Now that the Syrian dictator is crumbling and the Muslims are seething with anger, CAIR decided, after 17 months of Syrian suffering, to become a champion of the Syrian people. It's no less self serving than Obama himself except that CAIR does this in the name of Islam.

  3. Instead of praising Allah, he praises the king. Hamza Yusuf, the notorious supporter of "made in America" Islam and the star of ISNA gave the Khutba on August 3 in Abu Dhabi. An eyewitness says that Hamza Yusuf spent a good part of the khutba in praising Shaykh Zayed, the dead king of Abu Dhabi. The Prophet, pbuh, has taught that when a FASIQ is praised, the heavens tremble with fear of Allah. Yusuf ignores the Prophet's hadith.
    After praising the king beyond all limits, he told a long story of Shaykh Zayed who while living in Europe used to feed pigeons in the town square. Hamza Yusuf narrates that when he was going to leave, Zayed lamented: What will the pigeons do now that I'll be gone. {Hamza Yusuf does not realize that he committed SHIRK. Allah is the provider, RAZIQ, of all, including pigeons. Zayed was not the provider, nor is any other human,]
[On his blog Hamza Yusuf claims his visit to the emirates is kind of private. That seems to be a lie. The official media of Abu Dhabi broadscast him LIVE. The royals obviously love him']

The last hurrah of a crumbled empire
Olympic Opening Ceremony, Slum Dog England
Charles E. Carlson
The London opening ceremony of the 2012 Olympics was much criticized as a low-budget presentation. Some thought it dull and depressing with only lively music to pep it up. I disagree.
To me it was powerfully artistic and painfully real. The designer, filmmaker Danny Boyle, spoofed his native land, presenting it as it is, financially and socially crumbling, an all too real UK, a tawdry, tacky skeleton of a once world power hiding behind an aging monarch. Danny Boyle showed us England in economic and moral decline, without a mooring even in its music and art. The 3Oth Olympics are a giant party at the very very moment Europe is in financial collapse.
Danny Boyle is famous for Slum Dog Millionaire, the film story of an Indian boy who rose up from the garbage pits of Mumbai. Boyle's Olympic Opening Ceremony is the Slum Dog story in reverse.
I loved the 2008 Olympic ceremony, even though I am no fan of China. It was a proud China for Chinese, expensive and uplifting, and very ethnic, boasting a modern China coming out of the slums and hiding its ugly parts. What we saw in London was the reverse, confessing its decline.
Producer Boyle even spoofed the aging queen in a parachute skit with James Bond, a new low in royal dignity. Boyle is a filmmaker with an agenda to entertain but who, between the lines, knew the truth about once great Britain, and did a clever job of telling part (but not all) of it. He put one over on not-so-Great Britain.
Why should the Queen enjoy dignity? Did she not knight aging Beatle, Paul McCartney, not to mention pink-haired Elton John? It is unfortunate the Queen overlooked knighting Benny Hill and Monty Python--the first great spoofers of anything British--they might have been on the show, too. Sir Beatle, John McCartney, exposed not a wrinkle in his often-jacked up face, and in a quaky voice, lead the crowd in a half dozen rousing choruses of "Hey Jude," as though it was the British national anthem.
Who remembers that "Hey Jude" is a drug culture song of sixties, "Remember to let her under your skin, Then you'll begin to make it better better better better better, oh." Now tell me, what did the rock culture of the sixties tell you to "put under your skin" to make you feel better better BETTER? I wonder if the Queen sang along?
Yes, I loved it. The Opening program was great...great in that it was real and showed what England was and what it is today. I quote the Associated Press story by ERIN McCLAM and JOHN LEICESTER, who are among those who seemed to get it: "'There has to be a modesty,' designer, filmmaker Danny Boyle said. 'You can't get grandiose with this job because you are following Beijing.' Boyle, producer of Slumdog Millionaire an Academy Award winner, had no orders to cut out scenes depicting all that's gritty and grim in the nation... a nation in decline after the industrial revolution trying to reposition itself as technological innovators. 'We are learning our place in the world,' Boyle said. 'A hundred years ago, we were everything. Obviously the industrial revolution has partly bred that. But there is a change, so I hope there is an innate modesty (in the ceremony) about it as well.'
Boyle designed a Olympic theme around a crumbling and sick economy with music to match! He showed us the scene of the migration of the landless peasants, swarming from the hills owned by the landed Gentry, to the stinking smokestacks of the new Industrial revolution. Next we saw the enlightened age of socialist services for everyone, depicted by an extravagant medical system; finally we all joined in in the realm of entertainment. With the coming of Beatles sounds and lyrics, Boyle treated us a good times, rock England culture, without a hint of classics. Irreverent comedian, Mr.Bean spoofed "Chariots of the Gods" and a noble Olympic event long past. Boyle even conned the straight-faced and formal Queen into going along with the transition from greatness to entertainment in her time, pretended to jump out of a helicopter in an orange formal Shannon dress! Boyle's message to me: England is shot so hang on and have some fun!
The Olympics opening ceremony was the Slum Dog story in reverse. England is descending into the garbage heap of insolvency; everyone knows it, and Boyle showed it! Hats off to Danny Boyle, for telling a story that needed to be told and making England like it. But what did Boyle leave out of the Commonwealth's history that allowed him to get away with it?
One big untouchable issue Boyle avoided was, occupation. He left out two hundred years of Briton's constant militarism and brutal colonization that kept England's furnaces running and her smoke stacks puffing. Not a word about occupation in the Americas, India, Africa and South Africa, Sudan and Palestine. Nothing about constant wars of that rounded up the peasants' sons from the Gentry-owned farms, and the laborers from the banker-owned mills and put them in "the ranks." He left out the part of Great Britain's history that is now being repeated in American history -- wars and occupation that kept its economy going. Smart fellow, Boyle, he know were to quit!
Brian Williams of NBC narrated the opening ceremony, and this lavishly paid seeming numbskull missed Danny Boyle's theme. But Williams did not overlook his bosses' politics of war in our day. He pointed out, thumbs and thumbs down, the good guys and bad guys as each team marched alphabetically into the arena. He followed the Zionist script of NBC evening news to the letter. He left no doubt the wars are still on. The noble guys are Israel, the U.S., and the UK. The trouble makers, according to Williams, are Palestine, Iran, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Afghanistan and Pakistan. All were there, tolerated by the good guys.
When Israel entered, Williams carefully pointed out that Palestinian terrorists had murdered team members in 1978, and the Olympic Committee had denied Israel the privilege of stopping the march to hold a demonstration. Williams did not mention that at least of two of the Arab countries there are occupied territories and could only come to London with permission of their occupiers, one of which occupiers is Israel, the other is the USA!
Brian Williams colored in part of the story of great Jim Thorpe in Stockholm 1912 Olympics as the U.S. team, conspicuous for its towering multi-millionaire pros, marched by. Not surprisingly, Williams did not mention that the great amateur athlete, Thorpe, was stripped of his honors and gold medals for taking what amounted to board and room for playing bush league summer baseball while still in college. The spirit of the Olympics was then amateurism, and Thorpe had broken a rule ever so slightly. Williams mention Jim Thorpe in the same breath as Kobe Bryant and Labron James, leaders of the U.S. Olympic basketball team and the tennis pros Williams sisters, which is why I broke my own rules and called him a "numbskull."
It is a symbol of this professional Olympic tackiness that the gold medals Thorpe lost were solid, real gold, and those handed out in the 30th Olympiad are, debased like the rest of our currency, plated replicas, worth only a few hundred dollar in melt down!
Two countries protested before the games got started: North Korea over the organizers' flag blunder, and Israel over the Olympic Committee's refusal to halt the ceremony for a minute of silence in honor of the Israeli team of 1978. To the Olympic decision makers' credit, Israel was not allowed to politicize; they said Israel is not the only country to suffer such acts.
I love the Olympics, at least most of it, the teen age gymnasts with sacrificing families, the nameless rowers who pass out from exhaustion over their oar, but only after they finish; I have heard a rumor that the pro basketball players may not be allowed in future games. I would like to see it restored to amateurism, but that is not my purpose here.
I also love the old town of London with its tower, but it is shadows of the past. Greece hosted the 2004 Olympics, and it is bankrupt eight years later. England is on the same path and will last until 2020 only if he USA uses its last breath to bail her out. Who will rescue the U.S. from the financial and moral recompense of our once occupier, England? We are now the world's warmaker and occupier.

We Hold These Truths/Project Strait Gate

Important Messages from Women's Wing of Jamaate Islami Pakistan
As many of us may like to complain about the long hours of fasting this Ramadan during the hot summer, take a moment to reflect on the destitute situation for many people around the world that fast while working outside, under the hot sun, without A/C or fans, and those who have little or no food to break their fasts with. Do we really have a reason to complain about how "hard" we have it for fasting this Ramadan?
The battle of Badar tells us to stand up against all oppressors and evil forces. Dr.Rukhsana Jabeen

Dr Rukhsana Jabeen, General secretary JI women wing said that 17th Ramadan ul Mubarak marks the day of battle of Badar which gives us a message to stand against the evil at all costs. Dr Jabeen said that the conflict of Good vs Evil is there since inception of mankind. The battle of badar teaches us that the numbers and resources doesn't count, its the will, courage, commitment to the cause and willingness to sacrifice which secures final victory for righteous forces. Dr Jabeen reiterated that even today the battle of right vs wrong continues and we need to be among those who stand for righteousness.

The Battle of Badr ....17th of Ramadan

Today is the 17th of Ramadan - a day which marks the
anniversary of the Battle of Badr..

The Battle of Badr - a battle between Truth and falsehood

The first battle between the believers of truth (Islam) and the forces of evil was fought on the battle field of Badar, 60 miles from Madinah towards Makkah. On one side stood a small group of 313 men of whom merely 60 of them wore armour, while facing them was arranged an army of one thousand warriors well armed and equipped. The believers had the strength of their Faith in Allah and His Prophet. They knew that Truth must prevail and falsehood must be destroyed. Thus it was this very Faith which brought about the Miracle and Truth did triumph.
 The Battle of Badr ....17th of Ramadan

Police out in force for Jerusalem Gay Pride
 AFP   AFP - Thu, Aug 2, 2012

 tenth annual gay pride parade in Jerusalem August 2, 2012
A participant holds flags during a performance at the tenth annual gay pride parade in Jerusalem August 2, 2012. Some 3,000 people took part in Jerusalem's gay pride parade on Thursday. REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun

Thousands marched in central Jerusalem on Thursday for a milestone 10th anniversary Gay Pride parade, passing by the spot where an ultra-Orthodox Jew stabbed three participants in 2005.
Some carried rainbow banners and others had signs proclaiming: "A decade of marching in Jerusalem," and: "Love thy neighbour."
Opposition to such events is fiercer in Jerusalem, where religious feelings can run high, than in the more laid-back seaside city of Tel Aviv, but police were out in force to keep the peace.
"Several hundred police officers are securing the event and approximately 3,000 people are taking part," police spokesman Micky Rosenfeld told AFP.
"We'll do everything to make sure that the event takes place as planned with no incidents."
Participants mostly shunned the skimpy, gender-bending costumes common on the annual Tel Aviv parade and the march was routed away from predominantly ultra-Orthodox neighbourhoods where opponents were holding a protest rally.

Contact Imam Jamil's rep. our dear brother Imam Khalil Abdur Rahman.

From Br. Abu Talib, Jamaat al-Muslimeen Brooklyn, NY

You can Help Imam Jamil al-Amin in Small Ways

In early July Imam Jamil Al-Amin wrote:

"I am currently being denied telephone calls and my mail is being diverted (some). If you would, can you get some people to call the warden at ADX and Eric Holder to inquire as to why this action is being done. I don't have any institutional violations and have not been informed as to why this is being done."

Don't forget the Imam's number: 99974-555

and address when you call or write:

PO BOX 8500


Same address as for Imam Jamil Al-Amin

Phone: 719-784-9464
Fax: 719-784-5290

Eric Holder:

Eric H. Holder, Jr
Attorney General
Office of the Attorney General
(202) 514-2001

US Dept. of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Ave., NW
Washington, D.C. 20530-0001
Office of the Attorney General Public Comment Line - 202-353-1555

Via Ameejill Whitlock {Baltimore] and Abu Talib, JAM Mew York]
Long time Political Prisoner: Jalil Abdul Muntaqim
Was just on the phone with Jalil's mother, who lives near Atlanta, Georgia.

She is planning to visit Jalil in August, and needs help with funds for travel expenses.

If you can send any donations for Jalil's mom, please make checks out to IFCO/NYC Jericho
and send to: NYC Jericho c/o Lamb, P.O. Box 574, New York, NY 10018

Thank you for your help.

Anne Lamb
NYC Jericho Movement
Free All Political Prisoners!

2012-08-08 Wed 18:51:55 cdt