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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Thani 15,1433/May 7, 2012 # 20

Week 3: Jamaate Islami and allied Islamic groups have successfully completed three weeks of blocking NATO's supply routes after the secularized parliament announced that the routes will be reopened [in return for funds?]
Scroll way down for Munawar Hasan's Friday khutba on the NATO routes and the latest Qur'an burning in the US.

Outreach: May 4, 2012: After Juma prayers in Philadelphia, Jamaat al-Muslimeen literature was given to 62 people. It was a six page document with color photos of a huge Imam Jamil al-Amin banner held by Imam Khalil and Nadrat, Pak leader Munawar Hasan speaking in Loralai [Baluchistan], and a Syrian woman killed by dictator Assad. Also included were Imam Badi's spotlights, Sis. Nabila's note about misled "liberal" Muslims, Br. Kaukab's khutba on reasons why Muslims fight each other and the solution, as well info on a new Hadith web site.

This masjid has the largest congregation in Philadelphia. Much more literature is needed. The imam was good and spoke at length in Arabic about the blood of the Muslims flowing under occupation as well as the emerging Islamic victories.
Next door is the University of Pennsylvania, the stronghold of Israel and American Zionists

For important local news from Washington, DC [Mumia Jamal rally] and the Jewish vigilantes' case in Baltimore, please scroll down to high quality analysis

May 7: Election results: France kicked out the Islam hater Nicholas Sarkozy. Francois Holande is the new president. The socialist probably realizes that French troops must withdraw from Afghanistan. There are serious problems in France, 10% unemployment, with large numbers of poor Muslim immigrants. Hatred for Israel is steadily increasing.

Bangladesh's India-controlled government is punishing one of the finest Muslims the Bengali people have produced. Why is the ummah silent about the suffering of Prof. Golam Azam? Please scroll way down and speak up.

"Islamic Marriage is half the religion. If you have married, you can now take care of the rest of your religion." [Hadith of Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, in the Sunan of Baihaqi, authenticated by al-Albani in his Mishkat al-Masabih.]

Please scroll to end for three Da'wah messages which you can use for your peaceful Islamic activities in America:
  1. Marriage Spotlights by Imam Badi Ali.
  2. A graphic about Islamic marriage from Sis. Kalimah.
  3. A quote from Br. Shamim Siddiqui about an essential aspect of Islamic da'wah in America. [We will acquire more copies of Br. Shamim's book CALLING HUMANITY to give as gifts to serious workers for a peaceful Islamic movement. We have already given out 22.]

Obama may still win but it could be a disaster for America.
Critic and scholar Dr. Wilmer Leon sees "Bushesque" orientation in President Obama's politics. Even as a senator, he supported the government's eavesdropping program, says Leon. Please scroll way down.

Brief War News: [Researched by New Trend's media monitor]
Syria: May 7. Believe it or not, the murderous Assad regime is holding "elections" under the shadow of its tanks. If occupation forces in Iraq, Kashmir and Afghanistan can do it, so can Assad! Parts of Damascus are on strike. Crowds of young people are chanting 'Allahu Akbar" and cursing Assad. Ba'athists, Alawites and other secularists are lining up to vote.
The West knows it is an Islamic uprising and is letting Assad murder, torture, humiliate, arrest.

Finally, the last stronghold of Assad, the city of Aleppo saw large anti-regime rallies against Assad. The regime rushed to crush them, including raids on the university. More than 9,000 people have been killed by the Alawite regime. Only a little help has come from Muslim countries like Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia but no significant weaponry. More human bomb attacks in Damascus and Aleppo indicate the presence of al-Qaida with losses for Assad's security apparatus.

Egypt: May 3. The military sent in thugs from the former Hosni Mubarak's supporters who attacked a small rally at the Ministry of Defense. The protestors were calling for an end to military rule and supporting the Islamic candidates for presidency. The thugs were armed and killed 20 and wounded 100 of the defenseless protestors.

May 4: The killings backfired and huge crowds gathered in Tahrir Square to protest the killings. The army carried out mass arrests, 300 by last reports, and imposed curfew. Many of the protestors were injured. For the first time someone killed a soldier.[Muslim Brotherhood is no longer supporting the rallies. Instead its delegation has been visiting Washington.

Afghanistan: May 6. US bombing raids in four provinces killed scores of civilians. According to al-Jazeera, 14 civilians were killede and 6 wounded in Badghis province alone. On May 7, Karzai called in the US representatives and protested that these killings of civilians are making his very recent agreement with Obama meaningless.
Icasualties is reporting that six Nato troops have been killed by the Taliban in the first 5 days of May. These include 2 British troops. The total NATO death toll was 42 in April. The Taliban are shooting and running.

May 4: In the Dur Baba area of Nangarhar province, 5 police officers sent by the Karzai clique were killed in a Taliban ambush

Breaking News: May 7: Three US troops were killed in Taliban attacks but the US media offered no details.

Pakistan: May 4. Khar city in Bajaur district: A human bomber sent by the Pakistani Taliban hit a tribal security force organized by General Kayani, killing 29 people including the chief and the deputy chief of police but also a number of civilians. [US sources say that Osama's papers found in his last home show that he criticized the Pakistani Taliban for such attacks which kill civilians along with Pakistani police.]

May 5: North Waziristan: A US drone attack 45 miles west of Miran Shah, killed 10 Pakistanis.

May 6: Miran Shah: Taliban from north Wazirstan destroyed a Pakistani military check point in a surprise attack. Pak army has admitted that it lost 9 killed and is responding with artillery fire.

May 7: Dr. Ayman al-Zawahiri, the new leader of al-Qaida, is not in Pakistan, said Pakistani foreign minister ms. Khar. She was responding to Hillary Clinton, who is visiting India, and who said that al-Zawahiri is in Pakistan.

The same day, May 7, a video appeared from al-Zawahiri on an al-Qaida web site monitored by the US, showing a Jewish American kidnapped in Pakistan and calling for the release of Islamic prisoners and an end to US bombing raids in Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen and Somalia in exchange for his release.

Yemen: May 7: According to Associated Press, mujahideen from al-Qaida overran a Yemen government military base in Abyan province on the coast. They came by land and from sea. The troops lost 20 killed and 25 captured. The fighters took away quantities of weapons and supplies. Yemeni forces are pursuing them with artillery fire.

On May 6, a US air strike killed al-Qaida leader Fahd al-Qusi in the rugged Shabwa province. The US considered him as an architect of the attack by two young Muslims which destroyed the US destroyer Cole in 2000.

April 23: Tatiana Massad of France 24 [media] visited the town of Jaar and surrounding areas where al-Qaida has set up an Islamic emirate and have stopped crime by chopping the hands of two robbers. Tatiana was forced to wear a niqab during her visit and did not like it. The mujahideen, she said, have re-named Jaar as Waqar.

Somalia: On May 1, a Somali human bomber attacked pro-West "members of parliament" [in Mogadishu], who had gone to the interior of Somalia [Dura Mareb area] to stir up/fund the tribes against al-Shabab. BBC notes from one of the surviving MPs that the Somali youth strolled into the meeting casually chewing qat [a mild narcotic many Somalis use], then shouted Allahu Akbar and detonated. Seven people including 2 MPs were killed and others injured.

April 24: A Muslim mother cries out for justice. The face of Laila Yaghi reflects the torment which Muslims in America face.

At a large rally for Mumia Jamal in Washington, DC, photo shows Laila Yaghi carrying her son's photo.
Laila Yaghi from Raleigh, North Carolina, is calling the Muslim Ummah to notice the plight of her son Ziyad Yaghi who has been sentenced to 31 years in prison by the US on the basis of no evidence after another prisoner plea bargained to help the Zionist regime in America. This is injustice in the extreme which is given only to Muslims in America.

Donations for this cause can be made at:

Or send money orders to: Laila Yaghi P.O.Box 37967, Raleigh, NC 27627

For a complete report on the case of Mumia Abu Jamal and the April 24 rally, please scroll down.

Self-criticiam by Kaukab Siddique

There is no Hadith about the age of Ayesha,r,a.
Lack of knowledge leads to defense of non-issues

In 1986 I wrote an article which showed that the narrative about the age of the wife of the Prophet, pbuh, Ayesha Siddiqa, r.a., which is published in Imam Bukhari's Sahih, is contradicted by many other narratives in books of hadith. It was the first article in English on the subject in America and was well liked by people who wanted to contradict the attacks of the Perwaizi sect and answer the abuse by neo-cons like General Boykin and Spencer.

Many people published my article, often with minor changes, but without noting that they had gotten it from me, thus contradicting the first rule of Hadith that you must give your source.
As I have continued my hadith studies, I have found that there is NO hadith from the Prophet, pbuh, giving the age of Ayesha, r.a., when he married her. Bukhari himself does not say that the narrative in his book about her age is from the Prophet, pbuh. His book has so much prestige that we took it or granted that whatever is in his book must be from the Prophet, pbuh. It is not and he does not say it is.
A hadith of the Prophet, pbuh, is about what he said, did or approved of or is about his qualities.. [1] None of these three aspects relate to the narrative about the age of Ayesha, r.a.

Even a hadith which is from the Prophet, pbuh, but is not narrated by a sahabi [Companion of the Prophet, pbuh] but is from a taba'i, [generation after the Sahaba], is called MURSAL and lacks authenticity and does not have HUJJAT [religious acceptability] in Islam.[2]. The only exceptions are Taba'i narrators who had met numerous sahaba. [3]

What is important about Ayesha, r.a. is that the Prophet, pbuh, loved her and died in her arms.[4] She was a scholar, teacher, faqih, leader, orator, fighter and pious beyond all requirements. The verses of the Qur'an which defend her and reveal Islamic laws owing to her actions, show that she was a person of great mental and spiritual maturity.
She opposed Ali, r.a., and Abu Huraira, r.a., in a number of matters, but not in totality, and this has led to sectarian propaganda being aimed at her.
The issue of her age is meant to trivialize her significance.
We fell into the trap.The Mother of the Believers needs no defense. May Allah forgive our sins and shortcomings.

[1]. Ibn Hajar al-Asqalani, d. 852 Hijri, in Tehzeeb al-Tehzeeb, Urdu translation.

[2]. Khateeb Baghdadi, d. 463 Hijri, in al-kifaya if 'ilm al-riwaya. Urdu translation.

[3] Modern scholars agree. See See Khalil-ur-Rahman Chishti's Hadith ki ahmiat awr zaroorat, [Urdu], published in 1420 H.

[4] "Dying became easier for me when I was shown Ayesha in paradise. It was as if I could see her hands." [Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, narrated by Ishaq bin Talha, in Tabqat al-Kubra, biographical collection of Hadith compiled by ibn Sa'ad in 230 Hijri.]

Exulting over the death of Shaykh Osama: Is this Obama's "Mission Accomplished" Moment?
by Kaukab Siddique, PhD

Bush was sure that with the overthrow of President Saddam Hussain, his mission had been accomplished. Years later, a tired American military withdrew unilaterally from Iraq leaving the country devastated and divided with quite a bit of it in the hands of the Sunni "insurgency."

Now we see President Obama grandstanding about the assassination of Osama bin Laden to the extent that it appears that this will be part of Obama's claim of "mission accomplished" during the election campaign.

The facts on the ground seem to be very different from an American victory over al-Qaida. Nearly 70% of Afghanistan is in the hands of the Taliban led by Mullah Umar, the closest ally of Osama bin Laden. NATO wants to exit from Afghanistan without humiliation but its supply routes from Pakistan are blocked by a peaceful but large scale Islamic movement. Southern Yemen is slowly but steadily falling into the hands of Osama's people. Somalia's Al-Shabab have joined. Nigeria's Boko Haram is on the way. Saudi Arabia is trying 55 al-Qaida political prisoners, a very large number for such a small population. Syria is suddenly facing "homicide bombers." An al-Qaida man, who was renditioned, is in a high position in Libya, and the biggest question is Egypt's burgeoning Islamic spirit.

Within Pakistan itself, the Pakistani Taliban are again challenging the Pakistani military in Bajaur, Khyber and South Waziristan which the army had "conquered."

Inside al-Qaida, within months of the attack on the house in Abbottabad, Dr.Ayman al-Zawahiri was reported elected by support groups spread over several continents.

For a year, the US has had 6000 items of Osama's writings. On May 2, the US released 17 of these items carefully chosen to damage al-Qaida's credibility. There was little in them which served America's purpose other than Osama's irritation with Iran and with his own people. This release of documents was a blunder because it could strengthen the legend of Osama, that he placed Islam above all else and lived like the Sahaba, r.a.

Other than a few Pakistani Shi'ites, and the obvious exceptions of Iran and Hizbullah, there is hardly anyone in the Islamic world who would support USA against Osama. Having Iran as an ally does not help either. The slaughter in Syria and Iran's support for it has undermined Iran's ability to operate in the Muslim world.

The British had a poem with these lines in it: To honor while you strike him down, the foe that comes with fearless eyes. Obama should ask the Brits how they got away with ruling a global empire without the intense feelings of repulsion America has generated in Muslim countries. The burial at sea, the censorship of photos of Osama's body, the demolition of his home, do indicate that US intelligence is aware of Osama's popularity but chose a way to deal with it which has come out with no results.

Baltimore Shomrein Trial Verdict Sends a Clear Message: Black Children May be Mistreated with Impunity: No Protest from Black Bourgeoise Organizations By Nadrat Siddique and David Anthony Wiggins
Baltimore, MD
May 3, 2012
New Trend readers might recall that in November 2010, a black boy, surnamed Ausby, was beaten in the Park Heights neighborhood of Baltimore by adult males from the Shomrein Jewish militia while walking between school and home. The Shomrein militia was established with the approval of local authorities. It runs a patrol in the upscale Jewish part of Park Heights, adjacent to the adjoining Black neighborhood of the same name. The Jewish part is said to house many current and former members of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), who are dual Israeli and U.S.
nationals, and like the Werdesheims, travel back and forth to "Israel."
Initial charges against the Werdesheims were: 1. First Degree Assault; 2. Second Degree Assault; 3. Reckless Endangerment of a Minor; 4. Possession of a Dangerous Weapon Intent to Injure; 5. False imprisonment. This was before Jewish attorney Gregg Bernstein entered the scene.
Then, Bernstein came into office as State's Attorney. His first act was to drop all felony charges against the Werdesheim brothers. His second act was to prosecute two black men, Travers and Tremayne Johnson, for setting a pitbull on fire in Baltimore. That case ultimately resulted in acquittal. Not surprisingly, many of Baltimore's black residents viewed both decisions as examples of the Zionist attorney's racial bias.
The Werdesheim brothers were permitted six postponements. The elder Werdesheim was permitted to vacation in Israel with his fiancée pending trial—something few (perhaps no) defendants of color on trial are permitted to do—with the express approval of the victim's lawyer. That attorney, a black man named J. Wyndal Gordon, also represented John Allen Muhammad. On his watch, Muhammad was put to death, an odd contrast from Mumia Abu Jamal and many others who remain on death row for decades.

Today, the remaining three (misdemeanor) charges were dropped against 22-year old Avi Werdesheim. The most serious of the three misdemeanor charges against 24-year old former Israeli Defense Special forces member Eliyahu Werdesheim were dismissed by the judge. The decisions were handed down by presiding Judge Pamela J. White, since the Werdesheims had requested a trial by judge, and not by jury. Eliyahu was subsequently convicted only of the two most insignificant misdemeanor charges, reckless endangerment and false imprisonment.
All told, 8 out of ten charges were dropped or resulted in acquittal; only two charges resulted in conviction.
The two other alleged defendants--other than Avi and Eliyahu Werdesheim--were never brought to the fore or charged. And—although there was strong evidence that the attack was a hate crime, this fact was never hinted at for the duration of the trial.
Most oddly, the $6.5 million civil lawsuit about which the Ausby's mother was initially adamant, was dropped. Given that Eliyahu Werdesheim has his own security company here in Baltimore, and his IDF Special Forces training, the possibility that the victim's family were intimidated into dropping the suit cannot be discounted.
The case also exposes the collusion between the Black bourgeoisie and the ruling Zionist Jews in Baltimore. The Baltimore chapters of the National Action Network, the SCLC, and the NAACP, while vociferously protesting the Trayvon Martin killing in Florida, repeatedly failed to make the connection between the two cases, and hence the opportunity to make both more relevant to Baltimore's disenfranchised Black population.
J. Wyndal Gordon, the black attorney representing the Ausby family, said "I was quite pleased with the verdict. In fact, I predicted it," he said. ( Jewish Times, May 3, 2012) Discussing the family's decision to drop the civil suit, he said, "No amount of money can give someone back their peace of mind. We're happy about having closure. What's best for [the victim] now is to put all of this behind him and move on with his life."
And, as reparations activists, and others fighting for the rights of Black people in the U.S., well know, "Moving on with one's life," "Letting bygones be bygones," or characterizing an unaddressed wrong as being "in the past," is terminology used by the White Supremacist power structure and its representatives in ensuring its design is permitted to continue and for its victims to shut up and put up. Jewish victims of the Holocaust, for example, are never expected to "moveon with their lives" or to put things behind them.
The verdict is a clear testament to the existence of a two-tiered justice system, and of the collusion between Baltimore Zionists and the Baltimore Black bourgeoisie which allow it to be perpetuated. The verdict is a slap in the face to all people of color. We might as well go back to the slave docks.

Terry Jones Combines Racism with Zionism

On April 22, Terry Jones, the infamous Florida pastor, held a press conference to defend the rights of Zimmerman, the man who shot and killed a defenseless African American child,Trayvon Martin, and has been released on bond.

On April 28, Terry Jones held another "conference" and burned the Qur'an again. The news was suppressed by the corporate media and the State Department issued a statement regretting Jones' activities. The news did reach Pakistan and resulted in anti-US demonstrations in several cities in which effigies of the pastor and the US flag were burned.
Pakistan's top Islamic leader, Syed Munawar Hasan, spoke about the Qur'an burning at a mass prayer gathering in Lahore on May 4. Pakistanis see the pastor's provocation as activities protected by the US government. See report from Pakistan below.

Jew nabbed in Child Pornography case!
C'mon, the FBI is not anti-semitic! [Courtesy The Ugly Truth by Mark Glenn, Idaho.]
FBI agents raid Manhattan apartment of Evan Zauder, where they discover hundreds of images and videos of boys engaged in sex acts.
A New York-area Jewish schoolteacher and summer camp counselor has been arrested on charges of possessing child pornography.
FBI agents on May 1 raided the Manhattan apartment of Evan Zauder, where they discovered on his computer hundreds of images and videos of boys, some as young as 7, engaged in sex acts.
Zauder, 26, is a sixth grade teacher at Yeshivat Noam, a Modern Orthodox school, in Paramus, N.J. He is currently in jail pending a bail hearing on May 4.
Zauder is charged with one count of possessing child pornography. He faces a maximum sentence of 10 years in jail and a maximum fine of $250,000.

An extraordinary achievement of America's people.
Understanding the Case of Mumia Abu Jamal: Why Can't Muslim Youth Do this for Imam Jamil and other Muslim Political Prisoners?

Occupy the Justice Department (Occupy for Mumia) - April 2012
Washington, DC April 24, 2012 Activists marked political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal's 58th birthday and 29th year behind bars with a protest billed as "Occupy the Justice Department/ Occupy for Mumia." The action also nearly coincided with the April 23 birthday of Marshall "Eddie" Conway, a leader of the Black Panther movement in Baltimore who has been held political prisoner by the state of Maryland for 43 years, drawing some of his supporters to the rally. ---

Mumia was a member of the Black Panther Party until 1970, and a journalist of great integrity, known for reporting police brutality and other government abuses in the Philadelphia area. He was also a well-known supporter of the MOVE organization, a revolutionary naturalist group based in the heart of Philadelphia. MOVE advocates a holistic existence for all people--a drug-free, alcohol free, environmentalist lifestyle, emphasizing self-sufficiency, self-respect, and discipline--something anathema to Philadelphia's ruling racists. As a consequence, the organization became the target of a very long-ranging campaign of annihilation by the Philadelphia authorities.
That campaign culminated in the May 13, 1985 raid and aerial bombardment of the house habited by MOVE members on Philadelphia's Osage Avenue. The firebombings and police shootings resulted in the murders of 11 men, women, and children, and the jailing of Ramona Africa, the sole adult survivor. And it destroyed 61 surrounding homes.
Mumia's writings and his ongoing support for MOVE evidently propelled him into the government cross hairs, because in late 1981, he was linked to the shooting of a Philadelphia police officer, William Faulkner. In 1982, Mumia was convicted following very questionable trial proceedings, including the retention of the presiding judge, Sabo, who reportedly stated "Yeah, and I'm going to help them fry the nigger" (a reference to Mumia, reported in an affidavit by a court stenographer), and witnesses who later said they were pressured into testifying in a manner that favored the prosecution.

Following three short weeks of jury deliberation, Mumia was sentenced to the death penalty. Undaunted, he continued to criticize U.S. government repression, authoring six books, hundreds of articles, and radio broadcasts from death row. Extremely well-informed and articulate, he spoke and wrote earnestly against U.S. imperialist adventures abroad, including the Iraq war and AFRICOM.
He earned the support of Amnesty International, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Toni Morrison, and other notables, who variously called for inquiries into his unjust incarceration, appeals, or freedom for the jailed journalist. In 2012, after years of pressure from his supporters, Mumia's death penalty sentence was dropped, and the sentence commuted to life in prison. ----

On the bright sunny morning of April 24, the International Concerned Friends and Family of Mumia Abu Jamal (ICFFMAJ) and the MOVE organization spearheaded a rally for Mumia at the Department of Justice. Friends of MOVE, Decarcerate PA, Students Against Mass Incarceration, DC Troy Davis, the National Jericho Movement, Occupy DC, Occupy Baltimore, the Rebel Diaz Arts Collective, Workers World Party, the A.N.S.W.E.R. Coalition, the All Peoples Congress, the Baltimore Black Think Tank, Jamaat al-Muslimeen, Bradley Manning supporters, and many other groups and individuals came together in one of the most energetic actions for a political prisoner held in Washington, DC, to date.
The protestors heard Johanna Fernandez (outspoken Mumia supporter and professor from CUNY Baruch); King Downing (American Friends Service Committee); Pam Africa (Minister of Confrontation of MOVE, and Chairwoman of ICFFMAJ); Ramona Africa (MOVE); Br. Abdul (MOVE organization; he read Mumia's deeply poignant statement penned for the occasion); Chuck D, Dead Prez, Jasiri X, Rebel Diaz, and Jay Sun--all politically conscious hip-hop artists known for their support of Mumia and other political prisoners; Mauri Saalakhan (Peace and Justice Foundation); Laila Yaghi (Free Ziyad Yaghi Campaign); Imam Khalil Rahman (Imam Al-Jamil supporter); Mumia supporters from France; and others.

Around 3:00 pm, protestors left the DOJ for a spirited march through DC's downtown, passing the FBI and CIA buildings, chanting "FBI! CIA! Ain't no justice in the USA!" The protest culminated in a second rally at the White House, where a police cordon was pulled tighter and tighter around the protestors as some activists, who had pledged to commit civil disobedience, positioned themselves for the action. Twenty-seven activists were arrested and removed to the Anacostia Prison Facility to be booked, protesting for Mumia's freedom. ----

Afterward: This Muslim writer marveled at the sight of the predominantly youthful protestors, particularly those conducting civil disobedience, who had come forth to take a stance for unjustly held captives, a command clearly laid out in Islam's Holy Book. It was in stark contrast to "Islam on Capitol Hill," a mass prayer held not so long ago at the U.S. Capitol a short distance away, by the gigolos of the Muslim community, who endeavoring to ally themselves with the power structure, induced their unwitting constituents to do "sajood" (genuflection) to that grotesque symbol of Babylon. As those with Muslim names clamored for ill-sought White House invitations and Presidential Council appointments, inviting the agents of repression into their Islamic Centers and Mosques, the youth at the White House gates on April 24, most of whom were not Muslim by title, walked the path of Christ (alaih salam) and Muhammad (salAllahualaihi wasalam), fighting for the rights of the most oppressed and downtrodden--the political prisoners. What will it take for the rest of us to follow? ©2012 by Nadrat Siddique
By: Nadrat Siddique

by Shamsuddin Amjad, Lahore.
Pakistani Leader blames US for Qur'an Desecration.
Condemns India's Occupation of Kashmir. Regime Failure in Karachi Violence.

LAHORE, May 4: Ameer, Jamaat e Islami, Syed Munawar Hasan has said that nobody was interested in the creation of new provinces and the resolutions in this regard were being passed only as a showdown with each other and to befool the people.
Addressing the Friday congregation at Mansoora mosque here, he said there was a clear mechanism for the creation of provinces in the constitution but no one was following that.
He stressed upon the government to boycott the Chicago Conference in protest against the US refusal to tender an apology over Silala attacks and its announcement to continue drone attacks.
He also condemned a US pastor's continuing acts of blasphemy and desecration of the Quran, and said it was clear that the culprit enjoyed state protection. The US, he said,had gone mad in its enmity towards Islam and it considered every Muslim a terrorist. How could the US claim itself to be cultured and civilized after repeated instances of desecration and blasphemy, and US soldiers' letting loose dogs on Muslim prisoners and urinating at Taliban's dead bodies, he asked.
Syed Munawar Hasan stressed upon the Federal Interior Minister to tender resignation on his failure to maintain peace in Karachi instead of making an announcement of Taliban having spread all over the country including Karachi. However, he said that nobody from the PPP, including the President and the convicted Prime Minister was prepared to accept his failure.
He said the foreign policy devised on US dictation was contrary to the dignity and sovereignty of this country. The US was acting on its agenda of building India as the regional power. The interests of the USand Pakistanin the region were in conflict with each other. Therefore, we must pull our selves out of the USwar on terror which had already done incalculable harm to the country and its economy.
Syed Munawar Hasan said that Pakistan's problem with India was not temporary or accidental.India had not accepted Pakistan from its heart and it was still desirous of Akhand Bharat [One India including Pakistan].
The Indian occupation forces in Occupied Kashmir have killed over one hundred thousand Kashmiri Muslim men ,women and children in the last three decades, and incidents of religious extremism against the Muslims are routine there.
India was already involved in water aggression against this country and was out to deprive us of our river water share and to turn this country into a desert. In spite of all that, our rulers were keen to befriend India which would only serve the enemy designs.

President Obama Might Win Again but he Sounds more "Bushesque" Than ever
In 2008 it was "Hope" and "Change"; Now What?
Dr. Wilmer J. Leon III
In 2008 Senator Barack Obama(D-IL) was elected president by defeating Senator John McCain (R-AZ) by 6 points (52% to 46%) of the popular vote and carrying the electoral college (364 votes to 174). Senator Obama campaigned against the failed domestic and foreign policies of the previous Bush administration. Americans had become disillusioned with tax cuts for the wealthy and two mismanaged wars that contributed to out of control budget deficits.
Candidate Obama campaigned with a populist message. He promised to return America and its government to the people with a "transparent government" and "change we can believe in." He championed a collective spirit of hope with the slogan "yes we can!" According to The Economist in 2008,America was "...unhappy, divided and foundering both at home and abroad." Many voters feared that a President McCain would just support more of the same Bush 43' policies that tookAmerica to the brink of disaster.
In 2012 under President Obama, Americans are still unhappy, unemployed, underemployed, divided, and foundering both at home and abroad. In 2008 the message was "Hope" and "Change." For 2012 the slogan on the Obama 2012 web site is "Are you in?" The answer is yes; "We are in....trouble."
The Obama administration has done a number of things right. However, in spite of all the things the Obama administration has been able to accomplish, even with a divided government, his base is left asking some very important questions.
Some say the President's $787B stimulus bill saved the American economy from falling into a full-scale depression. He saved the auto industry and passed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act for women. But why did the Obama administration back away from eliminating the Bush era tax cuts?
While President Obama deserves credit for ending military involvement inIraq, killing Osama bin Laden and either capturing or killing other high ranking terrorists, he also signed the 2012 Defense Authorization Act allowing the government to indefinitely detain American citizens. Obama's Attorney General, Eric Holder believes that the government can assassinate American citizens abroad without having to get court approval.
Why did this president choose to pass Health care reform, yet took the single payer option off the table? ....something that candidate Obama campaigned on.
Maybe most important, why are some of the same people who advocated deregulating the financial industry and contributed to causing the fiscal crisis, now serving as the President's key economic advisors?
Closer inspection will reveal that even as a Senator, President Obama supported broader authority for the government's eavesdropping program and legal immunity for telecommunications companies that participated in it. That might explain why President Obama "turned the page" on the Bush administration's lies to the American people about Iraq.
It's very important to remember that Senator Obama was able to weave together a very diverse base in support of his run for the White House. He is the first Democrat since President Carter to win more than 50% of the popular vote. He captured 66% of voters between the ages of 18-29, 68% of first-time voters, and 47% of white independent voters. By capturing states likeVirginia,North Carolina, and Indiana President Obama changed the political calculus for 2012. These demographics turned out in support of the message of change, hope, and a more transparent government. Now many of these same people believe the Obama administration is more "Bushesque" than Bush.
The President will need to address some of the concerns addressed in this article if he wants to reassure his base that their support for him was not misguided. In 2009 The New York Times wrote, "Until there is true transparency and true accountability, revelations of that unresolved eight-year nightmare (Bush) will keep raining down drip by drip, disrupting the new administration's high ambitions."
Many in the Obama administration believe that they are smarter than most and eventually the people will "catch up" with them. Is it possible that the base is smarter than they've been given credit for? Could it be that the base is anxiously waiting for President Obama's arrival to the place where he told them he would be 4 years ago? Over the past four years the administration has pandered more to his opposition than supported the wishes of his base.
Even against a weak and damaged opponent like Mitt Romney, the Obama campaign for 2012 needs to develop and articulate a clear direction, a powerful theme, and cohesive message. People need to understand what they are voting for not against.
In 2008 the message was "Hope" and "Change" against a backdrop of Bush policies and anAmericathat was "...unhappy, divided and foundering both at home and abroad." In 2012 the President is running on his record, not against Bush's. We need to know where he stands on key issues before once again committing our vote. "Am I In?"...yes, if the President is.
Dr. Wilmer Leon is the Producer/ Host of the nationally broadcast call-in talk radio program "Inside the Issues with Wilmer Leon," and a Teaching Associate in the Department of Political Science at Howard University in Washington,D.C. Go to Dr.Leon's Prescription @ Face
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Stop the witch hunt against Ghulam Azam
Courtesy Saudi Gazette. [May 7, 2012]
A flawed trial process results in the miscarriage of justice. But if a trial itself is based on a biased motive and contrived charges, then the result is injustice.
Injustice indeed has been done to Bangladesh's nonagenarian political figure Professor Ghulam Azam, who was arrested in January this year and has been kept in solitary confinement ever since. The former leader of Jamaat-e-Islami Bangladesh has been unjustly accused of crimes against humanity committed during the 1971 independence struggle. He is awaiting trial by the International Crimes Tribunal, whose legality and scope have been questioned by Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, the UN Human Rights Council, and US Ambassador for War Crimes Stephen Rapp.
Ironically, the court which was set up to try Prof. Azam for crimes against humanity has not even defined what "crimes against humanity" means. Stephen Rapp during his third visit to Bangladesh last November raised this issue. He also called for the participation of foreign counsel, which he said, was very important to ensure that uniform or generally agreed standards are observed.
Laurel Fletcher, clinical professor of law at the University of California, Berkeley, said, "Such trials run the risk of turning into political show trials, where laws are bent to produce predetermined results." The Tribunal, which remained defunct for 40 years, was revived in March 2010. But its character is still undetermined. At present, it lacks international character because of the lack of a number of legal provisions.
The case against Prof. Azam smacks of a vendetta. He is facing charges on 62 counts. If convicted he faces execution by hanging. The three-judge Tribunal earlier this month deferred to May 2 its decision as to whether it will frame charges against him. Prof. Azam, who supported the unity of West and East Pakistan and opposed a military solution to political problems, denies any wrongdoing. The trial is politically motivated because no one has been tried for war crimes committed by pro-independence forces and for the massacre of Biharis.
Prof. Azam, too old and infirm to appear in court, has been denied bail. Members of his family are not allowed to meet him on a regular basis. He has no access to books. He is being treated like a convicted hardcore terrorist even though he has yet to be charged with any crime. Bangladesh is a signatory to a number of international human rights conventions, including the Rome Statute for the International Criminal Court, and the world expects it to uphold the ideals of these accords.

Requirements for a Peaceful but Authentic Islamic Movement in USA
by Shamim Siddiqui [Long Island, New York].

"The entire energy, talents and resources of the Movement must be harnessed in developing the team of devoted, dedicated and committed brothers and sisters who are well versed in Islam, intelligently acquainted with the people of the land, the country and its problems and bear a dependable and trustworthy character." [ Calling Humanity, p. 91-92.]

More thoughts on marriage [with some humor]
Spotlights from Imam Badi Ali, National Shoora, North Carolina
Spotlight #1: Marriage is a true love story.

Spotlight #2: Marriage is like fudge, mostly sweet, but the nuts in it are up to you.

Spotlight #3: Marriage is: Putting your arms around you partner and being there for him or her.

Spotlight #4: The marriage would be better if they understood that they are one team.

Spotlight #5: Marriage is like two people in a row boat. They cannot go in different directions. One can lead but has to consult with the other. They are competing against the odds, not against each other.

Spotlight #6: Happy marriage is compassion and sacrifice.
Spotlight #7: Woman is the greatest motivation for a man but the man has to inspire his wife so that she can continue her motivation.

Spotlight #8: Do not make marriage like other contracts. Why do we not guard our marriage contracts at least as well as we do our regular contracts?

Spotlight #9: Have a simple communication over a cup of coffee or tea. Talking to each other can remove a lot of obstacles.

Spotlight #10: If your wife is the boss, then you have to be good to the boss.

Spotlight #11: Remember, what you have is hers and what is hers is hers.

Spotlight #12: Do not make marriage boring. Be creative. Remember your marriage anniversary!

Islamic Marriage ceremony is very Simple. [Thanks to Sis. Kalimah on FB.]

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