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Dr Kaukab Siddique | Editor-in-Chief Jamada al-Thani 8,1433/April 30, 2012 # 19

Da'wah is key. See photo of German sister from Norway and Br. Shamim's appeal to CALL HUMANITY to Islam. Scroll way down.

Amazing news from Pakistan. No Bounty on Hafiz Saeed, says USA! Quick retreat! Scroll way down.

Attractively Designed New Web Site Devoted only to Hadith of Muhammad, pbuh.

asalamu alaikum

During the last 30 years, I have written more than 1,000 articles on various aspects of Islamic religion, history and culture. My book, The Struggle of Muslim Women, has gone through 4 editions and been translated into Bangla and Indonesian. Other books have done well too with little or no publicity.

As a service to the leader of our Ummah, Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be on him, a web site has been set up for my writings and related writings on hadith only.
Please check the web site which has has been set up already owing to the free help of someone who loves Allah. Please give me your advice on how to improve it and which issues should be discussed on it.
I pray that Allah will accept this effort.

Yours brother in faith
Kaukab Siddique

Spotlights on Marriage continued.
Invitation to think from Imam Badi Ali, National Shoora of JAM, Greensboro, North Carolina

Spotlight #1: Men love with eyes, women with ears.

Spotlight #2: Allah chose you for each other. Marriage is Fate or else how would you explain why you are living with each other.

Spotlight #3: You need to think and remember that your wife is the most beautiful woman and for her you are the greatest man.

Spotlight #4; Marriage is protection.

Spotlight #5: Think of marriage as a job. serve your partner all the time.

Spotlight #6: Free mixing, having a girlfriend or boyfriend and calling it love is a falsehood. If you really love each other, get married and not continue living like a "friend."
Spotlight #7: Forgiveness is the key to a happy marriage.
Spotlight #8: Assure your wife of your love EVERY day, all the time. "II love you" is an assurance and fulfils a need. It is a beautiful thing to say and it is rewarding for both partners.

Spotlight #9: Your wife is like a flower. It will wilt if left untended.

Spotlight #10: Happy marriage depends on and needs a forgiving wife and a forgiving husband.

April 24: Washington, DC. Photo above shows a dramatic attempt to highlight the cause of Imam Jamil, top African American Islamic leader who is in a US "sound proof" cell in Colorado. This was during a large rally for Mumia Jamal, a prisoner in Pennsylvania, supported by left leaning groups. The Islamic message illustrated in this rare photo reached large numbers of non-Muslims.

[Photo: Imam Khalil Abdur Rahman and Nadrat Siddique.]

Who is funding Zimmerman's legal defense? Interesting note from Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz. Please scroll way down.

Muslims in USA being terrorized by the Zionist power structure.
Laila Yaghi [Raleigh, North Carolina] Appeals to the Conscience of the Muslim Ummah

A Muslim Woman Cries out from the heart of America: Her son has been sentenced to 31 years for no crime. He refused to cooperate with the regime against other Muslims.
Please scroll to end.

Israel Oppresses Christian Palestinians and Kills Muslim Children:

Widely viewed "60 Minutes" TV Program looked at the suffering of Christian Palestinians. Israel tried a big move to squelch the program but failed. Distinguished Christian scholar Charles Carlson writes to New Trend about the "60 Minutes" censorship attempt and about the slaughter of 300 Muslim children in Gaza by Israel during Operation "Cast Lead." What does "Cast Lead" mean in Zionist language or "Zionese." Worth readfing. Scroll to end please.

Comment on Facebook by Muslim activist Dominick Bruno in New Jersey

Dominick wrote: "Bilal Ahmed - there's some excellent theoretical work on feminist Islam in the works of Kaukab Siddique - he's a bit fundamentalist on a lot of issues but his arguments for the equality of women in Islam, government, and society are exhaustive and thorough"

Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust [CODOH] Seen as threat by Holocaust Museum

Bradley Smith of southern California has really done it. His efforts to take the debate on the holocaust story to American universities and colleges have been recognized as a threat by the Holocaust Museum in Washington, DC, the biggest Israeli motivational tool.

Please scroll to end to see Bradley Smith's response and appeal.

Latest Khutba
Unity comes through Focus on Basic Issues and Opposition to Oppressors.
Disunity comes through bickering about Differences among Schools of Thought.

On April 27, 2012 Kaukab Siddique gave the Juma' khutba and led prayers at a mosque in central Baltimore. The mosque was packed with worshippers who welcomed the khutba. The main points are summarized here so they can be used by other khateebs throughout the USA.
Text #1:
...Allah said to Abraham: I will make you a role model for the nations. Abraham pleaded: And also from my offspring? Allah answered: My Covenant does not go to the oppressors. [ zalimeen]. [The Qur'an 2:124]
Text #2:
"You have indeed in the Messenger of Allah a pattern of excellence for any whose hope is in Allah and the Last Day, and who remembers Allah much." [33:21]
  1. The Prophet Muhammad, pbuh, was only ONE person when he started his mission in Makka. So numbers don't count. You can have large congegations with no results, as can be seen at the million dollar mosques in America, or a few dedicated servants of Allah who can transform the world.

  2. Muslims incorrectly think that in Makkah the Prophet, pbuh, taught faith and not social action. One of the earliest suras revealed in the Qur'an, al-Balad, chapter 90, teaches that Islam means to "free the slave," to help the one down in the dust and to take care of those nearest to you who are living in poverty.

  3. In cataclysmic descriptions of the end of the world, the Qur'an interrupts the narratives by bringing up the horror of the female children "buried alive." Today we are burying the female alive under self-degradation, male exploitation and prostitution. The rot is all the way from the top with the President's closest men buying women in Columbia as if they are toys.

  4. Makkah's people knew that Muhammad, pbuh, had come to denounce false gods, to reject tribalism and to end human authoritarianism by emphasizing that all are equal before Allah, the ONE who is the Creator of all people, Black and White. Taqwa [following the Sunnah] is the only standard of excellence.

  5. There is no place in Islam for praising the rich and extolling the wealthy and the powerful. Muhammad, pbuh, was an orphan. He was with the oppressed and the downtrodden. He left Makkah with NO WORLDLY GOODS and died without any worldly goods. [Check Sahih Bukhari .]

  6. Then go to Madinah. There was intense TRIBAL HATRED between the two main tribes: the Aws and the khazraj. The Jews living among them were privileged and used one against the other. The Prophet, pbuh, taught that there are only two social categories in Islam: The muhajereen and the Ansar. Those who struggle against oppressors and give up everything for Allah's sake and those who help them and give them refuge.

  7. Throughout his mission in Madinah, he was standing against the forces of oppression, the forces coming out of tribal Arabia to destroy Islam and the wealthy, racist, Jews trying to destroy Islam from within. The Prophet, pbuh, made sure that the Aws and the Khazraj would not fight each other.

  8. We must not let our Ummah be divided by the schools of Thought which emerged during 1400 years of our history. It is natural for people to try to interpret and implement Islam according to their best understanding. Whether a person is Hanafi, Maliki,Shafi'i, Hanbali, Jafari [Shi'i], Ahle Hadith ["wahhabi"], they are all our brothers and sisters.

  9. Unacceptable differences are: If one claims a prophet AFTER Muhammad, pbuh, or claims that someone is the incarnation of Ali, r.a., or rejects authentic Hadith, or supports the armies of the kuffar against the forces of Islam. These are not Muslims regardless of what they claim.

  10. I say AMEEN loudly, based on Hadith. I am not going to reject those who do not say it aloud. I raise my hands before going into ruku. If you don't, you are still my brother/sister. It doesn't matter whether you clasp your hands on your waist or your chest during prayer. All these are based on Hadith, observed by the Sahaba, r.a., from the Prophet as he used all these stances. It is okay if you let your arms stay down in prayers like the Maliki and the Jafari.

  11. The real issue is: Are you with the oppressed or the oppressor? Oppressors can claim to be Muslims. Notice that Allah told Abraham, pbuh, that His covenant does not go to the oppressors, the wrong doers, the zalimeen. He did not limit it to the children of Abraham. Anyone who is an oppressor is not of us, regardless of conventional claims of religion.
Du'a: Pray for health, jobs, halal success, Islamic spouses, unity based on Qur'an and Hadith. Pray for the success of Islam in Kashmir, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Somalia, Nigeria, Egypt, Syria, Yemen, etc. Above all pray for the defeat of the yahood here and in occupied Palestine. O Allah, help the people of Pakistan not to let the supply routes be opened for the armies of NATO trapped in Afghanistan. Ameen, summa Ameen.

Re:Imam Badi's Spotlight #8 in February:Life is short. Time is running out. Transfer your feelings, thoughts and abilities into moral action.

Two extremes of "made in America" Islam:
No place for women and Legitimizing Homosexuality
[Strictly Haram in Islam] Regarding Spotlight # 8 (National Shura Agenda, NT, Feb 2012), I have just experienced examples of Muslims wasting time and going backwards in time. On March 30, 2012, I went to Atlantic City, NJ on business. I found one Masjid basically ''closed down', following the death of the resident Imam and the community disputing over the replacement Imam. Then, a couple of blocks away, where my companion and I chose to attend Jumuah service, I went in the front door and up the stairs, to what was the women's section last spring. The large room was empty except for a couple of brothers. I asked 1 brother how do I get to the women's section and he replied, go back down stairs and make 2 lefts and enter the door.
Well, the door was at the end of an alley, you go up the stairs and find a tiny room with dirty carpet. This 'room' was merely a walled off section of the large room I had just left, with a connection to the bathroom at the rear of the large room. I wanted to ask the ladies there, how long has this condition existed, and is there a new administration of the Masjid?
Then the Imam spoke (and I had the impression that he was a visiting Khatib) about his experience in Washington, DC, the previous weekend. He spoke of his dismay that a conference was held there by a group of Muslims, seeking to legitimatize homosexuality and women Imams- I guess among other agenda topics. He gave a good Khutbah about 'Alim and humility and adherence to Quran and Sunnah. I wanted to know what group is this? As I am a graduate student in Drexel University's Library Science Program, I put my skills together and came up with the following report- here's the link, so you can see for yourself: The group is called Muslims for Progressive Values.
Peace and Love,
Hajjah Nabila, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Letter: Re: Zion's Berger Attacks Jamaat al-Muslimeen: Our Rebuttal

Your rebuttal to Berger is quite polished, well articulated and full of undeniable arguments. He must keep quiet, but the Jewish mentality will not let him keep quiet.

Shamim Siddiqui, New York

Br. Shamim's inspiring Da'wah message is published below: Scroll down please.

Palestinian Christians Call to End Israeli Occupation
World Council of Churches
A group of Palestinian Christians representing a variety of churches and church-related organizations have issued an animated and prayerful call for an end to occupation of Palestine by Israel ... They remind the world about the separation wall erected on Palestinian territory, the blockade of Gaza, how Israeli settlements ravage their land, the humiliation at military checkpoints, the restrictions of religious liberty and controlled access to holy places, the plight of refugees awaiting their right of return, prisoners languishing in Israeli prisons, and Israel's blatant disregard of international law, as well as the paralysis of the international community in the face of this tragedy.

Pakistan: Two Amazing Aspects of Growing Islamic Power in Pakistan
  1. April 28, AFP and Dawn."No, we have not put a bounty on the head of Hafiz Muhammad Saeed. The Pakistani media misunderstood us". [That is the retreat of Cameron Munter, US ambassador to Pakistan, speaking at the exclusive Golf Club in Lahore.]

  2. April 29: More than two weeks after the secular Pakistani "parliament" decided to re-open the supply routes to NATO troops trapped in Afghanistan, the supply routes remain CLOSED owing to countrywide peaceful moblization by Jamaate Islami and other Islamic groups.

April 27, 2012. Loralai, north east Baluchistan. Munawar Hasan, Jamaate Islami leader addresses issues of government corruption and US intervention. Almost the entire population of this small town turned up.

Egypt Cuts Gas Supply to Israel EuroNews (France)
Egypt's announcement that it has stopped supplying gas to Israel has been hailed by many Egyptians and the country's media. Cairo has blamed unpaid bills for the decision to end a deal struck in 2005. Israel said payments were halted because of repeated attacks by militants on the gas pipeline that supplies the country. Many Egyptians think the decision is political. "This is the best thing that Egypt has done since last year's revolution. The old regime should have cut all relations with Israel," said Cairo resident Hany Abd El Aziz.

Syrian Tyrant's Victim remembered All to the end.
Comments on Syrian Woman's Picture by a Muslimah in York, Pennsylvania
Kalimah Abdul-Rashid was tagged in Ibn E Adam's photo. with Kate Khadijah Abdullah Full and 46 others. [On facebook.]

Syria, Homs April 25th, 2012 they found this Syrian Muslim woman murdered. Do you see that little machine in her finger? It's a counter for remembrance of Allah (it's like a little electronic ring of tasbeeh to count how many times you remember Allah.) May Allah accept her as a shahidah (martyr) and grant her highest level in Jannah and may He grant Syrian people victory over the enemies of Islam, ameen

Understanding Zionist ideas: '60 Minutes' and the Gaza Genocide
Operation Cast Lead: It's Zionese for Burning People
Tiny criticism of Christian Suffering at Israeli hands faced Israeli Censorship
Charles E. Carlson. Apr 26, 2012
"Zionese" is the unofficial spoken language of the State of Israel. Most Israelis learn and use the Zionese language, but one need not be Jewish to speak it; today it is also the language that's spoken in many Judeo-Christian and Messianic churches in America, often without church leaders realizing it.
The first cab driver I rode with in Israel pointedly called the Philistines "animals" in the course of polite conversation...that's Zionese. He was cautioning me to keep away from Palestinians while in Israel. "They will kill you in there," he told me, when he learned I was going into Gaza. More Zionese.
Zionese is not a language of letter, syllable, and punctuation. It is the delivery of a few so-called "truths" that must be learned and repeated forcefully without reservation. The trick is in the delivery. Zionese is the art of telling a story that most will reject, and repeating it as if most believe it.
The teller must not worry about being thought a liar by most, so long as there are listeners who will believe because they think others believe. Common Zionese statements are "our warfare is self-defense", "they hit us first (usually with "rockets"), "they are animals," and "Israelis are holocaust survivors." Zionese paints all Arabs as inferior. It is a language of racist superiority, and it is no stretch to call it verbal brutality.
Michael Oren (born Michael Bornstein in 1955) is an American-born Israeli historian and author; he is the Israeli ambassador to the United States. Recently he was interviewed by Bob Simon on a CBS 60 Minutes show, Christians of the Holy Land about the flight of Christian Palestinians from their land as a result of the misery inflicted on them by the Israeli occupation. Predictably, Oren found Israel blameless.
Challenging veteran newsmaker Bob Simon, Oren defended Israel's occupation and abusive practices on the familiar ground of self-defense, and blamed Palestinian misery on its own radical Islamists. He claimed that Simon's unexpectedly critical approach was "anti-semitic."
Bob Simon is a Jewish person who understands Zionese but does not speak it, nor does he seem to believe in it. Simon had no problem putting Oren in his place.
Weeks before the program was to be aired, Oren met with Netanyahu and his political advisor to discuss his fear that the broadcast could harm Israel's image in the Christian communities in the United States. By way of op-ed, speech, and petition, efforts were made by them to foil the broadcast and influence the American public. Oren also went over Bob Simon's head to CBS management to try to get the segment spiked before being aired.
Simon stated that Oren's bosses in Israeli are very nervous about Christians learning too much about the Israel that tour visitors are rarely allowed to see or learn of from their tour leaders, all of whom speak Zionese. The film poked a tiny pinhole Israel's balloon, and it provoked a loud Zionist backlash.
The CBS management appeared not to yield to Israeli pressure, but put Simon and Oren back together, in a prologue to the show that exposed, perhaps for the first time on prime time, how Israeli pressure on the news works. Simon confronted Oren before tens of millions of viewers for going to CBS Chairman Fager to force him to squelch the show.
According to Ha'aretz, officials in the Netanyahu's office, speaking in Zionese, said that the attempts to affect the article were successful. "The broadcast of the article was delayed for several weeks because they reexamined the entire report," officials said. "The article was malignant and harmful, but the wording was much softer than in the original version."
But a Haaretz interview with a source in the Foreign Ministry even said that on some level, the preemptive campaign against the report just intensified the resolve of the "60 Minutes" reporters to air it. "We awakened the dead - instead of stifling the subject we just increased interest in it," the source said.
I have wondered why Israel chose the name "Operation Cast Lead" for its 30-day Christmas war on Gaza in 2008. A war name is usually warlike and forceful. Why "Cast Lead" for a war? It has bothered me that I could not find out...Wikipedia does not explain it and neither does the Israeli Defense Force website. Desert Storm and Shock and Awe are pretty clear. I have never heard a war called "Operation Powder Puff" or "Project Pussycat." Warriors want war names.
It turns out that an old friend, Cesar Aharon, unraveled this puzzle eight years before Operation Cast Lead, when he told me about the use of molten lead as a prescribed method of killing Gentiles referred to as "burning," described in detail in the in the Sanhedrin, a part about crime and punishment. There are, it says four ways to kill a mortal enemy, each gruesome. "Burning" it says, consists of tying the victim in a pit full of human excrement, pulling open his jaws with forceps, and pouring molten lead down his throat to his bowels.
Is that not what Israel did to the people of Gaza at Christmas 2008? When Israel's military actions ended on January 18, some 1,400 Palestinians had been killed. Among the dead were hundreds of unarmed civilians, including about 300 children. Burning was the most common cause of death.
Of course there has to be a Zionese definition of Operation Cast Lead. Here it is: the army was really making toys and celebrating Hanukkah, the Feast of Dedication or Festival of Lights. Rabbi Alissa Wise gives Israel's version, named after a little holiday ditty about a toy maker who cast little children toys out of lead at Hanukkah. Try believing that one!
Operation Cast Lead is more Zionese. Let's do what Bob Simon did, squelch it in the bud.
*"Gentiles" is translated "enemies" in my online Talmud
We Hold These Truths, Project Strait Gate

[USA's Injustice System has Run Amuck: America's Muslims are being Terrorized. The main defendants in this case decided to let themselves be used by the regime and got light sentences. Yaghi and Omar refused and got these shameful sentences.- editor]

I Want People to Understand: 31.5 years for Ziyad Yaghi, 15 for Omar Hassan
by Laila Yaghi

Please take a few minutes out of your time to write to them:
Ziyad Yaghi (51771-056)
Federal Correctional Complex-USP-2 P.O. Box 1034Coleman, FL 33521-0879 ---

Mohammad Omar Aly Hassan #51769-056 USP Coleman IU.S. Penitentiary P.O. BOX 1033 Coleman, FL 33521
I want people to understand how corrupt our system is and how it is solely designed to keep the rich rich and the poor poor and how it has no conscience whatso ver! Its goal is money and to use people as scapegoats to fulfill their political goal.
My son, Ziyad Yaghi, was only a teenager when he and his friend Omar Hassan (originally from Egypt) and Ziyad originally from Palestine and Jordan went to visit the country of their origin! All what they did was go sightseeing and visit family members and were looking for a future bride. Nothing out of the ordinary took place overseas in Jordan and in Egypt and after two years and a half when my son and his friend coming back from overseas the FBI decided to arrest them!
On July 27th, 2009 our apartment complex was invaded by armed FBI agents and a SWAT team who arrested my twenty-one year old son from the pool! They made it seem like they were arresting a "terrorist"!
This big hype was for the media so whoever wants to get elected will claim that they arrested a "terrorist" to help keep our country "safe." Safe from what? When my son has not done one thing wrong or hurt as much as a hair on anyone's head!
He was refused a speedy trial based on the claim that there was "secret evidence" and remained in jail for over two years till his trial took place by a very biased jury who were not of my son's peers and fell asleep during the trial and most of them were older people, some who could barely walk! The trial was eery unfair and very unclear tape recordings of "The Ring leader" were played filled out by the prosecutors in a transcript given to the jury which was used against my son who was not in any of these tape recordings!

Of course even though there was no evidence against my son, and even though the "ring leader" when basically forced under duress to testify against my son, when cross examined he said that he never conspired with my son, Ziyad Yaghi, to do anything!!! Yet the jury convicted my son and the Judge gave him 31.5 years!
The judge also allowed biased material in court that had nothing to do with my son, like video tapes of people beheading other people and so on which of course scared an ignorant jury!

This entire ordeal has caused us so much grief, depression and sadness. Many days I wake up crying or go to sleep crying or have to leave my job because all of a sudden I burst out crying while I am at work and cannot stop! I am constantly spaced out because I keep thinking about my son and the situation that he is in!
He is in (Special Housing Unit) which is even worse than solitary confinement! Not only that, they fined us, because they wronged us, $8200 which will be taken out of the money that I send him for commissary!

The assistant manager at our apartment complex said that she never saw a more gentleman than my son! My son who did not like me killing any insects in our apartment now is convicted of material support and conspiracy to kill and maim people!!!
We still don't know material support to whom since my son did not give any money to anyone, and to kill who since he never even thought of hurting anyone!!! Just because some people want to be promoted or get elected we have to suffer! Our family has been shattered our lives interrupted from people with no conscience!
Muslims are being discriminated against, oppressed and denied any rights in America!!! A country that I was born in took our rights from us and discriminated against us just because we are Muslims. It is you who can us help when you speak out, when you stand by us, the oppressed.[ "If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor" Desmond Tutu.]
Please help Ziyad! I need ALL of you to do this. If you have already done so, PLEASE take a few minutes to pass it along and urge others to do the same It's the little things we do that can make a difference. Every society is judged by how it treats its least fortunate amongst them. If you feel that you can just sit back and read about Ziyad and do nothing to repel this injustice and that it can never happen to you, think again. Donate generously because his appointed lawyer barely defended him and just watched my son sink. I need to get him a private lawyer so he won't spend the rest of his life in jail.
Also sign this petition to stop torture and solitary confinement

Also read this article Also visit:
Read the Indictment for yourself:
If you don't like sending money through PayPal you can always send me a money order to my address. In box me and I will give you my address or the lawyer's address and you can send him directly.

Who is paying Zimmerman's Legal Fees?
[From Dr. Abdulalim Shabazz { } via a writer in Lakeland, Florida.]

In the wake of the killing of Trayvon Martin. The company Koch which manufactures paper products is paying for Zimmerman's legal fees because they feel, he had legal right to bear arms and shoot Trayvon. We are asking that people everywhere band together with us and pass this information on and not purchase any of the following items because your money will be paying for Zimmermans lawyer fees! Please do not purchase any of the following items: Angel soft Brawny, Dixie, Mardi Gras, Quilted Northern, Soft n gentle, Sparkle napkins, Vanity fair, Zero napkins bowls, cups, paper towels, toilet papers etc. PASS IT ON!
[Koch, NT has learned, is a proto Jewish family, with billions in its coffers. It is the biggest funding source of the Republicans, second only to Adelson, the Jewish owner of a casino in Las Vegas.]

Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust

A Personal Appeal from Bradley Smith

I Am Going to Take Holocaust Revisionism to More Students, More Faculty, and More University Administrative staff Than Ever Before.

That's My Promise to You.

I have already reached more students and professors with Revisionist information than any other person in the world. I have made that a primary goal of CODOH. I believe you will agree with me that it is the university where the taboo against all rational examination of the charge of unique monstrosity against Germans is institutionalized.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum takes our Campus Project very seriously. The Museum has a page on its Website titled: "HOLOCAUST DENIAL TIMELINE" There are 31 entries in the USHMM Timeline. Over the last five years the most important events regarding H. denial are:

2006: Iran's government sponsors a meeting of Holocaust deniers in Tehran cloaked as an academic conference called "Review of the Holocaust: Global Vision."

2007: On January 26, the United Nations adopts a resolution condemning denial of the Holocaust.

2007: The European Union approves legislation that makes Holocaust denial a crime punishable by time in jail

2009: English-born Catholic Bishop Richard Williamson denies the existence of gas chambers and minimizes the extent of killing during the Holocaust.

2010: Bradley Smith places his first online Holocaust denial advertisement, which appears on the website of the University of Wisconsin's Badger Herald in February. The Internet--because of its ease of access and dissemination, seeming anonymity, and perceived authority--is now the chief conduit of Holocaust denial.

Let's be clear about what this means. On this issue the USHMM views Bradley Smith as being in company with the President of Iran, the United Nations, the European Union, and the good Bishop Williamson. What have I done to walk among such grand historical figures and august political bodies?

I have seen to it that tens of thousands of students and their professors have received links to important revisionist documents. It is not just via ads in campus newspapers, but in direct e-mailings. Over the last two months alone we have sent links to core revisionist documents to more than 30,000 students and their professors

We know State bureaucrats will not do it -- review President Obama's recent statements on the Holocaust. We know the multitude of Jewish special-interest organizations will not do it-review theHillel/ADL Manual on stopping the publication of revisionist ads in the student press. We know that Old Media will not do it -- where is the Holocaust story ever really examined in Old Media?

CODOH will do it. CODOH is doing it now. I promise you CODOH will continue to do it. And we will grow our sends to faculty and to students from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands.

But I need your help.

I'm going to do this, but still, I need your support. The USHMM has a yearly budget of some 60-million dollars. Yet the people who run that institution find that I threaten to breach the wall of taboo around the Holocaust that they are working to control. The larger my email lists grow, the more ads I run in the student press, the more out of control I'm going to be.

I like being out of control. I'm good with it.

But I need your help. Please contribute to this work. While it's true that I regularly need a few substantial contributions, every contribution large or small is appreciated. You'll like what comes of it. I believe I can promise you that.

Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust | PO box 439016 | San Ysidro | CA | 92143

Photo below of a German lady who embraced Islam at the Islamic Cultural Center in Oslo, Norway. On her right is Maulana Mahbubur Rahman, who gave her the teachings of Islam, and on her left, Mian Waqqas, the head of the cultural center.

The Solution to America's Problems: Da'wah. Muslims' Primary Duty.

by Shamim siddiqui
Perhaps it would surprise humanity at large to learn that the most misunderstood thing in today's world is nothing but "Islam" - the System of life that God sent to mankind through His appointed Messengers as how to live, act and behave on this earth in order to enjoy justice, peace and security all around within the human abode.

The Reason:
  1. Islam is not what is presented by the Muslims around the world. It has taken the format of a "religion", constituting a very small segment of the whole of Islam and that too is practiced in a much obscured form, creating and giving an extremely distorted impression of Islam to the contemporary human society at different levels;
  2. Muslims couldn't produce its Truthful and immaculate Model so far in the context of modern world anywhere in their respective societies where they hold majority. However, amazingly, though there are fifty seven Muslim countries but Islam is nowhere visible as a political entity.
  3. The secular West has been and is opposing tooth and nail the emergence of Islam anywhere in the Muslim world as a political entity due to its centuries old accumulated "historical prejudices", self-conceived reservations, "self-innovated" misinterpretations or distortion of facts, culminating into hate campaign against Islam and Muslims.
The Result:
  1. The human society couldn't solve any of its centuries old problems by denying obedience to the Creator and Sustainer and neglecting the System that He sent to us to solve our problems without any prejudice, delivering justice to all and malice to none;
  2. The cradle of man is fast moving, God forbid, towards a catastrophic end or total destruction;
  3. Man has become irresponsible, reckless, selfish, greedy, and lusty and is busy day in and day out in maximizing only his personal gains, fame and pleasure, feeling accountable to none. In consequence, man has filled the human abode only with Zulm [Oppression], Fasa'd [transgression] and injustices all around. No man-made system could solve the prevailing inequalities between the rich and the poor, the haves and the have-nots, the oppressed and the deprived.
The Remedy:

Keeping the aforesaid scenario in view, I have written the captioned book: "Calling Humanity" and made my humble efforts to present ISLAM in its correct and truthful perspective as the CURE for all our prevailing ills. It is different from what we see around us both in the East and the West, in the Muslim world and the non-Muslim societies.
This is the only HOPE for mankind. Your leadership role will make a lot of difference in mitigating the human sufferings and putting the humanity back on the straight path of moderation and righteousness.
Further, if we together undertake it as the mission of our life: * it will increase our image in the community of nations, especially when the Muslim world looks forward towards establishing a chain of human fraternity; *posterity will always remember us when we become a boon to the suffering humanity; * we may harvest the best reward on the Day of Judgment which the secular West has forgotten altogether and is suffering enormously in its socio-economic-political life at every count.
Hope you will take special interest towards guiding the destiny of mankind which is currently lying in jeopardy and in disarray.
Shamim A Siddiqi
Phone: 516-333-4222

2012-04-30 Mon 19:30:53 cdt