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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Ramadan 14, 1433/August 3, 2012 # 33

Palestinian comment on Holocaust story. Please scroll to end.

Munawar Hasan, top Pak Islamic leader accuses US of terrorism, Kayani's military operations & Iraq's destruction.
See way down.

New Trend's Web Site doing quite well.
In July 2012, received 31,656 hits, 1021 hits per day
In addition, each issue of New Trend is emailed directly to 3000 people.
Thirdly, each issue of New Trend is posted on 4 facebook pages.
Fourthly, individual admirers of New Trend, forward it to their friends and relatives.
Thus all those Muslims in America who are breaking away from governmental "Muslim" organizations are reading New Trend.
Historically, small groups of dedicated Muslims have changed the course of history. The rest are followers,

Hadith web site getting better by the day has received 2154 hits.
The site is beautifully illustrated by a dedicated editor. The latest additions are very attractive messages about Ramadan and prayers.
Most of the site carries the best writings of Dr. Kaukab Siddique on hadith and women.

Imam Ali Siddiqui's Khutba at Masjid Jamaat al-Muslimeen
On July 27, California's most distinguished and prolific Islamic teacher, Imam Ali Siddiqui gave the juma' khutba in Baltimore, Maryland. We thank him for travelling so far during Ramadan. It was a beautiful khutba about the gifts of Ramadan from Allah such as the revelation of the Qur'an and the prophethood of Muhammad, pbuh.
He mesmerized the audience with his recitation of Qur'anic verses.
Some people describe Imam Ali as a Sufi because he admires Mevlana Rumi of Turkey but he is too complex to be labelled. Others think he is a relative of Br. Kaukab but he is not.
A discussion group was held with Imam Ali following the prayers.

Four Amazing Islamic Women in America
  1. Sis. Hedayai Majeed helps women and children in Atlanta, Georgia. For decades, she has brought homeless and battered women into shelter. She also distributes food to the needy and toys to deprived children. Her work can be seen at

  2. Sis. Nadia Auxila McIntosh became homeless in San Antonio, Texas when she embraced Islam. She took shelter with the Salvation Army but left when she was told to attend Bible class if she wanted to stay. She adopted the niqab. Years later she set up a successful shelter for homeless Muslim women in Baltimore, Maryland. It's named after a chapter of the Qur'an: Al-Mumtahinah Home.

  3. Sis, Aamira in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania was pressured by her own mother to give up Islam and return to Christianity. She was living with her mother in a small room and was in danger of becoming homeless. She took the risk and finally left her mother's home. Her condition is still precarious but she is clinging to her Islamic faith.

  4. Sis. Hamdiyya in Charlotte, North Carolina, an older lady was living with her adult non-Muslim son and was being subjected to his arrogant behavior. She had nowhere to go, but rather than accept the misbehavior, she left and lived in her car for months. She has a job now. Have you ever tried living in a car? For Sis. Hamdiyyah, her faith is more important than extreme discomfort. She wears a complete hijab and worries about the insecurity of living in a car.
[These 4 are among a galaxy of great Muslim women who have solidly planted the tree of Islam in the soil of America. All four are African American. ]

Muslim world's pride
History in the making: Syrian Mujahideen defeat Assad's assault on Aleppo.
May not be able to withstand Air and Artillery Assault. Deir el-Zour also Captured.

August 3: In Aleppo [Halab] in 12 days of fighting, the Syrian mujahideen have repulsed scores of attacks by Assad's security forces. Also several tanks and armored vehicles were captured when the rebels took a check point to the north of the city. A reuters reporter in the city says large segments of Aleppo, Syria's biggest city are in Islamic hands. However, Assad is preparing an all out air and tank assault on Aleppo which could drive the fighters back.
The embattled city of Deir el-Zour is finally in Islamic hands.
Today Assad's forces attacked Hama again and killed scores of civilians. There are also reports of a unit of Assad's internal security agents involved in torture and rape executed by the fighters.
Christian Syrians and secularized Palestinians [PFLP] are fighting on the side of Assad's Alawites. Use of minorities to suppress the Muslim majority has been part of Assad's ploy to stay in power.
New fighting is also reported from Damascus. Also, there is an attack on a Palestinian camp killing 21 alleged supporters of Assad.
[Turkey has, unofficially, provided small arms in a steady stream to the fighters. Saudi Arabia and Qatar are helping the refugees pouring out of Syria. One million Syrians are displaced internally. Sad to say, Iran's Press TV continues to repeat Assad's propaganda and even claims that people of Syria support Assad!]
Latest: August 3, Fox News: US intelligence chief Clapper says Al-Qaida Islamic forces from Iraq are pouring into Syria to fight Assad's forces. [Ed. note: this could explain the quandary the US is facing in doing a "Bosnia" and claiming that "O Syrian people, we are on your side" or even send in the USAF.]

When will America Admit Holding Innocent Black Dissidents for 3 Decades!

With thanks to Ameejill Whitlock via Freedom Koofshaw
As most of you know, August 8th marks 34 years of unjust imprisonment for The MOVE 9. We are pushing for as many radio programs as possible and as many newspapers as possible focus on The MOVE 9 on or as close to August 8th as possible. The prison radio project has recorded a statement from Mumia Abu Jamal and is working on recordings from Janine Africa & Mike Africa (2 of The MOVE 9). These statements can be downloaded and played on radio programs. For our supporters that are not affiliated with a radio program, you listen to these statements and/or download them to CDs. The prison radio web site is . Look for updated info as we get closer to August 8. In the meantime, take care and be well----Ramona

Romney a drone?
Muslims outraged by President Obama's policies might be thinking of voting for Romney. That would be a disaster for Muslims. Read Dr. Wilmer Leon's article. He is a good friend of New Trend and a distinguished African American intellectual. He compares Romney to a drone, hittimg blindly. Good read! scroll to end.

Breaking news #1:
NATO Supply routes remain blocked but now Kayani has a plan.
August 2: Pakistani regime again stopped sending NATO supply containers into Afghanistan after the few which crossed were attacked by the Taliban. Pakistan and US militaries are now preparing coordinated plans to provide security to the NATO supplies. On August 1, US General Allen met General Kayani to coordinate the security action. Also, Pakistan top military intelligence chief, ISI Director Zaheer Abbasi is coming to the US to coordinate strategy against the Islamics.

Breaking news #2:
Munawar Hasan Puts Burmese Muslims [Rohingyas] on the Map. Rallies throughout Pakistan.

Burma [Myanmer] is carrying out genocide against the Rohingyas, the Muslims of Arakan in western Burma. Over 4,000,000 Rohingyas have been displaced by the Burmese military which allowed Buddhist mobs to attack Muslims. When the Muslims, in spite of being outnumbered, resisted, the "securfity" forces joined the mobs.
At the Jamaate Islami leader Munawar Hasan's call, huge rallies were held in Karachi to support the Rohingyas. Other Pakistani groups are joining in. Now Munawar Hasan has called for rallies in every Pakistani city in spite of the cruel July heat and the long fasts of Ramadan. [As we go to the press on August 3.]
Meanwhile, the secular and corrupt government of Bangladesh has banned three charities from UK, one Muslim and two British, who were helping the Rohingya refugees.

Who will Unite and Lead the Muslim world?
It has to be the movement in which men and women work together against Zionism, Imperialism & Hinduism.
Hadith show Women with Muhammad, pbuh, at every key moment in his life.
by Kaukab Siddique

An authentic Islamic movement has to have women leaders at its core, participating in its decision making and central processes and they have to be against oppression, tyranny, kingship, husband worship, Zionism, imperialism, caste system, Hinduism. Why? because the kalima of Islam begins with LA [no] to all false gods before the affirmation of the one true God [Allah].
Not that women are not supporting the modern Islamic movements. Large numbers of hijabi women are with Jamaate Islami, Jamat-ud-Dawa, Hamas, Ikhwan, Iran, Hezbullah, Taliban and Chechens. In the next decade, inshallah, they should become core elements in these movements.

Most Muslims do not study the Hadith and as a result they do not know of the centrality of women in the Islamic movement led by Muhammad Mustafa, pbuh. As a result, they do not know that large segments of the Qur'an were revealed with reference to Islamic women. Let's look at the key moments in the mission of Muhammad, pbuh:
  1. The revelation of the Qur'an in the cave of Hira. The Prophet, pbuh, went to his wife, Khadija, r.a. Not only was he comforted by her, she advised him and supported him. For the rest of her life, she placed her funds at his disposal especially when the unbelievers blocked him at every step.

  2. Would people be willing to sacrifice their lives for Islam? The answer came from Sumayya, r.a., the slave woman who was the first martyr of Islam. This was in Makka before Jihad became mandatory. She defied the slave master though she was helpless.

  3. During the Hijra, central to Islamic history, Asma, r.a. brought food to the Prophet, pbuh, while he was concealed in the cave of Thawr, at great risk to her own life and dignity. She brought up her son Abdullah [ibn Zubair] as one of the gratest opponents of kingship. She herself defied the Ummayad tyrant.

  4. One of the closest companions of Muhammad, pbuh, was his youthful wife Aisha, r.a., who did more for the rights of women than any other woman in history, Chapter 24 of the Qur'an is about her and condemns male attitudes towards women. Through her the Prophet, pbuh, undermined the Jewish bigotry against menstruating women. Tayamum, which makes prayer possible when water is not available was revealed with reference to an incident related to Aisha, r.a. [Chapter 4 verse 43]. Later she led an army including prominent Islamic leaders to punish the murderers of Usman, r.a. Aisha, r.a., was a woman leading men!

  5. At the battle of Uhud, a woman, Umm Ammara, r.a., saved the Prophet's life when he had been left almost alone by men who were being attacked by Khalid, [at that time not a Muslim]. She took part in many battles and was honored by the first Caliph, Abu Bakr, r.a.

  6. At the treaty of Hudaibiya, the Muslims were stunned by what seemed an unequal agreement. The Prophet was advised by Umm Salama, r.a., and he accepted her advice which completely changed the situation.

  7. Umm Waraqah, r.a., memorized the Qur'an and led prayers, again showing that the Qur'an is not the monopoly of men.

  8. The Prophet, pbuh, died in the arms of Aisha, r.a., and she bore witness that he did not appoint anyone to be the ruler of the Muslims after him. Thus the great evil of hereditary rule was rejected by the great majority of Muslims on the basis of one woman's witness.

Most people do not realize that the powerful Persian and Roman empires with huge military forces collapsed in front of small Islamic armies commanded by Abu Bakr, Umar and Usman, Allah be pleased with them. These empires were based on slavery and the subjugation of women. Their people knew that Islam would liberate them; hence they did not have the heart to fight the Islamics,

Homosexuality and Zionism connected
Chick-fil-A Brings out Coca Cola & Starbucks Support for Homosexuality & Lesbianism
with thanks to Sis. Ashira in Baltimore [Compiled by NT's Media Monitor]

July 28: It's rare for an American business to openly denounce homosexuality and lesbianism. It is difficult because President Obama and the Zionist media are openly supporting these abominations. So when Chick-fil-A's CEO came out and said it that we are inviting the wrath of God by legitimizing the same-sex stuff, it was like a breath of fresh air. The Zionists went berserk and are trying to destroy Chick-fil-A, even parading in front of the stores proclaiming their pride in sodomizing each other.
What is interesting for New Trend is that, a pro-Obama propaganda group, praised Coca Cola for its extremely high level [100%] support for the homosexuals and lesbians and urged Coca Cola to stop supplying to Chick-fil-A outlets. Same praise for Starbucks.
Note that New Trend boycotts Coca Cola and Starbucks for their support for Israel. Now we find that these Zionist supporters are also supporters of homosexuality and lesbianism. See the connection? The more America is "liberated" of human values, the more it will support a terrorist entity like Israel.
[Ed. note: We should support Chick-fil-A's expression of the truth. That does not make us Republican. We are followers of Allah. Muslims must not be on the side of oppressors, be they democrats or republicans. Obama is foisting war, extra-judicial killings and homosexuality on this great country. Romney is also a bootlicker of Israel. Oppose them both. Don't behave like CAIR which supports voting for the Abu Jahals and Abu Lahabs of our time. If you have to vote, vote for the Qur'an.]
[Setback for homosexual lobby: On August 1, people across America went to 1600 Chick-fil-A restaurants to show support for its CEO's condemnation of homosexuality. The extremely bold homo lobby now realizes that Obama's re-election may be hurt in part by his blatant support for the homos. In any case the Zionist media all the way from Huffington Post to MSNBC's Rachel Maddow [self-declared lesbian] worked hard to condemn Chick-fil-A. Obama's old Jewish buddy Rahm Emmanuel, installed as mayor of Chicago, worked to bar Chick-fil-A from that huge city.]

The sanctions are fake?
Strange facts about the US-Iran relationship
The US and Iran behave as if they are hostile and militarily equal. They have never fought. In fact they cooperated when the US attacked Afghanistan and Iraq. Al-Maliki, Karzai and Zardari, three known puppets of the US are good friends of Ahmedinejad.
Now we find that in spite of the US sanctions on Iran, there are no sanctions worth the name on Iran on its main export: OIL.
Iran's main oil exports are to China, Japan and India, all allies of the US. The US has exempted all three from the sanctions on Iran. Similiarly Korea's Samsung company, one of the biggest traders with Iran, is also exempted from the sanctions.
This is no longer a secret and on June 28 CNN questioned the White House representative about this weird situation and received a round about answer which was not an answer, [From New Trend's media monitor.]

Important news briefs:
India: A centralized economy proving disastrous.
On July 30, the electrical system collapsed in all of northern India affecting more than 300 million people in its industrial and transportation systems.
On July 31, the electrical system collapsed in all of India, affecting more than 600 million people. The electricity was restored but the outages caused huge losses.
Most people in India, the masses, do not have any electricity, so they were not affected.!

Events of July 2012.
India trying to undermine the lives of a million Muslims in Assam.
India is claiming that several million Muslims living in its northeastern province of Assam are not Indians but Bangladeshis!. The local Hindus, who hugely outnumber the Muslims, have been stirred up to take the land and property of the Muslims leading to riots in which more than 300,000 Muslims have been driven out of their homes. Police arrived after the Muslims started fighting back. The situation is serious.
Islamic movements should be concerned about the Muslims of Assam.

Strange but true!
Bomber's widow, British Woman embraced Islam, takes refuge with al-Shabab
According to the Daily Telegraph, a British woman, Samantha Lewthwaite, fled from Kenya to Somalia and has been given refuge by al-Shabab. She is known as "Dada Muzunga" ["White sister" in Swahili] by the Shabab who control most of Somalia.
Her husband was the notorious 19 year old Jermaine Lindsay, a British Muslim of African descent, who blew up the British train system in London on 7/7. She condemned the act [a trick?]. and disappeared for 2 years. She then fled to Kenya and married another British Muslim of African descent who is said to be involved in attacking Kenyan liquor bars. They were almost arrested by Kenyan police but escaped to Somalia where she is organizing Somali women as fighters. Her two children are with her and she is reported to be bringing them up as mujahids.

Courtesy Los Angeles Times, July 29.
U.S. is the driving force behind the fighting in Somalia

Washington has been quietly equipping and training thousands of African soldiers to wage a widening proxy war against the Shabab, the Al Qaeda ally that has sparked alarm as foreign militants join its ranks

 U.S. military in Somalia
U.S. Army Maj. Gen. David Hogg, center right, inspects Sierra Leone troops in Freetown during a deployment ceremony this year. (U.S. Army Africa / July 28, 2012)
By David S. Cloud, Los Angeles Times
July 29, 2012
The soldiers stood at attention, rifles at their sides, as U.S. Army Maj. Gen. David Hogg walked down the ranks, eyeing the men heading off to fight in Somalia.
"You will push ... the miscreants from that country, so Somalia can once again be free of tyranny and terrorism," he told them, according to a video of the May ceremony. "We know you are ready."
These weren't American soldiers. They were from impoverished Sierra Leone in West Africa. But Hogg, a top U.S. Army commander for Africa, was in Freetown, Sierra Leone's capital, because this was largely an American operation.
Nearly 20 years after U.S. Army Rangers suffered a bloody defeat in Somalia, losing 18 soldiers and two Black Hawk helicopters, Washington is once again heavily engaged in the chaotic country. Only this time, African troops are doing the fighting and dying.
The United States is doing almost everything else.
The U.S. has been quietly equipping and training thousands of African soldiers to wage a widening proxy war against the Shabab, the Al Qaeda ally that has imposed a harsh form of Islamic rule on southern Somalia and sparked alarm in Washington as foreign militants join its ranks.
Officially, the troops are under the auspices of the African Union. But in truth, according to interviews by U.S. and African officials and senior military officers and budget documents, the 15,000-strong force pulled from five African countries is largely a creation of the State Department and Pentagon, trained and supplied by the U.S. government and guided by dozens of retired foreign military personnel hired through private contractors.
Like CIA drone strikes in Pakistan and Somalia, and the overthrow of Moammar Kadafi's regime in Libya, the U.S. backing of African troops in Somalia is an example of how, after a decade of ground combat in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Obama administration is trying to achieve U.S. military goals with minimal risk of American deaths and scant public debate.
The U.S. can underwrite the war in Somalia for a relative pittance the cost over four years has been less than $700 million, a tenth of what the military spends in Afghanistan in a month but the price tag is growing. More than a third of the U.S. assistance has been spent since early 2011.
A shadowy organization estimated to have as many as 14,000 fighters, the Shabab emerged in 2007 when it vowed to overthrow the weak fledgling central government in Mogadishu, the capital. The militia gradually took control of large parts of the capital and other towns, defeating some of Somalia's well-armed clans and allying with others. U.S. officials say its ranks include foreigners linked to Al Qaeda, which the Shabab announced it had joined this year, and they worry that Al Qaeda could gain a larger foothold in Somalia unless the homegrown group is defeated.
The administration has not disclosed much in public about its role in Somalia, in part because African Union officials do not want their force seen as a Washington puppet. But Wafula Wamunyinyi, deputy head of the African Union mission, calls the U.S. "our most important partner," noting that its assistance has been "quite enormous."
The U.S. is supplying the African forces with surveillance drones, ammunition, small arms, armored personnel carriers, night-vision goggles, communications gear, medical equipment and other sophisticated aid and training, documents show.
Before the soldiers deploy, they receive boots, uniforms, protective vests and 13 weeks of basic training in combat skills and detecting hidden bombs. There's also more specialized instruction for medics, intelligence officers and combat engineers.
That may not be enough, according to some African officers who contend that the U.S. must do more if it expects the troops, many of whom are experienced at bush fighting, not counterinsurgency, to defeat the Shabab.
"The U.S. government has done extremely well in providing for us and we are grateful for that, but they can do more," Brig. Gen Komba Mondeh, Sierra Leone's chief of operations and plans, said in an interview. "This is real war, and we expect to see the body bags coming back home."
Dozens of African Union troops have already died. But their efforts have achieved substantial success, at least recently. Last August, the 9,800 troops from Uganda and Burundi that for years had been battling the Shabab for control of Somalia's capital finally drove out the militants. In June, the troops took Afgooye, a key town in the southeast.
The mission could still go badly wrong. In 2006, Washington backed Ethiopia's invasion of Somalia, which aimed to drive the precursor to the Shabab from power.
The Ethiopian forces quickly captured Mogadishu, then became targets of insurgent attacks. Ethiopia withdrew most of its forces three years later, leaving behind an even more powerful Islamic movement.
The latest effort has a better chance of success, U.S. officials say, because most of the African troops are not drawn from Somalia's immediate neighbors and are operating under the African Union banner; they are perceived more as peacekeepers than occupiers. To actually stabilize the country, however, will require building a working Somali central government, a task that remains far off.
"You can win the war, but without political stability, you will not have won," Wamunyinyi said.

{Report from Canada.}
Why is Kashmir important? A Hindu army is tyrannizing the unarmed people
A protest was organized in Abi Guzar, Srinagar in occupied Jammu and Kashmir. People of all walks of life participated under the leadership of Mr. Mohammad Yousuf Naqash, Senior Hurriyat member and chief patron of Islamic political party (JK) against the human rights violations committed by the occupying Indian forces against the innocent Kashmiris. The participants of the freedom movement held banners displaying; "Freedom of expression is a crime in Kashmir punishable by India", "India stop violating human rights", and "Right of self-determination is our birth right and not a privilege." Mr. Naqash noted that the Judiciary considers killing of wild stray dogs a severe criminal offence. On the other hand, the same Judiciary passes a blind eye to human rights violations committed against innocent people who are unsafe in the presence of 700,000 Indian troops stationed in the occupied territory. The Judiciary gives more rights to the lives of wild dogs than it does to its fellow human beings. Mr. Naqash demanded the release of all political prisoners including Mustaq Ul Islam who was arrested again after spending twenty months in an Indian jail for speaking out for freedom. It is high time India shuns its stubbornness and obduracy and comes to sincere terms with Pakistan and pro freedom Kashmiri leadership for resolving the issue as per the wishes of the Kashmiri people. As long as the issue remains unresolved, there can be no peace in the subcontinent.
On July 19, 1947 less than four weeks before the independence of Islamic Republic of Pakistan which took place on August 14, 1947, the state of Jammu and Kashmir (a Muslim majority state) decided to join Pakistan. Mr. Yousaf Saraf of the Muslim Conference passed a resolution for accession to Pakistan in the convention with a majority vote. The text of the resolution from July 19, 1947 (published on July 19, 2012 by Kashnet) is as follows:
"The inhabitants of the Princely States of the Sub-Continent had hoped that they would achieve the objectives of national freedom shoulder to shoulder with the inhabitants of British India, But unfortunately, whereas the inhabitants of British India achieved freedom with the partition of the Sub-Continent, the Third June Plan has strengthened the hands of the rulers of the Princely States. So long as these autocrats do not bow before the demands of time, the future of the inhabitants of Indian States will remain bleak. Under these circumstances only three alternatives are open to the inhabitants of Jammu and Kashmir State- namely, accession to India, accession to Pakistan, or the establishment of a free and independent state. After carefully considering the position, this Convention of the Muslim Conference has reached the conclusion that accession of the state to Pakistan is absolutely necessary in view of the geographic, economic, linguistic, cultural and religious considerations, because Muslims constitute 80% of the State's population. All the major rivers of Pakistan have their source in the State, whose inhabitants are strongly connected with the people of Pakistan through religious, cultural and economic relations. The Convention strongly demands of the Maharaja that the people of Kashmir should be given complete internal autonomy and that he should treat himself as constitutional Head of State and set up a representative Legislative Assembly while handing over the portfolios of defense, foreign affairs and communications to the Constituent Assembly of Pakistan."
The Indian leadership including Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru had a greedy eye on Kashmir as they were already aware that Kashmiris would choose to be a part of Pakistan. Thus, they conspired with the Hindu ruler of Kashmir and did not let him join with Pakistan. On the pretext of maintaining law and order, on October 27, 1947, India sent its forces to occupy Kashmir. Indian forces occupied about 42,000 square miles of its area enslaving its inhabitants. Since 1988, as per the figures maintained by various different human rights organizations, more than 200,000 innocent citizens of Jammu and Kashmir have been killed. Later, the UNO decided by a resolution in 1948, that the fate of Kashmir (Internationally Disputed Areas of Jammu and Kashmir) will be decided by its people through a plebiscite.

Similarly, the Sikhs being a different nation must have their Punjab (Khalistan of August 15, 1947) and should not have been merged into India without a referendum or plebiscite. Had the Sikh nation not been merged with India, it could have saved the loss of human life which has been ongoing since 1984; 260,000 innocent Sikhs were mercilessly killed and their Darbar Sahib (Golden Temple) in Amritsar was also attacked. Their religious leader Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindrawala was martyred in the attacks.
In conclusion, both IDA: JK and the Sikh Homeland Punjab (Khalistan) must be freed from Indian occupation in order for peace to prevail.

Mitt Romney the Dangerous Political Drone
By Dr. Wilmer J. Leon III
A drone is a mechanical or virtual intelligence agent without a human pilot on board. Its flight is either controlled autonomously by computers in the vehicle, or under or with guidance, typically by remote control. Drones can be dangerous weapons. Because their pilots are remote they cannot always identify and recognize their intended targets. Also, the collateral damage from a drone attack can be extensive. Drone attacks can result in the death of many innocent victims.
Mitt Romney's European tour was intended to bolster his political bona fides but his gaffs are proving him to be a dangerous political drone. Romney's first target was London. During his attempt to demonstrate his ability to represent the United States on the world stage he insulted the British by questioning whether they were prepared to host the Olympics. In an interview with NBC Romney said, "disconcerting" events surrounding Britain's preparations makes it, "hard to know just how well it (the Olympics) will turn out." It is one thing for Romney to make these statements as the former head of the 2002 Winter Games in Utah but another to make them as the presumptive Republican presidential nominee. London Mayor Boris Johnson derided Romney by saying to a crowd, "There's a guy called Mitt Romney who wants to know whether we're ready. Are we ready...? Others have compared him to Sarah Palin. Hey Mitt, here's a newsflash, that's no compliment.
Romney continued to politically misfire while in London. He held a London fundraiser that included employees of Barclay's Bank, the first bank to admit that its employees were involved in the LIBOR rate setting scandal. According to MSNBC Romney also managed to insult American reporters traveling with him in London by taking questions from British reporters and ignoring the American press corps; proving that he does not understand protocol.
After insulting the people of London Romney flew to Israel. During a fund rising breakfast in Jerusalem Romney opined about the "the dramatic, stark difference in economic vitality" between the Palestinian and Israeli economies. Romney's research and discussions with his chief donor (or pilot), Sheldon Adelson, have proven to him that Israeli accomplishments were down to "at least culture and a few other things" - oh, and also, "the hand of providence". Rachel Shabi of The GuardianUK has labeled this trip as "Romney's insult-the-world tour." Shabi also reported that some Israeli's were insulted by Romney's remarks. "You can understand this remark in several ways," political scientist Abraham Diskin told the Associated Press. "You can say it's anti-Semitic. 'Jews and money.'"
Apparently the years of occupation, stealing prime real-estate to build settlements, ignoring numerous UN resolutions, unprovoked attacks on Palestinian farmers, and limiting exports of Palestinian produce have had no impact on Palestinian economic development! One can only wonder what Romney's research has taught him about the impact that the vestiges of slavery and Jim Crow have had on African American progress. It must be "culture" and "the hand of providence." Romney obviously subscribes to 19th Century columnist John O. Sullivan's idea that America's (Anglo-Saxon) success through expansion and exploitation is a result manifest destiny. He must also subscribe to terms like "American exceptionalism" and former President George W. Bush's term, "American internationalism".
The collateral damage from Romney's attacks could be devastating and long-lasting. While in Israel, through his spokesman, Romney also gave tacit encouragement for an Israeli strike on Iran. His foreign policy advisor, Dan Senor said that Romney would back unilateral Israeli action to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons. "If Israel has to take action on its own, in order to stop Iran from developing that capability the governor would respect that decision," Senor told reporters.
Romney also mistakenly recognized Jerusalem as the country's capital, "It is a deeply moving experience to be in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel," he said, while opening a speech in the Holy City. The reality is that this is in direct conflict with the fact that Muslims, Christians, and Jews all have ties to the Holy City. The international community does not recognize Jerusalem as such, and this conflicts with a careful US policy of maintaining its major presence in Tel Aviv. Once again, the political drone struck the wrong target.
When drones fall into the wrong hands they can be very dangerous weapons. On the domestic front, Governor Mitt Romney was "pro-choice" and led the way at the state level to reform healthcare in Massachusetts. Presidential candidate Romney is now controlled by the Christian Right and has flown off course and become "Pro-Life" and has vowed to do away with Planned Parenthood. Now, ultra-conservative ideological pilots have changed Romney's course and today he is targeting "Obama-Care".
As outlined above, Romney's initial foray into international politics has proven to be his "insult the world tour." In order to curry favor with the political extreme elements of his party Romney has become misguided, flown way off course, and is striking the wrong targets. Someone needs to tell Mitt Romney that the President is the Commander-in-Chief not the Panderer-in Chief.
He's become a political drone and drones are dangerous. America does not need them hovering over its skies and does not need them hovering over its political landscape.
2012 InfoWave Communications, LLC. Dr. Wilmer Leon is a political scientist at Howard University and host of the nationally broadcast call in talk radio program "Inside the Issues with Wilmer Leon" on Sirius/XM channel 128. Go to or Dr. Leon's Prescription @ or

by Shamsuddin Amjad in Lahore
Munawar Hasan Accuses US of terrorism. 50,000 Civilians and 5,000 Paki troops killed in Kayani's operations within Pakistan. Iraq destroyed by US.
LAHORE, July 30: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Pakistan, Syed Munawar Hasan, has said that the US was promoting terrorism all over the world to sell its arms and ammunition which had threatened world peace. He was talking to a delegation from Dubai that called on him at Mansoora on Monday.
Syed Munawar Hasan said that the so called champion of world peace was at the top of illegal sale of arms and deadly weapons manufactured by the public sector and the private sector in the US were being spread in the world under a plan. The US was patronizing the Zionist, Christian, Hindu and terrorist outfits against the Muslims.
It was trying to destabilize this country to grab our nukes, he added.
He warned the rulers that if the NATO supplies were not stopped, terrorist activities won't come to an end. He therefore counseled the government to pull out of the US alliance and announce permanent ban on NATO supplies.
The JI Ameer said that the US invaded Iraq after leveling false allegations about the presence of WMDs, ransacked the Muslim country and killed millions of Iraqis. But the UN or any other world body did not question Washington for these killings. The 9/11 tragedy was also used as an excuse to target the Muslims under the cover of which NATO forces invaded Afghanistan without any proof against the country.
The US, he said, was also carrying on terrorist and subversive activities in Pakistan while around fifty thousand civilian and five thousand troops had been killed in the military operations made on US bidding. Apart from that, scores of innocent people were being killed in drone attacks daily. Pakistan' s economy had been ruined due to this war. However, the cowardly rulers who had discarded bravery and honour, were instead teaching the nation the art of US slavery.

Jerusalem Post [Occupied Palestine.]
Hamas: PA official's Auschwitz visit served Zionists
08/02/2012 02:53

Spokesman Barhoum calls Abbas aide's visit to site of Nazi death camp "a marketing of a false Zionist alleged tragedy."

The Holocaust is a lie and any visit to a Nazi concentration camp serves the Zionists, Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum was quoted Wednesday as saying.
Barhoum's comments came in response to a visit to the Auschwitz death camp in Poland by Ziad Bandak, an adviser to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.
Bandak's visit to the former concentration camp was the first of its kind by a PA official.
It was initiated by a group advocating tolerance between groups of people in Poland.
Barhoum was the only Hamas representative to condemn the visit to Auschwitz.
He said that the visit was "unjustified and unhelpful."
The visit, he added, has only served "Zionist occupation."
Barhoum said that the trip to Auschwitz was aimed at "marketing a false and ostensible tragedy" - a reference to the Holocaust.The Holocaust, he added, "came at the expense of a real Palestinian tragedy." Barhoum said that the visit to Auschwitz reflected the PA's state of "bankruptcy."
The PA is looking for anything to rid itself of the crisis it is facing, he charged. The Hamas spokesman also accused Israel of "exaggeration" regarding the number of Holocaust victims in a bid to win the sympathy of the world.

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